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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 7  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2018 8:32pm-9:00pm +03

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several religious and political groups facing pressure from the government in pakistan have been holding a demonstration in the northwestern city of push on it is the second in a series of protests initially organized in the wake of the united states' decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the groups behind the rallies include. the organization led by the two thousand and eight moon by attack suspect fees saeed. the jerusalem decision by the united states president the kashmir issue and of recent tweet by trauma compelled us to launch a movement across pakistan to reunite an activate people against their cruel decisions against muslims and pakistan german chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic of forming a coalition government almost four months after the country's general election talks have resumed in berlin between her christian democrat party and the social democrats form a coalition partners a potential sticking point is the refugee crisis right up to date with the
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headlines good news are coming up in half an hour for that it is inside story. does egypt support donald trump's decision on leaks suggest leaders in cairo don't object to u.s. recognition of the city as israel's capital and saudi arabia stands accused of secret support what does the apparent shift mean for the future of jerusalem this is inside story.
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hello there welcome to the program i'm laura kyle off the u.s. president donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital the condemnation from the arab world was swift and strong but is everyone on board the new york times reports that the gyptian media has been pressured to play down opposition to trump's decision and leaked phone recordings a senior intelligence officer reportedly told leading t.v. talk show hosts to influence their view as to back that decision contrary to widespread condemnation amongst muslims the newspaper quotes intelligence officer captain holy ghost so how is true islam different from the mullah which is the base of the palestinian authority in the occupied west bank captain al holly was quoted telling the talk show hosts an intifada would not egypt's national security interests and could revive hamas. well it does deny these claims boss is not the
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only one accused saudi arabia has also been criticized for what's seen as some as a weak reaction to trump's policy change even as king solomon public is not strong the add to the throne crown prince mohammed bin solomon was reportedly urging palestinian leaders to accept the change meanwhile the arab league appears to be increasing its support for a palestinian state jordan hosted a meeting on saturday egypt morocco saudi arabia the united arab emirates and the palestinians were all in amman jordan as foreign minister iman safadi said the group would push the united nations to formally recognize a palestinian state with east jerusalem as its capital the u.n. already considers east jerusalem an occupied territory illegally and acts by israel in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven well let's go now to our guests and joining us from london via skype sami handy as international interest and ramallah was stuff about the secretary of the palestinian national initiative is also a former minister of information and in weybridge fast skype gunderson
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a middle east specialist at kingston university london and i will welcome to all of you with other first of all if you will your response to this new york times report on egypt you surprised by what a pretty shocking revelations i am not sure how serious this report is or how accurate it is because it is building the whole story on information leaking from one officer. which contradicts the official positions that were declared very easy and we know that those israeli side so many other parties trying to put a list in use in confrontation with. not only the united states but also with many arab countries and we will not allow that to happen but that does not mean we should not be very clear about our position as you lose a limb is the capital of palestine anybody who there has to touch the rights of the palestinian people. in jerusalem over the rights of muslims and arabs in jerusalem
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or to christians as well will be perceived as a threat to the rights of people to history of this place ok and i do not buy much of what was said because i think it is exaggerated that it's only on one point but one thing should be clear we want much stronger much harder and much clearer positions to confront what the president has done well that's it we're going to get us all wrong in the arab world is a whole lot about later if it isn't you first of all national you're skeptical about this report but you must accept the new york times if i write for newspapers and have a cup but patrick is a very respected journalist i wouldn't be putting something out that wasn't true. i know there might to be sure about the leak that they got but that leak doesn't mean much it's about one person one captain who claims to be in intelligence service this is not the official position that's what i'm saying but that's the point isn't it that is that that what it wanted in the bearings from the official position yes
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we want more we want let me be frank with you we need what we want from all out up a muslim country does two things first of all to boycott israel to take away that embassies from israel to the two to disconnect all diplomatic relationships with israel if they exist and to participate in the come been for a book at the business and sanctions against israel to destroy in its policies against them and items location and the system of apartheid we know that we cannot ask about him is to come and fight israel but at least there has to be a complete boycott that would help us in our struggle to achieve freedom ok sunny i mean this paper article suggests that egypt is very far from a complete boycott and what mr offer is asking and in relation to support from the palestinians that publicly they may be saying one thing but behind closed doors saying something totally different i think i respect the diplomatic. like you have
