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are you worried that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that the city's general security people who pay the price clearly writeup been prejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. we regard east jerusalem as part of the occupied palestinian territory. we therefore disagree with the u.s. decision isolated with israel the u.s.
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is severely criticized at the u.n. security council over its declaration of jerusalem as israel's capital. welcome on peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up four palestinians are killed by israeli forces and airstrikes in gaza while demonstrations take place across the world against president francois. in custody in kiev after escaping from ukrainian security services we ask what's next for the former georgian president mikheil saakashvili. this is a clear example of collusion with a foreign power and new questions about donald trump's presidential campaigns relationship with foreign powers not russia this time but israel.
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israeli forces have killed at least four palestinians in shootings and airstrikes in gaza as the fallout continues from the u.s. president's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital more than seven hundred others were injured in demonstrations across the occupied territories at an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council there was strong condemnation of the president's move even from some of washington's closest allies mike hanna has more. an animated discussion between the u.s. ambassador and the palestinian representative just one of the urgent conversations taking place around the room even before the session began the packed chamber testament to the depth of international concern and some argue the credibility of the security council itself is under attack if the council who does not. act accordingly toward its minded use which is present in peace and security then the
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council might become another occupied territory speaking by video link from jerusalem the u.n. special coordinator condemned the unilateral u.s. action if those really personal is not result in line with relevant un resolutions and in a manner that meets the legitimate national aspirations of both peoples interests being engulfed into the vortex of religious radicalism that has taken over the middle east position on jerusalem remains unchanged speaker after speaker reaffirmed the un's position on the status of jerusalem and we believe that the future status as i said of. them can only be resolved through negotiations criticism too from the staunchest of u.s. allies and the british ambassador also called on president trump to make good his purpose commitment to a peace process we welcome his commitment to a two state solution u.s.
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representative decided the best form of defense is attack over many years the united nations has outrageously been of the world's foremost centers of hostility towards israel the un has done much more damage to the prospects for middle east peace than to advance one of the one thousand nations represented in the chamber on this day the u.s. position was shared only by israel the united states had the courage and to understanding of just this door physically state or the already been known the you as this engine to reward israelis impunity undermines and essentially disqualifies its leadership role to seek peace in the region. rather jordanian ambassador exchanges high fives of the palestinian representative a key question remains hanging in the chamber how can the u.s. continue to be regarded as an honest broker in attempting to resuscitate
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a long dormant negotiation process mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. well u.n. meeting followed another day of demonstrations by palestinians in the occupied territories sorry force it now on how the day unfolded. two days after donald trump's announcement the first fatality of the protests it sparked came in gaza israeli troops firing across the border fence with live ammunition. earlier thousands marched through gaza's jabaliya refugee camp hamas leaders a calling for a new palestinian uprising. these marches will not stop until the liberation of jerusalem. they want only being severed also in the west bank and in the territories of one thousand nine hundred forty eight. in ramallah in the occupied west bank stone throwing protest as sheltered behind tire smoke and improvised barricades the israeli military had mobilized thousands of extra troops in
