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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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the u.s. pushes for an emergency un meeting to discuss the government protests in iran. this is. also coming up u.s. president donald trump hits back at north korea warning on twitter that his nuclear
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button is bigger and more powerful than pyongyang's. pakistan denies u.s. claims that it's not doing enough to fight terrorism as washington pulled a quarter of a billion dollars of aid. and a cartoon about a gaza tells the bitter reality of life on the sea. the u.s. has called for an emergency session of the u.n. security council to discuss the protests in iran the iranian supreme leader has blamed his country's enemies for six days of violence in which twenty one protesters on a police officer have died a big security operation is in force in several cities mike hanna has the latest from the u.n. headquarters in new york. ambassador nikki haley called a briefing to outline u.s. priorities at the united nations in this new year and top of her list the situation
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in iran if the iranian dictatorships history is any guide we can expect more outrageous abuses in the days to come the un must speak out in the days ahead we will be calling for an emergency session both here in new york and at the human rights council in geneva we must not be silent the people of iran are crying out for freedom all freedom loving people must stand with their cause this echoing sentiments expressed by president trump early earth who said in a tweet the people of iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt or a new regime all of the money that president obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their pockets the people have little food big inflation and no human rights the u.s. is watching. this little evidence in the streets of tehran of the turmoil evident in some other parts of the country but there are deep concerns expressed about the
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rise in food prices and drop in employment i mean john the car i'm working but in this society i'm always stressed about the possibility of getting fired the next day always being worried about my job my family the security of my family the main problems people are grappling with are their security the economy and their livelihood ammonia das and there are some who are poor and cannot make ends meet what should they do life is really difficult we have tenants i have a daughter and some both at school the high prices that really put me under pressure at home iran's supreme leader has broken his silence on the protests accusing iran's enemies of responsibility montazeri it for said the enemy is waiting for an opportunity for a crack three which it can infiltrate to look at the recent events. all those who are at odds with the islamic republic have used various means including money weapons politics and intelligence apparatus to create problems for the islamic
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system the islamic republic and the islamic revolution. news agency put it reveals ongoing protest in a number of regions hundreds are reported to be in arrested and demonstrators continue to defy an attempted government blackout of social media back at the united nations the new president of the security council has confirmed the u.s. has been in contact and discussions are ongoing but it's not clear at this stage whether the u.s. appetite for a formal meeting is shared by the wrist of security council members some may be reluctant to intervene in what they would regard as an internal domestic dispute my canner al-jazeera united nations meanwhile iran's foreign minister has hit back at president trump's remarks telling the u.s. to stay out of iran's affairs jeffard zarif tweeted iran security and stability
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depend on its own people who like the peoples of trump's regional beer efs or best friends forever have the right to vote and to protest these hard earned rights will be protected and infiltrators will not be allowed to sabotage them through violence and destruction well eric randolph is a paid media is deputy bureau chief and is currently working in tehran he says some media outlets are in problems trying to report on the protests. well for now it seems relatively calm but i have to say that it's very difficult for us to report from aaron i mean there are very tight restrictions on what the media can do in seron we know there's a heavy police presence but around is actually not in the focus of much of the rest unlike the last major demonstrations in two thousand and nine it's mostly been out in the provinces we've had only scattered protests the last few nights but it does you slightly come as far as we can so now as much as people want to see this revolutionary terms and some of the slogan certainly have been revolutionary in
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terms of attack in the years i mean regime and. these have been driven by economic grievances bread and butter issues such as high unemployment soaring prices things that have been bubbling away in iranian society program read on time and people are simply better up with about they tried reformists they tried moderates they tried hard liners and conservatives and none of them have been able to deliver on what really matters the people which is jobs and the future that your president trump has responded to the north korean leader kim jong un's claim that he has a launch button on his desk for nuclear weapons capable of reaching the u.s. in a tweet trump wrote i too have a nuclear button but it's much bigger and more powerful than his and my button works well the war of words comes after south korea accepted an offer of talks from pyongyang proposing the two sides meet next tuesday has been smith. in the freezing environment of the winter olympics there might be a chance for
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a foreign relations between south and north korea hopes being raised following the new year address by came john on north korea's leader suggested sending a team to the winter games starting in south korea next month. government leaders in seoul were quick to seize the opportunity. the government proposes to hold high level talks with north korea on january ninth at the peace house in panmunjom true spillages to discuss north korea's participation in the pyongyang winter olympics. south korea's president favors talks with the north as a way of managing pyongyang's nuclear and missile threats. and the improvement of relations between north and south korea cannot go separately with the resolving north korea's nuclear program so the foreign ministry should coordinate closely with allies and the international community regarding that. the chinese say they've noted what they call positive signals from both sides of the border or.
