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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2018 5:00am-6:00am +03

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provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative of this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are. this is. an hour and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth problem coming up in the next sixty minutes. north korea's
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leader tells the u.s. he's got a nuclear button on his desk boss makes an unusually friendly remarks about south korea and his new year message. iran's president speaks for the first time about demonstrations against his government saying protests are allowed out that violence is not. israel's governing likud party has passed a draft resolution urging the addicks a shot of much of the occupied west bank. and goodbye to two thousand and seventeen and hello to two thousand and eighteen celebrations as the world brings in the new these are live pictures from rio de janeiro. north korea's leader kim jong un says he is open to dialogue with self korea and hopes that ties will improve between the two countries he made the comments and has new year. address he also said his country completed the development of its nuclear
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program during two thousand and seventeen and will now start mass producing warheads and. bought her message had an unusually conciliatory tone toward south korea. we should actively create an atmosphere to move forward with the national reconciliation and reunification improving ties between the north and the south is an urgent issue that not only the north and so want but everyone else wants it's a grave matter to which the entire korean nation needs to put its efforts towards resolving contacts and dialogue between the north under south will expand exchanges on cooperation and we should this mutual misunderstanding and distrust and take responsibility and our role as the main agent for the unification. let's go to our correspondent florence living now who has been monitoring the address from the south korean capital seoul how much of a softening of the starts to word south korea is that that message florence.
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what relations between the two koreas really have been at their lowest point in decades so this is a really a piece overture that north korean leader kim jong un is making now on the relationship hasn't been very good between the two koreas in part because the previous south korean administrations have taken a more hardline approach when it came to dealing with north korea but south korean president in who only took office in may is more of the liberal now north korea seems to be appealing to that side of the south korean leader there was specific mention of the upcoming winter olympics and paralympics it's to be hosted in pyongyang chung just eighty kilometers south of the heavily border five heavily fortified border with north korea now north korea is even saying that it is willing to send a delegation something that south korean officials will no doubt be very happy to accept even though knows north korean athletes have actually qualified for the
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invents but now on north korea and one of the reasons why it could be making this piece of a chair is perhaps it hopes to delay the start of a an annual military drill between south korea and the u.s. that should you start at the end of sept at the end of february now on north korea sees the many of these drills use all these drills as a threat and see them as a preparation for an invasion and they've long opposed the sort of military drills now president moon j.n. had proposed for a postponement in part because of the upcoming games the so this is perhaps in recognition of that now and the other reason why north korea has made this piece of a chair could be because it hopes to drive a wedge in between north korea in between south korea and the u.s. particularly because u.s. president sir i beg your pardon because south korean president moon j.n. is more of a liberal now the world however is most concerned about north korea's nuclear
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ambitions particularly because of the strides it's made in nuclear weapons technology in the past year and on that this is what he had to say. good news from the u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear button is put on the desk in my office at all times they should clearly understand that this is never a trend would a reality. or so if he was being conciliatory towards south korea definitely not two words the united states a defiant kim jong un there is that a threat flaw and scan we expect more tests this year well it's certainly an indication that north korea is not willing to abandon its nuclear weapons program now it has in fact quite the opposite in fact and he has called for the mass production of nuclear warheads and missiles as well as their deployment in the field as to the question of whether we can expect more specific tests well he
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has said that north korea has now completed its push to become a new peer state. weapons experts however have said north korea hasn't yet proven that it is able to attach a nuclear warhead to a weapon that can really enter the earth's atmosphere and it may not yet have that technology and it may not be able to prove or show it has that technology until it carries out such a test but there was no specific mention of any nuclear atmospheric tests the key message though that north korea is saying here is that it has achieved its final goal of a cheat of becoming a nuclear state and that the u.s. should think twice about an invasion or france thank you very much for that for now that's florence louis joining us live from seoul thank you. we're going to move on to other news now to iran where the government has reacted to continuing protests with new measures social media apps and including the messaging service telegram which has fourteen million users have been blocked as the government tries to stop
