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tv   Pakistan Music Lyari Notes  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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is a dialogue could be leading to some of the confusion about people saying we don't actually know what's going on join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. there's a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera are pro-government rallies are being held in iran for a second day they follow five nights of anti-government protests a senior military commander has declared the end of the protest movement in which twenty two people were killed but. you where there's accusing the u.s. of violence in the country same as ravi has more. large pro-government rallies are
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being held in major metropolitan cities across iran today in an effort by pro-government and pro stablish and supporters to illustrate to anti-government protesters that this government and this establishment does still enjoy political and public support by tens of thousands of people it's an effort by the government to bookend what has been a week of violent and deadly protests that turned into what the government is calling riots now and just because these people are out in the street in support of the government it doesn't mean that they support all of the government's policies but what these people are trying to say to their own domestic audience as well as to people watching around the world is that any problems that iran has will be addressed through a stable system and change will come over time not through violence on the streets as far as anti-government demonstrations go they have windows in size they become smaller and more short lived overnight there were smaller demonstrations but not at
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the scale that we've seen in previous days but while those protesters may have gone home and may not be coming out into the streets in large numbers the economic issues that brought them out in the first place continue to be a thorn in the side of president rouhani administration and if they remain an address there are predictions that these protests may rise up again. well twenty three syrian civilians have been killed in russian then government airstrikes on the rebel held on clay of the capital damascus three children and eleven women are believed to be among the dead in the suburb of east and several infants. at least four people have been killed and forty others injured near the south african city of crude after a passenger train crashed and burst into flames the train was traveling from portion as. a truck collided with the first two carriages most of the passengers on board were on holiday emergency services at the scene. u.s.
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president says his former chief strategist steve benen has lost his mind or baton described trumps eldest son as treasonous and unpatriotic and a new book the comments refer to a meeting between donald trump jr and annoyed with the russian government connections the white house says the allegations are baseless i think that is a ridiculous accusation and one that i'm pretty sure we've addressed many times from here before if that's in reference to comments made by mr bennett i'd refer you back to the ones that he made previously on sixty minutes. collusion with russia about this president a total farce so i think i would look if anybody's been inconsistent it's been him certainly has been the president or this administration. china's president is urging military leaders to train soldiers for combat and improve their capability when walls speaking at a military ceremony and paying for the event showcases china's military might in a new era south korea says it's coordinating with the u.s. ahead of proposed talks with north korea pyongyang says dialogue will focus on the
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upcoming winter olympic games in south korea that country's foreign minister says president moon wants the nuclear issue to be discussed japan's prime minister shinzo is again calling on north korea to change its policies. turkey has called a us court verdict convicting a turkish bank a bank of a violation sanctions against iran unjust and scandalous it's accuse the court of using fake evidence to find the senior manager of how baghdad and eight others guilty of money laundering met attila and others were accused of moving billions of dollars of iranian money through u.s. banks disguised as food and sales. foreign policy chief and top diplomat has called for an end to the u.s. led and boggle against cuba federica mago in his comments come up to washington decided to tighten restrictions on have ana she's hoping to strengthen europe's political and economic ties. as the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us
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what most pakistan music is up next. with the.
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guard. you know why strikes me. so i can't let that stop me from you know from going out and doing stuff so if it if it means i need to get a guard i'll get a guard. somebody come and welcome to video one f.m. and ninety one my name's danish and i always speak about music because i actually give a damn about the day when talking about huns at our feet. i .
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should. say let our tongues out welcome him on the show i do believe that you guys have been you know providing education for the special school yeah he got well do years ago we we started giving free music education with kids from a school in the army which is called the current school system. it's quite a unique institution what they do is they would be a lot of attention to their students' parents as well you know because obviously living in the ice for them and living in those her own lives and their parents come
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from a very different background. life. and you know a lot of these people have sort of grown up in. old fashioned backgrounds and things so you know to to see their children speaking in english and you know taking an interest in the arts let's say you know those those things are sort of very alien to you know the the older generation. of the next ice and they make something to. be on this side is the last. very good i'm going.
