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tv   1997 - 2000  Al Jazeera  December 17, 2017 4:00am-5:01am +03

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al-jazeera world tells the story of a palestinian village that's struggling to survive and the growing threats to the residents desperate to preserve their homes village under occupation at this time once welcomed now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more gentlemen and syria. are much money does a richer get the off paper and put up think that it's been the it's one german and i'm not the new germans at this time on al-jazeera. it'll be in doha with your top stories from al jazeera the south african president
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has called for unity in the governing african national congress as it prepares to select a new leader jacob zuma who is facing corruption allegations is stepping down as head of the party before a new leader is elected on sunday the contest has been marked by deep divisions within the party on your page now from johannesburg. the conference started with two warnings don't to saying divisive songs and to keep the chairs on the ground everybody it's beds that chairs will be flying around this conference or we can say that you will not happen in this conference. a.n.c. members from competing factions have hurled cheers at one another in the build up to this crucial event there have been allegations of vote buying and intimidation those accusations have led disgruntled members to take legal action that delayed the start of the conference by several hours but the trend to turn to the country's courts was criticized by president jacob zuma and his last speech as party leader
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it is actually. thirty two of the. we can begin to believe that the courts. some believe he has eroded the a.n.c. is all for it. under president zuma the party has lost considerable support he's no stranger to legal action himself he's fighting an ongoing battle to keep hundreds of corruption charges at bay this race is as much about the old lead as it is about the new if the president's preferred candidate is selected she may be able to protect him from legal action and his post-presidential years but if i wyvil is selected i may be less inclined to help so there is a lot at stake for jacob zuma one commentator said president zuma is legacy is a damaged a.n.c.
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possibly he might be the worst president ever had. the alliance is almost nonexistent they lost fifteen percent office and. so is the average there in say the day ended with the nominations in a race that some predicts could be close between current deputy president ceramic and in courses on it i mean is the president supposed favorite whoever wins has an enormous challenge to unite the a.n.c. at a time when its divisions have been laid to be a tiny page al-jazeera johanna's. protestors in tel aviv are once again calling for the resignation of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is under investigation over corruption allegations he's accused of accepting gifts from wealthy businessmen he denies any wrongdoing. two mass graves containing the remains of dozens of people from iraq's years e.-d.
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minority have been found near the northwestern town of sin job ninety bodies have reportedly been discovered including those of women and children took over sin joy in twenty fourteen killing and in slaving thousands of members of the religious minority austria has now become the only country in western europe with a far right party currently in government the new thirty one year old chancellor sebastian kurtz who leads the conservative people's party made a coalition deal with the far right freedom party. donald trump has ordered star for the top public health agency in the states not to use words and phrases like evidence based vulnerable and fetus in their budget reports the directive follows previous steps in pursuit of what's seen as its conservative social agenda the bolivian president evo morales shrugged off claims he's a dictator after announcing he will run for a fourth term tens of thousands of his supporters turned out in the city of cochabamba to back his twenty one nine hundred bid but that triggered protests in
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several cities. the police are investigating the death of one of canada's richest men billionaire barry sherman and his wife were found dead in the home in toronto sherman funded upper texas one of the world's biggest generic drug makers those are the headlines the news continues after once upon a time in punch bowl also use of public. various kinds of strategies. to get away from the war that was happening at the top . and they came here to restart their lives. as a minority when i first arrived at this rally i like it i i struggled. it was very difficult. i wanted to give as if. i was
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a player of the beginning very sick for the last. few decades lebanese families come to a strain to build a better life and escape the destruction of. that many demonized in a new land. to. get rid of this multiculturalism the first that is. then after fifteen years of immigration from lebanon anglo and arab australia is divided by the first gulf war they're being confronted with a choice between being either our own restraint because up to now the multicultural story is both. first. i already answered this question i'm going to start to see this in the stores trailer and i shouldn't be asked about this. on modesty if