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people communicating about upcoming from tests for three days now there have been rallies around the country against the voting elite to protest is blamed for economic hardships and alleged corruption but i want as one of a crackdown of the protests continue well on saturday night two people were killed in the city of that although there is confusion other horrors responsible for those deaths president hassan rouhani has spoken for the first time since the demonstrations began pizza shop has the latest. after four days of anti-government demonstrations it's the president's first public reaction trolled kathy iranians have the right to protest but that can't lead to violence he said. it should be clear to everyone that we are people of freedom according to the constitution and citizens' rights people are free to express their criticism and to protest however we need to pay attention to the manner of a criticism and protest it should be in such
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a way that it will lead to be improvement of the people and the state. he was also quick to criticize president trump for his tweets about iran. this man who today in america wants to simplify people as the go to middle few months ago he called the nation with. this video of protests posted on social media has been blocked by the iranian government the ban follows nationwide demonstrations since thursday government ministers said the video encourage more people to join the rallies. we all saw how they misuse cyberspace and promoted violence trained systematic riots toward weapons and explosives crafting simulated protesters to fight the police and encourage the burning of houses and stores these people. surely not part of our people iran state television has reported that some social media sites and messaging apps have been blocked to maintain more termed peace and from the
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government warnings that iran's revolutionary guards corps was prepared to deploy what was described as an iron fist if the demonstrations continued their commander said the protests have degenerated into people chanting political slogans burning public property. protests took place again on sunday but the extent of those is still unclear video posted from the city of durham on saturday night show demonstrators dragging away one of those injured state television in terror and said two people were shot dead but denied that police or the army were involved. in the clash that took two lives no bullets were shot from police and security forces the people the gathering was meant to end peacefully but the presence of the agitators unfortunately this happened and resulted in the deaths of two protesters . the protests will have rattled the government they weren't just limited to tehran but took place across the country the only question now is whether they can gather
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momentum and how long the government is prepared to put up with this challenge to its authority peter sharp al jazeera while a telegram app has been and tanker and take well to the last three days of protests people have been using it to get others out on the streets and to share protests videos and pictures with the world iranian government's just like the taliban goes back further charges against the platform. and september iranian officials accuse the app office list hating the spread of terrorism pornography and other illegal activities. they director of iranian studies at stanford university. i think they're very worried clearly they're worried and one of the points that i think needs to be added is that mr rouhani did an interview with iranian radio and television it was supposed to be broadcast tonight they decided not to broadcast so they censored the president of the country they did not alarm to talk because i
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think some in the regime don't think that. approach to appease the people is really right they want to use that aren't fists and natural the iron fist is going to work i think some of them know that using the iron fist might well inferior more people and these are not the kinds of people that the regime can afford to lose these are the working class these are the poor these are the most as after that they have now claimed for thirty seven years to be champing. seventeen people have been killed in an attack at a funeral in the eastern city of jalalabad that happened as people gathered to pay respects to a form of district governor. for the attack earlier this week said it was behind the killing of at least forty one people at a shia cultural center and. we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including. protests in the
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democratic republic of congo as protesters call for president. to step down. the police officers moving into crime ridden communities of the most a violent. and the united states and man just sets a new record of the english premier league. israel's government party has passed a draft resolution urging the party's leaders to establish israeli sovereignty over large parts of the occupied west bank and formally and next the palestinian territory will avoid isn't binding bought carries political weight and side promise to benjamin netanyahu as party. one has been boarded by the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. and has more from west jerusalem.