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to. go and i feel that actions speak louder than words and i don't think this article really brings anything that we know let's take for example that under the mubarak regime barak at. the moment the tunnel by which the smuggling networks were taking place but. if you're going to. become. one of the guard people once you have met you have no option but to go to israel with regard to me i think i could you can very clear we were once we got you we lot we expect us to go to war again i think that's. james an actor to work for. the very same very tough attitude problem whereby they genuinely believe that the palestinian cause is no longer well quite simple in other words. we are so
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desperate to keep the connection that they want to keep us in washington a piece of old course ok so i mean let me just let me just jump in the moment because it's not just egyptians who is saying this if indeed we do believe this article to be true the saudis are also saying it and indeed we've had a tweet from the bahraini foreign minister on the eve of the united nations general assembly meeting saying let's not get into an argument with the u.s. over a side issue that relegating the palestinian issue to a side issue. because your original question was asked about egypt but with regard to saudi arabia it's the same thing with mike huckabee says man. that's his quest to become king is such that he know he needs the u.s. now he's not can get and he wants to because he's thinking why on earth would i want to upset my life over over the u.s. who i need to become king over israel plus also i think with regard to the saudis and i think you know their interests are not political hoping to fight is the issue because the main quite important part of that is how many who are considered the
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brunt of the muslim brotherhood that would be the main the palestinian cause i'm number one cause we don't have to be a god and pray to the muslim brothers this very narrow minded for the sick from the saudis this very narrow minded policy from egypt and the proof of the saudi stance is that beheading would. be safe and often when we can they would probably think it's usually what the families don't want to see publicly that's proof that the saudis moving away from the palestine israel issue because at the oh to be honest i can't point any other word for it selfish interest in other words they believe iran is a great neighbor in the muslim brotherhood the great the threat to the companies what do you think god is that. greater threat in other words everybody is a greater threat then you have also chosen and. the palestinian cause for once and your for arab nations. just why is it not worth then to go all out
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to make their brothers in pakistan. very very. noble we have an occupying. force. keeping people out of their rightful home and instead of standing up stand up and saying we are. there to washington please please put me in a position of power ok. let's forget nicholai head do you believe with sammy saying that the palestinian issue amongst the arabs in the arab region has become a side issue well i agree with much of what was just said that right now i think we're seeing certain governments in the middle east courting trump and being courted by trump and it is about survival we should remember that the middle east today is not the same as the release of thirty forty years ago i think that many governments in the middle east are seizing more immediate challenges in their mind
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it's about staying in power so they care about for example what will happen with that on what will happen with the blockade what about the protests for example what we call the arab spring so i think that there is much truth in what your guest has just said i think that support from trump is also another factor there are some who argue that trunk for example influenced the tsunami been solomon's position as come prince there are some who argue that he also gave the green light to the current blockade so it would appear that some strongman if you like including in egypt they want to get into his good books and they will care more about that and their survival than they will the pound sign which is quite sad to see because of egypt's symbolic importance as a hub of arab nationalism in the past and you know that is now kind of going downhill. let's have a good see i mean what you've just been hearing that two guests very adamant that there is a shift away from interest in the palestinian cause to more selfish nationalistic interests where does that leave the palestinians. no i don't think that the
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palestinian issue can be marginalized as they try to marginalize it we had maybe a couple of very difficult years because of the internal disputes in the arab world because of the internal fights that are taking place but i think the palestinian cause came back very strongly nobody can move it off the table and maybe this is what the united states wishes for we know that some countries are so dependent on american protection and that affects their policies but nothing will deviate us really as palestinians or nothing should divvy it up from concentrating on our main enemy which is israel and the occupation and the states which is what you know they collectively stuff a move that i must say and i must say also which i must take it more seriously and from arab states really i had some meetings we've had some condemnation that's what really there's been more action absolutely that's what i explained very clearly in my first answer we don't want just statements we are tired of statements we have
