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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about the bullies my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of injured have fled ethnic cleansing in me marva bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. to a chorus of international condemnation white house officials say u.s. president donald trump will recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel
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palestinian groups in the occupied west bank called for three days of rage over trucks plan which includes moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv. algis arrives a whole robin coming up in the next thirty minutes closure for the families of argentinean soldiers killed in the fall of one thousand nine hundred two as their remains are finally identified after a forensic investigation plus california while files fueled by high winds forced tens of thousands of people from their homes. welcome to the program palestinian leaders in the occupied west bank are calling for three days of rage over u.s. plans to recognize jerusalem as the capital. israel and relocate the american
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embassy to the city the trump administration's move has sparked international condemnation and warnings from across the world the saudi king says the move will inflame the feelings of muslims while the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is warning of dangerous consequences the status of the city is at the core of the israeli palestinian conflict the international community does not recognize jerusalem as israel's capital it is home to sacred religious sites for muslims jews and christians palestinian leaders have long said the capital of their future state will be located there she had returned see has more from washington d.c. . well that's beautiful at the white house there was no sense of the international uproar that's been caused by donald trump's forthcoming speech announcing the u.s. is recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital this is a campaign promise to keep trump financial donors like las vegas casino magnate sheldon adelson and his poor right wing evangelical base whom the president needs
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now moving ever as his popularity ratings plummet throughout the day the president briefed the regional leaders which led to this question at the state department briefing i'm wondering if you can say that the that he's gotten the support of anyone for any decision that he might make so again i'm not going to characterize those conversations minutes later the white house press secretary was similarly callie about the decision i'm not going to get ahead of the president's remarks that he'll make tomorrow to say other than israel which thinks that this move is twenty two years overdue that all of the feedback he's been getting from world leaders is overwhelmingly negative so no again he spoke with five leaders that's hardly indicative of everybody across the globe mr president the fifth leader the president called was the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu israeli politicians have welcomed trucks decision on jerusalem the israeli mayor of the city so that the embassy move could take two minutes by switching the sign on the
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current u.s. consulate in west jerusalem administration officials who didn't want publicly to be named later said that was not going to happen more about building a new embassy would take at least three to four years to the question of whether that means of this decision could be reversed if president doesn't stay on for a second term the officials insisted once the process of planning and you embassy begins it would reach its conclusion they also said the president was simply affirming what they called quote reality both historical moment that connect to the state of israel to the city they argued issues of sovereignty would not change and said that not moving the embassy since it was required by congress in one thousand nine hundred five had not made any difference to the peace process but trumpet ministration was still committed to a two state solution they said if that's what both parties wanted. but with reports over the weekend that the president's middle east envoy. is pushing
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a saudi backed plan that gives israel formal control of all of jerusalem it appears that drum's announcement on wednesday will be in keeping with the direction of his administration's emerging middle east policy she average hands the al-jazeera washington. news of the possible move as i get palestinians in the occupied west bank dozens of protesters gathered outside the church of the nativity in bethlehem they set fire to posters with donald trump's image our position the position of the president this is very clear and. this is going to be moved to jerusalem this is again. this is this would be unacceptable for our son. if this happens it would complicate things it would put an obstacle to the peace process maybe it would be the end of the peace process hopefully. the nation would back from this decision. well let's go live to our reporter beth is
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standing by for a second guard that's got to hurry for cities outside damascus gated occupied east jerusalem but nobody wants to preempt what president troubled past to say but what what does what sort of word is coming out from israel the israeli hierarchy and politicians. but we've been hearing from some israeli ministers and senior politicians you heard from she had that piece of the marriage or islam is already been speaking about this talking about his gratitude from the bottom of his heart for this move the israeli transport minister as well saying that declaring jerusalem the capital of israel would be far more consequential far more important than moving the embassy from tel aviv here and that is of course what we are expecting from donald trump later on on wednesday what we haven't heard yet is an official reaction from benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister either to the conversation he had with donald trump on tuesday or his official stance on exactly