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china welcomes it supports north and south korea taking earnest efforts to treat this is an opportunity to improve mutual relations promote the alleviation of the situation on the korean peninsula and realize denuclearization on the peninsula. while offering to send a team of athletes to the olympics came also said the nuclear button is always on the desk of my office a north korean nuclear bomb test last year as well as the firing of more than twenty missiles continue to defy the world u.s. president donald trump wants to toughen sanctions further as pyongyang continues to develop nuclear missiles it says it will be capable of hitting the continental united states if negotiators do meet next week ahead of the winter olympics they'll be the first formal talks in two years bernard smith al-jazeera well the u.s. state department says it's skeptical about kim jong un's necessity for talks with
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the south korea. you know if if the two countries decide that they want to have talks that would be certainly their choice we have a very strong relationship with the republic of korea as we do with japan we have had a strong alliance with them for many many decades that hasn't changed kim jong un may be trying to drive a wedge of some sort between the two nations between our nation and the republic of korea i can assure you that that will not happen that will not occur we are very skeptical of kim jong un's sincerity in sitting down and having talks our policy hasn't changed the south koreans policy has not changed that we both support a denuclearized korean peninsula well robert kennedy is a professor of political science at pusan national university he says north korea may try to use the talks to win relief from u.n. sanctions. i think the north koreans are probably thinking that the talks are permanently a way to drive a wedge between the u.s. and south korea just as the american spokesman said but the top koreans have
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a very full agenda the south grow into like family or unions that's a very emotional issue in south korea the south koreans are really concerned about nuclear security right where the north koreans going to do with their nuclear weapons how many they have what kind of maintenance and safety protocols they have there's concern about of chernobyl incident on the peninsula so the south koreans have a full agenda my guess is the north koreans going to play that and say you know if you want to talk about all these things you want some kind of concessions we want aid we want cash and so on i would imagine the north koreans would treat this as a way to get some kind of concession south korean president is a liberal who is a part of the what they call the sunshine policy under the previous labor governments about a decade ago the sunshine policy was a gauge and policy would reach out to north korea and bring them into the international community and things like that and moon jane was an important architect of that he really really wants talks and he really does he really believes that talking to north korea and pulling them in is the way to actually get movement on these issues and the americans are really going the other way especially under donald trump right we've seen much more belligerent hawkish rhetoric from trump than any other president and so you've got the potential for a really really wide divergence between the united states and south korea i'm
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actually really impressed in two thousand and seventeen how the two sides managed to paper over those differences but i mean this wedge this wedge issue you know a wedge just sort of divide between the two i mean this has been waiting for the north koreans for a while i'm surprised it actually took them this long to fit try to figure out a way to drive them apart the u.s. says it intends to withhold more than two hundred fifty million dollars of aid to pakistan and the decision comes up to president trump again as the country of being a safe haven for terrorists in jordan has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. president doll tromped used his first tweet of two thousand and eighteen to attack the pakistani government trying to accuse the pakistanis of not doing enough to crack down on groups such as the hunt khan the network or the talabani say these groups are the stabilizing not just pockets but also afghanistan to the west on tuesday the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley made it plain that the u.s.
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president simply wasn't tweeting elative turf in her words nikki haley said there are real concerns with what is a lot of bodies doing to fight but the u.s. calls terrorism pakistan had played a double game for years they work with us at times and they also harbor the terrorist attack our troops in afghanistan that game is not acceptable to this administration we expect far more cooperation from pakistan in the fight against terrorism in addition the state department spokesperson heather nauert told reporters on tuesday that pakistan knows what it needs to do in order to make the region safer and she said without going into too many details that it definitely means trying to crack down on these groups that are doing stabilizing the region and she said that islam abides complaints simply aren't going anywhere. well pakistan has responded to the u.s. announcement in an e-mail to al-jazeera pakistan's envoy to the un wrote we have
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contributed in sacrifice the most in fighting international terrorism and carried out the largest counterterrorism operation anywhere in the world u.s. spokes person should not shift the blame for their own mistakes and failures onto others pakistan's cooperation is not based on any consideration of aid but in our national interests and principles. at least forty eight people have died in peru after the bus they were travelling in plunged eighty metres off a cliff onto a rocky beach the bus was carrying fifty seven passengers of the capital lima when it collided with another vehicle a long narrow stretch of highway known as the devil's curve rescuers had to climb down to the beach and battling the tide to recover bodies. lots also to come here not just here including the clock starts ticking for thousands of african migrants in israel as the government warns them to leave jail. hundreds of workers around the hostages in nigeria more of the same.
