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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2017 3:00am-3:34am +03

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every. forced to flee from syria to lebanon many refugee mothers risked childbirth in terrible conditions delivery is very difficult here in the bin and it's costly i can't go back to syria now because of the war but one lebanese woman is committed to helping them. become friends with everyone i turn to she is important to me. there are a few g.'s midwife at this time on al-jazeera world. the un security council backs further sanctions on north korea and the sponsor
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recent missile launches. and i welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha i'm elizabeth pronto also ahead. more deaths at protests in gaza as the palestinian president rolls out of your west of the peace process after it sided with israel all the jerusalem. spain's prime minister says and also talks with caution on his exiled leader after a vigil and mentions underline two new and deep divisions and a new cease fire agreement in south sudan gives hope to millions of people displaced by the fighting. the u.n. security council has unanimously passed a new sanctions targeting north korea's fuel imports the resolution drafted by the
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u.s. will ban nearly ninety percent of refined petroleum products. exports to pyongyang can john's regime is already under huge west's un and even the sanctions after conducting several nuclear and missile tests this year met by widespread international condemnation mike hanna has more from the u.n. in new york but what has been a sometimes divided year for the security council draws to an end with a display of unity the resolution on north korea tightening sanctions passed unanimously and tighten the sanctions it does there's a massive reduction in the amount of refined low fuel that is north korea would be allowed to import also a troubled bear and an asset freeze on a number of individuals and one entity the north korean army well this resolution followed intense talks between the united states russia and china to ensure that all were in agreement with the text. today for the tenth time this council stand
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united against a north korean regime that rejects the pursuit of peace the camera's gene continues to defy the resolutions of this council the norms of civilized behavior and the patience of the international community their arrogance and hostility to anything productive has set their country on a destructive path the resolution also did not rule out dialogue committing members to pursuing the six party talks north korea south korea japan the us russia and china coming together in some form of dialogue the u.s. still insisting though that there must be a sustained to say shit of north korean missile development before discussions can commence russia and china for their part within the meeting insisting that there should be some kind of quid pro quo shown by south korea and the u.s. perhaps suspending their ongoing joint military exercises nonetheless the security
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council coming to agreement a unanimous vote at the end of the year. while the new set of sanctions will look to cap deliveries of petrol products that five hundred thousand barrels a year and crude oil at four million barrels or north korean nationals working abroad will have to return home within twenty four months restricting the influx of foreign currency and there will also be a ban on exports of north korean goods such as machinery and electrical equipment last month the u.s. place sanctions that targeted north korean ship of operations and chinese companies that trade with pyongyang but u.s. president donald trump has welcomed the resolution tweeting the united nations security council just voted fifteen zero in favor of additional sanctions on north korea the world wants peace not death well let's get more on this now we're joined by our correspondent florence louie she's live for us in the south korean capital will the sanctions actually work florence. ovata really is the one million dollar
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question isn't it sanctions for them to work they have to they really depend on and forstmann and that is up to the individual countries now north korea in the past has been able to evade sanctions but these sanctions are being court the toughest sanctions ever imposed on north korea but so were the sanctions passed by the u.n. security council in august and then later on a month later in september now in north korea in the past has been able to evade sanctions through various means sometimes by conducting deals through front companies sometimes being aided by companies in countries that were willing to turn a blind eye on conducting trade with north korea now a lot of experts agree that so far north korea sanctions on north korea haven't been able to deliver the results that are expected they've not been able to force north korea to the negotiating table they've not been able to persuade pyongyang to
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give up its nuclear and missile development program and many experts say the u.s. and the u.n. appear to be running out of sanctions options but what is being hoped perhaps is that even if they are not able to force north korea to the negotiating table they these sanctions may have the ability to limit pyongyang's ability to carry out further tests and so how are we expecting north korea to react to this latest round florence given their behavior and what they've done with other sanctions with other resolutions in the past. that's right now north korea has previously said economic sanctions these sanctions will not have the effect of forcing it to give up its nuclear and missile development program in fact it said that this will only accelerate its resolve to become a nuclear country now and there is no official reaction from north korea as yet