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what we're expecting from donald trump and his reaction to this presumed declaration of jerusalem is these really capital as far as the u.s. is concerned he is scheduled to be giving a speech just about now though i just a little bit west of here at a a conference an annual conference given by a local a national newspaper a diplomatic conference that was a prearranged event his speaking there of course is being watched extremely closely we have heard as well from the other side of israeli politics the meretz party one of the left wing parties here the leader of that party saying that really this could cause an explosion and if there is no need to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem well the laws of physics often say however that with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction to one of the consequences on the ground what are you hearing where you are. well people here are obviously angry already
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we've spoken to some local people here not quite east jerusalem we've been talking about this is insanity saying that it totally contradicts the whole idea of a two state solution with a chair or divided capital between east and west jerusalem you saw that relatively small protest in bethlehem and overnight there has been this call for three days of rage and perhaps more importantly what we're hearing from the palestinian authority and officials there and people from the p.l.o. is that this would mark a huge break with the united states that the peace process would essentially be dead that the united states could no longer be an honest broker and even. weeks potentially months out from donald trump's peace plan to which according to the u.s. officials that she had was quoting the u.s. is still committed as far as the palestinians are concerned if this declaration were made that means that the united states is entirely on the israeli side on this most crucial issue even if it tries to phrase even if donald trump tries to phrase
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it in a way that allows for some definition of exactly what that means in a final settlement or final negotiated settlement of the palestinians concerned that would be too late the u.s. has chosen sides definitively or leave it there for now enjoyed you through the day as we get more reaction well there has been strong global condemnation and concern about the intended move at least a dozen leaders and organizations her voice strong opposition to the plan saying it would destabilize the middle east and contravene international law even britain's foreign ministers now join the fray boris johnson is one of the latest to voice his concern here just a few of the many voices that have been speaking out. mr trump jerusalem is a red line for muslims. we will follow the struggle to the very last moment with determination and we could even go right up to cutting our diplomatic relations with israel. a way must be found through negotiations to resolve the status of
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jerusalem as the future capital of the states so that the aspiration of both parties can be fulfilled. the council of ministers rejects this step and expresses its utmost concern regarding this step as well as the moving of the american embassy to jerusalem the iraqi government warns of the consequences of this decision on the stability of the area and the world ignoring the rights of palestinians and the arab and muslim world and other religions. that are indications that the united states in the coming days recognized capital by the way without consulting with the. consequences a step would have germany's position on the should remains unchanged the solution agilis a lame problem can only be found. between the two parties or the corresponding balance with joins me now from historically in recent years. politicians have been
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quite hard line in their reaction and approach to israel what sort of reaction are we hearing at the moment. so those genuine anger here i mean what donald trump is expected to say has managed to unite all the palestinian factions here at the moment here in gaza already that have been running gaza in the process of handing over control to the palestinian or power to a unity deal but it's been pushed by the egyptians well this is only in effect six helped drive that unity further together hamas has pledged its support to mahmoud abbas the palestinian presidency in his approach to want from is expected to say another palestinian factions as well this is the beginning of a protest in central gaza protests a big call for across the palestinian territories three days of rage are being called for one of the speakers has just been saying that what we're seeing here is
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a ball of fire will only grow in the size genuine anger really here so of course is going to bring in that three days of rage muted over the occupied west bank and now as you say repeated where you are in gaza that the level of anger can't be underestimated for our international viewers because people palestinians in the occupied territories have been dealing with this issue of occupation for decades. while of course the status of jerusalem is central to the future of any palestinian state but you will hear despite particularly here in gaza where life is extraordinarily difficult day to day lives extraordinarily difficult stream a high sixty to eighty percent unemployment very difficult for people to get by in their daily lives nevertheless despite all of those other frustrations of day a lot this particular issue. everything and everybody feels extraordinarily strong
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about jerusalem as it's known arabic and for the palestinians this is a future capital city is. see that prospective capital essentially snatched away from the. proposed declaration by the palestinian american president. cannot be borne the people would say well for them i will leave it there but it will follow this with you throughout the day thank you well still ahead here on out as a relatives of colombians wrongfully executed by the army seek justice plus an anniversary libya's government hosts a ceremony honoring families of victims lost in the battles against i saw you stay with us here.
