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now money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers. features like a panic button and twenty seven of drivers they live in a country plagued by poverty for india's billionaires life is all about glamour luxury and pristine. wonder when east meets the new. at this time on al-jazeera i mean this is different that there is that one thing for some of the favorites but. it's how you approach it and i think it is a certain way of doing it you can't just. story in trying out. voting in alabama can the republican candidate accused of sexual misconduct right away with a senate that. i
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love them to the macdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming. in they don't come to build all that but they. are losing the battle against climate change the bleak message from president maicon at a summit to breathe new life into the paris and green. children's cries get louder as medical supplies to windell in the ammons struggling hospitals plus. i'm catherine soy in kenya's capital nairobi i'll be telling you why after fifty four years of independent people still deeply divided along ethnic lines. so the u.s. states of alabama is voting in a closely fought senate race which has turned into
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a test of president donald trump influence republican candidate why moore arrived by horse to cast his ballot in the city of gallant he's hoping to beat democratic candidate doug jones despite facing accusations of sexual misconduct against teenage girls when he was in his slurs he's trump has endorsed more even though many other republicans have shown. roy moore is a social conservative famous for his hard views he said america was last great at the time when slavery existed or was sexuality he says should be illegal and muslim should not be allowed to serve in congress as a judge he was twice removed from alabama supreme court for failing to comply with rulings has made rival doug jones is a former u.s. attorney best known for prosecuting two klux klansmen who killed four black girls in one thousand nine hundred sixty three church bombing. well opinion at one polling in one county appears largely unsavory. the right thing. and i thank you. america.
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i don't believe in people coming up after so many years saying something about a candidate i. forty years. before they voted for him or. he stands for the. that we have and the generation that we're in right now we need a lot of more. down to earth by. the time being you owe it all occurred to me this is going to be public and so you know from the govan to. democrats and see what a well let's put it this way it had been proven that he did that so why come up forty years from now and say and this man did all that well particular names live in the city of birmingham alabama for us hi there patty i know that you've been
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touring various polling stations what have people been been telling you was a star not been like. and here i am at another one this in a more affluent neighborhood where we've been doing every hour as we move because we want to get a complete sense of what's happening here in birmingham so i came to this more a fluid polling station and had the same result at a more democratic polling station they both tell me the turnout is more than fifty percent and there's still a few hours left to vote that is astonishing americans do not vote in special elections they expect maybe twenty percent of eligible voters will show up this is already more than fifty percent you don't normally see those in presidential elections so what this tells me because it's happening in both democratic and republican areas is that this is a race people are very much invested in that they very much care about and you just heard from those people talking about roy moore this is one hundred percent a race about roy moore and i think if anything this alabama election shows us the
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political correctness is no longer in fashion in the united states and the are twenty seventeen i mean if you think about this where politics has gone put aside the very serious and troubling allegations from nine separate women that more targeted them for sexual abuse or relationships when they were in their teens and he was in his thirty's put that aside look at some of the comments he made in past years it would have seemed completely disqualifying to say that homosexuals should be in prison and that women and muslims shouldn't go into public service. the end just recently he was asked on camera when was america great and he said when we had slavery he said yes slavery was we had slavery but at the same time families took care of each other so if you combine all of those statements it is unheard of in american politics to have somebody who is so very out there with these very far right wing beliefs but it is a tight race i don't think in this case you can trust any of the polls because one
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of the things political scientists will tell you is there's the embarrassment factor people will tell pollsters on the phone no of course i'm not going to vote for someone who won her. a polling station described to me as a cheerleader chaser but want to admit that to a pollster but then they go in and ballots here are kept secret so one thing we know for sure people are coming out to vote and it could be a very long night here in alabama hang their lives in birmingham alabama passing. french president eman well as delivered a rallying cry to world leaders to do even more to fight climate change but he told a global summit in paris that they're currently using the battle. as their system me so one plan that's a myth the french president issued a stark warning telling leaders at the one planet summit in paris that time is running out to save the world from climate change only don't ponder bellaver day