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to look at it because it. was told me to. tell you. to look at it take a listen to lay down my. baby i didn't believe. he could you maybe sleep things like he was able to get something done but i guess if you would. i love how. it is not. exactly something like but let me tell you don't. let it heal if you look at the end of the field. let.
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me. now. yeah. i suck justin rose. zero. zero zero. zero. zero. zero zero.
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zero. zero. zero zero have to say you have got a kind of thing. but some stuff down the campaign. from it's going to. come out as soon mainstream husseini toast. sometimes mom up there soften baby. compliments on topic thing. that i got out of there gave. me the lend it. was. going away no. it's not mean that
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was. his number see you on the up. this is. a place that you in the same. position that a little i really don't think i know. the. two music civil two men tend to stop the m.l.c. while it's. because that was the other great was simple to get called out a it might be d.c. making it the main goal of the toe of this so called toronto of the did me good to see where they would. you know because he wished me. good time to get thinking. of me my being is. an old chap i learned people on in the one i am thing over there. a little less terror and the line less and less still cool it on because it's in there and then something that i don't. really put rename it
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to put it through and get some nikken don't piss on your face that cry that. scream and he should get on such a such pain if you never talk to me i have to hunt. for someone to make it easier to handle the comments from the jihad because to christmas time you can make we have see but nothing to do in doing too much noticing that you cannot get yourself to legal in a tsunami charming embassy to find out. i'm going to school this week with interesting honesty dynamite shocking secret. funny even i need something to enjoy getting to know me quitting because the i think you know me pushing pushing this idea that you can go home can't take me if i'm going to make you know i'm going to make sure you go ahead on the school i did it and i just did
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it and look i'm doing it tell you to make do with people and the only game education system must c.d.'s and you do not get it you know what you want to study musically within the city and they had a kid would not dead yet. it may be fun to go with the things. you do have the music seek make good books and. so read me and go musician but yeah i'll screw up my profession. music see go all out of going to center. on somebody on the ship was. the one to the notion that. music supposedly. this mcgurk you guys or i could see you as i see this in the jeans miss a sort of. soon so much know what that was joe the enough
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of this in the good dylan to be. seen. so i get i will get. x. and i'm going to get. to. see. you.
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as soon as you got magic right after that i think i noticed most difficult projects which was that you can use a good cheer enjoy sitting wonder that a very watching t.v. you know it's not the smartest. the folks in just the way out and see. seventy eight to june like that would be an excellent premise for the police to take place in boxing because of the. money you know. you you. know. you. feel. like the first stories that i will carry the first shock was that it's only twenty
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minutes later still so many people know that we did it in those moments was considered the boss the street golf. and just twenty minutes a week by scott lies the other day which is perhaps the norse war or most conflict we do in. any of could actually we do a. lot and cities but a very. rich touch it but troubled history to see. you going to. leave it in a city which is extremely dry and you see me light it up and it is a shortage of bad news all happiness. bad. bad. bad out and out.
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that on the planet that will buy a nice night think it. to be very good but the real work how they tell it. i'm going to let you get are. you going to get me a guy you're going to know that anybody want to go anywhere you can go right now. yes you will get. whatever you want to do you took it very. quickly doman it's come back in two minutes.
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believe. me. the watching the downs over there were hard to. tell you. know. but. when i was growing up there was no such thing as a music school i would go do like second hand books bookstores and try to look for music books and magazines and we'd still shot you know in the dark blair holding a cord somewhere and we'd see ok where his fingers positioned you know and we'd look for those places and try to you know mix and match and play.
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there. was too. good. to. be.
