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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 26, 2017 3:00am-3:34am +03

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the reasons for. the world and the impact they have. at this time. about a million people forced to move in vietnam ahead of a violent storm that's already brought death and destruction to the philippines.
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i'm not matheson this is all just there a live from doha also coming up pope francis in his christmas message again calls for a negotiated two state solution to bring peace between israel and palestine. chaos and anger at airports after united arab emirates. woman landing in the gulf country plus. russian opposition leader. calls for voters to boycotts next year's presidential election after he's banned from taking part. around a million people have been evacuated from southern vietnam ahead of tropical storm tembin it's already caused death and destruction in the philippines but at least
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two hundred people have died serious damage is feared in vietnam where many buildings are made of lightweight materials ten bands moving southward and will pass the province of calm on tuesday before entering the gulf of thailand sixty thousand fishing boats have been ordered not to venture out to sea. if it weren't for we would have continued our fishing trip for another two or three months but because of the type we had to head back early. it's been a while since a typhoon hit the region but we have to take serious precautions to protect our lives and property it's not safe out on the open sea at the moment that's why we have to come back to take shelter. as i mentioned storm tambourines left a trail of destruction in the southern philippines thousands are spending christmas in emergency shelters there after landslides and flash floods killed more than two hundred people robin bryant has this update from mindanao the worst affected island
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. here in the city of il again as darkness falls people here as elsewhere in parts of mindanao are assessing the damage from the storm that passed from the landslides that happened from the torrents of muddy water that overflowed the banks of rivers the river here in it overflowed its banks people have been told to evacuate and it washed away their homes they were living alongside a river that six years ago had a similar flood that washed away this bridge still people return to live here the fact is that with a growing population in mindanao people do tend to occupy vulnerable places riverbanks hillsides and so on the problem now for rescuers in mindanao is trying to reach more isolated communities especially with the destruction of infrastructure washing away of bridges roads that are closed or simply have been washed away the problem is trying to reach more remote communities with heavy
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equipment to continue the search for survivors and sadly as time continues it is now less a search for people alive it is more a search for bodies as the death toll and mounts here in this part of mindanao there is also the added problem of the conflict that has been happening just a short distance from here in morocco we this is a fight between government forces and groups linked with i so it's not known just what impact this storm will have on the security situation or on the search for a lasting peace but certainly for people who've been displaced from the area of the fighting and have been in temporary accommodation here in the early going it certainly adds misery upon misery not only can they not return to the area of conflict that they've been evacuated from they'd simply don't know if they have any homes to go back to. head of the roman catholic church has used his christmas message to call for a negotiated two state solution to end the israeli palestinian conflict it's the
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second time pope francis has spoken out since u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital earlier this month pope francis says talks are the only way to find peace. but if. we see jesus in the children of the middle east who continue to suffer because of growing tensions between israelis and palestinians on this festive day let us after the lord for peace for jerusalem and for all the holy land let us pray that the will to resume dialogue may prevail between the parties and that a negotiated solution can be finally reached one that would allow the peaceful coexistence of two states within mutually agreed and internationally recognized borders critters are powers more from rome. this is only the second time the pope francis has spoken in public about the trump plan for a capital in jerusalem he said when he first heard that and that was on december
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sixth he was profoundly concerned and i think there are some people in the people i've spoken to here that will hoping perhaps for something a little stronger in this long awaited message i mean he's he's mentioned the middle east every every christmas message since two thousand and thirteen and i think there was a feeling that he could have articulated his his concern and a little stronger and referenced drusilla in the context of this this are people that they're facing now. is demanding an apology from the united arab emirates after the u.a.e. banned female tunas in citizens from flights landing in the u.a.e. in this phones all emirates airlines flights were barred by two micio china says the ban was triggered by intelligence in the u.a.e. fearing a possible attack by female chin is in passport holders but it says it contacts at how the women were treated charlotte ballasts reports. this
