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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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yemen's who the rebels kill ousted president ali abdullah saleh days after their alliance with him crumbles. abrasions followed days of street battles between the former allies which have killed at least one hundred twenty five people in sun. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program version fails to reach an agreement with the e.u. to move on to the next stage of brecht's it talks and spain supreme court denies bail to two former members of the catalan cabinet but frees six others.
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the man who ruled yemen for thirty three years till his ousting amid the arab spring protests has been killed during the war torn country into the turmoil ali abdullah saleh was killed at a checkpoint outside the yemeni capital sana'a by who's the rebels he'd been allies with in recent years a fragile alliance crumbled last week triggering intense street battles for control of the capital have killed at least eight hundred twenty five people and just two days ago he publicly broke off ties with the who sees him reports. a sudden end for one of yemen's most powerful men who the rebels say they killed ousted president aliyev delish sala during an attack on his convoy. his remains were packed on the back of a pickup truck in a televised statement the leader of the said salo was involved in a conspiracy with the saudi led coalition to take over well. what are the reasons behind this new transfer to the other side suddenly you took the egresses
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against your own people salah had been and an alliance with the iranian backed who for more than two years together they controlled the capital sanaa and fought against the saudi led coalition which supports the internationally recognized government led by months or heidi but this partnership with the collapse last week sparking major confrontations between salis forces. and the rebels after days of running street battles salah announced he was ready for dialogue with the saudi led coalition if it ended its blockade of yemen sports and airports and allowed for more humanitarian aid yemen is already a failed state it's a state where there is no central government there is a true sense of failed most of the structures of failed the economy has failed the war has further destructive it destroyed the entire country so i think in the in the short run we are in for a lot more violence. and the who pushed out how these government in january two thousand and fifteen and set up their own administration prompting the saudi led
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campaign against them since then the country has been split between the who the rebels in the north ministration in the south and forces loyal to solid when fighting began among the former allies it's part fears of a new front in the war a war which has already killed nearly ten thousand people pushed yemen to the brink of mass starvation and triggered what the united nations has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis and there have been multiple investigations about the atrocities being committed and then all the. parties are guilty whether it's the whole thing is whether it's the saudi led coalition and you know the u.k. and the u.s. are largely complicit in this war as well through the billions and billions of dollars worth of arms sales to the saudis the. as yemen's president saleh ruled for more than three decades until he was forced to resign during the arab spring uprising that he was able to remain in the country and continue to wield enormous power behind the scenes it's not yet clear what his death will mean for the
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fighting on the ground or yemen's future. well ali abdullah saleh was a master of shifting alliances playing both sides abdel-hamid looks back at his eventful life. he once said that ruling yemen is like dancing on a snake's head and no one knew that dance better than ali abdullah saleh mastering every step throughout his three decades in power. believed only he could hold the country together but his legacy is one of corruption war and i deeply divided poor nation. born in one thousand nine hundred eighty two as a young man he joined the army and rose to the rank of qana before taking part in a coup that later saw him become president of what was then north yemen at the age of thirty six for the next decade he oversaw fighting with the communist south the decline of the soviet union weakened his enemies and in one thousand nine hundred
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ninety north and south yemen became one country with the last as its first president that same year iraq's leader saddam hussein a longtime close ally ordered the invasion of kuwait at the un security council yemen voted against the use of force prompting the us to cut off millions in aid and i thank president for his strong support a decade later he was welcome back by the west in october two thousand and attack on the american warship u.s.s. cole off the shores of yemen killed seventeen sailors and injured thirty nine others washington understood that salah a secular leader and yemen we important in the so-called global war against terror he'd won friends and cash but did little to fix yemen's internal problems. rebellion in the north and a separatist movement in the south critics say that more than a dancer was
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a dark horse of yemen's to mulches politics playing off military and tribes to keep himself in power. the toughest challenge came in two thousand and eleven the arab spring was sweeping across the middle east. inspired by tunisia and egypt yemenis filled the streets protesting against poverty unemployment and demanding for regime change but they sent was something some never tolerated. yemenis stood for even when the protests turned violent a few months later injured in a rocket attack on his compound saleh was flown to saudi arabia for treatment his face burned and hands bandaged he appeared on t.v. defiant as ever but this was a week a president abandoned by his political allies at home and under intense international pressure to hand over power with yemen on the brink of civil war gulf
