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trump has rescinded foreign aid to charities that perform actively promote abortion people and pallid discovers the consequences a u.s. president's hand strength can have on countless lives around the globe he's completely in jest against unions right people will go and save a bush and those people will trump and the ethics of foreign aid at this time on al-jazeera eagle hunters still roll mongolia's rugged mountains but how long can their culture survive the modern world one of those determined to save their ancient connection to the magnificent called the eagle at this time when al jazeera . more air strikes in those scenes going to
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a good cause. welcome to the program yemen's capital is on edge a day after ousted president saleh was killed by hoofy rebels his funeral is happening right now in sana'a and later the who these will hold a victory parade for killing the man who went from that ally to enemy overnight saudi led as strikes targeted the presidential palace in who think control son are for the first time since the conflict started in twenty fifteen while yemen's internationally recognized president of the rebel won so hard the has ordered his troops to advance against hooty forces on the ground and salah supporters demand revenge the international community is calling for calm including the u.n. which wants the poles in fighting to deliver aid as there's there are reports. yes the killing of. has plunged yemen into even more uncertainty the ousted president
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would be in a dominant political force for over three decades was killed in an attack led by who the fighters on monday had been in an alliance with the iranian backed rebels for more than two years and his death sparked intense fighting on the streets of the capital sanaa. the clashes were ongoing the entire night until the morning if someone stepped out into the street or fled they would have a bullet hit the mean the head chest or body. and an easy calm has returned to the city which salis forces and the who these jointly controlled and fought against the saudi led coalition which supports the internationally recognized government led by months were heidi but the partnership collapsed last week leading to major confrontations after days of running street battles sala announced he was ready for dialogue with the saudi led coalition if it ended its blockade of yemen's ports and airports and allowed for more humanitarian aid shortly afterwards he was dead in
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response heidi has urged yemenis to rise against the who the forces lays. and i call upon all of you with an open heart and a strong will to turn the new page and to get rid of such a nightmare let's put our hands together to end the control of these criminal gangs and to build a new united yemen. so the who pushed out how these government in january two thousand and fifteen and set up their own administration prompting the saudi led campaign against them since then the country has been split between the who the rebels in the north administration in the south and forces loyal to saleh. to his death could mark a turning point and the conflict getting worse a conflict which has already killed nearly ten thousand people push yemen to the brink of mass starvation and triggered what unite. nations has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis we remind all parties to the conflict that deliberate
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attacks against civilians and against civilian and medical infrastructure or clear violations of international humanitarian law may constitute war crimes. a former military officer became president of north yemen in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight after a coup and in one nine hundred ninety when the north and south reunited he was elected as the first president of the newly unified country he was ousted in two thousand and twelve during the arab spring uprising that managed to stay in the country and wielded considerable power behind the scenes saleh once like in his involvement in yemeni politics is dancing on the head of snakes and while it's not yet clear who will succeed him or what his death will mean for the fighting on the ground or the future of yemen one thing appears certain is nearly three year war is unlikely to come to an end anytime soon. al-jazeera well yemen will be high on the agenda the gulf cooperation council summit that's getting
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underway in kuwait the g.c.c. diplomatic crisis that spain six months since three members cut diplomatic ties with a fellow member qatar plunging the region into its worst standoff in decades let's go straight over to demolish l a correspondent in quite city and while we see pictures certainly of the welcoming ceremony and children on the stage jamal singing to the delegates around the heads of state we're getting a clearer idea of who is and who is not attending. well those those images are actually archival footage so how are the reason why i mention that is because there is a clear attempt by the or sororities here in kuwait to try and maybe remind people how significant the g.c.c. was and how effective it was when it was actually operational right now its future is very much in dallas and it's not just because of the six month long siege which
