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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question then you sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a investigation in. ukraine did you a bribes you've been corrupt i'll be corrupt i did just the presidency council zero investigations the only go at this time. they say he's. a moron in. the alter of a tell all book about donald trump insists his work is facts as it goes early despite a bid by the president to block it as facts as it stalls early despite a bid by the president to block it.
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and i mean this is live from london also coming up in the program a u.s. requested u.n. security council meeting on recent protests in iran looks set to go ahead russia not happy about it. first phone call now the two sides will meet face to face north korea agrees to hold talks with the south. and the fight against cholera locals pitch in to help the army set up barricades in the capital to suck. them publishes of a new and scathing account of donald trump's first year in office have released the book on the ignoring a legal challenge from the u.s. president to prevent his publication michael wolff the olfa of fury inside the trump white house says trump has no credibility his book details months of
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government dysfunction and quotes aides who suggest the president is mentally unfit for his role trump has branded the book phony and full of lies as a story i will quote steve bannon. he's lost a damning and damaging portrait of president double trump from author michael wolff his book fire and fury released early despite the president's unprecedented attempt to stop it it describes a leader who is mentally unstable often repeating himself no longer recognizing longtime friends wolf says literally trumps entire staff think he's not up for the job they say he's. a moron and. i say there's a competition to sort of a get to the bottom line here of who this man is let's remember this man does not read does not listen trump responded in his usual way attacking the author writing
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on twitter i authorized zero access to white house actually turned him down many times for author of phony book i never spoke to him for book full of lies misrepresentations and sources that don't exist look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and sloppy steve a new nickname for his longtime strategist steve benen who was quoted extensively in the book where he alleges the president himself met with russian operatives during the campaign if true that could lead to charges of collusion as for the assertion that trump didn't let wolf into the white house somebody cleared him and he was often seen hanging around the west wing this is a president who despises being called stupid now reportedly being called that by everyone close to him by a very intelligent very so far no one has denied making those statements if they do
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wolf says he has the tapes to prove it making it likely what is already described as an erratic leader and a chaotic white house will be much more so in the days and weeks ahead pedicle hane al jazeera washington now the. the u.n. security council is due to hold a special session to discuss recent protests in iran the u.s. is accusing terrine of stifling the voices of its people let's go straight to my cairo correspondent who joins us live now from the united nations in new york mike nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has called for this meeting does she have much support from other council members well that's going to become clear when the meeting actually gets underway if indeed it does within the next half hour there will be a closed door meeting among security council members it would appear to be a last gasp effort by russia to persuade to the u.s. not to bring this motion to the security council floor in public however if it does
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go ahead there will then likely be an objection from russia made publicly and a demand that a procedural vote be held now what that means is that the u.s. ambassador will need at least nine of the fifteen members to agree to discuss the issue of iran in public within the council chamber now iran has not been on the agenda in the past so certainly what she is attempting to do is get it on the agenda get discussion going not just about the recent events in iran but also moving it forward to issues like the philip and to ballistic missiles all those issues that the u.s. has expressed great concern about in recent weeks and months but we will only know within the hour whether or not she's going to get those nine votes that she needs to go ahead with this public discussion nic let's assume that she does would we then expect any council action on iran. well there would be no immediate action
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there is no resolution there will be no votes there will be no concrete action outlined within that council session the whole effort of the us here is to cast a spotlight on the recent events in iran and as i said in the wider picture as well but it's not necessarily a lockdown that the meeting will go ahead whether the she will get those nine votes we understand that the nonaligned members of the security council have been holding talks to discuss whether they going to vote bloc that is the livia ethiopia equitorial giddy and to kuwait now individually they may be persuaded by the u.s. to back them voting as a bloc that could be a completely different matter so all eyes in the security council chamber if that meeting or when that meeting begins at the top of the next hour name right there is all going to happen in the next sixty minutes or so mike thanks very much but with the latest.
