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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2018 9:00pm-10:02pm +03

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it's a constant barrage every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain the good logical rational person crazy monsters and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream when you do narratives of this time on al-jazeera. this is zero. hello i'm suit and this is the news hour live from london coming up. at least twenty two people are killed and more than five hundred arrested during
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anti-government protests in iran the supreme leader says foreign agencies are behind the violence pakistan targets the assets and charities a half is saeed among the united states says was behind the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks that claimed one hundred sixty five lives and we look at how an erupting volcano is decimating tourist numbers to bali and the indonesian government. people back. and i'm far as small have all the day's sport including andy murray is the latest top tennis player to be hit with an injury and a new season already ravaged by withdrawal. we begin in iran where at least eighty raney and some being killed overnight and on to government protests according to state media overall at least twenty chain people all known to have died since the. began on thursday
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a supremely blames what he calls iran's enemies for the trouble u.s. president donald trump has tweeted his support for the protesters and called on the iranian government to one block social media. has. gunshots in the city of persia and on monday night. demonstrators defy a government social media blackout posting these pictures from cities across iran of damaged cars frightened crowds and burning buildings. just hours earlier in the capital tehran there was little sign of the turmoil which is engulfed parts of the country but the issues which have sparked the protests such as iran stuttering economy after years of sanctions and the fear of unemployment are serious concerns for people here i mean john i thought i'm working but in this society i'm always stressed about the possibility of getting fired the next day always being worried about my job my family the security of my family the main
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problems people are grappling with are their security the economy and their livelihood. and there are some who are poor and cannot make ends meet what should they do life is really difficult i have a daughter in. the high prices that really put me under pressure at home u.s. president donald trump has tweeted that iranians are hungry for food and freedom and that's led to protests outside the white house demanding the removal of president rouhani yes iran's supreme leader says the country's enemies are to blame for fueling the protests man. the enemy is waiting for an opportunity for a crack through which you can infiltrate look at the recent events all those who are at odds with the islamic republic have used various means including money weapons politics and intelligence apparatus to create problems for the islamic system yes lama republic and the islamic revolution. on monday night protests. also
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continue to demonstrate against iran's support for syrian president bashar al assad as well as caused in lebanon and hamas in the occupied palestinian territories iran's republican guard is threatening to stop the demonstrations but there are still calls for more protests rob matheson al jazeera. and joining me now in the studio is l.a. karen my he is she's a senior policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations thanks very much for coming in to al jazeera we're hearing there is a growing presence of place and of the passage the volunteer force on the streets do you think a violent crackdown is inevitable. well what we've seen over the last few days is that the protests are moving from being quite a peaceful street protests to having more radical slogans and more radical measures . purportedly footage being released of government buildings and properties being
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set on fire and so the more violent behavior there is on the ground from both sides the more likely there is that's going to be tougher security measures in place going forward what did you make of the comments of the supreme leader how many said today that foreign enemies are responsible for this on just well i think a lot of people had predicted that this would feature as part of any statement that the supreme leader of iran would release it's a consistent feature of iranian authorities responses to these types of process that we've seen for example previously in two thousand and nine but i think what was also interesting is that he kaviak that the remarks by saying i have more to discuss on this issue and we don't know what's going on behind the scenes there is a sense at least from the information that we are getting from the on on the ground that both the political leadership inside iran and political elites are generally surprised and confused by what's happening and there's
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a lot of i think internal thinking and debate going on behind the scenes about how best the islamic republic of iran as an establishment is going to respond to this wave of protests i think in a way there might be a backlash against that it almost belittles the the economic complaints that are happening on the streets as to what at least some of the people out there are saying they are taking to the streets because of the the situation of the economy you are very much part of the nuclear negotiations that people were hoping would deliver a better level of economy for those people that are on the poverty line well certainly six's ago when these. started they were about. economic issues the slogans were predominantly to do with the frustrations felt by many across the board on how the economy has been developing and delivering for the average person inside iran but we saw statements from president rouhani yesterday that did actually
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highlight and accept that there are legitimate grievances not only on the economic side but also the political side so as i say i think there is some internal debates going on inside the establishment of what the best policy going forward is going to be and we've seen that also in how the iranian media inside the country is reacting to these protests so for example at the beginning of these protests the more conservative and what would be labeled as the opposition media to the current government was quite sympathetic to these voices coming out and now there is more concern about the radical elements of the protests that are questioning the entire system as a whole or as a hearing the american president tweeting quite considerably about the situation do you think his comments are making matters worse almost well they are certainly giving a very great excuse for those inside iran who label all of the protesters as taking their leads from foreign agents to claim that case and also there is
