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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2017 11:00am-11:34am +03

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that stay with you. i got this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir accountability if you give them the opportunity and wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment the ship until president hosni mubarak has resigned. is going to be the next president retaliation we're going to go go back chief i mean canisters of gas subsidies i believe that best to prevent the media getting anyway let's get a call that. he achieved something that never happened before. to a chorus of international condemnation white house officials say u.s.
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president donald trump will recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. palestinian groups in the occupied west bank call for three days of rage over travis plan which includes moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv. hello it's a whole drama you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up why elite police forces in honduras are refusing to force a curfew with political deadlock over presidential election results plus. the french elvis johnny hallyday dies at the age of seventy four. have you with us palestinian leaders in the occupied west bank are calling for three days of rage over u.s.
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plans to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and relocate the american embassy to the city the trumpet ministrations move has sparked international condemnation and warnings from across the globe the saudi king says the move will inflame the feelings of muslims while the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is warning of dangerous consequences the status of the city is at the core of the israeli palestinian conflict the international community does not recognize jerusalem as israel's capital it is home to sacred religious sites for muslims jews and christians palestinian leaders have long said the capital of their future state will be located there she has returned she has more from washington d.c. . at the white house there was no sense of the international uproar that's been caused by donald trump's forthcoming speech announcing the. u.s. has recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital this is a campaign promise to keep trump financial dinah's like las vegas casino magnate
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sheldon adelson and his court right wing evangelical base whom the president needs now move them ever as his popularity ratings plummet throughout the day the president briefed the regional leaders which led to this question at the state department briefing i'm wondering if you can say that the that he's gotten the support of anyone for any decision that he might make so again i'm not going to characterize those conversations minutes later the white house press secretary was similarly callie about the decision i'm not going to get ahead of the president's remarks that he'll make tomorrow to say other than israel which thinks that this move is twenty two years overdue that all of the feedback he's been getting from world leaders is overwhelmingly negative so no again he spoke with five leaders that's hardly indicative of everybody across the globe mr president the fifth fleet of the president called was the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu israeli politicians have welcomed trucks decision jerusalem the israeli mayor of the city
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so that the embassy move could take two minutes by switching the sign on the current u.s. consulate in west jerusalem administration officials who didn't want publicly to be named later said that was not going to happen more about building a new embassy would take at least three to four years to the question of whether that means of this decision could be reversed if president doesn't stay on for a second term the officials insisted once the process of planning and you embassy begins it would reach its conclusion they also said the president was simply affirming what they called quote reality both historical moment that connected the state of israel to the city they argued issues of sovereignty would not change and said that not moving the embassy since it was required by congress in one thousand nine hundred five had not made any difference to the peace process but trumpet ministration was still committed to a two state solution they said if that's what both parties wanted. but with reports
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over the weekend that the president's middle east envoy. is pushing saudi backed a plan that gives israel formal control of all of jerusalem it appears that drums announcement on wednesday will be in keeping with the direction of his administration's emerging middle east policy she average hands the al-jazeera washington all news of the possible move has angered palestinians in the occupied west bank dozens of protesters gathered outside the church of the nativity in bethlehem they set fire to posters with donald trump's image our position the position of the president is very clear and. this is going to be moved to jerusalem this is again. this is this would be unacceptable. if this. would complicate things. with an obstacle to the peace process maybe it will be the end of the peace process
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. from this decision. well let's go live to our reporters standing by for us in the occupied west bank but first let's go to harry falsities outside damascus gate in occupied east jerusalem i suppose really what we are waiting for is reaction from the israelis to this potential statement late for the day. yes and within that what we're really waiting for is reaction from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu now it just so happens there is a diplomatic conference being held by a major israeli newspaper the jerusalem post here in jerusalem on this day and we're expecting benjamin netanyahu to be among the speakers he's expected to speak in about an hour's time so that could potentially be his first official reaction to all of the indications that are been coming out of washington in recent days and more particularly on tuesday we also have had reaction from other israeli
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politicians the marriott jerusalem thanking the americans from the bottom of his heart the transport minister saying that the recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital would be more important even than the moving of the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem on the other side in israeli politics the meretz party leader a left wing party leader is saying that it risks an explosion and the possibility of moving this embassy but certainly from the israeli right we're already having a welcoming noises of this decision what we're really waiting for is to hear exactly what benjamin netanyahu has to say. every action has an equal and opposite reaction what sort of consequences are we seeing on the ground where you are. well you saw that fairly minor protest in bethlehem last night but i as you were reporting earlier there is this call for three days of rage. people here in east jerusalem of course have fresh in their memory the street protests over the al aqsa
