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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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this is. his self appointed. to create sustainable housing for the rural poor. to bring the beauty into vietnam's child spaces and to convince developed was that his dreams are attainable but changing minds can be as good as altering spaces. continues with meaning in the city at this time on al-jazeera. nigeria starts evacuating thousands of its citizens who've been trapped in slave like conditions in libya. or i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera. a car bomb kills at
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least twenty five people in adlib city the syrian government forces step up their offensive on both ends. donald trump gets an apology from steve bannon after his woman aides explosives in a new book about the president. and as the first hollywood award ceremony of the year gets underway gender equality activists a playing a leading role. nigeria started flying thousands of its citizens home from libya where they'd been trapped in slavery like conditions large numbers of nigerians a stuck in libya they'd been trying to cross to italy by sea but was stopped by local on factions and libya's coast guard and now facing di conditions and abuse and i cheering government says the flights will continue for as long as they need to what libya serves as a portal to the mediterranean and on to europe for refugees and migrants from
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africa and the middle east up to ninety percent of people crossing the mediterranean sea to europe depart from libya there are forty three thousand refugees and asylum seekers registered with the un refugee agency in libya the highest number come from nigeria nearly seventeen and a half thousand people followed by syria with sixteen and a half thousand and then guinea and the ivory coast most traveling from east africa arrive through sudan those coming from central africa travel through all the route from west africa algeria and i jaring government has found it difficult to tell exactly how many people need help. our president has made available all the resources necessary for over isn't a good and most of the less seem to repatriate all the nigerians here least the added gaffer the nigerian and who you know when we came we were working around
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a figure of about five thousand five hundred. and i'm going to one hundred assess how other comes and comes to left me at martin but the question of numbers. has become a bit problematic. there is an address traveled to libya to investigate this story he filed this report when he returned to nigeria well basically patrician effort of the nigerian government started after reports of. african african migrants in libya are being sold on the slave market and of course put to put in slave like conditions and this doesn't even stop at those in the hands of. human smugglers in libya but also in detention camps official and unofficial detention camps of course libya we met some of them over the course of four or five days in libya today more than eight hundred. were dropped at the airport in tripoli to hold on their way
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home the initial plight of five hundred migrants stranded migrants came into port harcourt this evening and we spoke to a lot of people on that flight and they all have the same story to tell most of them are being exploited sexually physically and some of them i've been tortured and the situation among them is that they keep. even some of the migrants communicate migrant camembert community community members there keep on sort of stealing or kidnapping some of these migrants and forcing their parents or relations back home to pay ransom before they release the man immediately one person is released another person takes over and demand ransom so it's a vicious cycle if you don't pay up they torture you and you go through several systemic abuses inside those detention camps and even the guest houses set up by the human smugglers across libya. than two hundred fifty refugees and migrants and
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rescued off the coast of libya that god said that they would pay the cost of gas and were taken to the port in tripoli and been given medical aid and sent to. a country. well in syria a car bomb in the city of it live has killed twenty five people even more than injured in the city which is under the control of to where shun syrian observatory for human rights says the explosion appeared to target the headquarters of an opposition faction it's not yet known who carried out the attack will syrian government forces a continuing that push in the countryside three people were killed on sunday including a woman and a child after intensive raids carried out by russian jets in the countryside meanwhile the fighting rages outside damascus as well as the regime tries to wrest control of eastern ghouta nor
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a burden monley has more. the war in syria is entering its eighth year and the aerial bombardment by government forces continues as regime forces and remnants of the isolate both attacking opposition held areas in the northwest rebel fighters but struggling to maintain it live proppants which is one of their last stronghold. refugees leaving the driving range by any way they can someone trucks with little more than a blanket shielding them from the winter weather. the internally displaced pour into refugee camps the aid agencies say a stretched to the limit a tent city is being constructed it lived live a turkish border to hold tens of thousands forced from their homes in the past fortnight. a many more syrians from rebel held areas have traveled to the area and
