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zero. every year. when the news breaks it was an announcement if you were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of. ethnic cleansing imeem are from bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on and on line.
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and live from studio fourteen head al-jazeera headquarters and jane come to the news good ratcheting up the war in yemen. to find a cruise missile towards the united arab emirates the target they say a nuclear power plant while the iraqis are denying the tack even happened the fighting between former allies inside yemen continues for as the day is this a new front in an already devastating war of those developments with our guest also the news good their escape. only to be trafficked in bangladesh some girls as young as thirteen are being kidnapped and sold a sex slaves now they are an estimated one billion people living with disabilities around the world and as you can imagine they face many challenges well today it's all about empowering them and making their lives have a report from beirut just remove physical and cultural barriers that's the message from the u.n. chief to tie. the challenges that disabled people face every single day i mean look
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at some of the people and programs that are doing just that share your views with us throughout the show using the hash tag it didn't. go over the news could live on and streaming online three you chip facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com i could see rebels in yemen say they fired a cruise missile towards the united arab emirates but abu dhabi has denied the claim comes as fighting intensifies interface day in yemen's capital sana'a battles between the c's and their former allies forces loyal to the ousted president ali abdullah saleh has left at least forty people dead by his party issued a statement a short while ago saying that he welcomes efforts to reconcile with a.c.s. and his criticize what he calls the saudi aggression against yemen and hawks are reports. of the alliance that control the yemeni capital
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sama was unexpected as it has been violent dozens have been killed or wounded since the fighting began on wednesday between forces loyal to alstead present. and his fees. now sana is calling on yemenis to rise against his former partners. robin i call on all the yemeni people in all the cities all the provinces all the districts and neighborhoods to take a united stand to defend the revolution and the republic against this group who have been irresponsibly playing with yemeni people for the past three years robbing the institutions and breaking into government buildings only seek revenge on the revolution and the republic. has called for talks with the saudi led coalition on condition they stop the air attacks if the crippling blockade and allow for more humanitarian support coalition statement welcome sollars move saying it would redeem yemen. from the evils of iranian terrorist and sectarian militias were
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turned out to pan our pure and natural fold with the use these who are backed by terror and so they still have support from members of silos political party and addressed directly then will give the feel we used to praise your position in the past even though it was one of words only which came with its fair share of backstabbing disappointment discouragement disobedience and many other problems remain patient but that wasn't enough for you shame on you a big shame. silas struck an alliance with the whose these after a popular uprising ended his thirty three year rule in two thousand and twelve he was succeeded by his deputy after a month or so hardy who fled to saudi arabia after the takeover in journey two thousand and fifteen and it was there he called an emergency meeting on saturday to discuss the situation with. the saudi led coalition has been fighting to restore
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hardie to power meanwhile sila says he wants a quick and to the conflict which is a volved into the world's largest humanitarian crisis. the regional analysts believe salah is personally motivated and is looking for a future role for him and possibly members of his family in government whatever the case this latest violence is threaten to destabilize yemen even. the saudi led coalition began its military campaign in yemen in march two thousand and fifteen that's after the rebels and supporters of ousted leader pushed out the government of president. saleh was yemen's president for thirty three years he was forced to resign in fairly two thousand and twelve after months of unrest and handed power to his deputy of eighteen years howdy but how does time in power was relatively short in january two thousand and fifteen we see were able to. took over
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government buildings in the capital forcing her to flee to saudi arabia heidi is still the internationally recognized leader of yemen and the saudi led coalition has been fighting to restore him to power. of the moloch of his movement largely promotes yemen's shia minority and is backed by iran they support silence forces but there's been fighting between the two sides in recent days by the sheba is a human rights researcher for the ngo reprieve and a former member of yemen's national dialogue until two thousand and fourteen and joins us now from london it's very good to see you on al-jazeera what do you make of sollars gesture at reconciliation of talks. i think since yesterday the tensions between the two theories on sallah followers have reached the no return it was the raking point in italy the tensions have been mounting up since august since the g.p.c.
