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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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an al-jazeera. where al-jazeera is isaac is on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that's incredibly diverse. under serious skies a bomb shattered monument to wars destructive powers yet amid the ruins the defiant still resist and somehow survived. people in power investigates how the suburb of damascus has refused to crumble under the might of assad's army. one of two at this time on al-jazeera. a shocking new estimate for the number of muslim are hanjour killed by security forces. nearly seven thousand in just one month.
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i don't see this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the u.n. is syria and boy calls on russia to have the courage to push the syrian government to accept new elections talking tough on north korea china's president xi jinping i was in meetings with a south korean counterpart in beijing saying they will not tolerate war. and how mass calls for a palestinian uprising against israel over the u.s. jerusalem decision as the party marks its their teeth on eva three. we begin in may where at least nine thousand revenge of muslims have died or been killed in just one month of those more than six thousand seven hundred were killed
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in violent attacks following the military crackdown. but mammals government insists the real figure is much lower just four hundred mohammed explains doctors without borders estimate that nine thousand roll hinges died in the month that followed the start of the military crackdown in me and more which began in late august most of the rohinton who died were killed violent. the estimate contrasts sharply with me and more as government total it said four hundred refugees were killed that month. doctors without borders says their estimate is conservative and the actual total is likely to be far higher we have published the most conservative figure we had its. and if you look at the surf a.v. did it's the interview with more than twelve thousand people which for random sample from a fallacious of six hundred thousand we have heard stories of complete families which were killed so the belief that yes this number is about the belief is the
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lower range and our saying it's actually higher in reality the doctors without borders report states that at least nine thousand rohinton died mostly violently in iraq kind state between august twenty fifth and september twenty fourth some of these atrocities according to the refugees we talked to are commits it's by military by police by local military forces and combination of dental and we still talk to people who have just arrived in the last few weeks who are still tilting about file and which affected them in the last two weeks so this is only going at least six hundred twenty thousand row him to refugees fled to bangladesh from rakhine state since fighting started between me and more government security forces and rohinton gunman on august twenty fifth. army commanders in myanmar say troops responded to coordinated attacks on border posts by a rebel armed group they've consistently maintained no what trost of these were
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committed the u.n. however has called the army's actions against the rohinton a campaign of ethnic cleansing. research by doctors without borders also reveals at least seven hundred thirty roll him to children below the age of five years old were violently killed in that first month. the seeing these numbers are staggering doing and help sure if a dish will spark off a general helps or if a member if the realize for defining swear they simply couldn't sit on this information well me and more in bangladesh signed an agreement last month for the return of hundreds of thousands of rohinton refugees few details of the deal have been revealed. the syrian government negotiator is accusing western countries and saudi arabia of sabotaging blackmail and the end of the latest round of un brokered talks in geneva the syrian government delegation refused to engage in direct talks with the opposition because of its amount that
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president bashar al assad not play a role in any future interim government the un's syria and boy has called on russia to have the courage to push its ally the syrian government to accept new elections and a new constitution fundament store said there's no time to lose in efforts to reach peace in syria after nearly seven years of war russian president vladimir putin says the us is in the grip of a fabricated spine mania created by opponents of thought will trump who made the comments during his press conference in moscow he also praised the u.s. presidents achievements during his time in office and said he was on first name terms with trump who can also said he believed that u.s. russia relations would recover one day. but when it came to syria hooted was critical of the u.s. saying it's allowed syrian fighters to flee to iraq sania gago has more from moscow . quite strong words emanating from the press conference on thursday in which
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mr putin did accuse the u.s. of enabling fighters to feed from syria into iraq saying that it was exploiting certain opposition groups to go against assad as well and certainly of course mr putin has staked his support for mr assad has stood by them and of course in return . bashar assad would not be in the situation that he is in now without the help of russia and the backing of mr putin but while. putin also said that he did praise the russian troops for having been victorious as he put it and have for brilliantly as he said in syria there is still the admission that there was an awful lot of work to do and he said that russia could not bear the brunt of that and that it had to go into some kind of partnership with other
