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had somewhat the habit not rain we've had a fair amount of snow advice some of us that we plenty rule on sunday and monday to . tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we humanized that nothing was post about the angry the devastating impact for save the bank means also for save the deposits for ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn of us are gora from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera.
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hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up thousands on the streets in zimbabwe call for president mugabe's resignation out of talks about his future on sunday. palestinians say they'll break off contact with the trump of ministration f.-l. office in washington is closed. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri meets the french president in paris and says he will return to lebanon wednesday. and. credible twenty seventeen on a sad note for the swiss is eliminated from the age of influence by the gulf and in the semifinal certain moments of the season. tens of thousands have taken to the streets of zimbabwe's capital demanding president robert mugabe resign the ninety three year old has been under house
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arrest at his official residence and harare after the military took control on wednesday the ruling zanu p.f. says it will hold a meeting on sunday to discuss mugabe's fate reports. ecstatically say they could feel change is coming soldiers posed for selfies with jubilant crowds hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of harare men women and children marched alongside armored cars and soldiers they say they want president robert mugabe who has ruled for nearly forty years to resign. but the son of a president by what was caused sixty thousand dollars we are saying you should stop . this country like it they have done enough i think it is. freedom to all of us we've been waiting for. time for so long we have been oppressed for a very long time so we are saying. god is supposed to receive. it
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was a united front opposition supporters people loyal to mugabe is on a party and veterans of the liberation war against white rule march together the main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai says the country is preparing for a post mugabe era the army seize control earlier in the week and confine the country's leader to his private residence in harare. in. speaking from south africa on saturday the guy was nephew patrick as well was reported to have said the president and his wife grace are ready to die for what is correct and they have no intention of stepping down but people at the march insisted the ninety three year old has to go explore. the country.
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zanu p.f. branches in all ten provinces have said mugabe should resign they also want to grace mcgarvey who heads the party's women's league to go through things on a party will meet on sunday to discuss the fate of president robert mugabe and his wife and reinstate the vice president he dismissed him is imminent. zimbabweans have only known one leader after decades of being afraid to speak out against things have changed the people marching insist it's not a matter of if but when mugabe will go. there and. well joining me now in the studio is guy who knew a zimbabwe activists and coordinator of the group zimbabwe video thank you very much for coming in to speak to us thank you for having me and so what are people telling you about why they feel confident enough to express themselves in zimbabwe in this public way. which they never have done before i think what the people
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become of discovered is that the army is open the way for them to go out there and express you know especially the the fact that they don't like robert mugabe and his wife grace so that the army is kind of opened the door for them and these are the two main obstacles for people at home so the fact that the army is given the them that opportunity to say you can come out and express how you feel about mugabe everyone is well just there is you see the numbers of people in the streets it was shocking. and what do these people want the military to do now beyond the removal or impeachment of president mugabe the people of zimbabwe expecting that the military do the right thing that is probably maybe install a transitional government the government to be all inclusive of the opposition parties and the government to not sideline the opposition is that done before by design a piece of the people want the kind of transitional government that is all inclusive including turkey i'm bored with the opposition are saying so that they move the
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country forward but the main main main point is so that the opposition the the sort of the transitional government will provide you know free fair credible elections that are internationally more monitored so because as you know sunny p.f.s. rigged elections for the past ten years and i suppose right now there is this sense of euphoria there is a momentum in harare but is there also concern that like you say it is it is zanu p.f. that has rigged elections elections haven't been free and fair and it is the person who is likely to take over the person who has benefited the most from recent developments is the sat vice president amis and. who is very much part of the establishment. yeah it's kind of the sour and understanding that is you know there are two factions of the fighting within zanu p.f. little so remember that this is a fight in between the now fighting between zanu p.f. is a party so there are two factions one faction was the g forty headed by the grace mugabe
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then there was another faction headed by amos and i were the function is many of the war veterans the ex combatants where is chris has been taking the people of choice so whether what the people of zimbabwe design appear in particular one is they realize that grace was going to kind of remove all the ex combatants so that's why how do people feel about anderson because it's why he is the heir apparent and it's widely expected that he is the one that will lead this interim government if the people of zimbabwe you know know that amos and i was part and parcel of the mission of mugabe a little turnaround from the fact the fact is. they're not different from the garbage but then the people of zimbabwe the scene they're seeing this is an opportunity to open up the space for democracy hopefully hoping that maybe we have a comes in. will form
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a transition government that is all inclusive of the opposition parties the civic organizations so that really the you know and so then with that in mind you think that way i think right now elections are scheduled to take place in the middle of next year which is that likely to be brought forward they were not quite sure but as a people of the marble we know that these elections already been rigged we knew that zanu p.f. would if the results somewhere start the rigged elections so the people of the mob what they want is the one the transitional government that will come in and probably stabilize the things for the next i don't know three to five years so that they open up the space for free and fair elections where they implemented the reforms that were supposed to be implemented before to allow for you know a new voters at all in particular. well from guy to thank you very much for coming in to speak to us about this thank you for having me and the palestinians say they will break off contact with the trump of ministration if their office in washington d.c. is closed the state department is refusing to a new operating permission for palestine's diplomatic site and official has cited
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statements that palestinian leaders have made about the international criminal court as the reason for this responded to them in an official letter that in case you want to officially close the office of the p.l.o. on washington d.c. we would buttonholed all of our communications with this american administration is very unfortunate and acceptable this is the pressure being exerted on this administration from going to your government at a time when we are trying to cooperate to achieve the ultimate the you take such steps which would undermine the whole peace process well done as the work is live for us in washington d.c. what further reaction has that been. well it's curious because this all came down within the last forty eight hours and we may get a little bit more clarity on what happened on monday because there's expected to be a meeting between the p.l.o. and the live and a legal team at the u.s. state department under the direction of rex tillerson now the u.s.
