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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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zero. searching. in the most unlikely places. would winning photographer the new one. to challenge perceptions of africa. and bring photography to his community. the story of hope in the face of adversity. the new african photography was ok i believe. at this time how does it. to government protests grow in iran despite the president's call for calm at least fifteen people are dead. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from also coming up israel's
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parliament approves and or making it harder to give up any part of jerusalem to the palestinians. in california as it becomes the latest state in the us to legalize the use of marijuana plus. in a few months time the stands here at luzhniki stadium in moscow will be filled with football fans from all over the world armory chalons and i'll have more on this later in the program with russia now in its world cup year. the death toll after five days of anti government protests across iran has reportedly risen to fifteen with a police officer among the dead iranian state media say that security forces stopped on protest is trying to take of a police stations and military bases pizza shop as the latest. the fifth day of protest on the social media blackout imposed by the government has
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done little to stop the demonstrators out on the street. posting these videos from cities across iran this was big john on monday night gunshots scattering the people on the streets. at shahin shazam buildings on fire the protests showing no sign of losing its momentum i don't take it we cannot predict a time when the protests will come to an end but the protests will shake the people in power who must give priority to people's demands and needs. the state of the economy and rising prices sparked the initial protests on thursday austerity measures after years of sanctions have seen the unemployment rate rise to twelve percent but anger has also shifted to foreign policy protests as a critical of the government's support for the syrian government of bashar al assad hezbollah in lebanon and hamas in the occupied palestinian territories.
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romney. in washington d.c. outside the white house people called for the removal of president hassan rouhani the trump tweeted that people are getting wise to know how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. in terror state television quoted iranian president hassan rouhani in reply he said iran's regional accomplishments have infuriated our enemy you expect them not to take revenge you expect them not to provoke a group of people we should have prepared ourselves for this. these are the largest protests in almost a decade and threats by the republican guards to put down the demonstrations have been ignored among the night air cools for the people to continue this protest peter shop al-jazeera. really viruses the iran project director of the
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international crisis group he says the demonstrations are scattered and have no defined leadership. the fact that the nuclear deal didn't really delivered results that the public expected and the government also inflated public expectations a lot i think president rouhani over promised and under delivered but this is not only the governments fault there's been other developments on the sidelines you know the global oil prices were reduced significantly over the past two years. the fact that the u.s. commitment to did nuclear deal is under question and specially under president from has created a lot of hesitancy uncertainty in the market and that has adversely affected the iranian economy but the reality is that president rouhani also really failed to pave the ground for the potential that the nuclear deal created and that has created a lot of frustrations in iran over the past two years in fact unemployment rate has
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gone up property has gone up. income inequality in iran has exacerbated and people have had enough of all of this and this is why you see the process these days i think it's pretty obvious that this movement similar to the arab uprisings in two thousand and eleven doesn't have a clear leadership or an organization it also doesn't have a specific mission the slogans range from economic grievances all the way to regime change and that's why it's hard to imagine that it would be able to preserve its momentum in the long run i think important to note at this stage is that president rouhani has recognized both the right legitimate rights of people to protest and the legitimate grievances of the protesters the israeli parliament has approved a bill requiring a two thirds majority in the house to give up any part of jerusalem to the palestinians the amendment proposed by the right wing jewish and party comes less
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than a month after the u.s. president donald trump recognized the city as israel's capital his move has infuriated palestinians and was rejected by a landslide vote at the united nations jim jim has more from western. at its core this new law would require that eighty of one hundred twenty knesset members or full two thirds of the knesset would now be required to approve any future legislation that would attempt to divide jerusalem essentially that would ensure that jerusalem would remain off of the negotiating table when it comes to any future peace talks of course that would complicate an already very complicated situation now this vote comes on the heels of another contentious vote vote that happened on sunday this was a vote by the central committee of the likud party they voted to annex large portions of the occupied west bank now the first thing to remember is that that resolution they voted on is not binding and also we've not yet heard any reaction