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welcome back and i will look at weather conditions across southeastern parts of asia first of all discovering showers across the philippines across borneo we'll see some showers developing but nothing untoward. still a risk of some showers here along north coast in particular and then as we move through them in a pinch is fine for singapore in kuala lumpur but further north across southern parts of taiwan still looking very white in the bank looking largely dry and that continues through friday. we should find dry weather conditions across this region where there has been a lot of flooding in recent days so let's head down into a straight here we've seen some really severe storms across parts of victoria and new south wales we should gracia this area of low pressure moving away so as we look at the forecast dry conditions are for melbourne city still looking fine highs of thirty degrees but with a southerly out late struggling at just eighteen degrees fine conditions across western areas for perth plenty of sunshine now moving on into friday i think sydney should stay dry but temperatures will be sliding away gradually moving across into
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new zealand where it's generally fine in recent days we've got high pressure sitting there through much of the fine across the north on a high as a twenty four in oakland and largely drawing christchurch highs of twenty nine. a daring road trip across west africa on a mission to redefine a continent too often misrepresented. the weapon of choice digital camera since. it was sold one little venue after the gun for doug i feel takes on the rainy season on its quest for the next even as story of creative gun the land of invisible war this this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back up the whole robin you're watching al-jazeera these are all top stories president donald trump is expected to announce on wednesday that the u.s. will officially recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and plans to relocate the american embassy that white house officials confirmed the news at a press call briefing palestinian leaders are calling for three days of rage and protests against the move president mahmoud abbas says it would have dangerous consequences. as we had to have other top story that we're following here al-jazeera that's fighting has escalated to the saudi led coalition that hooty fighters overnight in northern yemen sutter's province is near the saudi border the area is a hoot the stronghold of the fighting has forced dozens of families to flee from
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their homes and the u.s. says it's extremely concerned about the increased violence if you have been following the killing of the ousted president. on monday it follows a similar statement from the u.n. security council in particular their call on parties to immediately provide safe rapid anie hindered. and sustained commercial and humanitarian access to the populations of all affected governorates. through all of yemen and ports and airports most importantly who did are board and sunnah your board the member of the security council urged all size appalled their obligations under international humanitarian law. now the gulf cooperation council summit in coate has ended early dashing hopes of a breakthrough in the blocs biggest crisis in decades relations have been strained
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since saudi arabia bahrain or the u.a.e. cut ties with catherine jude while coates foreign minister says the bloc remains crucial to regional stability only kuwait and qatar said heads of state just before the summit the u.a.e. announced a new economic and military partnership with saudi arabia separate from the g.c.c. . five cd a colombian military officers are being investigated for killing civilians who were wrongly accused of being guerrilla fighters as many as three thousand colombians many of those were allegedly killed by the army to boost the government's campaign against rebels and the sad event here to reports are from bogota for almost ten years lose many and has been searching for the truth about the killing of her son failure to learn out of the. lurd by fake job recruiters he left home and then returned alive months later she was told by officials that for you to west's killed in a clash between fired gravels and the military and that her son was the rebels local
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commander you know. that could have been his case even if he was twenty six years old he was like a little boy in an adult's body he had the mental capacity of an eight year old he never learned to read or write and had a physical disability and his right leg and arm. was just one of many who disappeared over a period of six years most were found in mass graves dressed like rebels in time investigators discovered that during the presidency. at least three thousand colombians were killed by the military or were victims of an apparent effort by soldiers to boost casualty figures driven by performance related bonuses a little over eight hundred military members have been sentenced so far in what has become known as the false positive scandal almost all of them soldiers.