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to the day marks the six months since the member states of the g.c.c. saudi arabia u.a.e. and behind impose the blockade on qatar cutting off or land they are and sea routes through the people there are an attempt to pressure to succumb to their political will but actually what is causing more of a concern for the future of the g.c.c. is the fact that those countries have essentially continued to rebuff efforts by kuwait to find some sort of dialogue some sort of mediation through the crisis and the latest rebuff has come with this g.c.c. summit there was assurances given to the kuwaitis that high level delegates that even the king of saudi arabia king said man would attend this summit instead saudi arabia has chosen to send not even a member of the royal family but their foreign minister behind in a sense a third rate politician the deputy prime minister and the u.a.e. hasn't even sent a significant minister either something that has not only been seen as an insult to
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all the political conference all that the kuwaitis have been vested in trying to find a solution and to try and salvage the g.c.c. but a clear sign that as far as they are concerned those three states that they don't really see a future in the g c g.c.c. to add to that argument so now today the united arab emirates and saudi arabia have announced that they will be setting up this bilateral mechanism of cooperation outside of the gulf cooperation council an organ. cooperation a structure that would focus on military security economic. political and even cultural ties between them so basically as far as many observers are concerned many of the people here saudi arabia the united arab emirates and behind have all but essentially pronounced the g.c.c. as an institution is practically dead. and if that is the case and we sort of that that is the fallout of this particular gathering one wonders what sort of comment is going to come jamal in terms of the events that are happening in yemen the fast
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moving events over the last twenty four hours. well we understand that gloria's obviously is understandably extremely annoyed of how things have happened and therefore what was meant to be a two day summit is now only a one day summit and will end today so it will be actually be a few hours long now whether they'll be able to actually get around to discuss yemen we'll wait and see probably there will be some sort of reference to it but a very very highly doubt that it would be that statement would come as a result of some sort of lengthened discussions because in the end of the day from a protocol perspective it doesn't make sense that the amir of coates' or heads of states the mere thought that ahead of states will discuss important regional issues with the deputy prime minister of the plane or minister from the united arab emirates who many people outside of twitter haven't heard of and therefore as far as they're concerned maybe it will be very difficult to have those. discussions what will most likely happen is you will find
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a statesman's may be calling for the urgent need for all sides within the g.c.c. to come together just salvage whatever can be salvaged will once again maybe highlight the importance of it and how dangerous it is. that things further escalate but what many people fear is that maybe the trains left and it's far too late to save what was the remaining. source of stability in a region that really lacks stability on all fronts economic political and obviously from a security perspective when you're talking about the war in yemen and the other conflicts going on so that i will leave it there until we have more thanks to all. now the u.s. president donald trump is under increasing pressure not to unilaterally recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel by moving the u.s. embassy from there to from to there from tel aviv the turkish president the one says the move would be a red line for muslims french president manuel told trump in a phone call that the status of jerusalem must be decided in peace talks between
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israelis and palestinians and saudi arabia's also weighed in on the issue its ambassador to the u.s. says the move could heighten tensions in the region other arab states have also warned president trump against moving the embassy israel claims jerusalem is its capital but that's not recognized by international law. force it has been gauging the mood in jerusalem. changing the status of this consulate here in jerusalem to an embassy was one of the key campaign pledges as far as donald trump's foreign policy went during his presidential campaign it has though butted up against the realities of the political situation here as he also tries to implement tries to come up with a peace plan that would be suitable to both sides his key man on this jared cushion his son in law said on sunday that the americans understood the palestinian red lines that president trump was examining all the facts before he made a decision on whether to move the embassy from tel aviv to here but now we have
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this other potential major obstacle as far as the palestinians are concerned an announcement on wednesday which could see the united states whatever the status of this consulate in the short term recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has said that that would threaten the entire peace process but not as an issue. i don't think that this will happen the arab and muslim world should stand against him. but when trump says something like this he should take responsibility for the consequences this is not just the palestinians this will spill over to other countries that's very much the reaction coming from the palestinian leadership as well that this would not just threaten the peace process also it would threaten stability in the wider middle east privately palestinian officials are also talking about this potentially being an opportunity a way to break with the united states before any trump plan is announced and reset the nature of the relationship between the u.s.