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from prime minister benjamin netanyahu as to whether he will indorse that resolution and actually try to take it to the knesset to get it passed into law but that resolution after it passed was causing great consternation and anger amongst palestinians of course palestinian president mahmoud abbas said that this was considered an aggression against the palestinian people taken together with this new border really shows just how tenuous the situation remains and how uncertain things really are on the ground here is right here prosecutors have charged a palestinian teenager on twelve separate counts the she was filmed slapping and kicking two israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank sixteen year old to me remains in detentions and her arrest after this video was posted online two weeks ago a lawyer says the charges relate to six separate incidents she could face up to two years in jail charges have also been filed against her mother and cousin. pakistan has hit back at criticism from u.s. president donald trump accusing the country of deception in his first tweet of the
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year trump said the united states has foolishly given pakistan more than thirty three billion dollars in aid over the last fifteen years and they've given us nothing but lies and deceit thinking of our leaders as fools they give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in afghanistan with little help no more in response pakistan's foreign minister said trump's trying to blame pakistan for the u.s. failure to win the war in afghanistan he said pakistan is ready to publicly provide every detail of u.s. aid that it has received. and as well as president nicolas maduro has announced a forty percent increase in the minimum wage critics say it will only add to the country's soaring inflation expected to top two thousand percent this year duros says his economic policies are not to blame but are the fault of the u.s. and its allies people really very early one of the many going on in twenty seventeen was spokesman of north american imperialism president on the trans
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spearhead of economic aggression against our beloved people twenty seventeen b.n. which our economic recovery began so attacks not currency sabotage of all industry electrical industry permanent efforts to prevent destabilisation recovery of the old price and the sanctions signed by the government of donald trump to form a cleared blockade of the noble workers country of venezuela. iceland started the new year by becoming the first country in the world to make equal pay between men and women mandatory companies and government agencies face fines if they can't prove they paid male and female workers equally firms with at least twenty five employees must have equal pay policies certified by the state iceland's been ranked by the world economic forum for almost a decade as a country with the most equality between men and women but internationally discrimination is getting worse according to the organization it says that for the first time since two thousand and six pay gap between men and women widened in the workplace as well as in health education and politics well they only ask our
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daughter have been is a board member of the icelandic women's rights association she says previous equal pay laws have been unsuccessful. this legislation is basically a mechanism that companies and organizations that are. employing twenty five or more people so the employers have to evaluate every job that's been on and then they get a certification after they gone through the process if they are paying men and women equally so it's really just a mechanism to ensure that women and men are paid equally for their reaction has been a little bit mixed during the last ten years now but i think people are starting to realize that this is a systematic problem but we have to tackle with your efforts and i think people are becoming more part of their members especially because i think women have been
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talking about this for decades. and i really think that. we have. one is to raise awareness and we have a moment to get to the point that people realize that the legislation we have had the race is not working and we need to do something more south korea's president has called on his government to act quickly in response to his north korean counterpart off a dialogue moon jane was speaking following kim jong un's new year address which raised the possibility of talks with south lead also said that improving relations goes hand in hand with resolving the problems caused by pyongyang's nuclear program in his speech kim said he hopes ties with seoul would improve but he also want washington but he has weapons capable of reaching the u.s. mainland and that the north button is on his desk. a lot more still to come here not just here including shaving libya's shrines religious leaders asked the public
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to help stop the deliberate destruction. and we'll tell you about a new gold rush in the u.s. state of california on that stay with us. from flowing on in winds to an enchanting desert breeze. the northern areas of the middle east into a little disturbed over the next couple of days there is the right sleet and snow everywhere cloud that just making its way across turkey and that links this way right down across syria lebanon jordan says but to see some wet weather here over the next day or two and they still see the cloud and rain making its way into iraq with some snow on the northern flank of that some wet weather there right across the caspian further east should stay long as you try to pull it around twelve celsius forty back to around nine degrees as we go through wednesday meanwhile we
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have got. the western side of the region there we go with the next area tatar right moving across cyprus just spilling out of turkey and that will produce some rather heavy rain into that eastern side of the mediterranean as we go through the next day or two so by route we get up to around eighteen degrees celsius may well be getting up to around twenty four celsius in doha on tuesday similar values two for abu dhabi two must change as we go on into wednesday with the increasing breeze that should help to keep any early morning mist and fog at bay over the next few days seems a very heavy rain making its way towards madagascar possible tropical system feeding its way in here said the possibility of some flooding with the pavey showers from northern mozambique. there with sponsored by qatar and nice. you are making the mounts when they're on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been decriminalized or if you join us on saturday no evil person just wakes up of it in
