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tv   Pakistan Music Lyari Notes  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2018 4:00am-5:00am +03

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it's as minutes we do need to be critical of all massaging in all sexism shattering perceptions the contours of this story are shaped by the interests of the countries involved only on al-jazeera. we al jazeera has eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for the body and so that's incredibly to us. i wrote about this in with the top stories on al-jazeera the white house is threatening legal action over a damning book about u.s. president donald trump that coming book fire and fury inside the trump white house paints a highly critical picture of life inside the oval office and it describes a president mentally unfit for the job and estabrook as more. president donald
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trump's press secretary came out swinging thursday saying americans are more concerned about policy then a new book on the white house i don't think they really care about some trash and author that no one has ever heard of until today or a fired employee wants to peddle earlier attorneys for the president sent a cease and desist letter to the publisher and author demanding the book not be released they also threaten former white house strategist steve bannon with legal action for telling author michael wolff that donald trump jr was treasonous and unpatriotic for meeting with russians before the twenty sixteen presidential election after excerpts of the book were released wednesday and enraged president trump said of bannon when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind initially bannon fired off a tweet saying i won't speak about who lost their minds or ever had one but he later tweeted that the president was
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a great man that prompted president trump to downplay the vitriol at a white house meeting thursday night really great medalist so you know you obviously changed his tune pretty quick the book is a distraction for a president who is trying to. vance's policies in the face of a deepening special investigation into russia's meddling into the twenty sixteen presidential election author michael wolff says he spent eighteen months and conducted roughly two hundred interviews with president from senior staff during the transition and the first year of his administration in a column thursday wolf seems to question the president's mental fitness for office it used to be inside of thirty minutes he'd repeat word for word and expression for expression the same three stories now it was within ten minutes the book is prompting speculation that the twenty fifth amendment to the constitution could be used to remove the president from office but former federal prosecutor melanie sloan says that he is unlikely to imagine the majority of the cabinet and the vice
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president of the united states actually sending a letter saying that the president of the united states is mentally incapacitated is very hard to imagine and there are many commentators who believe this could lead to a constitutional crisis sions sloan says impeachment is a more likely scenario but with the congress still controlled by the president's own party that two seems unlikely at least for now dion estabrook al jazeera washington the u.s. is imposing new sanctions on iran over its ballistic missile program the measures target five iranian entities involved in the development of the weapons that was set in motion before the ongoing protests in iran but donald trump is warning the could be more sanctions are coming. an explosion in the afghan capital kabul has killed at least eleven people and wounded twenty five others claimed responsibility for the attack the blasts happened as police have been searching for people who were suspected of selling alcohol illegally. the u.s.
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has confirmed it suspending security aid to pakistan it blames islam about its failure to take decisive action against taliban fighters targeting u.s. troops in afghanistan on monday donald trump tweeted that washington had foolishly given pakistan billions of dollars in aid with what he said was nothing in return but lies and deceit turkey has accused the us of unprecedented interference in its domestic affairs after an american court convicted a turkish banker of helping iran invade sanctions that might ha ha to taylor and eight others have been found guilty of moving billions of dollars worth of iranian money through u.s. banks disguised as sales of food and gold i want to storm system known as the bomb site flown is causing travel chaos in the eastern u.s. the mayor of new york city has declared a weather emergency is the area's expecting up to twenty five centimeters of snow fall the extreme weather is for schools and offices to close and left travelers
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stranded those are the headlines next on al-jazeera it's witness by for now. i'm. getting old but i think that it's out of. love that.
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i've been carjacked. you know twice thrice or. so i can't let that stop me from you know from going out and doing stuff so if it if it means i need to get a guard i'll get a guard. out to welcome to radio one f.m. and ninety one my name is danish and i always speak about music because i actually get i'm about we're talking about hundreds of john feehery.
