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tv   1975 - 1996  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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after four years imprisoned in cairo ibrahim holloa talks to al-jazeera at this time the nature news as it breaks the last time senegal qualified for the world cup was in two thousand and fifteen years on and hopes to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage tied to imagine of only seven years ago people were living right here. now deceased has taken over their land from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to khorat a missed opportunity abroad. i really still liberated as a journalist was told i was getting to the truth as it always does with his jokes about. how i'm on the top stories on al-jazeera. one palestinian has been killed and more
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than seven hundred injured in violent clashes with israeli forces across the occupied territories the protest as were rallying against the u.s. president's recognition and jerusalem as israel's capital and when the say sorry force imports from occupied east jerusalem. two days after donald trump's announcement the first fatality of the protests it sparked came in gaza israeli troops firing across the border fence with live ammunition. earlier thousands marched through gaza's jabaliya refugee camp house leaders are calling for a new palestinian uprising. these marches will not stop until the liberation of jerusalem god willing they want only being severed also in the west bank and in the territories of one thousand nine hundred forty eight. in ramallah in the occupied west bank stone throwing protesters sheltered behind tire smoke and improvised barricades the israeli military had mobilized thousands of extra troops in
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anticipation. there was similar scenes in bethlehem just days ago the city ushered in the christmas season with fireworks now it's teargassed streaking the sky. and at the focus of it all there were protests too in occupied east jerusalem at the old city's damascus gate after friday prayers hundreds gathered regular scuffles punctuating and otherwise relatively peaceful protest there been sporadic clashes one of them is taking place right now it seemed to start when a young child needed medical attention there was shouts from the steps where people been protesting and then some people rushed down to where police security forces cordoned off where that child was being treated just a few kilometers away in west jerusalem an entirely different sort of a day president trump is a very good trailer for israel. he was promising every poll before the
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elections and the. i think it's time. to accomplish his promises i think it's good. i don't think we need a proof from anyone babs. i think it's a bit dramatic and we're worried to officially recognize jerusalem the u.s. vice president stood behind donald trump during wednesday's announcement the palestinian leadership now says mike pence would be welcome in the occupied west bank when he visits the region later this month it says the u.s. is disqualified itself from leading a peace process this goal of a two state solution looks at a further from near three fourths that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. the un security council has held an emergency meeting to discuss trance declaration the palestinian ambassador warned the status of jerusalem was a red line for his people jerusalem significance to the palestinian people
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moslems and christian cannot be underestimated president abbas in his statement of six december clearly affirmed our historic national and religious attachment to the holy city his declaration along with those by palestinian officials and millions of palestinian citizens should leave nor questioned jerusalem is a matter of priority and redline for palestinians and the u.s. strong winds continue to fan massive wildfires around the city of los angeles one person has been killed and several others are being treated in hospital over two hundred thousand people have been evacuated from their homes and about five hundred buildings have been destroyed by the flames that have already sr oid around five hundred sixty square kilometers of land. a deal has been reached between the u.k. and the european union allowing breck sit near c.h.s.
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to move on to the next stage trade talks have stalled over citizens' rights after breakfast the u.k. so-called divorce payment and in particular the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland u.k. and the e.u. agree there will be no hard border between the two. stay with us here in algiers there at once upon a time in punchbowl is next. to us right in front of it or to get away from the war that was happening at the top. and they came in to restart their life. as a miner and when i first arrived at this rally i like it i i struggled it was very difficult. i wanted to give us the data but it. was
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a play of the beginning so much like there isn't for us the law. for us. for decades lebanese families come to a stranger to build a better life and escape the destruction of. that many and demonized in a new land. to. get rid of this multiculturalism because that is kind of odd. then after fifteen years of immigration from lebanon anglo and arab australia is divided by the first gulf war they're being confronted with a choice between doing either. because up to now the multicultural story is both . you know arab first. i already answered this question are going to start a citizens. stores trailer and i shouldn't be asked about this. on modesty tweets
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if there's a study i'll tell you the debate on the blog about this so well. in one thousand nine hundred a tiny criminal minority become drug dealing gangsters define the police gang we believe what. in two thousand and one terrorism raises fears that arab australians are an enemy within the party of terrorism for the rival in all of my five years later and our intention explodes into one of the most infamous race riots in a strain in history culture to the middle east who bought into the weekend it is now that we have been in the eye pressure cooker effect for so tedious for people converged on chronology a chance to know what the hell. what happened on that sunday in court all of it is a black or for a country. and
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i live in asia one stone is what i am what i don't know i am a strong man i am lebanese i am muslim i'm up by a majority i'm a child i'm all that i want this is a story of what it's like to be live in a nice and colas trying. we have a striving and this is our homeland and says where we belong and this is what we have. when i was on little kid remember like you know my knees that were shaking up in there and just because like you know i don't know when i'm going to draw it. all
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lost not only my brother lost my friend. almost my name but. to many people and. to many people i love. nadi is silent and her husband col makes during the lebanese civil war between one hundred seventy five and ninety ninety an estimated one hundred fifty thousand people killed in the fighting involving muslim and christian militias backed by complex political alliances. a million people are forced to flee their homes and. news media at that time was quite scarce our member my father having to wipe it up at about three o'clock in the morning to two need to b.b.c. news because the lebanese civil war was not widely covered and he needed to look more information about which surely it was heat and what was happening.