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now that the live cooed central committee has voted in favor of imposing israeli sovereignty over illegal settlements in the occupied west bank the question is what comes next many members of the likud central committee in the run up to this vote had thought that this was a binding resolution they had said so which in effect would mean that it would force that would compel a prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the rest of the likud party to try to take this to the knesset to try to get it passed into law we've spoken to many analysts the however who say that this in fact is not a binding resolution and that there is no way that such an inflammatory resolution would actually get to the knesset in its current form we've also spoken to arab members of parliament and they've said that if this resolution were to go to the knesset in its current form that that would really signal an end to the peace process that it would really mean that there was no more attempt to try to find a two state solution to the crisis here now what is important also is what exactly
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is prime minister benjamin netanyahu going to do next is he going to endorse this what is he going to say many more questions at this hour than answers but a lot of other analysts that we've spoken with throughout the day in the run up to the vote have said that they really believe that this is more of a cynical political calculus a way for the likud central committee to really rally the faithful especially at a time when just weeks ago u.s. president donald trump recognized roussillon israel's capital whatever does happen next though this is a tense time and this vote may add another element of uncertainty at a time when there is already so much uncertainty now ali abunimah is the co-founder of a news website and a tonic of the father and he says the international community needs to back on israel with actions i think the details of what. the trescott so what the likud party does is not what's important i think what is important here is
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the signal this sense to the rest of the world that this israeli government in fact this israeli political regime and what i mean by that is is the whole spectrum of political parties in israel is not interested in who is not willing is not capable of ending the occupation of liberating the palestinians this is a political regime across the board all the parties the netanyahu government that are determined to deepen the colonization an occupation of the protestants so the real signal from this vote is to the rest of the world but if you want peace if you want to end the occupation you have to put real pressure on israel by thought the jerusalem vote was a very important signal but that if things start at words and resolutions then nothing would change and this is what the likud voted for precisely
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underscores my point is that resolutions have to be followed up by actions by sanctions by making israel pay a price for fifty years of military occupation the west bank and gaza strip twenty eighteen we're just starting now is this going to be another year of hand-wringing and empty statements about a two state solution from the so-called international community or are they going to impose a cost on israel for its continued international outlaw status and file ations. protests demanding the resignation of the president of the of the democratic republic of congo have turned violent eight people were killed dozens of arrested by security forces after catholics call for peaceful demonstrations across the country shallop bellus reports. the in the democratic republic of congo
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catholic worshippers pray this sunday they pray with a political purpose they want president joseph kabila goal setting was fantastic he was very good it was very nice looking to get. started. their prayers were heard by security forces in kinshasa twenty seventeen ended as it began kabila second term as president ended in december twenty sixth saying he refused to step down and the un says congolese security forces killed forty people who protested the decision four hundred sixty were arrested. one year on they marched after mass twelve also boys and priests were among the dozens arrested tear gas was fired into churches was the hospital is filled with protesters once more so it goes on you might
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not always see if your term is over give opportunities to others to run your son of the country you belong in the senate gives others the opportunity to lead maybe they'll do it better than you did. catholic bishops brokered peace talks between the opposition and government with the agreement that could be low would leave office at the end of twenty seven tame but he's still in power and now the catholics and the opposition are united on this to me coming in shooting one because it is not just simply because we are coming we have come here in order to find ways to pray for all we mission. opposition voices can be heard by ending the fractured country from all corners even in the troubled east a thriving battleground between rebels security forces say they use of force is justified one police officer was killed and this police station was torched by protest is it going to stop their stomachs we are in need of peace i assure all of
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our government authorities that our city goma is in peace people should sleep calmly because we as professional police we are doing our job. the president kabila says he will stay in power until december twenty eighth saying because of delays in voter registration. meanwhile voices appear to becoming increasingly impatient shallot ballasts al-jazeera. going to. the next part of me is now looking at plans for next year we're in south korea for the winter and then thanks for the impact of encrease safety concerns about the north's missile tests on preparations that are actually doing that next but right now where and latin america and brazil now the country is emerging from of a session and struggling with the fallout from corruption scandals but there's hope
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that next year's elections could bring renewal on home and reports from the safe and brazil. brazilian politics is in the doldrums forty percent of the congress are under investigation for corruption the president's ratings are in single digits and his reforms are stuck but next year brings elections on the promise of change. to many of brazil's pool that means hope for the return of former president luis inacio lula providing he could be corruption charges his leftist government was known for helping the working class it was the one leader for us with lower income the best president with. he did more for the offer though social programs like also for media improvement in the region schools for the children. in more affluent so many echoed that view of. the
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legal they see both lula disclosed his challenger. a right winger who's pro-gun and anti gay is dangerous populists. but i'm also the biggest concern is the polarization these days i work in the financial market and all that really affect shares in commodities prices and we're worried because so far there is no other candidate that could challenge those two. that worry has reached professor cramer of this as he walks the corridors of power in the brazilian coal. gris he sees a stagnant clits can see so we really feel personally a fan and about all these corruption and about the fact that all of the all these speeches about ok are new kind of society ideal kind of brazil one you kind of perspective it people feels that ok. this is only the third decade of democracy in brazil after a military dictatorship and people say that in the early years election night was
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like a huge party but corruption and mismanagement of really ground that down and now for many here the country's political dinosaurs have taken over that party for themselves. it was the footage is trying to get fresh talent vote he said or program which public policy experts who train would be congressman from all walks of life it's paid for by own true producers crowdfunding the only rule though career politician of the political system is very entrenched so our plan is through this program is to hope to challenge the status quo and break this vicious cycle of decline in brazilian politics. that will be tough the candidates can still have to roam with established parties in brazil independents are allowed but if a discredited political class is to change could at least be the stone john home
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and i would see it a. quite a while as of mentioned and the next contrast there is a continental plans in south korea for this year's winter and impacts and the impact of an increase safety concerns about the north's missile tests on preparations that's the next report and are looking ahead to two thousand and eighteen series on t.v. stay. still ahead on the new south. america on the front where tons of rubbish may be from but there are not only causing a direct impact on the eco system but can save between both countries. and in sports the year of the one to unpick survives but celebrations in south korea. from the clear blue sky of the dome home. to the fresh breeze in the.