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a clear worry when you speak to people on the ground that these type of statements are going to make it more difficult and restrict the political space available for them to actually peacefully protest thank you very much for joining us alec aaron meyer and for coming in. the spokesman for palestinian president mahmoud abbas says a new israeli law which makes it harder to hand over parts of jerusalem is equivalent to a declaration of war israeli m.p.'s passed the bill which means two thirds of the knesset must now approve giving up territory under a future peace deal a simple majority was previously required it comes a day after the party of prime minister benjamin netanyahu approved a draft resolution that calls for large parts of the occupied west bank to be annexed homage on june has more from kaffir acca in occupied east jerusalem. there are so many questions being asked about the impact of this new law what we do know
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for sure is that number one this law would mean that a supermajority or eighty of one hundred twenty knesset members would be needed for approval of any future legislation when it comes to giving up territory in to roost and that's instead of the sixty one or simple majority members of the knesset that are needed or that were needed before now that makes a big difference because in effect that essentially takes to roussillon off the negotiating table and any future peace talks now the second and perhaps more contentious issue this brings up is that this could potentially allow for the changing of jerusalem's municipal borders that means that neighborhoods like one behind me call for. as well as the shroud refugee camp neighborhoods that are both behind the wall they would no longer potentially be part of the jerusalem municipality that raises a lot of questions about what would happen to the residents there that are now considered residents of east jerusalem with those residents continue to be residents of jerusalem when they continue to be residents of israel would they be
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able in the future to vote in jerusalem elections many questions at this hour we've spoken to lots of analysts lots of lawyers there scratching their heads about it as well essentially this raises many issues about over one hundred thousand palestinians that are in neighborhoods like this that don't really know going forward what their residency status or other status are going to be a lot more uncertainty into an already very uncertain time. akiva eldar is a columnist for the news website and joins me now live from tel aviv do you get the sense that this is just the knesset almost carrying on from decision to move the capital. yeah i think that president trump put the threshold very high so they had to jump one stage ahead and to do something that shows that we are members of knesset
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from the right of course mopar tree otic then the americans and this as was mentioned before is a follow up of a statement made by the likud the ruling party that we need time to annex the occupied territories and they see jerusalem is part of israel so let alone to annex jerusalem or to do what ever we like with jews ylem but actually it's a slap in the face of president trump because he made it very clear he and the secretary of state and the ambassador to the u.n. that actually the both sides the israelis and the palestinians and the obs will have to sort out the borders of jews elim and here they're doing right the opposite and actually they show that president trump cannot control israel is not able or
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doesn't want to control israel a slap in the face but also any suggestion now surely that george bush they can come out with some sort of a peace process to be discussed it is dead and buried. yeah of course it's a message to the palestinian actually this year we will celebrate a quarter of a decade of the oslo agreement that was signed in ninety three and jerusalem is part of is on the or should be on the negotiating table israel has agreed the israeli government to negotiate the future of jerusalem no country has even not actually the united states has accepted and has voted still in favor of the annex ation of jerusalem so jews and them has to be
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part of the solution and it's becoming part of a very huge part of the problem of these wally and the palestinian conflict and it's not only an israeli palestinian conflict it's a muslim issue it's part of the relationship between israel and the arabs it's a saudi problem so actually what the knesset is saying is forget about all slow and this is what the likud said a few days ago is it doesn't exist this is the first death as the palestinians rightly said this is actually a does certificate so of the oslo agreement and the two state solution. i have no other definition it's good to get your thoughts ed thanks very much for joining us and. speaking from tel aviv. coming up on this news hour from london and new here new stone for king junger in the north korean leader's offer of talks is
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met with a cautious yes by so. the syrian government ramped up its assault on rebel held positions near damascus killing dozens of civilians plus. in a few months time the stands here at luzhniki stadium in moscow will be filled with football fans from all over the world armory chalons and i'll have more on this later in the program with russia now in its world cup year. the pakistani government has summoned the u.s. ambassador after president donald trump threatened to cut off aid accusing pakistan of giving a safe haven to terrorists under pressure from its neighbors as well as the u.s. is now planning to take control of charities and financial assets linked to a man considered a terrorist by many countries the u.s. and india say half is sighing was behind the chief thousand and eight attacks in