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joe watkins family is part of the small but influential christian lebanese community living in astray since the late nineteenth century. the astray in christian lebanese have powerful connections in politics industry and the law. but they are still a tiny minority and the war is a distant problem far from most astray and lives. people were anxious and they're on the phone talk ridiculously low towers trying to get day the reassurances. that's the point where lee starts saying to the australian government you have to risk you these people are going to be annihilated. in the mid seventy's the fraser government changes immigration conditions to cope with an
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international refugee crisis and a fifteen year exodus begins. around thirty thousand lebanese people settle in astray or. sun poorly educated from small remote villages. others members of an educated middle class. the decision to come to this trailer is not easy decision is a hard decision and simple reason because i love lou and i love the country where i born. journalist immigrated to australia after ten years of war. and like many of his generation the pain he experiences leaving his shattered homeland is aged by the promise of a better life. i wasn't going to spend. a
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lot from above that this real fall sea between the darling harbor an opera house. and since i've seen this beach or. this is my country. this is the country we all want to spin my wrist off life. four years later he returned to live and on to visit his family and makes his future wife now earlier. we got engaged. and then he came back to australia and i meant to come back to australia but. a port was shut down and i tried to travel on on the boat from barrett to cyprus. i remember we had about two hundred travellers and all the sudden arm bar
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started if we where. and fortunately one bomb had hit the bridge we were on so we had on brocks of flying everywhere like you know everyone was screaming and yelling you couldn't see anything it was pitch dark. and i nearly lost my life forces yeah. after two days hiding in a bomb shelter ninety of finally makes it back to her village and her family i wipe it from the taxi saying hello to them. like now i'm laughing. i guess i should be saying like. thank god i'm still alive.
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my parents are originally from aaa and the world is that i knew it was falling apart around them. not only was there life in potential danger but who knows what the future would hold. punchbowl boys high principle jehad deve is still a baby when his parents joined the mass migration that will radically change their lives. where i'm really proud of them is they left everything for this i give myself. to start a new life and understanding that they really were going into the online. shopping cart. to see. if your
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arriving in australia from living on and the most popular song on the radio is ted mowery any song jump in my car it's going to be a fairly because society that you're in training and try to make sense for many muslims arriving at the notion of public drunkenness was something that was not part of the culture it's a good mystic culture of self enjoyment and celebration of pleasure. so the whole social world that they are in tree is very different to what they had to experience more so in fact than any other if the community that arrived during the previous twenty five years or so. and this is where many lebanese families will call home the white working class and immigrant suburbs of southwest sydney canterbury locanda bankstown riverwood
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and punchbowl. nobody seems able to say how many lebanese arrived in the last two months but it's going to be between it's a story of struggle repeated in family after family outside is fighting to survive father's battling to feed their family there were no jobs and they were turned away from one hundred houses before getting this one by saying that they had only two children. but now airing two hundred dollars in rent a family have been served with an addiction notice. in the. not in cities and 1980's a strenuous model of immigrant settlement is a bit shonky what you've got is a national ideology of multiculturalism you don't yet have a well developed network of things like migrant resource centers and all those sorts of things that become very much part of the story later on in the history of settlement. or reality or.
