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sars partition museum it's really shocking because if you think about the fact that within a few years of nine eleven happening on nine eleven museum was there and there are now numerous museums it's not beautiful a museum so countries around the world have walked to memorialize these events that have shaped them my decision is not about the political events that led up to violation it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome of this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history. of european governments stand accused of being complicit in the abuse of thousands of refugees in libya.
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i do on the clock this is a lie from joe also coming up in the program sealing the deal turkey says it will buy a defense system from russia the spot being in may to. leave the country will go to prison the choice no facing tens of thousands of african asylum seekers in israel. and world leaders are gathered at a climate change summit in paris will be live in the french capital for the. so i'm a senior national is accusing european governments of being complicit in the abuse of thousands of refugees in the efforts to curb migration in the reports the human rights group says the e.u. used to. in
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a sea of containment shows little care for the consequences for those trapped in libya one example given is the funding by e.u. governments of the libyan coast guard to intercept migrants see these refugees are then sent to detention centers where they suffer abuse and exploitation there are nearly twenty thousand people and they have a crowd of buildings the report also says that the u. is aware of corruption within libya's coast guard accusing it of working with human smugglers ok let's speak to my food i will head our correspondent who's standing by in tripoli i mean how is this going down with libyan authorities how do they say about this. will libyan authorities have been trying to refute to refute all these accusations saying that first of all it's the right of the libya's coast guard to risky with these migrants because they have saved off libyan sure's and they are sailing to europe via libya
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and to to water as long as they are in libyan territory lot of us so the job libya's called coast guard job to do is to prevent these migrants as they say and bring them to detention centers in libya and now also in the detention centers supervisors there that we spoke to say that. also they're trying to refute all these accusations but see that sometimes violent or confrontational when migrants when some migrants get confrontational with security individuals then they have to discipline them as they say now as they also say that with the economic collapse and financial collapse in the country they they take care of these migrants and they provide them with health care and provide them with with catering with everything and now but what happens on the way to the shore of the desert when they're migrants are was people smugglers maybe all these accusations all
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these allegations happen because most of these people are smugglers they're outlaws as you know nic now the libyan authorities also say that the political division in the country is one of the reason why the security vacuum is. leading to this some violations against. migrants and yet despite all the challenges despite all the all the troubles that they face the coupon coming it's still bad and it's getting worse. exactly because in this hour with the libyan borders with the african countries with chad was new it was. algeria even its very specious borders and it's on one or two of the now with migrants to take advantage of these
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unmonitored. borders and also last may the third force that's the. security force affiliated to the un backed government of national accord was that all from the south after the forces loyal to it in the good general theory for have to talk over. some strategic locations so since last may since that force was drawn from the south we have been hearing about a lot of accusation a lot of all these violations against migrants and even human trafficking in the south also the power vacuum in the south and the return of. affiliates in the cells of the new all of them and conflict between the tribes in the cells all these power vacuum and security and economic collapse in the south have led to trade which is their human trafficking and smuggling of way works has become
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a groom trade in the south also after the italian navy. navy ships have come to the libyan to a lot of us do good with this migration crazes now all these migrants who have been trying to cross deserves to the mediterranean they have been put in waiting in waiting centers in cells and in central libya so that's one of the reason why this crisis has been excessive beating recently nic and our blog and we'll leave it there thanks very much for the good reporting. turkey is expected to finalize a two billion dollars deal with russia to buy the s. four hundred surface to air missile system you know it was made of a joint news conference between president vladimir putin of russia type turkey's ties with russia has become stronger in the past year and many see the new defense still as a sign of weakening relations with nato deal with an l. substitute in may the whistle stop tour of the middle east this morning from her.
