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job on duty are a retired bosnian army general who defended sending a file against attack by serb forces. and covers a story of tough choices and determined. that it gave all my vanity this time on al-jazeera. i am. and all of us have a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera anti-government protesters and iran have for a third day many are angry at the state of the economy the rising cost of living and cuts to welfare benefits paid to shop has more. for the third day in a row they're out on the streets fighting with police went on into the night
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anti-government protesters most of them students facing up to riot police outside tear on university but what began as a protest about rising food prices and welfare benefit cuts turned political on saturday. earlier in the day they chanted not gaza not lebanon my life a wrong. don't be afraid we're staying strong together. an expression of anger about claims the government is focusing more on regional issues than economic problems at home. iranian t.v. showed a display of strength by crowds of pro-government supporters in cities nationwide tens of thousands of people on the streets chanting death to america down with israel in support iran's supreme leader ali khamenei letter that people have protested against inflation other problems but that does not show that our people
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have turned on each other or are against the ruling system and their leadership. the pro-government rallies were pre-planned to mark the anniversary of the end of the unrest that shook the country in two thousand and nine unrest in iran prompted several tweets from the u.s. president on saturday warning oppressive regimes cannot into a forever you know many reports of peaceful protests bahraini and citizens fed up with the regime's corruption and squandering of the nation's wealth to fund terrorism abroad iranian government should respect their people's rights including rights to express themselves the world is watching for some time now there's been some disparate groups have been protesting whether it was sabre's who have lost their savings through these corrupt financial institutions whether his pension is no longer going their pensions will have to live on pensions as people worried about the environment this woman is all these groups and they've been testing and testing and you could see that the those those slogans are now becoming more
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radical you could say that the atmosphere is going tense or intense and most of all what you could say is that they no longer seem to have that fear from the security forces there in that that. while this was a huge display of support for the iranian leadership the government will be concerned it just how quickly a protest about food prices could become political pizza shop al jazeera. in other news footage has emerged from syria showing children being rescued from the damascus suburb of east and good the following airstrikes this week and agencies evacuated twenty nine critically ill people including children from the rebel held area as part of the deal with the civilian government a funeral has been held for a palestinian man who was shot by israeli soldiers during the protest and gaza the twenty year old was one of thousands of palestinians confronted by israeli forces along the border the protesters were demonstrating against u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital liberia's president elect has made his
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first speech since winning the country's runoff election earlier this week george way of formal world footballer of the year is pledging to fight corruption russia's secret service has arrested a suspect in connection with the bomb attack in st petersburg eighteen people were injured when the device exploded at a supermarket on wednesday i saw has claimed responsibility for the attack greece's government is seeking to reverse the decision to grant asylum to one of turkish soldiers who fled their country during last year's failed coup saturday's ruling by a greek asylum tribunals angered turkey which has repeatedly called for the soldiers extradition. frozen sharks have washed up on a beach on the north eastern coast of the u.s. as the region enjoys a record breaking cold snap conservationists say it's likely the three males died after becoming stranded as they tried to get to warmer waters.
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those are the headlines on al-jazeera but do stay with us once upon a time and punchbowl is coming up next. various kinds of strategy. to get away from the war that was happening at the top. and they came here to restart their life. as a margaret when i first arrived at this rally i like it i i struggled it was very difficult. i wanted to give us the data but it. was a play of the beginning very sick for the last. few decades lebanese families come to a stranger to build
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a better life and escape the destruction of. that many and demonized in a new land. to. get rid of this multiculturalism the first that is the bottom of the list and then after fifteen years of immigration from lebanon anglo and arab australia is divided by the first gulf war they are being confronted with a choice between doing either. because up to now the multicultural story is both. first. i already answered this question i'm going to start as he does or not all the stores trailer and i shouldn't be asked about this. on my how to see if there's a study. about the case about this. all. in one thousand nine hundred at tiny criminal minority become drug dealing gangsters define the blues game we
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believe was. in two thousand and one. terrorism raises fears that arab australians are an enemy within but upon the terrorists. in all of my five years later and our intention explodes into one of the most infamous race riots in a strain in history culture to the middle east who bought into the weekend it is now that we have been in a pressure cooker effect for state t.v. it's for people converged on chronology they choose to know. what happened on that sunday in court all of it is a black or for a country. i'm a live in a.z. one stone is what i'm on it none i am a strong and i am lebanese i am muslim i'm up a majority. i'm told anyone this is
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a story of what it's like to be live in a nice and colas trying. we have a strategy and this is our homeland and says where we belong and this is what we have. it was billed as the dyke or not the residents were tied back to the beaches. but it shouldn't turn told by. the sunday that the ride occurred all i remember seeing is so many people pushing and shoving so many and good faces. i felt very hurt and i thought you know what we don't like. what is it about us that you hate so much in two thousand and five. in high school
