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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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in the philippines millions live in overcrowded slow but some of found another place to call home public cemeteries one on one east meets those living among the dead at this time on al-jazeera. anti-government protests in iran grow despite the president's call for calm at least fifteen people are reported dead. in jail that is al jazeera live from doha also coming up north korea's kim jong un says to open up talks with south korea but warns he'll use the nuclear option if
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threatened by the u.s. . ice and takes action to guarantee equal pay between men and women with the first no of its kind in the world plus. two thousand and eighteen is election year here in brazil and a country that struggling with its corrupt politicians and economic strife will be hoping that something is going to change. the death toll of the five days of anti-government protests across iran has reportedly risen to fifteen among the dead is a policeman iranian state media say most of the deaths occurred on sunday night it's reporting that security forces repelled armed protesters who tried to take over police stations and military bases the reports haven't been independently verified pizza shop has the latest.
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the fifth day of protest on the social media blackout imposed by the government has done little to stop the demonstrators out on the street. posting these videos from cities across iran this was beer john the monday night gunshots scattering the people on the streets. at shahin shah buildings on fire the protests showing no sign of losing its momentum. we cannot predict a time when the protests will come to an end but the protests will shake the people in power. you must give priority to people's demands and needs. the state of the economy and rising prices sparked initial protests on thursday austerity measures after years of sanctions have seen the unemployment rate rise to twelve percent but anger has also shifted to foreign policy protests is a critical of the government's support for the syrian government of bashar al assad
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hezbollah in lebanon and hamas in the occupied palestinian territories not it was. wrong. in washington d.c. outside the white house people called for the removal of president hassan rouhani the trump tweeted that people are getting wise to know how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism in terror state television quoted iranian president hassan rouhani in reply he said iran's regional accomplishments have infuriated our enemy you expect them not to take revenge you expect them not to provoke a group of people we should have prepared ourselves for this. these are the largest protests in almost a decade and threats by the republican guards to put down the demonstrations have been ignored among the night your calls for the people to continue this protest pizza shop al jazeera president rouhani also accused israel of being behind the
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protests in iran israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu echoed u.s. president as he gave his reaction it's not only false it's laughable in a local honey oh not involve the ring in people they deserve better brave uranium for poor women to the streets they seek freedom it's the justice they seek the basic liberties that have been denied to them for decades. iran's cruel regime weighs tens of billions of dollars spreading hate this money could have built schools and hospitals no wonder mothers and fathers are marching in the streets the regime is terrified of them of their own people that's why they jail students that's why they banned social media i wish the iranian people success in their noble quest for freedom to posses founder and president of the national iranian
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american council he says the protests are not being influenced by external forces. i've not seen any evidence that would suggest that these rallies or any other country really has much of an impact on the ground now clearly we've seen that both the president of united states and the israeli prime minister have tweeted and are trying to push themselves into the conversation but i really doubt that people on the ground in iran are taking any cues particularly not from donald trump of these really prime minister who carry absolutely zero credibility on the streets of iran what more than anything else they're frustrated by the economic situation which is much much bigger than any questions about how you run is spending the money regionally there's corruption at home the economy has not developed in the way that people expected as a result of the nuclear deal and instead of seeing things moving in the right direction people feel that particular in the six past months things have been moving in the opposite direction there's wages that have not been paid out for
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months so all of these things coming together creates a tremendous degree ob discontent in society which leads to a scenario in which a lot of people even those who are not protesting and we even may disagree with the way the protests are taking place nevertheless they feel that frustrations are justified the rebel fighters in yemen say at least thirty people have been killed or injured in aesthetics in the port city of had a day saudi led coalition planes reportedly targets in two vehicles carrying the fighters which had stopped at a petrol station in our district at all sources told al jazeera a number of civilians were among the dead another strike targeted a local market. syria's government is lowest at least twelve strikes against rebel held areas just outside the capital damascus according to opposition activists this video is said to show the attacks on harasta and neighboring suburbs in eastern go