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but human rights again is ations allege senior military officials played a pivotal role in the killings however few have been charged in coming days one general and four colonels will be promoted despite being under investigation interestingly enough their wrestle mess has been. playing or doctoring. to eliminate relevant information. during that period the defense minister says the senior officers have the full confidence of the government. and. nobody on the promotion list is under formal penal investigation those who are have nothing. this means the resume is good to continue serving colombia. that is not surprising. we see no light at the end of the road not the truth nor that those truly responsible ever be judged. after all these years lose my only hope is for the
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international criminal court to intervene if colombia fails to bring gertrud injustice alison. hundreds of argentinean troops who were buried as of those soldiers on the disputed fault of islands have been identified relatives now have the chance to bring the remains of their loved ones home truths about reports of what is ira's not a mug or mrs brother a lot of the was nineteen years old when he went to war and was killed. that was thirty five years ago and norma has traveled from the remote north of argentina to the capital to find out whether her brother's remains have been positively identified. i am very anxious them very upset because i'm not sure whether they have found him my mother died a few months ago waiting for this we need to know and be able to give him a proper burial we need to know whether they have found him in. argentina and the
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united kingdom went to war when argentine troops invaded the british control of. which the argentine. during the two months of fighting two hundred fifty five british troops and nearly six hundred fifty argentine soldiers were killed about twenty percent of the soldiers killed in that war where an identified buried in graves marked only by a simple message i didn't i and soldier only known to god according to a report by the international committee of the red cross out of one hundred twenty one graves eighty eight of them were clearly identified the relatives of those who were killed during the war were brought here to this building where they're informed whether their loved ones where. they would be there has been working identifying victims in war zones for decades he says working on the islands was not easy. it was a complex process that took
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a very long time but the red cross formed the team that involved experts be different specialties from all around the world working on the islands was difficult because of the conditions there but it was successful. what made possible the identification process was an agreement between the u.k. and argentina with the assistance of the red cross it this agreement was based on humanitarian law and it's an umbrella that unites all those aside from the conflict . that exists between countries that we will have to resolve but also shows that when the end benefit everyone the objectives can be achieved on tuesday not a model mace was told that her brother in law out of the was among those identified she's now hoping to eventually return her brother to the disputed islands where he was killed to be buried in a grave with a stone that will bear his name. russia's
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committee is calling a move to ban the country from the next winter olympics unjust and immoral the international olympic committee says russian athletes will still be able to compete individually but only under a neutral flag and if they can prove they are clean the ban comes after an investigation into russia's state orchestrated doping program the competition will be held in the south korean city appealing chang in february. the russian olympic is suspended with immediate effect. in the reader in the russian else leads will be able to. under strict conditions at the olympic winter games your child in two thousand and eighteen the president of the russian olympic committee mr alexander's book of is suspended as an i.o.c. member given his membership is linked to its position as president of the russian olympic committee well in ukraine the former president of georgia has been
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given twenty four hours to surrender to police after supporters there helped him escape custody because his value spent three years in exile was freed soon after ukrainian security agency dragged him from his home in georgia has requested his extradition to criminal charges including abuse of power so he really says the accusations are politically motivated. now the leader of the syrian opposition has accused president bashar assad's government of rejecting the peace talks in geneva and a three hour drive us back negotiations aimed at ending syria's war began last week talks were paused over the weekend both sides were expected to return to the swiss city on tuesday but the government delegation was a no show so now it is there is most ability of the international community it is those responsibilities of. their shares and their special envoy to announce to the lord. this is dictating then they will she action we are here and we will continue
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your. solution which achieve the spirit. libya's national accord government hosted an event to mark the first anniversary of isis defeat in the city of sirte the government has been compensating other warding families of the victims many have been invited by government forces as a show of appreciation for their sacrifices but who reports now from the ceremonies in misrata. the libyan city of misrata remembers its fallen men. ice and incident last year. hear their families receive an award for them it's a time to remember this is places that we're made. for we have already started compensating the families today's event is just a symbolic awarding and a commemoration for those that we've lost we have also been taking care of the wounded and we're still chasing i saw affiliates outside assert. on the wall there