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but like the rest of the lebanese a straining community feels under attack. by afghans the more turned on any one of the least in appearance by members up stairs in my parents' bedroom watching t.v. and all i remember is the night going from just a normal i pace watching to be to just panic and chaos and i remember feeling terrified and i felt very very scared i didn't mind that anyway. as the horror of the day's events unfold. me mat's father community leader jamal rifi is frantically on the phone. i spoke with many community leaders at the time that we needed cooler heads to prevail brothers in the tickets. and we needed to act and act quickly because if we didn't then we would lose
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control. it was a very very touchy touchy tone there was a lot of angry people the things that were said about religion and the things it was about community well melissa being. disrespected the more disrespect them hard . sam al qaeda grows up in punchbowl he's been going to cronulla since he was a child. and is married to an anglo astray in. my in-laws are living it can all or some or cold of my wife and said. oh you and your sisters and your father isn't as close as i want to and that's. because no one no one wants to say stuff like that in this country we don't need people to come in and inspire hatred over frustration in parks or or groups there's no need for us.
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as night phones on this day of shame hundreds of angry lebanese is trainmen a gathering in punch ball park i looked outside the window in my own house i saw one come to come three four come unto us all go home for the boys. just ready to. revenge was the only thing on there much. on the night of the riots kemal saleh is a high school student living with his parents across the road from the park. i was angry i guess they were angry too you're talking about one hundred fifty boys guarantee they'll saw in my house in front of poncho park something i've never seen before. command's little brother harry is just ten years old at the time of the riots that in chewers hadley understands the crisis that police are about to face
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well as the asteroid forelock say ten fifteen minutes it was very calm very good no no swearing no music no nothing it was very calm by you could say the boys were angry they came or met up together. you had one place car that was coming up the street from the back of punch road going once the place of the came that's when everyone jumped back may cause and started to leave one by one. and the rules over in a few minutes they all go on to. always in the car with. a young guy who had a very serious weapon on him and to actually be in the car with somebody who was really to use. a powerful weapon was scary. at the time of the riots muhammad is in he's a conditioning apprenticeship and he's quickly swept up in a call for revenge. there were guys there who were. there ready to kill.
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and once we left we went from from suburb to suburb around the crawler area looking for trouble. even the most the most articulate and the most intellectual people in our community with filled with outrage because how much can someone's. before they crack. seen up to eight pm dozens of cars a straining towards cronulla seeking revenge. and it's probably the revenge attacks that were most shocking. to people because almost like the wider public could understand young your drunken australian prices. what they couldn't in visits was this forwarded cavalcade of dozens of cars
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bicycling much on the east nothing like that ever happened in australian history. gangs of them in the middle eastern origin. bank for rubin. it was awful the first time i saw a figure about a man walk in downs a strict and people benny's backgrounds they come in and attack him i cried. i just could not believe my eyes. could have been me in a coronata or someone else working down the street in punchbowl. by nine pm the police have set up roadblocks all around. and the convoys of cars
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still pouring in change routes. by decides tactically to simply avoid kuala. place to get into whereas the east and boat shoes much more open and much more available to a sort of widespread scatter gun attack and people peel off they're angry and they feel. to what the hell my life once they have been attacked in such a scarlet. remorseless why they feel that bets are off i can do what i want. ten pm to beachside suburbs of brighton the sounds in the room are under attack was. the shocking violence continues into the early hours of monday morning. full of lebanese they all just jumped out my husband's truck
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a large. pressure every single car in the street got the shovel of his truck through it strikes rampage and we know it was an absolute love it's no big surprise you know we're a lot of the thinking that's really stupid what you know what good does that do how it. how does the car being damaged solves anything. we've got some river and we got pulled over by the police. they will. propagate a bus stop and searched and then. they started searching the car and the cops just said. in a noise way and i get the f. out of here in the car to look in oh. it's a relief for mohamed and phonemic his future wife i was really shocked that i was one of the guys that went down only because it's really out of character for him like he's really much more logical than that but at the same time i can really
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understand i can put myself in that position i can understand being an eighteen year old guy whose whole world is falling apart because people will not stop picking at every bit of you. when i go home i thought a bell how stupid i was and how stupid we were. something serious could have happened to myself or to somebody else. and it could have been yeah incredibly bad thing for me growing up it could've destroyed me the. sunrise the next morning a nation awakes in shock. therapy zero zero riot should train a drunken right they have to have a judge that believing that he or terrorism has to play investigators are seeking several miles of middle eastern appearance from i raise my tie it's like
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a although they really don't think. the next day would return that it's like any other day kids went to school i went to work but we knew deep down that the emotions is bored like. then we started to get a lot of hate mail. so early monday morning straight after the come over or it's some time i should start coming to the police that there was going to be some retaliation. and some violence towards look in the mosque. denny mccarty is a lebanese a strain senior constable in the new south wales police and is still reeling from the night's events. i was quite disappointed close to being devastated at the retaliation because i was hoping would be better than that i was hoping that.
