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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2017 11:00am-11:34am +03

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design making this family's place unique in tunisia is rich tapestry. thread but this time. my sheet is melting a process that is affecting the entire globe. in a special episode joins fifty five scientists on the brits like you journey of discovery around the continent for a look into the past on the future climate. but it's quite amazing just to see that that's the gist of what. this time al-jazeera.
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the world's most prominent christian walks a political and religious tightrope as he arrives in myanmar a buddhist nation accused of crimes against its rohingya muslims. will be live in young gone in just a moment i'm fully back to watching al-jazeera also ahead returning to calm protesters in pakistan say they will get off the streets after the government to their demands the president of honduras declares an election victory but his rival says he is in the lead and hurling into the air indonesia's mount i've gone volcano forces the closure of bali's main airports. pope francis has begun a trip to myanmar that's fraught with diplomatic risk over the country's treatment over. a muslim people the politics are so delicate that some of the catholic church
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leaders advisors have even warned him against using the words more than six hundred thousand range have fled from myanmar to bangladesh as caping from a military offensive rights groups and the un have accused the army of atrocities allegations that have been denied but francis has previously condemned myanmar's treatment. let's speak to. going to the home of the archbishop that's where the pope has just arrived just a few moments ago tell us about the reception he's gotten there. you have there been hundreds gathered out here in front of the archdiocese house for the last couple of hours awaiting the arrival of their pope and just within the last fifteen minutes he arrived quite a big entourage as a whole line up of vehicles here and he went straight into the archbishop house now who will remain there today is a rest day monday afternoon is a rest day and then on tuesday midday in the early afternoon he'll head over to
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nato in this nation's capital and that's when we'll start to have some of the meat of this visit if you will start to sit down with religious leaders of other slave faiths as well not just christian or catholic and then he'll also have some meetings with the leadership of this nation as well as the army so there's going to be a lot of meetings that's going to come of the business day on tuesday the pope scott has been very vocal about the plight of the. even before the recent violence and refugee crisis in bangladesh how is he expected to handle the issue on this trip it's going to be a very tricky one point isn't it. absolutely you know this is going to have to be the actions of not a religious leader professing peace but a artful diplomat in dealing with this very touchy subject here now in the past he has called this this group here but that is a very sensitive topic a very sensitive word here in myanmar particular when it comes to dealing with the government the archbishop himself has. has advised the pope not to use that term
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here because it's something that the government doesn't recognize it'll be interesting to see how he does or doesn't over the next couple of days but obviously that's going to a lot of focus on that but what a lot of people are saying here that we've spoken with over the last couple of days christians and catholics alike here mark what they really want him to focus on peace in this nation obviously the international community expects him to focus on the remains issue because that is a crisis viewed by the world it's been a longer list of nations and international bodies calling it ethnic cleansing so obviously that's a subject that they expect to see some discussion on a lot of these meetings particular high level meetings are behind closed doors it's going to be more what's said after it will be a large large mass here in yangon on wednesday and there might be some themes coming out of that but a lot of those top leadership meetings are going to be behind closed doors over the coming days ali thank you very much for that coskata hi larry fourteen live from young gone in myanmar and other world news a government minister at the center of widespread anger in pakistan has resigned
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signaling a victory for protests. but. they have called off the three week sit in by thousands of people in the capital islamabad had been demanding zahid hamid step down over the wording of a pot of mentoring they have described as blasphemous the protests have spread throughout pakistan closing down major highways then he has more from islamabad. a crowd of thousands has been able to bring cities of millions to a standstill here by choking a main artery in and out of the capital and it is something that the people here have learned did were they got what they wanted the law minister at the center of the controversy that brought all these people out into the street mission of the name of the prophet in an oath taking ceremony for elected officials. those people that came out to protest him were able to see him resign and the leader of the organization called. the percent risk he has been speaking in