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solace party were celebrating the party's anniversary but since yesterday when he publicly called on the population to rise up against the who sees and also for the first time calling the saudi arabia and the neighboring countries our as our friends and neighbors no longer use the terms the saudi aggression. it was it was definitely i think the breaking point i think is literally really realize its own interests are in you jumping in here saudi arabia doesn't it i just wonder what sort of clout he still has and the fact that his men turned on what are seen as their allies there who sees how willing all the b. to take part in any sort of reconciliation. well i think what the. saudis and definitely what the yemeni government are counting on is that they're going to reach some form of reconciliation with the g.p.c. and they're counting with this sudden silas change of position that they're going
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to move there who sees that the who he's out. and i think they assume that they can reach some form of of government sharing the same way that happened at the end of two thousand and eleven when the g.c.c. initiative was was in place i think this is what they're still counting on now it will it's also worth to remember that the thieves are not going to be easy to be to be moved and the situation is not going to be easy to be shifted so there are going to be the definitely difficulties but it is the biggest change since since i think the beginning of two thousand and two thousand and sixteen the front lines haven't moved much there has been just slight changes but not really much significant change on the ground before it's one of very decisive changes on the ground sara let me just quickly jump in here because we are running out of time there claims of shooting a missile towards the united arab emirates what sort of impact will that have could it have on this movement that we've seen gaining ground i mean i mean let's
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not try to let's not forget that each side now have been trying to rally their supporters and for the who things are trying to push back on the program that has been mounting up since yesterday that they have lost positions and now the no longer in control they want to regain their confidence for the for their followers and try to boost their confidence by saying we can still shoot outside we're still firing and we're still fighting a foreign power and they're trying to remember to remember that both sides are trying to play the media game i think a very cleverly but i think we're going to witness more clashes and fighting still going on in sanaa and the northern parts of yemen all right. good to have you thanks. well i know that lot's been said about this on line and it's interesting to see what people are saying and how they are using the events and how they're being interpreted for sure let's start off with some images that are being shared quite
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a lot on twitter in arabic of demonstrators who wore these are the demonstrators who are tearing down posters in the capital on saturday you can see them stepping on those as well now the saudi state media has published this image they tweeted it out to say that this is an example of the this is from here they're saying that this is an example of massive popular uprisings against the who sees in this video that you just saw was proof of that but of the hundreds of thousands of tweets that have been sent with the word in the past day or so we looked into this it's interesting the most popular posts are actually about cats are now the u.a.e. minister of state for foreign affairs his name is on were posted in arabic that cats are has offered to mediates for the who sees now that's a claim that's also being spread by saudi owned media which are accusing cats are and iran of supporting the militia there know what's interesting is that
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a spokesman for cats our government decided to respond to him directly on twitter saying that it was unprecedented for an official source of information to declare something so truthful and he also tweeted out something else saying enough with your lies after defeats in yemen you shamelessly peddle accusations about connections to the who the so quite a bit of traffic around these posts now it's important to note that katz hart was a member of the saudi led military coalition in yemen it sent around a thousand troops into the country in support of the offensive there and to defend the saudi border several cats three soldiers were actually killed in operations there but cats are pulled out of the saudi backed coalition in june after its neighbors imposed a blockade accusing it of supporting a group that was basically fighting now the cattery foreign ministry spokesman says that these new allegations. by the u.a.e. are intended to sabotage the efforts made by the emir of kuwait to bring gulf states together for the g.c.c. summit now that's expected to be held on tuesday and it will be the first since the blockade began nearly six months ago so we're curious to hear what you think about
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all of this what's happening in santa and how it's being portrayed in your country and in your feed so you can get in touch with me directly into schapelle or she's the hash tag it is good now kuwait is expected to host a meeting of the gulf cooperation council starting on tuesday the regional ounce alliance is facing its worst crisis in decades with a blockade of cats out which began in june shell has more from kuwait city on monday the foreign ministers of each of qatar saudi arabia the united arab emirates buckling on mon and kuwait will meet to set the agenda for the summit itself which will be convened or is meant to be convened by the leaders of all those countries however there is doubt whether for example king solomon of saudi arabia was and or the leader of the united arab emirates anything short of the deputy leaders of those countries so mohamed bin sandman of saudi arabia or
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muhammad inside of the united arab emirates if there if those countries decide to truce to send somebody more junior them there deputy had been that would be seen as far as the core it is are concerned is an insult to them that would also cost even more doubt in terms of the future of the g.c.c. and what it would mean is that even though the g.c.c. summit does indeed wounded take place it wouldn't really be a full or proper g.c.c. summit as expected because those leaders wouldn't be present now it's been almost six months and saudi arabia egypt u.a.e. and rain cuts off ties with cata. looks at the impact of this diplomatic dispute on the g.c.c. . kuwait has been the mediator in the gulf diplomatic crisis that began in early june the country is now getting ready to host a meeting of the gulf cooperation council invitations have been sent out to gulf leaders but it's still not known for sure who will attend since the beginning of the blockade on qatar kuwait. has attempted to end the dispute in
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october he warned of the potential collapse of the g.c.c. if the crisis continues many analysts agree this is i think the middle quite knows very well that the crisis is actually for a long and we are going to see probably two blocs within the g.c.c. one is led by saudi arabia and then it. will actually have. to a lesser extent probably kuwait. so we'll be having been to see a lot of that one asked on saturday about the gulf diplomatic crisis at the international mediterranean dialogue conference in rome others foreign minister schiff mohamed when i'm on a sunny said it was important for countries to work together you need to reach a level of understanding going security principles that everybody is going to appoint and everybody should and should be committed to and then from there we.