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hope of safety and response putting the total number of i.d.p.'s at three quarters of a million look to small rebel held pockets of syria and it's clear why. the latest asteroid struck east induce her to the east of the capital damascus the suburb of four hundred thousand people has been besieged by government forces for five years. as one of the so-called deescalation cern's brokered last year by iran russia and turkey but people there have reason not to trust the agreements videos show the destruction of the government forces bombarded targets is sort of masters on saturday everyone from the elderly to the very young are affected. i was with my grandfather and brother who we were not and hope planes everything was ok and then the bombing started and all of
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a sudden this happened to us it is also considered a deescalation cern but the deal to reduce fighting is proving to be difficult to enforce the rebels including hyatt. and the free syrian army controlled large areas of land here and the regime backed by russian air raids a mine taining intense pressure on the rebels while the growing number of internally displaced have temporary despite from the bombs it's unclear how long they remain relatively safe lure about manly al jazeera. yemen's who c. say they've shot down a saudi coalition warplane saudi media is reporting two pilots survived the crash which happened in yemen sour the province. which is the forces t.v. channel says the fighter plane was a british made tornado. now the developments the party of yemen's former president ali abdullah saleh who was killed last month has named its new leader the former
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agriculture minister sadik i mean abu russ will be the new head of the general people's congress party saw that was killed by hoofy rebels after the switch sides and backed the saudi led coalition in its battle against them i'm moving on to other stories this hour steve bannon a main source for the bombshell behind the scenes book on donald trump's white house is trying to make amends with the president trumps from the campaign manager and chief strategist issued a statement saying his support for the u.s. president was very much that meanwhile trump continues to criticize the book written by journalist michael wolff mike hanna has more from washington d.c. president trump arrives back at the white house having spent his morning at camp david firing out a number of tweets you're the one in support of his adviser stephen miller who really defended the president on a morning talk show. jacked up our fake news c.n.n. just got destroyed in his interview with stephen miller of the trumpet ministration
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trump said watch the hatred and unfairness of this c.n.n. flunky in another tweet i've had to put up with the fake news from the first day i announce that i would be running for president now i have to put up with a fake book written by a totally discredited author ronald reagan had the same problem and handled it well so will i my author michael wolff lot up the possibility of the twenty fifth amendment being applied in terms of which a president can be removed from office if the majority of the cabinet believe he's unfit to lead if i left out anything is probably stuff that was even more damning it's that it's there that bad i mean it's it's an extraordinary moment in time when the last the last several days focused on on my book i think are are are proof of this this is what happened here what's going on here this is you know i i think not an exaggeration and not on
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a reasonable and snotty and reasonable to say this is twenty fifth amendment kind of stuff in the course of the day to an apology from former trump confidant steve benen who was extensively quoted in the book he describes several disparaging remarks as inaccurate quotes and praised what he called the president's historical accomplishments in his first year a senior senator was moved to comment on the president's mental status i don't think he's crazy i think he's had a very successful twenty seventeen and i want to help him where i can wish it all want him to be successful he had a lot on his plate the white house released photos of the president meeting with cabinet members over the weekend the apparent intent to demonstrate that between the flow of irate tweets there was some governance done. mike hanna al-jazeera washington chile will open its first memorial to the members of the map each indigenous minority killed by the military dictatorship on the augusta pinochet
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many activists vanished during the one nine hundred seventy s. and their remains were never found al-jazeera as latin america and its eleusinian men reports from temuco in central chile. yes here i am native mapuche a historian it non-coding need wants the world to know to news. the center of the plaza goes through here to the quake it's a sacred space where only one day a year the sun rays pass directly from one side to the other. it's here surrounded by seven hundred year old trees the first ever memorial to one hundred seventy one my push of victims of chile's former military dictatorship will soon be formally opened up here. shortly after the one nine hundred seventy three military coup could he needs twenty three year old brother nelson a left wing university student was detained by soldiers and never seen again but he made of this boy didn't and that's when i understood for the first time the meaning
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of state terrorism the fact that i could escape and go into exile explains why i'm alive to tell the story. at that point warrants for nelson quoted family google scholar that soldiers had shot him dead and thrown his body into this river to this day only my bouquet of the supporters who disappeared during that period with her mains were ever found. thousands of chileans were executed or disappeared during the pinochet dictatorship but the fate of the indigenous my putsch victims has until now received little attention in a country where they have long been discriminated. my dear lynette remembers how secret police referred to her father a teacher and a poet as the indian she says they were all vilified for being mocked which is everything i ever meet and my father was vomiting blood and urine eating blood from the beatings he received when they brought him back from prison hours later they