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weather doesn't look too bad for good parts of central and southern china over the next day or so hong kong tops temperature of around twenty one celsius little more clout there into the south china sea will just drive some showers into of the sea if you show it to coming across northern parts of the philippines more concerned because southern areas of the philippines where we have got another little clutch of storms make in the way towards in mindanao could exacerbate the recent flooding that we have seen here of course so that's monday's picture that weather starting to feed its way and may not develop into a tropical storm we're hopeful of that much but the restore going to be some very heavy rain and that could lead to further flooding and you see that punches its way through as we go on through shoes day some other weather into the by a single pushing up towards me and la as we go on through the next day or so much of south asia does look five and dry will see some subtle sunshine coming through here hyderabad twenty nine degrees that west the weather there into me and my maybe
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into the far north east of india maybe also into bangladesh but i suspect it is going to me and the nicobar. seeing the wetter weather as we go warms through the next day or two and sort of the wet weather coming in across the river the next few days is fine a dry top temperature and twenty four. there with sponsored by qatar. in a country where parents often pick who you will marry. can have serious consequences one of the men risking their lives to protect india's. one of the fist time on al-jazeera. january. african heads of state in government. for the state of the african union were the goals set out in twenty seventeen minutes. with brand new episodes updating some of the best documentaries from over the years the biggest names in politics in business will
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meet in the swiss alps for the world economic forum what will be top of the agenda . engages in rigorous debate. the headline. and in a week our special coverage will be gauging reaction from around the world to america's most controversial president of modern times january. it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top story is north korea's leader kim jong un says the path to dialogue with south korea. and he hopes ties with improved between the two countries can made the comments on his new year's address he also said north korea has weapons capable of reaching the
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entire u.s. mainland and that the launch button is on his desk. iran's president has made his first speech since a widespread protests began in the islamic republic hasan rouhani says that the downloads must provide space to question them but also that protesters that violence was unacceptable demonstrations have been rallying against economic hardships and alleged corruption. israel's governing likud party has passed a draft resolution urging the party's leaders to establish israeli sovereignty and formally annex parts of the occupied. westbank the village was not on fire. well top security measures are in place around times square for new york's annual new year's eve celebrations opportunity and people are expected to watch the famous board drop at midnight kristen salumi has been finding out what the police are doing to keep people say. it's called the crossroads of the
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world attracting visitors from near and far to ring in the new year but this year more than ever times square is in the crosshairs. the new york police department has seen an increase eisel inspired attacks three in the last sixteen months eight people have been killed most of them tourists i hate and you find about may coming to times square on new year's day because of all the risk you know i see all of the policemen around me and cameras missing like they keep her to say but i'd rather not be around i think we're ready john miller the department's deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism says eisel is more focused on attacks in the west as it loses ground in places like iraq and syria the shift has been towards marketing the propaganda to the masses on the idea that some tiny tiny infant testimony percentage of them may act so may go out to millions or hundreds of
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thousands of people but a five of them do something if three of them succeed or one of them it's a great impact what the terrorist groups are focused on is low tech low cost but high impact n.y.p.d. patrol officers and special ops teams are the first line of defense this year more will be stationed on roofs and in hotels and nearby parking garages will be closed . police will also be using more dogs trained to sniff out someone carrying explosives in the crowd this is actually where the ball is going to drop behind the scenes at the n.y.p.d. joint operation center they will also be watching the crowds for suspicious behavior how many cameras do you have access to and several thousand we can't really go into specifics not just in times square but all around the city and officers have new guidelines on how to handle a would be suicide bomber come december thirty first this room will be filled with more than one hundred people from state local and federal agencies not just one
