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tv   Mongolia The Last Eagle Hunters  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2017 1:32am-2:01am +03

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the first head the first by a turkish head of state for sixty five years but all disputes are overshadowing the state visit reject thai border and said the one nine hundred twenty three treaty that settled turkey's borders after world war one is not being applied fairly but greek president pretty cool this little list rejected any changes russia's military says eisel has been completely defeated in syria the syrian observatory for human rights which monitors the conflict says eisel still holds about eighty percent of a sort of pull things off foreign minister sergei lavrov says north korean leader kim jong un wants direct talks with the u.s. to seek guarantees for his security that passed on pyongyang's desire for direct talks to us secretary of state waits to listen and they met on the sidelines of a conference in vienna on thursday russia's previously accused the u.s. of acting aggressively towards north korea. more than twelve thousand homes are under threat from huge wildfires in the u.s. state of california two hundred thousand people have been ordered to evacuate as
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the far as now into the city of los angeles schools highways and film productions have shut down firefighters say just five percent of the blaze is contained with more hot dry winds still forecast those are your headlines you're up to date still about zero one zero one east is coming up next thanks as always for your company. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily the start his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. in the depths of winter the northeast among can be in hospital until you meet the people. here the wildlife here is tough they are tougher for
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centuries surviving against the odds. but now it's the modern world threatening to destroy their age old culture. on this episode we discover the world of the mongolian eagle hunters and those determined to give it a future. we've come to one of the world's least hospitable places in the depths of winter. this is the time to find the practitioners of an ancient disappearing tradition the last agle hunters of mongolia.
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to get to the authentic eagle hunt is we have to in the jewish some extreme conditions minus forty to grace and we also have to venture into some of the most isolated places on these planets and we hope this trusty russian jade do the job. there are no roads. so we stick to the valley floors. it feels like we've landed on another planet. there's little water and no vegetation. we hear of one eagle hunter who's training his son to kick the traditional life. but there are no phones or internet we just have to go there and hope he'll talk to us.
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so this is back. ok thank you. very good. guy yeah. thank you thank you not broken lives with three generations of his family including the new with grandchild. in the evening they give us the traditional welcome the best.
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she seeks here. comes. the. khaki pants and he. was almost. complete. mess with. the with. nothing is wasted spine stomach intestines organs it's all here everyone shares an aids with their hands to build stronger bones. that's what makes you know what is for you the first part we eat meat a lot that's why here you go he has really cold dry and for the next
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ten days mate is pretty much all we. can buy can identify ten generations of a go hunt is in his family. the golden eagle is at the core of the culture that survived more than a thousand years. it's taken as an egress from the nest and raised as there are a unique bond built between birds and hard times. it's a region you have i know what it was in the combat. the. clock doesn't start us all a likeness of the eagle eyes are ten times sharper than the human eye the leather hoods are used to keep them calm it ensures that they're alert when they're released for the hunts. you're.
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so lucky. because. some saw through you and i get through there was another look at his sourced about forty birds for his fellow eagle hunters over the years but he says this is. it's one of the best hunt his he's had he's built total trust with her. you know. that.
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you know. he would. only. go hunting was once mostly about getting food and first pick clothing these days it's more about maintaining culture. there are probably only about sixty eagle hunters left. some do it just for the tourists. the firies that the real hunt is diane's within a generation. price they can survive. whether they do might depend on his youngest son but.
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it takes. five years of training to earn the title eagle hunter. seventeen year old but bergen is in the final stages himself as much. the lost not lost not b. to be different. cockney but i felt. kind of last month with this list of us middle. like all of us. now but bergen has to land the eagle on he's off a rabbit peltries used to lower the birds.
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on his that isn't there because his name is sold to go one better than the other i'm going to be you know just as it is that just soon as you write a book truculent i like to. hear you have. looked up and down the track of language. the. eagle hunt is a cousin of the cultures of five to miss remote corner of mongolia. in neighboring kazakhstan their traditions were lost when soviet rule forced them into collective farms. they're still nomads and in spring they'll
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take their animals and move to new passages one hundred kilometers away. it's a hard life and daily chores like sourcing water from snow are a constant struggle. on the christian community. in the time when you will want. to miss five. still causes. you do also want to games on.
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bourke and understands life is changing and knows he may lose his son to city life . by. yes sure. both my and this is me but getting the scenes of hiking in the virtual us i'm all alone i mean if you go in the nude on cloud simply jewellers so i can win that you didn't bother. to notion that i thought of backing john rice made me buckwheat in the cheek something. so i was there. to sing off high
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enough i thought was the big challenge and seeing the violence i see of our youth if he checked out. this is what it's all about. the hunt is the culmination of all the hunters skills and knowledge. they can stay out for wakes and generally work and take. the ego's a care toward it and perched on a wooden crutch is they have to be carried for days. with come in winter the peak time for hunting with fox in rabbit furs a stick and food is scarce.