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members of our community wouldn't get sucked in to. putting the shoe on the other foot. it reside with me that we need to keep it close eye on the tensions so i attended the very early. the mosque staff knew me very well i've been working the fees and initially there was absolutely no problems but as the i was went on the crowds began to swell and very quickly there were thousands of people down there. and what was interesting was that the people that were starting to come down there definitely one of an islamic background a myriad of cultures of those greeks italians different types of europeans as darkness falls the atmosphere is increasingly volatile. i was at the corner of punchbowl road and i was talking with the police officers and you could feel the tension. you could taste the anger.
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and you could anticipate support. i remember that evening sitting at my parents' place and i you know they live on the whites are like a mosque. and sort of like it's a people zooming past young people running out of them all that sort of think these are young people you know not only middle east and but also so muslim. non arabic. whatever you whatever you want to say it was probably actually the most multicultural like a mad thing. and i asked somebody said what's going on he said i haven't heard you know the gangs are coming down here they apparently want to come and burn the most you know i'm going to let them. then high school teacher jihad dede learned that two of his brothers are in the crowd outside the mosque i thought my brothers. my brothers are there and before anything else my family's the most important thing to
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me. and i'm going to go for my brothers i'm going to bloody get him from the rear bring them out as i would i need to shoot. god damn it. and they would have been thousands and thousands of people at the. if i were a public and on the way we have to buy them on a shelf label i'd get it that it obviously have stopped the police. at the corner of my on notice freelance photographer and within an instant you could see. members of the credit spotting. and just steal towards i've just sprinted ahead of the crowd and gone straight to him. just asking and telling him get in the car and get out of here so he's got in the car and driven off and i'm feeling pretty good about myself i've got rid of that situation but i've looked over my shoulder enough noticed thousands of very angry people now who had someone else to base their frustrations at and i've just run towards me. so i've said to myself ok this will
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be the last day for me on earth. so i quit praying just brace for impact. and as i'm watching these thousands of people run towards me. all of a sudden. like a black why did i just this stopped. members of the mosque had formed a human china all the way around me and they shoot at me from the bulk of this writing force of a crowd. within about a few seconds i started to the most beautiful sound in the world which was placed orange coming in from everywhere and i remember turning to a colleague and i said. that's how thank you for the years of hard work at this mosque and that's a day that i remember that that's the day that the community saved my life. the bright light in the door was that it was people who were. muslim remember talking to i priest though people who were fights of all communities and just what
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are you doing i would have been in the mosque but also i had weapons a bigger one to fit into. your mind of the call for them to get even raise your hand and. it was like this. holy place is off limits. remember it came time for prayer and it was like this thank chris ok everybody plays his prank. and there were actually coming down. and it to be surely people dispersed. but as they struggled to contain the rage of the disposing crowd community leaders fear the worst. i know from people was actually does a have. and i was quite a lot. of bold old baseball bats so it was a lot of guns out there. and i was very affected. by eight
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pm the crowd is still fuming and large groups gather at a nearby service station. i know nine pm it's clear that the horror of the night before is about to be repeated . the middle east was on the move with the second strike. the next morning community leaders make calls to the place and new south wales premier. i knew we needed to act but we need to act to quick otherwise we will not be able to contain the situations supreme new source wells was contacted and we told them what we should be done on the fifteenth of december.