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so let's ask comes our welcome him on the show i do believe that you guys have been you know providing education for a special school yard he got well do years ago we we started giving free music education with kids from a school in the army which is called the current school system. it's quite a unique institution what they do is they would be a lot of attention to their students' parents as well you know because obviously
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living in the ice for them and living in those around them and their fans come from a very different background. and you know a lot of these people have sort of grown up in very old fashion backgrounds and things so you know do to see their children speaking in english and you know taking an interest in the arts let's say you know those those things are sort of very alien to you know be the older generation. of the next ice and they need to my. mommy on this side is my. very good i'm not going.
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to meet. live to let live relief to live our lives they live. so you. believe they live their lives and say well but. maybe i do think it will be. exactly. like it was a little bit something that you but it's a shame you wouldn't live lives on. the back of it but. the senate bill they still live let it be let me look at it the to live let.
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me. now. i've set up just it was really. a mess.
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he may have been saying to your crowd are going to pay me a moderate budget but so much stuff possibly are going to bury one gunshot from a credible but i got e-mail about how modern pre-menstrual hussain you talk about how far you've got some bomb up here suffered baby up ten years compliments of proper burial good i'm happy that i got out of there gave. me the land deadbolt was. ruled. that. way.
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it's loneliness boyishness. numbing influence you don't know. this is old and the town of the issue because that you did all this. position ok let it go on that i was really going to say don't think i know that. we'll since of atonement tense is not the end we'll see a lot of it. that was going to go i would see them for it to get cold out it might be d.c. making it the main goal here to all of these so called toronto involved they did this even if. you know because he was a. good time to think. of many might be. people on the run over. even though no less than. an
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imbecile who owned. it and there was i mean this is a. man it would have been a myth to put it to this comic. don't piss on your face that fire that. much. to move the skin in he should get on cinci something if you move on. tonight to hump dangle something to make it mean it's an intermediary amount to look at one time from the do you have become to christmas eve in the previous he bought nothing to do in doing too much noticing it he cannot get yourself to think of in this room on the charming estate of montana or i'm going to school this week with it out in honesty finally shaughnessy called me into that funny nothing is something to enjoy getting to know me winning because the other you know made. me question his eyes you know you can go who can take me if i'm going to make you know
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i'm going to make sure you go ahead upon this crowd it announced it and look i'm going to tell you the big pool beat that and the only game educational system must c.d.'s and you cannot give it to nobody wants to stop it musically good as it is they've had you would not be ten years down. the middle of being on their feet how much they can save you do you know that the music secret. book says. they remain your go up musician but yob school of law profession. music see you all are going to century. and some of that money should go out of the world to the national good. music suppose that we do. this mcgurk you gotta take it will sink you as i sleep as in those you miss a week so to. do. so much no good but what joe then out
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of this in the good there were to be. you. say months. or so i get i will give you. x. and i'm going to get. you. to. loosen. the. was. told. you.
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as soon as we got married right after that we do i think our lives most difficult project which was that you can use a good to enjoy sitting wonder that a very watching t.v. you know it's for the small reports on the boxing gloves for the idea and send a teammate to sit you like that would be an excellent credit for the police to date police the prosecutors of the. month. you.
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live but still i will be the first stop was only twenty minutes late still don't many people know that the way to. it didn't those moments was considered the ball she street could actually eat and just twenty minutes a week by scott lies the other day which is perhaps the more swarm toward most conflict ridden. in the uk and i cheat with a. lot of different ethnicities but a very. rich child should be but troubled history to see. going on here in this city which is extremely dry to see me light it up and it is a shortage of bad news all happiness. and good. bad out. bad. that out and out.
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that on the planet that will buy a nice night of sigurd. the day you get what the war really were how did you. go to the first you get are. you going to hug me god you're going to know that anybody want to go anyway you can but i. guess you will get. whatever you want to do you very. quickly do minutes come back and do minutes.
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maybe. you. know. when i was growing up there was no such thing as a music school i would go do like second hand books bookstores and try to look for music books and magazines and we'd still shot you know in the dark blair holding a chord somewhere and we'd see ok where his fingers positioned you know and we'd look for those places and try to you know mix and match and play.
