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and that truly inspires only oh now just you. abandoned by the state social collectors are occupying space is among the people a military architects working on the edge of the mold. in the first episode of. some of the adults who have chosen al-jazeera into the realm of self building in spain. at this time on al-jazeera. i really still liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth. that's what is cool people. this is.
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this is the news hour live from london coming up. there's again. a u.n. security council resolution rejecting any change to the status of jerusalem is a vetoed by the u.s. . cyril ramaphosa elected to lead south africa's ruling a.n.c. and likely to be the country's next president. a passenger train has crashed off a bridge onto a major road in the western u.s. state of washington several people have been killed. and i'm santa how much with the sport our top story today the ashes down under as australia at. the famous cricket contest. the united states has used its veto on the united nations security council to block
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a resolution critical of its decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel resolution was drafted by egypt. in the much lower court audio of the draft resolution stresses in its operational paragraphs that any attempt at changing or altering the character status or demographic composition of the holy city of jerusalem. and must be rescinded we have to object to such attempts in line with relevant security council resolutions the draft resolution calls upon all countries not to establish diplomatic missions in the holy city of jerusalem. mike hanna is at the united nations for so mike we heard a strong defense from the u.s. representative at the u.n. there of their decision to veto this talk us through the highlights of that. well the u.s. ambassador making very clear her belief that firstly the u.s. had a sovereign right to decide in which city it would place its capital in another state
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she argued to though that the un was consistently guilty of bias against israel stating that the united states was recognizing the reality on the ground by recognizing jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel so in effect she was attacking the united nations in effect she was saying that she had to protect u.s. sovereignty but what she also did in her comments after the vote was saying that this vote is an insult to the united states and she said somewhat threateningly it is a vote that will not be forgotten so a degree of anger there from the united states and from the other members of the security council perhaps the knowledge that this result was a foregone conclusion a conclusion few doubted that the u.s. was going to exercise its veto however the resolution had been carefully phrased and not to mention the united states by name but rather to attempt to get some way
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some form of resolution that would pass that u.s. veto but clearly that was not going to happen laurent might could just have from it was have a quick listen back to what had to say if you really. this is the first time i have exercised the american right to veto a resolution in the security council. the exercise of the veto is not something the united states does often we have not done it in more than six years we do it with no joy but we do it with no reluctance the fact that this veto is being done in defense of american sovereignty and in defense of america's role in the middle east peace process is not a source of embarrassment for us it should be an embarrassment to the remainder of the security council. some might come in that clearly it will be fourteen who voted for this resolution had reasons for doing so and where does this go next to me as
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you mentioned this is it was a bit of a forward conclusion that the u.s. would vote in that way so what can they do in order to to change the kind of the way things are anywhere else in the u.n. . just to pick up on the comment that the had good reason to vote in favor of this resolution well yes because the resolution is in effect a restatement of the un position on jerusalem that has been established over decades where is it going to go well the palestinian leadership making very very clear that it is going to take this matter to the u.n. general assembly there is no u.s. veto it's likely to be passed by a vast majority of members remembering that in the last vote in the general assembly on the issue of israel in which it declared israeli action in jerusalem null and void because it was an occupying power more than one hundred fifty states voted in favor of that only six including micronesia the united states and israel
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voted against so clearly there will be strong support in the general assembly for this resolution given that it is a restatement of the u.n. positions but that is a non-binding resolution nobody is bound by it the purpose of the palestinians taking it to the general assembly to further highlight what is clearly increasing international isolation of the united states in the meantime though the united states were still saying that they were still committed to peace in the middle east and would work on that but what about some of the other. players who might want to have an effect in the region do you think we might see others stepping into the role of broker there. yes. well on that matter of the united states perhaps still clutching at straws we've heard from both the french ambassador and the u.k. ambassador after effect of really condemning the trumpet ministration decision also saying that now is the time for the u.s. to push forward its much talked about peace plan so they are attempting to say ok
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well you can still be honest broker in this peace process despite the position you have taken on jerusalem now this is all very well but the palestinian leadership has made clear that it will not talk to any. u.s. members because of the decision on jerusalem what is seen as a prejudgment of the final status situation there but there have been other parties over the years have been involved you've had russia most recently you've had the european union you've had the french attempting to get some traction on a peace process but this has never lasted the u.s. has been the only game in town when it comes to any form of dialogue between palestinians and israelis and in some cases jealously guarded that position now we've heard from president trump the insistence that he thinks that a deal is possible the ultimate deal as president would put it but what if you've got a situation where one of the parties thinks that to prejudge the situation one of