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that middle of a. shadow. i know which i look. at that confirm that where you and i were then level i shout out that even. though that this way. if i'm moved. i welcome a little many. d.l. care family immigrants who arrived before the start of the civil war. i can imagine myself don't. get another country don't know the language or know anyone there and just starting up a new life new family. turbine. but like many immigrants in the one nine hundred seventy s. their plan is to earn enough to build a new life and then return home to the country of their birth. we stayed here until
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there was a knot in seventy nine so my dad thought he'd saved up enough money. missed the family back home so sold the house sold everything packed this all up and took us over the lebanon with. that the country is being torn apart by the vicious civil war. it would be normal and then all of a sudden fighting would break there and it was a very surreal experience having lived there early part of my life from australia there when you see the tanks and the army and the shooting and you know and it was right around the house. when i imagine. they're hired women and. political agenda alone. the place where we lived actually got it. the bedroom we used to share my brothers that a noise big goodnight hole that went through it not long after we were. back in
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a strange b.l.k. is settled in punchbowl. we all grew up in in one house a three bedroom house and scott straight punch bowl and that's when my aunties and uncles all to arrive and they used to divide the rooms by putting. ropes up in the room and some blankets over the ropes just to give everyone there a little bit of privacy. so there's about ten kids running around the place and the fun different families living on the same earth. a lot of them ended up after that had their first place with relatives in what we used to call house and commission flats so they were socially very difficult environments to live in to in terms of the exposure they had to a lot of people who had come from it a broken families or low socio economic backgrounds. the housing department of fast flat in can't take food.
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we end in the street. not much better then street imber. doing the wall. when a solid family movie in the local community suffers from the effects of drug addiction and petty crime. it was on the ferry and face on to raise a family it was difficult for us wrists limited english back then. it was extremely difficult ime to allow your children to guy. downstairs in play in the park if you're not supervising them and at times like you know you would be walking around and looking at needles. in the early eighty's astray or falls into deep recession unemployment hits ten percent. the new
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arrivals suffer the highest rate of unemployment of any ethnic group one third don't find jobs and those who do rely on menial labor. or prisoners or ought is in need the mother of other work an occasional. in the navy says either way. this is done in the morning before in the morning. and both on the sun's deal. having a legit guard for six days a week you never see their with a dollar's sordello as they came out of the factory for a cigarette or whatever and though it's very hard. george bashes parents natura and body land in astray or just before the first wave of refugees. order wise as a mum but it's a fairly five dollars a week my ways but if i work overtime forty five bucks they work hard to make my future because they know they have a have
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a direct future for them. but for thousands of the new lebanese astray and there's a barrier to their future in the new world. the assumption that people will learn english really quickly is absolutely force and it files over and over again on the critical place of files is for women. because most women if they're working outside the home they're not working in environments where people speak anything other than arabic. and there are very poor structures for teaching english to women at heart. as you william are up a living is a lead that well it isn't that long and visit sort of the young man at the leading muslim arabs i'm out. must one of them. that's a lot of. the lamb of the man. muslim not loudly and the physio on him that i'm numb to sure less than it is that that.
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put my name on a new governments to learn and use and no one can. i watch skippy i watch. the ice starts to moral law eves i watch a lot of movie how and why i watch the few movie and it'll fish but all the time i watch those two more life because every nice put it's movie only forty years i watched a porch. struggling to communicate into fifteen many lebanese become targets of abuse it's. been easier to bastard what do you think or somebody because you are the lawyer what do you do.
