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the most controversial president of modern times january on out of jersey. facing realities the president said that there would be a complete audit one hundred percent ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will. hear this story. on talk to al jazeera at this time. at least fourteen reported dead and four hundred arrested as iran's antigovernment protests grow increasingly violent. oh i'm on this is al jazeera live from london also coming up north korea's kim jong
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un warns the world he has a nuclear bomb and on his desk but has war words for south korea. under deserve refugees and migrants risk their lives crossing the alps from it's new to france some of them. and i stun takes action to guarantee equal pay between women and men with the first law of its kind in the world. iranian state media says fourteen people on the policeman have been killed and four hundred arrested after four days of anti-government protests it says security forces were piled what it called armed protesters who are trying to take over police stations and military bases the reports haven't been independently verified to natasha possible. a social media. blackout didn't
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stop protesters from gathering on iran's streets for a fourth day and posting these videos by iranian government says people have the right to express their discontent but violence is unacceptable the iranian state media says some social media sites and messaging apps such as telegram have been blocked to keep the peace. on saturday there were also pro-government rallies our own who take it we cannot predict a time when the protests will come to an end but the protests will shake the people in power who must give priority to people's demands and needs. to know what i'm going to find the state of the economy and rising prices sparked the initial protests austerity measures after years of sanctions have led to a twelve percent unemployment rate but anger has also shifted to foreign policy protesters are critical of the government's support for the syrian regime of bashar
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al assad has bought a lot in lebanon and hamas in the occupied palestinian territory. the iranian government says foreign entities are fomenting violent and deadly clashes among the dead two people one a boy hit by a fire truck in what's been described as an accident authorities say it was stolen and abandoned and. through investigations we came to know there is a clear rule played by the foreign intelligence agencies and the government open zation in these killings the police never opened fire on the protesters now did cloven a great role in the in washington d.c. outside the white house people called for the removal of president has and rouhani president donald trump tweeted that people are quote getting wise to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism rouhani fired back all you can do is doubt on this man who today in america wants to see. the fuss about
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people has the gall to make a few months ago he called the nation of iran terrorists. these are the largest protests in almost a decade although sunday's protests were smaller than the previous night there are calls for people to continue with the demonstrations natasha going to al-jazeera. a president rouhani also accused israel of being behind a protest of their own israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu accu echoed president shown as he gave his reaction it's not only false it's laughable and i like oh honey i will not insult the iranian people they deserve better brave iranians are pouring into the streets they seek freedom they seek justice they seek the basic liberties that have been denied to them for decades iran's cruel resume waste tens of billions of dollars spending this money could have built schools and hospitals no wonder mothers and fathers are marching in the streets the regime is
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terrified of them of their own people that's why they jail students that's why they banned social media i wish the iranian people success in their noble quest for freedom. who theory rebel finds is in yemen say at least thirty people have been killed or injured in airstrikes in a day the province led coalition planes reportedly targeted two vehicles carrying the fighters which is stopped at a station in a district sources told al jazeera a number of civilians were among the dead another strike targeted a local market. syria's government has launched at least twelve as strikes on rebel held areas just outside the capital damascus according to opposition activists is video is said to show the attacks on harassed or a neighboring suburbs in eastern guta fighting has intensified in the area around the syrian army forces has been trapped inside the military installations since
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sunday. north korea's leader has warned that the entire united states is within range of his nuclear weapons saying this is reality not a threat in his new year's address can john earn also said he had a nuclear button on his desk but he struck a much more conciliatory tone with south korea saying he was open to dialogue and wishing them success for the winter olympics florence leary reports in seoul. this is how north korea welcomed the new year with a fireworks display much like the rest of the world but it is leader kim jong un's new year's day address that is drawing all the attention if two thousand and seventeen was marked by fiery rhetoric and rising tensions because of north korea's nuclear ambitions two thousand and eighteen may bring more of the same. corners