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normally it takes a day or two before north korea puts out an official statement through state owned media but we can expect to hear from north korean leader kim jong directly himself very likely in the coming days because since coming to power because north korean leader has taken to delivering a new year's speech directly to his people approve recorded speech now earlier this year in two thousand and seventeen he had said north korea was in the final stages of developing an intercontinental ballistic missile and it appears he has delivered on that promise in november north korea carried out a missile test which it said was capable of striking the east coast of the united states it's also claimed to carry out a hydrogen bomb test now and so in a couple of days we what we can expect here from north korean leader kim jong un whereby he will outline what his country hopes to achieve in the coming year we can also expect north korea to react with something perhaps
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a little bit more blandish because next year is the seventieth year of the founding of the north korean government or at france thank you very much for that for now that's far slower joining us live from seoul thank you. that's the one to our other big story of the day palestine's president has declared that he will no longer accept the united states as mediator in the middle east peace process mahmoud abbas a speaking role meeting french president emmanuel mccrum about listening in leader call for europe to play a stronger role in peace efforts and live reports from paris. it was no surprise that the palestinian leader greeted the french president warmly as he arrived at the. palace emanuel mark karr has been a staunch critic of the united states decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel after talks on the crisis mahmoud abbas's said the palestinians could no longer accept a u.s. peace plan. for the united states is no longer a credible mediator in the peace process we will not accept any plan on the part of
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the us because of the parties and failing and because of this violation of international law. mccraw has stepped up efforts to mediate in the crisis meeting with the king of jordan and israel's prime minister earlier this month he wants to try and help revive talks but he has ruled out unilaterally recognizing palestine as the state saying it would be unhelpful at this time these americans and the americans have marginalized themselves and i'm trying not to do the same thing i think france's credibility lies in taking a position as we have today where we can talk to everyone emanuel michael says he's using france's position as a country that has good relations with all sides to try and help and with the palestinians no longer considering the u.s. as an honest broker it could leave the door open for france to play a greater role. through what we've seen as a manual macro getting really involved even of this is
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a very sensitive situation is much at stake france's position is difficult but macron really looking to restore the rants once ahead and put it on the national stage much the decision by the u.s. on driessen continues to draw international condemnation thursday more than one hundred twenty countries including france back to u.n. resolution demanding washington withdraw its decision and across the world politicians continue to voice their concerns. supported the position that the conflict between israel and palestine should be resolved between them including dish. of the final status of jerusalem. great importance to the palestine issue because with things palestinians also absolute rights to establish their own country. malaysia's prime minister led a protest in the administrative capital putrajaya on a. macro says he has no plans for
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a french peace initiative he says he's waiting to see what the u.s. has to offer but with the palestinians ruling out washington's unfoldment france and the european union could be called upon to fill the gap it's al-jazeera paris. meanwhile at least two palestinian protesters have been killed by israeli forces and more violence all over the us decision as the third friday of protests and palestinian territories malcolm webb has moved from gaza but. the after friday prayers hundreds gathered at two street rallies here in the gaza strip this one leaders of the islamic jihad faction told supporters who buys days motion at the u.n. general assembly denouncing trump's recognition of jerusalem the capital of israel was a partial victory just going to have not only the victory shows how much the international community hates us arrogance and injustice it was important but we should not be
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deceived and the movement should continue to be the fodder because the u.s. decision has not and dump a decision from. and so for the third friday in a row protesters then gathered at the israeli border miles and friends that surround gaza there are dozens of protesters gathered at this point trying to get as close as they can to the border to plant palestinian flags and throw stones isn't watched israeli soldiers in just there have been some military vehicles driving up and down the track along the border firing some live rounds and volleys of tear gas. i know. it just kept coming but so did the demonstrators. and after years of failed peace process is people here have bothered about the diplomatic details of what happened at the u.n. this week all of them along with. the u.n. and arab league who don't care about them you only care about jerusalem history