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wanted to on the next system for a lot of the cooperation the foreign minister added that the gulf region is collective security had been threatened by the measures taken by the blockading countries i think the saudis that he's involved. with this is something qatar would not do about it has made it clear many times of by the middle and by other show that they cannot actually accept a thought that they want a negotiation they want. concessions by all sides actually to solve the crisis the blockading countries of saudi arabia the you. herion and egypt have accused cutout of supporting terrorism maintaining cordial relations with iran and meddling in the internal affairs of their countries allegations the company government has strongly denied proper maintains there is no legitimate justification for the actions taken by the four nations calling their decision
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a violation of its sovereignty the last time father played host to a gulf cooperation council summit it was in two thousand and fourteen back then no one could have foreseen this kind of crisis now just three years later the g.c.c. may have arrived at a defining moment on the cusp of a hugely important summit that many observers believed would not be happening this year. let's take a closer look at the gulf cooperation council in thirty six years g.c.c. countries have seized on oil and gas profits to grow economically it's even been talk of a single gulf currency militarily the g.c.c. has a force of forty thousand troops and work together in the war in syria but the blockade divided the group here a bit of a grain aligned against cattle q eight and amman remained neutral the division matters because substance of council decisions require a unanimous vote by heads of state and also push council to build trade with iran
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a regional rival of saudi arabia. says professor of gulf politics at the gulf study center at cattlemen university is with me here in the studio now i guess it's really important isn't it whether this meeting happens or whether it doesn't who attends and who doesn't equally important statement exactly well i mean we have been listening that if for instance if it's come in maybe. come in in the maybe they took a lot of time to send the invitation and it was supposed to be so they are finally going to start the fifth or the six of of the of this month so whether it's taking place or not. it's going to be very important if the six head of state or at least six if i mean obviously been in the middle would be a great day achievement by so far i doubt the this is going to be possible whatever watch as early on facebook says the blockade will not be over any time soon and i
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think we can all agree that that is absolutely right there i mean the last time they made it it wasn't you know the heads of state or you know the foreign ministers they couldn't even talk to each other so how will they get over that animosity and what will be on the table. well i mean i don't know exactly what they what they can put on the table to agree on something in order to break the ice but the fact that for the first time they could sit together at least the heads of states and look at the each other and talk directly i think it would be a great achievement whether is they're going to discuss something in public or in the on the sidelines in the corridors they can argue or they can have a cunt some kind of conversation i think this is something that i think we need to do and they'll have to be given take i mean what's what's going to go what's i mean having in mind what is going on in yemen with with since that is going to satisfy the man some of the interest in the region having in mind that already qatar started to deal with turkey and iran in terms of economy deals and in order to
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guarantee the the provision of food and other supplies which is the other powers biggest fear and at the same time you've heard the rhetoric against cats are increasing how it's been involved with the effects so i don't see anything that they can trade right now i mean it seems of both positional still very strong and nobody is really interested in changing the situation into both are satisfied with the situation how important is the g.c.c. to local stability and for the perspective from international investors for example because if the g.c.c. is seen as stable the region is seen as relatively stable isn't it was quite a statement isn't it however i don't think that foreign investment would be affected in any way i mean as for us both saudi arabia and qatar can guarantee individually their investors from abroad that this situation is not going to affect their investments and that they can deal with the situation without any. any any
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harm in their economies i think there is no need for you to see a comic level other while the thing is that we if we discuss about the security intelligence or foreign policy issues that they are i think they're in the core of the discussion but i'm not so worried about the economic concerns or what this kind of look at may affect the qatari economy or the saudi economy of course they have their own problems but i don't think this. has affected to some extent until now foreign mission about what it's what it's possible to do in qatar and saudi the least of our worries at the states luciana that i thank you very much your work it is a story that's been trending since it broke you can find a timeline on our web site al jazeera dot com updated as and when the news breaks about the g.c.c. standoff and what's going on in this region aid agencies say girls as young as thirteen are being sold as sex slaves human