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state department says it's following through on a law that was passed by congress saying that if the palestinians pursued or pressured the international criminal court to pursue legal action against israel for crimes against the palestinians or alleged crimes against palestinians then the u.s. could close this mission office now it's not it's been really new wing this mission office for the last three decades so it's curious about the timing of this now it's not necessarily a done deal president trump can review this decision over the next ninety days and if he deems that there are negotiations or talks going on between the palestinians and the israelis then the office can stay open so that maybe where the clarity may come from when they have this meeting on monday what will be the framework of those talks and what needs to be considered for the u.s. to keep this mission office here in washington open and the implications of the
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palestinians causing a full contact with the trumpet ministration which is what they're saying they'll do. yeah and that's what they're saying that they're doing at the moment now now the u.s. says that the trump administration says that they can continue a dialogue they can continue talking to the palestinians but that makes it difficult right now because they are trying to pursue a peace deal between israel and the p.l.o. and if they can't communicate with one side it would make that that deal very difficult and of course it's been within the last month that the president's son in law jared questioner was in the middle east trying to hammer out this deal or get a framework for a deal so the timing of this is interesting and it makes getting that deal in place very difficult time as a book in washington d.c. thank you. saudi arabia's add to the throne has been making bold political moves in the kingdom with a series of decisions many consider to be unprecedented the latest developments
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including an anti corruption crackdown and several blockades at the focus of a conference here in london where former diplomats and middle east analysts and meeting. it was that. the seismic changes inside your review are having reverberations around the world among those invited to speak at this event in london was paddy ashdown a member of u.k.'s upper house of parliament and the former leader of the liberal democrats party he told attendees that the international community must take punitive measures against saudi arabia to prevent its leadership from further destabilizing the region. support of saudi arabia's action in yemen. is as good as it represents. it is very clear that war crimes have been committed in the conflict in yemen both in relation to indiscriminate attacks on civilians and by using aid and starvation as a weapon of war britain's silence on these matters is the murderous and shame
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the saudi led war in yemen has gone on for two years now it was launched by crown prince mohammed bin. in that time thousands have been killed and millions displaced on top of that mohamed bin sandman has pursued other aggressive policies including a recent crackdown inside the kingdom which saw hundreds of people arrested among them senior members of the royal family and some of saudi arabia's richest businessmen britain has very strong ties with the saudi government hundreds of millions of dollars worth of saudi money has been pumped into the u.k. economy through arms deals and other trade agreements there are growing calls however in the u.k. for london to take a tougher stance against riyadh but the fear among some is that the money coming in is compromising britain's principles and the shameful british record of deeply deeply corrupt. has gone on the government after government of all stripes and it's come to and that's the basis of the relationship we must see moments deals
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massive corruption both inside saudi arabia and in kickback payments to into britain that's got to stop organizing such a conference like this in london isn't just because of a close relationship between the united kingdom and saudi arabia and attempts by saudi your position figures to put pressure on the british government to take action against what they perceive to be very destructive policies being pursued by the crown prince from a peaceful man i understand originally but it's also because according to human rights groups there is little freedom of expression inside requests will be impossible to hold such a conference critical of the saudi regime in the kingdom of saudi arabia has to cut into one of the worst record. on human rights and on freedom of speech simply because. cannot tolerate any dissenting voices among his own members of the family. decides what's concerning from any side you observers is the lack of
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pushback coming from the international community in response to the aggressive policies being pushed by saudi arabia's rulers conferences like this aim to highlight what's at stake namely the stability of the gulf region a matter of other countries like lebanon and iran. london you're watching al-jazeera news hour much want to tell you about the program we're going to have all the latest on the hunt for a missing argentinian submarine with forty four people on board. and head to the polls on sunday four years after being elected we take stock of the impact that student leaders of politics in the country. and top governors arsenal have a blast in the english premier league's north london darby details but peter. a lebanese prime minister saad hariri has confirmed he will return to beirut by