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global players as well to ensure that there isn't a lost generation in the future as well of course what is on the horizon as well in march twenty eighth of the presidential elections in russia and of course mr putin has thrown his his his name into the hat for that as well he is running as an independent contender but said would welcome. political support from other players as well because he is facing a challenge although he is there is being much touting of the foreign policy successes that russia has had recently and the stark contrast that has been presented with the u.s. for example in the middle east there are still challenges which mr putin is facing namely that with the economy and how it is still suffering the effects of not just the fall in oil prices but also the sanctions again that were levied against it after its part in the war in ukraine. with that mr putin had said that the
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challenge had been weathered by russia although some economists say that the economy still looking to go into stagnation is still potentially could go into stagnation but he is certainly facing himself up to be the strongest contender is wanting to play on those strengths that have certainly seen him trying to operate not just within russia but also outside of it. the leader of hamas has called for a palestinian uprising against israel following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as its capital ismail haniya made the comments at a mass rally to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the faction which was formed in response to israel's illegal occupation of the west bank and the gaza strip alan fischer has more from gaza. these rallies are almost always seen as appalling the party support for this hamas attracted a crowd easily in the thousands in southern gaza the huge poster of jerusalem as the backdrop speaker after speaker condemned the u.s.
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decision to recognize the city is israel's capital amasses leader suggested the dog trial was no less politically isolated given the international condemnation of the move over. the american and israeli position is weakened on the international level and for the first time in the history of the conflict the whole world is on one side with trump and netanyahu on the other side alone this is more evidence of the weakness of their position. amass also made sure the crowd remembered it that opposed the oslo accords and as the movement moves closer to a political agreement with fatah the distinction is important locally with possible new elections on the horizon in the crowed the insisted the rally sent an important message didn't get it then and i came here today to renew my support for hamas and to show support for jerusalem the city donald trump recognized as the capital of israel drusilla ms ows i know how to manage i come to these rallies every year this
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year we have national reconciliation and we have tribes the session on jerusalem the people here are sending a message to the enemy and to trolley a mass believes the size of the turnout here sends a message both regionally and internationally that its voice and those who support it cannot be ignored alan fischer al-jazeera gaza. a vote is underway which could do away with the rules which ensure free and open internet the u.s. federal communications commission is considering scrapping net neutrality if it does it could mean large corporations could pay internet service providers to prioritize their websites and even block their competitors net neutrality advocates . could lead to censorship and increased internet access cost well let's get more on this from andy gallagher who is the federal communications commission headquarters in washington d.c. for us and they understand the voting pretty soon people up you know about the
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possibility that they could lose you county. basically net neutrality makes the internet level playing field for everybody so you want someone who represents in under a present a community you are given equal access to the internet as a big business it also means that small businesses who are just starting to get equal access it means they pay the same and that's been put in place by both the bush administration and the obama administration wants happening here today is the f.c.c. is trying to do that there were lots of protests here this morning that just left in the last half an hour but this is an incredibly popular move about eighty three percent of the american people have said they don't want these rules to change twenty million people have signed petitions but given the makeup the current makeup which was put in place by president of the f.c.c. it looks almost certain that net neutrality will end today although i just spoke to
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a politician here from california who says even if it does go through today they do plan to challenge it in court but it certainly has a lot of people very upset indeed so if this is indeed the end what does that actually mean now for the people who stay where you are in the united states but if you can give us some clue as to what might be the ramifications elsewhere. let's take for instance if you are a big media conglomerate that controls a huge chunk of the internet and you have certain apps that you or you can give those priority while slowing down access other things and basically these days we talk about access to the internet as being a human right if access is restricted or becomes more expensive it means the country becomes less democratic because if you ask. black lives matter and you want to get your underrepresented views onto the internet and organize rallies on the streets you may find that hard to do you may find you spending more money or even in some cases protesters say that if internet providers don't like your political