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the most glaring thing going up you need going in there. right you just need to get it just put a baby when you're but you could get the feeling that. the pakistani taliban had threatened to disrupt the voting process saying it's an islamic they've been responsible for the deaths of at least one hundred people in the lead up to the election but voters fed up with the country's feeble economy and chronic corruption made their way to the polling stations anyway. the election has been hailed historic for marking a transition from one civilian led government to the next without the military stepping in to take over but not even the extra security could help prevent militant violence.
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we have. been. doing it in about ten minutes. this is the number you had to do this on so. much time to. clarify that ok you can let it. go badly god let. her. die. hard to. overstate this part of.
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the time came where. i think we'll be in this iraq start going to the security situation and. so there was like a complete you know there's nothing going on we would meet and discuss about you know what we should do with musicians you know what you know how to research get by and so the idea for the school came out of that. on developing music developing music education and doing as much as i can and not letting anything sort of you know cause stoppage or whatever i need to do you know because there are always other avenues out there that get just stuff. this is a. politician's person and scummy so. to speak. and so was the censorship of the concerts i doubt. the. and the only choice for this is my son for the first
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hour he says she would return to visit his parents so many chances before the police would be he was of the internet only has he's he's a star because of the internet or he's probably passed on first by it the scientists lying about it yeah so he i spoke to him about it do he's missing affected by this your combine and ok you tube is not opening the government keeps saying open it in two months for the next one expire and. i think people are just going to be ok there's no good to face no point in your writing to like you know get them to open it or convincing them we'll just find other avenues there are actually no way just like this take on the job or striking down the thing or not occupiers i think people are very isolated from each other that's far industries are not on someone who is we are critical about everything and we are critiques my
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father doesn't know and he doesn't know that i'm going to music i mean back if he figures that out then there's a sword and screenwriting i perceiving that i come from we come from the society you're the village in which is the most musical legion i'm not the bird in hundred boston was on the subway this is all music but. who on earth.
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he. won't. be mad. to do new moon but rude to do was to do some. of them good son was done hurt son and done harm done in the sun quoted me and them on both the shelf and at night and the. playbook so i see you all to. eat and they like steve. newport belle bun take a look at them look i do the work them for to get them to do it yet i'm like oh you know both of them were young looking at me i did dumb but then you think. you've
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been put here with a level playing field and bomb blast killed and then. climbed down bled leg he didn't know his name and he did tell me that he had one child. my mother was beginning to walk away from thinking that he would get. to the lake but not to me. he would he. was just. want to go with us to see how do you think of a healthy young music yes. but doesn't that they are not saying anything. the book of those would be. we are not doing this i would like to have been. gives a big. wake up with the world.
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january on jesse the african heads of state and governments will gather in at his ababa for the state's youth assembly of the african union where the goals set out
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say in twenty seventeen minutes rewind returns with brand new episodes updating some of the best al-jazeera documentaries from over the years the biggest names in politics in business will meet in the swiss alps for the world economic forum what will be talk of the agenda maggie asan engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on all fronts and in the week our special coverage will be gauging reaction from around the world to america's most controversial president of modern times january on. june nine hundred sixty seventy six days that redrew the map of the middle east this record of victory of the israeli army in that war was the greatest tragedy in the history of islam fifty years later al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations and tried mediation contacts through
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different countries and it was clear that all this was you know of the war in june at this time. al-jazeera. where ever you are. there's a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump's lawyers say his former chief strategist steve bad and has violated a non-disclosure agreement that been described trying to sell dishonest treasonous and unpatriotic in a new book by for that call writer michael wolff the comments for her to a meeting between donald trump jr and a lawyer with the russian government connections trump says banon has lost his mind