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wednesday and says he'll hold talks with the president michel aoun made the statement in paris where he's met french president emmanuel macron and the has more from paris. in the latest twist in this political crisis saad hariri arrived at paris is looked. down and headed to his apartment in the french capital it was the first time the lebanese prime minister had been seen in public since his sudden resignation in riyadh two weeks ago later he met the french president emmanuel markov at the elysee palace and said he would return to beirut. with regards to the political situation i will be in beirut in the next few days to take part in the celebration of our independence and all express opinions on all subjects once i've made president. hurry was joined by his wife and eldest son but his other two children were left behind in riyadh fueling speculation about why
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that was at least a sources said only that it had been the hariri family's personal choice macro invited to really he said not to offer exile but as an act of friendship the fact that some of the rary was care of the elise is being seen by those in france as something of a diplomatic success for him and call it is the french president's mediation attempts over the past two weeks that have seen hariri finally leave riyadh. this is certainly a diplomatic success for a manual macro at the start of the lebanese crisis no one was very convinced that he'd be able to get results but he succeeded in getting hariri out of saudi arabia and hopefully back to lebanon soon for that it's a personal achievement for macro he's managed to re-insert france into the middle east and diplomatic arena. many people in lebanon say they're fed up with what they regard as foreign meddling in their affairs if hariri does make it back to beirut
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on wednesday he'll be there is the country celebrates his independence with a public holiday that would be a symbolic moment that would be lost on no one natasha butler al jazeera paris. right so joining me now is lena. she is from chatham house the think tank right here in london enough thank you very much for coming in to speak to us and so just seeing images there in a tasha's report of saad hariri now in paris another chapter in a story that does continue to intrigue people and some would say continues to get even stranger what happens when he goes back to lebanon when you goes back to that because it's going to be a big deal because a lot of people will have been proven wrong some people still believe it is movements are controlled by saudi arabia. so it will be a restoration of direct talks between him and his political opponents in lebanon it
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is not yet known whether he will go ahead and resign or not but it is likely that he will. and he's meeting with the president michel aoun what might transpire in that first meeting he'll formally hand in his resignation because there was some uncertainty over that particularly when he gave that interview from riyadh a nearly a week ago now he seemed to indicate that perhaps there was room to maneuver and it might not happen his room for maneuver was directly linked to one condition which is that hezbollah should. it's basically stopped its activities in syria and this is not going to happen anytime soon there are no indications that hezbollah is willing to compromise on that front and therefore backtracks he will have no reason for backtracking a far as his public statement had indicated which would basically make him look like he has changed his mind and weakens his position so in some ways he has
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cornered himself into going ahead with the resignation now whether president powell will accept it or not is another story. and if he doesn't accept it if he doesn't accept it then of course prime minister how do you do you will remain in power whether he likes the term caught i mean the president has to accept the resignation for it to be effective but that then raises questions about what the next move is by saudi arabia well i mean there are already questions about what saudi arabia's next move will be. personally i see this whole episode with prime minster as being more about saudi iranian rivalry than anything to do with the interim lebanese political environment anyway and i think because saddam had such a key ally of saudi arabia he is a way for saudi arabia to indicate to iran that it's not interested in a political compromise such as the national unity government how do you he had has been part of with hezbollah as well which is of course
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a pro iranian political party. but it's unlikely that they will be able to extract the concessions that they want from hezbollah the call for hezbollah to disarm and lay down it that weapons has been there for a long time it's not going to happen and so what then happens we're looking at the collapse of the lebanese government and yet more stalemate a caretaker government in its place eventually unfortunately the two likely scenarios both lead to a stalemate and one way or another because if it is the designation is not accepted by the president then you're going to have a. prime minster who is in power kind of against his will in some ways which will of course lead to all kinds of political maneuvering and stalling to make the government effectively influence while if he does resign of course we're going to see a caretaker government in lebanon which is again another case of political stagnation . of the middle east and north africa program at chatham house thank you for coming
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in thank you and now the mayor of caracas has arrived in madrid after escaping house arrest in venezuela and desmond is a vocal opponent of venezuelan president nicolas maduro he's been confined to his home since two thousand and fifteen charged with supporting an attempted coup which he denies sixty two year old crossed the border into colombia and then flew to spain desmond says he'll work from exile to free political prisoners and organize resistance against majoris rule while it's unclear how he escaped and made it to the border undetected desmond says it was harrowing. living like a james bond movie i made these twenty four hour trip passing twenty nine checkpoints crossing trials taking all the risks. or did nothing but think about the value of freedom and today as i arrive in spain i feel free. now on sunday trains will vote for a new president leading the first round of polls is former president and
