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tv   Neo Ntsoma  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2017 6:32am-7:00am +03

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torn east of ukraine it took place near the city or live which is mainly controlled by separatists exchange is said to be the biggest since this conflict began in two thousand and fourteen some ukrainian prisoners had been speaking about their release well. i'm very happy that i'm going back to ukraine and i thank everyone for the work that's been done to be able to help me see my loved ones again we. spent a year and a half in a cell one by one and a half meters without anything no deliveries nothing they treated us as if we were dogs a bomb has exploded at a supermarket in the russian city of st petersburg injuring at least ten people the blast was caused by a homemade device packed with shards of metal no one has claimed responsibility for that attack the french president has urged saudi arabia's king solomon to lift the blockade on yemen since october imports of fuel food and medicine happen limited by the saudi led coalition which is fighting who the rebels says he's concerned about
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the humanitarian crisis and argentina senate has approved a major government tax reform program as well as next year's budget plan as part of president push to cut costs and bring and last week widespread protests created a pension reform bill but those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after artscape keep it or. as another year draws to an end we'll take you around the world to find out what's expected in twenty eight. join us for a series of special reports as we assess the potential global impact of what's to come. twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of its image but it's been a long but one that he has a goal for telegraphy was a colonial to going to have to write about going to make money.
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i'm not somebody independent competent. in the post-colonial good for photographers like my legs the big job that you call for us. but elsewhere the narrative was of a call on a manageable continent often with truth to just one news. now a new generation is use in photography to celebrate to question and represent a continent on the rise. every time i moved up a camera and do an important assignment. there's always that voice that say's you're not good enough you know going to make it in this profession i've
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tried to ignore it she ignored that voice but it's a very voice that i've pushed me. to do better every day to push myself to do better everything. was. sort. of on the move yet next. i'm going to photograph from there. so you're going to bring. what. i like to don't change from. a little bit to the very day. my parents used to buy newspapers and all the stories that were of of black people in the newspapers there were all negative pictures of extreme poverty all black people by just everything
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negative my dream was to be an of it as a photographer i did pieces of beautiful things that people feeling good about themselves dressed well. but it was a picture that the budget redo didn't want to show to the world. as they wanted to paint black people as a bird's. eye was that in two years old i've just been thrown out of what a school for being a black woman causing a career which was in as inappropriate. and that now having to wear the badge of the. taking pictures of news events covering. all their horrors of. work.
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always does so sicko it's a graphic oh those negative things. but in the end ninety's something new was happening in south africa. with lot of energy and exploded with a lot of friends and this is on to the street they wanted to be to express to create davis years against us and we way the pledge is innovation so i took photographs of what was happening around me. i was always with this people reply big tickets as all of what this college had produced. notice to my camera because they could see that i was also sleeping whatever their within . that they were in those photographs i'm now the stars of
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today. some had served time i've also struggled to make ends meet but today they want the red carpets in south africa. their records go putting. in their faces until. now is one of the people that has kept her eyes from from abi giving speeches she beat you know what i meant when you want book buying old book brave and maybe you would slice it up and have more importance on who. doesn't get around to the event than back home must not be a minute. now almost two decades of the south africa became free and. i want to revisit those photographs and see how far we've come as a nation and understand my own doing.
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if frank when the one he's a good friend of mine read to many years ago when he was still trying to find our identity and then you saw africa. then he was still a spy ring you know to greatness if you're going to be white cotton and then we don't think you made him want to. give that. kind of. clothes as if it just. home. and low. oh. yes this is the expressing our love for creating clothes and. being in this wondrous new model yeah it is a new study despite a lot of work. i've actually paid to do
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a whole outfit like a spray paint is very much like a spray and be very vocal i believe of the rights. we are the generation that changed south africa young and the genetic. boys and gals coming up and taking over where we are all together all of us all of that gang that is why i've lived a lot of my work and i decided like it to just be great just to visit all the people that i photographed then so the brand my people my generation yeah yeah. wow . you went in to be seen to be going to this person nightclubs and to come to something and wanted to work for you and you wanted to get that moment passed and then here we are today i can i am timing one of the best presidents b.m.w.
