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yemen's ports and airports most importantly who did are board and sun your board the member of the security council urged all size to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law. the gulf cooperation council summit has ended early dashing hopes of a breakthrough in the blocs the biggest crisis in decades relations have been strains in saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. cut ties with qatar in june the main opposition in our jurors is demanding either a full recount or a runoff vote to end the stalemate over last month's election the authorities of failed to declare an official winner sparking violent protests and a curfew a wildfire in the u.s. state of california has forced tens of thousands of people to leave their homes the blaze northwest of los angeles has burned more than eighteen thousand hectares had french rock and roll legend johnny hallyday has died from lung cancer and you know
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. me the seventy four year old singer sold more than one hundred million records and started films holliday launched his career in the one nine hundred sixty s. it was often called the french elvis back with more news in thirty minutes. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home how does the international bring in the news and current of families that matter to you. out is iraq. hi i'm femi oke a you are in the street family could be alive today will legislating sexism flooded into sexual harassment and assault the french government think so but what do you think join the conversation tweet us using hash tag or if
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you're watching live on you tube comment in the chat box and you too could be in the stream. and sexual assault survivor and out in the stream. is it a moment of reckoning for a man accused of sexual harassment in france french president emanuel believes it is and recently announced that as part of a broader campaign to get sexual harassment and assault his government may make gender based insults a crime because his comments follow a series of sexual misconduct allegations against high profile men many women in france have also been saying they are no longer content to shrug off harassment from public protests to a hashtag campaign they've been making their voices heard in the well following the viral me to social media campaign the french hash tag expose your pig or below and stump war has been used more than six hundred thousand times calling out alleged
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perpetrators of sexual assault harassment and rape lunatics pointed to her sports teacher who she says put his hands on my butt to correct my posture during gym class a roar shared an experience as an intern the producer says to me while staring out my butt walk in front of me so i can look at you you look good in heels well the stories under the fiery hash tag have also gone beyond exposing alleged offenders to fighting back against gender based assault pair of space journalists in general or write you to describe using names and details of sexual harassment case that you've experienced out work i'm waiting well the stream spoke to a student in paris nasreen who shares why the hash tag alone some poor resonates with her. to design. for example of this is. the question actually. that it is. really first. was it.
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first. don't go going to start but austin brought it up only to. offer problem. it is a question. of excess if you. really want to get the full. who qualify. for so kind legislation put an end to sexual harassment and assault joining us to talk about this from paris and to selma fair to the president of life on the show on the fan i don't think committed to ending violence against women fatima lsd is president and founder of politique l. an association that promotes women exercise and fights against sexism also joining us lebron castillo a women's rights lawyer and in algeria. a ph d.
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candidate in comparative law at the university of toulouse capital ladies good to have you here at welcome i am just thinking is it possible for one man this hollywood producer have a look here on my laptop for this man to change culture the way women think about themselves in the way that they put up with harassment from men is it possible for this to happen from this one incident and so here it is impossible is that we're really seeing a cultural shift in france right now because of this. yes yes we are seeing a cultural shift so i'm not going to say thank you to enshrine or however you know way has provoked a real a real wave you know up to steam on your house but not just this to mourn you also you know i will change in the way that people were listening now people are listening to the woman based not just that women are talking now people are
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listening and in the media had a huge impact and we have also to recognize that because of the fact that the french made yet talk a lot about sexual harassment condemned to very firmly sexual harassment it also helped woman believe that they could be you know that they could justify and they could explain what they were living in how it was suckering in that for the first time maybe people would believe them or someone who does exactly what you said so i just want to share this because it echoes almost exactly what i'm so sad clementine writes i think at this time women are actually starting to be heard by the media because it was the last straw for women in hollywood and it helps us to be taken seriously we can't stop now every rapists and harasser has to be held accountable for thema what did you make. or the other hashtags me too in the stories that came out of them. what was striking i mean in the come and you just like showed us the
