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sound walls at this time on al-jazeera. is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year the more than thirty meters in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking past to try to take them from gang violence i lost my. go i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. european governments are accused of being complicit in the abuse of thousands of refugees trying to be in detention centers.
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around the clock this is. also coming up leave the country or go to prison the choice now facing thousands of asylum seekers in israel. world leaders come together for a climate change summit in paris will be law even the french capital plus. i'm catherine soy in kenya's capital nairobi i'll be telling you why after fifty four years of independence people still deeply divided along ethnic lines. so the numbers international is accusing european governments of knowingly exposing thousands of refugees to torture and abuse in their efforts to curb migration in a report published on tuesday the rights group says the e.u.
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policy of containment shows little care for those trapped in libya. this report. these images sparked outrage around the world african migrants at risk of being sold at auction in libya the accusation of modern day slavery triggered international concern and e.u. pledges to address the issue. but in a report by the human rights group amnesty international european governments are accused of not only being aware of these abuses but also actively supporting the libyan authorities in stopping sea crossings and preventing refugees and migrants from leaving what we have in libya is india headed. for it's a lawless country to start with and if it isn't migrants are treated like a commodity we heard about. slave auction just a week or two ago and here we are so essentially any migrant a refugee is pretty much criminalized you know italy has been singled out for
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criticism it's accused of beating efforts to fund libyan detention camps train libyan coast guards to intercept ships carrying refugees and migrants as well as encouraging libyan tribes in armed groups to work as border guards amidst the also found those prevented from leaving libya face arbitrary detention torture forced labor extortion and death at the hands of the authorities traffickers as well as armed groups you know european government officials can claim to be unaware of what the libyan authorities at doing the kind of knowledge of the kind of horrific suffering that people are facing inside libya so i think the approach of the european union is in order to protect their own borders they are ready to push people back at any cost and not respect even the basic rights of human beings. libya is the main transit point for refugees and migrants trying to reach europe by sea nearly half a million people have made the dangerous crossing across the mediterranean over the
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past three years according to the un's migration agency in that time close to ten thousand people have died while attempting to make it to europe following the provision of ships training and funding from the e.u. and italy to the libyan coast guard amnesty found the number of arrivals to italy fell by nearly seventy percent between july and november compared with the same period last year the number of refugees who die at sea has also reduced but it's not clear what future awaits the estimated twenty thousand migrants and refugees now we know for crowded and unsanitary detention centers across libya. al-jazeera well thousands of african asylum seekers and refugees are facing deportation from israel off the parliament there approved a bill allowing the government to force him out of the country those who refuse to go will be imprisoned detention center which houses some of them will also be closed within months reports now from tel aviv salaam says she doesn't want to live
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in israel any more but leaving would be worse the neighbors have screened off the comical entrance to hotel of evil apartment keeping her and other african residents out of sight this year a new government policy saw her and her husband lose twenty percent of their salaries only to be returned if they leave israel they've both been imprisoned in the native eritrea returning there they say would be impossible the alternative rwanda unsafe i don't have any choice that i can want to wind up because. i want to be in jail. whether he kill me. i don't want to go back to africa that choice jail or a third country widely thought to be rwanda is precisely the one israel's prime minister is now presenting as government policy benjamin netanyahu recently told cabinet colleagues that he'd secured an international deal allowing for enforced deportations of more than thirty five thousand africans it would also speed the
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closure of the isolated hole at the tension center in the southern negev desert thousands of african migrants have been sent here in what campaign groups call a deliberate policy of making their lives as miserable as possible even running at maximum capacity how law could only house about ten percent of the african asylum seekers in this country this policy these announcements are much more targeted at those who live in communities like this part of israel's open policy of trying to force them to leave salaam says she was brought to israel against her will by people smugglers extorting her family she's found work as a translator and advocacy group assaf asylum application has she says gone unanswered since it was filed two years ago and it's not the only one they slowly shift as what israel has the right and a duty to say you is a refugee and who is not however israel still hasn't done so we definitely say that not every city knees or it deserves the status of refugees but the issue here is that out of forty thousand of them only ten have been recognized as refugees