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we're in the process of losing the battle those who came before us they were lucky they could say we didn't know and it was true for twenty years now we have no format one of emanuel michael wants europe to take the lead on climate change off to the us is decision to pull out of the paris accord it's why he called for a summit of world leaders bosses and scientists to find new ways to finance green energy those who failed to bet on agreement on a me we will be living in a great future. but. it was two years ago in paris that two hundred world leaders promised to limit global warming to less than two degrees celsius the paris accord was an historic moment since then progress has been slow while the purser agreement was excellent and now the question is to be managed and. obviously sometimes is not as quick. as one would expect or hope we had
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before she did this she then made by president roh. and we need and that's the aim of this meeting to develop financing and the public financing and private financing this summit was all about reviving momentum for the paris accord and growth has been some big wins the world bank and the world's biggest insurer access rights announcing that they. will scale back their investments in fossil fuels and focus more on green energy former us secretary of state john kerry said it was a disgrace that there were no high ranking u.s. officials here but for the americans who were present the fight continues. so his republican colleagues are growing in a totally different direction we grassroots the major streets of america were taking action and the people through the american promise corporate leaders are
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doing. the u.s. pullout has left a large climate change funding gap but those here say they will do all they can to make up the shortfall and safeguard the planet for future generations natasha partner al-jazeera paris. russia says it's pulled all of its embassy staff of yemen as the conflict between the government gets worse now than nine thousand people have been killed since saudi arabia and its allies joined the fight against the twenty fifteen that triggered what the un has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis reports on the situation in one of the emmons hospitals. in yemen the children's cries get louder. and the medical supplies continue to do windell as the world's worst humanitarian crisis deepens it's here in a facility meant to ease suffering where the anguish is so very apparent. this
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hospital is in the city of her data home to one of the country's most vital ports with mounting international pressure saudi arabia began to allow some humanitarian aid to enter yemen in the last week of november but aid workers say the continuing saudi led blockade which began in october in response to a missile fired by the huth east towards riyadh is limiting supplies of fuel food and medicine doctors are worried. that. there is a big shortage in medications and equipment and also there is a lack of specialist doctors that means we have to refer some urgent cases to sign up and in most cases they die on their way. in a country experiencing the worst cholera outbreak on record and where millions are on the verge of famine hospital staff say they're also seeing cases of severe acute malnutrition diptheria and more for the. most recently we've noticed malaria cases of malaria have started appearing we've also started seeing cases of
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dying a fever as well it's no wonder parents are having so much trouble comforting their children unless we said it's how you said this i will ask them when he was sick he had diarrhea continuously in the end it was due to malnutrition and from then on we've been here to give him emergency care. pharmacies sit nearly empty and supply rooms like this one are close to bare but its hope for parents children patients and doctors that may be hardest to find mohamed al jazeera united nations says more than four hundred range of refugees living in crowded camps in bangladesh a suspected to have concocted diptheria a vaccination campaign has started to inoculate thousands of all those from the potentially fatal or spiritual disease charles trafford has more from pine cali refugee camp bangladesh turned out ever after there's another health emergency in the refugee refugee camps close to the myanmar. bangladeshi government health
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worker cools the families to come for urgent vaccination against diptheria unicef says at least four hundred twenty refugees are suspected of having contractions the highly infectious and potentially lethal response to treat disease for at least six people have reportedly died. sixty percent of the approximate six hundred forty thousand range are refugees who have arrived here in recent months are children and many of them are suffering from severe acute malnutrition which weakens their immunity. but our mother in the other activity. in may and we didn't have any health care if someone got sick we had to take him to doctors a long way away and it cost a lot of money most stranger would never inoculated against it syria and other contagious diseases in myanmar since the myanmar government withdrew their citizenship thirty five years ago they had limited access to medical care. there
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are fifty defense about action nation centers like this that have been set up across the camps more than two hundred fifty people have been trained to give the injection over the last couple of days the government and the un are describing this and he didn't fear it dr now as a top priority the government is working with the un and international aid organizations to tackle the outbreak definitely out of solution have every chance to get an infection but if they are all that interested this is this is that from medical side this is the truth but we have started our campaign as as our less plausible solution given to the one thing we can. hopefully. around seven hundred thousand religare refugees have been inoculated against cholera and after an outbreak of measles at least three hundred fifty thousand refugees have been vaccinated against that contagious disease eight groups in the bangladesh government were already struggling to meet the basic health needs of these people.