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businessman sebastian pinera but politicians may have a voter backlash on their hands off for a series of corruption scandals. and human is live for us now in the town of samarra and you see a what is how would you describe sentiment there ahead of this vote. hello mary i'm well here and as and probably most of chile there's very little enthusiasm very little excitement about these elections chileans tell us they are absolutely disenchanted with their politicians most people think that there are in a just for themselves that most politicians are corrupt but as you have just mentioned the candidate that is leading the polls is precisely a former conservative president so it was stamping it out who has been dogged by and the geishas of impropriety and of misuse of his influence on both his economic influence and his political influence but that's just the way things are now in chile this is a completely new game an unusual election are many levels and one of them is that
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there is a a coalition taking part a brand new one a left wing coalition led by former student leaders which are the who are trying to change the status quo in this country. six years ago the university students in chile captured the world's imagination by undertaking a peaceful revolt proofread quality education for all. the british newspaper the guardian named communist party student leader come eleven the person of the year and the most glamorous revolutionary since che guevara the all part of. georgia jackson became a poster boy for education reform but unsatisfied with progress four of the student leaders ran for congress and won promising to hold chilean politicians accountable from within the system. four years later congressman george or jackson concedes it's been harder than he did expected there's no satisfaction because.
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the expectations are too high so. i feel that the people here in chile looses hope in politics to change their lives. jackson is running for reelection. but this time as part of the new left wing coalition dissatisfied with the pace of change under the current center left government former communist student leaders come either by your call and carol guardiola who are also running again have been criticized for not pushing hard enough. at the university of chile these architecture students lament that their former leaders didn't achieve their promised goal one hundred percent free education. they failed the career presenters from a high position but they don't listen to us anymore we haven't seen. jackson or burridge on the streets protesting with us. we try every very very very with every
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action that we may jackson argues they need more time here and many other former student leaders are pinning their hopes on the new broad front coalition which is loosely inspired in spain's leftist party and even bernie sanders in the united states for a coalition that was just formed in january doing surprisingly well in the polls particularly amongst the disgruntled you. which is why jackson continues to insist that the only way to push political limits is from within as he runs for congress again. perhaps the biggest challenge right now for all the political parties for all the candidates is to actually get people to go out and vote on sunday one of the latest polls shows that as many as fifty five percent of chileans will actually upstaging which does not bode very well for to these democracy mary thank you very much lucy and human with all the latest
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ahead of that vote in chile right now watching the news out from london still ahead for artists one heart is being moved piece by piece where in new york to find out why an hundred years since america's most famous children's i was established we look at the changing face of care. and in sport tennis on imari splits from his coach for a second time peter will have that story and much more. hello there we're still seems very active weather across europe at the moment down in the southeast where we've got the most turbulent weather you can see this is a spiraling area of low pressure here that's giving us a very very strong winds damaging winds and we're seeing some very heavy rains across this region as well that system is slowly slipping down towards the
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southeast it will continue to give us some heavy downpours as it does so then there's a small break behind it the next system is working its way across the alps of the outs can expect quite a bit of snow there during the day on sunday to the north of all of that we see the winds still feeding down from the north so for many of us it's pretty cold but as we head through into monday things will change because the winds are feeding in from the atlantic that's going to bring in more clouds will rain but also pull up the temperatures say for london on monday will be up to fourteen and for paris will be around twelve that system down in the southeast corner of europe though if anything is looking more active there for monday have a some of us in the northwestern parts of turkey it will be very very wet for the other side of the mediterranean though generally things here fairly quiet recall quite a good deal of cloud there across the north coast of libya might just squeeze out the old shower and that's really going to stay with us as we head through monday but towards the west is fine and dry with about twenty three.