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a sea says that while the group has enjoyed some success their demands entirely haven't been met and the men who were arrested during this three week sit in turned demonstration. the leaders of the organization are demanding the release of those men and they say they won't stop until that's over but for now we are seeing is seeing the crowd thinned out bit by bit buses and trucks and trains and cars are being arranged to take them back to their homes and they've come to be a part of this demonstration from all over the country but it will take the better part of the day to see this area cleared out and until then we're likely to see the roads remain closed both in the capital and around the city. in islamabad there we want to show you some live pictures from indonesia where of ok no on the island of bali is rumbling and spewing small goldfish or say it could erupt at any moment and they voted more evacuations from the immediate areas that's
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mount a goon and has been hurling clouds of ash about three kilometers into the sky since this weekend the new exclusion zone affects twenty two villages where up to one hundred thousand people live and ok no erupted last in one thousand nine hundred sixty three killing more than one thousand people and octane gay is an associate professor at australia's university of adelaide and just returned from body says people that are pretty calm. little danger at the moment from people who are well clear of the exclusion zone so that there's a limited literal danger for people to be affected find a thing such as lava if they're outside of that to ten kilometers solutions are the biggest dangers our law which is which have also been evacuated from those areas and as you said the ashes three kilometer high or more ash floyd that is now sweeping over possibly some one volley was always a long block yesterday that closed and has the potential to cause health hazards
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all was up in that area yesterday and there is actually very little panic in the area people have been preparing for this for a long time most of the people have been evacuated for months given that the tremors in the earth quite associated with the precarious is the eruption again back in september ferdi have this well under control that evacuated the area slightly widen the exclusion zone to die to evacuate a few more people but that's the least that main area of risk around the volcano has been cleared. to syria now and funerals have been held for some of the people killed in russian and government airstrikes over the weekend mourners buried the dead in their resort province on monday at least fifty five people were killed in russian strikes targeting i saw in the countryside another twenty five people were killed in airstrikes in the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta on the outskirts of damascus the region has been besieged by the government since twenty thirteen now as strikes have been intensifying even as more talks are due to start in geneva
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on tuesday this is a un led process aimed at bringing six years of war in syria to an end it's led by the u.n. special envoy stiffened mistura has managed to bring the syrian government and opposition to the table in the past but has failed to get any agreement syria's main opposition group the high a negotiation is committee or s n c says it will be in geneva and has no preconditions it will have a new person at the helm after former head of riyadh his job quit last week that resignation came on the same day president bashar assad made a rare trip out of syria to meet with russian president vladimir putin in sochi this will be the eighth round of talks in geneva previous attempts have sold because of bitter disagreements mainly over whether assad should stay in power andrew tabler is a syrian affairs analyst and senior fellow at the washington institute for near east policy he says is not surprised by the resumption of airstrikes ahead of the next round of geneva talks. oftentimes when we go to towards negotiations
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seemingly sealed agreements are not c. old. it's also hard to predict the activities of the regime the interesting thing is the russian involvement and they're one of the sponsors it's what we can see but it's not a good sign and it's a bit of deja vu. in the process the russians and iranians in the regime are using military force to shape diplomatic process and that's. you know a very good tactic in terms of getting results in many many hours they're willing to escalate or able to do so on the problem of the united states and so i said they're unwilling to escalate and that's the reason why russia and the regime are doing this and i'm afraid the first official numbers in honduras show opposition nato summit on us is slightly ahead of incumbent one orlando have none this in the presidential election both of them earlier said they were leading polls have been
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close for hours and analysts say the late count indicates a tight race the incumbent president is seeking a second term. remand north america. is the official tally records have been coming in it's more than clear cut we won this election that's what these exit poll returns clearly show you. with about sixty percent of the votes counted opposition leader and a five point lead so far. if twelve o'clock at night i can form with the well there's nothing to do but if today at twelve o'clock at night. for which at this moment with eighteen thousand. different any fraud against us. mariana sanchez has more from honduras is capital to go. for president one of lumbermen this has claimed victory is that just a few minutes after the official media revealed in exit polls that he had a lead over. the alliance.