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to be in that world looking whole world. of nobility in the enugu no easy will be looking. at it. and the abuse continues to this day a son when he came to me. and she says to me walk and i tell him i listen to him to me walk i'm was i was you before you. hold that you are twenty years twenty five years i've been here forty forty forty three forty four years i've been a struggle before you for your mom. example to me that. because i'm always in. punchbowl and the suburbs of southwest sydney are a safe haven for refugees escaping the horrors of war. but in the one nine hundred eighty s. many experience racism particularly during
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a time of high unemployment. some are also so traumatized or injured or otherwise disprove that they got involved in heavy alcohol abuse drugs or whatever. within a generation a small number of a strain born lebanese criminals will turn to the drug racket and draw media attention over the use of extreme violence many come from families traumatized by decades of violence in lebanon. one cannot overstate the impact of the psychological and emotional trauma of kind fresh from. many of them including the children who are traumatized by horrific scenes they had witnessed firsthand all the ugliness of war they had seen death they had seen
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decapitation they had seen bombing they had seen their homes and everything to do with their background uprooted so that was psychologically and emotionally extremely traumatic. us thought three men they had. their facts made thing if they are not called them then they can live on. and they know you. and for those same children and the new generation of a strain in born lebanese a different kind of trauma no less insidious continues at. school bicycle but if you know where the client handle somebody and last chance to come in me a million a friend and take the take over the courts if. the sandwich's live in a take it away and fro it or laugh at me. i called wall million tours back in
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those days. george basher was born in australia but to other peoples he is nothing more than an arab outcast. became very angry because i'm thinking up on john wow odyssey to accept it as a strategy that kind of thing about the black kid about the skin so i was born. in india. but you do. pick a fog with with any and all shine a look at me also we look at the many. ways the new of precious. when on the back of it i think our spirit all races and then all recognize that the tamad is there was just part of growing up. as a teenager you had dba experiences extreme racism playing rugby league.
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those a player in the other side and i tackled a man and his response was to call me an f. and wog and if a morgue. and more response was just a bunch of. and all not a person who does those things that i don't lose my temper but it's probably in the walk and it was a greasy beat in. no one of a sudden he's actually brought the rices a moment and that actually hurt it's actually hurt you just think so you still no matter what will always say me as an if and wog greasy and i just i wouldn't a can say not for a consent or sign. so you know from the time of the government i was a very popular but a lot better. i was in a much mentally stuffed from public school. that i didn't like and i just thought the enemy. much of this goes in and.
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and new perspectives can change a wild. so one chin is even what began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and in so installing in his country and sense of freedom and strength. to new heights my chin is yeah at this time on al-jazeera the growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a freedom of the challenge is going to be up to the men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the soldiers of the story want to know the government is not going to do
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the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. singapore is being accused of expanding its coast and illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business smuggling sam when they go take this there and through the sand is our parakeet you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so profound the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound walls at this time on al jazeera. test in london with the top stories on al-jazeera one palestinian has been killed and
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hundreds more injured as palestinians clash with israeli security forces and a day of rage protests that demonstrating against u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is already selling just have been firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters outside the al aksa mosque in occupied east jerusalem and bethlehem alan fischer how small. people here are frustrated the think that if there is ever good possibility of moving towards a peace deal part of that has been taken away from them because the us in their eyes can no longer be treated as honest brokers the secure un security council has held an emergency meeting to discuss trance decoration the palace saying ambassador warn the status of jerusalem with a red line for his people jerusalem significance to the palestinian people most limbs and christian cannot be underestimated president abbas in his statement of six december clearly affirmed our historic national and religious attachment
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to the holy city his declared asian along with those palestinian officials and millions of palestinian citizens should leave nor questioned jerusalem is a matter of priority and redline for palestinians firefighters are battling major wildfires in southern california around the city of los angeles one person has been killed and several others are being treated in hospital strong winds are causing the fires to spread further over two hundred thousand people have been evacuated from their homes a dale has been reached between the u.k. and the european union allowing for access negotiations to move on to the next stage trade talks have stalled over citizens' rights after breakfast the u.k. so called divorce payment and in particular the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland france's president emanuel has called on foreign powers to
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stop interfering in politics in lebanon mccraw has been hosting a meeting in paris on the issue with lebanon's prime minister saad hariri in attendance hariri withdrew his resignation on tuesday a month after he made a surprise announcement to step down austin saudi arabia stay with us here in algiers or once upon a time in punchbowl continues next. the school in the seventy's and eighty's were totally different from what school are these days there was no other choice for them. there were a minority within. a system they fold being victimized marginalized picked on and unfortunately that mentality that existed at the school developed some sense of. non belonging. and for many