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the morning and say i want to scour the world in darkness and this is a dialogue that could be one. about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories this hour the death toll out of five days of anti-government protests across iraq has reportedly risen to fifteen with a police officer among the dead iranian state media say that security forces stopped. the take of a police stations and military bases. israeli parliament has approved
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a bill requiring a two thirds majority to give up any part of jerusalem for the palestinians comes less than a month after u.s. president donald trump recognized the city as israel's capital. and. criticism from u.s. president donald trump who tweeted the country has given nothing but lies and deceit in exchange of billions of dollars and it's not about him trump is trying to blame pakistan the u.s. failure to win the war in afghanistan. now a growing number of people seeking sanctuary in europe from war and poverty are risking their lives to cross the tally in the alps into france off of those making the journey are thought to be children or teenagers so there are reports. over the last three months at least fifteen hundred migrants have embarked on this perilous track over the alps crossing from italy into france defying freezing temperatures and heavy snow rescue workers say they're totally ill equipped for the arduous journey around a dozen migrants reach france every day but some won't make it mountain guide say
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they will perish in the attempt to reach france rescue workers expect. the bodies of african migrants when the snow melts in the spring is smile and now is seventeen years old from guinea said their body. for more it wasn't easy at all for me because the trip was long and also the first time i saw the snow i was very tired i didn't feel my feet anymore but we arrived in the shelter where we made a fire and we took arrest and then we restarted to walk and it wasn't easy i didn't believe that we would arrive here alberto rubino is deputy commander of alpine rescue coordinating efforts to bring the stranded people off the mountain. dew on to not that we get phone calls almost all of them during the night we find groups of people for five or six people who are really badly equipped have nothing to protect themselves from the cold no gloves no scarves no hats we even find people with no shoes. the shelter is
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a start by local volunteers they're offering what help they can to a constant flow of migrants cooking a hot meal and giving them a chance to sleep for a night in a warm place or a new religion we found people in the snow who had no shoes or just with a t. shirt the reason is that the african people have no idea how dangerous the mountain is they have no idea at all and there is no let up to the number of migrants prepared to take this risk went to a last another three months taking its inevitable toll on those trying to start a new life on the other side of the alps sylvia lennon al-jazeera spain's foreign minister says the castle and then the pendants crisis has cost the economy more than a billion dollars luis de guindos told spanish radio that a slowdown in catalonia is growth is being felt across the country the region accounts for around a fifth of spain's gross domestic product in october spain was plunged into
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a constitutional crisis when catalan politicians declared independence from madrid following an alkaloid referendum. now new rules making it legal to buy marijuana for recreational use have been introduced in the u.s. state of california customers were queuing up when the shop in oakland opened at six am waiting for the first chance to buy the drug legally without a medical prescription and about ninety stores were not to start something kind of this new this day. let's talk to sam who treat he's the director of the drug policy project at the institute for policy studies he joins us via skype from washington d.c. mr tree how significant is this kind of this legislation and is this good news for consumers and the state of california it's certainly good from a criminal justice point of view in a tax revenue point of view this is a quite a dramatic development california is the sixth largest economy in the world you can now drive from all the way in the arctic circle in alaska through canada down to washington state oregon california all the way to the mexico border and that's all
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legalized cannabis zones now so california because it's also the home of the entertainment industry in such a powerful economy is a is a real juggernaut for change elsewhere in the country and indeed around the world but opponents of the law say of lead to more driving under the influence and also introduce more young people to using the drug i mean they have a point. no actually it's got the opposite direction in the states that have already legalized it so we have several years of data from colorado from washington state and now from oregon or washington d.c. for instance things actually have gone the other direction the if the international community is really wants to know about this talk to your ambassadors in washington d.c. talk to your news bureau chiefs in washington d.c. where cannabis has been legalized for several years now nothing has really changed in the city life goes on the sky hasn't fallen and it's things are moving quite quite nicely here and there are still strict rules governing the use of the drug i