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reaction to president announcement has been swift there is a feeling of accomplishment here in turkey that turkey on the verge of signing a deal to parties and defense system as four hundred missile defense system from russia of course this is not going to come as good news to need to which has been cruelly following the deal between turkey and russia the united states has over the years been encouraging turkey to buy its own defense system to. turkey say it's highly prized and it doesn't know how much technology america was ready to part with in this in purchasing department ms now all this just shows how fraught relations between turkey and other nato members but say is that you have the right to shop for ms the defense equipment where ever it
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wishes because it is pursuing its foreign policy and also its neighbor city. girl in the wall and it say's it has pushed the panic button many times and has had absolutely no response from other nato members it also says it has differences in opinion with the united states on syria and has been locked out of the european integration project. thousands of african asylum seekers and refugees are facing deportation from israel after parliament there approved a bill allowing the government to force them out of the country those who refuse to go will be imprisoned detention center which houses some of them would also be closed within months very forsett reports now from tel aviv. salaam says she doesn't want to live in israel any more but leaving would be worse the neighbors have screened off the comical entrance to her television apartment keeping her and other african residents out of sight this year
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a new government policy saw her and her husband lose twenty percent of their salaries only to be returned if they leave israel they've both been imprisoned in the native eritrea returning there they say would be impossible the alternative rwanda unsafe i don't have any choice i am going to get i cannot fall and because i have small kids. i want to be in. whether he kill me i know i don't want to go back to africa that choice jail or a third country widely thought to be rwanda is precisely the one israel's prime minister is now presenting his government policy benjamin netanyahu recently told cabinet colleagues that he'd secured an international deal allowing for in force deportations of more than thirty five thousand africans. it would also speed the closure of the isolated hole at the tension center in the southern negev desert thousands of african migrants have been sent here in what campaign groups call a deliberate policy of making their lives as miserable as possible even running at
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maximum capacity how it could only house about ten percent of the african asylum seekers in this country this policy these announcements are much more targeted at those who live in communities like this part of israel's open policy of trying to force them to leave salaam says she was brought to israel against her will by people smugglers extorting her family she's found work as a translator and advocacy group assaf asylum application has she says gone unanswered since it was filed two years ago and it's not the only one they slowly shift as what israel has the right and a duty to say who is a refugee and who is not however israel still hasn't done so we definitely say that not every city knees or it deserves the status of refugees but the issue here is that out of forty thousand of them only ten have been recognized as refugees israel's prime minister defines the rest as illegal infiltrators his reported deal with the rwandan president would see israel pay five thousand u.s.
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dollars to rwanda for every deportee accepted and of course game we are here on a mission and the mission is to give southern tell of the back to the citizens of israel israeli government itself delivered the migrants to this already deprived neighborhood but now it remains their precarious home where the message only gets louder with every repetition they aren't welcome here are a force that i'll just tell of it. world leaders are meeting in paris for a special climate summit convened by the french president tomorrow. it's hoped the gathering will encourage much needed funding to accelerate efforts to combat global warming follows a u.s. decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen climate accord president trump will not be attending neither will the leaders of china and india even about two years since two hundred nations nearly two hundred nations signed the paris agreement i join us now from paris is a correspondent to natasha but there are no touches it's a fine and definitely the main thing. yes finance is definitely the main
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theme of this one planet summit you know back in twenty fifteen you had two hundred world leaders gathered right here in paris and they promised to limit global warming to under two degrees celsius but the thing is two years on it's apparent that that is not going to happen unless there is some serious money spent and some real action taken that is one of the reasons that the french president about all my home along with the united nations the world bank of decided to really focus on the financial aspects here at this summit and what we're expecting is for them to try and make those here feel some of those promises that were made back in twenty fifteen some of those green funding promises especially to developing countries and also look at ways that public and private money can be better used in the fight against global warming it's about changing mindsets as well we're told it's about trying to do things like make companies businesses governments leaders really think
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about the fight against climate change with every penny that they spend whether it's on services on goods on products and that is something that the u.n. climate change boss told us here in paris. about changing their financial structure the way their financial structure works making sure that every decision. that relates to financing and towards supporting. projects and supporting actions that are oriented towards a no carbon development and it. is not that much of a blow to president. know donald trump i was an advisor that's what we're told and no surprise considering he decided to pull the us out of the paris accord but that was one of the reasons that the french president actually decided to hold this summit is about saying look the u.s. maybe out but that doesn't mean that the fight against climate change is over
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anything boss in fact wants to try and take the lead here he was trying to put europe at the forefront and there are american cia that are scientists there are leaders there are n.g.o.s there are big names like almost all to make up and then orders caprio but there's no doubt that everybody here knows that the u.s. not being in this accord not being part of this at a government level does leave a massive gap in green funding and that's something that will be discussed a ways to try to make up that shortfall on the treasure thanks very much dana touch about the reporting there from perth. still ahead here on al-jazeera fears of a diptheria outbreak among working your refugees living in camps plus. if we dare to dream big. a president trump and not just america will soon send them astronauts to the move again.