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the parties is not willing to talk to any of your representatives as honest interlocutors it's very difficult to see with any u.s. driven peace a dialogue or renewed attempts at resuscitating a long dormant peace process could get anywhere. mike hanna thank you very much indeed. with regard to. south africa's ruling party the a.n.c. has announced its new leader with serum opposer taking over from president jacob zuma from opposer who is currently the deputy president zuma is exwife. zuma in a vote at the party conference in johannesburg the window will almost certainly lead the party into the twenty nineteen election when zuma steps down as president after his second term. pages at the conference in johannesburg. tony was incredibly close result wasn't. yes very close so
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less than two hundred votes were in it in the end a lot closer than many people might have suspected primarily because heading into the vote we know that based on the numbers that ceramic head almost four hundred more branch nominations then increases. meanies zuma so he seemed to have more of an advantage if you like i'm so a lot of people pretty surprised and i think that just tells us just how split almost down the middle of the party if not just the delegates here are on these two competing visions of the a.n.c. and what's wrong with theirs and what it should be trying to achieve so ramaphosa campaigned hard on an end to corruption message pushing the idea that he was the right man to fix south africa's ailing economy based on his six a says a businessman and he's also a skilled negotiator a man who's able to bring people from different sides of all arguments together he
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helped negotiate a peaceful transition to democracy from the apartheid regime and also one of the writers of this country's very progressive constitution on the other side of the fence the other option the delegates he had almost five thousand of them was president zuma as ex-wife and courses on it let me zoom who's a strong politician in her own right i have to say she's been a minister in every government since the end of apartheid she's also a former chair of the african union a commission so an experienced politician who campaigned some say on a populist agenda very prone poor and pushing this mention of her ex husbands of radical economic transformation in the end by a very slim margin took the top job and clearly it was the. are there for the delegates but what about it in within the country in general do you think he is a popular figure. yes i i think
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so we've seen unprecedented scenes on the streets of south africa or that have really erupted in the last year or harmful so when thousands and thousands of people from students to civil society different religions have taken to the streets against the president calling for him to step down they put unprecedented amounts of pressure on the a.n.c. to fire him to disallow it from the post of president of the country and despite all of that pressure the president has stayed in power and in control and that's really because he controls the national executive committee which is the n.c.s. top structure and he many believe he does that because he's got a very complex very thorough if you like a network of pension age so he keeps people keeps food on many people's tables basically and so that is why there's this competition was really seen as sort of
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a competition for the heart and soul of the a.n.c. does that style of governance continue many expected in courses are not let meanies zuma to to can to continue that kind of style of of politics or does it their way and choose a different path and it has chosen a different path and its new president. turn a page like you very much indeed. want to so return to our top story there in the u.s. so the u.n. security council resolution which was in order to cancel the trump decision to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and also to recognize use them as the capital of israel gets reaction now from middle east speak to. live in ramallah for us or what do they make of the use of the u.s. veto at the u.n. security council there. well i don't think it was unexpected i mean about an hour before the vote took place we heard from palestinian
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president mahmoud out but as he was having he was having opening remarks a leadership meeting here in ramallah and he actually did think during that he did say that if devote didn't go ahead to security council then they would revert to do un general assembly to seek full membership of the state of palestine and he also said there were other moves on the table one of them that. twenty two agreements have been signed and that list of those agreements will be revealed tomorrow but those are with international organizations and that is something that israel has been working against for a while now because of the symbolism of accepting this state of palestine within international organization it entails a certain degree of international recognition and also because there are fears that
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the palestinians would go at some point and raise legal action against the state of israel but since i've been saying that they would refer a file for example to the international criminal record that file is ready israel has been working against it that is not part of the twenty two new organizations that will be revealed tomorrow but certainly that is one of the steps of the veto of the u.s. was unexpected but you have to remember that the palestinians we heard it from their own representative at the u.n. last week when he gave his speech he was seeking actually to get a momentum to. nala or avoid the veto of the usa during his speech he said that you know the u.s. now being part of the conflict being on one side. versus the other so blatantly biased as he put it should have lost its veto power to security council when it
