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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2018 9:00am-10:00am +03

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it's. not the journey between the two countries it's just a boat ride across the river that takes twenty minutes which is why i. made it to the safety of bangladesh trying to go back to say family members. for normal extended family this path. we struggled so much we want to stay here live here and die here in bangladesh. with the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has warned north korea that he also has a nuclear. was in response to. message in which he spoke. on his desk for weapons capable of reaching the u.s. meanwhile the north korean leader has welcomed south korea's support for his offer
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to hold talks. cross border communications. the us president has threatened to cut aid to the palestinian authority saying it's no longer willing to talk peace last month the palestinians after recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital sparking weeks of protest to that the u.s. space and billions of dollars of aid to the p.a. but gets no respect. for us announce it intends to withhold more than two hundred fifty million dollars of aid to pakistan and the decision comes after president again accused the country of being a safe haven for terrorists wasn't jordan has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. president doll tromped used his first tweet of two thousand and eighteen to attack the pakistani government accuse the pakistanis of not doing enough to crack down on groups such as the head khan the network or the talabani say that these groups are destabilizing not just pockets stock but also afghanistan to the west on tuesday
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the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley made it plain that the u.s. president simply wasn't tweeting elder to her in her words nikki haley said there are real concerns with what is a lot of bodies dealing to fight but the u.s. calls terrorism pakistan has played a double game for years they work with us at times and they also harbored a terrorist attack our troops in afghanistan that game is not acceptable to this administration we expect far more cooperation from pakistan in the fight against terrorism in addition the state department spokesperson heather nauert told reporters on tuesday that pakistan knows what it needs to do in order to make the region safer and she said without going into too many details that it definitely means trying to crack down on these groups that are doing stabilizing the region and she said that islam abides complaints simply aren't going anywhere israel has
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given africans who enter the country illegally three months to leave or face jail rights groups have condemned the decision saying it puts lives in danger tens of thousands of people into this room before it completed a fence along its border with egypt just over four years ago much women as a senior writer for alternate dot org says it will be difficult to stop the deportations going ahead. human rights groups in israel it within israeli society are an under unprecedented assault from her right wing israeli government and you know african and non jewish asylum seekers have faced open race riots in tel aviv that were actually stirred by the culture minister a member of benjamin netanyahu is really cool party who referred this rally to africans as a cancer in israel's body they face street harassment and violence and it's a very unpleasant situation for those who are actually allowed to be on the street
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and those who advocate on behalf of them from within jewish israeli society also its incitement and are very marginal so it's unclear to me how any group from within israeli society can create the necessary pressure to stop this potentially calamitous mass deportation of over thirty thousand people fleeing a horrendous human rights situation at least forty eight people have died in peru after the bus they were traveling in plunged eighty meters off a cliff on to rocky beach the bus was carrying fifty seven passengers to the capital lima when it collided with a truck along a narrow stretch of highway known as the devil's curve uganda's president has signed a bill removing the presidential age limit from the constitution that you know now allows your wearing a seventy to run for election again twenty twenty one critics say the bill is his attempt to cling to power he's been in office since one thousand nine hundred eighty six well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after
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sports doping the endless chase century and so much of life and. never in sport has cheating been so prevalent at the highest level never has the pharmacological range of performance enhancing drugs been so great something new and this is super sport to. cycling football power sports injury in sports technical schools doping is only present no discipline escapes unscathed but where
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do these products come from how does this underground activity work where studying instigation of bad things parts could i. know i have no comment. about that. you know yes the part of russia's eight hundred metres champion in two thousand and eleven unveiled to the wont how russia creates its champions. clothes and the styles of high performance sports can spend up to one hundred thousand euros a year on state of the art treatments that are often still under development the extreme growth of the sports business has gendered and lucrative black market in doping worth an estimated thirty billion euros a year so in whose interest is it to unmask the cheats and clean up sport. even voters that. sponsors and sports federations are partly responsible for not the way. that that that there was