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who did the u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear button is put on the desk in my office at all times they should clearly understand that this is never a trash what are reality kim has called for the mass production and deployment of more nuclear warheads and missiles but weapons experts agree that north korea may not yet have the technology to miniaturize nuclear warhead and mounted on the south that could be into the atmosphere while kim speech made no mention of the new kid atmospheric test he reiterated the claim that north korea is now a nuclear power in stark contrast to the hostile remarks to the united states is the conciliatory overture from kim jong un to south korea he's even suggested dialogue between the two sides something south korean president proposed several months ago and which north korea ignored. and i don't we should actively
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create an atlas. here to move forward with the national reconciliation and reunifications improving ties between the north and the south is an urgent issue that not only the north and south want to see what everyone else wants he suggested north korea is prepared to send its satellites to participate in the upcoming winter olympics and paralympics in next month south korea has responded to these proposals positively saying it hopes communication which has been severed between the two sides for nearly two years can be restored some other in south korea's presidential office wall comes north korean leader kim jong il's new year's speech today which expressed a willingness to send a delegation to the counter olympics and proposed talks as he entered knowledges don't need for improvement into korean pies but analysts say the olive branch may be a ploy to gain some political ground north korea was to drive a wedge between soul in washington at the same time tried to dilute the impact of
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economic sanctions north korea is facing its toughest sanctions yet including a cap on petrol imports as punishment for its nuclear and missile tests last year kim jong un speech while it seems to lay open a path to dialogue with south korea is proof that north korea's nuclear ambitions are here to stay florence li al jazeera seoul. in his new year speech venezuela's president said he's increasing the minimum wage by forty percent along with the pay for all public sector workers critics say it will just add up to venezuela's around printing fleishman expected to be more than two thousand percent this year but nicolas maduro says the country's economic problems are not the fault of his policies but rather those of the u.s. and its allies like people willing to really go in twenty seventeen with blakeman of north american imperialism president donald trump spearhead of economic aggression against our beloved people twenty seventeen the year in which our
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economic recovery began to attack not currency sabotage of all industry electrical industry permanent effort ventnor stabilization recovery of the old price and the sanction signed by the government of donald trump the former crude located at the noble workers' country of venezuela. the reuters news agency says it's seeing documents showing that pakistan is planning to seize control of charities and assets linked to hafiz saeed a man does ignited a terrorist by many countries co-founded the group lashkar e tayyiba which the u.s. and india blame for the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks that killed one hundred sixty six people he denies any involvement last year a pakistani court found there wasn't enough evidence to convict him. pakistan's government is increasing fuel prices blaming the state of the international markets it's a move that's expected to particularly affect the poor and us camel hide away poor say could lead to bigger problems for the country's economy. the people are too
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large are already calling it a new game from the government of pakistan to its people and it's making headlines across the country and eleven point seven five question dried and the. government is saying that the move is justified because of the rise of international and that the president. and many of the country are for the people. from the government is in justice with the poor people who are suffering due to inflation in the country being a government employee i can still survive but i'm good about those who find anything to eat up. by this move are due to frequently are is enough petroleum prices it's becoming difficult for takes to dry words are so far the public because people can't afford it so the government should take notice due to raising
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opportunism price prices the whole market prices become i mean stocks are good start or is there a higher price range of you will have a knock on effect on everything including daily commodity transportation costs and their shares are falling value of the rupee against the dollar already shared there is inflation that the people cannot cope with the opposition is calling it a government failure and why the country's finance minister and the proclaimed of friend are hiding always a country the economy. and then trouble. saudi arabia is also raising petrol prices by around fifty percent a liter of fuel will now cost thirty seven cents the world's largest oil exporter is trying to save money by removing fuel subsidies it wants to eliminate its budget deficit by twenty eight twenty three. palestinians have widely condemned
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a vote by the likud party on an exciting parts of the occupied west bank the power say the largest group in israel's governing coalition passed a resolution late sunday the land is the amount of palestinians for their future state resolution is non-binding and it's not known if it has the backing of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu israeli authorities are seeking twelve charges against a palestinian teenager filmed slapping and kicking two israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank this video of sixteen year old timey cousin no which was filmed on december the fifteenth went viral she was arrested by the israelis four days later her lawyer says the charges relate to six separate incidents if found guilty on all counts she could face up to two years in jail. or so face potential action. so it's a common this half hour the u.n.