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views they may actually block them entirely now these rules will be taken on by these big conglomerates media conglomerates voluntarily but what campaign is a really worried about is there are basically no rules anymore they can do what they want they can charge what they want they can give access to some people and not so others so it's a deeply unpopular move amongst many americans but one certainly they seem determined to fight many thanks and then i think alec will be across the state they are set to continue. to walt disney company says it has reached a deal to buy key assets of twenty first century fox a transaction valued at fifty two point four billion dollars the merger still requires approval by antitrust regulators and the u.s. justice department if the deal does go through media experts say disney could become a new contender in the realm of streaming online video al-jazeera skimpily how could a small. really this is refreshing of the media landscape as we know it will
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allow disney as well as fox to become more competitive and essentially this is a response to changing viewing patterns by consumers we've seen a really large growth in recent years by companies like amazon google who have built up their online video viewing availabilities for consumers and it's made these traditional film companies. less competitive and so as a result we've seen now the siphoning off of the the the film division by twenty first century fox is going to the disney company it's a company that's known for historic films like the sound of music also marilyn monroe and even the first star wars that is all going to now be part if approved the disney company and this would allow fox then to focus more tightly on its news and sports broadcaster visions. still to come the indian state of gujarat votes in
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the local po thing of attack the prime minister rendered modus operandi to take. and it's no surprise to find winter coming from the caucasus across iran to was afghanistan it's december after all but will it be surprising to find that we've only got thirty centimeters of snow three and a half thousand meters just north of the capital of afghanistan but that is the case in this bit more snow to come in that system which tells back through and lee's cloud that fact is generating the potential more rain could be realized in the far south on the coast of iran and circulation here as well mostly we're talking about clear skies maybe an onshore breeze of reduced bit more clout in aid for example beirut which is still enjoying about twenty degrees by the certainly
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getting cold nights now getting that low single figures to the levant probably in iraq as well but we're twenty during the day in the sunshine this drop down to the arabian peninsula and you saw what was happening on the iranian coast and that circulation suggests a cloud will produce rain here but it's spread south into u.a.e. maybe the eastern side of a man come saturday so cloudy and wet an unusual combination but they're all the same in south africa enjoy the sunshine for a couple of days if you're in zimbabwe and expect more rain as it suggests.
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welcome back to remind of the top stories here and there are at least six thousand seven hundred muslim or hindu were killed by security forces in myanmar in just one month according to doctors without borders. the syrian government the go see is accusing western countries and saudi arabia of sabotaging blackmail and the end of the latest round of un broke the talks in geneva. on the well does the company says
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it has reached a deal to buy key assets of twenty first century fox valued at fifty two point four billion dollars. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is warning that the wrongs behavior in the middle east is following the flames of conflict nikki haley made the comment since a news conference in washington where she is said to be presenting evidence of iranian weaponry which goes against its international obligations. the report shows the tehran regime not putting out fires but fanning the flames of conflict in the region this was secretary general's fourth report detailing arraigning compliance or non compliance with u.n. resolution two two three one that resolution places specific prohibitions on arraigning conduct in its strongest language yet the secretary general's report describes violation after violation of weapons transfers and ballistic missile
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activity roughly in jordan joins us now from washington d.c. russ what sort of evidence was she presenting at this press conference well the press conference is still underway sue but what she is saying to those members of the press who were invited to take part in this press conference is that they're going to see physical evidence apparently recovered from yemen and from other locations across the middle east indicating that in the us his view iran is not only supporting groups such as the who are these as well as perhaps some members of eisel but also suggesting that it is in violation of a number of u.n. security council resolutions on its weapons programs now this is a case where of the evidence is still being unveiled but what nikki haley is arguing is that the ministration is correct to take