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a. lot of good. in a world that values performance and competition so highly other proponents of clean sports fighting it losing battle. i believe it's a food fight but i think the mission. i pop you're going going. as a sport that relies on technique football would seem to be above doping scandals and yet it has been tainted by much wreaking and. corruption of the last. case we had was during nine hundred ninety four when the united states but i don't. live in a journalist's conducted a lengthy investigation into doping in football because i did a large number of testimonies to be done so much before. that stuff and much in august for can deal with the middle of
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a lot of them yourself and also the food water exactly at the first push beatles milholland but you want of me to think this can only go to become a devout sport lol at the human that are not generally quite if you got it in a third came after it for the terms of the quote if you got to admit it from someone that still in this class are talking with. opinion football has taken much longer to be exposed. it was found that the german team were taking and fed to means during the one thousand nine hundred six well camp. you vent is unknown to given their players blood transfusions and olympic demand say injections before matches were commonplace doping carried out under the supervision of the clubs yes for four quid for me to take the whole school come the thought that i'm including. hope to defeat the gangs and that's all and then focus shortcut on an ethic five work on a border to where you can live out how to make
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a case of it when he's in stock and he done fund in full on often bargain with wooden kunde him for i think it's kind of hoping for an answer if you don't get is going to get in these in a fight in two sonali given the fine stopping come ons are going on and i notice that i'm out in find that he found in a few another value of improved that's of all info i will look at because britain is outside you ask him live now leads the german team and denies ever having doped the french coaches did he. also played for a club mentioned in a medical manipulation case. i. think when you make. really. get out there. there must be a lot of about you to tell you a lot of support me if you think about the stuff but it got
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a little but i mean if he. really did want. one of its own. these alternative methods are self era peas intended to allow tendon and ligament injuries to heal quickly. the treatments were forbidden by wada in two thousand and five as they can artificially enhance performance. and yet in mass alona dr who got to practice is these therapies on the world's top football players . in the sort of deal is how most into the mean dog. he. looked at me and you know some muscular ass protein asked. me a specific asked debian and last like it be in their last. illuminati bucket. list get the name in recess hang it eat with
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last and then most yeah. they need us maybe until i think. this plate rich plasma is really injected into the wound to speed up healing. she whom i know not about. oh the most well. and they were just on this who are married. and there's the ever see. they had tori. mia was having. found. this stem cell therapy has become indispensable to the clubs in healing their players to the extent that in two thousand and eleven they asked the world anti-doping agency to lift the ban. the
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theme was that this is of that all but i guess with any wonder see. an e-mail you know i mean this is where your. fans of you know. so football has used the band method and then still manages to get it validated by the world anti-doping agency the world's most popular sport has rewritten the rules on doping. helmet lead experience which sure it. will do all your career national sport energy to do point three let them bash shockey she could be the girl it will be you know to your point be successor of move. toward go off it person city get
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a quick. it could circular of well with what research what he feels he has bought. yet his book. formula. didn't succeed the our corporate model every year but it was on the boat races your points on duties were so you go and it's also a silly gag just. as with most disregarding the concords you know about don't. let it go you. don't let me know the ball was injuriously courses but i'm sure a lot as it says on the be i strongly about modern. reforms for amongst them spotless economy and all of. those denise baldish were. more neuter poor demonic severity this doesn't equal to the depression so called occiput did have them all or just under lexi's and it could be as well he's only to
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happy and all the bad lettuce i saw it in a spend and then forward if i tossed all they said if you know a lot i make evil fifty five looking to feel it it's this book perhaps it's only the. players unions federations and sporting events balkanize as all have opposing interests to the success of anti doping the tour de france association and the one hundred television channels that cover the event do all they can to maintain the clean image of the sport the race claims of us ship of over three and a half billion year. it's the third largest global sports event after the olympics games and the football world cup. with that with your office in the us or whatever it is you.