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came to resume lucian's about the israeli palestinian conflict what about the tone in the nikki haley's remarks and essentially saying that the no one had done more for the palestinians than the us with the kind of question the amount of money that the americans poor into aid and so on for the palestinians and suggesting that it was an insult to the us that the others had voted in this way what do you make of the tone of that and how that the response will come to that those kind of references. well i'm pretty confident that if i asked any palestinian about that they would probably shrug it off on me and one of the main complaints that has been that they have been going on for years is that they felt that the u.s. was always biased towards israel more than by listing is many palestinian officials tell you they understand that because there are strategic interests between the u.s. and israel but on this specific issue of jerusalem things have gone way too far and
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to really you know have palestinians believe that no one that this was all for the good of the peace process it will be very difficult just look at what happened ever since donald trump got elected as president even before he took office the amount of new settlements that the israeli government has announced it was something that was difficult to do under the obama administration you had also that resolution two three three four about exactly a year ago today that denounces the settlements well now the israelis are going ahead they're signing a new sort of planning's and giving permits for new units around the occupied west bank in occupied east jerusalem so certainly it will be very difficult for anyone on the palestinian side to take on board the words of nikki haley thank you very much indeed what happened hamid reporting there live from ramallah. still to
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come on the news out. well bring in the results from the nail biting election in the indian state of gujarat plus. cycling the refugee crisis i'm joe not all of these are bad sort of tranced recovered from refugee camps being made into bags and backpacks a refugee issue of themselves making a new life here in greece. and in sport an n.f.l. owner puts his team up for sale as he faces allegations of workplace misconduct so now we'll have more on that later. many chiefs in zimbabwe have announced an end to their intervention which forced former president robert mugabe to resign the northeast operation restore legacy last month as concerns grew over who would replace mcgarvey how much us are reports from harare when the military. and put under house arrest on the
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fifteenth of november the obviously they were doing it to weed out criminal elements people that's a rather themselves around robert mugabe people they are trying to destroy. the country since then we saw soldiers stationed in strategic points in the capital city joint patrols with the police try to maintain order now the program the army called operation restore legacy is over and the army say the situation on the ground is now back to normal operation restore league was launched on the thirteenth of november twenty seventh. and its main objective was to remove criminals that did surrounded their former president resulting in. and this point in a month or people. when some of the individuals who had been unaccounted for. cuba that country. this notwithstanding.
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really large extent. some people liked having the soldiers around the state at a border stance of order especially when it came to dealing with the police some police officers here are known to be corrupt most recently complaining for many many years of having to pay huge bribes to corrupt police officials especially at roadblocks or that have somewhat stopped when the army sergeant is joint patrols with the police so people are wondering once the army has gone well the police behave but some people say soldiers belong in the baths especially when the country is preparing for elections next year they say you can never situation where people are campaigning registering to vote and voting and soldiers are still roaming around so mixed feelings in the country right now at this announcement that operation restore legacy is over what remains to be seen now is how the next few weeks will play out and if order really will be maintained without the soldiers on the ground. yes president donald trump is set to lay out his national security
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strategy in a speech in washington d.c. centered around his america first campaign slogan the document has been a year in the making trump is expected to label china and russia as competitors seeking to challenge u.s. power and erode its security the country's people say and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence both countries are accused of cyber attacks against america and trump's new strategy will pledge to go off to malicious cyber actors and protect u.s. infrastructure from cyber hacking trump is expected to drop former president obama's declaration that climate change poses a national security threat to the u.s. and the strategy will cite north korea iran and what did mr ation calls islamist militants as threats to u.s. interests let's get more now from patika hayne who is live for us in washington d.c. patty over to you. thanks laura now here it is the national security strategy every president is required by congress to have one president trump is going to take the
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unusual step of coming out and talking about it in just about an hour or so with me to talk about president trump's national security strategy we have rina shah she is a republican strategist and blaze michelle you're the national security director of the national security program bipartisan policy center so we we've all seen now these highlights that he plans to bring up the thing i keep going back to is he's going to call china and russia revisionist powers this is not what we've seen in his first year in office he is trying to cozy up to both russia and china so first to you bill what does this mean is it going to change policy i think that's an interesting question and i think those that fully an attempt by the staff who had to write this to try to shoehorn in some of their policy more traditional views for republican that we find in here into the president's mouth perhaps but there's also a dichotomy with president trump looked. he campaigned on a very aggressive position on china russia decided he wanted to go after china for