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anticipation. there was similar scenes in bethlehem just days ago the city ushered in the christmas season with fireworks now it's tear gassed streaking the sky. and at the focus of it all there were protests too in occupied east jerusalem at the old city's damascus gate after friday prayers hundreds gathered regular scuffles punctuating and otherwise relatively peaceful protest there been sporadic clashes one of them is taking place right now it seemed to start when a young child needed medical attention there was shouts from the steps where people been protesting and then some people rushed down to where police security forces cordoned off where that child was being treated just a few kilometers away in west jerusalem an entirely different sort of a day president trump is a very good friend of his israel. he was. before the elections and i think it's time. to accomplish his promises i think it's
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good. i don't think we need an approved. from anyone that's. i think it's a bit dramatic and we weren't to officially recognize jerusalem the u.s. vice president stood behind donald trump during wednesday's announcement the palestinian leadership now says mike pence would be welcome in the occupied west bank when he visits the region later this month it says the u.s. is disqualified itself for meeting a peace process whose goal of a two state solution looks at the further from you are equals that out his era occupied east jerusalem meanwhile two people have died and at least twenty five were injured in israeli air strikes in gaza six children are among those hurt israeli security forces say it was in response to rockets fired from gaza one hit the town of stout no damage was reported on the israeli side of life now tada kmita
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in the occupied west bank the palestinian said saying the u.s. has lost its role as an impartial peace broker so what do they plan to do now. well certainly they're going to try to gather as much international backing as they can and i think they were quite satisfied with the meeting of the u.n. security council yesterday in which as my kindness said in his report this seemed to be israel and the u.s. on one side and then the rest of the countries the other side that said president mahmoud. lot of pressure here today are a series of meetings the most important. the ruling party central committee and the p.l.o. executive committee will they come to some decision today will they make any announcement today most unlikely since they still have to see what's going to happen at the arab
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league summit and also what's going to happen. conference meeting so certain but certainly if diplomacy. under intense pressure from the palestinians from his own public to take some bold steps sooner rather than later. streets want to see happen here. parisi new street is i think as a mixed bag of feeling at the moment and good is also a shock is a sense of loss and probably be some people are still trying to come to terms with the enormity of what happened is just sinking in the just happened a few days ago now we've seen clashes and confrontations those are usually the immediate answer the immediate outburst sort of venting frustration especially probably use. this particular moment had been under intense
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criticism before all of this happened before tribes announced it would be seen as weak being seen as giving too much in to israeli and american pressure well now would. ever he is one to. expect him to do something it also comes at a time when he was battling to get bring about this national reconciliation with something the palestinians really wanted to use this disunity among the factions of causing them to become so weak and not to be able to have a strong position in any kind of negotiations so the timing of all of this is very unfortunate. he just returned. last night from amman people think that his speech. was not far reaching enough they wanted to hear more from him certainly one of the options on the table now is to refer to a file. to go on with. israel. in the past
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that would be one of the first steps we will see on behalf of the palestinian. thank you. with the palestinian people here. in tukey their reaction to president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the cup of israel will swift. started protesting almost as soon as the u.s. president hobson issues speech on wednesday. files and smushed again on friday a plan of stumbles biggest mosques the clear jerusalem is not just a red line for palestinians they chant. obama those. posters i think are. on president bush from osama was the next week. amid all the organizers from our country that wants to see
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a consultant on. the program from the. in various countries protest as he did the calls by palestinian leaders to take to the streets on friday in indonesia the most populous muslim country thousands protested in the capital jakarta demonstrating this sort of data to with the palestinians and denouncing trump's decision. in neighboring malaysia protest us in kuala lumpur held placards their message crystal clear. is not america's to give away. as prime minister najib razak expressed his government's a position to trump's position was in indian occupied kashmir there was a sense of solidarity from people themselves struggling for freedom and feuding against what many see as an affront against one of the world's holiest cities.
