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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm +03

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at this time on al-jazeera. running six continents across the. globe. and no it is not that you. were at the. camp for palestinian. and i welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters in doha with me and as with iran i'm coming up for the next sixty minutes president trump's
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lawyers threatened legal action against his former chief strategist for has explosive comments and a new book. declares an end to the rest. took us over the trial of a banker accused of illegally moving money for iran and tech firms scramble to fix two bags that put personal data and computers and. worldwide. of a forthcoming book on the trumpet been stray shot a cause of a political storm and the u.s. the president's personal lawyer is threatening legal action against former senior strategist steve bannon for his comments of the book or bad of course eldest son treasonous lawyer to the kremlin and two thousand and sixteen and that meeting is central to an investigation into suspected russian meddling and the election. from
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washington. for the first time a furious donald trump publicly thrashed his former strategist over comments in an upcoming book saying steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind in fire and fury inside the trump white house bannon says donald trump jr was treasonous and unpatriotic when he met with russians who claim to have dirt on democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton press secretary sarah sanders called the president's anger at bannon justified i would certainly think that going after the president's son and absolutely outrageous and unprecedented way is probably not the best way to curry favor with anybody the book's release coincides with special prosecutor robert miller's investigation into russia's meddling in the twenty six thousand election and possible collusion by the trump campaign it includes interviews with white
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house insiders including bannon and paints an administration in chaos the white house tried to distance itself from ban and wednesday saying the president had little one on one contact with bannon but bannon was the c.e.o. of the president's campaign played a key role during the president's transition to the white house and was chief political strategist until he was fired last summer in the book bennett says he advised the president to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem immediately after he took office he is quoted as saying we know where we're heading on this let jordan take the west bank let egypt take gaza let them deal with it or sink trying i would love to tell you people banding continues to have a strong connection to president trumps nationalist core but sanders downplayed suggestions that those supporters might break with the president it's a question you have to ask steve bannon the president's base is very solid it hasn't changed because the president hasn't changed his agenda hasn't changed as
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yet bannan hasn't commented on the blistering words from. the man he helped propel to the highest political office in the world. al jazeera let's get more on this now. live for us in washington d.c. bannon is trying to put this controversy to rest but how likely is that patty. pretty unlikely bed and has his own radio show he's been on the air saying there's no daylight between him and president trump he's called the president a great man and it's important to point out though the white house is responding with those comments but also banning the use of personal cell phones within the west wing because the author says hundreds of hours of these conversations with several senior aides are recorded on his phone so bad in is trying to push back say there's nothing to see here that's unlikely to stop the controversy especially if
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they're recordings of these conversations and keep in mind we've only seen the excerpts from the book the book itself is not released yet so reporters have copies of it but i think all of the details of the very scandalous controversial comments in there still have yet to come out so well that remains to be seen but it seems unlikely the president trump and steve benen are going to be able to reconcile especially after some of his more. controversial comments are recorded in this book and what might the long term consequences of that be petty. well i think we have to wait and see how this impacts the psychology of the president let's keep in mind the one thing that we know he hates to be called is stupid remember there were reports that secretary of state rex tillerson called him a moron that took up the president's attention for days. secretary of state to an i.q. test out this book we believe all pretty much most of the senior aides are quoted
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as calling the president stupid or dumb or a moron once said he's not only crazy he's stupid he won't read or calling him a literate this is going to bother president trump again one thing we know that he despises is being called ignorant and apparently most of the people around him are describing him that way in this book so i have to wait and see how the president reacts obviously in the last couple days we've seen several tweets especially about foreign policy the establishment here in washington find someone. so we'll have to wait and see how this plays out with the president it's important to point out his lawyers are selling bad in that he has to have a cease and desist because they're saying that he could be sued for defamation which is highly unlikely it's hard to do that with public figures specially the united states there's a confidentiality agreement they're threatening legal action now they might be able to make some headway on that but i think it's also important to point out they
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aren't saying that bannon. thank you very much for that now that's joining us live from washington d.c. while the book has revealed more insights into trump's an office one of the biggest claims is that he never expected to be ten of the clinton. jr is quoted as saying his father looked as though he'd seen a ghost on an action night. and more people attended his inauguration than barack obama's and private he was furious that celebrities. of voiding the event on moving into the white house is said to have found the building and to. today singh was full time to spend a lot of time alone in his private bedroom where we are going to get more on this knowledge owned by richard watts director at the center for political and military analysis at the hudson institute and he's also joining us live from washington d.c. always good to have you with us on al-jazeera so what do you make of all of this mr wise could this call for trouble in terms of support do you think.