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trade and trade imbalances he was going to have a trade war we saw the reality of that when he actually met with was using pain was very different and so maybe this is trying to steer him back to what was a good rhetorical talking point for him whether he stays on course is an open question let's talk about russia for example the president and obviously right now the country is investigating whether or not there was collusion between the trying to ministration russia when it comes interference in the election but this is a president who's gone out of his way to say positive things about russian president vladimir putin congress passed some pretty sweeping sanctions he's refused to put those into place which is unprecedented by my memory so what does this russia revisionist label do as a change american policy it means nothing unless there's a follow up by this administration frankly the words that president trump will order today will mean nothing unless the administration follows up and that's that's the whole thing and that's that's what's at stake here is that this administration has in this one year's time not done anything to prove to the
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american public that it's worried about the meddling of an a for an adversary in our election whether it was in two thousand and sixteen or in future elections the president's refusal to even just say that russia how to hand in election two thousand and sixteen is quite troublesome to many republicans just over the past week we learned that a top republican committee chairman once who was considered for a top post to homeland security is worried that the president want to accept that so this is this is actually driving the factions even deeper in the republican party there is a civil war in the republican party but my sense is that today's strategic plan that he's laying out will make some republicans happier if he does anything do you have any just quickly to both of you give any indication that any of these words are going to turn into actual policy because what's here is not at all what we've seen in reality i think there is definitely an attempt by the drafters of this to form it into words and soundbites that the president can under. stand and follow what you like to say you see america first you see economic competition you see
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things about trade imbalances right so there's definitely an attempt to put this into a language that the president likes to speak and understands in order to try to get him i think to embrace some of this whether he will do that. i think we need a president who likes to forge is own path if anything over the last ten months does this is this the stuff or any moment is going to work nothing ever works that this president when we talk about reining him in whether it's his daughter and son in law or anybody in congress calling on this president to take the right steps he does what he wants to do marches to the beat of his own drum but i think what's important here is that he's going to win some affection back from moderate republicans and keep his base very happy in two ways particularly he's talking about jihad ists and that will make his his base the people who elected him to this office very very happy because in two thousand and fifteen president obama did not call islamic radical islamic terrorism president bush nor did president bush exactly but this president campaigned saying he was willing to another phrase
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radical islamic terrorism isn't used in this strategic plan but he does use jihadism that's very important because of the mentions the multiple mentions of that secondly it's about climate change here and i'd be remiss if i said i'm a pro conservation republican but i would be remiss if i didn't add that it seems like putting america first for some republicans is putting science last and goodness he wants to roll back many of president obama's climate change regulations policies and this plan also lays that out so it's important i think a very important point that the pentagon had said climate change is a strategic imperative it is going to have the safety of the united states in the future that's not even mentioned in here and now we have his administration banning scientists from using the word science or evidence based science so this is definitely the direction they're going in but it also talks about keeping our alliances strong let's think about just the move. in jerusalem moving the embassy to jerusalem which i think tillerson i sent
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a message not going to happen in this first term but so it might just be symbolic but it hasn't been symbolic look at what it's done to alliances across the globe so do you see anything in here that really is going to make those alliances stronger for example with the european allies it was i do think there's a lot in here that pays lip service and says the things that a moderate republican paul administration might say on foreign policy about the value of alliances one of the stunning things to me is what it says about protecting the homeland it says one of the sources of american strength is our democracy which is not something i would expect to come out of this president's mouth necessarily so there is lip service paid to the ideals that i think have been trying to in the sort of the liberal world order as we call it. so if you're looking for that you can find some assurances but it also says the system hasn't worked for us or we need to revamp the system maybe rethink our system of alliances so i think there's also plenty in here to think that the current path the u.s. is on of. picking and choosing its friends and not the silly standing up for its
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past partners will continue all right well thank you guys you're going to be with me in the next hour after we actually hear this interesting speech and whether it turns into policy well we're going to have to wait and see but keep your eyes on twitter that's for d.c. for now but we'll see in the next hour lord thank you very much indeed. still ahead on the i was there news hour will tell you about the billionaire conservative now in charge of chile. hopes to end south sudan's four year civil war is peace talks take place in ethiopia. and in sports two brothers fight for one world championship in squash that's coming up with summer. hello there we're seeing fair amount of cloud on the satellite picture across the middle east at the moment it's all working its way in from the west and gradually