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mean no smoking in public places you can't use it near schools but will people actually follow those rules. we have in other states that are that have legalized this image the same kind of you know consideration the existing for all kinds of things like alcohol as well so i don't perceive that to be a huge problem and observers say there are complicated taxes and regulations in california that govern the sale of the drug does this mean then that consumers growers retailers will find it hard to leave the huge underground black market because of the taxes and regulations actually know what this does to the black market is that decimates the profits of the black market the black market only existed because of cannabis prohibition or over regulation so that people were willing to engage in a criminal side of the market but they would charge a huge risk premium so that's where the real money comes from in illicit drug sales is not from the cost of manufacturing itself but from the fact that it's illegal
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and that people are incurring tremendous risks in terms of jail time for these things that's where you take that's where the profit comes from and this will pop that bubble just a final thought from you mr tree we know that as you say eight states have now legalize the recreational and medicinal use of the drug are we likely then to see more states in the u.s. follow suit. absolutely it's inevitable there are a number of states coming up this year that might do it and we might actually have states that do this by legislature rather than by popular referendum which i think is the preferred way is the better way to do it will you have you know proper hearings and that sort of thing rather than just a for down vote from the general public so things are moving quite quite rapidly here now somehow treat thank you for talking to al jazeera my pleasure. next series looking ahead to twenty eighteen today we report from russia which is preparing to host the football world cup in just over six months the event gives the country a chance to showcase itself in a more positive light at
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a time when it's under western sanctions and in the shadow of a sports doping scandal really challenge reports from moscow. empty stadiums often have an atmosphere of expectation about them they need the rule of a crowd to bring them alive and moskos luzhniki stadium fresh from a complete refit is waiting for the biggest footballing spectacle of them all and ice is the direct construction took about three years then tackle of it had to be demolished except for the external walls the statue huma's a high technology facility the base has natural grass with a special ventilation and a heating system and there are more than sixty five kilometers of engineering cubes under it the readiness of russia's twelve world cup stadiums is facing the usual pre-con petition scrutiny catherine berg's temporary stands raise concerns a few months ago assures us everything will be fine all together they'll be seven
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matches played here luzhniki including the opening match the semifinal and the final itself together with the olympics the world cup is one of the two biggest sporting events in the world which makes it not just about football but about politics to. the glory of russia's last big sporting bonanza barely lasted beyond the closing ceremony two thousand and fourteen winter olympics in sochi were tanishq first by russia's military involvement in ukraine and then a widespread doping scandal so providing everything goes well this summer the world cup is an opportunity to mend russia's reputation somewhat and it happens to be a presidential election year two persons extremely tremendously important for russian politics for russia as empire of. military force and. to lesser extent economic force political force.
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sports means kind of world war three or four of the salutes national pride matters hugely in russia particularly with many people left poor by the recent recession in a wintry central moscow they dare to hope. of course we believe in our football team we believe in our victory stay you know now we will am for the finals we are supporting them we believe in them this is our russia summer can't come soon enough rory chalons out zero moscow. and in part three of us series we'll be looking at the upcoming winter olympic games in south korea and safety concerns about the host town not far from north korea's border that's on wednesday here on al-jazeera. now a chinese ban on importing twenty four different types of foreign waste has come into force china has been the world's biggest waste importer for decades but the government says it's led to many environmental and health problems because of toxic
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materials like lead america the bans expected to leave many countries struggling to cope with their waste libya is in danger of losing a huge part of its cultural heritage as well as damage from war some historic shrines are being deliberately destroyed dozens have been demolished by followers of the salafist movement who don't believe the shrines have a place in islam moment i don't have reports from tripoli the shrine of sheikh mohammed in madison new cd is the latest to be right sacked by members of the cellophane movement. his grave which has been in this southern city of alcor for around one hundred years was an earthquake and the reliques inside a school in. cellophane bleve that shrines represent infidelity libya's religious edicts committee has condemned the air acts shihab rahman get do says the shrines are part of libya's identity and targeting them is shameful and
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against islamic teachings. there since march of twenty twelve we've issued around twenty five fatwas condemning such acts and explaining that there were violation of islamic sharia law according to the four muslim doctrines were also people not to on earth graves and to refer any issues to the authorities but clerics here seem reluctant to openly speak out against those who destroy the shrines the salafist movement was in evidence in libya during the marmara good death is more than forty years in power now it has reemerged with the military campaign led by a renegade general highly for heftier and there are fears more historic shrines could be demolished it's during the past few years dozens of historic mosques shrines and laborers have been targeted consecutive governments