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there's a study i'll tell you about the case about this. in the one thousand nine hundred a tiny criminal minority become drug dealing gangsters define the world leaders games will be watched. in two thousand and one terrorism raises fears that arab australians are an enemy within upon terrorist or the arrival of my five years later and our attention explodes into one of the most infamous rice riots in a strain in history don't go to the middle east to buy into the weekend of now that you have been in the eye for sure if it forces a team you have people converged on print up a chance to outweigh the. what happened on that sunday in court all of it is a black or for a country. i'm
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a live in asia wants to own what i am what i don't know i am a straw man i am lebanese i am muslim i'm up a majority. i'm all that i want this is a story of what it's like to be lebanese and colas trying. we are striving and this is the homeland and says where we belong and this is what we have. one hundred fifty police swooped on homes across sydney southwest early this morning nine people arrested for a string of bomb crimes over the past year with the having and in the long thing
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there was a lot of screams on the streets. there was a lot of crying with the police couldn't keep. going. on the streets except the ones who want to save all districts let's put it this way and at that time there was no one to stop them. in sydney's south west lebanese criminals are said to be running out of control punchbowl bankstown canterbury look came back the suburbs are described by law enforcement officials as a bit of coffee it cocaine trafficking and violence. south west sydney is the center of a strain is lebanese community. by the nine hundred ninety s.
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these deeply religious and conservative community is being terrorized by a tiny minority of criminals from both christian and muslim family homes says john i thought. we suffered as a community because over kids there we're dealing was drugs there with drug addict is a weird making good money. and this is just killing people it was so easy for them in such a mentality to kill people. they fold their weird untouchable. up . in the mid nine hundred ninety s. you've got the growth of crime of drug gangs was sort of stuff. which is essentially the consequence of not planning for multiculturalism. this sort of if fluorescence if you like of criminals to link wincey as
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a preferred lifestyle is the choice you make when access to the normal rewards a normal pathways of society is blocked. that really subscribe to the society is to blame sort of train of thought. you know my family arrived here in the sixty's and we probably could have used more of a hand than what we got that you make do and you get on and you make a success of all your efforts and your life yet egyptian born new south wales deputy police commissioner nick kaldas still recognizes the pressure of growing up arab in wider australian. i think anybody who says that there is their racism in sydney or australia as they head in the sand the rules racism and that doesn't contribute to some extent to people being a united and people gunned down the wrong path. in southwest sydney the wrong
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path means gang activity. the politicians order the place to use zero tolerance. the gangsters get personal threatening offices and their families but you don't know. the informant was significantly vala. gangs running the street. it involved public by shootings in the campaigns murders it was in your face forward craw. who were proud of their money and they're. proud of the easily gained whirls they're with the greatest enemy to work community at that time and we need to make a stand against them. want to form a partnership between the low obeid being citizens and over community and the new
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south wales police against those criminal element. a lot of the lebanese young gangsters thought though a bigger than ben-hur they thought that they were unbreakable and untouchable and that's what i tried to intimidate the police this eighteen year old was shot twice in the legs in our pockets punchbowl of the week in the. it in the area in the and with the rise of the criminal gangs comes an insidious influence american gangster culture in music and movies has a powerful effect on a stray in lebanese tain thought. she when you watch gangster movies and and you see all the money in the last all of those sort of you want to leave the store. growing up in bankstown. you known as westy is like many young teenagers with a passion for gangsta rap when you become a teenager your eyes open up to a lot of feelings and. it's. six drugs and rock n roll
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and we're going. to different parts. like cars and bling and girls and guns that's the culture that i grew up in sally care grows up surrounded by a similar culture but graduates university and works in management with a very mild dominated culture as well there's no there's no denying that and i guess the prove your manhood a lot of cases where you show how much you've earned with your. jewelry and everything else. being on the streets and friends sort of did give me an identity. starts to know who you are and they spot the fee. because of you and your boys.