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took him away again and he disappeared forever we've never been able to accept his death and mary ellen and the other survivors welcome the opening of the soon to be finished memorial park in the hope that it will help chile see that the map which is we're not just victims of a dictatorship but of a society that never acknowledged their suffering. you see in human i just didn't call them and watching out is there a still to come trying to break the deadlock and america meets with the social democrats as she works to form a government. of egypt denies accusations that pressured t.v. hosts to back donald trump's recognition of jerusalem. how are they following screens in place for parts of southeastern australia things should improve slightly at least as we go on through the next couple days you still
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see a little bit of cloud there just coming into new south wales easing across victoria as well not just way further east with remember sydney getting up to forty seven celsius and sas they going on into sunday thirty three celsius on monday still plenty warm enough but that twenty three that we have in melbourne a saw of what is to come for the middle part of the week gradually it will cool down through the around thirty two for sydney on the cheese a bit saw some showers pushing in over the next few days twenty celsius there for melbourne by tuesday further west but some places the rain coming in here and up towards the top end certainly some wet weather to watch out for as we go on for. for the next day or two some very lively showers coming in here lavish hours long suppose of rainey's on their way across new zealand meanwhile of six in brightness it betrays some good spells of sunshine twenty two twenty three degrees here for christchurch and for all kind of tough woman that as we go into choose the bit wetter weather started to push his way to the south island by this day's so the
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passage of paddling while saying some wet weather started to push waves a very heavy rain there for monday and will ease a little further eastwards tuesday. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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a comeback with al-jazeera a recap of the top stories nigeria is in the process of flying over five thousand of its citizens home from libya large numbers of nigerians are trapped in the country where they were trying to cost eighty i see. a car bomb in syrian city of killed twenty five people it comes as the rebel controlled area faces renewed assault from syrian government forces. and the former white house chief strategist steve bannon is trying to make amends with the u.s. president reaffirmed his support for donald trump in a statement after becoming the main source for a damaging book about trump's presidency. well now in all the stories we're following closely the german chancellor angela merkel is saying that she's optimistic she'll form a coalition government almost four months after the country's general election talks of resumed in berlin between a christian democrat and it's form
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a coalition partners the social democrats who had vowed to go into opposition a potential sticking point though the refugee crisis and whether to allow the relatives of immigrants to join them in germany well the s.p.d. is governed jointly with chris. democrats for eight of the last twelve years after the party suffered a punishing defeat at last year's election ada martin schultz promised to take it into opposition but pressure is now mounting on him to do a deal with merkel since her proposal for a coalition with the greens and liberal f.d.p. fell through. its government's conkling. i think we can do it we will work very quickly very intensively that's what we set out to do and you always think about what people in germany are expecting all of us you always hope that politics will solve the problems and create the framework for people to live well in our country i am optimistic about these talks but i also know that there is a lot of work ahead of us in the coming days we are willing to take all the work.
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they've achieved as more from ballen. this is been the longest coalition talks that we've had in post-war political german history it's running up almost to four months now and the people of germany have been under a caretaker government it's very important for angela merkel and her prospective coalition partners that she sort out in these talks and remember there are only talks about talks in the next five days exactly where the red lines are what form of they can get where immigration is how can they get of the form of to lease shape immigration policies and coalesce those policies in some way it is going to be as anglo merkel said in her statement before the talks began a lot of hard work but she said she was optimistic and her social democratic partner mark martin shultz prospective partner said there should be no red
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lines but there is a lot at stake it shows essentially that the the power at the heart of the european union that was angular merkel she was the one that had the strong partnership with the with france is beginning to erode she's less popular now with the people of germany are almost dismayed by what's happening how long it's taking and they want to result in an and in fact during these five days there will be a more or less a media blackout they don't want the sort of interviews they had during the last coalition talks which started feeding in to the actual coalition talks and that she increasing friction so we're not going to hear much about what's happening but i think that or concentrated to make sure that will not be another general election and there will not be a minority government is in all their interests to come to a solution. israel's strategic affairs ministry has published a list of groups banned from entering the country the so-called b.d.s.