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three thousand one hundred fifty nine kilometers nine mountain ranges for different altitudes of course with twenty one stages and any to rest days according to some this route could certainly encourage doping. i. thank god i didn't even was going to thank god i'm not going. for the head of the tour doping belongs in the past. but it was a lot of good looking men to call the icon on these other issues i've only salt. i however some traces of the
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past are always present i respond surface stina and team coffee defs remind everyone of significant doping cases. star athletes that used to dope have returned such as alexander vinokourov who's now the head of team a stana. others have gone on to become consultants on television is likely to be along. in spite of the sixteen year in re tests that proved negative in the tour de france two thousand and fifteen edition christopher froome the winner of the tour could not escape a suspicious public. don't don't listen to me you know mic so tell me to do more that you can get it dirty so he she just said so did all of those what will some songs you know if we did tweak goof for us and all but still
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using whoa. we'll give you a cd you saw a little boat we should on this altar boys is the reason why there's so many people for you. so how effective are the tests carried out for the tour de france. who. was up in. over. the curia delivers the samples to one of the french anti doping agency's analytical abara trees near paris the winner of each stage and where of the yellow jersey attested every day. in the sectors of. the cat so some continuity curator don't. have a kind that is it on any idea is a government that looks on to take as a success classic o'steen you know i never designed your basic optical you can only
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do either all see it all or see if they all said you're visually dave you look at it and then it's good there is another. pretty good fuck up about just manually look at it all and if it does sort of a fossil. out of three hundred sixty five year in tests there was only one positive in two thousand and fifteen cyclists are doping less than they used to or better so favorite. the sick list on took up on top of that and to see. some. doesn't record up barely a penny stock if you. don't bash. miami and all that although i thought. the dope athletes are far ahead of the game the bara trees have never uncovered significant doping cases labs look for products that the athletes do not take anymore.
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meanwhile athletes take products that the labs do not know about so for ten years cyclists footballers and other athletes have used doping mechanisms without being detected. a simple customs check caused a scandal in one thousand nine hundred eighty in the car of the medical agent for team festina two hundred thirty five vials of doping substances and dozens of other products were found the no athlete had tested positive. in one nine hundred eighty eight christophe bussau was a part of team festina when it was disqualified from the tour. at the time he was the only one to denounce doping in cycling and the whistleblower. when. he left the professional the mine still continues to contest the vicini from the
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silly championship at the age of. christopher has not forgotten the race for substances between the tour de france competitors. look for giving it there are still parts to tell me i love point city i must ask him about how the top all of this your tween does have on what you call yourself. a place as it's. a lot longer i mean you know all the shopkeeper because they love me to stand. up to raise it up with will put you know nice tell you notice who i was so this you know is this. you know it's in the to sell you it is you keep committed the way you look if you know what you're doing and it came your way in when ya know your media bridgenorth even your own core that you came up a he's going computers in for that i'll. give you your own say he's going to bury them for they don't see even you can void compare it to any one of these would you
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keep of humility the more you put your kid who in that's who got everything given in to keeping me on when young but when you sell it to the quality the system. and what i can walk with you. see. i. look all over to the owner of the valley poker the diversity doing the normal or normative thing i did. line almost this with opiate advance that possible. well you it will but not like the shoes and the pot a mop of what you do can cause a thing you don't know scar you mungo's up on the beyond the course it is for sale on gave her hope we don't get all the fuss made up because you know what quality for please. for your skin your poor and if that city. can meet one time for me to file a pocket on me to. get me to go by this wave it's because of it on one.
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thousand nine hundred ninety nine christoper song denounced his first tour de france a year after the festina scandal he was the only one to maintain doping was still prevalent. to poor old event thank god i did he did do but he didn't would you he don't. need to bodily harm or the loss of one of so remarkably well then to me then to perform and then do the donkey to continually make a new thing just declare. the press calls him mr clean but in reality he's perceived as the black sheep of the cycling world he carries on thanks to the help of his wife. so. you don't bash satyr say to conceive you actually prove a country if you're simply. to stick around you're so idea.