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hello again a look at the weather across southeastern parts of asia big showers here at the moment and you see on the a supplementary plenty showing up there kota kinabalu again a seen some heavy rain fifty millimeters yesterday sixty one millimeters in the last twenty four hours further towards the south still seeing some heavy rain affecting chip carter and in the forecast it looks as can be fairly wet here so the philippines still looking wet over the next twenty four to forty hours as you move up through them in a printer we got showers to singapore kuala lumpur's not looking too bad indeed across much of southern parts of thailand further north and across cambodia and southern parts of vietnam the weather is generally looking quite good now as we head down into a stray was seeing temperatures on the rise here at the moment certainly across northwestern parts of australia heading towards heat wave conditions and across parts of the southeast we've seen some really high temperatures melbourne there at thirty six degrees and temperatures are going to be rising for sydney in the coming
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days thirty seven as a high on thursday with melbourne dropping back quite significantly stage so headed across into new zealand weather conditions across much of the country not too bad at the moment the north and seeing the best of the sunshine further south some showers are likely across the south island and we're going to see a high of seventy degrees celsius in christchurch. and new perspectives can change a wild. bull one chin is even one began as a hobby has grown into a passion a way of life. teaching the next generation to strive for a higher level. and ensoul instilling in his country and sense of freedom and strength. to new heights my chin is here and this time on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour and turkey is expected to finalize a two billion dollars deal with russia to buy the s. four hundred surface to air missile system turkey's ties with russia have become stronger in the past year and many see the new defense deal as a sign of weakening relations with nato. the international is accusing the european union of being complicit in the abuse of refugees in libya in a report the rights group says c e u turns a blind alley to allege the brutal tactics of libya's coast guard and detention facilities. thousands of african asylum seekers are facing deportation from israel
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or imprisonment after parliament approved a bill allowing the government to force them to come. palestinians have criticized bahrain for allowing a delegation to visit israel rumors that the interfaith group was coming to gaza sparked angry protests and official reports now from occupied east jerusalem. zoe behind the bahraini delegation has kept a relatively low profile since arriving at the weekend the time zone interview requests twenty five people from expand the group say they want to build peace and cooperation the visit was organized by a jewish group the simon wiesenthal center in los angeles but one expert says the timing sends a terrible message as that ali is they were trying to pass out of this. in the media that them in this group coming from bahrain and all kind of relation you know with the with the arab world is the usual routine protests across
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jerusalem in the occupied west bank says donald trump and i used his unilateral decision that the u.s. would recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel there's been widespread condemnation across the world to the group says its trip had been planned for months it was reported locally that the bahraini delegation wanted to visit a mosque while they were here a senior official at the mosque said that given the trip was facilitated by the israelis they would not be welcomed was. a poor so social media suggested the group was heading to gaza it sparked protests at the crossing with israel with locals determined to block them there's no confirmation the group ever planned to visit gaza one palestinian political analyst believes the bahraini visit is part of a bigger global picture than anyone bought and maybe a moderate also will they begin to be an element of the many because this is something wanted to go in there one to two new tools to make in their relation with israel and america against iran because that they. begin to be notoriously
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ill that's difficult for us the bahraini delegation include sunni and shia muslims christians or hindu and the sikh they will leave on wednesday alan fischer al jazeera in occupied east jerusalem. britain's defense minister has told our to zero he's hoping for a swift end to the political crisis in the gulf given williamson made the comment today after cutter agreed to buy twenty four fighter jets from the u.k. and the six point seven billion dollars deal the jets are expected to be delivered in late two thousand and twenty two. plays an important role in terms of talking with all parties and encouraging a dialogue and encouraging all countries to come together i think we very much welcome what kuwait did in hosting g.c.c. and we would like to see more moves going forward to build on that corporation make sure that the gulf states start working together again ensuring peace and prosperity right across for gold. politician mikhail saakashvili has been released