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in egypt thousands gathered at the main mosque in the capital cairo students at the american university of cairo as well as about institutions voiced their feelings to . israel's claim to jerusalem is based on a belief dating back more than two thousand years the court granted it to the jews while jerusalem has been under israeli control for decades now the united nations considers israel's presence there in the. and expressed while the wait is because what is perceived as an up tempo by bolts trying to smush these longstanding international consensus in a dangerous way mohammed at the wall just. the former president of georgia mikheil saakashvili has been rearrested in ukraine for days after supporters freedom from a police van he climbed onto the roof on tuesday before being dragged away by the police in kiev on suspicion of assisting a criminal organization but then escaped speed for his recapture today mr
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saakashvili says the accusations are politically motivated after leading anticorruption rallies against his former ally the ukrainian president petro poroshenko he's stripped the former georgian leader of his ukrainian citizenship leaving him in effect stateless valentino who is a professor of political science at the university of key cademy he joins us now on skype from kiev valentyn welcome to al-jazeera these allegations against really how credible are they. well we should loosen the waters it's our own children usually. and then the team of the one who should lose it all is. called the braves and especially when there is a difficult pile where the problem is not crossed but when. for so somebody because those become more radical and what they have been doing together some three years ago now one of them is going to do against these. sort of like him
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so that there is interpersonal conflict into a team cause that one while they are on another layer has a social and certain people. yes there are possibilities war or impoverished people in criticism criticizing of the guards or in official routes and so on and there is also a layer well a little conflict on the world i curled world level in the united states who are the main sponsor and in lane advisor or ukrainian devolution of us there are different teams and some of them and what they have been with mr poroshenko and it was symbolic with recently in. bloomberg there was a publication which claims there to president poroshenko of sacrificing
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westernization who personally believe it will jump well ok so let's just to interrupt you for a second if i may mr saakashvili has got for particularly with the russians going back to two thousand and two two thousand and three can he survive this and can he come back from this. so you know if the moment when this situation will be resolved in the article or another will either new revolution take over or they will do it suppressed saakashvili is a very good fighter and a huge it is doing well now especially with that arrest it makes him more or have it the most radical horace's in ukraine but still the situation is quite car it's only sound small groups who are participating in the for profit or with what i
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think will is a show of progress there is a child that he going to have his active place in politics even if there is no more more radical progress gradually ukrainian government can get rid of him send him back to georgia where i'm stance criminal charges for some work abroad premium officials already citizens chefs so for them it will see it's a good idea to get through this all the. only person who met all the troubles of trouble so we can honestly do what will the result of the present crisis still it is quite actively shop who should buy politicians but there is a big big. what social problem it's there is a chance that there will be a kind of a move for national reconciliation and it's maybe the best work reporting advisors can deal we have heard we will wait and watch valentine your question thank you so
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much. still to come here on al-jazeera a ray of hope for sustainable energy is the world's sunniest countries plan to expand the use of solar power. hello there we're seeing some big fios showers over the northern parts of borneo at the moment you can see that on the satellite picture here stretching down just into the northwestern parts seeing some heavy showers here and not system is just going to nudge a little bit further south with there as we head through into sunday so still some of us along that north coast seeing some very heavy showers but the majority of the wet weather should say over the sea towards the west it is a bit drier now for us in the southern parts of thailand and i think we'll see more in the way of sunshine there as we head through monday so a broad today forced to further south though still more showers here so for java
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expect some heavy showers including force in jakarta now over australia is mostly quite quiet weather wise at the moment you can see a little bit of cloud just wrong that east coast there before because this is giving us some rather heavy showers lots of thunder and lightning as well that system though is easing so on sunday it should be dry out most of us seeing a dry day twenty nine days in britts been around twenty four in melbourne as we head through the day on monday no muss of change for us really temperatures staying fairly similar on force in perth here things are going to get a little bit warmer twenty seven degrees will be our maximum but some parts of western australia will see a few showers but probably not in perth. on counting the cost the gulf cooperation council although there's not much cooperation these days with all the other regions being affected by