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of the cock down a force that i will stick it to shows but what will tell the do not have it simply isn't a hundred. plus a dear thought on people for. that year lance armstrong was preparing to win his first tour de france the start of a long series of wins this would never have been possible if the international cyclists union u.c.i. had acquired the proper tools for dope testing. biologists gerard diem had proposed that each cycle is be given an enhanced biological passport. because your i defy any program all demeanor of struggle i deserve a laugh what do you think do more see keep all frizzy beauty easy sit up for it or
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the fortunes of those social coup leaders are going to talk to that all the false who claim ye group are no toy cars they will meet you obviously that they've had it all the false see they do jussi all to god why these we to do mean other storm away the immediate morsi speak the doctors during a mountain stage christophe challenge the american. attack. attack the us on. auk and anything physical is about here choking when it's about. what other one was in this recess while i couldn't be a pilot. in with your two q my dear you feel you model seeking a critically dignity probably because you see him a sympathizer because you seek him good by for exhaustion more our presence you mean you and i mean our. bicycle and has a performer poker. rejected by the group could have been sown brings down but the
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twelve stage he quits the to be understood that there would be no change lance armstrong would take thirteen years to admit the truth. did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance yes and then we do the consumption of we're off it's a dopey belief. in regime. that one or some think there is a. small features on when to use our walks and examples for them on syria there's almost etiquette for the. watching this week by sellers who know some artistic thematically system and getting. their money real kuroki street over the counter pretty. opposition to control you put it if you want to was a teapot to want you want to meet people could there are some of us in the city this are hundred billion u two is one trillion sharma and europe over those exit
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one in minas but then by some of the two policies are very perky on the uniface you want to know one or two more than you know and then charm. their programs along with those who are probably responsible we have got some good it will. soon be for having a casket when i was in exeter harmer being. sick up would i have wanted to bomb a local school was persecuted by. a person in the images a. sheep by the way. sure. she does or she deposing is and you thought. they were missing all of. to support shipping oneself i may appear in the short mission but. i hope you'll soon see what.
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if you don't want to do something. that. i support him waiting to do cash you pointed us all to see profit that annoys you and bottle you pointed it exploitive seattle call sit in for me to t.c. with and close on the panel so i'm going to see it is a community this book thief looks at the very. sick communities and then back to south i. don't see put it loose book sale the lab a trois. in probably my tiki key and suppose the book says he did it in a society that boasts of competition continuously to itself more and more people are interested in dating techniques. how much is mimicking athletes boost to performance and effort market in constant growth the sports nutrition sector has become very competitive. in everything good points for sure there's no on call
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father did it if you spoke to you but there was busy time enough to buy your wallet is a semi need but you are just so dumb to put us here it would seem to would be silly to pull one of it's each of us just tell me what you're there when you're there people personally possible just to feel like the subject is. unknown but you've shown your devotion results are good for you you know you're still like the need to be so selfish don't mean you don't you bottle. up good all sham also to carry out those that are your public good to see what people must be don't see your goal bestows to see if they do all the stuff and if it it hurts . a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how does this radical
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transformation occur. i mean i look at it i mean if you really look shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. it's. where ever you. all dizzy or expose prominent figures of the twentieth century and how why the reason influenced the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle
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for civil rights the. resistance to evolve over a variable to oppressed people look at pink and continue to think the negroes to be defensive that's what you mean by that about max and martin luther king face to face at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has warned north korea but he also has a nuclear button on his desk that is bigger and more powerful that's in response to kim jong un's new year's day statement in which he spoke of the launch button on his desk for weapons capable of reaching the u.s. we all came as welcome south korea's support for his offer to hold talks and his
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wrist to cross border communications the u.s. president has threatened to cut aid to the palestinian authority saying it is no longer willing to talk peace last month younger palestinians after recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital sparking weeks of protest from tweeted that the u.s. space millions of dollars of aid to the p.a. but gets no respect only the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said washington is going to withhold more than two hundred fifty million dollars of aid to islamabad that's after president trump again accused pakistan of being a safe haven for terrorists and pakistan have played at double game for years they work with us at times and they also harbor the terrorists that attack our troops in afghanistan that game is not acceptable to this administration we expect far more cooperation from pakistan in the fight against terrorism at least forty eight people have died in peru after the bus they were traveling in plunged eighty meters
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off a cliff onto a rocky beach the bus was carrying fifty seven passengers to the capital lima when it collided with a truck along the narrow stretch of highway known as the devil's curve. all. rights groups have condemned the decision saying it puts lives in danger. in maids were killed and fourteen others in. the jail controlled by. president bill removing the presidential from the constitution the. critics say the bill is his attempt. he's been in office. well.
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sport stepping.
