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tv   Invisible Borders  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2017 8:32am-9:01am +03

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millions of palestinian citizens should leave nor questioned jerusalem is a matter of priority and the red line for palestinians the u.s. has increased pressure on its longtime ally saudi arabia to completely lift its blockade on yemen secretary of state rex tillerson added his voice to calls from the white house to allow food water fuel and medicines into the water own country aid groups are warning that yemen is at risk of widespread famine if the blockade is not lifted u.s. president donald trump has declared an emergency in california and ordered additional aid to be sent to the region six wildfires continue to seep across the southern part of the state the fast burning fires are forced more than two hundred thousand people to leave their homes over the past five days over five hundred buildings have been destroyed and ten thousand hectares of land burned fears that the digital currency bitcoin is heading for a crash could be unfounded the price tumbled by an average of twenty percent in ten
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hours earlier this week the cryptocurrency is value had surged by almost forty percent a record high of seventeen thousand dollars on thursday it fell to fifteen thousand before recovering to sixteen on friday well those were the headlines that he was continues on al-jazeera after artscape statement that soldiers by foot. news has never been more i think but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of its image but it's been a long shot at all that he has a goal for telegraphy was a colonial tool going to have to write about a place on a. crime or a crime for the independent competent. in the post-colonial you for photographers
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like my legs the big shot that you call for us. but elsewhere the narrative was of a call wrong on a manageable continent often with too fast to just won the. now and new generation using photography to celebrate the question and represent a continent on the rise. and i know. if one of them. is
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a weekend i love to hear. about from it. you want it like a gone. but for those that want to see. what if you look look at it. and that has become a very important aspect of my. my life what i believe in my work. i started in paris living europe is beat around the world and then i decided to come back to nigeria and start something here when done let's go. everywhere we go to in africa we see our generation talking about doing things for themselves doing things. for themselves turn their own story if we continue to emu to do where things are done on our side and then we copy and paste don't be any development this is the time to actually go in and an experiment forget about the condition we're going to put into it just do it in in this robot as it goes beyond
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a project it is actually a concept it is a movement thank you. four years ago i set up invisible borders to give african artist the space to define our future for themselves. more . than. one. every year we're going to retreat across africa young for the present on. once we find out is that it's just mean to leave you alone to do a trip. to be able to use that as a platform to learn. we often speak. this year we set out to travel from lagos to gain just in democratic republic of congo's. among the group was. a filmmaker from
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a good to a guinea who had never left his hometown i am very happy when the now. mandiant my first dam in manner of coming and gen novelist who had just published his first book. rarely would act with a reputation as an on screen. a novel. noble had a sudden something. bushie had never thought of ourselves as an artist i want to see how this is because he just knew all the time from the kind of the afghanistan there's a we love to take pictures and there was really artistic about it. as a place where well he doesn't want to just. things that were loons or events just talk about. coming to do this and they're just going to treat me i don't know where i'm going to how to ask myself how can you wait for days doing this but instead life for not just.
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i can help them become better photographer. but it is the experience of the journey that makes the person. with you. there to take you there we are living your first small city in a small country so every day there's a pass for five days going out into the market everyone create your own artistic work at the end of the day to put all of that you get a share disappears. and
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. i put it with the bond market cement i've been photographing from everyone and. capturing the left out of the market demand. ok that's cool at school who got me a book that's wrong my man. i'm. the man that if i want that i'm i'm still every oh no i mean i'm still. pissed off over the best. way. to see how i could capture your heart with the rest of my kids someone your i'm going to blow out other people and for size yes. plays football sucks if we don't pull won't we. just coming from this place where you are nothing that you do you do it and then
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you talk. i'm like no it is what you feel forced and then you photograph again for those of the cases like these just you get. to compete just as much as possible that for example not always a good thing that this image of us might just be me but that's a good. place for the school book she says. they are going to take this image i just think summer should so common in time for sure this is what i take i mean i really tenebrae to do want to control the situation. but when you i mean you go to the situation from your from your from what you did for me. that connected you from not not from the pause is from what you said to me so that's what i'm talking about. how are you out of. prison.
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like this might get in the now i don't know why but let me see if you'll differently but bill. that's just diskette that's not ok. to. say just. walk out of my life you might. think. so. first of all let's begin by saying that it is completely not advisable to travel across africa during rainy season don't do that if you do it if you first start. at.
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least. three days we slept in the mud thank you let me tell you slept three days stuck in that i'm not thinking that this might affect. on the road again for the top time in a row. but there's no point to being happy so it's heaven all the way to the cooler weather the more there will be that is good that we're. going to. be. here. training for money as a driver. not just let. it. slide. just drop the.
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numbers now. oh no. one gets me going is i do not. i do not insist no suffering. but. upon our region of my suffering. and origin is to. make sure. i go back with. peace and our. people are going to get better. never going to get well soon get home. to their.