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it's just these that you do when you're young and stupid and not really thinking. brought up in a conservative catholic family in nearby para matter. george basher and his friends also aspire to the glamour of gangsta rap. it's cool in a scene on t.v. the other. it's cycle in and it's going you do it and am not thinking ever thinking ahead you're sitting in the moment it's always in the moment. westie comes from a conservative working class family who immigrate during the lebanese civil war. when i was young i had a very very good. riffing offered to me from. i had or the love and affection from them. he does well at school until he and his friends discovered drugs who is further smoking marijuana first thing we started taking
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alcohol then i went ecstasy then i went to. you know went to. cocaine. there sat in my father's side i mean. he still you know i shall be a mason all to the future which is so true. that's we all went off track because ror doing the same fim getting on drugs making money to support a drug habit and just like in every community in sydney anglo or not the drug culture crosses generations many who stray down the wrong path when they're young turn into worried parents back with them odd twenties when we're all. hands on and never you know i mean hands on. from car going tomorrow on the to the guns to would ever own you one of the hands on with of uncle sally cares little brother sam has some run ins with the law and is lucky to avoid jail. but as a father with
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a young family he worries about the drug racket evolving in south west sydney. when you get older more mature you want to get real and you have kids you want to be kids as far away from stuff like that as possible you don't want to say the things that you said you don't want to do that you've done. a lot of. unfortunate interaction with people on drugs and or the dealing or with people actually using unfortunate because american units. and with drugs comes violence. a mile off arson or absolutely short of simply able to step in i have seen i've seen it all. by the early one nine hundred ninety s. george basher is a panel dating apprentice by day and a d.j. at night. but with the gangsters dominating the streets he's also the son of a worried mom. d.j.
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and all the time. i was why i see in a window. all the time i see some kustok i look from the window. if a judge back home one or not. so in his bed car i feel comfortable i sleep my husband said to me crazy is all of the noise you see in the window i did them because i was one and he went different places you know what's happened. you know the water is in from the drugs i've been a trouble michael's. all styling it in a puff that has our child if. one toy mouse get a five goes at work get a phone call a tommy are your friends falling for his wife was when ospital said do you want to be. and yes me is just being. silly a lot. good to poornima knave liam up and he's falling for his lot in one of my get
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. the sort of your friend you know the lame in hospital chief come from all over his body. i remember a crowd you know was. very the way the croydon. and south turned away and then when i look closely slate man i'm thinking of what could go on then he said that's maybe. but for westy and his teenage crew the big life lessons are still to come for then drugs and petty crime go hand in hand. to make money or to powerful doing crime. the measure of those kids their parents. first generation sake i mean from lebanon and they didn't have much control over their kids activity
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and they didn't know what that kids there were doing even though some of them were using parents' home as a distribution center for drugs and that sort of thing. but westies parents are not so naive. appearance eventually started to know that i was taking drugs in that i was making money because my mom would find a lot of cash on me sure for unjoin to find. she started uncovering fings big boy b. and i should stop asking ridge a girl from of god have to make some excuse but she knew i was doing. wrong feelings. and for westies dead. there's only one response physical violence. one tried to discipline me in the
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form. it really doesn't work when you hear someone it just makes them rebuild. and in the need to late one nine hundred ninety s. this is when many rebellious lebanese tains find their drug supplies. tonight be a straight punch bowl. this quiet family on clay becomes the illegal drug distribution center south by sidney. street was renowned for. being a violent an organized drawn area. there was significant drug distribution taking place from runners the lower level street dealers for drugs so there would be a lot of cars going down to like the street looking for dealers to have them supply drugs to people going on the street. and it was actually the same as any fast food outlet you go they stop for five seconds you get to pick
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a new leaf. it's only a handful of dealers but they terrorize the street they are directly linked to form that is and twenty five shootings. this was the career they tried and i continued on a tradition of other people who are going involved in organized crime and some of these young men knew nothing kills but to be criminals unfortunately there was a well founded fear at that time that if people went to the police station to give them any kind of information those clean criminal element would know about it and they'll come to retaliate. it's difficult for people to stand up and give evidence as a witness against some of these crown gangs because i have on and as we saw lighter . no i would shoot and kill people who i thought were going to give evidence against him. for that hello be