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was the scene at tunis airport on friday as women turned up for flights the start of a u.i. travel ban against women and girls of all ages to be given to the was there let me know but then if not i came here and found chaos and they're saying to an indian woman under the age of thirty cannot board emerick plane remember that morning but i arrived here only for a man to come and tell me that any woman who holds a tunis in passport is banned from boarding us airline. two days later the u.a.e. explains the temporary travel restriction is for security reasons the minister of state for foreign affairs posted on twitter they had communicated security information with tunisia and that the u.a.e. appreciates and values to his young woman. but outrage across china zero and elsewhere grew with claims of discrimination and racism to governments took
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immediate action the ministry of transport has decided to suspend emirates airlines flights to and from tunisia to the latter finds a suitable solution to operate its flights in accordance with international regulations and conventions emirates didn't respond to our request for an interview to do confirm via twitter they were instructed to stop services to tune spy to newseum authorities a fictive to seem between the fifth children as young as two years old or being barred from flying i mean not many people would consider two year old threats and officials or even informing families that even if you are a one month old female baby you wouldn't be allowed to fly and you wouldn't be allowed to enter the u.a.e. territory emirates is the only airline that flies you a direct meaning it severed the transport link between the countries it's unclear if the diplomatic link will also be cast. to his ear has been trying to repair
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relations with the u.a.e. after its twenty eleven revolution its biggest political party has strong ties to casa currently under blockades by the u.a.e. and three other arab countries it's quite clear to say the united arab emirates have been seeking to undermine his democracy. on the hundred me so this decision is the most expressive yet and the most in your face ever since the two thousand and eleven revolution emirates will remain suspended until tunisia feels it can operate within international regulations the sudden and vague ban that to newseum woman face now turned on the line charlotte dallas al-jazeera police in peru have fired tear gas to disperse protesters are angry about a pardon for former president alberto fujimori is being serving a twenty five year sentence for crimes against humanity and corruption. that was stages of march through capital lima against president petro republicans in ski's decision seventy nine year old fortune mori is still in intensive care
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a day after he was pardoned he managed to send a message to his supporters from his hospital bed on christmas day is dr keiko gave this update on his health and well. we have been with my father just now he's obviously very happy however he will have to stay in the intensive care for a few more days and he will have to stay in hospital until the doctors say he's fully recovered. the russian opposition leader alexina voluntary has been barred from running in next year's presidential election he's been told he's ineligible because of a past criminal conviction which he says followed a politically motivated charge and trial the ball is now calling for a boycott of the march vote polls show president vladimir putin is on course to be reelected comfortably which would keep him in the kremlin until twenty twenty four already chalons has more from moscow. this was no surprise at all really how mean i have been talking with colleagues yesterday and we've been speculating that there
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was maybe a small chance that the tightly controlled russian presidential system the electoral system here would be given a bit of a shake up and maybe there would be some fresh life breathed into it most people are assuming that person is going to march towards a fourth term in office when the elections are held in march next year but no that was not to be the thirteen member panel of the central election committee decided twelve votes with one abstention so that they were going to bar the from running against putin now the argument they use is that he has this prior convictions and therefore is ineligible novelli has always said that although that may be the election rules actually the constitution which should have primacy says that any one of sound mind who is not in jail can run in the elections so he's going to take this to the constitutional courts to watch them to make a decision this was
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a heated exchange at times he was saying that the panel should do the right thing for once in their lives that nobody was holding a gun to their heads and that they should stop messing around with the election panel fired back saying that he was brainwashing kids that he was disrespecting the election commission and that they hinted he was politically irrelevant anyway now what is now and we do next well of course i said he's going to take this to the constitutional courts but he is also saying that his supporters should boycott the election and he is saying that yes there will be street protests they haven't set a date for these yet but he's saying that when the protests hits they will be nationwide. still ahead analogise era liberia's two presidential candidates promise of a better future for their country ahead of tuesday's election runoff. to what extent will this lead to social unrest to social destitution. and you fears that
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automation could cost thousands of jobs and threaten an economic crisis in undeveloped countries. from dusky sunsets if it's prunings event. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. hello the cloud is building again over china but maybe more particularly for the south of vietnam it will bring showers increasingly to the coast of vietnam and then by the time we get to wednesday as proper rainy and landing mean more to season rain that means that much of china isn't quite as cold as you might think for this time in winter in fact big pool of clouds covering a good part may reach shanghai the active weather to the south is one of the reasons why we've got this rain developing inland that is former typhoon tembin tropical storm soon to be depression is over the science of vietnam by the look of