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it. was too. good. to. be.
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the most glaring thing we're going to need going in the. right to dictate that it just puts a baby in your butt you could get the feeling that. the pakistani taliban had threatened to disrupt the voting process saying it's an islamic they've been responsible for the deaths of at least one hundred people in the lead up to the election but voters fed up with the country's feeble economy and chronic corruption made their way to the polling stations anyway. the election has been hailed historic for marking a transition from one civilian led government to the next without the military stepping in to take over but not even the extra security could help prevent militant violence.
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we have. been. doing it in about ten minutes. minutes is the number you had to do this on. the most are you. clarified it ok if. you're somebody god look. i. heard. him say the smartest thing.
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the time came where. i think we'll be in a seems like start going to the security situation and. so there was like a complete you know there's nothing going on we would meet and discuss about you know what we should do with musicians you know what you know how do we sort of get by and so the idea for the school came out of that. on developing music developing music education and doing as much as i can and not letting anything sort of you know cause stoppage or whatever i need to do you know because there are always other avenues out there that get just stuff. this is a. politician's person and scummy so. to speak. on concerts the censorship of the concerts i doubt the
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cuts. the only choice for this is to preserve. the first for the series she would return the percentages back to so many chances before the police would be he was of the internet only has he's he's a star because of the internet or he's probably passed on first by to hit the scientist lying about it yeah so he i spoke to him wanted to he's really affected by this your combine and ok you tube is not opening the government keeps saying open it in two months ago when next one expired. i think people are just going to been ok it does no good to face your boy are you trying to like you know get them to open it or convincing them will just find other avenues there are actually no way just like this particular job is to keep galloping it or no like you're presenting people are very isolated from each other that's far industries are not on someone who is we are critical about everything and we are critiques my father
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doesn't know he doesn't know that i'm going to music i believe back if he figures that. there's a sword and screenwriting i perceiving that i come from we come from the society you are listening which is the most musical legion i'm not going to burden a hundred burning posthumous on the same thing this is all music but. who on earth .
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he. won't. be mad. to do dude who was going. to do some. of them was doing wrong was done hurt son and done harm done come up with the sun quoted me and them on the bulletin shelf and at night and the. so i see tool to. eat and watch t.v. . and then you put a valve on take a look i do the example. we go do it yet i'm ok you know both of them were young
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i think i did them but then. you've been put here a level playing field and bomb blast kidlet. my day i bled leg i didn't know his name and he did tell me that he had wings. my mother was beginning to walk away from thinking that he would get. to the lake but i didn't he would tell you. this was. the book of those who did see. me i'm not doing this i would like to have been good enough in. the wake of them were you.
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in russia many cuddy's migrant black and grazing. coming in increasingly for many a global trade. the us labor force left to exploitation
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by the. people in power investigate. little pakistan. this time around is iraq. the nature of news as it breaks the government of mali so mikey has pushed to have a series of laws that it says will make argentina's economy more competitive with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government stop subsidizing that's all the cost of polluted jumped by sixty percent the queues disappear at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this. june nineteenth sixty seventy six days they redrew the map of the middle east. in that war with the greatest tragedy in the history of islam fifty years later al-jazeera expose the events leading to the war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything we went to the united
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nations we tried mediation contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was just two of the rule in june at this time. some of the headlines. the white house is threatening legal action over an upcoming book about donald trump's presidency it paints a highly critical picture of life inside the oval office describes the president as mentally unfit for the job white house press secretary said huckabee saunders has spoken out against the author of the book. it's just graceful and laughable and if he was unfit he probably wouldn't be sitting there and would have defeated the most
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qualified group of candidates the republican party has ever seen the us is imposing new sanctions on iran over its ballistic missile program the measures target five iranian entities involved in the development of the weapons that was set in motion before the ongoing protests in iran but donald trump is warning there could be more sanctions to come i explode in the afghan capital kabul has killed at least eleven people and wounded twenty five all those souls claimed responsibility for the attack the blast happened as police have been searching for people who were suspected of selling alcohol illegally the u.s. has confirmed it suspending security aid to pakistan blames as sama by its failure to take decisive action against taliban fighters targeting u.s. troops in afghanistan on monday donald trump tweeted that washington had foolishly given pakistan billions of dollars in aid with what he said was nothing in return but lies and deceit turkey has accused the us of unprecedented interference in its
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domestic affairs after an american court convicted a turkish banker of helping iran evade sanctions and that had a ha ha in the till and eight others have been found guilty of moving billions of dollars worth of iranian money through u.s. banks disguised as sales of food and gold. i went to a storm system known as the bomb cyclon is causing travel chaos in the eastern u.s. the mayor of new york city's declared a weather emergency as the area's expecting up to twenty five centimeters of snow fall in china at least three airports have been shot and nine others are experiencing delays because of heavy snow fall the weather allows being raised to its second highest level parts of the central northern and eastern regions could see up to thirty centimeters of snow those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness i'll be back in half an hour i'll see them public .
