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under their. criminal busts it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question is for throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing investigation in. ukraine could you aim for oil you've been corrupt i was corrupt i did just the presidency council zero investigation it's the only go this time. iran's supreme leader blames enemies for fueling anti-government protests at least twenty three people are dead. and sam is a damned this is al jazeera live from dollhouse so coming up with the olympics less
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than six weeks away the two koreas move towards talks. a new israeli law makes it harder for any future government to compromise with the palestinians over jerusalem. pakistan stops charities banned by the u.n. security council from collecting funds. iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei eyes accusing the country's enemies of fueling anti-government protests state media say nine people have been killed on monday night taking the total during five days of unrest to twenty three rob matheson has more. gunshots in the city of persia on monday night. demonstrators defying a government social media blackout posting these pictures from cities across
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a row. on of damaged cars frightened crowds and burning buildings. just hours earlier in the capital tehran there was little sign of the turmoil which is engulfed parts of the country but the issues which have sparked the protests such as iran stuttering economy after years of sanctions and the fear of unemployment are serious concerns for people here i mean john the car i'm working but in this society i'm always stressed about the possibility of getting fired the next day always being worried about my job my family the security of my family the main problems people are grappling with are their security the economy and their livelihood. and there are some who are poor and cannot make ends meet what should they do life is really difficult i have a daughter in. the high prices it really put me under pressure at home iran's leaders say some protesters may have been provoked by foreign countries but they say they believe most are demanding more freedoms been as every man in my opinion
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we can't say whoever is taking to the streets has orders from other countries but there might be a handful so it's not like people have come to the streets to say that we want money bread and water you know they have other demands as well as allowing a freer environment u.s. president donald trump has tweeted that iranians are hungry for food and freedom and that's led to protests outside the white house demanding the removal of president rouhani on monday night protesters also continue to demonstrate against iran's support for syrian president bashar al assad as well as in lebanon and hamas in the occupied palestinian territories iran's republican guard is threatening to stop the demonstrations but there are still calls for more protests rob matheson al-jazeera. is a visiting fellow at the brookings doha center and associate at the harvard kennedy school projects he's here with us in the studio good to. thank you so iran's
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supreme leader is saying outside enemies are behind the trouble there it's true to agree with it no i don't think so i mean and you know all over the world when those demonstrations by people happen leaders tend to you know to link to some obscure outside forces but he's making specific allegations about intelligence agencies providing weapons and cash no evidence of that that you see well what is ironic is that iran has always been saying that those external forces that are now blaming have hardly any influence in iran itself and it seems now all of a sudden they do have influence so what's the real story there reality is that there are external forces who are instrumental izing you know the uprising now but there is there is our organic systematic you know organic protests that have systematic reasons in iran so there is no you know no real outside
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interference used the word uprising there how much of a threat of these protests really to the government well there are can be a real threat because for for a very long time now there has been a lot of discontent and now the entire political system the entire regime is targeted by the protesters so this is the most politicized protest that we have seen in iran for a very long time but they are yet to gather enough steam in some of the key cities in areas right we've seen them in well there is a lot of repression now especially in the provinces the drug geographical scope of the protests as much larger than the two thousand and nine green movement so there are protests in about fifty cities all across the country and now the clampdown is focusing on the province provincial cities and towns and now the i.r.g.c.