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countries brokered a deal that so power transferred to his deputy ive the rebel months who are heady in return for solace immunity from prosecution after ten months of protests many yemenis were celebrating his ousting even though the country was in tatters but ali abdullah saleh had merely gone into the shadows we heard sing the next step in his snake dance and nearly three years later saleh was again at the forefront with a strong of support of the army he allied himself with the iranian backed who sees rebels they shared a common enemy his successor heading in two thousand and fifteen as saudi led coalition started a military campaign to restore headed to power and imposed a blockade over the country but the snake charmer was losing direction just a few days before his death turned his back against ruthie's signaling a possible return to the arab fold it was meant to be another great survival act
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but it turned out to be his last for the. actually we've just been hearing from yemen's internationally recognized president. heidi. he's been calling on all yemenis to rise up against the who sees after the death of former president ali abdullah saleh so he's actually been speaking live on t.v. let's get some reaction to that and everything else now with marwan bashar al jazeera senior political analyst he joins us live from doha and i suppose these comments from the suggest that if anything the conflict in yemen could get even worse there is the potential for even more escalation this there would be an unfortunate through the of the situation. meaning that the death of. which is basically a blow to his new our lives in riyadh would be that's considered an opportunity for the alliance as well as for months. on his followers
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to escalate the war in yemen as i said it's an unfortunate reading of the situation and the developments today because if anything. his followers i'm sure have learned the lessons. there is no military solution for the problem in yemen that the civil wars are not worn they're only lost and if anything this should have been an opportunity before i think least before and this kill a show of military action is taken that diplomacy is once again being tried out to see if the various parties including the healthy s. will now embrace the u.n. the initiative for. a sion in yemen and speaking of the united nations marwan just some further lines that are coming through at the moment the united the u.n. saying that actually they've seen some of the fiercest fighting has been so far in
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and around the yemeni capital specifically around the diplomatic area near the u.n. compound so things are actually getting worse in sana'a the u.n. describing a situation where roads are blocked tanks are deployed on many streets and at strikes have intensified of course we know that it's on i was already being bombarded by artillery shelling and as strikes which has killed over one hundred people as the situation started to deteriorate over the past few days and in terms of putting all this into perspective marwan ali abdullah saleh ruling yemen for over thirty years just give us a sense of how his personality and his politics shaped the country. well as you reported earlier in your report certainly contemporary yemen since the late seventy's until today four decades of history has been associated with.
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his children and his clan his room his autocracy and the various swings that we've seen him take on various. parts of his rule and various phases in regional history. over the last few hours what we've seen is his followers losing a leader historical leader. yes that these are lies losing our lie and to morrow's meaning saudi arabia losing a bet so a true man for all seasons is a true man for all seasons that again as you reported he switched allies nonstop switch alliances and allegiances within yemen and outside yemen so it does create. a new void in the country but it's also
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a turning point and an opportunity a turning point because the whole of these as i've just stated last on an ally just the last two three days and the saudis who that bets on. to be their future ally against the healthy have of course lost its strategic bet so all in all i think yemen now is facing either the escalation that. they just called for an attack on the capital sanaa. one at the same time the who threw themselves who apparently were ready for this murder because one cannot explain how they could get rid of us will quickly although he's the savvy military security political man that he is having survived so many attempts at his life they were able to take him down because apparently they were ready for it and apparently the continuation of the clashes that we hear about especially i think in north of the capital sanaa is
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because the how these are continuing their war against his various allies and followers his various lieutenants if you will we really don't know how much to the and his followers control in terms of the various districts and region of yemen the next few days will probably tell us much more thank you very much for now more on bashar joining us there from doha but of course another key aspect to all of this the gulf cooperation council is currently meeting in kuwait question is how these developments from neighboring yemen received over them homage i'm jim joins us live from the summit in kuwait city and so tell us more about reactions to these very significant events in yemen. well marion look certainly what happened today with the killing of ali abdullah saleh has alarmed the attendees that are at the gulf cooperation council thus far now
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what's happened today already is there's been a foreign ministers meeting and what's also interesting about that foreign ministers meeting is that not all the foreign ministers of the sixties the countries attended so you had absence from this meeting the foreign minister of the u.a.e. and the foreign minister behind in lower level ministers from both countries attended in their places we are certain that what happened in yemen is going to be a concern not just today but in the ensuing days the actual summit that is set to start tomorrow and conclude the day after but no statement has yet been made or released from any of the foreign ministers who met earlier today now this isn't that much of a surprise when you consider the fact that g.c.c. summits in the past statements aren't usually made until after the summits conclude what also complicates this is the fact that this was already complicated there was already drama surrounding this summit even before it started because of the crisis because of the blockade that was imposed on called with the in the last six months