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a strain in lebanese families the battles in the schoolyard turn into battles at home. the parents speak little english and ministre in born children speak no arabic they can't communicate with their parents anymore because their parents are still living so back in the nineteen seventies in the middle east and the kid is living in a not in eighty's early ninety's in a strata and it's very different and that communication between the families got lost in getting called warg and all camera and all sorts of a school then you come home. speaking to an arabic all that on any think maybe this goes right maybe i am a walk maybe away. so you affording the australian whatever i don't know. and for parents struggling with english the education of their children becomes a severe test. nine hundred bashes seven children are expected to do well at school
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but she never has an education. one day was very smart. molly office was the lead that he if you ever came second in the class you'll soon israel in croydon is a bit high student. now my mother on the other hand never ever went to school she doesn't matter whether or arabic or even english is never ever experienced in a class where it can be taught but. which are foreign flow locals lawler's a very very strong lady in a very very slowly. i have big family and time tickets. she had her own way and she came to me. what states what. i mean until i'm i carried the right. to tell them have to be smart you have to read it you have to do deeds have to do that but then so my heart some let more life into look me in my heart. that's what
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a time i told them i had i wanted to be doctor i wanted to be solicitor i wanted to be computers man i wanted to something good for your future is. south care and his younger brother sam both go to punchbowl boys high there was probably about seventy people at a more year that actually got into a university of some sort but i was still young back then but you could choose which part you really want to take. but at school they're already on different paths. sal heading towards a university degree with sam looking forward to the lessons of the street. they're. there to. go blind or will. generally in government as you land in honolulu. a. good friend of
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school and to bed enough to principles down your standards is when the for so and so on. translate into that i'm doing well at school and principal just want to. compliment mae and compliment you on raising the way you have and. as we walk and working out of the office our thoughts were of get away over here. though there are big picture walks into the office and he was in your mother and from the from of the days of the shop and his lawyer now your son got this wonderful one two three four and looked at me like what. you're a good student i get a letter. there was another story that got another building over on. the. with another of those. but i'll stop it after that you've given it a belligerent and harley. on the rare developer to deal with
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the. odd relation. with a good deal of dollars they should be kept. and after school on the streets of south west sydney many australian lebanese teenagers drift away from their parents' dreams of a university education. and drift towards the excitement of easy money from petty crime was the break in the places for the sake of bloody getting shirts and drinks and lollies and stuff like that ought to get a hundred dollars in our ideals just it was it sounds. it was a general and for us. i was hey we have a couple of blocks that i should behave or get into firstly every day. when you don't have many prospects with your education we have many prospects would
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you work with have any prospects for the future we have many prospects in a community that the you live in. it's really appealing to do the wrong thing get quick money it's really pretty because for that one moment you could be a little bit of a superstar. if you know a few you belong to someone or something or a bill. your ability to find someone who's a sahm i want you in the begin to be your friends. to a dog and about a minority of those kids who felt trapped in that gang like mentality that it build against their teachers against the principle that it build against the police . they looked at criminal. activities as a way out of poverty brothers in education. crime is often the first thing to flourish and it does so because of validates people's identity it gives them power in a world in which they're otherwise powerless it's very attractive for
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a lot of people to go that way. almost a decade after the exodus from lebanon begins the new lebanese astray linz and building a cohesive community in self may soon be. a complex political conflict involving christian and islamic militias is left behind eleven on. instead south west sydney reflects a different reality. in lebanon i was raised in and they're very open are respectful i'm community i remember as a muslim families would go it is a christian neighbors to celebrate the christmas and then the a christian would come to visit muslim neighbors to celebrate ramadan we of course was exchanged on
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swedes we supported each other we've always been open respectful i distinctly remember al parish priest opening his doors to fellow lebanese who are muslim phrase when ever they had confusion or complication with the law they could have been sure in the they'd festivals when they would actually have. to prepare the live animals to become that food at so and so forth. so there will all sorts of complications that they might have encountered and the christian leaders priests clergy or more than happy to help accommodate. the lebanese a strain community is a mix of christians and muslims. but here in the kamba parts of the old european immigrant and anglo community still struggle with the unfamiliar face of islam. the mosque
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opens in the late seventy's and for the critics of multiculturalism it is a symbol of a dangerous cultural divide. the building of the mosque creates a lot of local tension and hostility there is opposition from non muslims to its presence in fact it's one of the first of the many mosques that a challenge by local communities all over sydney. but cover time that really changes partly because people who don't like it move out and people who do like it move in and so the neighborhood becomes increasingly islamic. there are prayer halls bookshops. butcheries very good lebanese takeaways restaurant it looks a bit like a small town in lebanon on some years ago.