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trafficking is becoming a major issue in refugee camps in bangladesh more than six hundred thousand people have fled their to escape violence in myanmar child stratford spoke to a trafficking victim in cox's bazar. cartoon is not her real name we call her that to protect her identity the fifteen year old ranger refugee says her mother father brother and sister all killed by a mortar shell fired by the myanmar military at her village three months ago she says after she escaped by boat to bangladesh two women approached her on the beach saying they could help her instead they sold her into sex slavery. they told me if i went with them they would look after me and help me find a husband. says that up to three weeks of being locked in a house alone she was sold to a bangladeshi man she says the man took her to another house raped and sexually
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abused her for twelve days majumder well as a living he said i will choke you i will stab you i will kill you do you want to be killed the way the military killed people in me and ma i won't let you go. a local aid agency the latest a cartoon but doesn't want to be named said its staff working with trafficking victims have received death threats from criminal gangs operating in the refugee camps the head of the organization told us riggins you kill some as young as thirteen are being taken by the traffickers it's thought some have been smuggled abroad hasina begum and her family have been living in a refugee camp in bangladesh since fleeing an early a crackdown by the military in the one nine hundred ninety s. . a teenage girl was kidnapped on the way to school the kidnappers were wearing a woman's neck out to cover their faces that's why they went recognized the united
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nations says six labor trafficking networks have existed in the camps for years but more than six hundred twenty thousand rangers have arrived here in the last couple of months and at least sixty percent of them are children and aid agencies having to focus on the delivery of vital humanitarian assistance at this stage so the trafficking situation is getting worse. with so many vulnerable people coming into a small area in such a short space of time. it's definite almost that it's increased there's been recruiters here in this bizarre bank that us previous to this influx and we know that they're getting more business and that new criminal networks have sort of kicked into action we have to start addressing us and we have to do it now urgently after twelve days the man who brought culture returned her to the two women who sold her they left her in the refugee camp where she now lives with a woman who found her alone and afraid it's all stuff that al-jazeera cox's bizarre
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and with. it is a painful read but more details of what these women are going through can be found on their website the liberating gangs who are snatching girls as young as thirteen . let's go over to london barbara starr is standing by for us jane thank you let's start in syria were government airstrikes have targeted several cities and towns in damascus province at least six people were killed in are being while two others died in her esta they've also been at that sinister hutto which has been under siege by the syrian army since two thousand and thirteen about four hundred thousand civilians are believed to be trapped there. u.s. president dan trampas tweeted he did not ask the former f.b.i. director james comey to stop investigating former national security advisor michael flynn flynn as fleeted guilty to lying to the f.b.i.
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and it's part of an investigation into allegations of russian influence in last year's u.s. election trump has also launched an attack on the f.b.i. itself wolf more of this let's cross to tom ackerman in washington d.c. so tom why this attack on the f.b.i. . well once again trump has sown more confusion into an already confused situation on the one hand he's been saying that the f.b.i. lying to the f.b.i. was an additional reason that he had fired flynn michael flynn his former national security advisor on the other hand today his tweets are of full throated attack on the f.b.i. itself first he repeats. reports today that the f.b.i. is or ads recently as a few months ago had removed one of their chief investigators into the situation
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because of alleged pro hillary and anti trump tweets that he had privately communicated and that was a sign of police f.b.i. corruption then he added the case of a former. top f.b.i. official whose wife had gotten a contribution in and in an election campaign and she was a democrat from several years ago and then finally he says that the f.b.i. is in tatters so this is not. the question here is the motivation what's what's really clear is that he is being fueled by things that he sees on fox news e actually has been citing fox news for his latest attacks so it's not clear whether this is a a well thought out attack on the f.b.i. but it's certainly something that the investigators may have to contend with in the future as they continue to probe the involvement between flynn and the russians are
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in washington d.c. tom thank you. iran has opened a one billion dollar extension of a port which it hopes will allow it to bypass regional rival pakistan president hassan rouhani inaugurated the expansion of the southeastern portal on sunday there are hopes that will help the country become a key transit route to landlocked afghanistan and central asia india has also committed five hundred million dollars to the project. parts of india are preparing for more bad weather just days after cycle battered the south of the country a low pressure system near thailand could strengthen into a tropical storm and move towards that time will not do in under a proud this states all key killed at least fourteen people and more than two hundred fisherman had to be rescued by the coast guard well that's it from london i'm going to have more news from you starting from six hundred g.m.t.