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a satellite picture because it's hard to find the center now it's a mass of rain and it's a couple of hundred millimeters but also high seas in the mekong delta hence the risk as it spreads across and you can't anymore define it it will eventually reach some thailand peninsula malaysia as a big mass of rain not a problem with wind. now there is rain further south in this part of the world but once again you come down to indonesia western java to focus in with more showers unfortunately building to the eastern side of mindanao as well that's where all the rain is some of the exceptions for lanka we're now into dry winter season over india which of course means falk in the north. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. but that's. what it. says the last. report out of all of our cars and a bunch of the baton at the bottom in the first episode of
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a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports during the endless chase at this time. you're watching all jazeera a reminder of our top stories around a million people are evacuating vietnam's mekong delta as tropical storm ten approaches serious damage is expected from the storm which has already killed more than two hundred people in the philippines pope francis has used his christmas message to call for a negotiated two state solution to end the israeli palestinian conflict it's the
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second time he's spoken out since u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. the russian opposition leader alexina vollies calling for a boycott of next year's presidential election after he was barred from running against a blood in me a putin vonnie was ruled ineligible because of a past criminal conviction which he says followed a politically motivated trial. nearly two point two million liberians will choose between a former football star and the current vice president in a presidential runoff on tuesday both candidates a promise to revive liberia's struggling economy and kickstart infrastructure projects the election will see its first democratic transition of power in seventy years reports from monrovia. in the contest for the liberian presidency this month all my international footballer do it with a head start he deceived thirty eight percent of the votes cast in the foster round
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held in october he's open and in the current liberian vice president just a walk i got twenty eight percent of the vote. in the club. that where i grew up he's been hyping his humble. bringing and style himself as the pro of pork and to date a man who knows exactly what liberians want from their government protection of politics we have traditional voting along ethnic religious and regional lines where you were born and grew up is important there is hope here that's when he becomes president he will help his community where dropped out of school at an early age to concentrate on playing football he applied his trade in liberia until he got a break to play for the french club a is more to go on from there on to some of the world's most glamorous clubs in two thousand and three where now is his intention to run for the presidency after taking on the incumbent president ellen johnson
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sirleaf to a second round vote in two thousand and five the footballer was bitten this is known as walk in the park this could be we as the he led in the first one in two thousand and five and phil to win in the second round this is wide open it could be president we have a president was. a former head of liberia's petroleum refinery company and agriculture minister seventy two year old joseph. has served as liberia's vice president since two thousand and six his tenure as vice president will be remembered as a period of an interrupted peace no small feat in a country torn apart by years of civil. is considered a safe by many given his long experience of the highest echelons of power in liberia ambassador walker strongest point is his credentials in public policy and the broad perception of him. an honest man the last true this line around
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he has an honesty capital. and in liberia where there's been so much reports of corruption he's managed to keep on touched he will have to persuade many liberians though that he can do differently than he has done for more than a decade many he'll hold the government responsible for failing to improve their lot whoever wins the election will inherit the leadership of one of the poorest countries in the world liberians often complain about them of corruption in government and the poor delivery of public services many of them say about the world of thankful for the past twelve years of peace still excited about the prospect of change. coming up the wall to the world you're likely to. nigeria's military says it's repelled an attack by suspected boko haram fighters in the outskirts of the northeastern city of meadow growing area heavy gunfire was
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reported in the area while the army fought off the attackers want to dress has more from a boozer. according to security sources we've talked we've spoken to a short while ago but i was repelled by the military but it lasted a long time i would say this is a corking about cyclists arriving in street pick up trucks and then starting to attack fire firing their guns going to exculpate in the mall area apparently they started with a military or security checkpoint there now with the sources we've spoken to said these two only to say how many people died because it's late evening attack and that area has been cordoned off and he is being secured by the nigerian army there and that but that source also confirmed to me that most of the people affected well indeed women and children he particularly transported three people from that area to the hospital inside made a good move there by the way is just a few kilometers from don't eastern idlers biggest city make