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foresman but also sanitation workers until any companies anyone the police might need to contact for a quick emergency response it's a moment of great pride for new york city city officials insist time square will be safe terrorists regard new york as the exact kind of place they want to disrupt a new yorkers respond consistently with strength and resiliency and plenty of tourists are willing to take the risk and i feel like they're doing everything that they can feel like we should have nothing to worry about not to think about a last resort with so much security cold weather makes more people away from this holiday tradition than fear kristen salumi al-jazeera new york we're going to return top top story now north korean leader kim jong un's new year's address we're going to get more on this we're joined by young scheck director of the foreign policy studies program at the asian and policy studies and he's joining us live from seoul very good to have you with us on al-jazeera for the north korean leader
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saying that the country has become a nuclear palace state and that the u.s. must deal with it as a new reality do you think they will. well the message was very clear in his speech don't forget the nuclear bomb is on the on my office desk and notice they should not treat it as a threat but a new reality so it's going to be another tough you know confrontation between washington and pyongyang in two thousand and eighteen but at the same time his message also proves that the war for intel korean dialogue incorporation as a counterweight to pressure policy led by the united states and also as a counterweight to the sanctions more and more have been passed in two thousand and seventeen so is that what kim jong un is trying to do here is that why are we seeing this very conciliatory message from him towards the south.
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well north korea news time to collect this sort of see the field to recalibrate it's a long term strategy of for survival it's kind of a hit the saturation point and began to fear the increasing pressure and pain imposed by the very same shows through many united nations security council resolutions so he needs to return to alternative sources of income and help to mitigate the pressure recherche has to be south korea north korea used to just dismiss this record at this regard inskeep and if south korea is as open and return to dialogue as kim jong un says he is on this new year's address how do you assess the sort of chances of progress then almost on this issue.
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well it depends on how you define progress what kind of timeline are you going to apply to your definition of progress because it is a good thing for south korea to have a very successful and peaceful host of the countdown with winter olympic games in the spring of two thousand and eighteen but what's going to happen after the olympic games are over there in the north korea would put pressure on our soul to continuously suspend during a military exercise with the united states and if south korea. resumes going to korea economic cooperation programs then south korea's credibility as our supporters of the economy censures you know authorized by the european nations or north korea for it so that we have the programs will be critically damaged so south korea will be in a very difficult situation as our ally to the united states and the supporters of
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the economy sanction of pressure on north korea in our country which the favor is improving the conditions between the two koreas it is a complicated situation and place for south korea to be in mr bonk should we thank you as always for your time for now that is bunk check joining us live from seoul thank you. well we're going to stay in south korea where this year all clergy will be required to pay income tax the decision follows fifty years of controversy and debate while many catholics and both the support decisions some conservative religious groups are against the plan tony berkeley explains from seoul. it's no bigger than an office but this is the soul baptist church there are almost eighty thousand protestant churches in the country many a small is this for the last fifty years christianity has been a big part of south korean life along with the united states south korea is the
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biggest exporter of missionaries in the world more than ten thousand south korean preachers are active in one hundred sixty countries for me and for my my own and for my pastor miller said in. two priests the first in the planet's first then next one is that we tried to communicate. in south korea though that message is being ignored christianity is the major faith followed by buddhism but young people are moving away from all religions the latest survey shows that fifty six percent of the population now describe themselves as non-religious. one of these or that i think people need someone to rely on but i usually go to my family friends and girlfriend so i don't really feel the need to be religious. some believe church leaders and priests live affluent lifestyles with no financial transparency and are out of touch with modern society. it seems south korean religions have failed
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to maintain the moral and ethical trust of the many specially young people have decided to leave their religions that's one of the main reasons for all denominations in south korea wrestling with the problem of how to stop the religious decline and how to adapt to a fast changing world without sacrificing their principles and values. that's won't be easy but faiths are desperately searching for ways to modernize and become an important part of korean society once again. less archaic methods are being adopted including discussions and lectures in informal settings and technology is being introduced. phone apps have been developed so sermons and scriptures are easily accessible and more and more modern thinking churches are using live streaming video of services. once more popular than christianity here has suffered the most only fifteen percent of the population actively follow the faith now temples are