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hello there take a look at the weather across the americas it's all about the really cold air which is still there across much of north america extending all the way down into the south chooses my soon temperature for dallas atlanta only just above freezing you've got to get down into the florida potential before you see what you describe as mild weather as we move on through into wednesday there's not a great deal of change for many of these eastern areas further south we're seeing the return a slightly less cold air but we've got this low pressure developing and this could really produce some very heavy snowfall on parts of the eastern seaboard had to enter into thursday and this could cause some serious trouble disruptions so you need to keep updated on this if you're traveling to that part of the world otherwise those temperatures remain way way way below freezing for the most part we got some rain coming into parts of california so the good news i suppose heading
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down into the caribbean we've got this area of cloud and rain across central parts of the caribbean extending across jamaica with some really heavy rain for panama marker well for sr over the following twenty four to forty eight hours so expect some flooding here once you get northwest into costa rica and further out through the isthmus the weather conditions gerri aren't too bad into south america showers across the amazon basin further south looking dry and fine should be a nice day but is there isn't argentina highs thirty two. they say rules years in palestine they also have odd t.v. architecture the sleuth style as the work of the elvises reveals the role of architecture in his radio queue patients everything in this panorama tactical tube with n.p.r. the picture for the patient just need to know how to control the architecture of
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fire that's part of the rebel doctor series this time on. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. has called for an emergency session of the u.n. security council to discuss the anti-government protests in iraq the supreme leader of iran has blamed his country's enemies for six days of violence which has now claimed the lives of twenty one protesters and one police. yes president donald trump has warned north korea that he too has a nuclear button on his desk that it's bigger and more powerful in response to kim jong un's new year's day statement in which he spoke of the launch button on his
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desk for weapons capable of reaching the u.s. . and u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nicky hayden says washington will withhold more than two hundred fifty million dollars of aid to pakistan the decision comes up at the u.s. president again accuse the country being a safe haven for terrorists. now u.s. president donald trump has threatened to cut aid to the palestinian authority claiming it is no longer willing to talk peace following his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital a new israeli in or makes it harder to handle parts of jerusalem to the palestinians. reports from occupied east jerusalem. it was to say the least a controversial vote members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of jerusalem instead of a simple majority of sixty one votes now a supermajority of eighty votes or two thirds of the one hundred twenty seat knesset will be needed to approve any legislation ceding parts of jerusalem to any
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foreign parties it places a major hurdle in the path of jerusalem being part of any future peace talks palestinian leaders while frustrated are not surprised saying similar laws are being pursued in an israeli effort to consolidate its occupation look a film that some promise and it screams that we are moving directly in our bus and all in the path of no they change its own. this is very clear there is however considerable confusion about what happens next one of the key questions for palestinians now is what impact this legislation will have on areas like of iraq up where we are now and the shop at refugee camp it was originally expected that as part of the bill the knesset would also vote to allow for the changing of jerusalem's municipal borders meaning that neighborhoods such as and struck out refugee camps both located behind the security wall would no longer be part of
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jerusalem municipality which could among other things potentially strip approximately one hundred fifty thousand palestinians of their residency status that provision however was withdrawn at the last minute the head of the covert act of residence committee says even if the law were to pass his group would make sure it won't go into effect immediately i don't think that will happen before five or six years because we going to go to court at cannes that we as a committee over here by the name of a lot of people we are going to go to the core and to helping us and this will of the committees of the human rights when they were can is there and some of them put a note of some of them is that i but they will help both to go to court to stand in the court again that while the exact date isn't known it's expected the knesset will attempt to debate the issue of jerusalem as municipal borders in the near future adding another note of uncertainty during a time already full of concern how many. who would act up in occupied east
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jerusalem. well the leader of israel's opposition has criticized the new law. what the bill has it has a political ramification on behalf of the political bodies and elements in the israeli political scene who say we should make sure that nobody negotiates anything to do with jerusalem so that's a political question for the future it has no bearing on anybody's daily life in jerusalem now does it have any effect on the israelis per se i can tell you that it was only a kind of a very tiny minute item on the israeli national agenda today although it's made the headlines and that's part of our criticism about it because it's a useless law with no real impact on anybody. you know israel has given africans who enter the country illegally three months to leave or face imprisonment the migrants from sudan and eritrea been told to return home or move to another country