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tracking its way eastwards and this is a developing feature so there's not a great deal of rain to it all and choose day but on wednesday as it works itself towards the east we'll see some more heavy downpours begin to develop and a fair amount of snow as well so particularly for some of us in turkey it does look rather wet and do expect a few disruptions here towards the east though largely fine and dry for most of us here with a couple getting to double figures up to ten degrees and the bit further towards the south and we've had quite a few showers around here in doha just a few but there's been plenty more around the u.a.e. and across into oh man that system though is moving away from us and easing now so i don't expect a great deal more rain as we head through the next couple of days temperatures in doha generally whoring around twenty three degrees at the moment which is seventy three fahrenheit if we had down towards the southern parts of africa for a fair amount of cloud and rain with us at the moment you can see it here all swirling down and then working its way down into the eastern parts of south africa
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and this is a region where we've seen most of the heaviest rains over the last day or say that system just pushing its way a little bit further north was there for tuesday durban will eventually see things begin to dry out. singapore is being accused of expanding its coast and illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanish it's a big business boggling sample it will take to sit there in the sand is a perfect you say this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so full of tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound walls at this time on al jazeera when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop
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thinking about the bullets my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of rolled in just have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. the mind of the top stories when i was there the u.s. says vetoed a u.n. security council resolution that would have required president donald trump to rescind his declaration of jerusalem as israel's capital. south africa's wedding party has announced syria one oppose it will succeed president jacob zuma as the leader of the african national congress. and u.s.
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president all trying to settle out his national security strategy in a speech in washington d.c. centered around his america first campaign slogan. in the u.s. an amtrak passenger train has come off the tracks over a major highway in washington state the train was traveling south from seattle when a carriage fell off the bridge on to interstate five just outside tacoma it's not we don't have final figures yet on injuries or fatalities or what caused the derailment but i just i speak to she have a tendency is in washington d.c. first so she have tell us what has emerged so far right we are trying to collate the hard facts as opposed to the speculation that's on the way out it was several carriages that fell onto that interstate highway one you can see dying going in the photographs but there are several actually on the ground on the road in the nearby forest apparently according to a police spokesperson and they actually did hit drivers below but no fatalities
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recorded amongst the drivers on the road however we are now getting further information there were seventy eight passengers on board and five crew members seventy seven have been taken to local hospitals we just got an update from one of the local hospitals where the passengers were taken and the crew members and eleven apparently are in serious condition we have been hearing these phrases multiple fatalities multiple injuries we are getting reports from the seattle times and a local search interrupt that let's take you straight back to the u.n. security council and listen in to the representative of palestine. we are also grateful. to the republic of egypt. for its efforts. and for submitting this draft resolution as the end of the security council so mr president. of this u.s. decision office and the international consensus on jerusalem. are beyond clear when
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the message has been unequivocal. all security council resolutions concerning the status of the holy city of jerusalem and the rest of the palestinian territory of the occupied by israel since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven about are legally binding. legally binding and must be respected without question and without exception including security council resolution two three three four of two thousand and sixteen one which constitutes. a road map and it is an entrenched resume in international law it only reflects reality. and that the latest us decision on jerusalem lacks this reality the same applies to
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their. rhetoric today and in the morning and in the afternoon they run counter to reality and we totally reject them again we reject them in their entirety. with regard to resume ocean two three three four it clearly condemns on settlements violence and terror against civilians and its calls for promotion of the efforts of peace. this is a big mistake. when it is said that the implementation of the international law and not the building of illegal settlements. what you are. that is the thing that is stands in the way of peace this is a farce when the security council and its resolutions and international law become what they have problem with rather than the illegal position of their give
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buying power and settlement. of us and as we heard today from the permanent representative of a major power and a member. permanent member of this council this was also strongly reaffirmed by the statements of the states and civil society organizations across the world at the un and in the emergency meeting of the security council on the eighth of december. and through the decisions of the arab minister and council held in cairo on the ninth of december and these summits of the organization of islamic cooperation or i see that is held in istanbul on thirteen december. and. the position of the african union among others and today in the overwhelming support of the council members for the