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has even announced that they're the world take charge of security in the capital of tehran. one of the process about this stage even started off with concerns over corruption and poverty but is it mushroomed into something bigger economic and political issues cannot be separated in the case of iran so it's true that it started with you know social justice concerns but also very swiftly political concerns were added to it so there is a lot of so there's a combination of both because so the islamic republic has monopolized economic and political power to the detriment of the bulk of the population the u.s. positions been interesting been quite quick this time around to express support for protestors compared to the u.s. position during the arab spring protests for example donald trump tweeting about how people hungry for freedom i mean this is from the same leader who embraced
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a different i.c.c. gyptian leader who led a coup against a democratically elected government is the concern here i mean is there really solid support for freedom and democracy coming from the west. i mean from president trump we don't have to expect that he's truly you know a defender of democratic wyatt's whatsoever and i also think that the iranian people do not have any illusion the united states or any other outside power is supportive of any kind of democratic fights what is concerning however is the position or the reactions from europe and the european union also the german government who have been basically blaming both sides of the protesters sides and the regime sides for violence and which is a bit cynical given the symmetry you know between the two sides on a position of power by one side clearly all right thanks for coming in good to get
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your thoughts. iran has reopened the border with iraq's kurdish region the crossings to a deal and sort of money were closed in october iraq requested the closure in protest at the kurdish referendum for independence an iranian m.p. recently said the closure had cost iran more than two and a half billion dollars the airports you know to be ill and remain closed. south korea has accepted the north's rare offer of talks proposing the two sides meet next tuesday unification astri said the talks were mainly focused on north korea's participation in the upcoming winter olympics in the south it follows kim jong un's new year address which struck more friendly tone towards. over the years . the government proposes to hold high level government to government talks between the north and south at the peace house and joined on january ninth to discuss relevant issues including the north participation in the winter olympics considering they are a month away flawlessly has more from seoul. south korean officials have made it
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clear that the talks that they're proposing to be held on january ninth focus on north korea sending their athletes to take part in the upcoming winter olympics and paralympics as well as on improving into career relations the last time these two countries held high level talks was in december two thousand and fifteen those talks broke down after south korea refused to resume sending leasure ter groups to north korea and we don't yet know how north korea is going to respond to this offer south korea said they tried to contact north korea via communication hotline this morning but nobody picked up this communication hotline had been severed since february two thousand and sixteen after north korea conducted a nuclear test the president of south korea has also made it clear that talks on denuclearization will have to involve the international community but they're
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hoping that some but south korean officials are hoping that these talks will help improve into career relations that him have been at their lowest point in decades leonid turds rob is a visiting fellow at the college of asia and the pacific at the australian national university he says the winter olympics could play a role for stability in the region. it looks like a limper winter olympics are going to provide the forum for both north and south korean athletes to participate together to compete and also to delay or potentially overt the danger of war which president for really present to the korean peninsula last year so it looks like the olympics are going to serve the original intention your original purpose of stopping the wars and allowing people to improve people's diplomat diplomacy and in interpreting the reconciliation may turn into the new phase these here again and i think for both president of south korea and the
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supreme leader of north korea understand that it's probably the only way to avert the war it looks like the punk trying to lympics it going to delay anyway in any in any possible conflagration of war resumption of the korean war so the war is not going to happen well at least until the end of the lympics so i can say. until march this year there will be peace on the korean peninsula. the rebel fighters in yemen say at least thirty people have been killed or injured in airstrikes in the port city of her day the saudi led coalition planes reportedly targeted two vehicles carrying her three fighters which stopped at a petrol station district local sources tell just here a number of civilians are among the dead another strike targeted a local market. a palestinian teenager faces two years in jail for slapping and kicking to the soldiers sixteen year old i had to meet me and was arrested rather after a video was posted online two weeks ago a lawyer says she faces twelve charges related to six separate incidents in the
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occupied west bank a cousin and mother have also been charged. palestinians are condemning a new israeli law which makes it harder to hand over parts of jerusalem under a future peace deal israeli m.p.'s passed the bill which means two thirds of the knesset must now approve giving up territory a simple majority was required previously former palestinian negotiator sabato says the new law is a continuation of the u.s. president's decision to put an end to the palestinian cause. jhoom has more from been occupied east jerusalem. there are so many questions being asked about the impact of this new law what we do know for sure is that number one this law would mean that a supermajority or eighty of one hundred twenty knesset members would be needed for approval of any future legislation when it comes to giving up territory in jerusalem that's instead of the sixty one or simple majority members of the knesset
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that are needed or that were needed before now that makes a big difference because in effect that essentially takes to roussillon off the negotiating table and any future peace talks now the second and perhaps more contentious issue this brings up is that this could potentially allow for the changing of jerusalem's municipal borders that means that neighborhoods like one behind me call for as well as the refugee camp neighborhoods that are both behind the wall they would no longer potentially be part of the jerusalem municipality that raises a lot of questions about what would happen to the residents there that are now considered residents of east jerusalem with those residents continue to be residents of jerusalem when they continue to be residents of israel would they be able in the future to vote in jerusalem elections many questions at this hour we've spoken to lots of analysts lots of lawyers there scratching their heads about it as well essentially this raises many issues about over one hundred thousand palestinians that are in neighborhoods like this that don't really know going
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forward what their residency status or other status are going to be bringing a lot more uncertainty into an already very uncertain time. well still ahead on al jazeera. i'm out of the room better than i was in the states now and i see more opportunity and that's that's my motivation and i'm taking control of their destinies undocumented migrants in the u.s. embrace new opportunities in mexico. don't let a volcano get in the way of relaxing holiday how indonesia is government is trying to lure the tourists back to the island of bali. i think we may well see blizzard conditions across northern parts of japan over the next couple of days them out of the cloud across northern areas of the country into
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hokkaido fair amount of snow as well and coupled with the very strong winds that we are expecting that could cause some very difficult conditions watch out conditions for some at times as that snow then coming across the northern half of the country sinking its way into honshu very much in evidence still as we go on through thursday but not quite as widespread by this stays cold enough behind it minus two celsius for support snow degrees there in tokyo and below freezing there as you can see across the korean peninsula come across into central areas of china fair amount of snow coming in here to the south of that a fair amount of rain some wet weather there pushing right across towards shanghai but south of that generally dry and the cloud will thicken up as we go on into the second half of the way hong kong less sticky twenty degrees celsius by this day's may well still seems a very heavy showers making its way across the central and southern parts of the philippines the wetter weather will push out into the south china sea as you can see it's making its way towards india china still quite
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a rash across much of malaysia a good part of potential are looking very wet over the next few days. a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power. how is this radical transformation. i mean. i mean if you want to be shedding light on the romanians pressing for change on the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people this time on al-jazeera.