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newsource was parliament was a recall for one solution to actually posit you. down. in lockdown hundreds of palais stopping vehicles coming out the british interests elderly shiela care report to you that the police will step up their efforts to bring in the fives and drops your response of all for those not time attacks to justice. the tough new laws result in the biggest police operation since the sydney olympics with two thousand place setting up road blocks on major roads going into for an hour and all the major beachside suburbs unfortunately some of the televisions took place but. i must tell you that could have been taos.
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some people think it means that the muslim lebanese community is going to withdraw into itself turns back on australia and bunker down in some sort of see each others see it as a cathartic moment which to my agent after years of separation and mutual antagonism . the future after an hour is going to be very difficult. as the new don't the horrifying events of december two thousand and five still reverberate among community leaders in a place that. i think anyone who saw the level of anger and venom that was sort of coming out of the series of events that became known as a chronometer audience was very disturbing at the end of it all i think some good came of it in a sense of everybody having to step back take
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a deep breath and say we don't want that to ever happen again. canara is a turning point the government realizes that it can't allow a continuing demonize ation of muslims the muslim communities more widely in the lebanese in particular say they have to reengage with the wider society. the community in chronology and the shire realizes that they have to start building bridges. people are looking far more for ways of bringing people together than of dividing them and from that point on you start to see a lot more energy put into rebuilding the fabric of australian society. that we really need to be proactive into building bridges between over a community and the shire communities. we needed to get them to know
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us who we are rather than read about us we concentrated on to open our borders mosques to do barbecues to invite people to come along there was a big transform a shot at that time following chronology of events. three months after the riots a new bond between wider and arab astray is formed on canal a beach. working with the surf lifesaving association and canal a shy accounts on the lebanese a strain community launches an initiative called on the same way. where she thought about we train some muslims in becoming law if that is. unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask
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a question these are throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a investigation into. ukraine could you have a bribes you've been corrupt i was a bit of corrupt i did just what president say al-jazeera investigations the oligarchs coming soon. the psychological good i'll start shooting people are not able to shoot themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that the city's security for all the people who paid the price clearly their writeup been prejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. early it's important what we're football fans who don't think about goldberg.
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explain when real madrid worth five hundred million euros expresses a position on something the world anti-doping agency has to take notice. al-jazeera continues its investigation into the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports doping the endless chase at this time. and all of the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera anti-government protesters in iran have fought with police for a third day many are angry at the state of the economy the rising cost of living and cuts to welfare benefits. footage has emerged from syria showing children being rescued from the damascus suburb of eastern ghouta following airstrikes this week
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aid agencies evacuated twenty nine critically ill people from the vessel held area as part of a deal with the syrian government a few known has been held for a palestinian man who was shot by israeli soldiers during a demonstration in gaza a twenty year old was one of thousands of palestinians confronted by israeli forces along the border protesters are demonstrating against u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. liberia's president elect has made his first speech sense but in the countries of on off election earlier this week george away a former wall for one of the year as pledging to fight corruption. we were more the government. for doing what i have. and. for the people those doors. who serve. must be good to get.
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the log room. to move. russia's secret service has arrested a suspect in connection with a bomb attack and say petersburg eighteen people were injured when the device exploded at a supermarket on wednesday are still has claimed responsibility for the attack greece's government is seeking to reverse a decision to grant asylum to one of eight turkish soldiers who fled their country during last year's failed coup saturday's ruling by a greek asylum tribe eudore angered turkey which has repeatedly called for the soldiers' extradition. frozen sharks have washed up on a beach on the north eastern coast of the u.s. as the region and jaws of record breaking cold snap conservationists say it's likely the three males died after becoming stranded as they tried to get to warmer
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waters. once upon a time and punchbowl continues next thank you very much for watching. three months after the riots a new bond between wider and arab a strain here is formed on. working with the surf lifesaving association and accounts on the lebanese a strain community launches an initiative called on the same way. we train. in becoming law of service. so not only did i say we're being a lot slavers about but i also i can give an opportunity if people understand what they are about. i guess having witnessed the kernel riots and other forms of. racist attacks. i fell into the trap
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of the victimize asian mentality where those poor me poor muslims poor lebanese. you know i'm sitting the hair thinking you know this person needs to do something and this person needs to do something i thought why don't i do something. is nineteen years old and about to make history she's the first muslim woman to ever train as a lifesaver and is one of the first to wear the a strain designed caney. day. putting on the rick amy was amazing. it gave me the freedom. within the water. it was an amazing feeling to to be back into the ocean swimming comfortably freely. make did the training logs other seventeen and we had many injuries. someone broke his arm.