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a straight gangsters handguns are part of everyday life. drug use drug dealing. carrying guns do i go any bid on people protecting the orders and unfortunately a gun culture certainly has come into prominence to relieve. the guns are supplied by crooked gun dealers and it's the beginning of illegal international gun imports through the post so suddenly you've got the capacity of young people to get guns fueled by money and they see themselves as likely new drug lords there are on a short fuse they think money is easy and the place i never touch them. there were a significant place response to this. which which resulted in police undertaking
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survival and. covert operations until i'd be straight on drugs themselves mike is sure that undercover operatives were down the street identifying those who were responsible for selling the drugs. but the police under political pressure to get tough on crime also struggled to keep the community onside. community policing at that time did not exist. police officers on the street did not communicate they forced subjugated and treated. young people in a very bad manners and at same time there was our idea was ins a community that there is a lot of corruption was in the police force and so. i think from a policing perspective engagement is what is. important perhaps in some ways in the in the ninety's we were not as engaged as we could have been. as their
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relationship with the police becomes increasingly fractured christian and muslim families are gripped by crime and an epidemic that steals their children. a lot of young people will bury it much earlier than was a should have because of their drug habits a lot of family waited broken at that time because of the drug habits their parent didn't know how to do was it just did not know how to deal with it i have seen it firsthand in my capacity as a general practitioner we had in excess of eighty different families there were all . mother or father or sister or brother of heroin addict in over a community that was staggering. as to low p. a straight sinks deeper into the criminal abyss westie moves from south west sydney
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to pick up the drug trade in king's cross. when i was seven thirteen was living in the syrian macon or the money and living the hard life. but when he's high on drugs it's a robbery that finally brings westies world crashing down. on the train there was. three individuals which started to swear at me in arabic. or warn them once one of them toys one of three times their wooden lucerne for a full hour. and i end up robbing more free of them which i really didn't have to do because i was already making a lot of money in the city being off my head. and. stripped of all the rugs. he's arrested and convicted of robbery and serves a year in jail with two years' parole.
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and back on to be a straight punch the violent drug trade forces a teenager to pay the ultimate price. schoolboy it would lay with bash stabbed and shot at in the end it was a single knife wound to the heart which killed him. and a people already reeling are about to be demonized. a fourteen year old korean schoolboy is stabbed when he walks into the wrong front yard by mistake. it would had four friends had just pulled up at their classmates think. a young boy going to a birthday party it just happened that there's the party interloper street he went to zoo wrong house so i didn't like the way he looked so i stabbed him. it wasn't good for the community but it sort of fit in with the pattern of life
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around punchbowl of the dog shooting beings whatever you want to call it was was unfortunately for the common at the time it was parents are receiving counseling he was an only child experience of top police they didn't know their attackers and there was no reason for the killing to get to know not only about one have to find their. blood this will have value. i think in some ways the murder of edward lee in history focused a whole lot of media and public attention on the street and on the on south west sydney there were other murders and women there were other people who were killed in very tragic circumstances but they didn't sort of grab the pump. imagination in the media attention the way the limit the deed and what happens next is going to mean a disaster for the lebanese community and all those associated with. the
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circle or you'll get off just about shooting people are not able to show it to themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war with the cities general securities where the people who pay the price clearly their writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. al jazeera is award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe. expert analysis and. it's all about who's in charge who controls the resources and documentaries that will come in your eyes it's a technology story it's a business story it's
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a social story and it's a political story all wrapped into one it's unpredictable television that truly inspired it's only on al-jazeera that singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline and illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's a big business boggling sample and they will take this there until the stand is are there you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so close to tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound was at this time on al jazeera. he said i'll be in doha with a quick reminder of your top stories this hour the south african president jacob zuma has called on the governing a.n.c.
