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tv   Congolese Dreams  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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as treasonous and patriotic it's over a two thousand and sixteen meeting with a lawyer with kremlin connections the white house press secretary calls the claims baseless i think that is a ridiculous accusation and one that i'm pretty sure we've addressed many times from here before if that's in reference to comments made by mr bennett i'd refer you back to the ones that he made previously on sixty minutes were it called the collusion with russia about this president a total farce so i think i would learn to look back at that if anybody's been inconsistent it's been him certainly has been the president or this administration ethiopia's government says it will release all political prisoners a surprise announcement by the prime minister will see the notorious prison turned into a museum it's possible planned to widen democracy following months of antigovernment protests. a turkish bank has been found guilty in a u.s. court of taking part in
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a scheme to violate washington sanctions on iran mammoth how can i tell and eight others were accused of moving billions of dollars worth of iranian money through american banks disguised as food and gold sales. witness documentaries that. at this time on al-jazeera. twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of its image but it's been a long shot at one hundred years ago for telegraphy was a colonial tool going to have to write about afraid to be. a crime or a crime for the independent competent state in the post-colonial euphoria photographers like my legs the big shot that you call for us. but elsewhere the narrative was of
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a call on manageable continent often with tooth she just won it. now a new generation is using photography to celebrate the question and represent a continent on the rise. and the south. and you definitely want to know all the new stuff isn't. done on them he says. there's only until it's over yeah i'm almost. it up but i didn't lie deservedly.
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but. felt the full told on and on one of the dishes said on the usual a bit race i think but no i don't want. it on ones of a result she did tweet. about. i'm not if it's only me she sits on top is self recognition. this soft money is only pure negative. numbers on exist today just luck. that got sorted out. of a matter. of america. but. you have only kavos you will have. to manage at the moment do you think it will tickle between you two to school to school to were told in the. examples on the sharjah.
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that they banned. if. you see your little coffee shop. if you want. me you know help and. that's to go back on something that is real life through the use of. going down this well to the con sure i see that i think. that the fifty million new voters found out. about. all of. this.
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just shows that in the discussion forums so it's easy to have something. that i felt. you know just left a tone and members in the debate did treasury up in the us enough to. have a driver. and five i don't know really same question one month. on concrete is don't want they said to both think you could do it in some measure if it were true or. to last possible dollars reward the hobby lobby you could almost go to that was just to get. it was called metathesis what i.
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sure do. you. have the keys and. she made on it. for us. i may have a talent show last night at that. time. for school i feel your future ok if you want to. take this. saucily put me up on this. idea shush that put me off work if she's a little easy. about immediacy dispersed. dolly of every ship out to sea didn't give us your. uniqueness personally and give a song. to the evil bottoms of giancola deceived me soft when i said it's your.
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doctor says image. cause you can see it in time i. want to see love of his own formula and control those of you. who cannot and not in the. air comes the on the dance of area of medicine the present i have said to. him for the like please. separate country song and it seemed like to ski for quite some devotion should create a point all pointed metal purely kind. of food to put on a day. off a skier possibly to one of the two she not so much. just to do to please the heart of government ana this is
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a family. and. why. for. four. or. five . shows then up but if we do refuse to do that dick to try.
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again how i live there you know do that if you can solve in your because as you both really don't court on it called the man. you're set up by a recession if you flip to get uppity cynic upbraids rigid right back up well if you this if you present it up by a bush or bill you do need to want to show suggested up by a group of my for drawing what. i said still. sick who. said she got you to commit the critical distance iraq is a fit if you don't like the depicted depend. upon it she bucko. but the one i sent from wasn't. so i'm not going to be this is it mr van dusen this is the police commissioner of the schmuck who felt.
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suzie that if you selfish look. yes i mean he just got as good a voice. that's a shell for. one political figure still today. nobody got the couple different about his own coming up. from south. sudan up wasn't a surrogate defeat in ca's he's all for a laugh and two for the old if you can the up of place feel as you. should fit don't kind enough to. feel lucky than may seem. reduced usually comes down. to class depresses you must come sounded awful philip if you don't pay up pay for. a unix piece showing an adult keyboard
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using the gulf will fail to fail it's. some of those failing foot by the courts will first step up by foot but for. now but they'll do a deal yeah but that month or two. but then what don't you see. the similar she's sick to see blood and therefore. let me push an old often up a bagel cut. from a wish she was a. single . mom by the. way they will speak you love them and can use it to do something
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to. someone. with a prophecy but to become something else to be good although it could be ended with the notion that money go. then on the monday he. does that with the bed you can get a good don't see benefit by any parent would have been out of that are going to see
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somebody marching home in a month then they don't have money and you know. don't you know i don't think they need to. come up intending to. come back from but the second. event to the effect of those folks upbeat that's a. really. good that they shut down their mom i think i don't want to do nothing because you're up on the number the long haul thing you had to do on. this floor down photograph a winnable we should have a. little faith in the law it's a field even though so classy. in the eagles so classy a concession to the fellas all think they still really need but we need
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a lot of the all new all the ring of suppressed is a felony on the song that if we want a son don't love us i don't think. this is i don't think this if i was he sees us all want to cause a long gone to the business well yourself. betty they are you have been exposed as you are said to have in your cake and enough of you jimmy has the president so if you needed a new saw start on cows and all epidemic it's also quite a dis he did to defend and to to mount a sequel to a nice. place if we're to ensnare. seen more of the bear no one put in general
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because i didn't. work it out for the shake or not savant enough take it or not daisy magical to finish your degree it was you would have more. newton mushin god enough interest is zero plus can a. hopeless here is still a little twelve years of work toward your side they just present of uneasiness. and i think you will see a bus on the door. and don't know where those little twat. came in can see exactly spitta quotes and have no memory of the months months you can say if i'm sorry folks that's what you call a spirit elect advance on sukarno at church for.