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six foot five. yet. to be in the superior below zero yax is no one is forcing me to do all that the last time that we wanted to do. give the week whereby a petition to realize this is no want this we get about video houses and throwing stones but this culture is so over that it's all about moving forward and living in the good that we want to embrace everybody. and we all have this say the spot with a sort of a subclassed yeah and then when that lead just came off and went to all of us you just wait same time same time you know on black people on kind of the thing that we can achieve peace in social unit of time. to me too much people i think it would turn about is just
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a dream. i. was. going home going to the history of the late i come here for inspiration and i'll never spent any big project without giving him. my dad passed away when i was. ten my mother passed away two thousand. years and made me. trade it in my success in terms of photography and my career. and now this is going to be like an empty house my bedroom is the. butter for the fake the spending and i took my mother's house the summer to.
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bed when i was small the sleeping and have to be woken out there were good noise and banging on the door and all those things the cops used to demand they live has bridges they id. my dead the world behave like a kid for an intruder to come and not vilify him as a person it used to exist to help me and so this is the present that i respect or the president tells me that i just stand up for myself but yet when he's confronted with a huge leg with the militia and he becomes vulnerable you question yourself like is it what that respect. i could have stood out the you know and said no. i am sick over here we are.
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sick of being portrayed like. a bird we don't we don't we you don't like we let class it was just thrown in for a much. and i think that's what raised enough to live there which needs a dead giveaway to show off your side says world leaders are those things bill it. has never had the opportunity to. to summarize my curry in the last ten years say there's never been a summer and frankly living years there's never been a summer without a disease you hit.
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one of those very unique in a series that we've never had no kind of produce done songs before. just some upgrade to solve some influencing our struggles glorify poverty and was thus all people in the mold. it's most the sun in our lungs so people can relate. to it was fresh and because no post-independence we could sum a brain now we had reason to celebrate so guys consume a. lot of a because you know in our minds we were free. i don't know you. just knew the good people what. is there always want to solve the david he said you know that address the old even leave that.
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now you know you know better. than the general this is. because you've got nothing to prove now we're going to lose the heads. together of studio for me it was a pivotal moment in my career to. get to record some of my words yeah. unfortunately musicals coming in this country like music in the music that's my music was just managed to put the boundaries and overlaps into the white culture and some of my musical as well and i've been his love for me which i don't know where they come from.
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dance music is universal you know it doesn't matter what language they gondry is has changed quite a lot since twenty years ago when i started photography in my class i was the only black student somebody would just look at me funny and just get pissed of just by looking at me they can sit with me in the lecture hall they all will choose to go and beg. because the only black people that the way exposed to wear like they are maids or they are gardeners at home then we have my son generation he's a salute fortunate they didn't have to go through what i had to go through which goes back to quentin. already. in the race to go christmas really.
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think. you'll forgive me for my sins on a what have the devil son i put me down but i never ever see the choice again the game shows the state never changed all the same all the first things first i love my city it's all that we didn't always see me recognized in a way he's living my dream i never bridge ritter's i was told to quit my studies. they said to me you have to leave you have to quit this is not the right course for black girls. i feel like i really need to hear. it because i'm still hating the last change because i used to go with a when. we're told that whatever that had to do the posed so it remained for us to move and
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as a nation we need to not pay attention to any negative stuff that happened in mandela can forgive the people who put him in prison for twenty seven years who are you not to leave everything in the past and focus on forgiveness which is not really say i don't know with my child in a recession but my generation is still going to linger in our minds for as long as we leave. this part. that's already the match for. best performer in t.v. . best performance. best engineers this one is very interesting.