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will repeat itself jerusalem will be freed by the hands of the palestinian youth those who you can see here at the border and in the west bank no more defeats it is time for victory. in the west bank is a similar story the biblical town of bethlehem was one of the trouble spots just days ahead of christmas celebrations. dozens were injured. and back in gaza zachary a alcove foreigner was among those added to a growing number killed in the on rest coming here to demonstrate isn't safe. but people here are deeply angered by president trump's announcement and they say they won't stop. malcolm webb al-jazeera in gaza. still ahead on the monitor until former football officials are convicted in a trial on exposing corruption at the heart of sports global governing body. and agrees evacuate the refugees from avocadoes island but thousands remain trapped in
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squalid conditions. through trying to a radio. in a finnish gondola. hello winter in shanghai is a bit warm at the moment the temperature is about sixteen degrees in the forecast for saturday but the wind will turn and it will cool down and feel a bit fresher sony afforded we drop the humidity drop as well so you feel different it's still warm enough in showing do that you be surprised to see snow on the mountains to the west but they are there or it is there all the same quantas rather than but it's rather more active further south in the southern philippines tropical storm tembin has been moving slowly west was were running really in comparison this car attack it has left about one or two hundred millimeters of rain it's now battering the north of borneo but it's on its way and strengthening to the south
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china sea marty even briefly turn into a typhoon here in open water for it eventually ends up in sudden vietnam the remains of cardstock are here surfacing and for up towards the thai border the chances are to be pretty wet in the next couple of days in other words you are going to be is quite possible coming out of that storm this is the active weather area then is an awful lot quieter nassar out india pakistan even after us and this cloud you do see is high in the sky indicates where the winds aloft not on the surface so still very still and stagnant very foggy in the morning for a good part of india barely a shower visible but what showers they will be allowed to head south and hit sri lanka. the weather sponsored by cats own peace. and long term begins with but it does not in no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this is a regime that has something to hide they have here
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a significant propaganda. and guess what not one w m d shite was found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one iraq a deadly deception at this time on al jazeera. to to have you with us on al-jazeera these are all top stories the united nations has unanimously backs a new sanctions on north korea the bad name the ninety percent of foreign petroleum product exports to pyongyang kim jong un's regime is already on the u.s. u.n. and sanctions up to conducting several nuclear and missile tests to see a palestinian president or their boss has a european leaders to play
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a bigger role in peace efforts following the u.s. decision to recognize traverse limits as rails capital meanwhile two more palestinian protesters have been killed by israeli forces and the nicest demonstrations of that decision. now spanish prime minister many on that horror has rejected an offer by ousted president callus purged amount to meet follow thursday's regional election but he has left the door open to possible future discussions or catalonia three prior independence artie's one seventy seat the one hundred thirty five seat parliament at the prospect and citizens party won the highest number of seats with a thirty seven and that means a slim and reduced majority for the pro independence parties paul brennan reports from barcelona. when all sides claim victory who actually wins it's a question catalans are asking themselves today winning thirty seven parliamentary
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seats that's only his biggest single party is now the citizens party of the leader in this i don't mind us. but the three main secession is parties together one seventy seats and so they hold the parliamentary majority council only has deposed president carlos preached a more celebrated in brussels where he'd fled to avoid arrest on sedition charges and he's made a new offer to the government in madrid and i get sent legal such big dispute that i'm willing to meet prime minister ahoy in brussels or any other european state that is in spain obvious reasons i'm willing to do it so that we can address this new political era starting in catalonia spain and europe it is an era presided over by political solutions not by common repression that we find ourselves in. the response today from the spanish government suggests dialogue might just be
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possible that new york. person i would need to sit down with is the winner of the election and that's mr. i will make an effort to maintain a dialogue with whatever government comes out of these elections but as i've said before i will also ensure that we follow the law. on polling day voters of all sides spoke to us about wanting a return to normality with the results now in a straw poll of barcelona citizens found dissatisfaction with the outcome. without favoring one side or another i think they've hurt catalonia a lot with this independence issue. i think that the citizens party which one doesn't represent the majority of catalans i think the majority of people favor the probably independence party whose opinion. i don't think it's a good result the lift just parties have been marginalized and i don't see