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. and other news pro-government rallies are being held in iran for a second day they follow five knots of anti-government protests a senior military commander has declared the end of the protest movement in which twenty two people were killed iran's on the voice of the u.n. meanwhile is accusing the u.s. of stirring violence in the country saying best ravi has more from. these people who are coming out onto the streets that doesn't necessarily mean that they're happy with president rouhani as administration but what they want to send a message is the message they want to send is that they may want reform or change but they want to do that through stability and over time and so this is an effort by these activists or these demonstrators pro-government demonstrators to try and illustrate the point that violence on the street is not the way forward for change in iran at least four people have been killed and forty others injured near the south african city of crude start after
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a passenger train crashed and burst into flames the train was traveling from port elizabeth johannesburg when a truck collided with the first two carriages most of the passengers on board were on holiday emergency services at the same. now the european union's foreign policy chief federica maga remey has said. that she's calling for an end to the u.s. led embargoed against cuba federica margarita his comments come after washington decided to tighten restrictions on her banner mockery is on a visit to the communist island she's hoping to strengthen europe's political and economic ties. turkey has called a u.s. court verdict to convict in a turkish banker for violating sanctions against iran unjust and scandalous right those are the headlines on al-jazeera the do stay with us what miss pakistan news
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continues next thank you very much for watching. musicians have this thing that you know we were victims of you know the way bugs done is a lot. so i mean there are people who've who've become hugely successful who get their art out who have an audience you know they they've managed to struggle they made it you know you're going to get your message your voice your expression out if that's what you really want to do they haven't used to do it.
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seem to be limited. to see but they have been led to get a good lead to make believe that it's in the little league good dimmable people toward the good men to be in charge to determine it's in the mind of the data but the. league believe me. many monomania. might even have the money and. i'm literally. i can read it out. of her children upsurge of radio medals and your bundle won't be able to continue their classes which. the reason being is that the children have been admitted into mainstream schools where they follow a strict schedule during weekends they're extra to sions as they need to work extra
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hard to maintain their grades in schools we have. just for this inconvenience or thank you you notice i didn't get in school system now we got to work now says major in three for the girls because traveling back to id has to be done. during you know doing something that is off tonight a good school day. so. i don't know what to expect about two and a half years with us so that's definitely has impacted their lives and that's not going to.
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do with just how. much you want to tell you. how similar. this was this way in time it was and i. know you can buy see his son if you see. all the see as he was. on. the phone. and it.
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might be over. so this is business news because you need. the cleveland browns from sun bottoms that us once worked. if not for your grasp on truth we've been. married very. very tight and had a good day. this is the. safest thing counted in congress and i. never very. much want to change you know. all the time another disturbing. are you seeing that everybody would say this to the movies that are just murdering people maybe you know.
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if they still. felt. like magic like you. like to make me like to like seeing the ceiling or. being. these you study a little i like. things like this. and i have known how do they get that and i believe that they're united and invested it simply because of what john boyd's and damning. studies so how do you think we can manage the studies let's try and like everybody said you want to go back to the us i want to have. the knowledge of the cost of the.
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young ph you think don't you want to have to be. so how can you like give me this surety. if you go back to that school it's not going to say to london i did it was my exam and then i'm still mad so i take my english will stand in the way i am boy and so we are sitting there laughing a little in membership and they stop feeding and then i give them i give dad a good test to my mind and then it becomes easy going to using talking to kids but then you would have to do that if you want to go back to match you have to use if. you want to go back. we need to know just we wouldn't move the boys which is again risky because a lot of parents were like we don't want more where we have to get them in and we're like we've got this world just within you know a small clinical. a huge effect.
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of a similar thing. that would go. to the oh my yes. ok i have a. fantasy future would know anybody. that thinks our goal today cannot have a. good thing i've got a little bit out of them if they don't look at the political coming out of. my life i don't think. how. many of my family but you would.
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like. the fact. is. that it's just. the tip of life. to let it go and i would. likely. not. going. to have a. happy couple time. will
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give those who might be a few new students warm. so i thought and then to see the humanity displayed you look at the scene i'm in and even before this latest meeting he did it he starts showing not just through my voice but my voice and the thought. of it so no you guys party. animals apart. he gets all this and is
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useless and then when you complete what's happening he's a good receiver. exist and the instrument comes to life. to do.