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a harsher stand on to hans a behavior in the middle east because the trumpet ministration has suspected for some time that iran is not living up to its obligations either under the nuclear weapons deal which was struck back at the end of two thousand and fifteen or to comply with other resolutions on its military programs many thanks for us in jordan that with the latest on that press conference. china and south korea have had a tense relationship but on thursday it put on a united front of the north korean conflict china's president xi jinping and the south korean counterparts say they won't tolerate war on the korean peninsula she has been meeting with a visiting south korean president in in beijing adrian brown reports. this is a difficult visit for south korea's leader. unlike the
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a few sips reception afforded president donald trump five weeks ago the welcoming ceremony for moon was decidedly loci his relationship with his host president xi jinping has improved but remains an easy in spite of their differences the specter of conflict on the korean peninsula has brought these two men together mr made no secret. does not want war sauce called want peace for a diplomatic solution to north korea's nuclear missile programs so does this time china and the us have common language the principal point of friction remains south korea's decision to deploy a united states and missile system in response chinese tourists boycotted south korea and other economic sanctions followed on thursday moonsault to reassure
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china's leader that the system would only be used against north korea. but in a sign strains over the issues still linger there was no joint media conference as often happens on such occasions the atmosphere wasn't improved by a serious scuffle between a south korean photographer and chinese security guards the south korean government launched a complaint. the good news is that the president thirty china and south korea are at least talking to one another but big differences remain over how to calm tensions on the korean peninsula but analysts say of the four leaders most closely involved in this crisis president trump and kim jong un of course being the others it is he and moon who are the same voices voices that could prove pivotal if diplomacy is to with the u.n. secretary general antonio good terror's is also in the region with a stark warning against the danger of sleep walking into war he said the unity of
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the security council was crucial to prevent that it is very clear that security council resolutions need to be fully implemented fully implemented by north korea first of all but fully implemented by all the other countries was raleigh's crucial in order to make sure that the sanctions are put in place and that they achieve the result that we all aim which is a nuclear ization of the korean peninsula the un's political chief jeffrey feltman was in north korea a week ago he said officials told him they wanted to avoid war now a delegation from russia's defense ministry is in pyongyang coupled with mr moon's visit to china this sudden flurry of activity could amount to the start of the last best hope for a diplomatic breakthrough adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. u.k. prime minister to resign may is meeting european union leaders in brussels less
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than a day after an embarrassing parliamentary defeat on brics it on wednesday night's parliament back to the amendments giving them a legal guarantee a vote on the final bricks and deal struck with brussels to resume is hoping e.u. leaders approve an agreement to move the brics negotiations on to a second phase incorporating trade talks ever since britain announced its plans to leave the european union france has been trying to lure companies across the channel so far paris is lagging behind germany in attracting big banks but france has become a main destination for entrepreneurs looking to the person that's a shocker reports from paris. at this new center for tech startups in paris shout cardoso gets down to business with his team your nine entrepreneur plan to base his latest venture in london but after britain voted to leave the european union he moved to france when we went to iman and could really feel on our skin the brags
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that environment then started here on the rules it became obvious to us that it could not be that tries we need to be in agreement all here are called station f. this is the biggest tech startup pub in the world it's part of france's drive for paris to replace london as europe's business and financial capital after breaks it the government's already cut taxes for high income earners and loosened the rigid work laws and in july paris officials also stepped up their campaign was over to investors disappointed by brick said i'd like to say to you that we are ready to roll out the ridge white and blue kaput welcome back to europe welcome back to the paris region the french push for paris seems to be working more than thirty companies have already relocated from london to the french capital and there was celebrations in november when the european banking or thorazine announced that it would place its headquarters here but some experts warn their friends could have
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more to lose than to gain from britain leaving the e.u. those here say brags it will have a negative impact on france's economy i'm afraid it is a bad thing our first customer for france is the u.k. we actually have a twelve billion pounds positive balance between the two countries so anything which would impact the economy in the u.k. will impact our economy. is a new france for many bosses choosing paris isn't only about breaks it it's also about france's new president who sees innovation as the key to economic growth mark or has done a revolution. if the software solution. but community engaged in a very very crude way for falls it's still more than one year until britain officially exits the e.u. but the uncertainty of what will happen after is likely to see more businesses like this across the english channel natasha buchla al-jazeera paris. polls have