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from detention in ukraine the former georgian president was arrested on friday accused of conspiring to topple ukraine's leader petro poroshenko allegations he denies as more following large demonstrations on sunday supporters of opposition figure in ukraine mikhail saakashvili confronted police outside a courthouse in the capital kiev inside a plastic defendant's box the former president of georgia saakashvili responded to allegations that he conspired to topple ukraine's president the chocolate billionaire petro poroshenko. for various people of. their. own was pretty rough. but out of the envelop you wrote once an ally of poroshenko saakashvili accuses him of failing to fulfill the anticorruption
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promise that was central to mass street protests in two thousand and fourteen against the then russian backed government. a prominent backer of the street uprising saakashvili had been rewarded with ukrainian citizenship and the governorship of the western odessa region now he and his supporters many of them soldiers return from the front lines in the country's east are demanding poroshenko zimm preachment. i think we have forty enough we don't want any more wars or bloodshed but if it does not do what he is obliged to do and uses force against us then we will respond adequately the man who led former soviet georges rose revolution who then has georgia's leader fought an ill fated war with russia denies plotting with russian businessmen to overthrow poroshenko the latest dramatic chapter in saakashvili career saw him arrested on a kiev rooftop last week before being free by supporters from
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a police van and then rearrested. now released pending trial he places a possible five years in jail jonah how al-jazeera. a mass vaccination campaign is about to get underway to stop diptheria from spreading among your refugees living in cox's bazaar in bangladesh the world health organization says more than four hundred suspected cases including six deaths have been reported since december the sick many refugees live in crowded and unhygienic conditions there especially track viruses spread through air drop it through coughs and sneezes charles stratford has more now from a refugee camp in bangladesh. the u.n. aid agencies and indeed the bangladesh government are describing this vaccination campaign against syria as their top priority right now some new figures have been released according to the government as reported by unicef four hundred
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twenty four suspected cases have been clinically diagnosed that was up until december the eighth and at least six people have died a serious situation here where outside one of these vaccination centers we've been seeing women and children coming for inoculations all morning there was a man with a loudspeaker who was walking around this particular area of the camp calling range of families bringing their children this campaign is focusing on children six years old of course its population is hugely vulnerable to this highly infectious disease because of the proximity within which they live together kenyans have had to controversial and often violent presidential elections in recent months the campaigns in court battles that followed have left many divided along ethnic lines catherine soy has more now from the capital nairobi. joyce more than he is twenty
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four years old but she says she's seen the wost of ethnic divisions and often times during kenyans and actions she's been raped beaten half families forced to flee from their home twice and after the two thousand and seven disputed election grandmother was banned alive inside her house. how she could not run because of her knee problems i hid behind a banana plantation and so them burn our house she says. and she blames politicians for inciting communities against each other for political gains and to stop inciting us. why is it that in every election politicians bring an image they want to show us how the other community is so bad yet when president kenyatta an opposition leader urging privately they hug and call each other brother while the ethnic divide here has always existed the political uncertainty around
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recent elections has worsened those divisions in poor areas like this one gangs from different communities on each other and on presidents this stream is a boundary between two ethnic communities. and. on this side they're normally peaceful but when elections nea suspicion and mistrust and fight some to cause violence. frederick lives in one of the most dangerous areas and has watched tensions quickly escalated to battles between communities he have a says that such divisions also play out when people feel disenfranchised. they should be. you know. with. everything. this analyst says that healing ethnic wounds can only start by addressing old grievances we need to have dialogue. national
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conversations that is inclusive it must be about all the indian communities what is this that is ailing this country it is plundering of the public resources and it is bad governance even poor governance more than any who comes from the president's community and from the opposition leaders ethnic group both hope they will see a future where they can celebrate political diversity without fear of violence catherine saw in. nairobi kenya voters in the u.s. state of alabama will choose a new senator later on tuesday to fill a c. left vacant by the attorney general jeff sessions the republican candidate roy moore appears to have lost support to his democratic rival after he was accused of sexual misconduct democratic candidate doug jones has been actively courting the black vote which could be a deciding factor in the election. u.s.