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of the more than two years of silence north korea and south korea are ready to reopen direct lines of communication choose days of face to face talks will focus initially on the north participation in next month's winter olympics in the south but officials in seoul say discussions are expected to move on to what they describe as other areas of common interests for this report. in a few days the truce village of panmunjom on the demilitarized zone that separates north and south korea will be a hive of activity representatives from the two countries will hold high level talks here for the first time in more than two years earlier this week north korean leader kim jong il dialogue at his new year's day address four days later his government agreed to hold talks the announcement came just hours after the u.s. and south korea agreed to postpone and your military drills for the end of february
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these have long been regarded as provocative by pyongyang. leaders agreed not to conduct south korea yes joint. takes and to do their best to ensure the security of the olympics. next week's discussions will center on north korea's participation in the upcoming winter olympics as well as generally improving into korea relations but officials here in south korea are also hoping the negotiations will eventually lead to north korea returning to international talks on its nuclear program even so president cautiously optimistic saying we should refrain from making premature judgement or expectation. the japanese defense minister also sounded a note of caution when. north korea goes through phases of apparent dialogue and provocations but either way north korea is continuing its nuclear and missile
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development we have no intention of weakening our warning and surveillance that it is new year's day speech said north korea with its nuclear weapons program and even called for the mass production of deployment of nuclear warheads and this house. from the conservative perspective in north korea trying to buy time the majority seems to believe the north korea is trying to finalize its technical development to to achieve operational i.c.b.m. so you know as us the cia has announced before they are talking about two or three month time in terms of finalizing the i.c.b.m. system and it looks like this is a perfect action on their side you know to buy time. last year north korea test fired three intercontinental ballistic missiles or i.c.b.m.'s including one that says it's capable of reaching the u.s. mainland many hope the upcoming talks remain the best option for now of deescalating the crisis on the korean peninsula largely al-jazeera so.
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the united nations has condemned a recent series of death sentences in egypt with twenty people reportedly executed there in the past ten days the human rights office says that death sentences should not be used to combat terrorism but also expressed concern that the use of military courts to try civilians was seriously concerned that in all of these cases due process and fair trial guarantees do not appear to be followed as military courts typically deny defendants rights accorded by civilian courts reports also indicated the prisoners who were executed may have been subjected to initial inforced disappearance and torture before being tried. zimbabwe's new president has ruled out for me a coalition government with the opposition. made the statement after visiting the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai he's suffering from kind of cancer that is home when it came to power in november of the foreseeable
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a long time leader robert mugabe the first change of presidents in more than four decades has led to renewed hopes of a return to democratic norms. but it's a very rough. seas in. the medical. going forward do you see any prospects of it going for a stick or. people someone will be what it. looks. good in. the united nations humanitarian chief says that yemen could become the worst humanitarian disaster in fifty years the war is having a devastating impact in yemen with widespread food shortages had a major cholera outbreak the fighting continues in many parts of the country stephanie jacka has this report. forced to live out in the open these yemeni families of escape the fighting near the border with saudi arabia now they have to
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bear the elements on the streets of the data their daily routine now for everyone to see this war has displaced hundreds of thousands of people. i came from we ran for our lives now we sleep on the floor no mattresses or blankets and it is really cold we have no income our children are suffering if any of us fall sick we cannot afford treatment or our condition is really terrible needless to say we are living in fear. this war now almost into its third year is all about regional politics and control and the consequence of that has created what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis the situation in yemen today right now to the population of the country looks like the apocalypse we need to scale up our response the cholera outbreak is probably the worst the world has ever seen with a million suspected cases at the end of twenty seventeen this terrible news demick