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a quick my degree has always been in the process of the crisis that city but the military stopped them from taking the city they have occupied lots of territory which by the way as of now they have lost to the military and of course the regional forces to fight out of notice to magadan cameroon chad and major the public for the time being the situation in my degree and on the outskirts of my to the outskirts of michael is calm. a symbol of religious coexistence in the holy land includes a centuries old tradition of muslim families have played the role of guardians of the many churches in the occupied territories dating back to the time of the liberation of jerusalem in the crusaders it's me at the view that i'm saying. my name is judeo husseini i'm the keyholder of the church of the holy sepulcher in
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jerusalem and the holder of the stamp of the holy tune and about us alive you will be the story of my family began in eleven eighty seven when saddam hussein are you being liberated the city of jerusalem from the crusaders i mean for the king is that the i me that you dana the sec's agreed and from eleven eighty seven until today we have been holding the keys of the church of the holy sepulcher all the fish of a year away so if we have preserved it with our blood and soul it is our second home my job is not just an honorable job and it is not just the heritage of my family as a muslim family it is the heritage to all muslims across the world that a muslim family has held and preserved the church for eight hundred fifty years we moved back in is that what the. after me it is a feeling that cannot be described and i envy myself for being the key holder of the church of the holy several car i have been opening the door of the holy supple kurt church since i was eight years old and today i'm fifty three. going to what i
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feel whole. i mean for more than forty years i've had this responsibility my father gave me the seal of the grave when i was twelve years old and i sealed the tomb. of this now i have three children and i've started teaching them that sometimes i open sometimes they open but. me the keys of the holy sepulcher church are in the custody of the husseini family and hopefully this will last forever my family received two keys from salaheddine are you be because there were two doors every door had two locks two doors for locks one key opened for locks the key broke five hundred years ago so we use the second one that. we don't want to leave the holy sepulture church it is captive just like a mosque and it's the same thing and he said look at me i see iraq and i want to measure them so we are peace callers we hope and pray for peace to come to our
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region from here from the church of the holy sepulcher the lights of islamic christian coexistence emerged in half a minute before late about the home we lived with them and we have known them since childhood we are in the same trenches we have the same pain and suffering if we have the same feeling these churches are also arab churches not just palestinian we are not just brothers in ethnicity but also in blood it is. the world bank has warned of the economies of developing countries could collapse because of the rise of automation it's fair to robots making clothes and footwear could undercuts the cost of human workers in factories in bangladesh and vietnam in his second report an artificial intelligence lawrence lee considers what the impact of automation might be on the world's working poor. every day all over the western world goods are delivered to hungry consumers most of them manufactured harmful world away over
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the seas by people who often earn virtually nothing and while the fourth industrial revolution the age of robotics and automation promises radically to alter the lives of people in the rich world it is by no means clear whether any of the benefits will be passed on to the walls working people some global brands are discussing whether to reach shore manufacturing from asian sweat shops to europe where three d. princes might make clothes or shoes the world bank has projected that in some african or asian countries up to eighty percent of people might lose their jobs. if it's true that many workers many of them young women particular textile industries opportunity going to be out of a job or their workplace potentially radically reduced then to what extent will this lead to social unrest to social destitution and essentially a fundamental crisis of the whole that society others ask why someone who owns
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a factory in the far east would bother investing in expensive robotic technology but it's far cheaper to keep paying workers a dollar a day to machine like that at the moment will be well beyond the reach of a factory owner in bangladesh or in china or vietnam for that matter. secondly a machine like that is likely to break down fairly often because it's a very fine piece of equipment if it breaks down the whole factory and then many in a factory the entire factory comes to a standstill social unrest is already a fact of life it could get far worse so to the continued and probably growing movements of people except the west they may want to move to might be suffering job losses itself as automation takes over. if the future of the developing world is to be decided in places right there if then frankly it looks pretty bleak either it seems robotics will increasingly be used to take jobs away from no three different