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short films of home. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. at this time. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call it a dependency we have a mismatch between the way we on the maj and work to be and the reality of the twenty first century enough to get here in a body deal for even an out tool for you how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be child soldiers and i have my child soldiers reloaded at
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this time. i'm back you're watching culture zero and that's a good look at the stories making headlines tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of zimbabwe's capital demanding the president robert mugabe step down. palestinians say they'll break off contact with the troubled ministration if their office in washington d.c. is closed. and lebanon's prime minister saad hariri says he will return to beirut by wednesday or than two weeks after announcing his resignation during a trip to saudi arabia. now four hundred thousand syrians living in the damascus
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suburb of ghouta have been besieged by government forces for the past four years the area sided with opposition fighters that's meant that food food aid and medical supplies have not been going in doctors there say many residents could die if they are not immediately evacuated as reports from. his border with syria and. twelve year old graphs the first from cerebral palsy a commission which inhibits her brain's growth the room is dark because there isn't much electricity in east and go to this is what she looked like before the siege and before she ran out of medicine her mother used to give her honey milk and other nutritious food but not anymore. and there and a month or a half used to be well and was going to school until there was a lack of food and medicine my husband can't work and because of the high prices we can't afford much. that's been the case for the last four years after thirty and
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government forces besieged the area which is home to four hundred thousand people this is the most popular dish these days boiled corn for larger families a corn broth for the luxury of salt for those who can afford it. the assad government has allowed in some aid but the u.n. says that is only enough for around ten percent of the besieged people. this year the syrian regime approved around a quarter of a united nations request to deliver assistance the u.n. says the plight of civilians is an outrage and that it might constitute a war crime. the lack of food and medicine have forced more people towards hospitals in july doctors identified four hundred fifty two patients who still need to be evacuated as the united nations await approvals from the assad government nine of them have died faced with delays twenty nine among them were identified these are people who have one hundred percent chance of survival if they are not given care so when they will die the situation is so desperate that after
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operations doctors need to reuse the single use items on the table what's regarded as medical waste everywhere else is sterilized and used again in the city duma. these queues might be useful in saving another life the later gloves which hospitals throw away are limited here so they're washed before they can be used for then they need to be laid out to dry because they don't know if and when more supplies will come in the use powder to make sure the gloves don't stick together before. the staff say they're also saving other single use medical supplies. we clean them because the supplies aren't available here and they're not coming in with u.n. aid we also stop some surgeries because of a lack of anesthetics the parents said there is no food or medicine for their starving and sick children. so they leave their
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infants to suck on their thumbs hoping that at least for a while they'll think it's food. some of a job it down to zero. libyan authorities are investigating the existence of slave markets following the release of images which appear to show young men being sold libya has become a gateway for thousands of migrants from west africa who want to make the dangerous sea crossing to europe but rights groups say they often fall victim to human traffickers and libyan security forces the images of sponsor outrage across the continent asuna girls government calling them a blight on the conscience of humanity al-jazeera continues to demand the release of its genesis mahmoud hussein who's been in an egyptian prison for almost eleven months the same is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny repeatedly complained all mistreatment in jail saying was arrested on december twentieth while visiting his family. now
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a veteran leader of the irish nationalists partition fein says he's going to step down gerry adams has been a prominent figure in irish politics for almost five decades although viewed by u.k. governments as a terrorist in the seventy's and eighty's adams became a key figure in the peace process persuading the ira to give up its armed struggle against british rule in northern ireland in fame is now a major player in the both the northern irish assembly and the republic of ireland's parliament adams told the party's are desha or conference that this was his last appearance as leader. had given somebody never been stronger yet as our prime we were grown we branch pronger and the future and what he did or ship means knowing when it's time for gene. and the turn is now. i will not be starving for the day and the next election now i've been my friend and comrade martin for us i want to thank martin. and our client for years of service to the
12:36 am
republic this is also my last article a time. of thought more about as that's alive two can larry has the dublin correspondent for politico so obviously gerry adams a very much a towering figure in northern ireland and there are public will he retain influence after stepping down well that's the real question and he said tonight that he's stepping down as president of shoot things in a party it's been in charge of since nineteen eighty three things have been happening here over the last number of years and the general election last year here in the republic of ireland it shouldn't fane increased its number of seats in the parliament from fourteen to twenty three the old looked like the irish labor party and they ended up holding the balance of power but the established parties to get in and fianna fáil don't want to do business which didn't fit in because i
12:37 am
didn't see in charge the party is beautiful like it's being somewhat toxic adams's had a long association with the provisional i only the terrorist group that engaged in a bombing campaign to try and into british rule in northern ireland. who are the governing party here and the main opposition party be enough of believe that as long as adams remains in charge of shit in vain it is viewed as being if you like the terrorist party so that belief of what we hear tonight is that gerry adams as been down it also said it's not the contents the next gen. and there are all to announce tonight that more members of parliament martin ferguson has higher rate convictions but the will vote stepped down at the next election and what that does is it requires the wait for the deputy leader of the party mary lou mcdonald to take over she has no ira baggage if you like and that makes if you like shin fein less toxic and a little bit more sellable so if after the next election soon thing hold the