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closed in local elections in the indian state of gujarat the votes being seen as a test of prime minister narendra modi's popularity ahead of national elections in twenty nineteen. reports from. not so long ago it was a foregone conclusion that the ruling party agenda of the party would cruise to victory but not anymore voters chose candidates mainly from the b j p or the opposition congress party for about half of the hundred eighty two legislative assembly seats this is my first world so i am definitely excited beverages and those issues are like love meant economic as a businessman economic conditions are very important a looking for the market condition that i know it's very slow for there and there are more the the stakes are exceptionally high in his home state. but two major
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government initiatives provoked much criticism that drawing high denomination bank notes from circulation to crack down on tax evasion and corruption was deemed ineffective. that was followed by the public backlash against the goods and services tax introduced this year was none of those are because of the monetization and g.s.t. my business is down by fifty percent we are not getting consumers. adding to discontent is the widening gap between the rich and the poor rising unemployment and inflation as well as a lack of social welfare for millions of people live. me but i am really. varying from dogs. braces lay in a crazy sense but i'm really. well they're free of the personal that this government is. in nor fulfilling. this is what the congress party is counting on
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a campaign led by raul gandhi is said to have resonated with voters who feel left on the sidelines of detroit's economic reform and development this has become somewhat of a battleground for the prime minister a loss for the b j p would be seen as a loss of face for an hour and ramadi and a lack of confidence in his economic policies but for all gandhi who was crowned president of the congress party does days ago a win would be viewed as validating his position as party leader and make him a worthy opponent of the prime minister. voting here is also seen as setting the stage for the national general election in twenty nineteen or raul gandhi in their answer modi are expected to go head to head. the vehicle pollen al-jazeera digital . thousands of people are on the streets of the greek capital aspens as part of a nationwide strike against the government's latest austerity measures.
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ten thousand protesters gathered outside parliament as lawmakers prepared to debate the twenty eight hundred budget that will go to a vote next tuesday the government has agreed to cut spending reduce pension benefits and tighten strike rules for unions as part of its latest a bailout review a memorial service has been held six months home from the grenfell tower fi in london which killed seventy one people. members from the royal family the u.k. prime minister and emergency service personnel who responded to the fire on june fourteenth attended the service at st paul's cathedral hundreds of families were left homeless after the firing gulf the twenty four story building and many are still living in temporary accommodations.
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a quick reminder of the main stories breaking the news to say at least six six thousand seven hundred muslim or hindu were killed by security forces in myanmar in just one month that's according to doctors without borders massively exceeds the four hundred people government says were killed in the violence. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley is warning that iran's behavior in the middle east is funding the flames of conflict the report shows the tehran regime not putting out fires but fanning the flames of conflict in the region this was secretary general's fourth report detailing arraigning compliance or non compliance with u.n. resolution two two three one that resolution places specific prohibitions on arraigning conduct. in its strongest language yet the secretary general's report describes a violation after violation of weapons transfers and ballistic missile activity
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the syrian government is accusing western countries and saudi arabia of sabotaging blackmail at the end of the latest round of un brokered talks in geneva the government delegation refused to engage in direct talks with the opposition because of their demand that president bashar al assad not play a role in any future interim government russian president vladimir putin says the u.s. is in the grip of a front briquet to its my mania created by opponents of donald trump who made the comment during his annual press conference in moscow he also praised the u.s. president's achievements during his time in office he. promises calling for a palestinian uprising against israel following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as its capital leader ismail haniya made the
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comments at a mass rally to mark the thirtieth anniversary of hamas. a vote is underway which could do away with the rules which ensure a free and open internet in the united states so called net neutrality if it scrapped it could mean large corporations would pay internet service providers to prioritize their websites those are the headlines inside stories next. mending relations all widening the gulf between them south korea's president moon makes his state visit to china he hopes to repair the damaged.


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