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associated with places like asia although the same workers will continue to exist on the same person for the ever and for years about the worst thing of all is that nobody seems to be talking about it there is however a growing understanding of how automation can help in emergencies here at southampton university in southern england drones are being tested to fly medicines or food into dangerous or difficult places it's simpler and potentially more effective than throwing bags out of planes you can send lots of little bits of aid to lots of little areas and it's trivial and straightforward. to pinpoint areas in other words take the aid to where it's needed dropping it centrally in the rich world robotics could take away many current jobs but it could also create new ones which haven't even been trumped up yet but for those in the workshops of the world it could be disastrous and it's coming honestly al-jazeera london and on
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tuesday in the next part of this series we'll let go of the wheel and the brakes and drive into the age of fully automated cars. bolivia is one of the poorest countries in south america tens of thousands of children live and work on the streets in the capital la paz but new programs have been launched to help children escape the poverty cycle that reports. one in the past once upon a tony or sweet bread it's tradition and they're delicious but really us and his friends at the mendis articles children's baking bread and biscuits gives them more than something sweet to accompany christmas dinner. this helps us when we leave here so that we have a way of earning a living thanks to the pen and tony this is the no they started baking in the middle of november to meet demand part of a project to give them a place in bolivia and society it's one of many projects trying to help thousands
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of bolivia's working children. children it's the guts and youngsters are making themselves this. creating alternative. of life in the cities steep and narrow streets bolivia has long been one of the poorest countries in the region and it's difficult to know accurately how many children in the past don't attend school of forced to work in often precarious conditions on the streets and in the markets but it's thought to be many thousands . now. i don't want him to suffer like me on the street with the called the rain and the wind sometimes i sell sometimes not i will my children put chief something in their lives which is why i want them to come here and then go to school. carla brings her children to one of the hearing centers set up by the powers authority is a place to study and to play to receive expert medical and psychological attention
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a haven from the hardship on the street. we hope that they can continue their studies at the centers formulates a life plan an escape the informal sector to which they've become accustomed cynical. jessica age fourteen is up at five to attend school but then has to work at the family kiosk the hearing center gives her hope and ambition she wants to be an architect. to get good grades i'm a good student second or third in my class sometimes my books are a bit messy and the teachers complain so my mom explains her situation and they understand and help me if i don't finish my homework they say it's all right for the next class. life is still tough the jessica and the liers and thousands like them that bred in education giving them hope for a better future. this
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is all just zero these are the top stories around a million people are evacuating vietnam's mc kong delta as tropical storm tendon approaches heavy rain and strong winds are expected to cause serious damage tambourines already killed more than two hundred people as it passed over the philippines around sixty thousand fishing boats have been ordered not to venture out to sea. if it weren't for the typhoon we would have continued our fishing trip for another two or three months because of the typhoon we had to head back early. on it's been a while since a typhoon hit the region but we have to take serious precautions to protect our lives and properties it's not safe out on the open sea at the moment that's why we have to come back to take shelter. pope francis has used his christmas message to again call for a negotiated two state solution to end the israeli palestinian conflict it's the second time he's spoken out since u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital he says talks
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are the only way to find peace. he is demanding a public apology from the united arab emirates after the u.a.e. banned too busy in females from flights landing in the gulf states in retaliation tunisia suspended all emirates airlines flights the u.a.e. says the ban was imposed for security reasons but hasn't given any more details demonstrators have marched through the capital lima against president petro pablo kosinski his decision to pardon the former president alberto fujimori seventy nine year old forger mori is still in intensive care a day after he was pardoned he's been serving a twenty five year sentence over human rights abuses and corruption during his tenure presidency the russian opposition leader alexina vollies calling for a boycott of next year's presidential election after he was barred from running against vladimir putin of ani's will be ruled ineligible because of a past criminal conviction which he says followed
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a politically motivated trial polls indicate president putin is on course to win easily liberians are set to go to the polls in a presidential runoff former football star george way is taking the country's vice president joseph. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera inside story i'll see in a half an hour. defeated but is it destroyed two thousand and seventeen the year of victory was the clad i still have all its faith has gone what will happen to its ideology what about the people that used to rule over this.


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