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the last guy catcalls wanna be told to see. the number of these and these are the tone of the let me don't. she not i saw please on the dance number i'm on. i mean to do the five things to do to keep your two mommies in nashua so much while the several of our favorite fish here on the show you see keep complete also. on the t.v. show take off on time. to see battle cry after. been to defy i am going to. do the best like when i'm listening to the best new album done as a definition of it i'm going to try and find some it's time to snap decision genuine human knowledge of the codes that i've noticed in the g.o.p.
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you've been called since without. the t.v. business dispensable so much assume you can. motown i sold it. must be sixty for the record is that they did. it you can. even fool. a cd don't go do something you delve into something with school would like it you can see i want. to see the. movie is the seafood we suffered you just don't fit the deal they get all the boss. was the best. in the whole. because you to deal with a shiver coupeville pull the flosses suited to shows if you don't go.
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well you just saw a big differences in how you cut. the ties yeah i would have got on. yes i was confident in a. lot of my tasks never by you but it is pretty good investment. and i'm called to lead on to head up ok i've been i guess and it's. going to. be so dresses inside you and i can get dressed and then we will go back if that. sometime down.
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the sun. to the. country on a ship. yeah to them i. am a man my my. cancer is not. one gets a state. that i am i suppose that. this making up my.
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child. well to miss occasionally. pursue more than just so they. are doing it for nothing because i'm sick i'm sitting. on the. scene. last night yeah yeah we have all that blood to laugh at the doc wasn't there as usual phone calls one inclusion the. time. of crisis is coming in oh just don't have them for me yet you see i have a vision in my view of my. vision bad.
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going out and obviously bad because they're. imaginary i never made any demands on that balcony but oh my god the motion of the. put off the bomb because mommy and some. college building says they did not count on. those images you don't wave is not a account of a skeleton fight is ok i'll measure idle for another mission coming down becomes a stone i really don't love doing i instead it took off up into the state of oklahoma to drink in the field with you because now you've been talking about silly things to. him in the jungle. for the purpose of the food so much.
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so. you. can. come up with the. last. place. to. put it. back. if. you.
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get it loosely something else but that's just the feeling below you no longer believe that. somebody runs out of the place a little cup will spike well you know. once that i lost. a lot of the deficit i thought. i might have. found it still must take a. guy. like. that so many. exposes your foot to last if you fall sick and you are. up one more off.
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the loser. if you check out this the new place and somehow i. in fact is that country. if it is all for. it to contribute to the danish you are then you are shown fifty. looks ridiculous to say. so look below the thank you very good if they can if i do see one here let me know testing year the walking is all these overpasses also food sit separate secrecy. father exit city. a lawful dog a few see. more or just a. fair vote he often see the shores of king of us but the september.
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come to feel so exposed to point towards the divestiture. could more of it you see you with more also see only the ticket your elected show. us that you support. a. fix was just based on the. memo. on how to savor what excel in your sick knowledge i made you what i think and . in on for them. and a much is just. so. soon all this and more. just. cos you boil accel me off because when you put it in you to. be sick or despise. and well
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yeah yeah . it's something very strong to get someone an ambitious young artist from the mean streets of mozambique to sit down to reveal the unseen truth about his country's. future to the muslim people didn't like to see it did no good in college changes. in the new african photography. allowed at this time on al-jazeera.
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the latest news as it breaks the government of mali so market has pushed to the result in all of that if that will make argentina's economy more competitive with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government stop subsidizing the cost jumped by sixty percent. at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this league. a nation where corruption is endemic now embroiled in a battle to hold the powerful to account. how has this radical transformation occurred. to me that if you want to shedding light on the romanians pressing for change on the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people at this time on al-jazeera. in russia
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many cuddy's migrant. labor force. to exploit. people in power. at this time. palestinians say they won't be blackmailed off to the white house threatens the poll that says jerusalem is no longer out for negotiations.
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