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to fighting has an intensified in the area where syrian army forces being trapped inside a military installation since sunday. south korea is welcoming a new year message from north korea's leader has raised the possibility of talks kim jong un said the past to dialogue is open and he hopes ties will improve but he warned that he'd use nuclear weapons if threatened and that the launch button is on his desk front sloyd reports from seoul. t.v. . this is how north korea welcomed the new year with a fireworks display much like the rest of the world but it is leader kim jong un's new year's day address that is drawing all the attention if two thousand and seventeen was marked by fiery rhetoric and rising tensions because of north korea's nuclear ambitions two thousand and eighteen may bring more of the same. colors from the to the u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear button is put on
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the desk in my office at all times they should clearly understand that this is never a trash what a reality kim has called for the mass production and deployment of more nuclear warheads and missiles but weapons experts agree that north korea may not yet have the technology to miniaturize nuclear warhead and mounted a missile that could be entering the atmosphere while kim speech made no mention of the nuclear atmospheric test he reiterated the claim that north korea is now a nuclear power. in stark contrast to the hostile remarks to the united states is the conciliatory overture from kim jong un to south korea he's even suggested dialogue between the two sides something south korean president proposed several months ago and which north korea ignored means. we should actively create an atmosphere to move forward with the national reconciliation and reunifications improving ties between the north and the south is an urgent issue
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that not only the north and south want but everyone else wants he suggested north korea is prepared to send its satellites to participate in the upcoming winter olympics and paralympics in next month south korea has responded to these proposals positively saying it hopes communication which has been severed between the two sides for nearly two years can be restored so whether in south korea's presidential office wall comes north korean leader kim jong il's new year's speech today which expressed willingness to send a delegation to the counter olympics and proposed talks as he acknowledges don't need for improvement into korean pies but analysts say the olive branch may be a ploy to gain some political ground north korea wants to drive away britain's hold on washington at the same time try to dilute the impact of economic sanctions north korea is facing its toughest sanctions yet including a cap on petrol imports as punishment for its nuclear and missile tests last year
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kim jong un speech while it seems to lay open a path to dialogue with south korea is proof that north korea's nuclear ambitions are here to stay florence li al jazeera seoul. israeli prosecutors have charged a palestinian teenager on twelve separate counts of the she was filmed slapping and kicking two israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank sixteen year old a head to mimi remains in detention since a wrist this video was posted online two weeks ago her lawyer says the charges relate to six separate incidents she could face up to two years in jail charges have also been filed against a mother and cousin palestinian president mahmoud abbas has condemned a vote by israel's ruling that could party on the occupied west bank post a non-binding resolution on sunday calling for the annexation of areas of land marked for a future palestinian state but the kids chairman prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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skipped the votes when he backs the decision still ahead on al-jazeera. risking their lives in the hope of a better life i grabbed a number of refugees and migrants are making this dangerous mountain crossing. and keeping the faith in south korea churches and temples chinee ways to bring people back to nature. through tranquil arabian can you. and if they don't tell us. how low the rain clouds are gathering across central parts of china over the next couple of days a fair amount of cloud in place there for tuesday that cloud will think and up it will bring some heavy downpours as we go on into wednesday notice and snow there of course northern parts of the region shanghai gets up to around ten degrees celsius
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just dry in hong kong but cloud will start to push its way and i'd be surprised if you see a little bit drizzly right coming through here than this we go on into the middle class a part of the week plenty of rain making its way across the philippines meanwhile this little plot just rolls which may still develop into a tropical system some parts could see two hundred maybe three hundred millimeters of rain over the next couple of days i'm afraid say adding to the flooding problems that we have seen here recently that's not really wet weather in place as we go on through chews day and hopefully it will be a little lighter last question we say as we go on into wednesday but some really heavy rain there across much of the mill a plane from malaysia looking very just as well some are disturbed weather also making its way into myanmar and of the things little mass of cloud that's pushing up some unseasonably wet weather coming into a good part of the region here dry skies though for much of in the i will see temperatures were no higher than around twenty celsius there were new delhi the dems fault does cause problems here and we have got wise but warnings across the northern plains the weather sponsored by qatar and nice. early
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this afforded by real football fans who don't think about. explain when real madrid love worth five hundred million euros expresses a position on something the world anti-doping agency has to take notice. al-jazeera continues its investigation into the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports don't bring the endless chase at this time. but again you're watching al-jazeera mine of our top stories this hour at least