12:38 am
balance of power the believe is that it will be easier for the expenses parties to do business which shouldn't thing but i suppose to answer your question gerry adams will be in the background and it's believed he will be if you like the chief advisor he'll be taking a lot of the decisions but maybe you mcdonald if you like will be the probably fits and times of that balance of power point you're making and the next election is where does public support stand fish and thing. well they've gone down a bit in the polls in the last two weeks but if you look at the if you like the graph of the party since nineteen eighty three it has been going off of a lot of their political strategy it's quite extraordinary in the last legal assembly elections in northern ireland that came within twelve hundred votes of the governing democratic unionist party and there's a strong belief that change thing will cast them out that the next cimbali election
12:39 am
they have twenty three seats in the parliament they have seven members of parliament or m.p.'s in london but they don't want to their seats in westminster because that wouldn't merge them to take an oath of allegiance at the crown but writing for the outcome of the irish general election last year in faint hope that the balance of power in the party is very confident that they can increase the number of seats at the next irish general election and that would put them in a very strong position if you like to be a coalition partner in the next government so there's no questions at all about the popularity of the party a lot of it is about the optics of how it seemed so what that means leaving the state really new mcdonald taking over of the leader of the party the party believes it will be more if you like less toxic or more sellable to the irish electorate well thank you very much for explaining that for us can marry dublin correspondent for politico. and thousands of people have
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marched in the funeral procession for a rebel commander in indian administered kashmir muddles ahmed mare was killed sharing a shootout with police at a checkpoint a police officer was also health warnings chanted and india and pro freedom slogans as they carried nears body he was on a most wanted list by the indian police security has been tightened a curfew put in place and schools in some parts of city were kept closed to prevent violent outbreaks. residents of new delhi are enjoying a bit of or spite from the city's toxic air fangs to a night of rain india's capital has been shrouded in a fix malk for almost two weeks causing severe health problems despite the rain pollution levels are still about five times over the recommended limit last week they rose to twelve times the limit tens of thousands of people marched in togo's capital on saturday in the latest round of demonstrations demanding constitutional reform people are also calling for the resignation of the president being
12:41 am
a your position and its supporters want to see a two term limit for president and a two round voting system to bring an end to more than fifty years of rule by the missing my family. a nasa research plane has joined the search for an argentine submarine that's been missing since wednesday it was returning to base in mar del plata after a routine mission down your trauma or explains. the argentine authorities had to halt search and rescue operation is now underway to look for the missing submarine the a.r.a.'s one with which no communication has been had since wednesday president noted your machree said all the resources available will be put into the rescue mission something like two hundred four hundred thirty or so kilometers southwest of where southeast area where i'm standing here in del plata the submarine was on a routine mission from the southernmost tip of south america the city of. here to its base in. your thirty's so they have no idea why the communication has been lost
12:42 am
or whether there is any technical issues with the submarine with each hour that goes by without any kind of contact whatsoever tension is mounting the families are gathering at the nearby naval base here waiting to hear. from their loved ones hoping that all is fine but in the meantime the rescue mission with help from chile with the united states with britain with another aircraft which was on doing operations in south america are out there now deep in the south atlantic looking for the missing a or a submarine america's most famous children's home is preparing to celebrate its one hundredth birthday i mean huge changes in how the u.s. cares for friends and rest children since it was founded in one nine hundred seventeen as john hendren reports from boys town of brask. this is not the orphanage of yesteryear boys town nestled in the omaha suburbs is
12:43 am
still home to boys who come to study and put troubled past behind them i want to be a high school dropout hanging out with my friends doing drugs kind of just going down the wrong path at that and would probably be in jail but boys town has evolved from the days when father edward flanagan created it in one thousand nine hundred seventeen. an event memorialized by spencer tracy in an iconic film my father flannigan i saw your brother joe just a little while ago boystown was founded a century ago as a traditional orphanage but as the u.s. has moved toward foster care for apparently children the mission here has changed now only a handful of the thirty four thousand children served by boystown are truly orphans and there were reform schools and there were christian orphanages both of them basically paid for themselves through essentially the slave labor of the kids both of them have a positive net income i think boystown when it was started flanagan saw that there
12:44 am
were two systems of care and they were both residential so he set up a new system of care that was very different nowadays most of the work that we do with kids is in their own home their own neighborhood their own school our own works and i was going to use farms fire just a thousand dubois towns children live on campuses like this one across the us most are held in their own homes with their own parents many children in foster care and other homes have ended up in jail some have mental health problems some are effectively orphaned by the opioid epidemic and other family struggles many of these children have issues whether it's disability and we know they're over represented trauma the children that we see failing whether it's in the juvenile justice system the foster care system or an institutional placement or the kids that don't have advocates the institutions of the past evolve the heck family says for the better when they can finally smile for the first time our. actually goes home and does our young cousin as parents that's amazing our parents are like that