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last trick means i mean as a woman and we're all agree with that we are just like fed up with sexism in our daily lives it has become a struggle for everyone you know been harris in the street being harris to work being howard harris at school and we were just starting to being fed up and just to see like this example of harvey weinstein you know being protected by the system and what was so striking was that sexism was systemic to the society and people did not realize that yet and this we have a big example a big story a big scandal that. make us realize that and this is exactly what happened and i feel kind of relieved that women can be heard today because they were speaking but no one was really listening to them you know whether it was the police whether it was their friends whether it was their families people were not really taking this seriously and now they are so this kind of like liberation of speech is
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a great thing for us and i feel like we're starting to see a cultural shift in france today no i what we're about to say go ahead but the fear is changing can actually use the women who are great actually to talk and not to be believed because i mean they're talking and they have been talking for a long time it's just that nobody's really listening and those a pair of powers you know the show is the politics well women cannot top they cannot speak actually the people who are arrested don't harass because they are you know harassers they were born harassers they can harass because the system allows them to harass because there's a pressure put on the woman and there's an incapacity to talk and today because of this case and because of other cases that happened in france well the mindset is changing and actually now i think it's the harassers that are afraid i think i'm sure a lot of harassers that have been harassing for a long time raping aggressing are actually scared because there are
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a lot of them really a lot of them in the showbiz only a few have came out and i'm sure now they're not sleeping on their two ears because they are afraid that all their victims are going to come out and they're going to be pulled down and this is really great room south. i agree with everyone here i fiercely agree with you early eighties but at the same times i thought frustrated that it's only now it has been well it has been a while since woman has been denouncing sexual harassment and we need to came to this case after hearing winstein to be able to create this moment could us through the internet right away but the third time. i really and sincerely hope it's not just a moment or. because of this moment me too or a battle or has to bring something concrete like something actions real action it
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just can be a moment of just countermand a hash tag i think we are moving towards it but we need to keep going but otherwise i absolutely agree finally people are discovering and i'm being arrogant here that woman has been struggling are struggling a lot when it comes to sexual harassment and. we are free to speak and we are not being silenced ladies i could hear this conversation happening amounts remaining in the united states women in the u.k. women all over the world what gives it a french flavor what is it about the cultural shift in france from what to what. i'm not sure. that you're right so french thing i think it's very nice. to say of the french the french you know it's you know sexual harassment sexual assault doesn't have any and this is to raise
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a whatsoever the problem is the heris or i don't think there is and it's specifically to prince so it's a right to remain silent let me let me put this to you and i did he do chime in here. in the united states hash tag me to these awful things happened to me in france on my pig the language the anger the passion is different but you tell me it's the same i feel something different i'm here in the states but i'm following your movement in france i'm feeling something different but it's not for me to say that that's for you to say if any i am not wrong if i may if you're just trying to mix period piece i lived and i studied in london in the u.k. for a year and i traveled i traveled a lot and it was so shocking to me that my the sixty's in my experienced in the u.k. was equal to zero was required to do nothing especially in the streets i've never
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experienced you know calling for instance in the u.k. where in france there's a culture of you know of sexual harassment of women not being able to just speak up for on a lot of issues and a whole system that is really you explain this is not held men because please be specific because this is what what makes this a little different coming from france as opposed to any of the country. i think it's hard to give like straight out examples you know it's just a personal feeling and i'm sure i'm not the only one in the conversation that would feel the same way. i mean in france and i feel i live in paris so to give a bit of context i did in paris and i used to live in the suburbs before and i've experienced calling for as long as i was i knew twelve or thirteen something so it's kind of i've grown with it and i lived for a year in london and i've never been called in st and this just very specific systemic example that i'm just quoting from my personal experience gives me the
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feeling that maybe in france we are not teaching boys and girls how how to behave in society to be equal and i think it's a whole matter of like education of the way the teachers are speaking to girls and boys at school for instance and i think this culture. of gender diversity is maybe maybe is not as strong in france as in the u.k. just from my personal experience from what i've lived but maybe i'm wrong i mean i'm just stating my personal experience here and i just don't want to make from my experience a general. so here's someone else's experience and i'll process or tiller and this is a video comment we got from catherine bennett she's a freelance journalist based in paris and this is what she told the story. i think with the bounce temple movement this is real conflict between france feeling very touched to his images his nation of romance and of seduction at the same time being false take