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the nature use as it breaks. for the world cup was in two thousand and fifteen years on and hopes to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage hard to imagine of the new seven years ago people living right here. has taken over from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge a missed opportunity abroad. after having fought for clean cycling former cyclist christophe muscle hopes to encourage decent practices so much damage has become an international anti doping
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adviser in the southwest of france supported by the police and customs officers this is the tests. on. the. speed. this year are some additional one walled city that would be punished and the bunch of the league this year those. france's bodybuilding championship an amateur and allegedly aesthetic sport which consists of developing muscle mass. oh. somebody builders use banned products. but. just about an hour or so soon you're a cheap good as he leads me to. the sunset for me to come along. with something like you are going. to force us to play pinball shills will help us
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all it's going to be. some to destroy. not. only almost for the. year but. it works a lot easier than last week. result nearly a quarter a positive. if you have it it's also known these as on that would result of let me thank you know that knows a lot. there are. never. so you get along do a few was any. good actor one that. told a lot of some on the song then know. that you have to do it. the police
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and customs officers regularly sees banned products from the homes of sellers it's a flourishing black market estimated to be worth over thirty billion euros a year worldwide. less risky than prostitution and narcotics this illegal trade is in the hands of large criminal organizations. you should be in your kitchen quickly sean. don't see all of mint the norm we already. about the mushy. body the rest of this newsroom is obviously the opposite of that. so where are these don't bring products manufactured. the republic of moldova near ukraine. right in the center of
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the capital is balkan pharmaceuticals. a laboratory employing a staff of eighty into pollock uses it of illegally selling dope and products all over the world. maybe coming here to disperse them with cardiovascular fortuna stimulus for a. whole lot of it was it to put ourselves in the county if out of your thoughts. just for thought for that's what this allows for but if i think. the manufacture of such products is perfectly legal in moldova sportsmen though use many of them for purposes other than those intended. clomid or clomid a drug usually prescribed to sterile women is used by bodybuilders after testosterone treatment. likewise side to made or
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thyra nine sodium a thyroid hormone used to supplement steroids and pyrrus a town psychostimulant that works on the central nervous system is used by athletes to. prove their ability to concentrate. to me to get me into a couple of publishable call for much of that something a bit of good idea is much much co-publisher lot of money coming to do you teach this medication falls into public domain and many major pharmaceutical laboratories have stopped manufacturing it some of them have been banned from being sold in europe such as claimed buter of the drug intended for race horses what is it just i just might think but what about the top dogs. in reality it is mostly used by athletes to melt away excess fat. they so we. know. if you want to chill. much with.
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not licensed yet their products are sold on various specialist websites in a range of languages. these illegal sales finance the construction of this new law bar a treat if cost of which was twenty six million euros far higher than waters annual budget. doping products sometimes cause irreversible damage so there trivialization is worrying for doctors. zoe to inland is a five time weightlifting champion for china for the forty eight kilos category she retired from the sport in one thousand nine hundred three.
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and there is your view that there are no knowledge who you know what you do just. as you stand there now is what you do when you. to achieve this she took masculine hormones. they did kill the other woman the maid can make a cd and this was out in someone's yard and years ago my son got. this medication consisted of steroids used for in home sing muscle mass many of the other athletes in her team suffered side effects. then you. are. so horrified. i believe the others and. this is. what you do when you hope you have open never provide any.
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in the eyes of. your heart any. signs of a slice of your way so i have had are so and they always are they say they are high that. there is are dollars. dollars for here are. also available online on state of the art undetectible doping products these products are unavailable on the market and are very dangerous products such as the growth hormone d.m.p. the new trophy no big stream we talk sick. it was identified by interpol who raised the alarm after several people using it died of hypothermia the orders
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a delivered by mail often escaping customs checks. growth hormones and t.v. five hundred a miracle molecule used by cyclists once paid for into an account in thailand then dispatch from china via hong kong. these thought really hormones were paid for by bank transfer to an account in slovakia and dispatched from poland. even do need to feel used for rapid weight loss and fatal at four times the recommended dose ordered from a website based in panama it was dispatched from the u k. even more amazing is this molecule sent from china known as f g four five one two pharmaceutical abar trees are still testing its effectiveness against certain forms of anemia so does around four hundred euros a gram one month course of treatment for elite athletes would cost almost three thousand euro news.