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a solution for the differences between two clear blocks so for now the spotlight appears to be on the attitude of the new catalan government i would say they will slide least that but this doesn't mean that they will wait and renounce today independence more but they will i think they got softer approach first because they were slightly less than fifty percent of the vote and they think that's important second because they're hard line by the chinese government and this elections are produced a rather messy outcome with both sides able to take positives from the results but neither side able to land the kind of knockout blow that they might have hoped for everything now depends on the succession this block and whether they will choose confrontation with madrid or compromise hope brennen al-jazeera barcelona. now russia iran and turkey have announced deals covering the exchange of prisoners and a mine clearing in syria the agreements were made during talks held in kazakhstan
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russia and iran backed the syrian government of the civil war while turkey supports some of the biggest rebel groups the countries have agreed to meet again in the russian city of sochi on the twenty ninth of january the talks are aimed at bringing both the syrian government and opposition to the negotiating table. a u.s. jury has found two former south african football officials guilty in a case that helped expose a culture of corruption in the sport global governing body pfieffer deliberations about the guilt of another man will continue next week gabriel is on the reports from new york. joe same idea but in brazil juan and hill not a part of why each was a top football official in their country and each has been found guilty of racketeering conspiracy and other charges for their roles in what prosecutors described as schemes where sports marketing companies funneled hundreds of millions
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of dollars in bribes to dozens of football officials it's been called the deep a trial because both men were powerful figures aligned with football's governing body new peut was a former head of the south american football federation and was found guilty on three counts but not guilty on two other counts who are disappointed with the verdict as you can expect it is mr not put in a continued fighting. spirit options and her children are going to her hands of an expander all very disillusioning her might in the former head of the brazilian football federation was found guilty of six of the seven charges against him the fact they weren't found guilty on all the charges indicates the jury at least partially believed the defense arguments that the corruption was part of a larger scheme that men were not fully involved with. both my team and the puta claimed their innocence and they were the first defendants to stand trial here in new york two years after an early morning hotel raid in switzerland revealed that
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the us justice department had been investigating widespread corruption within feet more than forty people have been charged in total more than half have pleaded guilty. to trial has implicated major media outlets accused of paying bribes to taint broadcasting rights charges they deny one former official says a corruption drama highlights how widespread the culture of corruption is a diva and the ongoing need for reform the culture that there's very is that he's still the same one that. those instances of corruption and that allowed those people to have the positions of power that the old. prosecutors clearly feel that justice was served this was a complex trial that lasted nearly a month and it took jurors six days of deliberations to reach their verdict but it's not completely over yet the third person man will berger the former head of
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the proven football federation the jury was unable to reach a verdict on him so they'll be back on tuesday to continue their deliberations gabriels on. new york a rebel group in south sudan says government troops have attacked their base a day after warring factions signed a cease fire agreement the target the truth into effect on sunday would allow humanitarian aid to civilians only four million people have been displaced by the conflict hundreds of thousands have fled to northern kenya catherine sawyer reports from a refugee camp in. mall of south sudan's displaced people have made their way to this transit center in nothing kenya with virtually nothing to call their own helen good arrived recently both her husband and brother were killed in the fighting she now has to take care of her brother's eight children as well as five of her own she has a family back home
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a good one she tells us no more. it's very hard for me i'm the only person now to take care of these children i don't know whether peace will come or not i'm not hopeful any more there are about a thousand refugees in this reception center all have arrived in the last few weeks this year alone more than twenty two thousand mostly from south sudan have come for help the comp is already hosting close to two hundred thousand. been given talk that will enable them to get spaces that constitute up shelters will soon meet their new neighbors some of whom have been in since another civil war with the north that ended twelve years ago. people like park peter he's a head teacher and those schools have closed he wants to ensure the library he students enjoy is ready for when they return he escaped in two thousand and four to avoid being recruited as
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a child soldier the very reason many boys he stitching now have fled south sudan and he knows exactly who to blame the president and his former vice president whose forces are fighting each other. someone of interest you know be pulled into consideration. countries. this is one of khan's students around eighteen years old but still in primary school. he's talking to his aunt who's at a camp for displaced people back home he's not seen her his mother or four sisters since he left three years ago. the region. and i'm young. i'm learning.