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a look at itself and realize that this is really pervasive culture of sexual harassment in the country so hash tag has made people more aware of the scale of the problem men in particular and women are hopefully feeling more confident in denouncing sexual harassment when they experience it but i'm skeptical that there's any real change on the cards for poses would be great if they come to fruition but how are they going to train in thai police force and dealing with these new street harassment laws and it needs to be done in collaboration with feminist organizations. so that and i wonder what you make of her comment she says that there is an image that france has of itself that's detached from reality you know well i would maybe like i don't know if it's me is it me who we were talking to me i think that it's not that. france is more let's say harasser than the french people or harass another country it's maybe just you know france or maybe it's you know well all those countries are i mean but also in poland need to happen in
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countries where supposedly women have same rights in the constitution and the law to men so people tend to say that formally as it was equality then i mean things were done there was no issue anymore or a slight a bit maybe some harassment some some in some places but it was like occasional but it actually what i mean it demonstrates that actually it wasn't the case it's not because you have you have sanctified in the law in the constitution that women are equal that actually there's not violence symbolic violence and physical violence total happening and that that's what it showed actually but i don't think it's specific to france maybe some countries are more advanced in this matter thanks to education of course but i think that it's a whole system and france of course cannot be out of this system because i mean when you walk on the street we're talking about harassment we're talking about the fact that a man can actually touch your butt or insult you in the street but we can also talk about the whole environment the whole hostile environment in which you're living
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the advertisement showing women and sexual posters all the time the pornography everywhere the video clips on the internet video clips on t.v. where women are always objectified naked and always in positions which are resume in them to their bodies so all of this is a whole system of symbolic violence which actually you know helps actually all this violence i mean it's not just that people wake up to be harassers. it's not just that you're allowed that you're not trained as a kids just every day of our lives and born you've been living in a public areas where actually women are showed as pieces of meat or showed up as sexual objects or or as the i don't know woman with babies and and suggest hostess is just a slur and you know you've done a really good job of just building up this sense of what it is like as a woman in france what are the gender issues the harassment issues are in front in
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this atmosphere within this cultural shift your president made a speech your junior minister for gender and equality summed up what that speech was these moves that will be made are about to have a listen to her this is fuel as well what is the prison i have committed there will south on the pride for off the paramedic and i for them to pull lives are also all that in family most of them are from us from their profits from there and then i crush on him or her for his music and i foremost room with him put his to analyse the father lauderdale and they are once again not on the look. at it from those who approved you that is that it is just not in his early show them and. i knew from the time all of my subs draw all those words it's in the and also exist it is a. pre-planned warnings about the famine that one hand like said professor program at the roots of this is to most of all six. i'm sorry is it possible to legislate
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yourself out of a sexist society. well if you're talking about this pre-sold law to be honest i think it's snake or i mean of course i'm not going to criticize the president or the minister it's a very tough topic but after so tired i don't think legislation alone. isn't off. you don't want to make laws just to make law or just to be in a momentum you know to respond to this campaign if laws if if you do have a preventive measures at first but i would be useless and even on a practical level i don't think it will be affected by law i don't think it would be i wouldn't give you a story i would give you a story last week last wednesday i was getting out of my house i was closing my gate and a car stopped by and i thought the guy is well there was this guy inside and he stopped and was asking me. if i was heading to the metro four story i was wearing
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a pair of jeans my texas longhorns woody and my winter jacket. very alluring there are. records very pretty right. to stop and i think he was going to ask me for directions that i heading to the metro in a minute yes indeed and he told me do you want to jump in with me because i would like to go there was a pretty girl with curly hair i never ran so fast in my life. just imagine if the law was implemented what do i do do i stop like wait a second i'm going to take a picture of your blatant opus that we got to call and what happened there like it's his words against mine obviously the guy would never call me so on a practical level there is me like. there's like two thing about about the law it's
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. it's acting ex-ante and acting exposed a we cannot just do expose the public policies and expose the law so what i'm what i'm saying is we cannot just act after the violence as has happened we have to act as well before the violence happens so that's why it's very important to have both . a bundle education and bungalow policies that are implemented and i think the calling law is a very symbolic although i'm not really a pro but example legislation it's very symbolic indeed and i feel like we need to do this we need to send a message to the guys in the streets that are committing that if you have a lowly on your happiness and sexual harassment. and you can go with the can be it has to be a deterrent. so i know i hear what you're saying i hear what you're saying what i want to bring one more voice into this mix this isn't a tanya on twitter he says the french junior minister who you just heard from