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to unite as members gather to choose a new leader the african national congress is deeply divided over who should replace him a stepping down from the role. fifty fourth national conference is taking place at a time when i want them and he's at a crossroads. why should we identify cooperate. as posing as serious threats to the a n c. we also need to look at in ten ten m. leagues we see you know organizations now protesters in tel aviv are once again calling for the resignation of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is under investigation over allegations of corruption he's accused of accepting gifts from wealthy businessmen he denies any wrongdoing to mass graves containing the remains of dozens of people from iraq's years hedy minority have been firmly in the
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northwestern town of sin jar ninety bodies have reportedly been found including those of women and children eisel talks in job in twenty fourteen killing and in sleeping thousands of members of the religious minority sin joe was retaken a year later by u.s. backed kurdish fighters austria has become the only country in western europe with a far right party in government the new thirty one year old chancellor sebastian kurtz who leads the conservative people's party made a coalition deal with the far right freedom party donald trump has ordered staff at the top public health agency not to use words like evidence based vulnerable and fetus in their budget reports that directive follows previous steps in pursuit of foreseen as a conservative social agenda bolivia's evil not shrugged off claims he's a dictator after announcing a run for a fourth term tens of thousands of his supporters turned out in the city of cochabamba to back his bid for twenty nineteen but that triggered protests in
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several other cities the police are investigating the death of one of canada's richest men billionaire barry sherman and his wife were found dead in their home in toronto he founded upper texas one of the world's biggest generic drug makers those are your headlines the news continues after we return to once upon a time in punchbowl i'm back top of the hour with the news hour see them. under the orders of the police commissioner peter ryan two hundred offices raid to be a strange with the media entire us we did suffer a lot. but it was only zoos. people who shot killed dealt was a drug deal went against the move. in the coming days in right across southwest sydney the police cracked down on known criminals and their associates.
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eventually twenty four men arrested. for people living in punch bowl we knew that was up in a couple years before before so it wasn't anything new to us but here you could possibly be the motive would have woken up the boys and i'm glad that it did because it certainly changed things a few years after that so there was a lot of a lot of cleanup i guess in punchbowl stride after that. i think incidents like the murder of edward lee focused very intensely very quickly on having enough of a dialogue and out of credibility understanding with that public so that they have faith and can come forward and give you information and talk to you not i mean the edward leamer that in the series of incidents at west sydney around that time. five
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young police standish still alive after this station was sprayed with gunfire but the gangsters don't go down without a fight twelve days later they open fire on look in the police station with semiautomatic guns by police officers as vulnerable as targets in a shooting gallery. the drive by shooting of look em up least action was a confronting event probably i'm president of so resonated with me is that it was a direct and very blunt challenge to authority to police and to government generally and to society i. it's sort of a cowardly y. really of attacking someone and trying to intimidate them and threaten them without having to confront them so they the shooting of look into a police station fitted into that category. a
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state election looms. and both sides of politics compete to bang the law and order drum. the small minority of gangs into focus that an entire community and culture feel the hate more in order to provide all through a strong well resourced probably equipped police force these gangs will be wiped out. rather than framing this as here is a community under threat from its own davey rump is presented to the community and the water world as this is something that is particular and peculiar to this community it's their problem not als. and from then on the basis for the future of the bite is sit in a very nasty and toxic way. people wanted to see politicians get tough on crime and they knew that the sentiment was
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out there that people wanted to appropriate those crimes to a particular culture. they tapped into a very real fear there wasn't just about the boonies the term islamophobia started to be used or often you know the fear of muslims. i'm proud of my slam. because islam taught me like you know dignity taught me how to respect others and accept them and that's a most important part. at the height of the islamophobia ninety asylum is employed as a local government family support worker in south west sydney i was always organizing on christmas ham piss and christmas toys for families that and children. i called one client and she said not here would you mind if i ask you where you from.