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or go back time to recap our headlines there on the supreme leader. is accusing the country's enemies of fueling anti-government protests state media says nine people have been killed on monday night taking the death toll during five days of unrest to twenty three. south korea has accepted the north's offer of talks proposing the two sides meet next tuesday follows kim jong un's new year address which struck a more friendly tone towards all palestinians are condemning a new israeli law which makes it harder to hand over parts of jerusalem under a future peace deal israeli m.p.'s press the bill which means two thirds of the knesset must now prove giving up any territory. pakistan is seen as control of charities and financial assets linked to one of the main suspects in the two thousand and eight mum by bombings in india it came as president dog tweeted
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pakistan is a haven for terrorists potential aim has more on who's behind the charities. there's a ten million dollar reward for any information leading to the conviction of half is sayit yet here he is at a rally last week protesting u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel the united states believes saeed is the mastermind of the two thousand and eight attacks in mumbai over the course of four days attackers used automatic weapons and grenades to kill more than one hundred sixty people say he has denied involvement in the attacks and a court in pakistan found there was insufficient evidence to convict him and twenty seventeen he was put under house arrest for violating anti-terrorism laws had a ready made his release prompted outrage from pakistanis and the u.s. government which is long been critical of pakistan when it come clude three hundred
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schools hospitals ambulance services and a publishing house the government is blocking fund raising and there are plans to assume control of them the un security council has also banned two of sedes organizations pakistan is under pressure and therefore i this new decision. has come after the british by the americans by you and by india. this is a challenging time in pakistan us relations we must see decisive action against terrorist groups parading on their territory. and we make massive payments every year to pakistan they have to help pakistan says moving in on saeed's groups isn't bowing to u.s. pressure it's intended to fulfil its international obligations reuters reports that pakistan was worried it would face u.n. sanctions for failing to crack down on terrorist groups later this month
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a un security council team will visit to check on its progress natasha going to. supporters of protesting against the decision over the so-called charities come up high to has more on that from the slum about the budget on a government had moved to ban hall for a shade jab at the outfit which has been working across budget on a national day of doctors and respect among the people in the country however to move will be seen by them as an attempt to die for the day of work in this country dad already waging a protest get on starting in the city of karachi and. blog the grand trunk road a major white a highway away then get on the pakistani foreign minister on the other hand also lashing out at the united states by saying that progress on what is being blamed for the united states failure and then of honest on and by the americans blaming it
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on so indeed major developments read in the region but also a strong reaction expected from out fareed if moving toward me unjustified. but clock is ticking for a program that provides protection against deportation for people who went to the u.s. illegally as children last year president donald trump announced plans to phase out the so-called backup program by march this led to protests from so-called dreamers who feared being forced out of the only country that ever known some of them are choosing to leave though before they get pushed out julie galliano ports from monterrey in mexico. there's not a single platform growing up in colorado kevin wehner always strength is going to college in the united states but there was one problem he was undocumented i ben was a student as a citizen i paid taxes i'm not a criminal and they're trying to treat you like a criminal like maybe it's not for me so i started exploring options in mexico
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kevin is a dreamer born in mexico his family took him to the u.s. when he was just for almost twenty years later he felt his options there were exhausted. it registered for the obama administration's deferred action through childhood arrivals program or dhaka which allows undocumented minors to stay without fear of deportation. with president trump announcing the programs and and with increased hostility towards immigrants kevin chose to leave he received a full scholarship to study business here at the university of monterey in northern mexico but i can assess america and many other than this color ship is assigned as a positive message for our compatriots in the u.s. it says we're economize your belly as a mexican as a human and as an asset and we want you here in mexico for many dreamers their only references of mexico are of violence and poverty but increasingly institutions such
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as this university are targeting these young men and women while they're still on the u.s. side of the border and they're hoping that by offering them attractive professional adage occasional opportunities they'll choose to realize their dreams here in mexico instead. the mexican government has announced a series of steps it says will streamline the return of dreamers we're going to be missed but no funds have been allocated and some feel more needs to be done to make mexico more appealing than the u.s. a lot of people this is saying here they're making and we know them we support them but at the end of the day a lot of people who are old saw things like problems like they are going to come on and stole our our. jobs. returning home especially after so long it's never easy but those who've done it say this is mexico's chance to shine. program to think that you're in the best and you're about to go to a third world country with no opportunities well so. i'm better than i was in the