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some of my injuries included a fractured nars in a way of had common had lifted the board and so it had smacked me right in the face . i had severed tendons in my fingers i sprained both ankles at the same time even though i had sustained all of those injuries i just kept going because i wanted to be able to achieve my bronze medallion so is a great personal achievement show me. one of my proudest moment in my community life when those kids graduated there with a truly each our world and the look in that mecca. and that led only yellow bird kitty patrolling the beach as
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a volunteer i was proud of what she has done australia should be proud of what she has done because what she did was first in the world. in the end of the initiative does not end bigotry on the beach racial harmony is more an uneasy truce. but make a law and her fellow lifesavers make their point. i wanted to be able to put out there that muslims and muslim women in particular as well are just as easy as anyone else and. i hope that having achieved that that that message somehow resonate had with the wrong one. three years later make a large joins jamaal jihad south west sydney labor in pay jason clare and the future minister for immigration scott morrison on a journey to the very heart of what it is to be
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a stray and today. to track. jason was to bring kids muslim kids and scott was to bring life services from the sharia. the goal of the my cheap trick because it has other people from different sides can be meit's everything about my chick everything that walker kind of was about stood for. that sense of sacrifice that sense of belonging. who wanted to take that with her and go through that experience. but once you're in conditions like that you know walking through the mud you know in a rain forest it's quite easy to to look beyond physical appearance a lot of people didn't say me in or as they go that way the scarf and i didn't say that person as just a lifesaver. you couldn't say that one person was more astray
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end than the other. one we stood at anzac day as it is short of a memorial and let me tell you one thing all over differences melted into one we we're all one we will all are sad. and there is one other bridge being built the police have been working at improving their relationship with the community for the past six years but the canal or riots is the catalyst for even more action. we've ramped up because surely as an officer program these are not police officers and sworn staff as we call who are imbedded in a writ large number of police stations around the the sydney area we established a consultative committee for the commission which is populated by
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a really diverse range of representatives of ethnic communities we know also have now a high drama coordinators position and it's simply somebody who dedicated say we're . king life to monitoring issues of high crime and i think we were lucky because. there was a lot of good people that meant well at that time in a police force and in a community. in two thousand and six there is one police initiative with which some in the lebanese a straining community and not impressed whatever it tikes to give back control of the straits days are two of the biggest nights on strike for steroids wanted list based on experience and evidence gathered during a crackdown on a murderous turf war in southwest sydney the new south wales police expand the charter of task force again and form the middle east an organized crime squad new
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south wales has made a decision which many other states have refused to much to actually label the people as the criminal problem. so it said we're going to have a middle east an organized crime scored something which specifically targets middle eastern people. that did not help. a middle eastern crime squad. i can understand it if it was in the middle east. i just can't understand the terminology in sydney. we've never been happy with the two knology we're still not happy with such in minority because it actually works against old bridge building between our society and the police are i think the middle east organized crime squad is call that mine because that is actually what it investigates. and certainly some within the community feel that's
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a good thing and then i was also feel that it's a bad thing and that it tarnishes everyone from middle eastern background i don't see it that way i am of middle eastern background myself and i feel tanishq in any why in july two thousand and six the nation's respect for and loyalty to lebanese astray is made clear. when israel launches air attacks on parts of lebanon in its war against his villa the howard government evacuated over five thousand strained citizens. was. to his credit john howard. and the difficult circumstances evacuated zs citizens and know why that was very difficult very costly. but humanely and since differently done. i have no doubt there was
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evacuation was conducted by das feel that we are no longer australian of second class citizens we are australian as anyone else. and there's another event which is destined to change the fortunes of many in south wales sydney's lebanese a strain community. it is now five months since she had through the doors of punchbowl boys high school. oh never forget the day i. was taking on something that was just too big was i do it wall to get muscles that hit all of those questions that were running through my head. why am i jumping out of a fry painting into the fire. when i walked in in two thousand and six i felt that the voice itself for a long period of time as a school i was struggling numbers numbers would win ling there was there were threats of closure they were there were things that just wouldn't work i was