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draft resolution just voted upon today that. this veto stood in the way of the adoption of this resolution but the international and we will find other frameworks that most people. looking for its position in the days to come. and the draft resolution agreed to rates that any decision. at each changing lead character and the status of jerusalem it has no legal way fact and it should be not and void to be true barrie sended in accordance with the security council resolutions and he calls on all the states you know. later cognize any measures. or actions that run counter to this fact and it calls on them not to stablish the political missions and the holy city what it also called for instance that intensifying international and regional
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effort aimed at achieving a just blasting comprehensive and peaceful solution they used on the relevant to an . international legitimacy and peace korean suppose in order to end the israeli occupation of our territory including egypt and east jerusalem and the results of the vote. is a demonstration of the position of the international community that recognizes the insensitivity and the. specific city of the situation and the status of jerusalem and it was to me and right to this city however and regrettably one state one decided to go pose the whole world and to stand against the whole world what. with regard to this long standing issue. that has always been respected by
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all including the former u.s. administration. i mean the fence is about a big nine hundred forty seven. and this side did about to be able to stand by israel occupied in power that it could let contravenes the international law. and all your only international legitimacy resolutions day by day and in a flag room to maneuver regrettably the. united states what the chooses to do or disregard the international law. and. ignore the international consensus to stand with the. israeli occupation at the expense of our rights and with others are just the nature of our cause with this veto the united states has missed an opportunity to correct its illegal decision
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with regard to jerusalem and it has been persistent on that and its. historic saying we are ready to react reiterate once again that this u.s. decision will have no legal effect that would alter the character and the status of jerusalem to my any means this result ocean effects and the the status of the united states as a peace broker and it actually stresses it's a bias and it and undermines its role in any future peace process what we heard today is a total bias hundred percent in favor of the occupying power to know where you know rather than and you which are in a position between us and the israelis it is paradoxical. that while we were waiting at peace plan from the u.s. . the administration instead they cited to further up struck the peace in the way
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it's realisation this underscores yet again what the failure of the old formulas and there should be and you mechanise away from the old formula is an imperative of equal active process going forward and the security council resolutions are binding and they remain valid until their implementation of. a veto . cannot negate the dr drew solution as you know veto in the past has been able to do so and no veto and this ad ever will either. of them it is surely paradoxical that this. in that state casting its veto today asserts the council is of thirty other cases their mandate in respect of resolutions on every other issue aside from palestine. when
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when it has to do with palestine. there is imbalance. or we refuse to accept that the last time the exception to every other war and the international community has occurred speaking in one voice insisting on respect for the applicable laws and resolutions. that are the core of the peaceful solution to the palestinian question and the us decision encourages israel took resistance in its crimes against our palestinian people and to continue its acute patient of our territory you. and you with. no rhetoric will hide this come placing say. in prolonging the occupation on. no veto can conceal these facts nor can it
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legitimize any provocative unilateral decisions or actions in violation of security council resolutions and no one can deny that such provoke asians you will be an ending cycle of tension. and ignites religious sentiments among millions of muslims and christians across the world. everyone knows that these actions. makes peace more elusive more than ever and threaten to transform this conflict political and regional conflict into a devastating religious conflict with grave consequences on international regional and security what possible it only benefits the forces of extremist mentality and therefore we will once again a bargain to such recklessness and we call for full respect of the historic status
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co of the holy sites including her mystery for. and of this special custodial role of jordan in the protection of the muslim and christian holy sites we will continue all the efforts and coordination and this regard to ensure such a protection and to rebuff all provocations and illegal measures and their mining the historic status quo. mr president. and this illegal and irresponsible decision will change nothing for the palestinians jerusalem will always remain in the heart of palestine what our history our culture our heritage our religion as muslims and christians. is so attached to this city and the house. and it is a movement in its history what is the cradle of civilization and the land of
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messages of. the east jerusalem remains occupied and an integral part of the palestinian territory occupied since one thousand sixty seven and is the capital of the state of palestine as recognized by the majority of the states around the world by this regime lucian has permitted israel to continue its settlers what allotting and scheme and to encroach on the palestinian rights rather than deterring israel and compelling to respect international law to achieve peace and security and therefore once again. we call on all peace loving nations around the world to stand firm for the rule of law and in support of the steadfast palestinian people defending their land.