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south sudan has been in conflict for four years it's one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world attempts at peace overseen by regional mediators have often filled and with no end in sight this refugees continue to wait out a crisis they say has destroyed their lives catherine soy al jazeera. in north and kenya the un's refugee agency is urging greece to work faster to move asylum seekers from overcrowded camps before one to conditions deteriorate further or the camps on islands between mainland greece and turkey will built to receive five and a half thousand people but they currently house twice that number even after thousands who moved off the past month. reports from the island of some us. osama has waited for this moment for five months but as he finally boards a ferry for athens and a future far from his native palestine he almost seems to regret it he's one of one
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hundred ten refugees sailing for the mainland many have been here longer. came here fourteen months ago after i saw the fighters destroyed his house in mosul it's like a dream for everyone here because they spent long time i learned they weren't allowed to leave until they finish their procedures so i takes time sometimes but now you know they feel like they are really free when they got the audience under the e.u. turkey agreement refugees arriving on greece's eastern region islands have to stay there until their asylum case is a hood but the government may move people with disabilities families children and single women. that leaves a lot of single men behind for them boredom and overcrowding create a toxic mix some us volunteers a self organizing group raised money to create a day center for them here refugees can feel human relax socialize learn languages
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and burnish their resumes in english and soon they'll be able to wash their clothes this face in the can be so very natural and there's no space where someone can do any anything physically any activity so having a place like this really takes their mind away from from all the tension and having as there the government has offered to build a second camp here but officials in some most like on the other islands have refused so the existing camp built for seven hundred currently hosts fifteen hundred half of them are women and children there's a scarcity of medicine clothes water and hygiene but things were even worse before the evacuation until the beginning of december this terrorist all of grove was a tent city. some seven hundred people lived trenches dug around the turns in an effort to divert rainwater are still visible the government's concerted push to shelter refugees ahead of the deep winter means that the most vulnerable
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populations have now been moved to the mainland more people arrive each week the difficulty of reaching athens sends them a message that europe is lifting the drawbridge to war torn lands and that this millennia old migration route across the aegean may in future have fewer happy endings jumps. a new art installation dedicated to the plight of refugees has gone on display at a london church the artwork and title suspended features hundreds of items that belong to refugees who made it to the greek island of les pass the clothing shoes and other personal items form a giant chandelier the exhibition is raising money for a charity that helps refugees and you can catch much more on the refugee crisis on our web site al-jazeera dot com.
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hello again i was of a problem and a half of the headlines on al-jazeera the united nations has unanimously backed new sanctions on north korea that ban the line three percent of refined petroleum product exports to pyongyang kept on this regime is already on the u.s. u.n. and e.u. sanctions are conducting several nuclear and missile tests this year. the palestinian president says he will no longer accept the united states as a mediator in the middle east peace process or the bass was speaking while meeting french president emmanuel mccrum he said the u.s. is no longer an honest broker in the peace process and called for europe to play a bigger role meanwhile two palestinian protesters have been killed by israeli forces and more violence over the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital a third friday of demonstrations in palestinian territory since u.s. president donald trump's an announcement. spain's prime minister has left the door
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open for possible future discussions with the deploy scotland president collis purged a man following thursday's election in the region in years three pro independence parties won seventy seats of the one hundred thirty five seats parliament for the prosperity and citizens party will be the biggest with thirty seven a rebel group in south sudan says government troops have attacked in their base a day after warring factions signed a cease fire agreement the deal reached after talks on that ethiopian capital is the latest attempt to end the four year conflict the truce which goes into effect on sunday would allow humanitarian aid to civilians now to form a south american football officials have been found guilty in the us of charges related to corruption and football's governing body pfieffer shows a man of brazil and one put out of power why would charge with the racketeering and conspiracy deliberations about the guilt of third man will continue next week.
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russia iran and turkey have announced deals covering the exchange of prisoners and mine clearing in syria the grievance were made during talks held in kazakhstan russia and iran backed the syrian government in the civil war while turkey supports some of the biggest rebel groups rights and those are the headlines on al-jazeera but do stay with us and five story that's coming up next thank you for watching. every view for washington from both. surveys with the un's vote on. the u.s. president and nations who didn't support him over his wealth the vast majority didn't so what if patch with ace have on diplomacy.


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