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was. was. was. the. gauges. the.
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sub. group. a thing for. anything. that. you feel or. think. i'd say. only. the anybody would ever meet this it pays him believing that they are the. best so he should not assume that yes they are there for the children that we see are just sad because. because of the two.
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seventy seven. this is a artist's hazard his. the race. close. was open. to. the work. done something good. this was it will be a. this is close to. the sun this piece. on. sunday. much to.
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the. post. to stock up a stock just steps of but oh not. just that asimov because we're talking. about the cost of the yard a car and not something to come not to see michael douglas stepanek but chuckie could not do nobody more like a modern hokum not know cannot speak about the sun could not. come or let it go to come to the sets up my shovel but the guy got them the mud the spinal cord missed
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the not old man. nobody apart but i said of course one alone could not be not equal john said a lot more money. from my side of the. day that. was. that was. that was. thank you we had to give you a. little but she was getting ready to say i was thinking that i'm going to try she will be kings are you going to love the you guys are really good we can we are going to leave you know you need to
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do this you have begun to think about children living. down to me. thank you. every detail of the chalet the people. pushing. it. was. really. everything was going a little way down. the list to me. feel like. i just slowly have to be careful. not to be crazy here. in the same time. if you feel it's great just.
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like we're seeing you i think. it's. what you think you know more. goals. to be. right and what was you. being in the chair this is a great. thing it's very. early . i had dollars and. it. was like i don't. see what i'm going to show you but i'm going to do yeah. what did. i do.
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today today course. ok bt. i'll. make a u. k. . thing losing. this.
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state oh thank you. thank. you. thank you ok i'm just not giving them some go to them is going to be good some said time time kid now i'm not going to move because of. a good job i don't get anything because i'm not a good gigantic you could be a ton of money because i don't. need to be saved and got jobs really. still. something and a global man on the sun just holding. our
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. oh oh. oh oh oh oh. please.
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hurry made in god's sight i thought i was the baby down and i don't friend have any new years there's a those families that i wish. i was. friends. with if i was that still today in the. play. hi. you know larry and i have yet. secondly. we go somewhere. somewhere by the family and their friends. like them back if.
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i'm assured that it was something back oh yes.
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it's unlikely to travel to the birthplace of the music they like and share a stage with the legend they chose. to. ask for this time how does it. from cool brisk noise and fuel rods. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast
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asia. hello and welcome to look at weather conditions across the americas south america showers across amazon basin mushed expect plenty showers for parts uproot bolivia when she comes south where it's looking very fine across much of paraquat a nice day in asuncion there and fine weather further south across much of argentina though we will see a weak frontal system just beginning to develop during the course of friday but over in santiago in chile should be fine thirty one degrees the high now the satellite imagery for central america shows some quite interesting features famous big area of cloud extending through into the on of hispaniola but also the area of clay which is going to be over panama and there is a circulation developing here so there's potential for some really intense rainfall so i think flooding is very likely here and these twenty four hours costa rica probably just about ok so shares of kingston jamaica sunshine for have an a in cuba as we head through into friday but area of rain is still there from the still in
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the sunshine and highs of nineteen now into north america we've got this rapid cycler genesis as we call it taking place off the eastern seaboard of the united states resulting in some very very heavy snowfall effect in the eastern seaboard during the course of thursday elsewhere really cold air remains in place but the snow does eventually move away as we head through friday. the weather sponsored by qatar piece. you are making swear there on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been the criminal mind or if you join us on say no evil person just wakes up the over the morning and says i want to scour the world in darkness and this is a dialogue that could be worth leading to some of the confusion about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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running six continents across. al-jazeera is correspondents live and bring the stories they tell of this. but this is one of the letters. were at the worst of the russian camp for palestinian record zero fluid in world news. this is al jazeera. and i welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with me and it's with ron i'm coming out of the next sixty minutes.


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