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fifteen people are reportedly dead in iran after a fifth day of anti-government protests among them is a policeman rein in state media say security forces repelled armed protesters who tried to take over police stations and military bases. south korea's welcoming and near message from north korea's leader who's raised the possibility of talks kim jong un said he hopes ties with soul will improve but he also warned washington that he has weapons capable of reaching the u.s. and that the launch button is on his desk. israeli prosecutors have charged a palestinian teenager on twelve separate accounts after she was filmed slapping and kicking two israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank sixteen year old i had to mimi remains in detention since her arrest over the of the video was posted online two weeks ago. a great number of people seeking sanctuary in europe from war and poverty are risking their lives to cross the italian alps into france half of
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those making the journey are thought to be children or teenagers civilly lennon reports. over the last three months at least fifteen hundred migrants have embarked on this perilous trek over the alps crossing from italy into france defying freezing temperatures and heavy snow rescue workers say they're totally ill equipped for the arduous journey around a dozen migrants reach france every day but some won't make it mountain guide say they will perish in the attempt to reach france rescue workers expect to discover the bodies of african migrants when the snow melts in the spring is small and now is seventeen years old from guinea should there buddy to whom well it wasn't easy at all for me because the trip was long and also because the first time i saw the snow i was very tired i didn't feel my feet anymore but we arrived in the shelter where we made a fire and we took arrest and then we restarted to walk and it wasn't easy i didn't believe that we would arrive here alberto ribena is deputy commander of alpine
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rescue coordinating efforts to bring the stranded people off the mountain. that we get phone calls almost all of them during the night we find groups of people four or five or six people who are really badly equipped have nothing to protect themselves from the cold no gloves no scarves no hats we even find people with no shoes. the shelter is a start by local volunteers they're offering what help they can to a constant flow of migrants cooking a hot meal and giving them a chance to sleep for a night in a warm place or new video. we found people in the snow who had no shoes or just with a t. shirt the reason is that the african people have no idea how dangerous the mountain is they have no idea at all. and there is no letup to the number of migrants prepared to take this risk when to last another three months taking its inevitable
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toll on those trying to start a new life on the other side of the alps sylvia lennon al-jazeera spain's foreign minister says the catalan independence crisis has cost the economy more than a billion dollars luis de guindos told spanish radio that a slowdown in catalonia is growth was being felt across the country to the region accounts for around a fifth of spain's gross domestic product in october spain was plunged into a constitutional crisis when catalan politicians declared independence from madrid following and outlawed referendum isin the start of the new year becoming the first country in the world to legalize equal pay between men and women companies and government agencies face fines if they can't prove pay parity firms of at least twenty five employees must have government certification of the equal pay policy. being ranked by the world economic forum as the most gender equal country for the
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past nine years but in other countries worldwide discrimination is getting worse the world economic forum says for the first time since two thousand and six parity gaps widened in the workplace as well as health education and politics don't ask other adults opinion does a board member of the icelandic women's rights association she says previous equal pay laws have been unsuccessful. this legislation is basically a mechanism that companies organizations that are. going twenty five or more people so the employers have to evaluate every job that's been done and then they get a certification after they gone through the process if they are paying men and women equally so it's really just a mechanism to ensure that women and men are paid equally the reaction has
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been a little bit mixed during the last ten years now but i think now people are starting to realize that this is a systematic problem but we have to tackle with new methods and i think people are becoming more course of their men's especially because i think women have been talking about this for decades. and i really think that. we have managed to raise awareness and we have mounted to get to a point that people realize that the legislation we have had the race is not working and we need to do something more thousands people have marched in hong kong to express their frustration at china's tightening grip on the territory they accuse beijing of a rating freedoms which are guaranteed when british colonial rule ended twenty years ago and as did it upon reports many fair twenty eight thousand will be another disappointing year for the democracy movement. defend hong kong the theme