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states now and i see more opportunity and that's that's my motivation and. mexico hopes kevin story can be repeated with thousands more dreamers. al-jazeera monterrey mexico. over dhaka program was introduced in two thousand and twelve by then u.s. president barack obama eight hundred thousand documented migrants who enter the country before the age of sixteen protected under it they can live work and study in the u.s. but it's set to expire in march congress may come up with an alternative by then democrats and some republicans want protections for the dream is to continue more than four hundred companies including facebook and silicon valley giants are backing their efforts they say scrapping the program will reduce the talent pool for staff trump and his allies say dhaka will end unless congress agrees on policy changes to immigration and border security i jury says more than seven
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hundred people held hostage by the armed group boko haram have managed to escape they were found near close to the northeastern border with chad the military says many of the captives were farmers and fisherman who are being kept as slaves i mean agrees has the latest from a booter. the more than seven hundred hostages fled their captors after what the nigerian army called grown elephants of over the last few weeks in northeastern nigeria now these areas they fled from are actually islands in the lake chad because of the receding waters of the league on the borders with nigeria cameroon and child some islands forming in the middle of the lake and these have been populated by villagers who are mostly farmers and fisherman now they have escaped after the army or the military read in the lake child region of northeastern
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nigeria now this is coming this discovery of large number of hostages kept the bible quote came almost a year after the nigerian government announced that a bookworm has been technically defeated a lot of nigerians are not comfortable with the declaration by president mohammad y.d. when he made that announcement says that and i will see in daring and sometimes devastating attacks by book or on fighters in northeastern nigeria and they have taken a lot of course to use some of these attacks actually took place in two thousand and seventeen the army is continuing its operations to be against book around and book i am a software proved to be a resilient fall in northeastern nigeria a fire as a drink factory in cameron's largest city is also destroyed a nearby school and several homes witnesses say the blaze started in alcohol vats at the factory and firefighters couldn't stop the flames spreading surrounding buildings reinforcements were called in from the nearby airport. conservationists
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are welcoming china's decision to ban the buying and selling of ivory an effort to curb elephant poaching china is the world's largest importer of elephant tasks demands for instance two thousand and fourteen because of slow economic growth and the government crackdown on corruption around thirty thousand elephants killed by poachers in africa every year. the indonesian tourist island of bali is counting the cost of its erupting volcano visitor numbers have dropped by more than seventy percent since september a billion dollars in revenue has been lost but the government is trying to entice the tourists back step vasant explains how from bali. inside the danger zone tourists are visiting bally's most famous temple the sucky life just seven kilometers from the crater of the erupting volcano and was off limits for the past three months the decision to reopen a tourist attraction shows the government's eagerness to lure visitors the whole gay know is still at its highest alert level or agree with this decision there are
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many other places where tourists can go in delhi we can't predict nature it's a better to put safety first around five million tourists visit bali every year but after the eruptions and airport closure last month several countries including china issued travel warnings hotels far away from the volcano where i am and owners were forced to temporarily suspend staff. to reassure tourist president joke of a daughter took southeast at one of bali's famous speeches tourism has recovered slightly during the holiday season but many balinese are suffering. has worked as a guide to a month i'm going to take in around one thousand tigers every year since september his business has stopped promising and i. am confused what to do now i want to work but i have no other work experience than being a guy i hope someone can give us a job because all sixty two guides of
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a girl are now jobless and we've no money to go back to farming them. vocal knowledge is saying nobody can predict how long will a rupture or if the eruptions will become bigger the last time it erupted in one thousand nine hundred sixty three it killed more than fifteen hundred people all living near the volcano while a volcano continues to erupt the government has gone out of its way to convince tourists that bali is safe outside of the danger zone ten kilometers from the crater the huge losses in tourist revenues has taken the authorities by surprise and some say this is a.
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