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musicians have this thing that you know we were victims of you know the way bugs bunny is a lot. so i mean there are people who have who've become hugely successful who get their art out who have an audience you know they they've managed to struggle they made it you know you're going to get your message your voice your expression out if that's what you really want to do they haven't used to do it. seem to be limited. to see but they have been led to get a good lead to make believe that it's in the middle east and good dimmable people
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deep down then to be in charge to determine it's in the mind of the devil but them . legally and me. and it. might even have the money and. i'm literally. i can read it out. her children upsurge a.v.m.a. jewels and your bundle won't be able to continue their classes with you. the reason being is that the children have been admitted into mainstream schools where they follow a strict schedule during weekends their extra two shims as they need to work extra hard to maintain their grades in schools we have. oh just for this inconvenience or
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thank you you notice i didn't get in school system now we got to work now says major then three for the girls because travelling back to id has to be done. during you know doing something that is off tonight a good school day. so. i don't know what to do they spend about two and a half years with us so that's definitely that has impacted their lives and that's not going to.
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do with just how. much you want to tell you who knows what we're. talking this way. and i. know you can buy c.d.'s the sound. hole is there as you want to say. on. the phone. and it. might be very.
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so this is business news because you need. to leave on its own because from so bottom put us on twitter. it's not with your grasp on for good. measure very good. very good had a good day. this is the. safest thing i got in congress and i. never very. much want to change you know. all the time another disturbing. or you see that if you would say this to the movies that are just murdering people maybe you know.
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if they still. make out. like magic like. like you make me like to like seen the ceiling. being. these you study a little bit i'm going. to like this thing. and i have no idea how do they get that and i believe that they're united and invested it's tempting because of what john boyd's and damning. study. so how do you think we can manage this study let's try and like everybody said you want to go back with us i want to have. the knowledge of the cost of the. young age you think don't you want to have to be. so how can you like give me this surety. if you go back to that school it's not going to thank you it was one of
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them i did it was my exam and then i'm still mad so i take my english will bend in the live and so we are sitting we were laughing a little in membership in the stock trading and then came home i give dad like you just a moment and then it becomes easy going to be using talking to kids but then you would have to do that if you want to go back to match you have to use if. you want to go back. we need to know just we would move the boys which is again risky because a lot of very slow like we do want more where we've taken them in and we're like we've got the slow growth we've just within you know a small clinical. a huge effect.
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of a similar thing. that would go. to the oh my yes. yes my god oh my. god ok man this is a future let me know anybody. that thinks our goal is a candidate of. good good i think i've got a little bit about that be a good look at the political coming out of. my life i don't think political. power. meant to my family what he believed to be. like.