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a school and every diet seem to just lurch from problem to problem to problem. in the late one nine hundred ninety s. the school was just ten minutes away from one of sydney's most notorious drug dealing areas. filipina street. once again dozens of police with the notorious montreal three times at least two murders drive by shootings forum i didn't on monday have had enough and. one of the biggest difficulties you have in running a school is you can't control what's going on outside of the school the school becomes a melting pot of its local community and you've got something right to life history which keeps coming up in the news. when a school has got the title that's the same name as this other that keeps getting that negative media attention it does have a massive effect on the school you go yeah yeah. i did represents a generation of young professionals who decide they want to give back
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to the community and build it that emergence not just of did but a whole generation of young people who tertiary educated with a think credit vision which is both lebanese muslim and destroyed. means that. there is a new agenda that is possible. thing i noticed was that there was a sense of hopelessness amongst the students we had right teaches and i've been trying really hard but there was another there was there was like a feeling that. they'd been a give up mentality. because if you principles they'd come and gone staff didn't stay long which. it's always indicative of a school it's in a bit of turmoil it wasn't a place where anybody aspired to go to he didn't want to take a punch bowl boy. this curious to know where they belong going on talking about not only the score but in the water part of started they didn't feel like i belonged anywhere but i believe it was actually it is i want to love that it is i want to
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believe in it and someone who could say i you can do this. by two thousand and eight you had has been appointed principal and over the next two years student numbers increase by around seventy percent over the same period the school records the nation's highest improvement right in test results for literacy and numeracy. jehad db is changing young lebanese astray in boys' lives like thirteen year old now has just started a new seven. when i first got to the school or the lucky thing at all you know i just didn't want to be the last one in the toilets working working. sort of school often just to get all our things i sang over a lot about paper who were. like what are drugs. and it doesn't take him long before he's in trouble with the principal. always used to get away with and school
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always it's been the. scene i said. this one time out of four well that's what the guy for of all the teachers students. parents were getting scared and afraid of the kids' safety a lot that was true a. suspensions mount when he turns fifteen he's taken aside by jihad did is that they told me my school might not be cut off. for torture. you know it's a photo of cause your stay is going to be lessened or. is now two years into a plumbing apprenticeship and the influence of his old headmaster is still strong. i think that was that they really hoping in similar together because male the rich start up my own structure from the company and i take on very big structural sorts
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of a lot of students from areas you know take a mortgage in the petition in a utility so that on the on the straights. and. is of in the core of it for what they were. but you can't describe how good it feels to be able to make someone's life better and to be able to make them or help them make the right choices in life where once upon a time university was an option. it's it's there where once upon a time you will look down upon because you want to be a triesman. it's interesting we save kids and we get kids on the right track and we get kids to become successful and now more is to make a difference no matter what at any cost.
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today punchbowl boys high continues to record some of the nation's highest growth rates in literacy and numeracy. for many lebanese a strain families the school is more than a source of pride it's clear and effective proof that their children a less likely to be lost to the streets it isn't long before the community finds itself once again in the negative media spotlight. the court hared that the man had stockpiled weapons chemical bomb making instructions. in two thousand and seven after a three year investigation the value of a close relationship between the middle east and community and the police is demonstrated when a stray is biggest counterterrorism investigation operation pendennis comes to
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court in melbourne and sydney i sit with you to a term of imprisonment of twenty years. and then it's started wins a counterterrorism unit victorian police received information from was ins a community. of australian muslims working to the plan. act. it was members of those communities who felt that some people had run off their ass and that it wasn't right and that they needed to do something about it. unless we engage with the community and have this support they will probably never succeed it's up to us to win the confidence to build that credibility with them to build that rep or with them in a time of modern crisis you cannot go to these communities after something very bad has happened and say look i haven't bothered to get to marry you but trust me.
