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tv   Congolese Dreams  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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well focused initially on the north's participation in next month's winter olympics in the south but officials in seoul say discussions of them expected to develop moving on to what they describe as are the areas of common interest. russia has called for closed door talks out of a u.n. meeting on iran on friday thousands of iranians have taken to the streets now for a third day of pro-government demonstrations rallies have been held across the country in a show of strength against a week of anti-government protests at least twenty one people have been killed in the unrest which began over the country's economic instability and rising food prices. and the united nations humanitarian chief says that yemen could see the worst humanitarian disaster in fifty years the u.n. has released more funding to try to prevent hundreds of thousands of people dying because of famine and disease a civil war in the country's resulted in some ten thousand deaths going to bring
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you more on that story and everything else in about twenty five minutes time when i'll have a full bulletin of news that's after artscape. twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of its image but it's been a long shots hundred years ago photography was a colonial to god and how to write about a place. i'm not from but independent competent. in the post-colonial euphoria photographers like my legs the big shot that you call for us. but elsewhere the narrative was of
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a call on manageable continent often with tooth she just won it. now a new generation you see a photographer who celebrates the question and represent a continent on the rise. and the south. going to put on until all the new stuff is a. dead although he's. dead this on and it'll be up almost. it up but i didn't i didn't underneath.
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that they banned. if. you see your little coffee shop but. if you want. me you know hopefully. that's going to go back on something easier for the user to get something done out of this while it's really because sure i see that i think. that the fifty million to just found out. about. all of. this.
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is just she's out in the discussion forum so it's easy to have something. that i felt. you know just left a tone and members in the debate here treasury up in it says ok she commits an awful to. do i have. to pull. out of i don't know really same question i want. shock be. on concrete it don't want they said to think you could do it in some measure with two or. two last possible solution where the whole democracy could almost go to that was about to get. it was called the metric he said what
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a lot of people sure do. you. have to keep her and. she made on it. i'm a formality still not such a bad. time to. ask i feel your future ok so i want to. take this back to the. sauce and put me on this lucky chicken mostly i discharge. me a fork if she's a little uneasy. about in the need to use it to specify it dawned on me of every ship out to see didn't give us your cherished uniqueness pass here and give a song. a lot of evil buttons i've ever deceive myself when i said it's your.
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doctor says image you see because you can see it in power i. want to see love of his own formula and control those of you. who cannot and not in the most one hundred quid that he ever comes the only does of area of medicine a positive i have seen. him for two d. like please. sup with a tenth of a sudden it seemed not to ski for quite some devotion short period popcorn and all pointed metal a point clearly cannot. afford to put on a day. off a ski to push me to prove what i do she know so much about it. just will do to please the heart of government ana this is
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a family. why. three. first of. the show then up but if we do refuse to do that dick to try. to. read again how dare you know do
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that if you can solve in your because as you both really called on it called the man. you're set up by the last song because you sascha you for it you get uppity cynic upbraids rigid right back up well if you this if you present it up but able if you really do need you're going to see such headed up by a behind for doing what. is said to still how. sick of cool for. you to be may feel critical since iraq is a fifty movies so dedicated to paid the killing took advantage of uncle unity to do what i said from once and. i'm not going to be this is anything to do this is because each monday each month you've got. to love yourself.
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an adult keyboard and using it got to fail to feel it's. some of those failing food. courts welfare step up by the age of about four to. that but ultimately up but that month for good stuff. but then what you see in the similar should seek to see. the new question over the up will be there will come. from a wish he was a. single . mom by the. way they will speak to what the man can use it to do something
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to. someone. zone with the public doesn't become something else going to be good at all the it could be and it will be to the phenomena. then all the money the. business with the better i'm getting the don't see benefit by any parent would have replied to that of from somebody marching opening up on to sending the fan month to
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month old mrs duncan i don't think they need to. come up intending to. come back home but the second. the better the effect of those are tough that's a. good fit in your shop telling your mom i think i don't want to do nothing this is a fundamental gone wrong thing you had to do on. this floor of a down foot off the wall and above all is a reasonable have a. little faith in the law it's a shell the thing goes so classy. in the eagles so classy a concession to the fellas all think they still feel the need but we need
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a lot of the all new all the ring of success this is a felony on thong. that if we want is i don't love her so don't be. sad only feels this it was this is us all it god all gone the business world yourself. but he did they are you have been exposed as you are said to have been your cake and enough of you jimmy is the present you so if you needed a new saw start some cows and all happen it is so simple quite a dis he did to do to monte seafood to nice. places for to ensnare year
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is seen more than put in general but as a. kid to help or to shake or not savant enough preacher or not to confuse you to get it once you would have more. newton mushkin god enough interest is zero plus can a. hopeless erase your little twelve years of work to get you to decide that the treason of engine is. and i think you will see of us on the phone. and on the where those little twat. came in can see exactly spitta quotes and have no memory of the months months you can cite if i'm sorry folks as well as election vents on sukkot know that shit for .