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or so this was intended to show that these countries could attempt to come together to showcase some unity to show that this institution was going to be repaired that it was not going to split into now you have the yemen factor which is complicating it even further of course yemen has concerned the g.c.c. especially saudi arabia for decades now the people in this region want to see the crises the multiple crises in yemen solved that's never happened this seems to only be propelling yemen into even more of a war tax of violence and so the concern now is what's going to happen in the days ahead is are going to be increased fighting in sanaa and throughout the country or is somehow this going to spur people to come together and find some kind of a solution nobody knows clearly the participants at this at this g.c.c. summit no matter who actually ends up attending tomorrow and the next day this is going to be a major concern for what exactly the g.c.c. is going to propose to try to do about it to try to heal the rift. we just don't
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know at this point all right thank you very much mommy following that summit in quite city. the syrian observatory for human rights says warplanes belonging to the government and russia struck crowded residential areas and. killing at least twenty seven people the u.n. says about four hundred thousand civilians here may facing a complete catastrophe because the regime has blocked a deliveries has been besieged by army troops since two thousand and thirteen in an attempt to force the rubble to submission. by routes in neighboring lebanon and sent this report. designated as a zone in reality is a battleground. they're supposed to be no military activity under a deal guaranteed by russia turkey and iran says there's only escalation of the besieged rebel enclave on the outskirts of the syrian capital. and this is supposed
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to be a safe area but it's not safe planes hit all day and all night where should we go. in the escalation of brought several months of relative calm but that we simply changed on sunday at least thirty people were killed and dozens injured in airstrikes that targeted several towns the syrian observatory for human rights said it was the biggest death toll in a single day since pro-government forces stepped up attacks three weeks ago since then up to two hundred civilians have been killed. the regime didn't respect the deescalation agreement the russians said they would provide guarantees but they didn't. go to is on the doorsteps of damascus it's one of the last remaining areas under the control of the rebels and their last stronghold close to the capital it's a strategic target for the government agencies are worried the intensity of the
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billboard is worsening what they call a humanitarian disaster there's a shortage of food and medicines babies have died of starvation many suffer from malnutrition and up to fire. hundred people among the children are in desperate need of medical evacuation. he stood for has been under a government siege since two thousand and thirteen in april the government launched a major military offensive in the area that closed many routes used to smuggle in goods since then the people have had to rely on irregular aid deliveries in the past two months supplies that reach twenty percent of the four hundred thousand people trapped in these. rebel fighters have so far managed to defend their territory it's not clear if the government is planning a large ground campaign or if it is trying to force a surrender with a siege backed up by nonstop air attacks and shelling it wouldn't be the first time it's used the surrender or starve strategy giving people the choice to leave to rebel held areas in the north or die. the regime is trying to force the residents
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of to accept being relocated to the north of syria but people here will not accept this they won't be forcibly displaced. that sentiment could change pro-government forces step up attacks and if the situation becomes even more desperate in this corner of syria the war has not ended and many fear the worst is yet to come. or ten out of the situation in yemen and specifically speech someone in the capital program. is a former editor of the news in yemen website thank you very much for speaking to us and if i can start by asking you about the security situation there reports from the united nations adjusting the roads are blocked attacks have been deployed and as strikes are intensifying what can you tell us. yes.
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the last few hours. of course there are a like a armored vehicle. all roads in. the morning. there are like. more security roads most of them are. much much. more three. hundred. two. and we've been hearing as well from president did rebel months heidi calling on yemenis to rise up against the who sees following the death of ali abdullah saleh
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have you heard his comments how is this likely to be received. but i didn't do that if you load. it into it because you have been calling the evil prize up as the o.t. for that if you focus of this war on course we now use that. excuse. for the he was actually. on the. lever. for that since the start of the war against him the prize. for our father was how were. you who's now the who has the most final. and normal route for a lot harder to sue me for which incidently we put in woman with the position of the o.t. terms are equal now the other thing called control uphold the market forces to use
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the ability of the storm yes i was just going to ask you because obviously. a position to mount against itself nothing new. because of course but just coming at this point in time after the death of. how bad could things get because we've seen the situation deteriorate across yemen it's been particularly bad in places like how what do you think we could see in the coming days and weeks now. you we will not. be in.
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position more. if you have. only one. we. will. rise up out of the. woman.