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mumbai that killed more than one hundred sixty people that has more. there's a ten million dollar reward for any information leading to the conviction of half is sayit yet here he is at a rally last week protesting u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel the united states believes saeed is the mastermind of the two thousand and eight attacks in mumbai over the course of four days attackers used automatic weapons and grenades to kill more than one hundred sixty people say he has denied involvement in the attacks and a court in pakistan found there was insufficient evidence to convict him and twenty seventeen he was put under house arrest for violating anti-terrorism laws when he made his release prompted outrage from pakistanis and the u.s. government which is long been critical of pakistan when it comes to clamping down
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on terrorism the pakistani government has targeted saeed's assets and charities they include three hundred schools hospitals ambulance services and a publishing house the government is blocking fund raising and there are plans to assume control of them the un security council has also banned two of sedes organizations pakistan is under pressure and their fire this new decision. has come after the british by the americans by you and by india. this is a challenging time in pakistan u.s. relations we must see decisive action against terrorist groups parading on their territory. and we make massive payments every year to pakistan they have to help pakistan says moving in on saeed's groups isn't bowing to u.s. pressure it's intended to fulfil its international obligations reuters reports that
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pakistan was worried it would face u.n. sanctions for failing to crack down on terrorist groups later this month a un security council team will visit to check on its progress natasha going to him . and then pakistan supporters are saying have been protesting against the move come on high the us more from islamabad the pakistani government had moved to ban hard for a shade jab at the outfit which has been working across budget on a national day of doctors and respect among the people in the country however to move will be seen by them as an attempt to die for the day work in the country they had already waging protests get on starting in the city of karachi and not knowledge threatening blogs the grand trunk road a major white highway would then get on the pakistani foreign minister on the other hand also lashing out at the united states by saying that progress on what is being
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blamed for the united states failure and i've won it on and by the americans blaming it on so indeed major developments read in the region but also a strong reaction expected from. fareed if moving toward me on justified let's get more or less from muslim children here in washington d.c. well why is donald trump getting more aggressive with pakistan. well that's really the big question that's facing an a-list here in washington because it was the first tweet that he issued for two thousand and eighteen rather than talking about what's been going on in iran or what's been going on with north korea just to cite two examples but it shouldn't come as any surprise to officials than of in islam of odds that the twelve ministration is very frustrated with their performance in terms of dealing with groups such as last carry the taliban al qaida
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other affiliated groups the hakani network because the u.s. has been very very vocal about it although not so much in the according to the media here in the past year in fact back in august there was the hold up of some thirty two billion dollars in military aid because the u.s. was not happy with as long as was efforts to try to deal with these groups and to try to neutralize them and so the reiteration that the money made out ever be dispersed is something worth noting in islam a bad economy coincidence and this is the way that pakistan cut off funds to signing is this going to be enough to a paste on the charm it probably won't be enough so and that's because mr saeed is no longer under house arrest much less serving time in a pot to stand in prison the u.s.
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does have that ten million dollars reward out for his arrest and capture because the u.s. has accused him of masterminding the two thousand and eight attack in mumbai in which at least two americans were killed and so the u.s. government now has an interest in trying to bring him to justice and certainly if he's out walking around pakistan or traveling without any impediments that is not in the u.s. best interest at least according to officials here in the u.s. government. in washington d.c. . after a has accepted the north rare offer of talks proposing the two sides meet next tuesday so said the meeting would mainly focus on north korea's participation in the upcoming winter olympics which are being held in the south bennett smith reports. in the freezing environment of the winter olympics there might be a chance for a foreign relations between south and north korea hopes being raised following the
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new year address by came on north korea's leader suggested sending a team to the winter games starting in south korea next month government leaders in seoul were quick to seize the opportunity. the government proposes to hold high level talks with north korea on january ninth at the peace house in panmunjom true spillage to discuss north korea's participation in the pyongyang winter olympics. south korea's president favors talks with the north as a way of managing pyongyang's nuclear and missile threats. the improvement of relations between north and south korea cannot go separately with the resolving north korea's nuclear program so the foreign ministry should coordinate closely with allies and the international community regarding this. the chinese say they've noted what they call positive signals from both sides of the border. china welcomes it supports north and south korea taking earnest if it's to treat
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this is an opportunity to improve mutual relations promote the alleviation of the situation on the korean peninsula and realize denuclearization on the peninsula. you want to join the troops for them while offering to send a team of athletes to the olympics kim jong il so sad the nuclear button is always on the desk of my office a north korean nuclear bomb test last year as well as the firing of more than twenty missiles continue to defy the world u.s. president donald trump wants to toughen sanctions further as pyongyang continues to develop nuclear missiles it says it will be capable of hitting the continental united states if negotiators do meet next week ahead of the winter olympics will be their first formal talks in two years bernard smith al-jazeera and florence louis has more from so south korean officials have made it clear that the talks that they're proposing to be held on january ninth focus on north korea sending their