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blacklist includes twenty organizations which will not be allowed to enter israel due to that support for the boycott and sanctions movement against the country the list primarily includes european and american organizations including american muslims for palestine and the palestine solidarity campaign egypt has denied pressuring t.v. host to back the u.s. president's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel the new york times as reported leaked phone recordings of a senior intelligence officer telling hosts to pay down opposition to donald trump's move it's been released in the wake of an arab league meeting about the creation of a palestinian state mohamad jump june reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. one month after donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel some members of the arab league met in jordan to say no definite will come our goal is to overturn the american decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and to assert that it has no it legal effect that we have
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specific requests the most important of which is the recognition of a palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital according to the june the fourth nine hundred sixty seven borders as many palestinians say the wall saturday's meeting in a man was important they were expecting more a little bit disappointed that they cannot go beyond just stressing this critic position and try to be up to the challenge and take. measures to contain. to this very dangerous position of the united states at a time when many in the arab world believe regional leaders aren't doing enough to show solidarity with palestinians egypt stands is being called further into question by an article in the new york times the newspaper reported that some egyptian t.v. personalities have been pressured to play down opposition to president trump's decision on jerusalem. adding that in leaked phone recordings egyptian intelligence
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officer captain ollie reportedly told leading t.v. talk show hosts to influence their viewers to support the decision despite condemnation from the government and egyptians nationwide egypt's state information service denied the report stating that it was inappropriate for the new york times to publish such an allegation and adding that the times report claims that captain of holy is an officer with the egyptian general intelligence without presenting its readers with the slightest evidence as to the truth of this piece of information or that a person by this name exists in the first place palestinian officials say they believe egypt is continuing to support them but that the u.s. has perhaps intentionally muddied the waters they think that the. united states working. intentionally actually. to try to create an atmosphere which says that there has
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been. committed or taken with the tests that approval of certain of governments these developments have not yet had much of an impact on the ground here the major concern for palestinians is seeking concrete measures to alleviate their suffering how much enjoyment is it of the model of the occupied west bank. several religious and political groups facing pressure from the government in pakistan have been demonstrating in the northwestern city of bashar where this is the second in a series of protests initially organized in the wake of the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital of groups behind the rallies into a tower. by the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks suspect tough assignment pakistan has recently blocked donations to clips named in a u.n. security council sanctions list. well now protests in sudan over the price of bread have led to the death as led to the death of one student authorities have also
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arrested one prominent opposition leader and confiscated newspapers in a bid to climb down on the unrest demonstrations began in the southeastern city of san are on saturday after bright prices there doubled in nearby them as police fired tear gas at demonstrators the price of bread rose after government eliminated subsidies in its two thousand and eighteen budget. so her because parliament is expected to start reviewing its rules on how to remove president jacob zuma from power the constitutional court ruled at the end of december that lawmakers had failed to hold the scandal plagued president to account zuma has survived several no confidence votes in parliament over recent years mostly relating to a string of corruption allegations he denies any wrongdoing. and group has claimed responsibility for friday's ambush on a million mom military truck in western iraq and state which wounded several soldiers the our account ranges salvation army says it has no option but to fight
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to defend the range of minority the military crackdown in iraq i was triggered by the group attacking the security forces on august twenty fifth last year the french president emanuel macron is attended a memorial to remember those killed in the attacks in paris it's three years since gunmen opened fire killing eleven reporters and illustrators at the satirical weekly magazine president mark on and the mayor of paris had dug and laid wreaths at the challis at their offices and at a jewish supermarket where another four people were killed well develop developments the french president will make his first state visit to china on monday the trip comes at a time of uncertainty though of the crisis in north korea and tensions in the relationship between china europe and the u.s. from bride reports from beijing. with political upheaval impacting is e.u. neighbors president emanuel macro comes to china with the clear message talk to me