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was. more women it would be much. as a novel katie thank you very much for joining us there from yemeni capital sana'a. on out moving on to our other top story this hour britain and the european union remain confident of reaching an agreement on bret's it was droll terms despite failing to reach a deal on monday european commission president jean-claude juncker and the u.k. prime minister to reason may have been meeting in brussels along the main issues still to be agreed a border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland will look like only then can trade negotiations actually be held our u.k. correspondent ivy phillips joins us now and of course time is running out what's gone wrong this time well it does seem that the irish border which you mentioned is the sticking point remember that the european union was insisting on what they call sufficient progress on three big issues the brics divorce bill how much britain is
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going to pay in the process of leaving the e.u. and the british have made considerable concessions there they're now talking about possible numbers in the region of fifty billion euros the rights of e.u. citizens here in the u.k. and the rights of british citizens in the rest of the european union again the british have made concessions there but ireland is turning out to be a big sticking point northern ireland part of the united kingdom the republic of ireland to the government in dublin insisting that the border between the two should remain open no return to a hard border as we had in the years of the troubles the problem the british interpretation of brics it is that britain is also coming out of the customs union and the single market so how can that be done without touching the border they didn't reach a solution today and i saw two disappointed leaders putting a brave face on a failed negotiation in brussels this evening. i'm still confident that we can
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reach sufficient progress sufficient progress before the european continent to prove to do so this is a. do. just lift a very strong and very confident that the region we've recorded history on a couple of issues some differences do remain which require further negotiation and consultation and those will continue but we will reconvene before the end of the week and i am also confident that we will conclude this positively so how do they are blocked talks on a future trade agreement well probably with some degree of ambiguity but that is proving to be awkward of course the british want to move on to trade talks that for them is the big prize what we understand went wrong this afternoon was that there was some sort of concession about the border but the language was unacceptable to
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the democratic unionist remember then it was only ten of their m.p.'s in the british parliament but they carry an awful lot of weight because they give to reason may a working majority in the house of commons and that is a useful clue as to just what a vulnerable position she's in as she tries to work her way through these negotiations she's not only having to deal with twenty seven european union governments and european union commission she's also negotiating here at home with political enemies and political allies in order to survive as prime minister to be phillips thank you very much. now catalonia is former vice president oriel garrus has been refused bail in spain is party says the move is politically motivated to stop him running in regional elections this month he and other former cabinet member and two leaders of process session civic groups face additional charges six
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other acts cabinet members have been released on bail early election is an attempt to find a democratic way out of the political crisis sparked by october secession referendum . since many land borders were closed in a refugee deal was signed between the e.u. and turkey the greek port of patras has seen a huge increase in activity china now desperate measures young men are taking to illegally board ships bound for italy. the game begins when the trucks arrive on the outer perimeter police patrols inside the fence the harbor guard the goal for hundreds of young men playing cat and mouse like this every day is to find a secure hiding place aboard a truck in the hope of being driven on to one of the ferries bound for italy. some imagined better life lies beyond across borders now closed where once refugees were welcomed in their hundreds of thousands. it must be
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a life better than this surviving between bouts on the harbor for caught in old warehouses on the sea front. little is left of what normal life once was this is a picture of every day life for the dozens of men perhaps hundreds more in deserted warehouses close to report wake up pray and then run for the trucks and then repeat and repeat again and again. mostly single men from pakistan and afghanistan they fight nightly battles with moroccans and algerians in another warehouse nearby all have the same relentless ambition after sham from lahore has tried twenty times to board the trucks sixteen year old amir saw hail also from lahore twenty four times and counting in a few hours they will try again outside a medical charity that tends to the sick and injured the majority of the injuries
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these guys get is due to the one there on the fences where they're trying to run away from the police or cutting their hands on the fence and this one gentleman this morning is talking about a military individual that smashes and very well they are going to send a hospital to operation has broken. spotters on the roof send word the trucks are arriving for the next ferry sailing and so the game begins again. like a human tide they surge and then recede journal al-jazeera at the port of greece. it's update on our top stories this hour ali abdullah saleh who ruled yemen for more than three decades and played a pivotal role in the ongoing civil war has been killed by who the rebels is convoy was attacked at a checkpoint outside the capital sana it comes just two days after he publicly
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broke off ties with his former allies in ten street battles that have killed at least one hundred twenty five people in a televised statement the leader of the new fees accused of being a traitor who is trying to flee to saudi arabia. well yemen's ousted president i would rather months so hadi has also been away and calling on all yemenis to revolt against the who. and i call upon all of you with an open heart of the strong determined your page and to get rid of such a bike near let's put our hands together during the control of these criminal gangs and to prove a new york. moving to our other headlines this hour in syria hundreds of thousands of civilians are still trapped in eastern guta even though the rubble of lives meant to be a disease deescalation zone government forces a bombarded the area in the last three weeks despite an international agreement halting military activity in the region on sunday at least thirty people were
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killed and dozens injured in as strikes that targeted several towns. person in the e.u. a failed to reach an agreement on brics it was droll times out of a summit of e.u. leaders in ten days time european commission president has been meeting the u.k. prime minister in brussels with a reason why admitting differences remain on a number of issues crucially the status of northern ireland you know upset with all of our top stories much more news coming up in twenty five minutes time we'll have a full bulletin for you that's off the inside story which starts now. with. with. with. it's been fifty years since the world's first successful human heart transplant made history
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how far have we come since that medical milestone and beating heart technology will help shape the future this is inside.


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