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mosque compound when a mass movement saw israel reverse a decision over installing metal detectors there so there is recent mass protest already in this city it could well be that we see more of the same if and when this announcement comes later tonight obviously the weather so far may dampen some of that we have had reaction though from the joint listy the palestinian members of the knesset the leader of that group of politicians calling trump a pirate maniac bent on setting fire to the entire region so that is an indication of how israeli palestinians are likely to view this war for the mobile leave it there with you have come back to you through the day well there has been of course strong global condemnation and concern about the intended me of at least a dozen leaders and organizations have a voice strong opposition to the plan here they are saying it would destabilize the middle east and contravene international law there are many voices that have been
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speaking out could use mr trump jerusalem is a red line for muslims. we will follow the struggle to the very last moment with determination and we could even go right up to cutting our diplomatic relations with israel. a way must be found through negotiations to resolve the status of jerusalem as the future capital of the states so that the aspiration of both parties can be fulfilled. the council of ministers rejects this step and expresses its utmost concern regarding this step as well as the moving of the american embassy to jerusalem the iraqi government warns of the consequences of this decision on the stability of the area and the world ignoring the rights of palestinians and the arab and muslim world and other
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religions. that are indications that the united states in the coming days with. capital by the way without consulting with the. consequences of the steps would have germany's position on the should remains unchanged the solution a did a silly and problem can only be found. between the two parties. is a co-founder of the electronic intifada he thinks the reality is that the us supports a palestinian state in name only. and if trump's announcement is what you know stud you out of thinking that the u.s. was an honest broker i don't know what to say to the u.s. policy is to aggressively assist israel in doing everything it can to destroy any prospects for palestinian self-determination or palestinian liberation and that the united states has had the assistance of the
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so-called international community and the various arab regimes that are now complaining so loudly about this i think what they should be asking themselves is what have we been doing for all these decades while israel was busy. i mix in jerusalem building settlements expelling palestinians from jerusalem israel has been gradually encroaching on on the old city and on the muslim holy sites i mean fact you have this so-called temple movement funded by the israeli government whose open goal is to remove the unlock some mosque in the dome of the rock and rebuild the jewish temple and meanwhile the arab regimes which complaining about this move by trump a busy embracing israel the gulf states moving towards israel at
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lightning speed and there and absolutely no position to complain about this well as all of the correspondent in ramallah in the occupied west bank can see we have had small large membranes for palestinians both on the ground and the politicians as well but we don't suppose they have to wait and see for the exact wording of what president trump says before they could really react. yes absolutely the wording will be very important even though palestinian officials are quite confident that in the end even though trump so far has only told president mahmoud abbas about his intention they're quite confident that actually that will happen they say that they do expect president trump to play on words maybe not use the word undivided. jerusalem the one that the israelis
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use all the time maybe not underlined whether it's west or east east. they do say that in the end the result is exactly the same president mahmoud abbas. had issued a statement warning of the implications of such a move he also spent a lot of time on on the phone talking to world leaders from vladimir putin to pope francis trying to mobilize as much as possible leaders behind him and try to really have them maybe mediate with the president having him maybe rethink this move but actually as we stand now everybody is expecting that when that speech comes it will be quite clear what will happen next and what will happen next is as you said you know there's been three days of rage that have been announced so far it's quite calm here in the occupied west bank the weather is very bad that
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announcement still hasn't happened but people are bracing themselves for very difficult times ahead and did a lot really just bring me to the mood in the west bank we got an inkling of what it was like with harry eight east jerusalem where these sorts of statements abated one of significant is this it takes time to sink surely time for people to decide what they want to say even whether talking to a correspondent with a microphone in your hand. it takes time and it also doesn't take time i mean i was speaking to some palestinians you know just walking around and people are anger but they're not surprised it doesn't come as a shock many would point out the fact that they never actually believed that the u.s. was an honest broker in the peace process that the u.s. was a neutral mediator and actually one young man told me actually let it happen we will react the way we want but at least it will be clear to the entire planet that do