5:37 am
offering temple stays for people to enjoy good food and meditation in peaceful surroundings as a way of reintroducing them to the faith. they may be considered gimmicks and gadgets but it may be the last chance for faith to stop koreans from losing their religion completely tony berkeley al-jazeera sold. to kenya now at least thirty six people have been killed in a road accident a bus collided with a truck near the town of a quarter about one hundred fifty kilometers north of my vibe a break a family suspected more than one hundred people have died on the same stretch of road just this month. now a new phenomenon as emerging throughout this exercise awards of rubbish that float in the caribbean along the coast from neighboring guatemala biologists say the level of contamination is precedented but again the sanchez reports from them are. a sea of rubbish as far as the eye can see it's
5:38 am
a wall seven meters deep and several kilometers long when slowly along the caribbean coast of undo this video posted in the internet by a photographer raised the alarm. i mean biologist just to look at it as is the tide of trash is killing nearly everything in its path if. this is an eco side caused by garbage carried by the metod well river in guatemala. there are ninety six municipalities especially thirteen don't have trashed arms and a tributary river from the capital contributes to all this garbage. this is the rubbish mountain is blocking sunlight from the sea and affecting fishing grounds called. if sandman groves. much of the garbage ends up here on a beach hospital in agro industrial residues are putting the lives of funded and cindy. government leaders to blame neighboring what they are for the disaster that what the government says both countries share the responsibility for cleaning up
5:39 am
the mess the man has promised to send the army to clean up the mess but the rubbish behind. is already having an impact on communities along the shore i believe it us has fishermen like him are unable to catch clean healthy fish. look at my little boat i can't go far in the sea to fish the trash is too close. for your son says the restaurant hotel he manages has fewer and fewer guests because of the filth. we have less and less because people want to see clean beaches and we are losing money also because we're spending a lot to clean up every day. of the hotel ball says the shore is a magnet for the trash marine biologist say much of it is plastic which can take more than two hundred years to disintegrate and much of it is liquid and invisible with experts unable to say how much damage is being done. just to see more
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us. now the u.s. city of rockford and the midwestern state of illinois is the nation's most violent small city now the police force there is taking a unique approach to cutting crime john hendren went to meet some of the officers moving into its most violent neighborhoods. this is probably the most dangerous city you've never heard of according to the f.b.i.'s uniform crime report last year rockford illinois is the most violent u.s. city with a population under two hundred thousand block for block more perilous than los angeles or chicago so this midwestern town has launched the most extreme form of community policing in america everybody grab one toy. rockford has officers like eric thurman moving into high crime neighborhoods. to do that to. me i can't dance forging ties with
5:41 am
a community that is often viewed with suspicion yes have a good day normal if there's a shooting in the neighborhood everyone's out. but we go talk to people interview them and what happened no one saw anything or no one heard anything but you know rather me being here they know they're comfortable talking with me you know there is a shooting right here everyone will come to my door they would come talk to me and they would tell me exactly what they saw thurmond and patrice turner or rockford first to resident officers. is more about building relationships with the people that you police it's more about building bridges instead of busting heads the city's police chief expects to add more resident officers in the next year with standard policing an officer gets the call gets in his car and drives through the scene but a resident officer like officer thurman really crosses the street and knocks on the door of a neighbor who probably already know. the program is less than a year old but as part of
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a broader strategy it appears to be working in two thousand and fifteen rockford police solve two of nineteen murders in two thousand and seventeen so far they've solved nine of eighteen and could soon see charges in three more cases we need to have alternate strategies not only. nationwide and this is work it. can change people's life. critics say a troubled history between police and african-americans will make that difficult i think that. it's basically going to end up with a police presence in communities that i don't think are ready to accept the police as positive forces but in a turbulent city with a long history of ill will toward police you know sunday eric spillman says it's a beginning john hendren al-jazeera rockford illinois. now as the new year.