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these products a proof of worldwide trafficking a parallel market with its laboratories websites and dealers spread out all over the world a global market which athletes willingly use. anybody twork new depreciation or your mobile to do it all or similar or is it an admitted you nestle narrative of who are you to bet is that the next you to me you know the popular or soon you will do best remote when you don't show me a species on time when you point me to or observe it is almost sophisticated yet because of the pull you must go on the previous you're gone off and on to be me some your city sit ups in my own drums ruin some song realms of it to julie if you falsely produce what is to keep the record twenty four years john messed with yes only economy did it is gone their people because it's not going to force them on open your presence in week one can get greedy go east of us ned he just wouldn't
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get as the people seem to the better be go with him go on an image was on your ball rocking it again even when you want to. learn sounds through matter going to look at it with yes i'll go but hip with an attitude that towards the front of the of the you would also notice the stealing of a son of a man all sums. it. up with the license tag and the bit economic social and much better start trucking. i least most of all to a unique medicare or let in more sophisticated people is idiots wish it. suki. needed support real a facility an easy we did all needed always ask to operate it because it's who forgot. because it emits saki swampy gig e.q. what's that going to sounds like yet the. sheik doesn't get covered demand your friend about your leave or evil show from the courtroom you sure don't know i am living and it had to laugh. at they would say that because short look at who showed
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the movie of the prophet my version and quirky free buescher preacher of a voodoo pushing me with a beautiful though she knew we didn't but to she. among the accomplices implicated is michele ferrari lance armstrong's dope a physician who helped him secretly for one million dollars given a life ban by the italian cycling federation in two thousand and two he continues to work discreetly with athletes. athletes such as alex watson the two thousand and eight fifty kilometers walk a limp dick champion who tested positive for e.p.o. four years later. lead to feed on saturday carol in a cost that they are our pick you know. it was also the less well that only. if we digit comp unit they took it shooting along so you're good at picking.
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john mckay the winter olympians on the prima play on him since he wallboard tempore a lot the boy i mean the me or sponsor the other or. just that one of us and i think each at least look at the failure some or some lost missing contact all the little fella can i mean disappear work a. lot. in a free childhood but k. . they were my enemy not only call me sore and i thought the ball know this but they're a quintile. your dog or cash if you are. in. yes thought he. was born. at the home but we. are not done to solve the year. long you know of a tall catch at door way or at least for that song when or where danny.
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you but they will. pay. double. denounces the impunity of those who cover up doping the coaches and the officials who are really punished interviewed by the prosecutors once a declared that his national federation knew full well that he was using performance enhancing drugs and allowed him to do certain key being. funny and they want to say they will not. buy we'll. be children missiles gone and they will provide care or none of the. ok. we need a paid job in quick hazily of the bad joke but they one of em kill all is lost and
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somebody. four years after his suspension ali has returned to competition to put a stop to suspicions he now trains with sundra donati one of those things most celebrated opponents. i mean they're ok for this yesterday before got out. early got it. she's young in concert r.t. if you. stop. case you hadn't got to see that they got on here but me young kid you got to go he did you could see that in a decent odds between your job in southall mint and when the committee said a wall to wall got a team into the ground of. course i could tell your father. onyx now undergoes strict and you don't ping tests.