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a pause in economic relations also the shocking numbers on the plastic economy and o.-m. g. twenty five years since the world's first texts and counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. ok let's remind you of the top story so far today the u.s. has been left isolated at the u.n. security council of president bill recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital world leaders condemned the unilateral move at an emergency meeting of the un
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security council earlier israeli forces killed at least four palestinians in air strikes and shootings in gaza seven hundred of those were injured and australians against crimes decision across the occupied territories and the former georgian president mikheil saakashvili has been rearrested in ukraine four days after his supporters freed him from police custody he suspected of assisting a criminal organization saakashvili says the accusations are politically motivated . the israeli government has admitted to contacting members of the trump transition team last december that's before he was sworn into office the role of one person under particular scrutiny is jared cushion he's the president's son in law from washington she had pretenses. every day i made my show and i think i may be talking about something else every day the u.s. networks exhaustively speculates on the special counsel's investigation into allegations that the trump presidential campaign colluded with a foreign power in russia he says it produced nothing yet one aspect of the story
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has barely been mentioned the role of israel former trump advisor general michael flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with the russian ambassador to the u.s. so jake his v.x. at the end of last year now we know why he got in touch court filings show it was at the request of a senior member of trump's transition team that official is reported to be jarrad cushion or the president's son in law and middle east envoy at the time the obama administration intended to break precedent and not veto a u.n. security council resolution condemning israel's illegal settlements seen in favor or one day somebody finally brings the special counsel has determined the israeli prime minister aust the trump transition team to him to seed is reported to have told them to ask the russians to kill the bugs. not an issue that the israeli
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government was reportedly spying on obama officials at the u.n. and then sharing their intelligence with the trump team as part of this effort this is all against the rarely used logan act a law which explicitly forbids us citizens from colluding with foreign powers to defeat u.s. government foreign policy the penalty is up to three years in prison this is a clear example of collusion with a foreign power it's inconvenient for many that the foreign powers israel. in fact and leading democratic party expressed his gratitude to christians want to thank you for making that effort and that's a clue as to why those who say they're hungry for hard evidence of collusion have been seized on the. first actual illegal collusion that's been discovered in many respects trump is just doing what the democrats along with the republicans in congress have been encouraging the white house to do for quite a few years sort of driving president trump's middle east policy is getting
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a pos here in washington even though he faces the possibility of criminal prosecution for illegal collusion with israel she ever turns the al-jazeera washington. now delegates from an alliance of the world's sunniest countries are meeting in india to promote the use of solar energy it's the international solar alliance or say it was launched in twenty fifteen is made up of one hundred twenty one countries that receive sunshine for around three hundred days a year now they're aiming to raise more than one trillion dollars worth of investment for renewable energy projects by the twenty thirty thirty nine members have already signed up to a framework agreement which would commit themselves to expanding the use of solar power out of an hour ago she is the chief executive officer of the council on energy environment and water he joins us from new delhi or another goes countries like india countries like your country have such big energy requirements how do you make that more sustainable in the framework of solar energy.
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peter in twenty ten india had less than eighteen megawatts of solar power installed that's when we announced that we would have twenty thousand megawatts of sort of power in twenty fifteen we raise that ambition to one hundred thousand megawatts of solar power so this is an exponential increase in india's ambitions what india is trying to do in about seven to ten years is what took germany about twenty one years to achieve and that's the premise of the international solar as well if we bring together the countries that have the richest solar potential and aggregate the demand we can drive down the prices lower the cost of finance and make sure that so. becomes critical and central part of the energy system going forward a key question how do you lower the that the financing of this or the the financing bill of this because if you look at some of those european countries like france the french they're wedded to nuclear power the germans of course now are not the
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united states coal is running out how do you get that message across to the u.s. and get them to take it on board. i think is a very important question if you look at the tariffs on solar now days in india we have some of the lowest tyrus in the world about three us cents on the way we've done that is by using competitive transparent market actions to drive down the prices but even then developing countries they get india face about sixty to seventy percent of the tariff as the cost of finance that's because the risks that are perceived by institutional investors seem to be very high so once again if we can cure the risks within an individual country and the pool of them across several countries that are members of the international donor alliance what you're doing is offering a larger transparent market to lower the risk premiums and bring down the cost of