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i don't believe that the bottom line. might. be the. problem. with my dress. since last year november i think i've been making the change kind of like every day do sometimes two three you know and say yeah i pretty much make all the time and i. only really want to make it perfect this time especially because i have the opportunity to do it. do want to prove something you know i guess to one of them i don't know that there was even in your forty's i have more i have more to offer this more to me than you know i haven't done
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nothing prevents yeah i feel like i've been really done nothing being like being female it's not really about about it i don't belive it's as much as a video what i'm creating now you know for me it wasn't even like you know like they are but whatever whatever just but it was also like where you come from where you grow up you're like you know he's not going to amount to nothing you know so you always want to prove you're so. you just so love hungry. you know. we probably feel like they're going to die. right. now but.
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all of them the good the potential makes known to all of them when the neglect the good. governor. five. things you do i was the reason i was to be the next brenda fussy. you know to be the next printer for us. but i've never done one of those. you want to be. in i want to be a chemical engineer would know what's going to do and what kind of engineer you want to. find i want to be a pilot or wow and then when i was
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a very mess chemical engineer pylons a mess and you. just want to be a teacher. maybe my son generation is that good dinners and that will be able to make sensible decisions. very i think breakfast. yes. it's like an event with many cooks because. they're surprised by it but today. it's the best meal. all of them lives and. you have a mother like me. it was always in the go. ahead to just accept that this is your life. for
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a time when it was hard like my first day of school my mum was a with mean anything to school and actually be like. tomorrow. just. it was more like i was in boarding so i was put there the day before. i had to man up i exposed to a lot of things sometimes i used to feel guilty i still do every parent like to see their kid they want to be a part of they have kids physically at school there's the one thing that for many years i've been looking forward to and when it happened i couldn't be there there's a lot easier starting on something different i don't know how many don't and people were like sorry sorry we got to help you only because they had never seen anybody and had no reference i would have to do what i had to do that i was just couldn't have been for the support that gave you know you were there for me throughout. i've
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always known. even though i never really knew what it was but i couldn't fake cheat or anything else in office so i think. that's interesting. because. i spoke with positive things from him that doesn't come with a big news. industry and quite good surveys mostly a show the way people describe the life they once lived but she going through what they talk about in the song. it's not that i'm not alive it's not the same some love just a little bit i think in the would it be chick hello baby girl you do now you really got our music is like reliving through what i'm going true and real to what i'm
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going through at the same time. i want to see ghosts of my shows that's why i'm always working on. a room and i had my first mistake i mentioned all the things they say to go true in hise. same things i used to do with my friends at school. just being straight to the point on this. night so why. don't you tell everybody. it's amazing. something fresh to night so i guess i'll be in charge got a nation that it's like a full body massage i never thought of horse meat or anything i was born in the news that after koli delicious. and there was a lot of freedom we all grew up in a free will i never got to experience all the trauma that have held ahead to tragedy and everything. i wouldn't say i had
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a problem putting up. you have the freedom to express yourself this is the one thing that my parents raised and with the product or. with our generation it was it was better ideas different we used to as a weapon. certain people might not have the same benefits as i ber's but they are free to express themselves. and their free to open up. to me express freedom if you don't have certain facts present what third i would be striving for. i'm not as anybody used to be after lead to acceptance for what they are. initially
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yes i was beat i would just come out of a bad date and i just got a nod was stolen from. i just don't want my son to get. my interest in photography back to. mr presentation. of the bad people that have. made decisions ted says that we're not only but if it myself but will benefit my son's future as well. in the most unlikely place in the world winning photographer bowden the wonder has set out to challenge teaching perceptions of africa. and bring photography to his community. a story of hope and give in the face of adversity.
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the new african photography was a fellow called police treat. at this time colleges in. al-jazeera as award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe and. expose analysis. it's all about who's in charge who controls the resources and documentaries that will have the neurons it's a technology story it's a business story it's a social story and it's a political story all wrapped into one it's unpredictable television that truly inspired us only on al-jazeera and the war on terror begins with al qaeda but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein and that's interesting that has something to hide they have aired a significant propaganda off the ocean and guess what not one w m d shite was found
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in iraq since the one nine hundred ninety one iraq. a deadly deception at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. ever your.


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