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now though it's back to jane in doha thanks for that barbara just to remind you that if you want to get in touch with us to get some to stay say about the stories on the news group please treat us at age english or on facebook at facebook dot com slash newsgroup you can also send us a whatsapp message a plus nine seven four five a one triple one four nine and as always you can use the hash tag a.j. grid a coming up for our facebook audience a new photo project encourages african-american girls to show off their natural hair styles and then the news grid violence breaks out in hundreds of the country's presidential elections protesters say the results were rigged we'll have the latest with a live. thank. you and. hello there mostly quite quiet across the middle east at the moment weather wise we do have this week feature in the west and it's actually
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a developing one so not much to it force on monday but as we head through into chews day we'll see more in the way of cloud and rain and a fair amount. snow system two behind it is not as warm as it has been so far and course we won't get any higher than around eight degrees at best elsewhere more in the way of clouds along the eastern coast of the mediterranean the beirut twenty two degrees some clouds for us and for the east although it's generally dry and the skies are clear so north warm with tashkent an hour marty only getting to minus one as a maximum during the day now here in doha i think they'll be a fair amount of cloud over the next couple of days and that could bring us one or two showers temperatures will be dropping as way so twenty seven as a maximum on monday so by choose day will only get to around twenty five for the southern parts of africa lots of unsettled weather here you see all the showers there and they stretch all the way down into the eastern parts of south africa some of this cloud is giving us a fairly loyally downpours and there be more wet weather as we head through the next few days so some sharp showers then stretching down towards durban again on
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monday and on choose day the rain turns heavier so for many of us in the eastern parts of south africa it does look quite wet. with. on counting the cost the goldilocks oil price is there such a thing as the perfect price of crude for consumers and producers of financial bubbles and big point the future of job creation in africa the only continent where the young outnumber the old counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested and that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. the fact. this morning hopeless on the planet and one that could soon be lost that i thought was an international team of scientists is to time and not to let that happen without intervention to give the big i would say here to about now it's
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a race against time to try to save the species thank you chrysler that's in the meshes the plan they've all extinction techno this tour. with whoever. with. the.
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stories trending look familiar because we've gone through one of them in the splits in the u.a.e. and the g.c.c. crisis has been dominating ever since the blockade started but the story that jumped to my attention was at number six madagascar turn of a president he was for not mark rather than manana in two thousand and nine but it looks like he's seeking to come back into positive makes an interesting read but was have a. trend to see what's hot at the moment. is in place in honduras following days of violent protests demonstrators took to the streets and a vote counting for the presidential election was delayed the opposition says the polls were rigged three people have died in fighting between protesters and security forces the electoral commission is yet to present one along the and under
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as is naturally ahead of opposition candidates salvador. joins us from the capitol right what are we waiting for now what's going to happen . while we are as close as people are allowed to get to the national elections commission behind me a line of military police that are taking all necessary precautions sectioning off this area of road not allowing anything other than pedestrian traffic through and we're waiting to hear any announcement on the progress of that special recount process now. he is the head of the elections commission he said on friday that members from both parties as well as international lections observers would be present at this press at the special recount process but we do know that the opposition delegation failed to attend both friday and saturday and instead are calling for more demonstrations against quote fraud and dictatorship now. he is the
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opposition leader he is demanding a recount of five hundred five thousand ballot boxes but we do know that the elections commission is also looking into a recount of a little over a thousand one thousand and thirty one ballot boxes that have shown irregularities within the electoral process but by now it's been one week it's been a week since the general election and people here are frustrated and or tired and what they want is those results they want a decision to be announced by the elections commission and as you touch on the showing us the security forces tensions are high in places that making a difference. well there have been at least two people killed since wednesday of last week as a result of this wave of violence that's really swept through the entire country that includes the death of a teenage girl that was killed when she was shot by military security forces here in the country on friday the military announced a curfew a strict curfew from seven p.m. to six a.m.