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the fact. is. that it's just. the tip of life. to let it go and i would. likely. not. going. to have a. happy cast time. oh
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you will not be you and you see this war. so i thought and then to see the humanity displayed you look in the tsunami and even this is only just getting heated if you start snowing not just through my body but my voice and through the fog. so know that you guys are in the. animals and partly. because of this and if you fly and then when you complete
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what's happening it's a good as you go if it's exist and the instrument gunston life. to do. with leap. was. was.
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the. basis. of. the. sub. group.
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a system for. anything i was. thinking of. anything. they. believe. that anybody would ever meet this it pays him believing that they are. down for us so we should not assume that we are they are there to be sure that we we are just sad because. because of the two. seventy seven. says they are this has or has. the race. close. was open. to.
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the work. done. something good. this was it will be. this is close to. the sun this piece. seen. on. sunday. much to.
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the. post. to sabiha full stop just steps of but oh not. just that asimov because we're talking. about because of the yard of the car and not something to come out to see michael douglas stepanek but chuckie could do nobody more like come audio come on no come that's the mop up the sun could not go back more like the movie sets up my shuffle but the guy got them the mud the spinal cord missed the not old man. that
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effort nobody apart but that said paul for one alone could not be ninety seven a lot more months from my side of the. day that was. that was. that was. that was. thank you we had to get you. to do what she was going to go to so i'm going to you that i'm going to try she really came to you to build a glove who was going to get really good order with you do you believe that she was going to go that far to think about killing. you
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don't believe me. thank you. every detail of the chalet the people. pushing. to make. things good was. really. everything was going to go a little way down. there. was to me. feel. lonely you have to be careful. the phrase near. the same time will be of if you still it's great just because. you. liked your see you i think it gives a risky. it's. what you think you know
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more. goals. to be. right and what was you. being in the chair because it is a great. thing it's very. early. have a billion dollars. but if you had. folks like. me what i'm going to show i was going to do you know. what did. i do. today to the course.
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ok do you believe i'll. make a u. k. . saying losing. a job and there's still. a.
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q ok i'm just not giving them some go to my muskogee can get some said time time kid now in our garden i was up on a good bottle got me to move us in again john i go you go big time i was on. the suv he said and got jobs really. still. something that a global man on the sun just told.
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you. oh. wow. wow. wow wow wow. please.
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a link made that guy suddenly i took the bait down and i don't friend have any new yet those families that i wish. i was. friends. with if i was that still today in the. plan. i. to go lay that he had last place secondly. we go somewhere. some way by five am ok. let him back if. i'm assured that it was something back oh yeah.
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it's unlikely to travel to the birthplace of the music they like and share the stage with the legend they chose. to. ask for this time how does it. hello there this is a weather continues across parts of north america here's the storm responsible
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still developing as it runs its way towards the northeast so for new england and for the eastern parts of canada does look very very wintery very disrupted over the next day or so there's a system here as we head through the day on friday behind it yes the snow will have to it but it will certainly be cold look at that new york is a maximum temperature just minus nine and for atlanta only one very cold for many of us here and it looks like the temperatures will drop further to some of us as we head into saturday this time minus twenty two certainly a cold day meanwhile towards the southwest it is milder for us in l.a. all temperature making it to around twenty four which is seventy five in fire and high if we had down towards the central americas here we've got this huge area of cloud that's been with us for the past few days and it's going nowhere in a great hurry so they could well be a problem with flooding hair over the next few days particularly to parts of panama and costa rica but i'll be through towards the northeast there's also going to be some shop showers here for jamaica and forth across haiti it could well be
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a few very heavy downpours here as well meanwhile for south america we've got our usual rush of showers that stretching all the way down to rio but also for the south another weather system is pushing its way north was given showers to what is ours. they say walls have ears and palestine old so i see architecture is used by architect as the way to yell advisement reveals the role of architecture in his radio q patient everything in this plan a rama tactical tool with india architecture for the patient just need to know how to decode the architecture of fine that's part of the rebel architecture series this time on jersey are we here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being
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a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks have many and what happens there matters. this is al-jazeera. and i'm right matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes.


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