12:45 am
was about it i had my son back and it just that's why we do want melike i returned to his mother's home after a year then called to have family ask him to come back and live here with them their son and seven other boys like him he's gone from skipping school to the top of his class now i'm on road to college and so it's really just helping me get on the road for success he gave me and i think is changing times have morphed orphanages into homes for troubled children that's a model the hacks hope to repeat john hendren al-jazeera boys town nebraska now nasa has launched a satellite that's designed to make weather forecasts more accurate. three to. one. it was sent into orbit from vandenberg air force base in california and will circle the earth fourteen times
12:46 am
a day of ations should make it easier to predict severe weather events three to seven days before they happen. so look out for you this hour. my sister told me have disposed to the bush. why the most successful female race car driver in u.s. history is a walking away from this for. the new era in television news. that doesn't say that it's a tough to do things in secret that are on the list we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could . just stay there but we did still like this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of thomas going to have people give them the opportunity to wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty
12:47 am
thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership until president hosni mubarak has resigned from it's going to be the next president meeting with very much how they got. back she fairly canisters of gas on us a little bit earlier that western with the behavior getting in the way it was good record it. might. be achieve something that never happened before. back spot now with peter. thank you so much indeed now we'll begin with football
12:48 am
news and also known as red hot home form in the english premier league has continued with a win over their better north london rivals top. their ones on saturday in vegas men pulled over to no win against spurs in the early kick off scott brown was stuffy opening the scoring alexa sanchez then doubled the lead before half time as arsenal moved to sixth place in the standings that's a point behind spurs the desire to be always efficient and was a great story directly from the first to last minute on the court to found concentration was very high we never had a minute when you could feel we dropped a little bit our focus and overall it was a very intense game and when you look at the physical performance of the two teams it's absolutely a few roofs over mention distance of. the players produced an immense performance on both sides it was a really big win for manchester united against newcastle in the late game and phoneme r.c.l. chris smalling paul pogba and romelu lukaku all found the back of the net problems
12:49 am
go coming on his return from a long term hamstring injury. second off. was was our control and the reflection was still. time for a. very emotional thing for all of us for all of us that stay closed due. to such a. professional. with one of the biggest injuries in. going over that. coming back was i think was a joyful for everyone for us close to it was more than that was was big motion to see the big guy coming back. and another results leaders manchester city enjoyed another fruitful day with a you know win at leicester city little ball swept past self hampton three no and they were big wins for chelsea and old myth as well so manchester city remain the
12:50 am
runaway leaders in the english premier league they now have an eight point advantage over they said he rivals united you can see the current champions chelsea are in third place there a further point adrift of man united taught them how to become pleading the top four despite their defeat against arsenal who round up the top six liverpool in fourth place on twenty two points now they was a big madrid derby in the spanish league on saturday a big match but not much action as far as the score is concerned it finished nil no other games that are fair were four one winners against salivates in the early kick off barcelona eased past legalists and severe we go to one at home. and our red diamonds have played out a one one draw in the asian champions league final first leg in riyadh rafael silver hand the japanese club the early leaving diamonds on the king for they second champions league crown they won of the last time in two thousand and seven
12:51 am
whereas aiming for title and the three after last tasting glory back in two thousand and three being a little before the break for the saudi arabians the second that takes place sensible a week from now. roger federer a strong comeback season has ended with defeat in the same the finals of the a.t.p. finals in london the world number two looked well on track to make the final after taking the first set six to him but he says it was only a matter of time before we got beaten by devah golf and because the belgian keeps crushing him in practice and often it stormed back winning the next two set six three and six four he will face either grigor dimitrov or jack in the final. to beat roger it was something something unbelievable i cannot describe what i'm feeling now. is my such a legend is my mind that i'd only seen some really young and you know to have the
12:52 am
chance to play against him and so we. go in but to beat him it's just you know i can't describe. and andy murray has split from his coach even lendl for a second time the paramount's the mutual decision on friday that's despite the czech born limber leading the scot to all three of these grand slam titles including two at wimbledon and an olympic gold medal the former world number one murray is now ranked sixteenth. murray won just a single title this year compared to his golden twenty sixteen season that victory was at the dubai tennis championships in march the thirty year old has suffered with an ongoing hip injury which played a big part in his quarter final defeat at wimbledon in july he was then forced to pull out of the u.s. open in august due to the same injury and hasn't played since mary's hoping to make his return at the brisbane international in january ok england have achieved their biggest win over australia on the rugby field thumping them thirty points to six on saturday in the only lead six know at half time and daly helped them to a thirteen six advantage in the second half but three late tries from jonathan
12:53 am
joseph a johnny may and danny care wrapped up a resoundingly in for the english amid some controversial referee moments. that time ten replies. and i make a decision these are this is the best referee in the world. we have the best guys in the team and you're saying we're lucky because this is when our sorry sorry sorry i'm sorry we're lucky. i'm sorry and i'm sorry we're lacking. on the ball you know the ball doesn't have to jonny made as it's going to dry but that's going nothing there in the referee. but you return i want to be sure that it's now you. know it's interesting that on. the images are just not sure that our sense of you know how many replies for one instant response from the other misfires. he probably just my son you know.