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those who lead by the end of march will be given tickets and three enough thousand dollars rights groups though have condemned the decision saying it puts lives in danger of months blumenthal who's a senior writer for dot org says it will be difficult to stop the deportations going ahead. human rights groups in israel within israeli society are on under unprecedented assault from a right wing israeli government and you know african and non jewish asylum seekers have faced open race riots in tel aviv that were actually stirred by the culture minister a member of benjamin netanyahu is ruling we could party who referred this rally to africans as a cancer in israel's body they face street harassment and violence and it's a very unpleasant situation for those who are actually allowed to be on the street and those who advocate on behalf of them from within jewish israeli society also its incitement and are very marginal so it's unclear to me how any group from
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within israeli society can create the necessary pressure to stop this potentially calamitous mass deportation of over thirty thousand people fleeing a horrendous human rights situation well businesses in the gaza strip have long been struggling under an israeli blockade many a barely able to keep their operations afloat with some forced to close do some lack of supplies and other difficulties well now a new cartoon by an israeli rights group tells a reality facing one business malcolm web reports from gaza. a girl could know by then ice cream and wins a ticket to visit to speak factory. hey you have heard them in the sun i love the sun has now moved on how do we yet as new the fictional character in the. animation made by an israeli rights group but the factory and its owner mohammed tell bonnie a real and so are the many problems operating under the blockade of gaza by israel
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in egypt. no discovers them as mohammed shows have around starting with a power cut and it just ease off most of the time in gaza during my visit i haven't explained it since the siege began ten years ago most of his production lines are closed most of the time. he didn't want to fire any of his four hundred staff and families depend on the wages to employees had their hours cut instead. because the animation also shows the machinery they use has problems to israeli authorities restrict the import of anything they say could be used to make weapons the packaging is meant to be done or to my city by dismissing the need to spare parts exactly that's not being allowed in this machine but the cream filling and biscuits needs this technician to come here and service it in order to come this whole
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production line being down for you some of the equipment he's be sent to germany for servicing and that's not allowed either. the mohammed doesn't believe the restrictions are just for security reasons it's there is that a lot of this is. the scope that's. the make the people it's body that is the bullet because that. israel's military assault on gaza in his conflicts with hamas haven't helped either three years ago the fact she was hit by an israeli rocket. mohammed gifts this week factory to noor as she sees its problems becomes a story of shattered dreams. the rights group that made it who says it aim to inform people but also challenge stereotypes we wanted to be able to tell the story of the movement restrictions on the gaza strip and do it in a creative way so that we could attract new audiences and open people's eyes to the
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fact that there is a different reality inside of the gaza strip the one they normally hear business is also been hurt by israeli restrictions on exports mohammed says trade won't pick up in less the siege and at the end of the film makes everything right with her imagination in reality things so simple and causes industries are still crippled malcolm webb al-jazeera in the gaza strip nigeria's military says more than seven hundred people held hostage by the armed group boko haram that managed to escape they were found among gooner that's close to the northeastern border with chad the army says many of the captives were being kept in forced labor camps. as the latest from the brutal. the more than seven hundred hostages fled their captors after what the nigerian army called ground on elephants of over the last few weeks in northeastern nigeria now these areas there fled from chile islands in the lake chad
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because of the receding waters of the lake on the borders with niger cameroon and china they've been some islands forming in the middle of the lake and these have been populated by villagers who are mostly farmers and fisherman now they have escaped after the army or the military raid in the lake chad region of northeastern nigeria now this is coming this discovery of large number of hostages kept bible quote i came almost a year after the nigerian government announced that a book what i have been technically defeated a lot of nigerians are not comfortable with the declaration by president mohammad why did when he made that announcement since that announcement was seen a daring and sometimes devastating attacks by boko haram fighters in northeastern nigeria and they have taken a lot of hostage you some of these attacks actually took place in two thousand and seventeen the army is continuing its operations to be against boko haram and boko haram a so far proved to be resilient fall in northeastern nigeria police in brazil sending