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liking. that sound that is not too far from the boat i mean and very early in the morning you slipped it. to come out and it's just like it is it's now your studio begins to you know improvise. i want you to do something that is.
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what a little not funny what you did no i don't look in our day i wonder book at why you had to look at and don't know exactly. i don't have that sense of that it didn't. well long strike. which would. get you to. abandon photos like this and become is that useful. maybe i'm like a sense of honor and duty. there goes open one bow closed to bring in how many to the structures and how to come together to become one who are they even though they are all sort of lies in a way. this isn't a huge argument or everybody it's often wrong on what the truth is we have all kind of all. this.
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we are trying to lead a border between. government and nigeria how. but i'm still keeping dislike men down goes i'm just the bored idea to say i'm telling you nothing in diamonds don't they it's is a bribe me it is bribery we don't pay if so please dump was and it was good so that's. what. it took it was done with a definite good and pulled. really down. and back in here and pound it for like forever but close to us.
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i don't think we're going to go through the but i think the how to turn around and for the board. they really need to get stuck and that game is guy about drives. everything i would take to stay there for two hours this is really what i'm for put it or is it that we need to just going to cause that on the program make it. because we know that we're going to get a little too close to that is how it caught us asleep. i mean these are the first
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same fronts i've been given money to put it could get them to give us a very wonderful welcome but it ask yourself this how do you how long to put it to good to get out of things no no no we're never given a full list by do we just want to continue to travel like normal citizens and face whatever that's the normal the issues for. what. to do need to feel coming in from here. you. know my. mind having money it.
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is not possible to make it to go good know. what my does mostly junk. like you look at. the struggle is wasn't what. i mean that's what i'm going. if you. i desired to do more about families where they stayed where they eat and you documented them from passing. was it fair that you call it on the record back to
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the nucleus of it the statement that i don't know we let we know grapheme we do suffer as it will get a fellow sunni muslim woman from the condoms and. that. really shows take it will spread. to whom was that this. was from me a wreck. of what mary enzyte you knew you didn't i don't move on from it to keep food on my side yes while all novels that look to him get them blessing.
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yes. this is. a wonderful rant and. certainly this is what. oh so she says. to the school. to the terrorist. but she said this is the lowest chance. which is really unusual still in the kitchen to determine which she has a choice and. this is. the intention to turn. over. and this.
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is so for those that celebrate boomer in all of this and there's also a pride in what she does you know this story of evil this woman was taking care of us she chose these and she is really only room. for that is going to be open to some. how you feel about who to come on with. and one of the roughest somewhere. someone and they said look like just as it's.
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ok that that's called it into something you can say for sure whether. you were like more and more much more contemplative. when i went to paris to study. that was becoming and some of it i'm not. going to. image of what it was i thought i was going to like all of it's. not like the. last two months. and then good and evil eventually i just need to get. going but i've been living two places. when i begin to walk into nigeria from my experience of the world so when you begin to walk in and realize when he begins with you some sort of an all star. how challenging and how rough it was going to think yes this is then and we're going to
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miss it already so that's what. that's all driving the thing. we have for you. for you. to. give. me.
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today i'm saying my dad because i wasn't through this if you were grew up as another like three years haven't seen it. have been traveling. pork and going everywhere but. coming down this way. so let's build another photograph you took me. to from. what i was going to think about. against south.
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africa american city. so all i want is to celebrate you know the way africans need. like this image now around this rubbish dump for the photograph of the rising in such a way that you see the beauty this beautiful reflection of the people in the water is ninety miles out there they're rubbish but the beauty of of people living in. them i really. don't mean i want for this place we would be. here but then it would be the same for them the contrast between what is. what is beautiful i want is not so beautiful. it helps to lead to kids to put emphasis on that which is . that which is beautiful to show that is just and that will. all will be. or will persist i wish you know proud because i wasn't the least.
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was the first time. it. was close. to everyone what it takes to actually become so butt up and you have to just under optimal. movement toward. i take pictures on my heart contest to. not just my head which is something the beautiful something to really experience it's what the wood chippers done for me.
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there's a point where as a hole over the edge you can fit it over something is up and something is horrible everyone wants to do something. but on the whole it is going to be history live in itself oh it is going to be something totally new. the obstacles to being a female for doug a fine gagnon simply made the challenge law appealing to bob but on the knees she. now with a single red dress countless volunteers and the power of high lending us she is exploring the lives of women from all kenyan walks of life the unique tales that sets them up on and they shared experiences that bind them together. then you added
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a gun to a dog rafi at this time on al jazeera and under put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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the car crash. donald trump has rescinded foreign aid to charities that perform actively promote abortion people and pallid discovers the consequences a u.s. president spends strength can have on countless lives around like now he's completely in jest against unions drives people we go and see if a bush and those people with trump and the ethics of foreign aid at this time on al-jazeera. follow on down jordan and doha with a quick reminder of the top stories. at least two palestinians have been killed and
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more than seven hundred injured and clashes with israeli troop.


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