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the policy implications are unclear but as you said there's a there's a could be talks on the political dynamics in the u.s. tromp and bannan have diverge over the direction they want the republican party to proceed i think that was evident in the recent senate race in alabama and but it's never been very clear how much personal popularity bannana has if independent trump so it's possible it will have minimal effect particularly since the key question is going to be who would trump run against if you ran again i mean it's unlikely that bannon supporters would actually prefer a probable democratic opponent tromso the implication is that in the long term or are certainly unclear what about legally could this have legal implications while
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various investigations continue into the trumpet ministrations possible links to russian meddling in the election. right so far no i mean just because bannon says what what occurred was treasonous doesn't necessarily mean it is by any so i mean there's not seen so far that's come out that directly really has a major policy or legal inclination it's all about trump's personality and so on and the problem with of course these books and van and comments and them is that they're both they have an incentive to try and sell many books as possible make van and stand out and get attention so it's really you know it's i'm not sure how true so we can take these an absence of these recordings of that exist in the faith and if they don't have the you know what this book is saying if it doesn't have any sort of serious legal implications all otherwise why is president trump and was lawyers saying that they could pursue legal action against steve benen because
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surely that keeps attention on this issue and what's being said on the books. right i think it's less to do with paul the and legal reasons that than in the least as the comments are being leaked to the media said that made disparaging comments not only about the president but the president's family his son his daughter and that is something the president promised takes extremely sensitive so i why was it would be very surprised that the president wouldn't react very negatively that he takes his values loyalty very highly and particularly at the level of family i soon steve bannon knew this was going to happen and thought he would still benefit from the votes of eight but for now the policy implications of all this are very unclear. maybe you'll be clearer in the next few days but for now i don't think it's going to much impact on legal or policy implications what mr watts thank you as always
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for your time that is what should what joining us live from washington d.c. thank you. and move on to other news now pro-government rallies are being held in iran for a second day they follow a five nights of anti-government protests a senior military commander has declared the end of the protest movement in which twenty two people were killed and the u.n. is accusing the u.s. stirring violence in the country. has more now from ted on. large pro-government rallies are being held in major metropolitan cities across iran today in an effort by pro-government and pro stablish and supporters to illustrate to anti-government protesters that this government this establishment does still enjoy political and public support by tens of thousands of people it's an effort by the government to bookend what has been a week of violent and deadly protests that turned into what the government is calling riots now just because these people are out in the street in support of the
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government it doesn't mean that they support all of the government's policies but what these people are trying to say to their own domestic audience as well as a few people watching around the world is that any problems that iran has will be addressed through a stable system and change will come over time not through violence on the streets as far as anti-government demonstrations go but they have dwindled in size they become smaller and more short lived overnight there were smaller demonstrations but not at the scale that we've seen in previous days but while those protesters may have gone home and may not be coming out into the streets in large numbers the economic issues that brought them out in the first place continue to be a thorn in the side of president rouhani is administration and if they remain unaddressed there are predictions that these protests may rise up again let's get more on this now we're joined by jeremiah policy follows at the middle east and north africa program at the european council on foreign relations and she is
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joining us live from london welcome to the. these what. biggest antigovernment protests in years how and why did they end. well first of all as your previous report said there are still incidences of protests happening there's very limited access to some of these cities where the purchase of happened so we're not exactly sure about the facts and the numbers at the moment but certainly from what we are hearing is that the scale and size and intensity has reduced and that there is now a more stable and securitized atmosphere inside the country. have they've reduced because the government is going to listen to the grievances of the protesters have they reduced because we've seen thousands of people come out in support of the government. well there's certainly been an effort by the government and the ruling
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establishment inside iran to take control of the narrative that's unfolding so on the one hand you've had the president president rouhani coming out to say he's acknowledged that there are real grievances in the country but that he wants to try and tackle these within the process already in place inside the country through debate and a more democratic process rather than violent protests you've also had to iran's supreme leader in brief comments initially reacting to say that these are inspired by foreign powers for a mental link so it has clearly also created a more securitized atmosphere which could have did tear it some of the purchases from coming out and the grievances that they were out on the streets were they started off with you know real economic grievances and there has been talk from the government that these are going to be looked at but what about the criticism of iran's foreign policy that was also very much at the fore here you know involvement
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and regional conflicts do you think the government will be feeling any sort of domestic pressure on what they are doing internationally will they look at what they're doing internationally following these protests. well i think it's important as you mention to say the cause against iran's regional activities and you formed part of what the chants were and actually came quite several days into the protests where many people think that the protesting was radicalized inside the country but there is certainly criticism inside of iran about.


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