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that appears to help calm things down at least here in the city of god but even though there were instances of people breaking curfew last night most of those protests that we've seen in demonstrations that we've now seen are largely peaceful but the national human rights roundtable here in honduras they have denounced the curfew calling it a persecution of political opposition here saying that it is that it amounts to repression against anyone who is perceived to be in opposition to the government of one orlando it of nine days and everyone that you speak to here everyone that we have spoken to still seems concerned that if the president and this is declared a winner then we could see a resurgence of that violence and that chaos that we saw take place here. and across the country over the course of the last few days. thanks for that manual and now the book up of tensions the vote and where we are today on and kept on a website al jazeera dot com just pop in honduras in the search engine and it is
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all that for you now for those of you got in touch with us from bangladesh and uganda thank you very much and more than a billion people in the world live with some form of disability that's about fifteen percent of the global population where the u.n. had to give them a bigger voice on sundays that mocks international day with disabilities human rights watch has tweeted this video take a look ok it's still going isn't going to happen any time soon and there we go. ok that's not really working it's about that well then four hundred thousand people in lebanon are disabled they demanding better treatment because no one was protecting them already followed him just todd spoke to some of them and they were determined to challenge the stereotype. says the best word to describe him would be competitive. several times
6:37 pm
a week he comes to this basketball court in central beirut to practice drills he's part of a wheelchair basketball league and also takes part in marathons over the years use it has one dozens of medals and trophies and says his disability which combines him to a wheelchair has never stopped him from succeeding. i have challenged my disability and i have challenged this society al even i ask every person with a disability to fight and face these obstacles because if we don't fight we will. use of his part of the lebanese welfare association for the handicapped that campaigns for the rights of disabled people according to government statistics around four hundred thousand lebanese live with these abilities and although legislation has been passed to protect them the laws are rarely enforced. those with physical challenges aren't the only ones who are fighting for rights and acceptance those struggling with other disability see big too often feel ignored
6:38 pm
and excluded. works in administration at a high end bathroom and kitchen design store in central beirut he was born with down syndrome and has been working there for the past four years says he loves his job and. i have a good friend who. habeeb koori runs the company he says some of his staff were initially uncomfortable with the idea of having a colleague who is disabled something he believes is common for most workplaces in lebannon but soon after charbroil started working there attitudes began to change had a bill is an asset for all of us he's a catalyzer of good spirit of story. and
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we really feel great and played for for chad bill that is among us. says despite all of his awards and medals because of his disability he still doesn't feel fully accepted by society and that others like him are still too often excluded from work and other opportunities which is why until that changes continue his fight for the rights of all disabled people in lebanon. i'll just say or they would richard lane is a spokesman for scope which is the u.k.'s leading disability charity joins me now from london thank you for joining us richard lane over a billion people with disabilities are know there are so many in london two in the u.k. quite staggering isn't it how come they don't feel that they are treated the same that they don't have the same facilities. and you are so right so there are thirteen million disabled people in britain alone and in twenty seventeen life is
6:40 pm
still too tough for disabled people i think we see areas in in all areas of life so in work crew sample disabled people finally on getting the support that they need to get in and stay in work in fact there are a million people in britain who can and want to work but are being shut out the workplace i mean overwhelmingly we see negative attitudes still exist we know from our research and scope that the general public tell us that they feel awkward and uncomfortable around disabled people so we've got a lot to do and so i think today's like the the un the international day of people with disability are really important to raise awareness and that stigma sanjay has just tweeted this to us can we say international day for persons with special abilities let's treat them as equals with special privileges do you think that would work and how much of a role does education play here educating people that there's nothing to fear so i mean we do need to see disability is just part of life you know there are so
6:41 pm