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of diptheria a bacterial disease which should be completely preventable by immunization as already affected it's up to five hundred people with dozens and dozens of deaths in the last few weeks that is going to spread like wildfire and aid agencies are not able to access the majority of those in need let them xanana we had their escape the war our life has turned upside down we can't afford a decent meal we're now begging to eat and feed our children were living in the streets on charity. some basic supplies are getting through a blanket to keep warm it is winter now and temperatures drop at night in a fire offers little comfort these people face an uncertain future with no idea when they can go back home what will be left of it once they do stephanie decker. still to come here on the program we're in haiti where the united nations mission is facing a number of challenges including prison overcrowding and corruption. the
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new year a new location particulars famous fish market the final auction lands won by a very expensive. however so changing the weather across western europe for the moment we've got cloud and right now sinking further southward colder air tucking in behind this massive very wet weather has caused some flooding into parts of france and germany where the weather now making its way down across a good part of spain and over the peyronie's there will be some snow even over the high ground in the spanish plain again little bits and pieces of snow now says the temperature eight degrees celsius in madrid it'll be warmer in zero six the avalanche risk does remain in place further east one eight degrees celsius there for bucharest as well and a few showers around the eastern side of the mediterranean there in the process of
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pulling out of the way quiet weather coming in behind should be too bad here as we go on into the early part of next week meanwhile the rather stormy weather will continue across those western parts and there we go temperatures in london recently getting up to fifteen degrees celsius temperature of five degrees on sunday but i think at least for northern parts of england across much of wales into scotland and knowledge it should be largely fine dry and sunny not too dry and sunny across the north of her morocco some rather wet sand at times wintry weather coming in here about with the top temperature of around fourteen over the next couple of days looking a little too for algae is fine and dry for egypt. and there it sounds like an agreement between criminal busts trading in stone and goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question then sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee
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director we're doing a investigation into. ukraine could use a bribes you've been corrupt and i've been on the just the presidency challenges here investigations the only go at this time. and again a reminder the top stories here in the observer and the author of a controversial book called donald trump says the u.s. president has no credibility and if stuff say he is like a child like a wolf foreign fury inside the truck white house is going on despite the president's attempts to hold up because. north and south korea will hold face to
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face talks for the first time in two years on choose day officially the told to serve out next month's winter olympics in the south of seoul says discussions are expected to move on to other areas of common interest. at the u.n. security council is preparing to hold a special session to discuss anti-government protests in iran but the united states is cold for the top security around of suppressing dissent. but it is government supporters on the streets of iran for a third day in a row tens of thousands of rallied across the country to show their support for the iranian leadership from tehran it is then this robbery. another day of pro-government rallies in iran seemingly part of a two pronged approach to keep. detractors off the streets a large show of public support and a heavy police presence across the country with critics inside and outside iran predicting the downfall of the islamic republic the government is determined to
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publicly project the power of the state at friday prayers in the capital to her own a senior cleric reminded people of iran's real enemies who he says are behind the unrest in the country let's say announced this is what is happening saudi arabia gave the money the u.s. did the planning it was coordinated from u.s. control very means and have assets and weapons are being transferred little by little to iran they wanted to finish is in february that was the plan but he also sympathized with public demands for better economic conditions it ted was thought to have the protests was right those who lost their money and it's not too long protest for them people are saying death to high prices we're saying not what people are saying should be heard people's rights shouldn't be missed in the middle of this mess. meanwhile what was essentially a leaderless protest movement with competing demands seems to have fizzled out but on social media sites people are still sharing week old videos of anti-government
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demonstrations. protests last week for the boldest challenge for rod stablished that in nearly a decade but crowd size is only ever numbered in the thousands in contrast in two thousand and nine more than a million people came out into the streets to protest the reelection of president mahmoud ahmadinejad but for now activists who oppose the government have been sidelined by much larger crowds who support same bus ravi al-jazeera to her. french president tomorrow macron has warned his turkish counterpart that democracies must respect the rule of law during a meeting between the two leaders in paris the visit to france was recip typer one's first since the failed two thousand and sixteen coup and one of only a handful to europe he was confronted by a dozen human rights protesters who were attempting to block his arrival to the he said palace cross said that recent developments in turkey did not allow any progress on its e.u. session. but turkey is ruled by law europe's always