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athletes to take part in the upcoming winter olympics and paralympics as well as on improving into career relations the last time these two countries held high level talks was in december two thousand and fifteen those talks broke down after south korea refused to resume sending leasure ter groups to north korea and we don't yet know how north korea is going to respond to this offer south korea said they tried to contact north korea via communication hotline this morning but nobody picked up this communication hotline had been severed since february two thousand and sixteen after north korea conducted a nuclear test and the president of south korea has also made it clear that talks on denuclearization will have to involve the international community but they're hoping that separate south korean officials are hoping that these talks will help improve into career relations that him have been at their lowest point in decades. egypt has extended the state of emergency for another three months follows two
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deadly attacks against coptic christians in the hell one district south of cairo on friday nights egypt's first imposed a state of emergency in april after two church bombings killed at least forty five people. to syria where a spike in violence has killed dozens of civilians sponsor of a government assault on rebel held positions us four hundred thousand people have been living under. for the past four years in desperate need of food zain ahau the reports. markets are being hit civilians the victims civil defense volunteers who rushed to help those who are still alive in recent days at least forty three people have been killed in what opposition activists described as indiscriminate bargeman. airstrikes believed to be carried out by syrian government warplanes have intensified in the rebel
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controlled area of eastern. and it is residential neighborhoods that are coming under fire the government says it has launched what it calls a counter offensive because rebels are firing shells into territories under its control but rebels say the government is trying to help troops trapped in a military installation in the suburb of harassed. the clashes between regime forces and rebels are continuing around the military base in harasta rebels are taking ground and government troops are trapped in three buildings we understand that there are negotiations to secure their release but so far there is no agreement. the recent attacks may be linked to the fighting but it has been weeks since the government stepped up its military campaign in what is supposed to be a deescalation zone the syrian observatory for human rights said almost two hundred civilians were killed in strikes and shelling including many women and children.
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civilians are not just getting killed in attacks children are dying from malnutrition patients are dying from the lack of medicines. under siege by syrian government forces the united nations is warning that the situation has reached a critical point food is in short supply and the international committee of the red cross has also expressed alarm with what it calls a humanitarian crisis. is densely populated some four hundred thousand people live there it's on the doorstep of damascus the seat of the government's power pro-government forces want to recapture this region but so far its forces haven't been able to make any advances on the ground so its strategy is to punish civilians for supporting the rebels in the hope that they all surrender. beirut. we have much more to come on the news hour including kidnapped and kept as slave labor hundreds of nigerians escape the clutches of.
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i'm better than i was in the states now and i see more opportunity and that's that's my motivation and i'm. taking control of our destinies undocumented migrants in the u.s. embrace new opportunities in mexico and in sports a surprise finally decided at football's golf tournament. how the weather looks rather disturbed across eastern parts of the mediterranean into the levant we've got a fair amount of cloud and rain coming through here and in this area well fifty one millimeters of rain coming down twenty four hours and there's more where that came from actually a little bit of a mobile flow some about westerly flow pushing the cloud and the rain further east with spec to see some wet weather making its way across iraq for a time pushing
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a switch and that'll continue to be the cases that go on through the next few days it makes way for the next area of right that's going to filter in across that eastern side of the mediterranean so they'll be some rain coming in across cyprus syria lebanon jordan pushing all the way down. from nine hundred forty back to around seventy on thursday what couple of days coming through here and that is some snow over the high ground push a little further east in here it does look a little dry a little brighter. getting up to twenty five degrees celsius and similar temperatures to around the arabian peninsula sent in the case. with a high of around twenty four degrees a brisk breeze coming in over the next couple of days helping to shift the early morning fog that we have seen in recent days quite a breeze coming into a good part of madagascar over the next few days with the possibility of flooding rains.
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in russia many cuddy's migrant. grazing. coing an increasingly familiar global trade. labor force left to exploitation the. people in power investigate. little pakistan. at this time zero. with bureaus spawning six continents across the. al-jazeera is correspondent she live in greens the stories they tell. you you're a student in world news. welcome
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back reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera at least eighty iranians have been killed overnight in antigovernment protests according to state media it brings the total number of dead since thursday to twenty two the spokesman for palestinian president mahmoud abbas says a new israeli know which makes it hard to hand over parts of jerusalem is equivalent to a declaration of war and pakistan is planning to seize financial assets linked to huff is something he's accused of masterminding a two thousand and eight one by attacks u.s. president although trump is pressuring pakistan to act against what he calls.