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israel's prime minister defines the rest as illegal infiltrators his reported deal with the rwandan president would see israel pay five thousand u.s. dollars to rwanda for every deportee accepted and of course we are here on a mission and the mission is to give southern tell of the back to the citizens of israel israeli government itself delivered the migrants to this already deprived neighborhood but now it remains their precarious home where the message only gets louder with every repetition they aren't welcome here are a force that i'll just tell of it. well write to me kylie is the executive director of the hotline for refugees and migrants and she says the new door is part of a wider strategy by the government. israeli government is using the narrative often they should simply read the fear atmosphere and to make asylum seekers and refugees in israel funny and leave the country or good they made rationing route which is
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suggested to them towards africa it's very very dangerous out so the community is confused and what they're trying to do is count and provide with more corrent and there aren't transparent hundred formation people are worried about being detained for long periods of the people i understand leaving israel to react in rwanda is not a solution drawn testimony is that recollected in europe we know that people left to rwanda all ganda or people who were left to run don't have to process the border of magical jill dando afterwards had to leave there was two countries because they were not able to leave their receive working women their mates had their assigned claim recognized so people continued to flee and moved to leave after all the addresses in libya they had to cross the mediterranean sea europe so we reality israelis deporting refugees from israel to your to europe not taking its share in
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the international refugee crisis that i will of leaders are meeting in paris for a special climate summit convened by the french president emmanuel macross it's hoped the gathering will encourage much needed funding to accelerate efforts to try to accelerate efforts to combat global warming and follows the u.s. decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen climate accord president trump will not be attending and neither will the leaders of china and india the event monks' two years since nearly two hundred nations signed the paris agreement let's go straight to paris where we can join our correspondent but tasha butler in a tasha this is all about finance isn't it. of finances sunny the big theme of this summit you know two years ago when you had two hundred will be to stand right here in paris promising to limits our global warming to less than two degrees a celsius it was an historic occasion and everyone applauded it but today is all we
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have a situation in which everyone knows you cold just a cheap those targets without an awful lot of money and influence than for a smooth as some real action and that is why the french president's moan with u.n. and the world bank of holding the summit to try and look away as if using public and private money in the battle against climate change and also keep the promises for green funding especially for developing nations that they pledged all those years ago were joining me to talk about to this and all the other issues surrounding this so conference is obvious kenya taking is the e.u. energy and climate commissioner oh mr can you take of course donald trump is not here because the us has pulled is pulling out of the accord him at all michael seems to want to make europe the new climate toledo do you think this is really the place for europe beautifies always been a little bit by policy without the most ambitious targets of where you're from
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emission we've got all the needed legislation in place to deliver our budgets we've got to feed our commitments of the protocol and we have the. group. has more surely that it did with developing countries that the biggest provided a public climate finance let's get both of us use did more than twenty billion euros which was on the visual side of the percent. to fifteen and that we did in two thousand and thirteen so we are having a very clear leadership it's clear. that the absence of the united states requires increased action on the side of the union and that's why we have a link in force which would come out that. to organize their business that i don't buy much i just sold out a week as shop or. census and they. say so but it's pretty clear that the action in the united states has to take place after all. because i
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mean of the war and they have to do so to be sure. you have a point here is that there are many developing countries you feel them not to because some it is of greenhouse gases yet they feel they are being left behind to making for coughs and by the developed countries almost to give them more money to try and move away from fossil fuels what's the e.u. doing to help developing countries develop countries establish a commitment to put a hundred billion dollars by twenty twenty two supple developing god disagree. with what did with the five and i would cite european union we're. about compromises with anybody fifty percent of the. global public so and we had a job i did but on the other side the taliban say fight the change a cut don't be only face with public money we need. a month of really