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a deep syria outbreak has made that challenge even harder stuff at al-jazeera problem colley refugee camp bangladesh still to come on the program an explosion at a gas facility in austria sparks a state of emergency in italy prompts. the use accused of knowing exposing thousands of refugees to torture and abuse in the bag. hello there it certainly is hot for some of us in australia and that hot weather is spreading here's the cool a change though and that's gradually working its way eastwards but it's ahead of that where it's very hot at the moment we're looking at thirty five an hour delay thirty six in melbourne and that heat is then working its way eastward so on thursday we'll get to thirty six at least in sydney this area of cloud there brings
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the cooler weather as we head through thursday that is for melbourne and force in adelaide saw temperatures will drop down to the mid twenty's meanwhile further west we're already in the mid twenty's here and perth will stay at around twenty four degrees over towards new zealand lots of cloud here for the south island that cloud is also bringing a fair amount of rain say really quite cold in christchurch a maximum just of seventeen degrees and feeling cooler than that thanks to the clouds and the rain for the north island though it should be brighter in oakland twenty two degrees maximum on wednesday and on thursday we should get to twenty three if we had up towards japan though there's been a lot of cloud on a lot of snow here recently and that snow is still with us on wednesday it does clear away as we head through thursday only a few flurries of snow there for the northern parts of honshu elsewhere looking mostly dry tokyo ten degrees in the sunshine more cloud force in beijing though here are maximum it's zero.
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the obstacles to being a female for a dog or a flying jenny are simply made the challenge laws dealing to bob but on the nation . now with a single red dress countless volunteers and the power of high land she is exploring the lives of women from all kenyan walks of life the unique tales that sets them apart and the shared experiences that bind them together. they knew after the gun photography this time on al-jazeera. a rise of our top stories here on out is iraq both things underway in the closely
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fought senate race in the u.s. state of alabama democrat doug jones is hoping to pull off an upset against republican roy moore he's been facing sexual misconduct allegations french president manuel mccall has delivered a rallying cry for world leaders to do even more to combat climate change but he told a global summit in paris that they are using a. medical supplies are running out in yemen's hospitals as the conflict intensifies isis as it's called all of its embassy staff of the war torn country. italy has declared a state of emergency after an explosion at one of europe's main gas distribution hubs in austria cost off supplies from the site of the bus a bomb god said on tuesday morning left one person dead and injured more than a dozen all this it's forced the closure of the entire facility significant they disrupt to gas supplies from russia to europe well brennan explains. the explosion sent flames shooting hundreds of feet into the sky and the blast was
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heard more than forty kilometers away this photograph. taken from neighboring slovakia baumgarten is one of europe's main gas distribution hubs handling four hundred billion cubic meters of gas annually fire crews were quickly on the scene. when the first units arrived here baumgartner there were already huge shooting flames it became clear very quickly that this had to be a gas explosion because the enormous heat six for the buildings caught fire they were completely aflame that's why two hundred fifty firefighters were needed to bring this fire under control the bow garden gas hub is the main entry point for russian gas into austria and onward to italy slovenia and croatia more than one hundred million cubic meters of gas every day is distributed through baumgarten and its sudden closure has caused an immediate and significant price rise in wholesale gas prices with implications right across europe. because of the blast is being
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described simply as a technical fault but the consequences for europe's gas consumers are significant and complex italy has declared a state of emergency more than thirty percent of its gas supplies come via baumgarten and the timing could scarcely be worse if you were to describe a worst case scenario for the european gas markets today this would be it we have this huge explosion abound gotten which is cut off all gas supply from russia to austria and italy we have the closure of two very key fields in the u.k. north sea because of a pipeline leak which is is really putting pressure on the u.k. gust system on top of that in norway there's a incident at the troll field which is europe's biggest gas producing field and all of this on top of the first real cold snap of this winter in europe so you couldn't have actually described a more difficult time for all of this to have happened. on the markets the gas prices spiked sharply upwards in italy more than double the price of the previous
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day austrian authorities say the flames are now out of the damage assessment to pound garden will happen as soon as the site is safe they promise to resume supplies as soon as possible but that could take several weeks and in the meantime europe faces energy uncertainty paul brennan al-jazeera with an thousand people have been evacuated from its home in northern italy after a river burst its banks flooding homes businesses a helicopter and rubber dinghies have been used to help evacuate people in from the town of lent to gianni much of italy is shivering through a wave of rain snow and freezing temperatures especially in the north with or it is a closely watching several reverse fearing their banks are also worried. i'm missing to national is accusing european governments of knowingly exposing thousands of refugees to torture and abuse and their efforts to curb migration in a report the rights group says the policy of containment shields little care for migrants and refugees trapped libya would up the wide has more from tripoli.