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to take a look back at some of the events which made the headlines in two thousand and seventeen as well as reporting on global political events cos families have been telling the stories of painful and some of the world's most troubled places saw a warning that there are some distressing pictures all just what. i. do solemnly swear. that. the united kingdom is leaving the european union religion the shut. out summer now coming out of the future my little ten player to claim that it's the cia and u.s. government the few times more than a hundred days of protests in this country. we have another section pilots here right in front of the arch the compound sunday arabia the united arab emirates and framed and egypt cut diplomatic ties with qatar
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it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel jettison the beast though. it really is quite frightening for the people who are standing here watching these horses racing towards. catalonia reopen its historic rift with spain spanish national police in riot gear better do away julian voting center after another. more than six hundred thousand people have crossed into bangladesh it's august and the exodus hasn't stopped. the u.n. has called the actions of myanmar military a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. my baby was thrown into the fire and they
5:45 am
may break me. and it was i feel like i'm burning on the insides. of the more than two and a half years of fighting yemen saudi arabia's coalition and iranian but to fight just for the stalemate while the country is on the verge of famine and cholera is spreading. struggling for breath like to come like. this there's all the hallmarks of the assad regime and the use of chemical weapons is a crime. i have never thought that i don't see these. people really want to see quick quiz so that shows their lives i. pushed forward around six kilometers during the battle to retake mostly.
5:46 am
we are here we are strong we are praying and we will see. friends. i'm sick of this stuff let's analyze my. various trade before those days are. reaching super bowl it is a special achievement for american focus and that seems her final choice for supporters
5:47 am
of the all pretty unpredictable part just on critics.
5:48 am
have more news for you after a short break and sport manchester city and the here and their recall of winning streak and the english premier league. right. in a country where parents often pick who you will marry following your love can have serious consequences when one east meets the men risking their lives to protect india's young loved. one is that this time on al-jazeera.
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now two thousand and eighteen is being welcomed both spectacular fireworks across the globe meanwhile u.n. secretary general antonio terrace the world leaders to hail divisions well catherine stansell takes a look at some of us colorful celebrations. well i one of the first places on the planet to welcome the new here new zealand followed by a stray and a spectacular fireworks display over sydney harbor bridge the rainbow colors celebrating the legalization of gay marriage in the country.
5:50 am
next japan where revelers in tokyo gathered to released hundreds of white helium balloons each one containing a wish or a prayer for the new year in south korea people filled the streets near seoul's city hall to celebrate twenty eighteen and half an hour later neighboring north korea which has inflamed the international community with a number of missile tests this year but its own fireworks display. and victoria harbor in hong kong was a blaze of lights when the clock struck midnight. dubai which normally hosts one of the largest fireworks displays in the world opted. for an elaborate lights and laser show instead. across europe hundreds of thousands of people gathered in berlin paris and london to celebrate the arrival of twenty eighteen but amid the joyful celebrations
5:51 am
a serious but hopeful message of peace and unity delivered by the united nations i mean it's a red alert for all was conflict since the point a new dangers of emerged global in science is about nuclear weapons are the highest since the cold war and climate change is moving faster than we are inequalities are growing and we see or refute violations of human rights i urge readers everywhere to make these new year's resolution nettled again bridge the divides rebuild trust by bringing people together around common goals unity is the best. it's an ambitious request but if there is one thing the new year always brings it's the hope for something better happenstance of al-jazeera. it is time for sports. thank you very much matches the city's record eighteen game winning run i has been
5:52 am
brought to an end in the english premier league there were held scoreless draw by crystal palace star striker gabriel went down and the twenty third minute with a serious knee injury the brazilian left the field in tears kevin to brehon was also thrashed in extra time and city save tell a penalty to ensure the beaten start to the season remains intact at the end of twenty seventeen but injuries will be a concern i've got to be the thing out. i don't know. more than one month hopefully. you do more to moral with what he has suggested something else. broke alex ferguson's the premier league record by managing his eight hundred eleven game in the english premier league it wasn't a game they had particularly like to remember controversial penalty in the eighty
5:53 am