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president donald trump has formally directed not such a focus on returning humans to the moon but his vision of rejuvenating space exploration is decidedly america first and is short on financial details also in jordan its record. forty five years ago one thousand nine hundred seventy two the last time an astronaut walked on the moon. on monday that were tired astronaut harrison schmitt gave president donald trump a memento after he signed a directive ordering the us to send explorers back to the moon and this is a giant step toward that inspiring future and toward reclaiming america's proud destiny in space and space has so much to do with so many other applications including a military application or. at first glance this looks like a feel good moment the apollo missions of the one nine hundred sixty s. and one nine hundred seventy s. dazzle people around the world they proved that with enough knowledge and money the
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moon was no longer out of humanity's reach and lift off the spaceship but then in the eighty's ninety's and two thousand the u.s. shifted attention to projects closer to earth with moscow's partnership the construction and operation of the international space station in earth's orbit and for thirty years the nearly one hundred fourteen billion dollars space shuttle program. rather economic times forced the obama administration to ground the shuttle program in two thousand and eleven and to ditch any plans to return to the moon now the top administration says it's time once more to rejuvenate space exploration but with no target date in sight no estimate of cost and no direct mention of russian expertise or involvement will also ensure lastly that the rules and values of space exploration are written with american leadership in american
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values. barack obama required the u.s. government to use private companies to launch astronauts and cargo into the haven't space x. is already making rocket deliveries to the space station and donald trump is following suit mandating the government work with business on the design and launch of new spacecraft to carry humans to the moon and beyond this is very exciting very important for a country. with. a mission that is both cosmic and grounded in the bottom line roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington plenty more and all the stories we're covering al-jazeera dot com is different.
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so this is a desert these are the top stories in turkey is expected to finalize a two billion dollars deal with russia to buy the four hundred surface to air missile system techies ties with russia becoming stronger in the past year and many see the new defense deal as a sign of weakening of relations with nato. misty international is accusing the european union of being complicit in the abuse of refugees in libya in a report the rights group says that the e.u. tuns a blind eye to alleged brutal tactics of libya's coast guard and detention facilities . tens of thousands of african migrants and refugees are facing deportation from israel off the parliament approved a bill allowing the government to force them out of the country they say refused to go will be imprisoned. world leaders meet seeing in paris right now for a special climate summit convened by the french president and. it's hoped the gathering will encourage much needed funding to accelerate efforts to combat global
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warming as follows the u.s. decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen climate accord president trump will not be attending neither will the leaders of china and india event marks two years since two hundred nations signed the paris agrees. the said about changing their financial structure they way they have financial structure works making sure that every decision that relates to financing made towards supporting. projects and supporting actions that are oriented towards a no. meant a massive vaccination campaign is about to get underway to stop that syria from spreading among were refugees living in camps in bangladesh the world health organization says hundreds of suspected cases including six deaths to be reported since december the six over six hundred forty six thousand ranger fled miramar since the military crackdown in state in. the us president donald trump has
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reiterated his call for immigration reform after an attack on one of new york's busiest commuter hubs a bangladeshi national who was arrested after a pipe bomb struck him misfired in the subway in the times square or that it might tunisia is coming right up. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed judgment a satisfied for the state of their economy this is easily a study as biggest tech success story the company was formed by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time zero.


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