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these images park at outreach around the world african migrants at risk of being sold at auction in libya the accusation of modern day slavery triggered international concern and pledges to address the issue but in a report by the human rights group amnesty international european governments are accused of not only being aware of these abuses but also actively supporting libyan authorities in a stopping sea crossings and preventing refugees and migrants from leaving what we have in libya is really a hellhole. for it's a lawless country to start with and refugees and migrants are treated like a commodity we heard about. slave auction just a week or two ago and here we are so essentially any migrant a refugee is pretty much criminalized italy has been singled out for criticism it's
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accused of leading e.u. efforts to fund libyan detention camps train libyan coast guard to intercept ships carrying a few g.'s and migrants as we'll as encouraging the libyan tribes and armed groups to operate as border guards amnesty also from those prevented from leaving libya face arbitrary detention torture forcedly war extortion and even death at the hands of the authorities traffickers as well as armored groups no european government official can claim to be unaware of what the libyan authorities are doing the kind of torture the kind of horrific suffering that people are facing inside libya so i think the approach of the european union is in order to protect their own borders they're ready to push people back at any cost and not respect even the basic rights of human beings al-jazeera has reached out to the government
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but it has yet to respond libya is the main transit. point for refugees and migrants trying to reach europe by sea nearly half a million people have made the dangerous crossing across the mediterranean over the past three years according to the u n's migration agency in that time close to ten thousand people have died while attempting to make it to europe for whom the provision of ships training and funding from the e.u. and italy to the libyan coast guard amnesty found the number of arrivals to italy filled by nearly seventy percent between july and november compared to the same period last year the number of refugees who died at the sea also reduced but that is not clear what future awaits is to me to to india thousand migrants and refugees now in overcrowded on cemetery detention centers across libya mohamad abdalla head jazeera tripoli european commission spokesman said is aware of the inhumane and
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terrible conditions that some face and was working to save lives in the statement it said we do so by stopping people drowning in the mediterranean evacuating them from disastrous conditions in libya and offering them safe and legal pathways to come to your situation is not bad because of the fact it's slightly better because of it palestinians in the occupied west bank are continuing to protest against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital in the city of ramallah israeli forces fired tear gas to break up demonstrators throwing stones they have been violent confrontations across the occupied territories since u.s. president donald trump's announcement last week moves from widely condemned by world leaders with many accusing trump of damaging the middle east peace process. in television for israel israeli arabs have been protesting outside the american embassy has ordered for the officers to be moved to jerusalem several members of
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the knesset attended the rally on with demonstrators who waved and iced. israeli authorities have reduced gaza's fishing zone from nine ossicles miles down to six palestinian fishermen say it leaves them with a very limited area to catch anything at all and smith has more now from gaza. so when gaza's fishermen go out again this afternoon they'll be restricted back to a maximum of eleven kilometers offshore for the last six weeks or so they've been allowed to go out to sixteen kilometers the israelis say that allows them to take advantage of seasonal changes in fish stocks but of course the fisherman would really like to be able to sail out up to thirty seven kilometers into the mediterranean to allow them to take advantage of the bigger fish that are there was the limit suggested by the oslo accords but israel has never allowed garza's fishermen out that far. if they go back to the oslo accord to allow that zone then
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of course the fishing industry will improve one hundred percent the further out we go the more fish we get and it's seasonal every season we need access to specific zones for example now we need twenty to twenty seven kilometers to get this season's fish including sea bass which is very expensive a sort of history only at sixteen kilometers at least there are lots of rocks where we can find lots of different fish at eleven kilometers it's empty we're wasting our time when we go fishing if they open up to thirty seven kilometers they'll be a significant difference there we find all these expensive fish then we make a lot of money high unemployment in gaza has pushed more men to look for work in the fishing industry they're trying to find a job where they can at least try and make ends meet so there are now about four thousand fisherman and a thousand fishing boats that's far too many for these crowded waters it's led of course to fishing depletion of fish stocks and of depletion of breeding grounds and
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there's no indication from the israeli or barges that when they are likely to extend again the fishing zones for garza's fish. the u.s. says it's prepared to hold talks with north korea over its nuclear program secretary of state rex tillerson told the washington think tank that the country's armed forces have a range of contingencies available north korea must be willing to come to the negotiating table we need to dig deeper r.-k. to come to the talks come to the table for talks. we're ready to talk at the time they'd like to talk but they have to come to the table and they have to come to the table with a view that they do want to make a different choice in the meantime our military preparedness is strong because of the situation the president has ordered our military planners to have a full range of contingencies available and they are ready as i've told people many times. i will continue our diplomatic efforts until the first bomb drops.