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tells us that the judiciary must be independent while in turkey our judiciary is independent they make their own decisions independently. terror does not just happen after the public or those who support terror they water it they prime it they're like gardeners who grow plants they nourish terror. but. i really do believe that we have a challenge which is wonderful leaders but also all modern democracies democracy must be strong against terrorism because the legitimacy of the state means it must protect its citizens but at the same time democracies must respect the rule of law . well it's. well this was an opportunity for these two leaders to talk about the many pressing regional issues in the middle east they talked about syria they talked about iraq and jerusalem with president michel reaffirming his commitment to
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a two state solution for the israelis and the palestinians that was something the turkish president said he appreciated very much but there was a real focus on turkey's relationship with the european union because it really has deteriorated over the past two years the e.u. criticizes turkey over its poor human rights record especially after that twenty sixteen failed coup the european union saying that ankara has really come down too hard on what it sees as political opponents with tens of thousands of people arrested and sucks now turkey is a member is a candidate for membership i should say all of the european union but the talks have been on hold for the last two years so this was the turkish president's attempt to try and mend those relations he has come to visit the french president because france is one of turkey's main allies at the moment and there is no doubt that the turkish president as relations with the u.s. become more fragile and the situation the middle east is also fragile he is looking for support elsewhere person also raise the issue of human rights that is something
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very important to the french public there were protests here today against the turkish president coming to france for president mark or he says he is very pragmatic he does not believe that that should necessarily get in the way of turkey having a good relationship with france and turkey cooperating on issues such as controlling illegal migration to europe and the fight against. terrorism. now a major military operation to contain a cholera outbreak that has killed more than fifty people just over three months the u.n. has learned to support providing two million vaccines and beds for sixteen hundred people. torn gameplay is more. extreme measures to contain a national health crisis this is a barricade in zambia's capital lusaka street sellers pitching in to help the military close off one of the city's crowded marketplaces that have become a breeding ground for cholera before their own say the rainy season dollars
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potentially in that very top ten minutes but because the end season is getting. deeper into a period where there will be crowded waters in several places the government decided to needed discredited air force and get in the military the outbreak began at the end of september with bacteria showing up in shallow wells into densely populated areas on the outskirts of usaca the wells were filled in but not before the disease spread to the city more than two thousand people have been infected in just over three months color is a bacterial disease usually spread through contaminated water it preys on the most vulnerable the frail and weak but even the healthy are at risk left untreated it can kill within hours with the backing of the un zambia has launched a color a vaccination campaign set up treatment centers and closed off some public spaces jets gatherings in the at the same time as in areas where the epicenter as.
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of now much. and the least as has been provided by our colleagues from the command center and not allowed funeral gatherings and not allowed public gatherings and not on. the ban extends to schools due to regime classes this week and two restaurants where health workers have found contaminated food the government says it's confident the outbreak can be contained within the next few weeks but spreading the message of proper hygiene and sanitation may take longer than that victoria gave them the al-jazeera. pakistan has responded angrily to the united states' suspension of military assistance too is that islamabad pakistan's foreign minister has told the wall street journal that the white house is not acting like an ally washington has millions of dollars worth of aid to the country on choose day it blames the government for failing to take action against taliban
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fighters targeting u.s. troops in neighboring afghanistan. the german right wing politician in csma says he will apologize to the son of former tennis star boris becker for a racist slur on social media whilst also blaming it on one of his staff members comes a day off to no baca whose mother is of african-american descent fall the criminal complaint against my the politician says the back of tweets was written by one of his assistants at the immigration alternative for germany party who has since been disciplined. in the list of the most overcrowded prison systems in the world haiti is not fall from the top human rights groups say around eleven thousand inmates live in what they describe as inhumane conditions that's why it is just one of the many issues facing the new u.n. mission to haiti tourism by a reports now from port au prince on the major tossed it.