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secretary general and i just joseph kabila to step down as president imminent and mitt romney is in violence between protesters and security forces in the democratic republic of congo and save the shrines libya's religious leaders are asked the public to help stop that deliberate destruction. we've got a very stormy start to the new year across western parts a few clouds still streaming in from the atlantic and this little area of cloud here this tape area of low pressure is bringing some very strong winds as that western side of france winds gusting as high as one hundred thirty kilometer per hour in places with a tightly packed ice about quite a few showers rattling in here as well at least it is mild if that's any consolation say ten or eleven for london and paris more cloud and rain coming in
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and that but weather as you can see right down into northern parts of by and portugal some wet weather to into southern areas of italy just pushing across the balkans turns to snow over the generic house back across the swiss alps a fair amount of snow a little dusting to you there for western russia moscow about two or three celsius over the next couple of days will see the west of weather sweep across a good part of western europe then as we go through wednesday some very wet weather coming through here more showers rattling in macross the british isles getting up to around eleven or twelve celsius it should be a little drier down towards southern parts of a fair amount of power across spain and portugal blustery way and that will make its way across northwestern parts of africa eighteen or nineteen souses the high similar values to fall cairo with a top temperature at nineteen on tuesday. a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in
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a battle to hold the power. how has this radical transformation go every day. really that if you want to be shedding light on the romanians pressing for change of the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people. on al-jazeera. welcome back our mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera least fourteen people and a policeman are reported to have died as anti-government protests in iran turn increasingly
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violent four hundred people have also been arrested goofy rebel finds in yemen. people have been killed or injured in saudi coalition and strikes in a data province. north korea's leader has warned the united states that his nuclear capability is now a reality not a threat but also says he's open to dialogue with south korea. u.n. secretary general essentially president joseph kabila to step down from power in the democratic republic of congo in accordance with the dale signed a year ago it comes off to his security forces killed at least seven protesters on sunday during rallies against his rule shelob reports. in the democratic republic of congo are catholic worshipers pray this sunday they pray with a political purpose they want president joseph kabila goal i think it was last week was
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a very good day these guys think it was time to say. their prayers were heard by security forces in kinshasa twenty seventeen ended as it began kabila second term as president ended in december twenty sixth saying he refused to step down and the un says kong security forces killed forty people who protested the decision four hundred sixty were arrested. one year on they marched off to mass twelve also boys and priests were among the dozens arrested tear gas was fired into churches was. the hospital is filled with protesters once more so it goes on the mind that i always say if your term is over give opportunities to others to run your son of the country you belong in the senate give the others the opportunity to lead maybe they'll do it better the needed.