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better election and court battles that marked kenya's presidential campaigns left communities increasingly divided along ethnic lines catherine soils mourner from the capital. is twenty four years old but she says she's seen the worst of ethnic divisions and often turned violent during kenya's elections she's been raped beaten half family forced to flee from their home twice and after the two thousand and seven disputed election how grandmother was banned alive inside her house. she could not run because of her knee problems i hid behind a banana plantation and saw them buying our house she says. and she blames politicians for inciting communities against each other for political gains and them to stop inserting us. why is it that in every election politicians
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bring anima t.v. they want to show us how the other community is so bad yet when president kenyatta an opposition leader privately they hug and call each other brother. while the ethnic divide here has always existed the political uncertainty around recent elections has worsened those divisions in poor areas like this one dance from different communities on each other and on presidents this stream is a boundary between two ethnic communities. and. on this side they're normally peaceful but when elections mere suspicion and mistrust and fight some to cause violence. this was a war zone frederico ginga lives in one of the most dangerous areas and has watched tensions quickly escalated to battles between communities he have a says that such divisions also play out when people feel disenfranchised whoever is in there should be that you critter bush you know resources we're very pleased
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because your thoughts that you have already got a lot of it is everything. this analyst says that healing ethnic wounds can only start by addressing old grievances we need to have a national dialogue national conversations that is inclusive it must be about all the indian communities what is this that is ailing this country it is plundering of the public resources it is bad governance even poor governance comes from the president's community and from the opposition leaders ethnic group both hope they will see a future where they can celebrate political diversity without fear of violence catherine sorry i'll just zero nairobi kenya. headline see when our u.s.
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state of alabama is voting in a costly fault senate race which is turned into a test of president donald trump influence republican candidate why more arrive by horse to cast his ballot in the city of galle and he's hoping to be a democratic candidate doug jones despite facing accusations of sexual misconduct against teenage girls when he was in his thirty's chompers indorse more even though many of the republicans have shunned him. french president manuel mccann has delivered a rallying cry to world leaders to do more survive climate change he told a global summit in paris they're losing the battle mccall is trying to rejuvenating a collective effort against climate change which was weakened earlier this year when president trump pulled the u.s. out of the paris climate accord involved we're not going fast enough if we carry along this paul we've committed to limiting the temperature rise to one point five centigrade would have been two or three or three point five centigrade it's so far from what we committed to limit when i say that we are losing the battle i
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would like you to realize that behind me are heads of states and governments and in fifty sixty or one hundred years five ten fifteen of them will be here in america i'm the c international's accusing european governments of knowing exposing thousands of refugees to torture and abuse in their efforts to curb migration in a report the rights group says the u.s. policy of containment chills little care for migrants and refugees trapped in the area the united nations says more than four hundred range of refugees living in crowded camps in bangladesh are suspected to have contracted diphtheria a vaccination campaign or sauces inoculate thousands of others from the potentially fatal disease the respect church fires to spread through the air droplets from coughs and sneezes italy's declared a state of emergency after an explosion at a natural gas facility in austria killed one person and disrupted supplies to other
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countries the plant is austria's main hub distributing gas from russia more than one hundred million cubic meters of gas a day passes through its you are upstate those are current headlines stay with us artscape the new african continent after the break up by. al jazeera where and for your. twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of it given what has been a long box on that he has a goal for telegraphy was a colonial to going after guy without a trace.


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