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you as is not an honest broker as we have been saying all along so yeah there is that sort of anger maybe not knowing what to do next how far things will go days that a lot of people you know they do explain spec certainly some turmoil some protests usually protest turn into clashes specially with the israeli military but how far that will go is something people are worried about well for but we'll leave that of course follow events with you. throughout the day thanks hala well still ahead here on al-jazeera. told only about three dollars. the desperate measures taken by refugees in greece risking their lives to enter other parts of europe. by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecast now as we look at the weather across europe with a lot of cloud across easterners bringing some rain and indeed some snow and then things across more our western areas looking fine at the moment the area of high pressure both got low pressure up towards the northwest as can be driving down across many of these western areas in the meantime we still got some woman pushing out london getting into double figures house were fine for rome but you see some rain for the towards the east and some snow now as i move the forecast on through thursday you see this frontal system behind it the winds are going to get really strong across the u.k. and across parts of scandinavia there could be some storm surges associated now elsewhere still looking fine across the alps and down into southern areas that athens look at sunshine and highs of sixteen on the other side a better trained general change wind direction of the winds coming in from the
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north so temperatures sixteen degrees or so nothing special karo temperatures just twenty degrees celsius for central parts of africa we've got some heavy showers across the congo towards gabon but in parts of west africa now looking dry and fine sunshine likely at times in accra in ghana more southern areas looking more unsubtle we've got the risk of some rain for the coast of mozambique and also on the eastern side of madagascar. the weather sponsored by cattle race. you are making. when they're on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say you know you will first just makes up with in the morning and say i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue could be was leading to some of the confusion i like about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera i'm so hold robin a reminder of our top stories president donald trump is expected to announce on wednesday that the u.s. will officially recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and plans to relocate the american embassy there white house officials confirm the news in a briefing. palestinian leaders are calling for three days of rage and protest against the move president mahmoud abbas says it could have dangerous consequences . fighting has escalated between the saudi led coalition and who the fighters overnighted northern yemen sather province near the saudi border that the area is a stronghold of the fighting has forced dozens of families to flee their homes now
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the u.s. says is extremely concerned about the increased violence if you haven't been following the killing of the ousted president ali abdullah saleh on monday it follows a similar statement from the u.n. security council in particular their call on parties to immediately provide safe rapid a new hindered and sustained commercial and humanitarian access to the populations of all affected governorates. through all of yemen's forwards and boards most importantly who did are bored and sun want the member of the security council urged all size appalled their obligations under international humanitarian law. now the gulf cooperation council summit in kuwait
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has ended early dashing hopes of a breakthrough in the blocks of biggest crisis in decades relations have been strains in saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. cut ties with qatar in june while it's foreign minister says the bloc really is crucial to regional stability only created a catalyst that heads of state just before the summit the u.a.e. announced a new economic and military partnership with saudi arabia separate from the g.c.c. . to the americas now where the opposition are jurors says only a full recount or a runoff well end the impasse over the country's presidential election the authorities have failed to declare of official winner sparking violent protests or nighttime curfew but well apolo reports. after more than a week since the presidential elections in honduras a winner has yet to be needed prolonging a political crisis a nationwide curfew remains in effect but across the country protests continue well into the night hours. in the latest turn of events hundreds of elite police forces
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known as cobras have announced they will no longer be obeying orders to enforce the ten day curfew one officer told reporters they are rebelling. our people are sovereign and we are in their service furthermore we cannot be confronting and crushing their rights the ongoing demonstrations continued to call for hundred president one orlando and nine days to step down and for the national elections commission to finalize an announcement the organization of american states has expressed concerns over quote irregularities errors and systemic problems within the elections and have issued recommendations that the process become more transparent. demonstrations blocking roads and bridges are also having a significant economic impact across honduras several cities are reporting fuel and food shortages causing worry that the political crisis is only getting worse. all to europe our refugees and greece risking their lives to end to other parts of
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europe say that determined to keep trying to make their dangerous journey north already say about one thousand a day try to stow away aboard ships and bound for italy has this exclusive report from the port of patra same grease on the dangerous reality of human smuggling. the sea crossing from greece to italy can take days and this is no way to do it hidden in airless cargo containers or clinging to wheel arches just inches from certain death all those people who are trying to. hide under attack or inside the cargo it's very very dangerous for the lights and for them it's better for life for them. to get up for all the hundreds perhaps thousands of times the men like these try to stay away for these trucks the success rate is
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infinitely small for all the effort for all the risk involved it is a largely due time act. like i was on the carpark over the gulf three guys out there's another driver inform me that they were immigrants around saw what you'd already found your truck in a so-called underneath and found three guys. in the past year after the borders of europe were closed to refugees the greek port authorities say they've seen a four fold increase in the numbers perhaps a thousand a day trying to stow away aboard ships bound for italy. most are discovered with a simple search. those better hidden i detected using x. ray. but most of the force myself. the few lucky enough to actually board a vessel will face similar searches by the italian authorities at the other end.