4:50 am
in two thousand and twelve the community faces its biggest challenge since the kernel of riots a controversial film about the prophet muhammad sparks a furious wave of anti-american protests across the globe. a few days later it arrives on sydney's doorstep when two hundred. people demonstrate outside the u.s. consulate. the protesters move through to see these to me so you cannot simply you know spread the message of hate and say there you know this is a freedom of expression. it's quite significant of a very very small proportion of these lamma community paid any attention to the
4:51 am
protests and i think one of the reasons that is the case is because we learn from that we can always be so emotional and irrational when. we're dealing with things like that. he's now twenty two years old and has just left university with a social science degree and is now working for the muslim women's association. they marched down to hyde park to most families had left and then that's when it sort of got out of control and they created an opportunity for the demonstration which was peaceful to get hijacked sydney has been shut down the stopped hundreds of angry muslim protesters stormed the city. yes we do laughs a prophet but that's not zoom way you defends a prophet's image and reputation said did more damage to zoo prophet and
4:52 am
islam than the actual video itself was. like. you cut out one of the neighbors. here are you showing you how. interesting what happened next is that the community itself saw the footage saw the news heard the coverage and decided for themselves this was not except. leaders of all of the different organizations quickly got together and said we don't accept this. this is not what we can dine and we with this christ are this so that in itself shows how far we've also come since cornell. lebanese astray in muslim leaders break ranks with their counterparts around the world openly criticizing their own community. over the past several days high
4:53 am
profile when leaders have spoken out against the actions of the few slimy organizations will not allow for such activity to take place because at the end of the day the only community will be tarnished by that exist israeli was. it's not easy for community leaders to criticize some of the around and it hasn't happened too often but certainly on this occasion they were unequivocal off their condemnation of what happened of this support of the police so we all have to work together to ensure that we live in this great country i think was a really fine moment for the muslim community in sydney. i was very proud of the way the world community handled itself i was very proud of the speed we mobilized. community effort to defuse the situation and to send zip misuses in a different forces but say message and submissive age was violence will not
4:54 am
be tolerated not now not ever. the lebanese a strain community has spent the last thirty years under siege no other migrant community has had to endure the same. but after three decades of pain and struggle the community has emerged stronger than ever. i'm really proud to be part of this community. who is sold. that has survived the gulf war. saddam hussein and the gang grapes john howard pauline hanson and we have proved. as australian as anyone else. i think we have developed a platform where we've really dealt with pretty much every thing that has been
4:55 am
thrown at us cultural issues identity issues settlement issues we've dealt with racial issues with issues in faith in extreme we've i don't know what those there is to come but i'm sure there will be something. but i just think we've developed a platform and of resilience that is so strong. and like any group of history in living in a big city the people of south west sydney face challenges gang activity and gun crime still exist but it toxic minority is no match for a decent majority for a positive future. there's a great sense of hope and out of everything comes growth and the arabic community the lebanese community the whatever community first and foremost. when i go overseas. put as much drawl as i came into morsi x.
4:56 am
and i have a do it. and then my parents sit back and they know they made the right decision with us and we never came here for anything other than to have a bit a lot. more continue contributing. you know moscow principal i'm a commissioner in the community relations commission one of my brothers is a world boxing champion two other brothers run their own businesses my sister is a beauty therapist. we are all. giving and we're all part of the society. and i think my parents too they just sit back sometimes it's a little bit reminds me of the castle at the very end where mr kerrigan sits at the back you know where he's patio and he just sits back and he's just happy and that's my parents there's no back and i go yeah we've done bloody good.
4:57 am
hello there it's been bitterly cold over parts of north america recently and that cold snap is still with us minus twenty of a maximum in ottawa a minus fifteen in toronto there's also still quite a breeze to make it feel even colder than that then preaches all slightly recovering there as we head through the day on monday this time to rome to get into a whole more innocent nine that cold weather though is pushing a bit further south for some of us today on monday in denver maximum would just be
4:58 am
minus four so a room drop for us it's still. a here all the way up to twenty three as we head down towards the central americas here the showers have been fairly subdued recently but i do think we'll see a couple more as we head through the next day or say we've always had these over parts of panama and costa rica they'll just be pushing a bit further towards the north also some of them working their way through parts of the uk a temp an inch you know as well but also looks like for the east we'll see some showers as well particularly over parts of cuba and maybe one or two just making their way into jamaica as well for south america well here plenty of showers as you might expect some of them very very heavy and recently it's been pretty wet in rio a more heavy rain to come on sunday and for the new year it also looks like a rather rainy affair and that rain spreading down into the north of argentina. on counting the cost flying taxis megadeals and management shakeups
4:59 am
a look at the flight plan for global aviation in two thousand and eighteen after robert here in the middle east. telling us about the state of the world. counting the cost at this time on.
5:00 am
a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power. how is this radical transformation. i mean. i mean if you look at shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people this time on al-jazeera. oh. this is al-jazeera. and welcome to the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters in doha with me in a soprano coming up in the next sixty minutes protests continue in iran for the first.


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