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for this year's rally those taking part say the protest has particular resonance after year when people's rights were violated repeatedly israel will be cautious about history just because. we see the dettori asian loose in the rule of law in hong kong so we believe we should stand here to protest their future the various posters depict their grievances they are protesting against the jailing of three young pro-democracy student leaders and also condemning a change in legislative council procedures that would enable the government to push through unpopular loss without opposition and they are angry at a plan that could for the first time allow mainland chinese law enforcement officials to operate on hong kong soil i'm afraid at a pop up becoming and other parts at china. where you are just as directly got on
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top by the government that there isn't and if we don't know not anything else so i want all cost freedom prints to. come out in march like this would be unthinkable elsewhere in china where the government cracks down harshly on any kind of dissent but with new security last proposed unlikely to be implemented next year many fear that they will not be able to express their anger or criticize the government so openly in the future but there are those who feel beijing has hong kong's best interests at heart dozens of people held their own rally holding up hong kong and china flags they say they represent many in the city who would rather stay out of politics. people like susan kwan who has been running this two food shop for forty five years business is brisk on the first day of twenty eighteen for the sixty four year old she says hong kong people have a lot of freedom and democracy shouldn't be a priority. but that china is a very strong country we shouldn't upset them if you haven't done anything wrong
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there's no need to be scared of the chinese government. the rally entered civic square with protesters surrounded by police they are defiant almost euphoric to be here in front of the government offices which had been closed to the public for nearly three years this is where the landmark twenty four thousand pro-democracy occupy movement began and this is where in the past activists have held rallies and one against the government they hope it's a sign the twenty eighteen will be a year when the government will listen to their concerns if you go pollen allergies or a hong kong in the next part of our series looking to twenty eighteen we had to brazil the country is emerging from the recession and struggling with the fallout from corruption scandals but there is hope that elections could bring new gentleman reports from a safe. brazilian politics is in the doldrums forty percent of the congress are under investigation for corruption the president's ratings are in single digits and his reforms
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a stock but this year brings elections and the promise of change. i say to many of brazil's poolroom feast that means hope for the return of former president luis inacio lula providing he can be corruption charges his leftist government was known for helping the working class it was it was up one leader for us with lower income the best president was. he did more for us he offered us social programs like most of our media improvement in the region for the schools for the children and peace. in more affluent so many echoed that view of months ago they see both lula does close is challenge a giant bull sonata of right wing a who's pro-gun and anti gay is dangerous populists. but i'm also the biggest concern is the polarization these days i work in the financial market and all that really a fact shares in commodities prices and we're worried because so far there is no
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other candidate that could challenge those two. that worry has reached professor cram of the souza as he walks the corridors of power in the brazilian congress he sees a stagnant political scene so we need hill personally offhand then about all these corruption and about the fact that all of these called all these speeches up all talk a on you kind of society ideal kind of brazil one you kind of perspective it it all feels that ok deadline this is only the third decade of democracy in brazil after a military dictatorship and people say that in the early is election night it was like a huge party but corruption and mismanagement of really ground that down and now. many here the country's political dinosaurs have taken over that party for them so the. footage is trying to get fresh talent vote he said our program which
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public policy experts who train would be congressman from all walks of life it's paid for by own troops crowd funding the only rule though career politician of the political system is very important so our plan is through this program is to hope to challenge the status quo and break this vicious cycle requiring brazilian politics. that will be tough we can date and still have to roam with established parties in brazil the pedants are allowed but if a discredited political class is to change. these people. join the home of. roses. in the next part of our series looking ahead to the sea as big stories we'll be reporting from russia as it prepares to host the football world cup but the country's image tainted by a doping scandal will be asking if this is what it could be to chance to change
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and show its shine in south korea members of the clergy will have to start paying income taxes here all employees of religious institution including the buddhist monks protestant pastors and catholic priests will priests will have to report their income to the government some have already been paying income tax on a voluntary basis but others are resisting saying it's interference in religious affairs been exempt from income tax for more than six decades and this is coming into force at a time when south koreans are moving away from christianity christians is a country's biggest faith but it is in sharp decline more than half the population say they are now non-religious but as tony betty reports from seoul new efforts are being made to reverse the trend. it's no bigger than an office but this is the sole . that is church there almost eighty thousand protestant churches in the country many a small is this for the last fifty years christianity has been a big part of south korean life along with the united states south korea is the