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i said why are you asking me i'm from here and she said no no what's your background i said the only benny's she said but you won't be muslim you're not muslim on two i said thank god i'm a muslim. in two thousand after immigrating during the lebanese civil war. i have saved for their family dream home next to punchbowl park. first thing we're thinking about it to have a secure shelter for the family because coming from war. to have a sooky was shelled is is very important. but they soon horrified by what they hear . and fortunately hearing the gunshots in a early morning on. the first shock was
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a man labored on. we moved away from war we came he said it we're looking for safety and fortunately the. soon as he is it is gunshots across the yard from you it was not a positive experience the grandstand is actually is a meeting point for all the gangs all over sydney. after twelve o'clock. we've got all these gangs exchanged drugs they fight together they shoot shoot together. gangsters who hang out across the in the grandstand at night. be a haven for drug dealing a haven for meeting up with prostitutes it would be just. wasn't a taste that you would want to raise a family and have to admit. we all there are seven more news all lacan the real was a police will be there every single day. calzaghe has enough he
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well is the neighbors and they take action our right to petition. it's all neighbor . sign it. the sign the petition asked for speed how are the police to come and patrol the area and do more large think. as well as close this grandstand. and. after six months seven months it's the problem is that people. are embarrassed schoolboys to get teased because my dad put speed humps in every street in punchbowl it was pretty funny when my mom made to go spade house paid holmes and i walked past it's it's funny but there is wisdom behind that because when my dad
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thought of prince speed humps around the streets of punch broke he let the gangsters the thugs with the fast cars always want to speed down every street belittle know to not go green punchbowl. as the community works with the place the hype is the media focus on criminal activity will finally die down. but things are about to get a whole lot worse. the sydney olympics a celebration of a modern multicultural nation. just a few kilometers away the lebanese are straining community is about to be outraged . of course i'm a shift early in the morning. and there's been
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a suspected abduction. and possibly a social assault of a young female. and information that we had led us to believe that it could be in one of the parks in bankstown. senior constable danny mccarty is lebanese astray and. he's born and bred in south west sydney school that punchbowl boys high. in two thousand he's a new constable with less than a year on the force and nothing prepares him for what he's about to find. i'm walking through this park and i can say you know disc because he's got the tissues. on the ground and then i noticed. an older gentleman you know. and he's hunched over something and he seems to be distressed.
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i can see young fame on the ground so i don't know what's what's happening so i'm really going to hold him to keep keep more from from the ngo and then i realize it is it's a father. someone fortunate in that situation the father is found his daughter first. and it was clear that had been a sexual assault. it was a very very very traumatic experience very very hard thing to say. in that light her own information came out that it was part of a number of gang gripes that happened in the city very very upset very very sad and it was to me one of the most deplorable acts that you can have had to commit on someone else. and just thinking right that girl would have been going through at the time is just horrendous now being. ever i've got i'm a father of a young girl it's just something that i can comprehend and. i would never want to be in that and the father's position and i went out to another.