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and the palestinians but if that is the case it doesn't seem to be an opportunity that they're really welcoming given how hard mahmoud abbas and his team are working to try and head off this decision before it happens there have been all sorts of bilateral contacts with other powers in the region of these i mean conference the arab league there is a huge effort to stop donald trump from making this announcement on wednesday now all eyes are on washington to see what happens and what the consequences of it might be. the u.s. supreme court will allow the trumpet ministration to fully enforce its travel ban until an appeal against it is heard in lower courts now the ruling extends the ban to people from six muslim majority countries and these include chat iran libya somalia syria and yemen people from venezuela and north korea are already subject to some restrictions she have returns he has more from washington d.c. . this is a big victory for the trumpet administration all arguments were due should begin
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this week are due to begin this week in two federal appeals courts on the third incarnation of the travel ban but and then junction a partial injunction had been placed on the travel ban that injunction said those with a bonafide relationship with the united states that is with close family relations or business or education ties to the u.s. should not be affected by the travel ban while it's working its way through the courts and conceivably ending up at the supreme court the supreme court however has decided there is no need for that injunction that's particularly significant because the wording that was used for this injunction was from the supreme court over an adjudication of the second travel ban it was a supreme court who said that those were bonafide relationship should not be affected by the second trouble about what it was working its way through the courts it appears though that now a majority of justices don't feel that is necessary words clear that they don't feel it's necessary for the third travel ban which suggests perhaps and this is
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where the speculation comes in that well the third travel ban ends up at the supreme court in the coming weeks and majority of justice is no longer have the objections they once did with the other incarnations of the band that's very good news for the trumpet ministration. well still ahead here on al-jazeera demonstrators across consulate in a call for the release of procession as leaders of the rest want his role for the former regional leader plus. i'm joined now at the border patrol in greece where they're searching for and finding young refugees stowed away aboard these trucks trying to board ferries found for its elite. how that would still cold in northern japan but not maybe as cold as you might
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think the real chilies up here and that's a satellite picking up so the temperatures are going to be subzero but it also can probably support it but by huge amount minus four isn't that telling you come down to tokyo plus twelve obviously the breezes means that this can be the western side of the high ground in haunch against the snow and then at sea level it's rain that will feel fairly chilly in tokyo is not standing behind it the sun is. plus low figures in pyongyang saul and the same is true in beijing actually nine years pretty good in beijing can see in the time the kind of minus ten of that of us to come thursday the snow becomes a bit more obvious in northern home she was still in the sunny twelve degrees here in tokyo now if you follow the tail down we have recently been seeing rain in southern china but for the last two or three days it's gone i thought is quite warm in tokyo given the breeze coming in from the south with increasing humidity and still twelve in shanghai but the principal thing is settled weather the moment but watch the clouds gathering once more in united up towards sichuan still thirteen
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inch on doing the heavy rain should be and is further science focusing on the philippines i'm probably saw south of thailand. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time just see it.
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look like you're watching over there arms the whole problem remind of our top stories delegates are arriving in kuwait for a crucial gulf summit with yemen expected to be high on the agenda now it comes exactly six months after the three g.c.c. member states cut diplomatic ties with cattle plunging the region into its worst crisis in decades. led coalition airstrikes have targeted the every capital hitting the republican palace for the first time the killing of yemen's ousted president ali abdullah saleh has plunged the war ravaged country further into chaos. president donald trump is under increasing pressure not to unilaterally recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel by moving the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv the turkish president versus the one says the move would be a red line for muslims. security forces have arrested
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a former interior minister habeeb adly was held for failing to surrender after being sentenced for corruption charges served as a minister under ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak and played a key role in cracking down on antigovernment protests during the arab spring. a spanish judge has withdrawn arrest warrants against former catalonia president. and four of his former cabinet ministers now they'd fled to belgium after catalonia as parliament voted to unilaterally declare independence from spain police people in barcelona the catalan capital have been protesting to demand the release of other former leaders being held in spanish jails campaigning is also under way for regional elections to pick a replacement to government now the previous one of course was dissolved by spain's national government in madrid. pan hole in barcelona a really significant development in the case against those catalonian leaders what