9:45 pm
jerusalem and defending their land identity holy sites and their natural place in history and geography and to pose in just this oppression and subjugation mr president while the world. well lisa liberating in the coming days christmas will and the birth of jesus christ lights will remain turned off. in the land of jesus christ and celebrations will not take place in jerusalem. or nazareth as joy has been stolen from us by a decision that in the name of realism has denied reality and violated the rights of an entire nation and insulted the feelings of believers around the world protests have erupted against this decision not only in palestine but across the globe and defense of justice freedom and dignity and in rejection of colonialism
9:46 pm
and unilateralism in palestine thousands have demonstrated against the u.s. decision and were faced with killing repression arrest and no profession by the israeli occupying forces. eleven palestinians have been killed. three thousand five hundred have been one that and hundreds arrested. five hundred swear short israel have also detained hundreds of our people including including children. we pray for the families of the martyrs and we wish a speedy recovery for the wounded and freedom for the detained when we question how many and how much sacrifices do we have to introduce in order for people to enjoy their rights on a par with the rest of the nations of the world. that
9:47 pm
we are reiterating that the arrogance of the occupying power when only strengthen our position to liberate our land and to achieve independence restore our rights and dignity that time is passed to do for our people to achieve their rights including to self-determination and to finally live in freedom and dignity peace and security and that in the bend and state of palestine with east jerusalem as its . it's capital one side by side with all the peoples of the region and the globe we urge you to continue to firmly stand on this side over eight those who want peace do not recognize illegal actions and measures but rather recognize all rights of the palestinian people as in try and in international law and un resolutions and recognize the state of palestine and stand with freedom the key to ensuring that peace can finally prevail in the land thank you mr president i think i thank the permanent observer of the observer state of palestine for his state i now give the
9:48 pm
floor to the representative of israel. thank you mr president today the united nations as they again another step back ward another thibault way from my book reading for truth and justice almost exactly one year ago in this very same room the body adopted the shameful revolution two three three four it whether with illusions that had the audacity to try to designate israel's presence at their worst and wall a jew day them as holy authority enjoy all the lamb have a flagrant violation of international law. those world's peoples the hearts of jews every will they marked the generations of jews who prayed to god you will to learn for thousands of years they belittled the engine declaration of the
9:49 pm
jewish people that they'd next deal in jerusalem yet here we are again we still find i will serve fighting the same byo for tools and morality those who voted for today with illusion of only reaffirmed the un as decade long double standard when it comes to either they are guilty of blatant hypocrisy. every other country in the ward have the right to designate its capital city but when it comes to evo somehow this most basic national right is question and condemned we thing the united states for saying staying loyal to the truth in viewing these absurd with illusion by the vice president bans and battle haley and the entire administration proved that the united states does not back down from what's right
9:50 pm
they continue to advocate for real dialogue and the hope for peace in our region the palestinians are. i once again displayed a disturbing trend every time the prospects for meaningful negotiations emerge the palestinians run away every time to the chance for hope the palestinians their effort all too often the international community only makes it towards the nine hundred forty seven the palestinians rejected with allusion a one hundred one in two thousand they walked out of the came david talks and begin a war of terror against the israelis and in reply to by minister netanyahu has repeated offers to negotiate the palestinians over just one we spawn's given to our
9:51 pm
demands or suffer the consequences of incitement and violence the american administration is now working tirelessly to revive negotiations they like us are eager to spark a new hope for peace by declaring the obvious the jewel slim is the capital of the state of evo president tramp was simply stating a fact. we hope to encourage both sides to move forward i've been a good sharing table by the palestinians that once again we spun in with endless the markets fire that i was the villian. with the president let me be clear we will continue to stand strong when it comes to jules alam we do not back down three thousand years ago king day we declared the city of jerusalem the capital of the jewish people use
9:52 pm
a limb as been israel as capital for almost seventy years our nation has never given up when faced with an adversary we would not allow others including the united nations to determine our fate especially when it comes to jerusalem not then and not now this week jools all over the world are celebrating the holy day of hanukkah we welcome the good wishes sent from so many nations many of whom are represented at this table today but it seems that thousand those who wish us well are forgotten exactly what we celebrate hanukkah hanukkah is not about gifts. it is not about food hanukah in the bow the liberation of jerusalem in the year one sixty seven b.c. the hellenist king attempted to outlaw jewish practice and desecrate our temple in