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a mess of of dollars you know that you'll facilitate implementing the right policies you should be shoes and that the grace. of the by the sect so we have to watch russia share the five percent the billion vests and in order to do so many things come yet you've got to use public money to the trigger and to have leverage of more finance really do so that we can finance projects that the private sector and also the most important tool will be for the labor friendly and by almost forty investment for a stable regulatory framework and that would require lots of action on the ground and lots of capacity building and developing guy. that we have done you know he's doing everything they believe in public i'm a finance but do not show financial instruments that can leverage. me to start from australia for the private sector and giving technical assistance to
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developing countries in order to prepare the projects and establishing dialogue should be with the public authorities and the private sector you know they have to believe are they stable or what a friend was a friendly forty or forty investment that there will be needed if investments up to happen in developing countries ok thank you very much. the new a commissioner for climate and energy talking to us about how private money on public money can be used in the battle against climate change take what he was well is it's all about changing minds as changing the way the government's business is and people use money so they always have in the back of their minds of the idea of weight on what is going to contribute to sustainable development but to write a touch of thanks very much they natasha about a report from perth. still ahead here in al-jazeera the story of a shattered by north korea's nuclear arms race the un takes a look at the country's mounting human rights violations. but this is ball down to
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rather than are you going to vote on alleged pedophile are you going to vote for a democrat. senate election that could test trump's influence begins in just a few. hello and welcome back as we look at weather across northeastern parts of asia these cold seriously cold these shots coming from here long showing province and you can see just really a cold there just penetrating across but life goes on regardless and people cope with those very low temperatures now this circulation here this is an area of low pressure which will continue to drag out down from the north all the way down from the arctic circle so it's not going to warm up any time soon sapporo having said that coming up just above freezing plus one as a nice from further south you got showers in the western side of honshu but tokyo should be a largely dry cold air across the korean peninsula of sea cold up in all of the
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tour there in mongolia maximum of minus seventeen after a night time low of minus twenty seven temperatures remain subzero across the korean peninsula beijing they're at minus one to a high across more southern areas russia's seen slightly less cold air working its way in me for had temperatures two or three degrees below average in hong kong in recent days another just a degree or so above so elsewhere looking fine for shanghai in fuzhou thai way taipei might see wanted to showers meanwhile across vietnam we're going to see some clouds for noise should be largely dry as we head through wednesday but for thursday would like to see one or two shows return across more northern areas. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships one mess somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the
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chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time just. how to get what you know is there a reminder of the top stories this international is accusing the european union of being complicit to the abuse of refugees in libya interpol the rights group says the e.u. turns a blind eye to alleged brutal tactics of libya's coast guard and tench from cities also claims the e.u. is aware of corruption within the coast guard to working with human smugglers. tens
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of thousands of african asylum seekers are facing deportation from israel off the policy to prove the bill allowing the government to force them out of the country the detention center which houses some of them will also be closed. while the leaders are meeting in paris for a special climate summit convened by the french president manuel micro and said the gathering will encourage much needed funding to accelerate efforts to combat global warming follows u.s. decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen climate cold. turkey is expected to finalize a two billion dollars deal with russia to buy the s. four hundred surface to air missile system you know what it was made at a joint news conference between. president vladimir putin the russian word was turkey's ties with russia become stronger in the past year and many see the new defense deal as a sign of weakling relations with nato the deal was announced after putin made
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a whistle stop tour of the middle east mohammed at the very latest from. reaction to president ed on announcement has been swift these a feeling of accomplishment in turkey on the verge of signing a deal to purchase air defense system as four hundred missile defense system from russia of course this is not going to come as good news to need to which has been closely following the deal between turkey and russia the united states has over the years been encouraging turkey to buy its all air defense system that part of the old turkey is highly prized and it doesn't know how much technology america was ready to part with in this part is in the party of mr now all these just shows how for traditions between turkey and other lethal members but