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one hundred prisoners are still on the run after their fledging a riot nine inmates were killed and fourteen injured when a group of prisoners stormed the wing of the jail controlled by a rival gang it happened in the city of going on here near the capital personell police say they've recaptured more than half of the two hundred forty prisoners who were skunked. the united nations says that yemen is in the grip of the world's worst humanitarian crisis with twenty one million people suffering from war and a saudi in the blockade and the latest in our series looking ahead to the year's big stories a solid reports now on what lies ahead for the country. good imagination and the skeleton of a motorbike it's all these children how they live in one day they're one of yemen's most impoverished regions import dependent and cash starved countries been under a saudi led blockade since two thousand and fifteen use of not sure what the new year will bring all his family has is a hot cobbled together with strong board. nothing is getting better everything is
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deteriorating back in the days we used to feed our kids now i can't provide them with anything all i want is rice milk the basics just food for my kids. the biggest challenge for two thousand and eighteen will be to provide aid to the twenty one million in need of urgent assistance. the situation here has been described as the worst humanitarian crisis which is resulted in the world's largest cholera outbreak with close to a million suspected cases the u.n. says unless the embargo to provide medicine and aid is lifted the crisis could get even worse. they're blocking medical staff and supplies we don't have anything that's enough we don't have the basics to take care of our patients let alone the needs of those who need urgent and specialized care. become m.t.v. in crisis is directly linked to the war the saudi led coalition was asked by yemen's elected government to take back control from who thing the rebels. has been
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able to claim a decisive victory the saudi backed forces haven't been able to move closer to the capital sanaa from central. on the border incursions and attempted missile strikes by the who haven't won them any ground either the recent death of depots president ali abdullah saleh has dampened hopes of a diplomatic breakthrough that they had you know either. for god's sake the saudis need to stop bombing yemen and end this war we are displaced we are starving we are cold and we are hungry. hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people are living in desperate conditions but despite the suffering some haven't lost faith in a peaceful settlement. we hope that in twenty thousand we will be able to overcome all the difficulties we suffered in twenty seventeen we hope the yemeni family will be stronger and that we can find practical solutions to our economic social and political problems. many children have seen nothing but war in the last three years giving civilians can only pray this year the fighting will come to an end some have
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been jollied out there. and in the next part of our series we'll be reporting on the upcoming presidential election in mexico voters will have the biggest choice of candidates in the country's history that's on thursday right here on out is it now dozens of hollywood a listers including reese witherspoon and meryl streep have donated to a fund to help fight sexual harassment the time's up campaign was only set up two weeks ago but it's already received pledges of thirteen point eight million dollars it's intended to provide assistance for victims unable to fund their own legal actions. writes off a quick recap here of the top stories the u.s. has called for an emergency session of the u.n. security council to discuss the anti-government protests in iran the supreme leader of iran is playing his country's enemies for six days of violence which is now claiming lives of twenty one protesters and one policeman. u.s.
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president donald trump has warned north korea that he too has a nuclear button on his desk but it's bigger and more powerful. that's in response to kim jong un's new year's statement in which he spoke of the launch button on his desk for weapons capable of reaching the united states. pakistan has accused the u.s. of trying to shift blame for its failures after washington decided to withhold more than two hundred fifty million dollars of aid to his name about the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. made the announcement after president trump again accused pakistan of being a safe haven for terrorists pakistan rejects the allegations pakistan had played at double game for years they work with us at times and they also harbor the terrorists that attack our troops in afghanistan that game is not acceptable to this administration we expect far more cooperation from pakistan in the fight against terrorism israel has given africans who went to the country illegally three
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months to leave or face imprisonment the migrants from sudan and eritrea have been told to return home or move to another country those who leave by the end of march in the given their tickets and three and a half thousand dollars rights groups though have condemned the decision saying it puts lives in danger. at least forty eight people have died in peru after the bus they were travelling in plunged eighty meters of a cliff onto a rocky beach the bus was carrying fifty seven passengers to the capital lima when it collided with a truck along the narrow stretch of highway known as the devil's curve rescuers had to climb down to the beach and have been battling the tide to recover bodies nigeria's military says more than seven hundred people were held hostage by the armed group boko haram of managed to escape they were found in mongolia that's close to the northeastern border with chad the army says many of the captives were farmers and fishermen who are being kept in forced labor camps well those are the
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headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after rebel architectures thank you so much and by foot. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed job as a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. architect has always defined the human. trump the simplest struck chance to the greatest monuments i am not a rebellion is underway. led by a new breed of hockey tanked that puts people before i can say. on the tax using the tools of that trade to the structure and the surrounding. country defining.


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