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brains hi sarah. catcalls because she'd. done a number of these and these are the tone of the let me down. she notes i saw please don't do the highest number one i need to do before having to do to the future of the two who are losing masters so much while the several of my favorite fish healy's only see the key to be docile. dogs on the station taken full time. to see paragraph after. and been to i am going to. do my best like when i'm missing the best news i've done as a definition of it i'm a good laugh and some it's time to snap decision genuine human knowledge the codes that i've noticed in the job you've been called since without. the t.v.
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business to discuss that awesome awesome awesome movie. book called i so let us just be sexy for the night because they deserve. it you can . even fool this. is something you delve into a new school of thought i guess you can tell by the way this is the no. one is the seafood with something just don't fit the deal they dealt. with. us down. in the hold the. little vacation to deal with a shiver coupeville pull the flosses seat just to show the vehicle.
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well you just saw a big differences in how you accept the ties with god on. yes i was confident enough got it. right. on my tax never mind you but i finished with the investment. and i'm called to live or not it up. i guess and is. going to. have. to address this inside you and i can get dressed and then we will go back if that. sometimes pan. out of. the sun. to the.
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country i'm not sure. yeah to them i. am a man my my. cancer is not soft. one gets a say. and i am i suppose that. this making up my.
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child. well to miss occasionally. pursue more than just so they. are doing it on this and. on the. scene. last night yeah yeah we have all that blood to laugh about the doc not the educational system one of inclusion the. time. of crisis is coming in oh just don't have them for me yet you say i think these are the money money money that. they getting that.
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go out and have to go back not because their. imaginary other made me famous on the balcony but oh my god the motion of the. put off the bomb because i am such a beautiful thing. because i count on. such. a good image you don't leave usenet account of a skeleton find his own. pleasure idle for me and i'll be shut down becomes a stone i really don't love. instead it ticked off up into books they have all come in to drink in the field well you can't because now you've. been talking about silly things to. him in the jungle. that you for the purpose of the jacuzzi so much good.
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stuff. so. you. can. look at the most of the. last. place. to. put it. right. if. you. get it loosely simply don't speak that's just the feeling below you no longer
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believe will it. be on monday at all the pleasure of a little cup of spite while you know. once that i lost. a lot of the deficit down. i might have. found a lot still think. i've. said so many. exposes your own food to a list if you fall sick and you are. up one more off. the loser says.
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if you check out this is the new place and somehow i. in fact is that country. if it is all for. it to contribute to the danish you are then you are shown fifty. exceeded willesee. so look below the thank you very good if they can see one here let me know testing year docking is over. passage also food sit separate cheek. fare other exit city. a lawful dog a few c. . more or just to. be there of and see the shores of king of us but the stuff that you. love come to feel
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. why it's the divestiture that's one of the well you could more of it you see on my view but more also see only the ticket you like which of. course i do support. a. fix it was just a stumble. on out to see what it's own up a sick note i made you what i think and. in on for them. and a much is just. so. soon all this and more. just. cos you boil accel me off because when you put it in your face you should just be sick to magna this one. and well
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yeah yeah . new photography is something very strong to communicate to someone and ambitious young artist from the mean streets of mozambique to sit down to reveal the unseen truth about his country's. future to the muslim people the conclave to see is very difficult did no good in politics change you to. the new african photography mario myself. at this time on al-jazeera.
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june nine hundred sixty seven six days there redrew the map of the middle east is record of victory of the israeli army in that war war the greatest tragedy in the history of the fifty years later al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which are still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations tried to make a shirt contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was you know of the war in june at this time i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as an eyewitness that's what is just. unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses just like trading
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in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question is for throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just a nominee director we're doing a investigation into. ukraine did you have a bribes you've been corrupt are i would i be not corrupt i did just what president say al-jazeera investigations the only go at this time. they say he's. a moron in the year the author of an explosive book on donald trump hits back comparing the president to a child.


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