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terrorists. nigeria's much more than seven hundred people held hostage by the ira as managed to escape they were found them. to the north eastern border with chant the minister says many of the captives were solace and fisherman who were being kept as forced labor us has lost some of. the more than seven hundred hostages fled their captors after what the nigerian army called ground and elephants of over the last few weeks in northeastern nigeria now these areas they fled from actually islands in the lake chad because of the receding waters of the lake on the borders with nigeria cameroon and child to some islands forming in the middle of the lake and these have been populated by villagers who are mostly farmers and fisherman now they have escaped after the army or the military raid in the lake child region of northeastern nigeria now this is coming this discovery of
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large number of hostages kept the bible quote came almost a year after the nigerian government announced that a book about him has been technically defeated a lot of nigerians are not comfortable with the declaration by president mohamed widely when he made that announcement since that announcement we've seen a daring and sometimes devastating attacks by book or on fighters in northeastern nigeria and they have taken a lot of hostages some of these attacks actually took place in two thousand and seventeen the army is continuing its operations to be a guest book around and book rama so far proved to be a resilient fall in northeastern nigeria. but those who escaped were among founders of people believed to have been kidnapped by boko haram in northeastern nigeria catherine sawyer has more from where she met famous captives of the arms as well as the families of those still being held hostage. these mothers in my golly a desperate for news of their teenage daughters who were kidnapped by boko haram
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almost three years ago their tag of also killed men in the village in northeast nigeria. was seventeen years old a woman. only god knows where she is i've been praying to him to bring her back we'll keep a saying maybe you can help us find her several other girls from this area have returned home after fleeing the boko haram kept is which gives this mother's hope thousands of people mostly women and children have been abducted by boko haram managed to escape say they were forced to become wives signed up how was life with . some. we suffered a lot my husband beat me but i made good friendships with other women who had also been abducted. and how did you manage to escape. one day my husband left in
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a hurry he didn't tell me where he was going then i heard nigerian soldiers were coming so i just started walking. in twenty four thousand more than two hundred girls were kidnapped from the secondary school in chibok some escaped. the negotiations between the government and. one in a hundred girls remain presidents. of the catholic church is taking girls who risk being kidnapped if they return home anybody that has had any clues contact with and stayed with them for a month or two months or more when they come back to the community the suspicion is still there these people really to be incorporated in the community or the spies men and boys are also in danger many have been taken and forced to fight for. when they escape they have to face tough military screening to make sure they're not active members of the group the screening process needs to be more transparent
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people need to know what happened once you surrender yourself to the military and if you are in a sense like most of the people are then what's going to happen to you what are rather what is the process you're going to go through because once they know that's they're going to be able to come back more back in my galley zainab says she was seven months pregnant when she returned now she just wants to take care of her child and prays often for the imprisoned women she forged relationships with back in the forest catherine al-jazeera but the galley northeast nigeria civil servant singles are once again protesting over their unpaid wages back in october. to deal meant to overcome the differences between the two palestinian factions now both say they are less fault that salaries are being paid welcome. in gaza city. i mean the no i mean. the problems with the reconciliation that was meant to happen
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by now between palestine's two main political parties from hamas hamas has governed here in gaza for the last ten years the reconciliation was meant to see a handover of all of the government offices here from hamas to the palestinian or thorazine so hamas stopped paying the salaries of these people about three months ago the palestinian authority says it won't be able to resume paying any salaries till the end of january was still a this is are i start off my meetings i wish to children we need also i was. government employment also forms networks of political patronage and fattah also has thousands of employees who used to work here in gaza. what happens to the two cents of workers and their salaries the key question posed by the reconciliation while people here say they just want to be paid their leaders have
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a political message for the p.a. . if the government will not pay the salaries of the employees and respect the rights the government should leave and we will make a new government from all the factions to solve the problems. many people here in gaza have high hopes for the reconciliation he thought it could potentially bring some serious improvements in quality of life one of the things it was meant to include was the reopening of the rafa crossing the border with egypt which for many people is the only way in and out so that it opened free movement of people would have enabled young people here to go and study abroad people could work abroad and i think people hope would improve trade and improve the economy was in very bad shape unemployment more than forty percent things haven't gone smoothly so far the reconciliation brokered by egypt has gone quiet we haven't heard anything for the last few weeks as this demonstration shows not everything is basically falling into