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has been trying to find his brother for more than a week he visited more explain the stations and has just been notified that he's being held here at the port au prince national penitentiary. the police arrest my brother and he was not part of the gang and they took him away and we're looking for him he was selling water on the street. the accounts of relatives visiting the prison highlight the problems that justice system here is facing we were just inside the prison and we were not allowed to film it is overcrowded and people are living in dire conditions. video obtained by the associated press use agency last february shows what life is like inside a malnourished inmate barely surviving in prison cells overcrowding is one of the highest in the world at more than three hundred fifty percent of over eleven thousand prisoners eight thousand i did haney's awaiting trial. united
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nations peacekeeping troops left haiti two months ago the u.n. mission is now fully focused on improving the justice system. that we met the un representative in port-au prince who says the task ahead is an enormous challenge we have started trying already to work in local. tribunals of premier installs and help them with the people who have been in prolonged pretrial detention for the longest period of time to actually appear before a judge. and it's not just what's happening in the prisons but also the conduct of security forces. a police operation last month in the grand ravine area of port au prince left at least nine people dead some inside a school the victims included a professor and an armed security guard among others human rights groups fear an increase in abuses you thousand dollars gets you can get is being relocated as part
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of the city's redevelopment ahead of the twenty twenty olympic games as well. we get taken allegedly stroll down a supermarket aisle this is how competitive shoppers buy. pusey auction house in downtown tokyo is the world's largest fish market where tourists mix with michelin starred chefs hoping to relearn a worthy catch. this shopper snagged a prize attraction pain over three hundred twenty thousand dollars for a four hundred five kilos premium pacific bluefin. you know this big fish was paraded through the market not an easy task considering where you see equivalent of a grand piano this market has been here for over eighty years and it's expected to close its doors and move to a different site as part of the city's redevelopment of the twenty twenty and pick ups some say that's the reason for this year's high prices but again there was an air of excitement of the auction and i expect that the fish market will grow
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livelier as the year goes on although i feel some concern for the market's relocation i'd like to enjoy the moment too. despite the excitement here activist awarning bluefin tuna numbers are dwindling there is an international push to have the fish registered as an endangered species the japanese government wants pino regulations on pacific bluefin for fishermen who exceed the sec quota. it's hoped these new international controls will help the bluefin tuna numbers saw to record levels in fifteen years' time and as this take a landmark gets ready to move to a different site two kilometers away on a manmade island the traders here hope their good fortunes continue hannah hawkster algis there. are probably more on that story and all the stories that we're covering right there on our website al-jazeera dot com is the address of the news but plenty of comment and analysis to.
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so then the top stories here on al-jazeera and the author of a controversial book on donald trump says the u.s. president has no credibility and his staff say he's like a child michael wolff file and fury inside the trump white house has gone on santa's early despite the president's attempts to hold publication a page a damning picture of government dysfunction that the u.s. administration has branded it as lies. i spoke to him after the inauguration yes and i had spoken to i mean i've spent about three hours with the president over the course of the campaign in the white house so my window into donald trump is. is pretty significant but even more to the point i spent this i spent in this was really the sort of the point of the book i spoke to people who spoke to the president on a daily sometimes minute by minute basis so this this book was really i mean in
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a sense in a sense there was one question on my mind when i began this book what is it like to work with donald trump thousands of iranians have taken to the streets with pro-government demonstrations rallies have been held across the country in a show of strength against a week event protests united states is for u.n. security council meeting to discuss the growing tensions it's. after more than two years of silence north korea and south korea will reopen direct lines of communication choose days or face to face talks will focus initially on the north's participation in next month's winter olympics in the south officials in seoul say discussions are expected to move on to what they describe as other areas of common interest. the u.n. humanitarian chief says that yemeni could see the worst humanitarian disaster in fifteen years and u.n. has released more funding to try to prevent hundreds of thousands of people dying
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through famine and through disease. the french president of mental micro-loan has warned his turkish counterpart the that and democracies must respect the rule of law during a meeting between the two leaders since her visit to france was resit top edwin's first since a failed two thousand and sixteen coup and one of only a handful to europe and there's amazing stories from stay with its full sympathetic .


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