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talk face it has the right to shop for. other defense where ever it wishes because it is pursuing its all foreign policy and also its neighbor syria. in the war undertakes it has pushed the panic button many times and has had absolutely no response from other members it's also sees it has differences in opinion with the united states on syria and has been locked out of the european integration project. a mass vaccination campaign is about to get underway to stop the syria from spreading among refugees living in tops is bizarre in bangladesh the world health organization says more than four hundred suspected cases in the six deaths have been reported since december the sixth many refugees live in crowded and unhygienic conditions a spirit retract a virus is spread through droplets and coughs from coughs and sneezes over six
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hundred forty six thousand ranger fluidly and mustn't a military crackdown rakhine state because oldest child stratford has more from helen cali refugee camp from bangladesh. the latest figures supplied by unicef they saying that up until december the eighth at least four hundred twenty four people clinically diagnosed with a highly infectious risperdal three disease diptheria they also say that at least six people have died now the more than six hundred forty thousand range you're living in these camps are highly vulnerable to catching this disease because they're living so close to one another and also because they haven't had the vaccinations inside myanmar this is all to do with them not having citizenship and not having access to the kind of health care that other people in myanmar have had for years we understand that this campaign that started today is going to be focusing on children up to the age of six years old they being highly susceptible
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to it today in the camps we've seen men with loudspeakers calling families to bring their children to inoculation centers like this one. the u.n. and the government are describing this crisis and this vaccination program as being a top priority the health situation for the refugee refugees is already in crisis and this diptheria outbreak is making it even worse. the united nations says north korea's human rights violations are on the rise while the country focuses on its nuclear missile test at the security council discussed reported around thirty million people have been hit by severe food shortages mike hanna has this report. this was the fourth annual discussion of human rights abuses in north korea and on previous occasions china attempted to move the talks behind closed doors arguing that public discussion could undermined any attempts to renew dialogue but it
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failed to get the nine votes necessary and the talks went ahead in public among those who addressed the council was the un's political chief who warned often under reported looming humanitarian disaster the d.p. r. k. is a forgotten crises on the global humanitarian agenda an estimated eighteen million people that is seventy percent of the population are suffering from food insecurity. and then and a half million people representing forty one percent of the population are undernourished a number of victims of human rights also addressed the council as did the high commissioner for human rights who spoke of a prison system that could only be described as horrific torture is widespread in detention centers overseen by the ministry of state security and the ministry of
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people security detainees who work in mines or infrastructure projects in conditions of severe deprivation people held in these camps have told my star for being beaten by prison guards or other inmates and being fed so little they barely survive and there will be a ministerial level discussion in the security council on the issue of north korean disarmament on friday and the un envoy who's recently visited north korea will also be briefing the security council in the days ahead. kenyans have heard too controversial and often violent presidential elections in recent months the bitter campaigns in court battles that followed have left many divided along ethnic lines catherine soy has this report. is twenty four years old but she says she's seen the worst of ethnic divisions and often times during kenya's an election she's
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been raped beaten half family forced to flee from their home twice and after the two thousand and seven disputed election how grandmother was banned alive inside her house. how she could not run because of her knee problems i hid behind a banana plantation and so them than our house she says. and she blames politicians for inciting communities against each other for political gains and to stop inciting us. why is it that in every election politicians bring animate they want to show us how the other community is so bad yet when president kenyatta an opposition leader urging privately they hug and call each other brother while the ethnic divide here has existed the political uncertainty around recent elections has those divisions in poor areas like this one from different
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communities on each other and on residents this stream is a boundary between two ethnic communities. and. on this side they're normally peaceful but when elections nia suspicion and mistrust and fight some to cause violence. frederick lives in one of the most dangerous areas and has watched tensions quickly escalated to battles between communities he says that such divisions also play out when people feel disenfranchised. should be. you know. where. everything this analyst says that healing ethnic wounds can only start by addressing old grievances we need to have. national conversations that is inclusive it must be about all of the