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a whole library of statements and condemnations which don't affect israel at all what we need are actions and we are also realistic enough to realize that we cannot ask them to fight israel but we can ask them differently to boycott israel we can ask them to respond to the will of their own peoples which have been out in the streets in millions sometimes against the from decision one more thing i think what many other governments don't realize suffocation plea is that israel is a threat not only to palestinians actually israelis conspiracy conspiring the now against egypt through the issue through through through with your regarding the water of the nile is there a list conspiring against jordan and if they are done with palestine and they would want to take part of jordan it is very clear i would even say they want to control the economy of the gulf countries so the sooner the arab countries realize that
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this. israeli government is dangerous also for them the better their behavior will be but most of the arab countries are also seeing israel as a potential partner in their new push against iran that's a grave mistake against whom. there cannot think of this as we want to build an alliance with israel against maybe iran with other countries them in threat in this region is israel and those in the movement them in the threat is what israel is trying to impose and i think the sooner they can realize that the better because at the end of the day they will discover that they will have they would be harmed from such a relationship then they would benefit and at the end of the day i am saying if you can't help the palestinian people please abstain from interfering let us continue our struggle and we are we can continue our struggle and we can manage to keep our question on the table and we can keep the palestinian struggle going on so if you
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can't help us please don't interfere ok nic i have to ask the palestinian struggle stay on the table here on and. well that's a very question in your guest for example just mentioned jordan as one country that's also seen reactions to across decision jordan has a peace treaty with israel but at same time we have seen a lot of protests in jordan shortly after this announcement was made i have contacts in jordan and some palestinian and one of my contacts discussed how there were many many people who protested outside the american embassy and they were saying to me you know it is my right as a palestinian this is my homeland and trump has crossed the unspoken red line now for jordan there's a balancing act here because on the one hand as i said there's the treaty with israel but there's a lot of palestinians in jordan jordanians of past in origin so i think that we cannot see that the issue of palestine will be marginalized for some governments perhaps they would say well we want to survive but i think for the people it is the
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pulse of the arab street that ultimately matters and that polls can certainly strike back at any announcement that trump decides is you're just going to happen the arab people do not want to recognize them as israel's capital and i believe that this is an issue that could cause sufficient anger to to threaten certain certain powers yes i mean how concerned should the arab leaders be of that people's reaction to any perceived sort of telling their back on the palestinians moving towards the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. no i would have to be really reaction because. the fact of the matter is. i've got to priorities because i've been reading some of them suggesting that there's nothing wrong with going to israel for what it takes to exclude the architect so you know taking supplements and the like what really puzzled me is that jim i have them up sort of
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egypt despite all the kind of the general question brought to egypt remains in our history as i could be conscious down whenever i think obo is the man disputed he remains an item in arab history because at this time and israel i would hazard to guess that it's easy to morrow also haven't been telling them all to have them out of jordan oh good that's a call about syria or any of these different countries. that we are what i'm saying is you know we wear out that says the truth about the capital at the center of the lease and they mobilize their resources to making sure that trust back then withdrew to them and letting israel know that this is a red line all of the arab people would tender out and say you know what we don't put the turned a blind eye to this oppression and we can stand behind this leader on the back of israel palestine and the proof of that and look at the prospect and look at the popularity in the arab world has hold because he is the only arab leader who has come alone even with leader who has come out and condemned jerusalem capital in
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them at that time he described as defiance ok but funny. when know when one thing that we're not saying can follow and all of us are not all sisi doing that. well i was present narrow minded foreign policy very tribal it's very very jewish it's very much for your interests above everybody else i want to be king are you want to be a pow i want to bring about my people my community my brother can palestine a wrong injustice needs to be overturned with what the israelis did to the in people with the fact that israel is the thing on party land is very few people are not that belong to muhammad the man comes and there is brother everything there instead of trying to make his brother that's one of. the you want a brother or a great the threat. so this narrow minded for what is the problem for you being
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perfectly correct what actually needs a very serious problem for c.c. and wound up in the med ok listen the real israel does not genuinely believe that that matter can ever be a true ally because what it might become today we may see a very different picture very different policy one that doesn't necessarily require rushing to that the whole of the inside story some just going to move on now to mustafa we know it's mean why do reported on the not. agree on doesn't except as by a bus confound rather by a bus that abbas visited riyadh and november just before the u.s. is announcement officials close supposedly a ship of cold out there it's been widely reported again that the conference supposedly to us about to forego the capsule in east jerusalem and accept a truncated deal how much pressure is being put on about. you know this is story is not true because i heard mr arbors and he reported about his meeting and he never