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biggest exporter of missionaries in the world more than ten thousand south korean preachers are active in one hundred sixty countries for me and for my my own and for my pastor said in dream. to preserve the first in the planet's first then next one is a retard to communicate. in south korea though that message is being ignored christianity is the major faith followed by buddhism but young people are moving away from all religions the latest survey shows that fifty six percent of the population now describe themselves as non-religious. one the result i think people need someone to rely on but i usually go to my family friends and girlfriend so i don't really feel the need to be religious. some believe church leaders and priests live affluent lifestyles with no financial transparency and are out of touch with modern society. it seems south korean religions have failed to
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maintain the moral and ethical trust of the border and many especially young people have decided to leave their religion this that's one of the main reasons for all denominations in south korea wrestling with the problem of how to stop the religious decline and how to adapt to a fast changing world without sacrificing their principles and values that won't be easy but faiths are desperately searching for ways to modernize and become an important part of korean society once again. less archaic methods are being adopted including discussions and lectures in informal settings and technology is being introduced. phone apps have been developed so sermons and scriptures are easily accessible and more and more modern thinking churches are using live streaming video of services. once more popular than christianity here has suffered the most only fifteen percent of the population actively follow the faith now temples are
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offering temple stays for people to enjoy good food and meditation in peaceful surroundings as a way of reintroducing them to the faith. they may be considered gimmicks and gadgets but it may be the last chance for faith to stop koreans from losing their religion completely berkely out zero soul new rules making it legal to buy marijuana for recreational use have been introduced in the u.s. state of california customers were queuing up when the shop opened in oakland at six am waiting for their first chance to buy the drug legally without a medical prescription about ninety stores were allowed to start selling cannabis on new year's day los angeles and san francisco are expected to follow suit later in the year conservation is a welcomed a decision by china to ban the buying and selling of ivory in an effort to curb elephant poaching china is the world's largest importer of elephant tusks demand
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has fallen since twenty fourteen because of a crackdown on corruption and slow economic growth an estimated thirty thousand elephants are killed by poachers in africa every year. around half a million people have lined the streets of london to watch the annual new year's day parade performers from around the world of taking part with cheerleaders and marching bands from the u.s. playing to the crowds march from piccadilly to the house of parliament is screened across the world. and i get a quick look at the top stories at least fifteen people are reportedly dead in iran after a fifth day of antigovernment protests among them a policeman iranian state media say security forces repelled protesters who tried to take over police stations and military bases meanwhile iran's president has
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accused israel of being behind the protests israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu echoed u.s. president don trump as he gave his reaction it's not only false it's laughable and a local. i will not insult the ringing. they deserve better brave iranians are pouring into the streets they seek freedom they seek justice they seek the basic liberties that have been the mark to them for decades south korea has welcomed a new message from north korea's leader who's raised the possibility of talks kim jong un said he hopes ties with soul will improve but he also warned washington that he has weapons capable of reaching the u.s. and that the launch button is on his desk is ready prosecutors have charged a palestinian teenager on twelve separate counts after she was filmed slapping and kicking two israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank sixteen year old head to me
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remains into tensions and rest after the video was posted online two weeks ago she could face up to two years in jail. he's the rebel fighters in yemen said least thirty people have been injured or killed and as trucks in the fourth city of had a the saudi led coalition planes reportedly targeted two vehicles carrying fighters which had stopped at a petrol station and district local sources told al-jazeera a number of civilians were among the dead another strike targeted a local market. thousand people marched in hong kong to express their frustration at china's tightening grip on the territory they accuse beijing of eroding freedoms which are guaranteed when british colonial rule ended twenty years ago. eisen has become the first country the world to legalize equal pay between men and women the nation is ranked by the world economic forum as the most gender equal country in the world because of the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera but first
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it is inside story. resign now that's the message from protesters to d.l.c. president joseph kabila several people were even killed in a violent crackdown by security forces so what will it take for the beaver to step down or will this african country slide further into trouble this is inside story.


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