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but there's no deterring them in most cases they'll be released to return and try again. allie from our has made dozens of attempts. to date yeah. more than once a day. good part of his companion describes not being beaten by the police to me. why you are coming here. the problem here. he fired me and he kicked you in the meeting with a stick yeah stick. pretty swollen out he shows us a bruised and swollen ankle. in just a few hours we've watched more men than we can count in this mess dash to freedom and what they imagine is a better life somewhere else. but nothing prepares us for what happens
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next his face close to the tarmac it's alie the man we met earlier from his shower . i was a doctor here. you were in yeah yeah yeah i was a doctor a doctor who says his life was threatened by the taliban whose journey by air to iran road to turkey and by foot to greece has brought him here he really has no choice but to try again jonah hill al jazeera at the port of us greece turkish president. said your trial of a turkish bank is a u.s. conspiracy against his country. the trial is a ploy to distract turkey while washington hatch's plans to strengthen syrian kurdish groups which turkey considers to be terrorist organizations christensen to be has more. for nearly a week journalists from turkey along with businessmen and students have been pouring into the federal court in manhattan so have opponents of the turkish
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government wanted to hear for themselves allegations of widespread corruption back home. we are upset and concerned these trials should have actually been held in turkey reza rob a turkish iranian gold trader testified that turkey's current president recip thai air to one authorized the scheme to launder iranian money in turkish banks in violation of u.s. sanctions so rob also said he paid tens of millions of dollars in bribes to this man former khana minister's offer child similar charges were raised by investigators in turkey four years ago but later dropped and labeled politically motivated by the government while it's times it feels as if the turkish government is on trial here in new york the man actually facing charges as a turkish banker member at a con until his lawyers described him as a career civil servant someone who never took a bribe and was merely following the orders of those above him in a country where iran is considered a friend not
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a foe. president of turkey has accused the u.s. court of attempting to undermine his government by using evidence fabricated by supporters of the tool of glenn the self exiled turkish religious leader whom they blame for orchestrating an attempted coup last year. over the. air to one even launched his own investigation of the us prosecutors who deny the claim one of the big arguments that the turkish government has made repeatedly is that this current case in the united states is an extension of a corruption case in turkey in two thousand and thirteen that was subsequently dismissed. also testified that he bribed his way out of the two thousand and thirteen turkish corruption investigation and then went straight back to laundering money until his attorneys say the gold trader will say anything to get a lighter sentence. bad news for. you but that sometimes there are lot is very powerful in turkey so. you know he's made. you know
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supporting him and most of the country do not here does oleg ations here or they hear. pro-government angles. that's why some court observers worry that a conviction of attila in the us could mean a further crackdown on political dissent in turkey christian salumi al-jazeera new york. and finally rock n roll fans of france are boarding a national popular dotted compared to elvis presley johnny holiday died from lung cancer at the age of seventy four but bottle looks back at his career. he was france's rock n roll superstar the nation's elvis with his piercing blue eyes blond quick and charisma johnny early day dominated the stage and captivated fans for decades. and it is crisp and nearly sixty years he sold more than one hundred million records produced more than seventy albums and toured relentlessly
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his fame transcended music he was a national icon but outside of the french speaking world many people were baffled by the popularity of the leather clad rocker they couldn't understand how he managed to appeal to fans of all ages and from all walks of life whether you were on the right or on the left he was a bit like getting the know him bodied front not an elite france but the one of ordinary people and the dreams the ones that went to his concerts in many ways johnny was from. halliday's personal story of rags to riches added to the myth he was born john phillips met during the second world war in paris his parents abandoned him leaving him to be brought up by his aunt and her american husband named lee halliday both were dancers when elvis presley broke through in the u.s. in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven johnny found his idol and a template for his own career he hit the road as a teenage singer fast becoming
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a sensation soon he was france's highest earning music star. always trying to do shows that are a little bit different compared to the ones i did before but yes i do try and do things that are out of the ordinary with nice lights and special effects screens anything that can make people dream. as well as music there was acting starred in films by top french directors including. including louche. his personal life wasn't without controversy he was married five times and left france or switzerland to avoid paying high taxes. in his last years he battled illness but refused to stop working he'll be remembered as an artist to the end as a star or simply as his fans always called him johnny the tasha butler al jazeera paris.
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you're watching i was there i'm still robert these are all top stories president donald trump is expected to announce on wednesday that the u.s. will officially recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and has plans to relocate the american embassy there from tel aviv white house officials confirm the news in a briefing palestinian leaders are calling for three days of rage and protests against the president mahmoud abbas says it could have dangerous consequences. the u.s. also says it is extremely concerned about the increased violence in yemen following the killing of ousted president. on monday it follows a similar statement from the u.n. security council in particular their call on parties to immediately provide safe rapid anie hindered and sustained commercial and humanitarian access to the populations of all affected governorates.
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through all of yemen's ports and airports most importantly. board and aboard the member of the security council urged all size to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law. the gulf cooperation council summit has ended early dashing hopes of a breakthrough in the blocks the biggest crisis in decades relations have been strains in saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. cut ties with qatar in june but the main opposition in our jurors is demanding either a full recount or a runoff vote to end the stalemate over last month's election the authorities of failed to declare an official winner sparking violent protests and a curfew. a wildfire in the u.s. state of california has forced tens of thousands of people to leave their homes the blaze northwest of los angeles has burned more than eighteen thousand hectares.
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french rock and roll legend johnny hallyday has died from lung cancer. the seventy four year or so years of war the one hundred million records and started films holiday launched his career in the one nine hundred sixty s. i was often called the french elvis back with more news in thirty minutes. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of families that matter to you. how does iraq. ok you're in the street. today will legislating. sexual harassment or.


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