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does that actually mean for them in terms of whether they return to spain and for them to even campaign in the election which is just a few weeks away. morning so it's very important to look at the fine detail of actually what the judge at the supremes court said this morning what in fact he is doing is withdrawing the international request for a rest against clews demand for other ministers who fled to belgium that will effectively end extradition proceedings that were under way in brussels but what it does not do is lift the the arrest warrants for those people here in spain they are still accused of charges that range from rebellion incitement to rebellion and misuse of public funds now talking to a lawyer this morning what his interpretation of it is is that the supremes court
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judge has withdrawn that international arrest warrant the extradition request because that will avoid the belgian judge ruling specifically on what charges colace who's demond the other for capital and politicians can be extradited on the spanish or dorothy's want to arrest them possibly here in spain if they are elected in the twenty first of december elections and return to take office the spanish authorities want to arrest in the here and put them on trial for all the charges the idea is that on the belgian law the definition of rebellion that the spanish authorities say is not categorized as such on the belgian law and hence if the belgians extradite them then they couldn't face those rebellion charges in spain which could carry a thirty year sentence so it comes down a little bit to the legal fine detail here but in broad terms extradition request has been lifted but the arrest was the arrest record warrants here at home in spain
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still remain very much in place and that means that fund now at least colace who's demond and those four ministers may not dare to return to spain because they know a media. that they could be put in jail pending their trials or hell if that's the case and karl just very briefly then what's the feeling on the streets where you are as as we lead up to an election on the twenty first of december how do you read the situation with people on the ground. well certainly as you head towards a regional election with some of the leading candidates in jail facing charges of rebellion are the leading candidates in self exile under threat of arrest that really makes for a complicated election environment on the other hand that kind of narrative could play well into the hands of the pro independence supporters it reinforces this view that the capital and the capital and region catalonia is really under pressure from
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an outside force which is spain is certainly strength is this them and as narrative but of course there are calls for all the cattle and politicians to be released from jail and for those who are in exile to be allowed to return and campaign freely sale well we see what does happen certainly in the coming days for the moment karl thanks for joining us from barcelona. let's stay in europe because the british prime minister to reason may is holding a special cabinet meeting after the u.k. and the european union failed to reach an agreement on the terms of the so-called divorce bill but both sides say there is still called for to develop a deal soon the main sticking point is the status of the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. now refusing greece heartache creasing the desperate measures to and to other parts of europe many land borders were closed to all work closed when the e.u. you made a deal over migration last year turn a whole house is exclusive report from the port of purchasing greece on the
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dangerous reality of human smuggling. the sea crossing from greece to italy can take days and this is no way to do it hidden in airless cargo containers or clinging to wheel arches just inches from certain death. all those people are trying to hide under a tarp or inside the cargo it's very very dangerous for the life and for them it's . life for them. for all the hundreds perhaps thousands of times that young men like these try to stowaway aboard these trucks the success rate is infinitely small for all the effort for all the risk involved it is a largely due to act. like i was on the top are going to got three guys out because another driver informed me that there were immigrants around saw what you'd already found your truck and told them the age of five three
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. in the past year after the borders of europe were closed to refugees the greek port authorities say they've seen a four fold increase in the numbers perhaps a thousand a day trying to stow away aboard ships bound for italy most are discovered with a simple search. those better hidden or detected using x. ray. the few lucky enough to actually board a vessel will face similar searches by the italian north or it is at the other end . but there's no deterring them in most cases they'll be released to return and try again. alley from our has made dozens of attempts. yeah. more than once
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a day. one part of his companion donnish describes being beaten by the police to me. why you are coming here. big problem here. he fight me and stick he kicked you and even at you with a stick yeah stick. it's pretty swollen out he shows us a bruised and swollen ankle. in just a few hours we've watched more men than we can count in this mad dash to freedom and what they imagine is a better life somewhere else. but nothing prepares us for what happens next his face close to the tarmac it's alie the man we met earlier from our. i was a doctor here. you were and yeah yeah i was a doctor a doctor who says his life was threatened by the taliban whose journey by air to