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have done little to stop the destruction and public anger has gone unheard. the authorities in tripoli with the responsibility for ancient buildings say they can't possibly take the necessary measures to protect historic sites from armed assailants so they instead try to raise people's a worthless. we have already reported these violations to unesco since twenty thirteen we don't count on governments we count only on people's awareness however people alone can't face militant assailants so we are still worried that these shrines in a storage sites might be targeted to some of the shrines are centuries old with a unique engravings that is rote i don't designs and newsy acts but without protection they're quite literally just pieces of history the horde of. tripoli now the discovery of gold
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a nineteenth century california brought gold diggers rushing to the state hoping to strike it lucky recently heavy rain has seen the goal return and with it the prospectus reynolds explains why. deep in these rugged hills and plunging valleys a new age of gold has dawned and modern day prospectors are on the march in search of the glint of glittering gold and there are still gold in them there are hills there's a lot of gold out here members of the delta gold diggers club are panning and pounding hammering and digging sluicing and sloshing in ice cold california streams in years past the gold was hidden beneath tons of gravel built up in the stream beds but furious rain storms and floods burley or this year change that virtually overnight the rains scoured the canyons and made gold here to find you had to work
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for an hour solve before to disk it down to the bedrock that start moving that bedrock around breaking apart and getting the grout the dirt that has sunk in over thousands of years and get the gold that's in those cracks hours of work shifting boulders earned mike steele a golden reward worth about twenty dollars this is the heart of the historic california gold rush country the discovery of gold here in eight hundred forty eight set off an unprecedented global bass movement of people sailboats steamships and horse drawn wagons brought three hundred thousand gold crazy migrants from the eastern u.s. europe and from as far away as china and she lay the surge of gold stimulated economic growth around the world but the influx of miners devastated native american tribes in the region gary taylor understands what brought the hordes to california nearly one hundred seventy years ago go favor if you find some then
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this kind of that way then it keeps going the final bad thing ok let's come back and find some more jay randall struck gold not much it's true a little back and i thought that people were looking for but he's perfectly happy anyway i just like to get out and. see if you can find something kathleen borghi hasn't found any gold but she's having fun getting out in the forest. and big and around in the dirt. how i make in my. gold fever still alive and well in the california hills robert oulds al-jazeera near columbia california. by time for a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera the death toll after five days of anti-government protests across iran has reportedly risen to fifteen with
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a police officer about the dead iranian state media say that security forces stopped a test is trying to take of a police stations and military bases israeli parliament has approved a bill requiring a two thirds majority to give up any part of jerusalem to the palestinians it comes less than a month off the us president donald trump recognized the city as israel's capital on a jump june has more from western samoa. at its core this new law would require that eighty of one hundred twenty knesset members or a full two thirds of the knesset would now be required to approve any future legislation that would attempt to divide jerusalem essentially that would ensure that jerusalem would remain off of the negotiating table when it comes to any future peace talks of course that would complicate an already very complicated situation israeli prosecutors have charged a palestinian teenager on twelve separate counts of the she was film stopping and kicking two israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank sixteen year old said to me
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was arrested two weeks ago after the video was posted online and remains in detention she could face up to two years in jail charges of polls have been filed against a mother and cousin. south korea's president has called on his government to act quickly in a sponsor days north korean counterparts offer of dialogue and was speaking following kim jong un's new year's address which raised the possibility of talks with also said that improving relations goes hand in hand with result in the confrontation of opinions nuclear program pakistan's hit back at criticism from u.s. president donald trump who treated the country has given nothing but lies and deceit in exchange for billions of dollars in aid islamabad trying to blame pakistan for the u.s. failure to win the war in afghanistan new rules making it legal to buy marijuana for recreational use of been introduced in the u.s. state of california about ninety stores were allowed to start selling cannabis on
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new year's day. all right those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the strain. quite enough. reality your president said that there would be a complete one hundred percent audit that orders hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying that the future of the. here the story. on talk to how does it. at this time. and here in the stream today from poverty to parliament to your gandhi an afro pop star and newly elected. uganda. better known by his stage name.


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