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mentioned what you are saying so i don't rely on rumors official positions that we hear but let me explain the essence of the issue today their main issue is that the arabs and maybe the palestinian leadership the p.l.o. leadership thought that israel is ready for a compromise solution that comes at the expense of many palestinian rights like giving us a state in only twenty two percent of the land while they were undecided we should get forty four percent and we deserve probably more yet they thought there will be a two state solution and there will be a compromise that will bring peace that was the basis of course for agreement on the madrid conference and after that the arab initiative but things have changed and they now have to live on and we now have a new. light one moment it is willing we need to move on we need to look and i
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learned back because we're running out of time that solution did not work israel does not want a compromise israel wants all of palestine and maybe all of jordan so it's time to see the reality and understand that we have we are not in a situation where we can have a solution with israel or the zionist movement we have to struggle against the plans we have regular against the occupation ical and we have in the times has been on its own with them if we accept both they are listing understands boycott that when you see which i'm strongly accepted that israel wants more than palestine is willing to give how much pressure is being put on a bus by the u.s. first of all now by saudi by egypt perhaps by other countries to accept a deal where it doesn't get many of the things that it wanted including history some of this capsule including the right of return for many of its refugees. well i think if we returned to discussing drunk for example i think it's worth memory that trump is is a businessman first in
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a politician second and from his point of view he is a villain pledges back home to have stronger ties with israel so it prioritized in this i also feel that he is trying to create a. if you like a pact or a closer allegiance with one against all manasseh with isis with isis or with the c.c. in egypt and the parties is reaching out to strong men because he believes that this is how you comment terrorism he's prioritizing that over the issue of palestine he's proposing his administration is sort of you his business goals rather than a long term interest in the middle east that would also fall to the next president because the problem with what he's doing is he's now shattering any. reputation the u.s. may have to actually act as a peace broker and i'm sure that the palestinians would now be happy to talk to someone else about this so given this this shift that has gone on i mean some say that jerusalem as israel's capital will become
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a reality just very briefly do you think that so i think that trump believes is going to become a reality the israeli certainly do but i also see that will be a lot of resistance the one major. act of protest i've seen in jordan has been overpowers time we're not talking about socio economic struggle here we're talking about what is for the palestinians a moral issue an issue of homeland and i think that sense of identity is strong enough that trunk should be careful so i mean we just have a minute left can we see all of this as perhaps a small blip in what is a decades old issue if we see the end of trump do we see the situation to what it was before it could be changed. i think i think to be honest my belief that making jerusalem the capital was the ambition of clinton obama bush will get us president i just think that the situation that sometimes it harrison was not there at the time of the former president they had to sit with the palestinian negotiator to come to the us president is
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a recognition of the israeli state the stance of the arab states is the removal of the israeli state and the restoration of the palestinian land with jews and muslims can sit side by side together as they've done for centuries that this goal in using what the future should be means that this whole peace process is merely a political process by which to expand u.s. interests than israeli interests with regards. to the region i think now an unprecedented situation with regard to the middle east where israel is no longer the number one enemy i think rim unprecedented territory where by strong and leaders are terrified of this but there's also one thing that i want to think with regard to this period that the people might rise up i think trump of course put through some of the capital was so well prime that all of the people spoke of all of the people's anger was used up in the arab spring people are tired now seem to be shocked about how do we and these other police see massive prism an opponent being that the further it's gone it's what you're stuck with this is why in my
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opinion and even though i was politically i'm now going through some of the capital what they must to stroke politically for the u.s. and ok myself i can see you shaking your head that unfortunately we have run out of time the we do have to finish our discussion today many thanks to all of you for joining us sami handing the stuff about j.c. and nikolai in the sun. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a website that's al-jazeera dot com and a further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter. at a.j. inside story from me laura kyle and the whole team here i cannot was my.
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photography. this time. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from london coming up in the program nigeria.


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