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but just as the lebanese a strain community embrace peaceful coexistence in south west sydney they find themselves under attack on a national scale influential forces question if a stray he can cope with immigrants and their farm. in ways not a culture as a as no by the federal government invites national disunity. geoffrey blainey a member historian makes a major speech and then writes a book condemning what he sees as the emerging tribalism in australia caused by the arrival of almost new immigrants. the views of the three parties in canberra a very different to the views of those people who live amongst the new migrants than have to work with the. one. with racist tensions rising the liberal opposition leader john howard sends
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a stark message to the supporters of a multicultural astray the only thing that can unite this country and create this country united. by sink or australian fair use to which all of us can subscribe and that is his vision of what makes a straighter unique and strong and anyone who deviates from that is seen to be on a strain humans. you know you and i i mean you may do that. in australia's history and even in western history. different ethnic groups have warned the black hat throughout history of been italian mafia the japanese kemah kasi you know the russian communists it all had their decade but the arabs the lebanese in particular have worn that black hat since about the eighty's ninety's.
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ration desert storm is right on schedule. important first trial or that the world and the stay in the big can't graze cannot invite small. didn't get away with it. the first gulf war shifts the media focus to arab strains. the simmering suspicions of anglo astray begin to boil the backlash from their call for we have not been pretty for something like that especially the female side of our community who actually born zubrin of the first wave against everyone that is islamic everyone that is arabic and everyone that was a job or had a funny sounding name just showed zip ugly face off racism in such
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a way that we could not cope with it at that time. i was in year twelve at the time of the gulf war and it did have an impact. and all never forget mom who was the. having her. is sort of someone attempted to take the heat off and i could never understand why and then there was another time when somebody spat at her and i thought what a low act she's got nothing to do what's going on we're actually proud of striving for a generation lebanese astray have been struggling to find their place in a so-called multicultural country. now for the first time in our post-war history refugees are being asked to declare their allegiance arab or astray in.
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on. what happened at that time is that their community leaders and advocates with the best of intentions were continually cornered to replenish their loyalty each time that the mark of firm was held to their face it reminded me of a gun held to someone's head. i already answered this question i mean i started my nokia store sturla and i shouldn't be asking about this. it was as if you're citizenships to figure it meant nothing it was merely a piece of paper this is the first time there was strain in identity has ever been challenged in this sort of way it's the first time they're being confronted with a choice between being odd the error. because up to now they're not a cultural story is your boss and now suddenly they may not be.
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sick old ford was the start of twenty five years of pressure on this community we have lived. in an atmosphere like we have been and i pressure cooker. they are a big day countable and go with them proceeded peacefully until like the soft and the shadow of the gulf war and a perceived divide between anglo and arab astray or looms over an arab astray in family festival in south west sydney a fight between two young women escalates and the conflict intensifies further as more police respond it just highlights how distance as a community was from xenu's cells was police and how ignored it. police officers at that time way they could have defused the situation fairly is early but. having this attitude in your face and. things escalated.
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local dr jamal rifi is at the festival with his family. was i believe if not it. would be a different story none of this would have been. released dr used to own the bomb would be a rich tempting that. many in the arab community believe the violence ignites because the police have no respect for the. m is because where four people would be sitting in a car and for no apparent reason other than we looked lebanese or middle east than the pulled over and stretched out of the full cost of the law on the road. and
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it happened quite a quite a fair bit. after leaving punchbowl boys high sal al-qaeda is at university on the threshold of a management career. but he still believes he's a police target. but still remember once we were on the north shore driving around the noise it was a die off you know something we all pulled out someplace and socially. took the mike the line on the ground and there was to the effect of you know this is not your area we don't want your client is so don't come back. but the reality is that the police a facing a crime wife that's engulfing southwest sydney and its young lebanese astray and who are often to blame i'm not saying it was a model model citizen i did straight. to the disappointment of his parents sanal care is not interested in the family fruit and vegetable business. for sam and his
11:51 pm
friends. easier and far more lucrative ways to make money. a lot of young men that were grown up around who were doing something illegal and the post just had no way of contacting them. the most profitable illegal activity of all is the rackets known as rebirthing. a stolen vehicle is fitted with the serial numbers from the wrecked car to give it a new identity. so i would steal a very high profile their expensive motor vehicle get a rake and rebirth. and what would pop out was a car that you could hardly til almost couldn't always remember this if i got a team together like a rebirth within a day there was big money. isn't driving around the fleshy cars and
11:52 pm
michael losing money so there was just sort of. say someone else i want you so much to do and so i'm doing the same thing and i was just raising money enough to work your job when you want. in just one year between nine hundred ninety five and nine hundred ninety six more than forty seven thousand cars a stolen in new south wales. as the racket paix the police hit back. the car wreck it is the biggest so far uncovered in australia and it has taken two years of police investigations to unravel police recovered one hundred twenty stolen cars in a value of two and a half million dollars. we would be doing right in the backyards of houses and have three and four shells a where obvious like our rebirth and we've been taking place. those i don't know are the enemy because they're at the stop you from making your easy money.