9:53 pm
jerusalem but he failed a small group of brave fighters the maccabees we call them in hebrew dogs how their lists and reclaim jerusalem that is what we are celebrating that is why we light the candles we are honoring our brave and sisters who were instated jewish star and more than two thousand years ago over our capital jerusalem history did not always turn out that way for our people just one hundred years after the miracle of hanukkah i will temple in jerusalem was destroyed the jewish people were exiled from jerusalem by the connection between jerusalem and the jewish people was never broken it will never be broken not by the romans not by their belly ons no by the ottoman turks not by the british empire in not by
9:54 pm
the united nations do they even have our adversaries are once again seeking to deal with you demise our presence in jerusalem the jewish people will prevail as we always have with the president we have heard hateful statements from some world leaders over the past few days. statements from countries that continue to be hostile to the jewish people and to either. form leaders of nations that throughout history with repeated jewish prayer at the western wall even of late as fifty years ago jews were denied access in the western wall so let me be very clear leaders of countries that the press may know it is jailed journalists aquash all opposition have no right to lecture israel
9:55 pm
leaders of countries poisoned by violent and they semitism cannot condemn israel for so-called lack of tolerance and acceptance let me repeat what we have said time and again jerusalem and they were thrown over and israel even more free and more open to people of all religions than at any other time in history we pledge to ensure that all people of all religions would continue to be able to practice their faith freely in jerusalem and throughout our entire country last year at this council you voted on with allusion to three three fall i held up a bible and they minded all of you or thousands of years of jewish history and presence in jerusalem this you with another revolution attempting to deny tools
9:56 pm
we will fight back one small member of this council can vote again and again and within hundreds more times to denounce our presence in joules a limb but you will never succeed in changing the bible you cannot rewrite history not long ago the lubavitcher where being a why the jewish leader called the un a house of darkness and lives. but he also noted that we just one small candle of tools one could turn the darkness into light we will continue to laurie to that candle of tools tonight millions of jews around the ward we light the thirteenth candle of hanukkah they will celebrate the unbreakable bond between the jewish people and the return of capital jerusalem now the time for all countries to finally recognize the jerusalem is or we'd have been in or we will be the
9:57 pm
capital of the jewish people and this state or with oh thank you i think the representative listening to the israeli ambassador to the u.n. thanking the u.s. for their role in vetoing the resolution at the u.n. security council that would've required the united states to rescind its declaration of jerusalem as the capital of israel the ambassador there saying that it was a sign of the un's decades long double standards over israel and they would stay strong on jerusalem and earlier we also heard from the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. saying that this decision by the united states undermined the u.s. role in any peace efforts he said it was a u.s. choosing to disregard international law and the international consensus given that the other fourteen members had voted in favor of that resolution he also said that the security council and international law were not the problem the problem he has
9:58 pm
said there must be. a master said that it was the problem of the actual actions of the occupying power just one other note on this story that after the decision at the u.n. there the veto from the u.s. at the ramallah the palestinian foreign minister said the palestinians will call for an emergency meeting of the u.n. general assembly following that veto. that's it for me for this news hour but sue turton will be with you in a moment with another for the day's news thanks for watching.
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you are making remarks where on line the u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say. other than the morning and says i want to cover the world and this is a dialogue that could be what leading to some of the confusion about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long life time of frustration. eighty five years old intombi sword what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch this side and decide this and like that. because.
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these ladies are tough and they take their training very seriously. go through a. more energetic. our war on terror begins with but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein and this is a regime that has something to hide they had prepared a significant propaganda operation and guess what not one w m d shite was found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one iraq a deadly deception at this time on al jazeera. donald trump professed to lay out his national security strategy and one of the big
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