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finance that's the kind of common risk mitigation mechanism that has been designed for on behalf of the international solar alliance by distributions like mine and which we hope we can pilot out over the next twelve to eighteen months to demonstrate the value of aggregated demand and lower cost of finance ok we must leave it there thank you very much for joining us here on al-jazeera from you debbie. it's thirty years since the first palestinian uprising known as the into fatah began in gaza it became a watershed moment in palestinian resistance to israeli occupation has been a smith. the first intifada was sparked by the deaths of four palestinians in december nine hundred eighty seven. by the time it ended in one thousand nine hundred three more than one thousand one hundred people had died sixteen thousand people had been detained palestinians had already spent two decades struggling with
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the injustice of living under israeli occupation. intifada mark the first time palestinians from all parts of society began such an intense resistance the protests evolved from boys throwing rocks and people marching to fighters attacking israeli soldiers and military targets palestinians went on strike and boycotted israeli products yet to demand the police pursued our young people because they refused to turn themselves in. so the intifada was called by a number of groups affiliated with the palestinian liberation organization the p.l.o. . the group hamas stepped in as well saying on the resistance was the only effective resistance to israeli occupation. from the moment hamas shifted from a peaceful resistance to an armed when israel started to feel the real power of the intifada. israel's military back thousands of
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palestinians were arrested on in one thousand nine hundred to four hundred twenty five many of them hamas members were exiles in lebanon former political prisoners say the israelis tortured them. did it i did my feet were tied under an iron chair during interrogation they hit me in the stomach and genitals. the second intifada began in two thousand when al sharon visited x. a mosque in jerusalem he was leader of the opposition likud party at the time and said every israeli had the right to go there. palestinians outraged. is one of the holiest sites in islam more than three thousand palestinians and one thousand israelis died over the next five years this is the spot in jabalya refugee camp where the first intifada started thirty years ago an israeli patrol who was surrounded by hundreds of teenage boys in the soldiers ran for cover into the
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buildings here and from there fired indiscriminately into the grounds and since then life for the palestinians here has only gotten worse there are virtually no opportunities for the young people here with garza and the blockade the palestinians here will tell you that after twenty five years almost a form of talks with the israelis they've seen nothing to come from the furnace with al-jazeera. doldrums to clear the world's the worst wildfires in the history of california to be a federal emergency six wildfires continue to sweep across the southern part of the state destroying property and forcing thousands of people to leave their homes the biggest blazes and sure a county that continues to grow turning more than five hundred square kilometers the flames are being fanned by strong dry winds.
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this is al jazeera these are the headlines the united states has been isolated at the u.n. security council of a president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital world leaders condemned the unilateral move us an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council and washington rejected the criticism as anti israel bias earlier israeli forces killed at least four palestinians in airstrikes and shootings in gaza when seven hundred others were injured in demonstrations against trumps decision across the occupied territories. the former president of georgia mikheil saakashvili has been rearrested in ukraine four days after supporters freed him from a police van he climbed onto the roof on tuesday before being dragged away by the police in kiev on suspicion of assisting a criminal organization but then escaped before his recapture today saakashvili says the accusations are politically motivated after leading anticorruption rallies
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against his former ally that's the ukrainian president petro poroshenko he has stripped the former georgian leader of his ukrainian citizenship leaving him in effect stateless. the u.s. is one saudi arabia there will be consequences unless more aid is allowed into yemen the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is calling for an end to the blockade of ports the coalition sealed all the yemeni air and sea ports last month after the rebels fired a missile towards riyadh aid agencies are warning eight million yemenis are on the brink of famine as well as suffering the world's worst outbreak of cholera. donald trump has declared the worst wildfires in the history of california to be a federal emergency six wildfires continue to sweep across the southern part of the state destroying property and forcing thousands of people to leave their homes investors in bitcoin fear it could be heading for a crash the price tumbled by an average of twenty percent in ten hours earlier this
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week prices had surged by almost forty percent to a record high of seventeen thousand dollars on thursday it fell to fifteen thousand before recovering to sixteen thousand on friday adrian's here with the news or in thirty minutes i'm back after that up next counting the cost of. witnessed documentaries. at this time on al-jazeera. this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week the g.c.c. will look at why the gulf cooperation council.


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