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catholic bishops brokered peace talks between the opposition and government with the agreement that could be low would leave office at the end of twenty seven tame but he's still in power and now the catholics and the opposition are united how do you see me coming in shooting one because it's not just simply because we are coming we have come here in order to wave to free for all we mission. opposition voices can be heard by ending the fractured country from all corners even in the troubled east a thriving battleground between rebels security forces say they use of force is justified one police officer was killed and this police station was top. by protest is it going to stop there somewhere we are in need of peace i assure all of our government authorities that our city government is in peace people should sleep calmly because we as professional police we are doing our job. the president
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kabila says he will stay in power until december twenty eighth saying because of delays in voter registration. meanwhile. appear to be becoming increasingly impatient charlot dallas' al jazeera. zambian soldiers are helping to fight the spread of color in the capital the outbreak has already killed forty one people in the saca and more than one thousand five hundred of fallen sick since september some markets and restaurants have been closed after it was found the disease was being spread through contaminated food. rescuers in the aus say they're concerned about the hundreds of refugees and migrants trying to cross the snow covered of europe half of those making the journey all thought to be children or teenagers some even attempt to reach a shop reports. over the last three months at least fifteen hundred migrants have embarked on this perilous track over the alps crossing from italy into france
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defying freezing temperatures and heavy snow rescue workers say they're totally ill equipped for the arduous journey around a dozen migrants reach france every day but some won't make it mountain guide say they'll perish in the attempt to reach france rescue workers expect to discover the bodies of african migrants when the snow melts in the spring. the smell i know is seventeen years old from guinea said their body to for more it wasn't easy at all for me because the trip was long and also it was the first time i saw the snow i was very tired i didn't feel my feet anymore but we arrived in the shelter where we made a fire and we took arrest and then we restarted to walk and it wasn't easy i didn't believe that we would arrive here now better rubino is deputy commander of alpine rescue coordinating efforts to bring the stranded people off the mountain. he
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wanted to come out it was not that we get emergency phone calls almost every night we found groups of people for five or six people who were really badly equipped they had nothing to protect themselves from the cold no gloves no scarves no hats we even found people with no shoes on. the shelters a staff by local volunteers they're offering what help they can to a constant flow of migrants cooking a hot meal and giving them a chance to sleep for a night in a warm place where you knew that when we found people in the snow who had no shoes . just with the t. shirt the reason is that the african people have no idea how dangerous the mountain is they have no idea at all and there is no letup to the number of migrants prepared to take this risk when two will last another three months take its inevitable toll on those trying to start a new life on the other side of the lp peter shop al jazeera pope francis has used
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his new year homily to urge peace and understanding for migrants and refugees and his end of year message the leader of the world's one point two billion catholics says calls also called on people to avoid empty consumerism and focus on the real meaning of life speaking at a service in st peter's basilica pope francis later struck a more optimistic tone when praising those who cooperate silently for the common good the chinese ban on importing twenty four different types of foreign waste has come into force with major repercussions for the global recycling industry china has been the world's biggest waste importer for decades but the government says it's led to many environmental and health problems because of toxic materials like mercury and lead the brown is expected to leave many countries struggling to cope with their waste with fears the plastic could end up incinerated or in landfill the ban will include plastics scrap paper and discarded textiles on average it's
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processed some seven point three million tons of waste plastic a year that's half the world's newest plastic the u.k. is expected to be one of the worst hit conches it sends almost two thirds of its total waste plastic to china and just two months ago the environment minister told m.p.'s you haven't given much thought to the impact that will have. china has also banned the buying and selling of ivory in an effort to curb elephant poaching wildlife activists have praised the decision as a vital step towards preserving the endangered mammal china is the world's largest importer of elephant tusks conservationists estimate that thirty thousand elephants are killed by poachers in africa every year. spain's foreign minister says the catalan independence crisis has cost the economy some one point two billion dollars louis de guindos told spanish radio that the slowdown in catalonia growth which
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accounts for around a fifth of spain's g.d.p. was damaging the country as a whole last october spain was plunged into a constitutional crisis and catalan politicians declared secession from madrid following an outlawed referendum on the issue iceland is implementing legislation on new year's day to ensure equal pay between women and men the law is the first in the worlds to require private companies and government agencies to prove pay is fair or face fines companies were with at least twenty five employees must have a certificate of equal pay programmes which is checked by the government the world economic forum has ranked iceland the world's most gender equal country for the past nine years but twenty seventeen was not been a good year for gender equality globally the form says parity gaps across health education politics and the workplace have widened for the first time since two