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canyon communities what is this that is ailing this country it is plundering of the public resources and it is bad governance even poor governance more than any who comes from the president's community and from the opposition leaders ethnic group both hope they will see a future where they can celebrate political diversity without fear of violence catherine saw in. nairobi kenya. u.s. president donald trump is used an attack on a new york subway station on monday to call for immigration reform a man was arrested alter he misfired a pipe bomb strapped to him in a subway in a time square that by going to she national who's been identified as a kid who was injured in the blast let's be clear as new yorkers our lives revolve around the subways when we hear of an attack on the subway is incredibly unsettling . and let's be also clear this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank
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god the perpetrator did not achieve is ultimate goals. thank god our first responders were there so quickly to address the situation to make sure people are safe votes as in the u.s. state of alabama will choose a new senator later on tuesday to fill the seat left vacant by the attorney general jeff sessions the republican candidate roy moore appears to lost support his democratic rival after he was accused of sexual misconduct she had her tansey as this. opinion polling is notoriously inaccurate but the day before alabama's special senate election one poll commanded attention on the less. republican has been ahead but among the final polls one commissioned by fox news no less there was a democrat. he was ahead by ten points but eight percent of respondents were
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undecided and then there was the guilt factor those who claim to be undecided probably why more supporters who don't want to admit. that shame as a result of multiple sex you'll misconduct allegations against the former judge he denies all of them his supporters say nothing's been proven but they've helped make the senate race very close in a state where the republican party has for decades been seen as the end of alabamian attitudes to race and gender rights the democratic challenger all depend on turn out a heavy turnout from the black community and from suburban women if he can get that he's got a chance to win anecdotally jones has reason to be hopeful here in the affluent birmingham suburbs cari powell has long been a democrat but she says more and more of her republican neighbors are telling her this time it's different it's just really hard. for the progressive republicans. and a lot of them have. doug jones has ninety percent of the african-american
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vote behind him according to the polls the next senator of the state of alabama judge roy moore in addition democrats hope that. over racism extolling the u.s. under slavery all regretting giving black people the vote will catalyze normally lackluster black turnout. however it will be difficult to overcome a skepticism about voting but one of decades of election time appeals from local and national democratic politicians that amount to nothing after the polls they only really come. when it's close they let dr paul summarizes the choice before voters but this is ball down to whether or not you're going to vote for an alleged pedophile are you going to vote for a democrat and here in alabama that's not clear cox time see al-jazeera birmingham alabama.
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or let's have a recap of the headlines here on al-jazeera and amnesty international is accusing the european union is being complicit in the abuse of refugees in libya in a report the rights group says the e.u. turns a blind eye to the alleged brutal tactics of libya's coast guard and detention facilities it also claims the e.u. is aware of corruption within the coast guard accusing it of working with human smugglers tens of thousands of african asylum seekers a facing deportation from israel off the parliament approved a bill allowing the government to force them out of the country detention center which houses some of them will also be closed within months. well the lead is meeting right now in paris for a special climate summit convened by french president manuel michel it's the gathering will encourage much needed funding to accelerate efforts to combat global warming if all is the u.s. decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen climate to quote president trump is not attending neither the leaders of china and india at the event marks
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two years since nearly two hundred nations the paris agreement. in the set about changing their financial structure they way they financial structure works making sure that every decision that relates to financing and to why it's so porting. projects and supporting actions that are oriented towards and no carbon development turkey is expected to finalize a two billion dollars deal with russia to buy the s four hundred surface to air missile system in as little is made of a joint news conference between president vladimir putin and the rest of the way his ties with russia have become stronger in the past year many see the new defense deal as a sign of weakening relations with later. a mass vaccination campaign is about to get underway to stop to syria from spreading among were refugees living in tuxes bazaar in bangladesh the world health organization says more than four hundred
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suspected cases including six deaths have been reported since december the six many refugees live in crowded on the igi nick conditions at the risk retreat track viruses spread through droplets from coughs and from sneezes. all right you're up to date with the headlines here and others are coming up next it's inside story. the e.u. talks of restarting the middle east peace process while israel's prime minister slams the continent for hypocrisy its european and u.s. policies towards the middle east diverged what options does brussels really have this.


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