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iran road to turkey and by foot to greece has brought him here he really has no choice but to try again jonah hill al jazeera at the port of patras greece. the un's top human rights official has told a special meeting on the rohingya crisis that the crime of genocide against the muslim minority cannot be ruled out inside the rod i'll do say that has been speaking at a special session of the human rights council in geneva he also said none of the six hundred twenty thousand ringer who fled violence should be repatriated unless there was robust monitoring on the ground. to the americans and i were an elite police force in honduras has gone on strike it follows violence and protests in the country after sunday's disputed presidential vote. a former police commissioner says members of the us funded cobra police force are protesting against the government's crackdown on dissidents there are fears that
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other security forces may do the same. thing our people are sovereign and we old them therefore we cannot confront and refuse their rights this is not because of political ideals or working demands it's simply our rejection of what's happening. south africa's deputy president cyril ramaphosa has received the most nominations to become a leader of the governing african national congress the provisional results come ahead of a party vote later this month from opposing is one of two frontrunners to take over the party leadership from president jacob zuma whoever wins will become. the next president of south africa. now one of the largest diamonds ever discovered has been solved auction in new york for six and a half million dollars the seven hundred nine carrot stone called the peacetime it was found in sierra leone gabriel is on the house more from new york. it sits in a secured room glistening and ready for sale to the highest bidder and possibly
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help the people of the village far away where it was found this is a seven hundred nine carat diamond thought to be the fourteenth largest diamond ever discovered it was auctioned for six point five million dollars in new york but it was about more than the selling price i think the true value of this diamond is the symbolism and the meaning behind it but to fully appreciate this gem and realize why it's called the peace diamond you have to look at where it came from here in the village of core yard you know in sierra leone a place so poor it has no electricity water schools or hospitals it was a pastor who found the diamond in the village and he was in new york for the auction and still at a loss for words and what it was like to find the diamond it's amazing i can look he would say explicitly that because you know i was not expecting this kind of.
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stone he decided to hand it over to the government a rare decision in a country where diamonds are abundant but often smuggled out of the country. sirrah leone has a long and bloody relationship with diamonds as depicted in hollywood and eleven year civil war fought partially over the riches from diamonds killed more than forty thousand people trying to now use diamonds for good the government decided to tour the diamond around the world to drum up support for its sale at an auction nearly all the money from the sale price will go back to the government to a fund to help villages ravaged by war. that's astounding here is improving the lives of the people i think that is the hope under the resilience of the nation state is very important for us as a mission not. what ever proceeds we're going to. from this era is when to
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compliment government efforts in providing social services for c o u s one diamond maybe instead of causing conflict bringing a little peace and prosperity to the place it was found gabriel resigned oh al-jazeera new york. you're watching i was there i'm still robin these are our top stories sided coalition airstrikes have targeted the yemeni capital sanaa hitting the presidential palace for the first time the killing of yemen's ousted president. has plugged plunged the war ravaged country further into chaos delegates are arriving in kuwait for a crucial gulf summit with yemen expected to be high on the agenda another big issue is the g.c.c. diplomatic crisis it's been six months since three members cut diplomatic ties with cattle to the u.s. supreme court will allow the trumpet ministration to fully of travel ban against
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until an appeal against it is heard in the lower court the ruling extends the ban to people from six muslim majority countries they are chad iran libya somalia syria and yemen people from venezuela and north korea are already subject to restrictions frezza donald trump is adding creasing pressure not to unilaterally recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel by moving the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv the turkish president reza tiber the one who has said that the move would be a red line for muslims. a spanish judge has withdrawn the arrest warrants against former catalonian president. and four other former cabinet ministers now they fled to belgium after catalonia years parliament voted to unilaterally declare dependents of spain people about the capital of the capital have been protesting to demand the release of other former leaders being held in spanish jails campaigning is also under way for regional elections to pick a replacement regional government. the un's top human rights official has told
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a special meeting on the hunger crisis that the crime of genocide against the muslim minority cannot be ruled out. saying also said all of the six hundred twenty thousand remaining go who fled violence should be repacked freighted unless there was robust monitoring of the ground by the british prime minister to resign bay is holding a special cabinet meeting after the u.k. of european union failed to reach an agreement on the terms of the so-called divorce bill both sides say they're confident about a deal they've been sticking point is the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland that was the news next on al-jazeera it's inside story do stay with us.
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it's been fifty years since the world's first successful human heart transplant made history how far have we come since that medical milestone and more beating heart technology will help save the future this is inside story.


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