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the park in which it happened was only a few houses up from my parents also it being so close to home the media and the police and the and the stories of it i have three all the sisters and it's scary to know that these things happen so close to home. when the rape occurs mohammed coupled lady is a student at punchbowl boys high some days later a new attack is a stark lesson in the cruelty of sex crime. painstakingly the police paced together a chilling pattern of crime. a gang of teenagers is raping young girls using unusual and degrading violence. because most of the accused under eighteen their names are not made public what is revealed is that they are all lebanese as trial in. not much happens about them until well after the olympics
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when the. when the accused are brought to court and suddenly the media ruppert. what happened next is that the there was an intense clear of media and public attention about what happened about the ethnic backgrounds of the use and they will use that were involved. i think it really shook the community taught school. i think it really made every family question whether they were how they were raising their kids because it was something that was unforeseen or on her dog was unthinkable that people so local so close to home could do something that terrible to somebody and think that they had a right to do that when the media storm erupts. muhammad's future wife is a teenager in high school. it was very scary off think
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a lot of families became fee for their daughter's. like harm of the person they thinking i'm never going to marry a lebanese muslim god because if that's what they're like then that's disgusting three young women still just for teenagers every libby degrading ordeal in the courtroom hearing again and again the horrifying crimes committed against them in all they were for victims three separate attacks in fairborn locations in sydney philip waived the daily telegraph in particular finds the victims and gets them to repeat. allegations about the woods that the assailants used against one of the victims said she was referred to as an aussie speak and was told by one of the ripest i'm going to start. the words leg style flash around the nation. suddenly the lebanese astray in community stand
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. accused. it was the epitome of the anti lebanese and team was. history in this country but to live in his community would as outraged and horrified by the rights as any other. there was like a biblical stoning ceremony. people could not throw those stones hard enough right the racial razor. of the court demonstrated the responsible for these pictures of becoming. a murderer as readily identify themselves with any muslims or the plan of attack as liberals muslims. shuns introduces a new dimension he moves from the notion which is widely known about ripest that they are a small minority often psychotic sick minded people who are at the age
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of the social world and he places stand in the middle as an exemplar of all muslim men. across the community they were threats received they were missing just left in little boxes they were threats that muslim women would be dragged from the streets and right to intervene. and so working the streets you absolutely looked at differently it looked as if they could be another another right but still he could be part of that gang or you know and because all these guys came from the area and living in it that's on. it affected me even more that it it's my identity to the world i mean i knew who i was the world saw me differently. although i feel as if all that made for the right goals in the process the two told that they were christians all catholics will do exactly that is that they're muslim and ok we did not go right by anybody. finally the accused
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convicted and then names released this is a bailout gaff the man at the center of one of the nation's most notorious crimes for gang rape for his victims for the lifting of the suppression order was welcome . to be named. where. the heaviest sentence of all is reserved for the eighteen year old gang leader the message is clear. out for gas sitting an unprecedented fifty five year jail term for gang rape. on appeal the sentence is reduced to thirty one years and name that capote lee believes the convicted did not understand the damage they did to their own community. does no remorse and i think that was the most awful disgusting thing and it was example of where the court was applying general death trends and i think
4:50 am
the example was definitely set but i think they were destroyed as society thought the lebanese muslim community were the perpetrators of this type of behavior when really what it did was victimized individuals in our community even. the guilty are behind bars but for the community the trial goes on we were torn apart by as a whole event as you were the way it was publicized before but we needed to defend or was sold. against the media when you would defend ourselves against a politician when he did defend always serve are going against all the hate. mail that we received we were afraid. we were just afraid that that up we didn't know what to do. it wasn't only lebanese muslims who experience this many lebanese christians also experienced it because in the why. the public
4:51 am
ignorant mind it was simply enough to be arab lebanese from the middle east irrespective of religion or faith or lack of. a community is under media see. and as racist tensions increase so too does the police presence on the streets. the drug gangs are the most obvious targets. but as the crackdown continues the underworld drug supply continues to spread than a cabbage didn't stop the drug distribution didn't stop i want to take a run around unfortunately there is someone there to take the advice almost immediately. to loki a straight punch bowl one time to see knees most notorious gangs the street has returned to its old suburban life. most of these people are now in prison or invoke wood
4:52 am
submitter. but like a virus the drug trade spreads to other areas of the c.c. . developed a new process of visibility how impact pushing through through the new south wales police. so we would get out the hundred police run operations through banks stand in the streets of punchbowl or came by growing like you're in those other areas to turn imo as many criminals as we could. and punched forward through stability. and unfortunately. there's a there's a culling process with the poise wake up realize that there's an issue quite a few people are arrested then taken to prison and then everything goes back to normal and then the next generation comes through. and there is a young kids who are influenced by money and the or of being a big gangster or a criminal who. hang around with these blokes and their mentors in the board up to
4:53 am
two this is a job so unfortunately they could be school my family relatives or dropouts or or good kids or tongs. and for westy society's punishment fails to act as a deterrent. when i got out of general within two weeks i was back to doing the same stuff that was doing because i tried to follow the drug war tried to do something good and i just gave up or was just so used to living the. fun lifestyle . after a year in prison and still on parole. back into dealing drugs in the city you become a slave. to the club to the customers and to the money and just takes your to show your power energy and. you've got no control over it's usually made.