many disabled people in britain and around the world and it is a part of the world and i think we are richer and better about diversity and celebrating that difference so let's celebrate people around what they can bring to life into the workplace and too often that we we don't see that i absolutely agree it's about education i fundamentally believe that discrimination is never inevitable and we just need to educate people and we do that in schools around britain we go and talk to people around the issues that disabled people place and we need to realise that there's no need to be awkward or uncomfortable we just need to get over that awkwardness in a sense i mean incredible isn't it when you think of the sort of discrimination they face on a daily basis from from you know the time that they are born if they are born that way and the fact that it never goes away. i think you have people see this from throughout their life so parents of disabled children tell us that they don't get the support that they need at the point of diagnosis and often feel incredibly
6:42 pm
lonely and isolated because they're not getting that support as people go through their life into university into education into to the workplace they're not getting the support one of the big areas that we campaign on is social care and that's a really big issue here in britain because we've seen some quite devastating cuts to social care and a lot of people only think that social care impacts older people but actually a huge amount of working age disabled people rely on social care and we're seeing that people are getting fifteen minutes a day from social care and social workers and having to make really basic choices between do they want to hotmail or do they want to take a shower that's not acceptable in this in twenty seventeen and we as a society have an obligation to change that i mean it's extraordinary isn't it how the important thing is a day like today. it's massively important because we need to celebrate everything that we have achieved and we need to celebrate the contribution of disabled people and we need to showcase the fantastic disabled role models that we've got across
6:43 pm
society we need to see more disabled people on the boards of big big of the says we see more disabled people on t.v. and we've just had a pretty popular become dancing with an amazing paralympian as part of that and we need to get to a point where people say disability and disabled people represented across all walks of life as a part of the modern world and we need to celebrate that difference and diversity in the same way that we worked with lots of other different backgrounds are to blame very good to talk to you and thanks for sharing your experience with us now that we were watching a video try to whatever handle that earlier on on people persons with disabilities we've got to write about it where it's what disability one in seven people worldwide have a disability. that over one billion people ninety percent of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school children with
6:44 pm
disabilities are almost four times more likely to experience violence than non-disabled children at least fifty seven thousand people with mental health conditions have been shackled in indonesia and thousands more in other countries stigma discrimination and a lack of awareness and services contribute to these numbers people with disabilities should have equal rights just like anyone else writes plus dignity equals inclusion we've just got a very good comments on facebook from mama did and it's a it's a good example he says many disabled people are capable of doing great job scientists stephen hawking is disabled a very good example you're looking at and because obviously it's a global discussion right that's right change on international day of persons with disabilities we're seeing a lot of attention online with people discussing ways to tackle stigma and stereotypes we've seen in the united nations post this image with
6:45 pm
a quote from secretary general and tonio terror's where he's calling for leaders to remove the physical and cultural barriers build resilience societies and create opportunities that truly leave no one behind now the paralympic athlete and star and will feel a strike chimed in to say what's leave no one behind means to her. leave no one behind systems and instructions would you please promote. it's making sure the passes we simply take you to this is to. see. right. to see. and disability isn't just physical for many disabled people stigma is a huge obstacle to overcome the polish filmmaker bartek told of a zero about his mission to challenge stereotypes of people living with autism and asperger's. you look at the fashion show. on the.
6:46 pm
television i don't do that. with the british on the beyond the back of the people reach out. to mount kisco said the place them to cut short became no. one to get somebody on my own tell that the church it's up to you. isn't the dad now which. used them to not get
6:47 pm
a companion. for their needs that you. now you can watch the rest of that film on our facebook page our website to hear more of his story and there are plenty of other programs around the world that are doing similar work and lots of people are sharing their experiences with these types of programs the australian books retailer readings shared this link to showcase children's and young adult stories that feature characters with disabilities and on wednesday the colombian inclusion fashion show highlighted models with mental and physical disabilities here's what one participant had to say. i think i'm very excited because it's an honor to be able to represent people with disabilities on a catwalk this opens a great door to modeling for many people with limitations. now we put a call out earlier we put out a call out earlier today asking you to share some of the innovative programs that are promoting equality in your communities and zoe responded to us saying that
6:48 pm
there's an internship program in the u.k. called change one hundred which is specifically for recent graduates with disabilities or long term health conditions while farm and told us about pakistan's quota for disabled people in government now we'd love to continue hearing about these kinds of initiatives so tweet us what you've seen you know the hash tag. for those watching on facebook about. ending up in the middle of the disagreement.