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place. now the u.s. congress has until march to work out what to do with the so-called dreamers people who came to the country illegally as children and were protected from deportation by the a bomb or administration president has vowed to end the dhaka program causing many to leave before their forcibly deported journey galliano i spoke to one tree living in monterrey mexico he's glad he made the move there's not a single platform growing up in colorado kevin wehner always strength is going to college in the united states but there was one problem he was undocumented i ben was a student as a citizen i pay taxes i'm not a criminal and they're trying to treat me like a criminal so like maybe it's not for me so i started exploring options in mexico kevin is a dreamer born in mexico his family too can do. the u.s. when he was just for almost twenty years later he felt his options there were exhausted. it registered for the obama administration's deferred action through
9:39 pm
childhood arrivals program or dhaka who should allow undocumented minors to stay without fear of deportation. with president trump announcing the programs and and with increased hostility towards immigrants kevin chose to leave he received a full scholarship to study business here at the university of monterey in northern mexico but i cannot say. that this color ship is assigned as a positive message for our competitors in the u.s. it says we're economize your value as a mexican as a human and as an asset and we want you here in mexico for many dreamers there only references of mexico are of violence and poverty but increasingly institutions such as this university are targeting these young men and women while they're still on the u.s. side of the border and they're hoping that by offering them attractive professional adage occasional opportunities they'll choose to realize their dreams here in mexico instead. the mexican government has announced
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a series of steps it says will streamline the return of dreamers but it is very modest but no funds have been allocated and some feel more needs to be done to make mexico more appealing than the u.s. a lot of people this is saying here they're making and we know them we support them but at the end of the day a lot of people who are old saw things like problems like they are going to come and stole our our jobs. returning home especially after so long it's never easy but those who have done it say this is mexico's chance to shine just programmed to think that you're in the best and you're about to go to work third world country with more opportunities once i got here late. i'm assuming better than i was in the states now and i see more opportunity and that's that's my motivation and. mexico hopes kevin story can be repeated with thousands more dreamers arrive back home. galliano al-jazeera monterrey mexico.
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arabs and mischa represent less than one percent of the west african nations population but despite decades of hardship i've now found considerable success in business and trite i am involved as well. it takes a long and off i'd to reach the native area of new sales of minority their villages already mostly depopulated due to decades of drought. only a few life was on board hundreds of kilometers to the north east of the capital niamey continue to struggle for survival. and struggling to keep our culture on life here. we are teaching koran to our children to preserve our religion islam and our arabic language to without these schools we would not have been able to preserve them was our hobbes migrated to this area from north africa in the sixteenth century they brought with them they have candles and. trading skills.
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that i believe the god of the did when they arrived here the area was ruled by the toric the arabs who excelled in trade hold an alliance with them even before the arrival of the french colonize ation they were trading in camels within the neighboring countries libya and all geria they even traded in clothes which was prohibited by the french. but even though they're small in number and have recently been driven from countryside to city by natural hardships they soon began to the adopt not only that but to excel in value some of us are now responsible for more than sixty percent of new jobs industries and ninety percent of its transport most bus lines link you need to west africa are owned by then you have shares in local companies and own several factories there are two on it allies and neighbors in the north recognise the contribution made to the development of the asia. no doubt
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arabs are a minority however their presence is strongly felt namely in business all credit goes to the arabs who started modern transportation companies connecting with all cities and villages these companies also provide job opportunities herbs of new year explored various types of ms ness as their scope for entry. despite its ethnic diversity seems to have successfully managed its racial problems. and in turn it into a degree that broke out in the north in one thousand nine hundred and it in a solid peace agreement in two thousand and nine. know both dragon obs and do a sizable representation in the government and parliament to many east troubled region it proves interethnic peace benefits nations. are. in a.z. and holiday island of bali is counting the cost of recent eruptions by the volcano this is the numbers have dropped by more than seventy percent since september and
9:44 pm
a billion dollars in revenue has been lost is found to the government to work hard to entice cho respect the island sébastien reports from bali. inside the danger zone tourists are visiting bally's most famous temple the sucky life just seven kilometers from the crater of the erupting volcano and was off limits for the past three months the decision to reopen a tourist attraction shows the government's eagerness to lure visitors the whole gay know is still at its highest alert level or agree with this decision there are many other places where tourists can go in belize we can't predict nature it's a better to put safety first around five million tourists visit bali every year but after the eruptions and airport closure last month several countries including china issued travel warnings hotels far away from the volcano and an owners were forced to temporarily suspend staff. to reassure tourist president joke of