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are pictures of the important moments caught on camera during the war. and people are probably watching how their relatives led those fears to battles more than seven hundred fighters who were killed fighting against myself inserted last year most of them are from misrata. the victims' families who are here today seem to have accepted their losses but many others are still in distress. at his family's house in misrata and money shows us the words of his fallen brother omar twenty year old was killed inserted in a suicide car bomb but i still in august last year. on mars memories are always there in our minds he's a martyr and in paradise god willing that he died with dignity and honor but he
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truly left behind a huge vacuum in our life. but it is different in the eyes of ten year old to fall to. remembers the good times with her late brother. this is my brother omar may god have mercy on his soul and that's me and that's my brother guys we were in the car going to the market. many younger volunteers joined the seven month long battle that ended with isis defeat in sirte most of them were untrained but joined with enthusiast him unfazed suicide attacks like these. are the loss of her brother has weighed heavily on her. family hopes it won't have a lasting impact. misurata. now wildfires fueled by high winds have destroyed at least one hundred fifty homes in southern california with
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many more under threat thirty thousand californians have been forced from their homes and work on some of hollywood's best known t.v. productions has had to stop alan fischer reports. it really isn't it the extent of the fires in southern california can be best seen at night fanned by one hundred kilometer an hour winds that tearing through the countryside thousands have left their homes many under mandatory evacuation orders the fire is pushing quickly towards the city of ventura we are making sure we are out ahead of the fire making sure we have evacuated in advance of the fire and we're basically leapfrogging our engines doing structure defense as a fire proceeds. more than five hundred firefighters walk through the night doing what they could to bring the flames under control but more than one hundred fifty structures have gone many more are under threat. the very nerve wracking to see a fire up in the canyon headed your way just i mean just be ready and just don't
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wait. the fires are causing huge power outages more than a quarter of a million people in the area no have no electricity officials what he did at the pace of the flames telling locals get out while you can you must abide by these evacuation notices we saw the disasters and the losses that happened up north in sonoma and this is a fast very dangerous moving fire in a towbar california suffered its most destructive wildfire in history forty three people died there's no indication how this latest fire started alan fischer. french rock n roll giant johnny hallyday has died from lung cancer the seventy four year old single often compared to elvis and frogs sold more than one hundred million records and started many films halliday and launched his career with a lot of sixty's and is credited with introducing rock n roll in order to from this .
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you're watching all of his their homes a whole raft of these are all top stories president donald trump is expected to announce on wednesday that. the u.s. will officially recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and has plans to relocate the american embassy there from tel aviv white house officials confirm the news in a plea for. palestinian leaders also calling for three days of rage in protest against the move president mahmoud abbas says it could have dangerous consequences . in other news the u.s. says extremely concerned about the increased violence in yemen following the killing of the ousted president earlier on monday it follows a similar statement from the u.n. security council in particular their call on parties to immediately provide safe rapid and the hindered and sustained commercial and humanitarian access to the populations of all affected governorates. through all of human and
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forwards and boards most importantly who didn't board and sunnah your board the member of the security council urged all size appalled their obligations under international humanitarian law the gulf cooperation council summit has ended early dashing hopes of a breakthrough in the blocs biggest crisis of decades relations have been strained since saudi arabia bahrain and cut ties with qatar in june now the main opposition in honduras is demanding either a full recount toroid runoff vote to end the stalemate over last month's presidential election the authorities have failed to declare an official with us barking violent protests and a curfew. the russian olympic team has been banned from the next winter olympics for de picket fences the international olympic committee says russian athletes will
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still be able to compete individual but only under a neutral flag if they can prove they are clean the president of the russian olympic committee has also been suspended the south korean city appealing china good february will host the wood to libya those were the headlines here on al-jazeera we have more in thirty minutes to stay with us is next. hour jus' iraq where ever you. twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of excuse me but it's been a long box a wonder that he has a goal for doug i feel was a colonial to government had a right to free.


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