6:49 pm
at this time. when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of injured have fled ethnic cleansing in me marva bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
6:50 pm
so let's find out what people are talking about is for today andy and it's a silent show yet we're talking about the fourth season of formula erasing that's just got under way in hong kong this is the series that uses only electric powered cars that start off by having a listen to what they sound like. but you can not hear not quite the roar of a traditional petrol engine but organizers believe they can generate high marks of all sporting products and help speed up the development of electric cars for regular road users the race cars are top speed around two hundred and twenty five kilometers per hour that compares to f one cars which can top three hundred sixty kilometers per hour b.m.w. audi and jag you're already involved in the sadie's all set to join up in the future. well the idea for the series was developed by former spanish politician are
6:51 pm
one hundred gag the first ever race so a place in beijing's olympic park that is in twenty fourth saying there are ten teams consisting of twenty drivers and over the seven month season they race on eleven street circuits in eleven cities across five continents and formula eight is a sport where fans can vote to directly affect the action the three drivers with the most found those votes receive extra power in the second half of the race all twenty sixteen f one champion nico rosberg has said he's interested in getting involved in some capacity and the german has been in hong kong for a closer look. first time at a family event i'm very happy to be here and what an event to come to i mean hong kong skyline right there is that we're right in the middle of it rest of setting only is about bringing the racing to the people and into incredible settings in the center of hong kong. looking forward experiencing everything ever so many people i know here i think i know almost everybody from all the past years and
6:52 pm
a lot of drivers as well raced against most of them over the years and from one can learn from family and vice versa and family is just trailblazing in many ways yeah and it's great to follow great to watch going new ways the new stuff and i just copying that's very very cool and of course that's. i guess the d.n.a. is all competitive this is just massive informally and so much about the technology as well as the drivers and all the teams and manufacturers are really pushing their technology forward now. difficult to say who is going to be leading the way this year to see to see how it goes past the views of a lot of talk on social media about the noise or absence of engine noise involved in a formula to rights compared to f one this from market day in the u.k. formalise sounds like scale electrics just need big hands fitted to the trains as they remove them from the track repeaters in indianapolis he doesn't agree ok but real talk a i don't care who you are if you're
6:53 pm
a race fan and don't enjoy formula a just because of the lack of noise i don't even know what to say to every race since twenty forty has been spectacular and the twin cam in australia seems to agree watching some formal it might sound like remote control cars but some exciting action and famous names as well it's also live to story on you cheat earlier we spoke to formally a commentator jack nicholson was in hong kong for the start of the season he says the lack of noise can actually make the sport more accessible. it is strange to get used to the cars not having noise and and i totally get that as a massive motor sports fan i love a screaming engine that deafens me and i can't hear anything for the next few days but. you're there for the racing you're there to see who wins you're there for the competition and that all still exists in an environment where people can bring their kids if they want to because they're going to have to wear it defenders in
6:54 pm
and over that's when you can run it in the hope you would never been able to run in the center of hong kong an event that used to really loud engines that sort of woke up the whole city every time they went out there is just not possible so for the for the strangeness of not having the noise the poly did you get back at the locations in which for reasonable rates. when covering first started essentially all the cars were saying now you're getting more and more big manufacturers coming in spending money building their own power trains electric motors batteries that sort of thing to put in the back of the car and as a result this is getting bigger and bigger and formerly was there before you know to be needed since i went for it was a lot of people say well why do we need a racing championship for electric cars. in the and since then it's become apparent that audi rental. portion will join with you mr adie's are going to be joining them
6:55 pm
all need to market the platform on which to market their electric vehicles and i think it's also much more with these changes pretty much the same as it was when it started three years ago it's just getting bigger i don't see it overtaking the one and being the biggest motor sports or in the world simply because of the history the formula one has going back to nine hundred fifty and the association that people have with with formula one but i think for mary has has a very bright future there's no doubt about that with all these manufacturers coming on board because as they have to have somewhere to show off their electric cars and what they can do with electric vehicle technology we can get in touch with those using the hash tag a news group get in touch with directly at and they are under school sport well for me in the eighteen hundred g.m.t. news hour but for now let's go back to thank you and you now for a success story out of rwanda where former science teacher has started a locally sourced cosmetics company to help fight skin disease.
6:56 pm
there is only used to be this sort of skin disease in africa you know what the. search for for for skin disease but or so we are focusing on a lot of this information have capacity to cure this problem of school.
6:57 pm
today or market is growing day after day because you are locking me all of your culture so we are covering or district of wonder and for their health or. the horse sellers the big big sellers this is a floor under three hundred shops which distributing our product and. to distribute over there to eighty percent of supermarket or shops a lot of them. now we've been hearing from some of you today on different platforms and thanks for that but listen to this the first text message was sent twenty five years ago today it was british software engineer neil packed with who sent the s.m.s.
6:58 pm
to his company director to test the technology back then there was a limit of one hundred sixty characters per message which inspired abbreviations such as o.-m. g. l.o.l. capital b. well we all know how text messaging has involved since then and in case you're wondering. s.m.s. said merry christmas well that'll do it for this newsgroup this is the way to help . us with our social media the hash tag is a news group thanks for watching. with .
6:59 pm
yours. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and then. a dream shared why so many but so few make it a reality. a family business led by
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a remarkable woman with a flair for cooking and a zest than if. my teen is yeah i didn't catch it at this time i'm proud to say. a daring road trip across west africa on a mission to redefine a continent too often misrepresented. the weapon of choice digital cameras. it was sold one of the new african for drug uphill takes on the rainy season on its quest for the perfect even as story of creative governor rather invisible boy this this time on al-jazeera. who the rebels in yemen claim they fired a cruise missile towards the you know.


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