9:45 pm
a daughter took south is that one of bali's famous speeches tourism has recovered slightly during the holiday season but many balinese are suffering. has worked as a guide to a month i'm going to take in around one thousand tigers every year since september his business has stopped promising and i want to talk and i am confused what to do now i want to work but i have no other work experience than being a guy i hope someone can give us a job because all sixty two guides of a girl are no jobless and we've no money to go back to farming them. vocal knowledge is saying nobody can predict how long we'll all rot or if the eruptions will become bigger the last time it erupted in one thousand nine hundred sixty three it killed more than fifteen hundred people all living near the volcano while a volcano continues to erupt the government has gone out of its way to convince tourists that bali is safe outside of the danger zone ten kilometers from the
9:46 pm
crater the huge losses in tourist revenues has taken the authorities by surprise and some say this is a wake up call for the holiday island not to fully rely on to. as a. body we john has learned how fragile his business is over these past months his small resort in a safe area near the volcano has been mostly empty and he hasn't been able to pay his staff in that class. what i have learned from the situation is that we have no choice then to accept what happens to us and start to look for alternatives if my resort business fails then maybe i can start selling food. but not all is lost for some tourists the erupting volcano has become an attraction in itself perhaps with the right safety measures in place bali could used to spec to call of nature to its advantage step fasten al-jazeera superman. so it's a calm on the program we visit
9:47 pm
a school that's trying to help some of the tens of thousands of students so homeless in new york and. holes full down with injury one chance up to the australian open.
9:48 pm
dozens of hollywood a listers including reese witherspoon and meryl streep have donated to a fifteen million dollar legal fund to help fight sexual harassment the times campaign which has now gone viral on social media was only set up thirteen days ago
9:49 pm
and has already seen more than thirteen million eight hundred thousand dollars pledged the campaign is designed to help women and men who would otherwise struggle to meet the cost of taking court action the number of homeless people in the us is rising and that includes children as well as adults in new york one in ten schoolchildren spent at least part of last year without a home to call their own question salumi has been finding out how one school is trying to deal with the challenges that presents. when the island school in lower manhattan opens its doors in the morning principal swanny ramos is there to greet the children. and make sure they get a hot breakfast at this school where nearly half of the students are homeless late stragglers are common as are students dealing with many distractions from their school work we provide three meals hot meals so we provide breakfast lunch and hot supper at the end of the day leo recently moved from a homeless shelter into
9:50 pm
a subsidized apartment with her two children. she decided to keep them in the school for continuity even though it takes for more than an hour to get there on the subway people. who need. the school has a laundry room paid for with grant money so families struggling with the high cost of housing in new york have a place to wash school uniforms the number of homeless students in new york city has been rising along with the general homeless population in the last year one in ten students spent time either in the city shelter or living with relatives this presents a unique set of challenges not only for the families but also for the schools that serve them. because homeless students have higher rates of absenteeism and lower test scores advocates for children say the city needs more social workers for the one hundred schools where more than ten percent of the population is homeless we
9:51 pm
saw in new york city that more than half of students living in shelters were absent for twenty or more school days over the course of a year that means that they miss about the equivalent of a month of school principal ramos leaves her school open until seven in the evening providing as long as possible a safe and loving environment for students may lack the stability of a home when they leave christian salumi al-jazeera new york. now for a latest news i was a foreigner in doha. thank you so much with tennis his first grand slam of the year the australian open less than two weeks away many of the top players are struggling to be fit that includes former world number one andy murray who has withdrawn from the brisbane international the thirty year old britain says he may require surgery on a hip problem he hasn't played in a competitive match since losing at wimbledon last july and i slipped to sixteen in
9:52 pm
the world rankings murray says he'll decide by saturday whether to fly home or try and regain fitness in a time before the australian open which starts on january fifteenth roger federer is fully foot ahead of his defense of the australian open title of the thirty six year old five time melbourne champion beat russia's catchin of the hartman cop a record crowd of close to fourteen thousand people watched the match heard. earlier we spoke to tennis coach miles mcloughlin who says there are a number of factors that are contributing to the declining fitness of top players with novak djokovic and rafa nadal also on the sidelines. i think it's a combination of and number of things and then some of the guards at the top of the game all getting older and you could always credit you know the recent medical science the fact that they can play on the federal mid thirty's married at all to which all into the thirty's and they've been carrying engine injuries since the
9:53 pm