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thousand and six will die in the oscars are adults a pin from the icelandic women the rights association says previous equal pay laws are worked reaction was a little mixed. during the last ten years you know but i think people are starting to realize that this is a systematic problem but we have to talk with you reference and i think people are becoming more force of their members especially because i think women have been talking about this for decades. and i really think that. we have managed to raise awareness and we are moments to get to the point that people realize that the legislation we have had the race is not working and we need to do something more. a fire in a compound consistent hundreds of cars in the city of liverpool and yesterday to
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say it was caused by an accidental fire in a single vehicle no one was injured but all the cars in the multi-story building were destroyed. libya is in danger of losing a huge part of its cultural heritage as well as the collateral damage from the ongoing conflicts in the country some historic shrines are being deliberately destroyed like mood abdullah had reports from tripoli the shrine of sheikh mohammed and madison we see is elitist to be ransacked by members of the cellophane movement . his grave which has been in this southern city of elko for around one hundred years was an earthquake and the reliques inside a stolen. salafist believe that trying to represent infidelity libya's religious edicts committee has condemned the acts of the rahman get do says the shrines are part of libya's identity and targeting them is shameful and against
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islamic teachings. there since march of twenty twelve we've issued of only twenty five fatwas condemning such acts explaining that there were violations of his one mic curial law according to the four muslim doctrines which were also not to on earth graves and to refer any issues to be authorities but clerics here seem reluctant to openly speak out against those who destroy the shrines. the salafist movement was in evidence in libya during the marmara good def is more than forty years in power now it has reemerged with a military campaign led by a renegade general highly for health care and there are fears more historic tryon's could be demolished. during the past few years dozens of historic mosques and laborers have been targeted consecutive governments have done
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little to stop the destruction and public anger has gone unheard the authorities in tripoli with the responsibility for ancient buildings say they can't possibly take the necessity measures to protect historic sites from armed assailants so they instead try to raise people's a worthless. we have already reported these violations to unesco since twenty thirteen we don't count on governments we count only on people's awareness however people alone can't face militant assailants so we are still worried that these shrines in a storage sites might be targeted to some of the shrines are centuries old what are unique in grieving so. it is rote designs in music. but without protection quite literally just pieces of history. to. tripoli. new rules making it legal to buy marijuana for recreational use of been
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introduced in the u.s. state of california customers work hearing up when the shop in oakland opened at six am waiting for their first chance to buy the drug legally without a medical prescription about ninety stores were allowed to start selling cannabis on new year's day no licenses have been issued yet in los angeles or san francisco but they are expected to follow later in the air. and say much more on our website news features video just click on al-jazeera dot com. as government of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least fourteen people and a policeman are reported to have died as anti-government protests in iran turned increasingly violent four hundred people have also been arrested iranian state
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media is reporting that security forces repelled armed protesters who tried to take over police stations on military bases airports haven't been independently verified iran's government says people have the right to protest but not in a violent way earthly rebel fighters in yemen say at least thirty people have been killed or injured in a strike some have data province sounding that coalition planes were clear today targeted to vehicles carrying hooty fighters which is stopped at a petrol station in rai district local sources told al jazeera a number of civilians were among the dead another strike targeted a local market. and syria's government has launched at least twelve strikes on rebel held areas just outside the capital damascus according to opposition activists this video is said to show the attacks on harassed or neighboring suburbs in eastern guta it's not known how many people were injured in the attack. north
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korea's leader has warned the united states that his nuclear forces are now a reality not a threat and these new year's address kim jong un was more conciliatory toward south korea saying he was open to dialogue and wishing them success for the winter olympics but he warned the u.s. he has a nuclear button on his desk and they will do and he will defend the country if he feels threatened last month the u.n. approved harsh new sanctions on pyongyang backed by the u.s. in response to repeated missile tests. the u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear button is put on the desk in my office at all times they should clearly understand that this is never a trash but a reality the united nations security general is urging president joseph kabila to step down from power in the democratic republic of congo in accordance with the dail signed a year ago at least seven people were killed during protests on sunday demonstrators
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are calling for kabila to resign but he is vowing to stay on until delayed elections in december those are the top stories stay with us x. the stream is up. hi emily could be and here in the stream today from poverty to parliament we'll speak to uganda an afro pop star and newly elected m.p. bobby why. uganda is the robert any better known by his stage name by.


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