ninth minute so west brom clinch a one one draw with arsenal. and this is how the english premier league looks at the end of twenty seventeen that result lift arsenal to fifth on the table but they're all chasing mentions to city who are fourteen points clear of the nearest rival chelsea at the top is the biggest gap at this stage of the season and top flight history or that chase will continue on a monday with five games to kick off the new year fourth place liverpool will be away to burnley looking to make ground on third place majesty united who will face everton. has been on vale that as yet let it go muddy the player for the second time off to prolong exit from chelsea twenty five thousand fans were in attendance at atletico his home stadium cost help the club to the spanish league title in twenty forty before joining chelsea but he
5:54 am
hasn't played a competitive game since last season after falling out with the blues manager and telling you conti an agreement that was reached between the two clubs in september but let it go were banned from fielding new plays until january. i mean. i've been training and working with my mind concentrated on it you can train a lot and get it by yourself but a match is a marriage nothing can compare to it i need to play i'm tired of training and team canada have defended their title at the world's oldest invitational i say hockey tournament. was first played in the swiss city of dallas back in one thousand nine hundred twenty three on sunday team canada beat the host switzerland three nothing to miss the trophy for the fifteenth time and third year in the world for many of these european base canadians are expected to be picked in their hockey team for february as p.r. chang winter olympics with the n.h.l. refusing to release their players for the games. and other sports traditional
5:55 am
almost as old as that event was held in the brazilian city of south paulo on new year's eve. a road running race it was in its ninety third edition thirty thousand runners signed up to take part in the fifteen kilometer race and named after a full century pope g.o.p. and we. took first place it with a time of forty four minutes and fifteen seconds or twenty eighteen is already here for some of our viewers a bottle for the rest of us a we're still looking back that twenty seventeen has our sports correspondent lee wellings. in recent years sport has been tainted by the twin problems of don't pain and corruption and twenty seven saints suffered from the fallout the international olympic committee bans of the russian flag from the winter olympics because of institutional doping by russian competitors will be in pyongyang in february under a neutral flag the new york football was in the dark after his meltdown with
5:56 am
a particular focus on bringing south american officials to justice there was plenty to celebrate serena williams started the year with the twenty third grand slam singles title in australia we didn't know she was eight weeks pregnant the first daughter alexis was born in september roger federer showed he still got it majestically winning wimbledon for the first time in five years in football it was christiane of the now dodgy year again inspired to retire in the champions league but he's not the most expensive player that's brazilian neymar who moved from barcelona to paris and for a transfer over a quarter of a billion dollars the africa cup of nations and a bomb was won by cameroon but it's there in the poland egypt reached the world cup finals i was in houston as tom brady's new england patriots came from twenty five points down to beat the atlanta falcons an extraordinary super bowl triumph. but
5:57 am
not always well in the n.f.l. the shadow of the concussion issue and also the cash between president trump and the players led by khalid company who took in may to make a stand or vices i'm pleased brutality we have a lot of people that aren't treated equally aren't given equal opportunities no police brutality is a huge thing using boats amazing career ended with a red defeat at the world athletics championships in london there was also a surprising cricket speak tony minutes of twenty seven pakistan with a shot winners the champions trophy. last and there are three hundred thirteen off . ridiculed or almost those are very bad and so on the one the storm approach on troops are very hard thing for you to struggle. looking had in the twenty eighteen is the year of the winter olympics and the torch relay of reach the south korean city of daegu for a gala celebration to see in the new year the lympics name it will reach its final
5:58 am
destination on february the ninth when it lights the cultural and at the opening ceremony of the winter games and that's how it's ball from we'll have more later on . and that does it for this al-jazeera news hour from the it is a problem and the entire news our team thank you very much for watching and a happy new year. they say walls have ears and palestine they also have odd. architecture these new styles are this is where the trio vies met reveals the role of architecture in his radio queue patients everything in this panorama easy a tactical to within the architecture for the patients just need to know how to decode the architecture of fine that's part of the rebel architecture series this time on a jersey or under the it sounds like an agreement between criminal busts it's like
5:59 am
trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question then sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing or an investigation into. ukraine did you have a bribes you've been corrupt i don't know i've been corrupt i did just what the president say challenges here investigations the only go at this time. in the worst mass shooting in united states in modern times the gunman owned forty seven guns and had twenty three of those firearms with him at the time of the shooting not states america has eighty obsessive attraction and love for guns in a way that other countries just don't have and that's why she helped put together an exhibit at one church to help raise awareness to gun violence through art and in
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this piece.


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