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he's been tested more than forty times in one year compared to an average of two to five times for other athletes his blood parameters are scrutinized more than is usual for the regular bun logical postponed your pain so. that all of the. only five full bore. same. day. at all and they were found in the. middle day. and you have. many athletes are now demanding increased drug testing independent of athletics associations. confronted by repeated doping scandals the world anti-doping agency tried to clean
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house they conducted an investigation on the cheating done in russia water delivered its conclusions in the presence of hio samples the german journalist who was the first to report on the russian dumping scandal. ladies and gentlemen members of the media welcome to geneva for this special what the independent commission press conference we've found cover ups we've found destruction of samples in the lab or trees we've payments of money in order to conceal interest among others so it's. it's worse than we thought all of this could not have happened and continue to happen without the knowledge of and either actual implied consent of the state authorities so i mean their lab is gone there their national league of variation is gone we've recommended that the russian athletics federation be suspended they're gone. in
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banning russia from the global sport soon the agency revealed that they'd come to the same conclusions as the german journalist one year after his initial revelations. here avoiding talk is just guns of this team bush tough talk that would often for to hear from the president about conceiving is this a clutch or is this off i go for this because i'm too which is what history doesn't come in the eye does or doesn't come as you are always carmen had let's unleash the russians were the ones who went over the object when we told him to step on or wish that. they all would just in the world. don't do extra to the killers thing to do and not recognized. as the fees they would you had to put in mr goodere. now. in business class all the middle class your days was it said the local sex wasn't about the concern is the price i would use for british esteem all system of damage
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find you or me cheater yes it probably is there were reports of floods i mean cheater disgorge and we didn't know was the fellows in his condo about that as good also got rid of us meant a bit when you were listed on the way your motion which is either a new crisis go on to book and go against the president when you teachers go but will be a chef. committee that was. but when you're done then pharmacy shows that cause it was stored in the chaps a sense of pride being is supposed to get bought out with boys when you're assisting us but to me the pressure on the part of the new stoner cooks. is with users with us and gets even them but would seem you don't know what i'm saying look and go against. rush's sanction is a bittersweet victory for whistleblower usually is the part of a who was suspended from all competition along with four thousand russian athletes .
9:54 am
that are spent much manuscript it's literally i don't know which new things i put it but my gutsy but it's didn't go get us to the overtime split it only said that. having taken refuge in the usa thousands of miles from moscow out of work and unable to compete whistleblowers yulia and vitali feel abandoned by the world sporting institutions in return for doing all of that. she got sanctioned and neither i.o.c. wider or either by f is. ready to address this issue as of now because i guess they have bigger issues to deal with they have to reinstate russia and they can't worry about small athletes from russia the kind of political. i call it. i don't call it politics.
9:55 am
who really has it in their interest to end cheating in sports athletes doctors and sports federations enrich themselves through doping countries circumvent the international convention against doping in sport the world anti-doping agency's efforts to protect the integrity of sports competitions if doping is unstoppable what will the world of sports look like tomorrow. according to sports experts most records will no longer be able to be beaten starting in two thousand and thirty humankind will reach their physiological limit but some are already dreaming up ways that athletes can improve further through biotechnology and prostheses restore do it that bad example you want to do that cul de sac of his gawky go to medical science at the preview of the magic.
9:56 am
plywood then it will be sold or all said your pleasure there was it take ski for him would you ship bob or a little dog from korea or revision if at the tours it is used today or because it is. boys is their shock. since it was with it all it's called missions devalue ve chrysotile strategically they are visiting that in your area giving you order all the way up of the i would as president of the us. i'm all for the addition is one to a greek myth although neither side called as with us are they could you do best bob while evil is your it didn't associate the.
9:57 am
welcome back let's look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia subzero in almaty in kazakhstan but i want to get to becky stone still rosy mild out there for tashkent now as we head into sisters day we'll see a drop in temperatures for tashkent otherwise rossetti fine around the caspian sea we've got eighteen and sunshine in baghdad but more unsettled weather conditions around the eastern side of the mediterranean sea so some rain likely for parts of
9:58 am
syria extending down through into lebanon here in the arabian peninsula is fine from mecca highs of thirty two for doha we've got pretty pleasant weather here temperature gensler twenty two ish as a high and not much change expect as we head on through into thursday but the fairly light winds or as a chance we could see some mist and fog returning for early mornings as we head across into southern portions of africa showers across northern parts one goler and some beer through into zimbabwe but you see this circulation appearing on the edge of your screen there and that's a tropical depression which could really develop into something quite spectacular in terms of rainfall is certainly possible there on the eastern side of madagascar over the next few days we could see ivan up to one meter of rain accumulating elsewhere we're looking at fine conditions for south africa and in fact a nice day in cape town. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s.
9:59 am
response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say no you will first just wakes up the over the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion the lie was about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us bankruptcy us the ability to identify with people who may live the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al jazeera. jeffery.
10:00 am
musical pioneer. fuses to be silent in spite of the endless cycles of violence. through his school for young girls craft of music and the songs of the emancipation. news in. the witness documentary this time on al-jazeera. north korea says it will restore a communication hotline with the south. i'm sorry is a bad.


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