11:53 pm
sam elk hair is convicted of a number of offenses but escapes a jail sentence. kyra histories. of border tar in the years. as the media increasingly demonizes south west sydney as a hotbed of crime john howard sweeps to power after thirteen years in opposition. and one nation's pauline hanson is elected in queensland. get rid of this multiculturalism because that is an antibody in us also as we are multi-racial . strolling in and around. with the return of john howard as prime minister matty council is and has been abandoned as a national audiology and so people are feeling much more comfortable in the period
11:54 pm
of pulling hanson about talking about race simple easing racist remarks calling people reisa snipes and the lebanese kids in places like punch bowl or getting caught up in the bench adults. as hostility increases the police focus on a new source of conflict. lebanese a strain gangstas a ramping up the drug wreckage. there was a lot of illegal activities taken place from members of our community and was no shame whatsoever. a lot of drug. smuggling cocaine heroin and people who were at that time dealing and distributing. it was
11:55 pm
a sense of pride because it was a why for them to make quick money these are smaller numbers but they were existing they did happen. to be a straight punch bowl goes from decent law abiding suburban street to a drug drive through supplying much of south west sydney over to young people with drug users there were drug addicts and their families would not. do anything about it because they will sweep it under the carpet because because i didn't want anyone else to know that their son or daughter is a drug addict. a community is in denial as drugs and cash create a powerful criminal underworld. it was a new phenomena this was the development of a lebanese organ ostrov and that model of crawling was false it was volatile was predicated on a voluntary feel if people went to the police station to give them any kind of
11:56 pm
information those criminal element would know about it and they'll come to retaliate we could not trust the police at that time we wanted to but there was that sense of feel. things are a fever pitch people are short fused with drugs everywhere there are guns everywhere it's the wild west. next time on once upon a time in punch. bag they're on a short fuse they think money is easy and the place was never touched and the seeds a sound for one of the most infamous race riots in a. and his strange guy out as a stray in the lebanese a told to go back to where they came from and all our embassy is a study in flags being carried in a way which on the i think the style inflection ever be carried. in the idea that i
11:57 pm
am knowledge about the whole child and behave as that much of what have we done to you. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way we transform. our impeccable some of us remain. but none comes breaking.
11:58 pm
business. the altar for the state of florida still. whether conducting business or sharing the special little monsters when the been still close to the church florida voted. to land saddam was a good strong song. you'll sing church in the sky introducing. the students loose. cannons own rooms going places together. however in places say we've got some quieter weather brighter weather weather pushing back into eastern parts of australia over the next few days the thundery downpours and in the process of pulling away still
11:59 pm
a fair bit of cloud just showing up there high pressure comes in so that will settle things down but you see barons of cloud in the rain will push across the very far south tasmania for example we'll still see some rather blustery showers feeding in from time to time melbourne should be largely dry temperatures here around twenty one celsius getting up into the low to mid twenty's there for sydney high twenty's for brace but in our twenty's for perth as we go on through the course of sas day sunday those winds continue to feed in from the interior always a warm directions thirty degrees likely to be seen across the southwestern corner back into the southeast there we go process guys more weather started to push its way into home feeling brighter there for tasmania not too bad largely dry bright across northern parts of new zealand some areas will see a little more cloud just pushing in over the next day or two says and what a weather to visit twenty nice else is the christ church over the next few days in vsam cloud just spilling its way towards or clint will also see some increasing clouds some rain and some snow pushing its way towards japan over the next couple
12:00 am
of days temperatures in tokyo matching up to twelve degrees. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess somehow tyner's aiming to replace america and around the world college chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time on a just. this is al-jazeera.


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