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on that skag is there no cause and i see a little good sign me. all of you want you to put in something good to watch the co the chump. get us in the mouth about. their new bones the yard while i come up for my molly both. how much subsequent to the course is. to communicate with us congress why they are going to a lot of all of. us. over. our country and him to put himself on charm and so. they get to the top of the hill and the wind is howling. they watch in white. scanning the mountains in the valleys around them for hours.
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and i tell you getting it way would know what to do with their tomas not play with us. this is what eagles a born to do. suddenly a fox is spotted. for a moment it looks like it's going to get away. but the fox is wounded and the thirty gets her cry.
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from. the dead foxes legs a fed to the eagles as a reward. they will be given the hot and lungs as well. the owner of the eagle that brought down the price will get the pelts it will be proudly worn as a symbol of success. in a valley near by one of the oldest and most respected hunters he's contemplating the future. seventy five year old couple cock hunted every winter for fifty years he's team was legendary they would spend entire winters on the hunt. in this room. tracking
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a wolf killing livestock. it took a wake to bring it down. kabul cox says today's young men like the passion of their fathers. and also some of the vehicles. down the legal system. but some young people are interested and they challenging thousand year old traditions women joining the hot. thank. you young girl called i shall pant is winning fame as the star of a hit documentary the eagle huntress. the film has
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had an international release but it's the first time kabul kok has seen its he says it's not acceptable couldn't shoot digital. on a. generation to tell what. sort of such. so they're going to. but across these mountains. i shall pan has inspired others. the town of told is like others in the region it's conservative and muslim. women are usually married by the time they're eighteen or nineteen race the kids and look after the heart. but it's here we found fourteen year old by the time she's the most unlikely candidate to be in
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a go hunter she is small and shy but she is determined to succeed. just took a bullet. through. buying us the better. that i did today that developed what still a bullet hole that. her father can buy told her is a respected eagle hunter he's backing his daughter every step of the way and a bottle. is what other. can do and. almost other. then you get a lot of them but. you could look at them to them as well that their gender got
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but the book. or intellect. he's been teaching her for three years they spend every weekend training. exists numbers to. look good to them yet it was a good. to do you know old enough to hold up hold those room do talk among the dead of you when we spot and it's going on but school and this is there was not a kid holding the tough love kid good and didn't. have to say that just wouldn't. pull it means freedom and escape from a future already laid out for most young girls. i was there one night and can also . go so fast and. don't think in your post explained it best to move the ball. at first but
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to struggle even to carry diego which can why up to eight kilograms. it took her a year to build up the strength. now the bigger test but but to have. to cold and land the agle on her.
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it shows she's developing a relationship with the birds. gaslamp talk about. i don't know how it got on. when an eagle is nearly as big as you it's not that easy to control. fix up quicker . doc says dawson. just then that's her that's helen's sort of assault on the pup on exhibit through thought of us who took her from one of them to i don't see that the thing was good here in this sort of them alleged underwear and the president and them into tufts it was
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a loop do this you'll have to hustle so in just a buncha is her father's sole hope to maintain the family's hunting tradition its three older brothers were all sent to university in the city and stayed there for work. and they're going to one of the south. sets of problems so out of that the. on the whole i'm a i was in the mud about a day you know one of the popped up in the phone put up. on weekdays but it goes to the local high school she wants to be a teacher or a journalist and believes she can keep the eagle hunting is well. the bottom may not realize it but she's inspiring her classmates. what. does she think women can do anything that you do.
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while. you get to there. and what does you think about the girl's story how to is a good thing or a bad thing. or not. or what story what she wanted to. do you know. jesse. i want. this. back in the valley where we match off first they're not bothered by girls hunting. birken has a much bigger worry. and i mean to put away meaning by like this we're causing you to do is just done. you know by like he's doing your job for you and you could
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always just got a good deal out and sit. on. you don't let out a little. john jones just as i'm. general i'm somebody to look but as time. and distance. he did what they were doing. they still time enough birken hopes for a son but to master his hunting skills. that many. other critters have seen about them and not. you know while the you know that's his dick there isn't an. oily. given that it was all good they don't always take the eclipse from the nest
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sometimes they trap young adults and time them. luck and it was lucky that. this tradition is under pressure but young. it's in good hands. come this is going to throw something in the media most of that has to begin with us who told. us that he looked at the.
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arts. a new perspective can change your world. for one chin is ian what began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so instilling in his country a sense of freedom and strength. new heights my chin is at this time on al-jazeera. the obstacles to being a female for doug to find kenya simply made the challenge law appealing to bob but on the needs she. now with a single red dress countless volunteers and the power of her land she is exploring
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the lives of women from all kenyan walks of life the unique tales that sets them apart and the shared experiences that bind them together. they knew after the gun photography at this time on al-jazeera ahead of the september twenty fourth that's full of action so they showed job as a satisfied for the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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