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a little bit earlier has played from the very beginning of president mccrone selection a very important role on brights of women and equality between men and women so this is one of the people who say this is before harvey weinstein this is something the president had in his campaign this time you're goes on to say that the junior minister is a supporter of that hash tag but at the same time she warned that it's not enough to be on social media victims need to go to court and she knows that it can be difficult for victims of trauma to talk so she's working to change that another person though isn't as convinced this is a who says these are just words these are speeches nothing more the outrage hit nothing but air rapists are often acquitted even when children are involved mccrone made promises but the budget is missing so. we're seeing a lot of different things here of course because the president pledged them changes to things and that ranges problem the rape and consent of under age
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children to things like street harassment which has got people online compute can you help us through what is actually being proposed right now because we have been accused but actually it's not mates who do not the main shock is there any need to invent. it wasn't about street harassment it was about real sexual of russians and sexual crimes like rape or attempted rapes which are unlike even our more. very very serious woman i'm not saying that street harassment isn't serious however really to me to the ast action would all those forms of violence is very like the extreme forms of violence. with the rights so what michael has proposed is much more than strict wrestling's and i do agree that a law is not enough even if it's not just about straight arrest meant it's also about improving the lives of nations one prescription for instance and the
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legislation and rights also so it's not of course it's not enough and we need to have been the means to make sure that the law is implemented we need to have the means to make sure that when women do go to the police stations they are welcomed as they should be welcomed we need to make sure that justice has the means and that lawyers have the means to actually do a good job and help them feel the complaints and and we need to make sure that the charities and and nonprofit organisations can actually give good psychological advice is to victims oh this is a way of implementing the law that the law is not enough that's for sure it's a good first step but then we need to make sure and this is this is probably where . we'll see that they will be a good result after the wind is going to go if they will society actually make sure
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that women can talk women can be welcomed in the by the justice woman can be. and welcomed in nonprofit organizations to help them with their. curing their trauma and and this will require means and i think that we cannot say today if. when science can go and the need to we cannot say today what the impact will be because we need to analyze what's going to happen in the next men for now what we know is that women have been extremely courageous they have reacted extremely well they has been increased thirty percent. thirty percent of planes in the police station so that is like that has never been seen before so women have being very very courageous so now what do we do as a society do we put all the means to make sure that we don't discriminate the next
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ones do we do you do we help woman who are actually asking for help are we are we doing that and what an education at the education as well as on education from start at school it starts a school we cannot tell a little girl from you know from a primary school or in a in a high school or be careful of what you have more of what you wear when you go out or she we have to teach boys. you know you also have to respect women you have to respect each other you are equal like our own constitution it's a is not equal to this is so you know me education so late is where i had the right the others to show so i'm going to have to and here i just want to show you something my laptop she can see the extent of what president mccollum was suggesting right here at the bottom foster awareness of gender equality in schools and in public administrations as well which is one of the things that you are
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hammering how about education really to have this conversation been going down online well and with two views lead says i was really happy to see the finally a president was willing to tackle the issue of sexual harassment and ginger inequality on the whole many women are either scared to say that harassed or they're not listened to on the other hand klim in turns as it forced him to respond but he did so with empty words and zero budget thank you for watching us go see you on line. the world's largest humanitarian crisis millions caught up in civil war all jazeera world examines the roots of the conflict in yemen and the complex history that threw our country into perpetual time. for that is that separation of. the north and the thought. those are part of history.
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yemen the north south divide this time i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds mean we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get it on join us in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly as well those two cultures north and south america have to take very important points for al-jazeera t.v. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage the bit where every day but the message is a simplistic you have the frame that good logical rational crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides
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a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks it was an announcement if you were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds oh and i can't stop thinking about the bullies my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of rolled in just have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. to a chorus of international condemnation white house officials say u.s. president.


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