12:54 am
the world's best rugby teams were in action on saturday in autumn internationals in europe scotland came close to beating the world champion all blacks for the first time ever but they did lose twenty two seventeen argentina were victorious in italy south africa winning in france and england with that thumping win over the australian south africa winning eighteen ten over the french meanwhile there was a big upset at the rugby league world cup tournament co-hosts new zealand were beaten by fiji four two in a remarkably low scoring quarter final fiji will meet australia in the final for the other semi will be between tonga and the winner of england versus pop one new game. a british rider has been killed at the macau motorcycle grand prix thirty one year old daniel haggerty died after hitting a barrier during the annual street circuit racing event in macau the race was immediately called off portuguese rider was killed on the same bend at the seventh in twenty twelve. the most successful female in u.s.
12:55 am
motor racing history is rounding off her six year nascar career at the end of the twenty eighteen season thirty five year old patrick who was the fourth highest earning sportswoman in twenty sixteen behind only serena williams maria sharapova and mixed martial arts star ronda rousey patrick is the only woman to have lead laps in both the daytona five hundred and the indianapolis five hundred and the only female driver to start from pole position in the nascar cup series. my sister told me i was s'posed. i am going to do the daytona five hundred next year and the indy five hundred so i'm really excited about that i i think it's going to be a great way to capital. is all the sport for now i'll have another up again later
12:56 am
on but for now it's back to london times it's all too much thank you very much peter on out new york's financial district houses some of the world's most famous structures but a group of architects injecting some artistic flair into downtown square and setting themselves a challenge along the way christian salome went to find out. it's a cramped apartment even by manhattan standards which way they want to go at it over but for ten days at least it's home for these four artists and if braving the elements in a chilly new york november wasn't enough the group also has to move their hut piece by piece across the square changing it from a shelter to a makeshift bridge and back again that's when things get tricky so once you've got once you've got the new floor or the beginnings of the new that's when you're thinking about where is about where is the kitchen. where's all the lumber in the bins like because it becomes this like mental pattern of. their mental puzzle
12:57 am
solving. the team isn't allowed to touch the ground outside so beads to pick up food and supplies stored in the yellow boxes along the route also living sleeping eating and yes even going to the bathroom in the hut it's called the newcomers a performance architecture installation the artists say they're trying to challenge the idea of architecture as permanent structures and explore new ways of sharing space it's a theme collaborators alex waiter and board shelley have visited several times in recent works like two thousand and fourteen is in orbit or last year's reactor which moved in the wind but while those works were tucked away from the general public this is right in the middle of the financial district and interaction with passers by is encouraged we actually really want to know what people think it's it's a way of help because we are living in the work and they see the work from the outside
12:58 am
so we're only have an interior perspective of what this thing is and so they come to us with views from the outside looking in and through those discussions that's the way we build meaning to the course of the performance so far progress has been slow but steady the finishing line isn't so. right and only a few drops nuts and bolts along the way. kristen salumi al jazeera new york. well that wraps up this news hour but the full blessin coming up in just a couple minutes time i see that.
12:59 am
my sources i am a victim of manipulation between politicians held in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial do you know that your own government for six years has been telling every country in the world are innocent please take a quest for a better life that ended in incarceration the guantanamo twenty two at this time on al jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks the last time senegal call the fight for the world cup was in two thousand to fifteen years on and hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage try to imagine that only seven years ago people were living right here framed now the city has taken over their land from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential chance to correct
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a missed opportunity ross. captaining a leading used team at sixteen years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game at this time live on and. thousands march on the streets of zimbabwe's capital calling for president logan.


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