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for political opposition parties and now right after that former president for a liar who had been ousted in two thousand and nine by a military coup it came out as. representative of the alliance saying that in fact to they reject those numbers out there have their own exit poll saying that some of the alliance was winning the trend that he had fifty nine percent and for this president one of london and this only thirty three percent he said that he hopes that the electoral tribunal respects that trend and that next president of. both candidates have claimed victory and some are not for. the way before the electoral roll gave any official results still
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ahead on al jazeera as kenya waits for its president to be sawn back into office we look at how the contested election battle has hurt the economy and yemen's who data port receives its first food in weeks after the easing obvious. from dusk the sunset so it's proving savannah. to sunrise the top and asian metropolis. how i was still got some rather lively weather into central parts of the mediterranean sea some very heavy rain is lamine your recently tends to snow as well as it's made its way further south with some sixty four millimeters of rain all this line of cloud which is now in the process of adding across the balkans down into greece more rain to come into greece i'm afraid more live the storms as well and you see covering of cloud all the way up towards that western side of russia through the baltic states now the system making its way in
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from the northwest it will introduce some cooler air once again as we go through the next couple days with a monday with a fair amount of cloud across southern parts of england down into the low countries with temperatures hovering around ten degrees or so south of that plenty of cool air in place just five degrees celsius here's our right state and slow down into the southeast corner then for southern parts of the balkans pushing towards area greece turkey that will continue to sway further as we go through the next day or two come tuesday well you go with those single figures the cooler air coming into the northwest just seven or eight celsius there for london and paris in the line of sleet the snow piles of france into the house going to the clouds here into northern areas of africa we have got to be dry here for the next few days. there with sponsored by cats on. the. floor. and the other countries have managed to solve this problem
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are you worried that this conflict could erupt into a cold right. it's a security issue where the people who pay the price clearly there writeup in project is setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera the government's minister at the center of widespread anger in pakistan has resigned signaling a victory for protest leaders have called off the three week sit in by thousands of people in the capital islamabad the protestors accuse the hate i made of blasphemy
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live pictures of a volcano volcano in the nation's island of bali as you can see it's rumbling and spewing small scientists say they could be a major eruption at any moment it ordered more evacuations affecting affecting about one hundred thousand people. and funerals have been held in syria for some of the people killed in russian and government over the weekend at least fifty five people were killed in russian strikes targeting i saw in the arizona countryside another twenty five people were killed in an airstrike in the rebel held enclave of eastern guta. not to zimbabwe where the new president is embarking on his first week in charge and one of them a synagogue was first job is to announce his new cabinet the opposition. it is calling for deep rooted political change but it's not clear how far one will stray from the old guard let's speak to algeciras andrew symonds who is in a robbery force outside the court in harare we're expecting
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a ruling later today on the fate of a former finance minister but first i understand there's been a statement from the military in zimbabwe what are they saying that's wrong as a joint statement. apologies for that we seem to have lost our connection to under simmons in harare there hopefully we'll get him back on line in just a moment and bring us the latest set from zimbabwe and that statement from the military let's head to kenya now where president kenyatta is to be sworn in on tuesday for a second term in office after a long and bitter election campaign there was first the notification of august presidential election followed by an october rerun the political crisis continues to impact what is east africa's dominant economy catherine soy has our report from nairobi. an ordinary weekday morning in kenya's capital nairobi. and as always scores of people make their way to the city's industrial area to look
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for casual employment. what is changing the last few months is that jobs have become even more scarce. even the recent election period and the political uncertainty around it he's waiting for work at this battery manufacturing plant he says he's only done ten days of work in and around sixty dollars since august. on the rerun there were no jobs but we still have to come and try our luck. some people try their luck in other factories like this vehicle assembly plant but it's also been tough for big industries the private sector has suffered huge losses many companies have downsized some have closed and investors are holding onto their money for now big contracts which were meant to begin immediately after the election were postponed by international customers to do road construction on
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a relisted big project development they said let's wait and see how the election spins out. out on the streets most kenyans are also feeling the effects of an economy that is slowing down their cost of living. stumbled in the last by ideas and now the government has killed its economic growth forecast with this year to five point one from five point nine percent. almost always deep to during election season it happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven and in two thousand and seven after a disputed election the economy crashed this time around it was already struggling because of among other things a prolonged drought many are saying that the political uncertainty around the election just made things worse if i was present today i would be you know really in on a privatization program i would be doing much more to stimulate particularly agriculture it's very you know so many people in our economy are dependent on it you get it