beginning of the year so it's not just about the off season i mean players you know do also need to look at themselves as roger federer has done and he's managed the schedule very well for a long time to realize that and therefore the long term needs to to to manage his body to play when he's ready whether we are pressed into time when the top players have done so well in just about every single corner player it's so it's being relentless that there is a number of factors that contribute to that. it's not just the top male players struggling with their fitness and women as well number two garbin mccullers had to pull out of her opening match at the presidential national day two leg cramps the wimbledon champions early exit cost the spaniard the chance after placing a small how lab at the top of the world rankings ahead of the australian open. i think it was just tough never been the toughness of the match and you know
9:54 pm
a lot of good rallies very intense very hot. and i don't know i don't really cramp i'm not actually surprised that today my body was like that. just as city are back in actually to run choose days they look to extend their lead at the top of the english premier league to fifteen point so for manchester united they host watford tottenham can also overtake arsenal into fifth position here as they travel away to swansea oman have booked a surprise spot in the final of the gulf cup football tournament an own goal in the first solid progress to the decider with a victory over bahrain the gulf cup is eve bi annual tournaments for eight regional teams and a return to the final for the first time since two thousand and nine the country's sports ministry and air force had put on eight free flights for founds to get to kuwait for this sami and they'll be hoping for more of the same on friday either rock or the united arab emirates will join them there into the second half of their
9:55 pm
semi final also in quade spot there are no goals yet. there was a bit of a fail involved in the national anthem before this game confused faces all around. them played by mistake after a few moments of awkward silence they got it right on the second occasion. two thousand and eighteen is a big year for football fans and right across the globe it's a walk up here with the tournaments to kick off on june fourteenth and for russia it's also a chance to change their perception in the sporting world all going doping scandals that seen athletes barred from the olympics or a challenge reports from moscow. empty stadiums often have an atmosphere of expectation about them they need the rule of a crowd to bring them alive and moskos luzhniki stadium fresh from a complete refit is waiting for the biggest footballing spectacle of them all there is to do in the direct construction took about three years into
9:56 pm
a core of it had to be demolished except for the external walls the statue huma's a high technology facility the base has natural draw us with a special ventilation and a heating system and there are more than sixty five kilometers of engineering tubes under. the readiness of russia's twelve world cup stadiums is facing the usual precomputed scrutiny your cats are in berg's temporary stands raise concerns a few months ago assures us everything will be fine all together they'll be seven matches played here luzhniki including the opening match the semifinal and the final itself together with the olympics the world cup is one of the two biggest sporting events in the world which makes it not just about football but about politics to. the glory of russia's last big sporting bonanza barely lost it beyond the closing ceremony two thousand and fourteen winter olympics in sochi were
9:57 pm
tanishq first by russia's military involvement in ukraine and then a widespread stopping scandal so providing everything goes well this summer the world cup is an opportunity to mend russia's reputation somewhat and it happens to be a presidential election year two persons extremely tremendously important for russia . six for russia as empire of. bilateral for military force and bilateral for. the lesser extent economic force political force. sports means kind of a war fare for the salutes national pride masses hugely in russia particularly with many people left poor up by the recent recession in a wintry central moscow they dare to hope you're sincere and of course we believe in our football team we believe in our victory say you know we will aim for the finals we are supporting them we believe in them this is our russia summer current
9:58 pm
come soon enough rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. and that's all you sport for now it's now back to see you in london. that's it for mr chen for this news they will be with you in just a man with. a watch. the sky should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the
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world's better that way. it is a rowing football of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to feel. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right for all remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together you are making very pointed remarks whether on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on saying no you will first just wakes up of it in
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the morning and say i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be was leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. iran's supreme leader blames the country's enemies for anti-government protests which have now claimed twenty two lives. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up
10:01 pm
israel's parliament passes a law making it harder to hand over parts of jerusalem under a future peace deal south korea seizes kim jong un's all of branch proposing talks next tuesday on the winter olympics. more than seven hundred books are on hostages escape we talk to a former captive of the group. and indonesia tries to convince terrorism bali is safe despite the ongoing eruptions of the volcano. iran's supreme leader has blamed his country's enemies for the six days of unrest which has now claimed the lives of twenty one protest as and one policeman according to state media at least eight people died overnight in clashes between anti-government demonstrators and security forces riot police are also now out in force in several.


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