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and you're talking to your. english and he's you know he's leaving europe. germany's in a new very strange political position and france is very. macron president xi jinping have met just once before at last year's g twenty summit and mccraw will be looking to china to reaffirm its commitment to the paris climate accord to control global warming. it was signed just two years ago but damaged by the u.s. decision to pull out of it and it's very important now from france to talk china about because america u.s. president tramp and leave the conference this is macros first state visit to china and we can expect the usual flurry of trade deals and possible agreements on future
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nuclear power projects in which both france and china have expertise but as permanent members of the un security council there are also likely be talks on the war in syria and on the north korean crisis in both china and france there's been alarmed at the kind of insults traded by the leaders of the u.s. and north korea and china will be looking for support for its so-called double freeze proposal that calls for the u.s. and south korea to suspend military exercises in return for north korea halting its missile tests for. this market i'm sure a china hopes macro will support this plan but if the french come up with this own ideas of china we are consider them carefully communion with. you in the face of so much international instability french and chinese diplomats will be hoping that the spectacle of two world leaders holding a state visit will in itself be
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a stabilizing influence rob mcbride al-jazeera beijing. the seventy fifth annual golden globe awards will be held in beverly hills on sunday but the ceremony usually focused on the glitz and glamour of hollywood will have a more song but many male actors filmmakers and producers were accused of sexual misconduct in twenty seventeen including hollywood heavyweights as such as director harvey weinstein and kevin spacey those in attendance of planning to wear all black as poss of the hash tag me to movement highlighting the issue of sexual harassment in the industry. where n.b.c. correspondent stephanie stanton has been on the red carpet ahead of the ceremony she spoke to us about whether or not actors have lived up to that pride. let's show you what's happening right now the official start of the red carpet just a few hours away we have seen some a listers come down and so far i've seen the majority of people men and women wearing black and of course as you said
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hollywood's leading ladies decided to wear black tonight to highlight the sexual harassment scandal that is sweeping through hollywood of course many of them joining together in solidarity this year at this awards show has been dubbed the year of the woman for that reason and for other reasons as well course we have several talented leading ladies nominated in many categories across the board but it'll be interesting to see what happens once the carpet gets under way here if we do in fact see all of those hollywood leading ladies that standing up to that pledge to wear black. but look at stories making headlines for you now nigeria is in the process of flying thousands of its citizens home from libya numbers of nigerians are trapped in libya where they were trying to cross to
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a city by sea but was stopped by local om factions and libya's kosko and an al facing die conditions in abuse it's estimated about five thousand migrants will be flown home and i cherry government has admitted the exact numbers are not. our president has made available all the resources necessary for over isn't a good and more of the less him to repatriate all the margarines here this is the other guy for tonight here you know who you know when we came we were working around a figure of about five thousand five hundred. good unarmored one hundred assess how that comes a low comes the level martin but the question of numbers. has become a bit problematic in our other headlines a car bomb in the syrian city of idlib has killed twenty five people even more been injured in a city which is under the control of to reassure the syrian observatory for human
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rights says the explosion appeared to target the headquarters of an opposition faction of the attack took place as syrian government forces and their allies continued their advance to recapture adlib province from the rebels it's cost thousands of civilians to flee towards the border with turkey in freezing winter conditions it is the largest remaining rebel held territory in syria since i still driven out late last year the former white house chief strategist steve bannon is trying to make amends with the us president he reaffirmed his support for doll trump in a statement after becoming the main source for a damaging book about trump's presidency trump continues to denounce the fire and fury because lies it was written by journalist michael wolff. and the german chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic about forming a coalition government almost four months after the country's general election talks of resumed in berlin between a christian democrat party and the social democrats form a coalition partners. that's
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a lot of stories witness looks at the hip hop head jobbies that's coming out next day without his era. al-jazeera. swear every jew it's. ok let me. just a little bit out. you know some of that sounds good. how do you also will be speaking.


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