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working the sense of well being translates very very quickly across the board. many people now hope that the election over the economy will stabilize. but the opposition led by raul is planning more protests and economic boycotts to push for a new vote this may mean one certainty and economic hard times catching al-jazeera nairobi kenya. unless we turn now to zimbabwe and andrew symonds in harare zimbabwe where the new president is embarking on his first week in charge a number of announcements expected today andrew and you were telling us earlier about announcement from the military. yes we'll go wants to see action and certainly he's briefed his security forces to get straight to it in terms of clearing things up this is a joint statement here from the zimbabwe defense forces and security services
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basically the police and army they say that there is a return to normality effectively all major deployments of the military in the capital and elsewhere in the country have have actually been withdrawn now and that's been done progressively over the weekend we've seen it ourselves but there will be joint police army patrols right the way across the country particularly in the central business district of harare and the reason for this is where this doesn't sound like the manatee at all it says this law enforcement agency already receiving reports of looting and illegal occupation of other people's properties particularly farms and houses this behavior is criminal and will be met by the fall of the law now basically what's happening is that these properties are owned by the mcgarvie family some distant relatives some close or relatives friends parts of the party there is also a call going out in zanu p.f. for less bloodletting in the provinces apparently lots of meetings taking place
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with real witch hunts going on to actually sack anyone associated with mugabe or his wife now also add to that the court hearing going on here ignatius charm sixty six years of age former finance minister on corruption charges he's trying to get bail he wants to try and get out of prison he's accused the military of beating him up when he was arrested. who's. the former head of the zanu p.f. used wing he's also before the court trying to get bail he's up on corruption charges and that of slander as well now other ministers where are they no one knows the weekend has been a swirl of rumors at least five ministers unaccounted for are they overseas are reports that it could be in south africa some reports that some are in zambia and there are also suggestions from the military and the police that they've made arrests but they won't say what level those arrests have been made so there is
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a lot going on in terms of the security forces while we have a president who's considering announcing his cabinet and we'll keep an eye on all those developments in zimbabwe with understatement thank you very much for joining us there from harare. cubans have been choosing municipal delegates who will go on to vote for the country's next president it's the only chance for the masses to cast ballots in a process that is tightly controlled by the ruling communist party from havana has a latin america editor lucy and human. this is cuban style democracy from seven a.m. people voted in the only election in which ordinary citizens have direct participation several this enthusiastically explains that unlike in other countries municipal council candidates are not allowed to campaign. their biographies and qualities are posted everywhere so you can read about them and make your choice. the choice
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begins in town halls where each neighborhood proposes someone to represent them cubans are electing twelve and a half thousand delegates out of more than twenty seven thousand candidates but not a single one of them belong to the opposition even though this year for the first time an unprecedented number of dissidents attempted to run but without success. a longtime opponent says it's impossible not. don't have to be a member of the communist party to run but if the party doesn't approve it you can't be a candidate in this system nothing is as it seems it's a system designed to perpetuate a one party socialist state or as they say here the revolution. and it will be put to the test in february when in directly elected national assembly chooses the successor to president raul castro marking the end of the sixty year castro era. well known musician. opposes the election process. no
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system is perfect but in other countries you have the right to vote for a political project and next time say no this doesn't work i want to bid on another project or modify it in cuba you can't. three years ago was temporarily blacklisted after this performance but he's saying that he wanted to choose his president by direct vote. it's widely presume that this man first vice president. with a place for all gastro but as congress says points out it's not up to him. i have no way of knowing since we don't choose or decide that's why people feel that those at the top decide for you. the decision that is supposed to begin here at the municipal level where those who disagree can only protest by casting a black vote. you see in human i'll just see down. from cuba to an apollo where
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voters are taking part in elections that marked the final stage of a peace process that started eleven years ago the a mystery turn the country into a federal democratic republic. reports from districts that. the early morning call is no deterrent for these people in the district they have come to exercise their right to vote district and national officials have been working for days to ensure the election happens. the new constitution is being implemented and as a local elections have already taken place this is the first phase of election for national and instead as simply this election is important because it is about implementing the constitution. the first phase of this election is happening in the hills and mountains where climate and terrain can be challenging the second phase will take place on december seventh in more moderate climates there are nearly six