4:54 am
to try and make money in a fast way. it consumes you. on you don't want on. to get caught would finally come. westy is caught and he's sentenced to another term in prison but while he's in jail he writes down his life story as a warning to young people not to follow his path in crime. but back in south west sydney it's the law abiding lebanese a strange people who are now faced with picking up the pieces of their shattered community. disgusted. element was in the community have been conducted themselves as
4:55 am
a community of victims of all these elements the word victim of the gang wars of writers they were victims of the media's a were victims of the politician they were victims of. at the time they didn't know how to react to it over that one. feeling was discussed does communities feel they have no recourse no protection so they become cynical angry depressed monoculturalism as it. took this horrendous kick to the stomach. already reeling any hope of recovery is snuffed out by world events nobody could have predicted. without warning lebanese astray and suddenly have the greatest challenge yet. as arab astray and a brand of the enemy within. and the community faces
4:56 am
a new threat. after september eleventh the young people have been under a different kind of fluids. it's got the get the rich quick no longer. it's even worse than that it was. a delicious radicalization. next time on once upon a time in punchbowl. lives that have been the first australian in history is prosecuted under a new no laws designed to protect the nation from terrorism who wanted to belong to someone to pick on that his we told him the wrong thing about islam. you can call it radicalism and be full of fundamentalism extremism on someone. and racism raised its ugly head as a strain borne of a name is
4:57 am
a told to go back to where they came from the lasting image there of a person who is just to survive the running for their lawful overboard will debate i think for those who will watching it to destroy how could it get to the. in two thousand and one vs rides around the. arab australians accused of being enemies within. and attacking the aussie way of life if we were treated like we would all suspects we would all under suspicion struggling to adapt to their new found home. al-jazeera explores the history of the lebanese community in australia . once upon a time in punchbowl at this time on al-jazeera. there
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is a pool of really cold air sitting justified here so mostly ontario and iran the outer edge you can generate snow and that has happened as more lake effect snow to come for the northeast of the us but not a lot it's just the cultural nurse and it's really the other side of the border manas for in toronto plus three in new york you can see the variation for the sas it's warming up again if anything the cladistic and bring a bit of rain through texas and going out for the appalachian chain even southern illinois it is rainy it's not snow snow has been trying to get into well in the northwest corner to be honest and it will make some progress for the cascades in northern rockies i suspect during monday seattle stays at eight all coast by which
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time the rains become bit were obvious from texas we're going on the coast to georgia and toronto has come just above freezing the cold has been pushed a little bit further northeast now given what's happening along the gulf coast should expect to be a tail end charlie if it rain in mexico there is fairly obvious on the satellite pictures not moving anyway so in the forecast there is still a little bit of rain in the massive cloud but beyond that look fairly dry picture just a few showers making the coast of costa rica. on counting the cost the mouse wins over the fox we'll look at disney's acquisition of twenty first century fox impact on media landscape also net neutrality and where the changes will affect how we view all that content and making the most of the greeks with solar power counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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getting something for. it's the season of excess this is made in china. for one all american family a challenge. life without the wilds we don't make any. economic christmas without china a witness documentary this time. this is zero.


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