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thousand registered voters here and competition is fierce every vote counts and representatives from all sides are keeping a tight watch. there are candidates representing both the left alliance of nepal's communist party unified marxist leninist and the former maoist and the democratic alliance of the nepali congress and the right of center parties. one candidate will represent this district in the national assembly and two in the state assembly but for people like groom who runs a hotel here this election is more about development and tourism than one with i really hope that we get a good representative tourism is important for us and we need good roads for people and tourists here we also need schools and hospitals. manon district is on a trucking route and has recently been plagued by roads but the journey is precarious polls close at five in the evening local time but by late afternoon most
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people have already cost of while in milan district officials say that more than the expected number of people have cast their ballots nationally the turnout has reno making it difficult to predict the outcome of this election which will turn into a federal republic three thousand district in a poll the first commercial ship carrying food has arrived at the year many portals whole day after a weeks long closure that aid groups say further deprived people already on the brink of starvation they sowed led coalition says it impossible to stop weapons reaching though the rebels say it's fighting the the shop reports. the saudis have promised to lift the blockade of the yemen porter who died four days ago that it was only on sunday that the first desperately needed food supplies were unloaded. and now the ship has reached the port of how they entered carrying flour and relief material swaying five thousand five hundred tons this is not enough for the many
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people needs but we hope this is a good sign to open the port of the data and lift the siege many provinces. unicef says a child dies every ten minutes from preventable diseases that would equate to more than five hundred children died in those last four days alone. five thousand tons of flowers unloaded on saturday but it's just a trickle too little and far far too late for the most vulnerable today it is fair to say that yemen is one of the worst places on earth to be a child more than eleven million. yemeni children are to be in acute need of humanitarian assistance that's almost every single yemeni boy and girl unicef says the war in yemen
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is sadly a war on children close to five thousand children have been killed or seriously injured in the last two and a half years and it welcomes the opening of the airport at santa it allowed us to send in a first humanitarian convoy one point nine million doses of vaccines vaccines that are urgently needed to vaccinate six hundred thousand children across yemen since the saudi led coalition began fighting the who tees in two thousand and fifteen the country's basic infrastructure no longer exists. the blockade began on november sixth after hooty rebels fired a ballistic missile into saudi arabia the saudi military said the pl ok was imposed to stop weapons being smuggled into yemen. but the u.n. is warning that commercial imports of food and fuel must also resume the world food program says continuing to choke off those supplies could have
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a disastrous effect on fourteen million people living in the remote regions of northern yemen completely unable to cope for themselves peter shop al-jazeera. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera large crowds have been lining the streets of young gone in myanmar waiting to get a glimpse of the head of the catholic church is a tricky political trick for pope francis at a time when myanmar is accused of committing crimes against his writing a muslim people. in back astonished government minister at the center of widespread anger has resigned signaling a victory for protest leaders they've called off the three week sit in by thousands of people in the capital islamabad they have been demanding ziad hamid step down over the wording of a parliamentary oath they have described as blasphemous the minister has apologized
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saying it was a clerical error. live pictures of an indonesian volcano on the island of bali as you can see it's rumbling and spewing smoke scientists say they could be a major eruption at any moment they've ordered more evacuations affecting about one hundred thousand people mt argonne has been hurling clouds of ash about three kilometers into the sky. the first official numbers in honduras show opposition leader salvador nasrallah is slightly ahead of the incumbent juan orlando hernandez in the presidential election both of them earlier said they were leading polls have been close for hours and analysts say the late count in the case a tight race present hernandez is seeking a second. but with about sixty percent of the votes counted the opposition leader is five points in front. if twelve o'clock at night i inform you that we are losing well there's nothing to do but if today at twelve o'clock at night i lead leave this planet which at this moment we need hundred
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thousand reloads no favor i will call on you to go to different any fraud against us and funerals have been held in syria for some of the people killed in russian and government air strikes over the weekend at least fifty five people were killed in russian strikes targeting i saw in dairies or countryside another twenty five people died in airstrikes in the rebel held enclave of eastern go-to those are the headlines up front is up next. on counting the cost crocodile economics what emerson malone guard world will have to do transform zimbabwe's finances modern day slave trade in libya and how china's internet giant ten cent over took facebook. account you look at this time on a zero. is religion to blame for the world's violence or is it just an easy scapegoat and in a world of a valid science and technology do we even need religion anymore in this up front special we'll debate free for reason is straw man science with physicist and
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atheist lawrence krauss.


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