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tv   The Holy Land Five P1  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2018 4:00am-4:57am +03

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the confusion the line about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. you're watching algis their arms the whole robin these are all top news stories about five hundred nigerian migrants stranded in libya have returned home the nigerian government told of the immediate evacuation of about five and a half thousand of its citizens from libya after reports of abuse slavery and torture algis there is ever the dress traveled with some of them. for most of the
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migrants on this flight it's a mixed feeling of being free at last and that of disappointment they've been through so much over the past years they left with such promise but hakim drop a lot of pretty big need just of slavery torture and rape yet despite the hardships and dangers thousands more nigerians i sure like to attempt a judge in europe and beyond meanwhile more than two hundred fifty refugees have been rescued off the coast of libya the coast guard said they were picked from two boats and taken to a port in the capital tripoli it also recovered the bodies of two women who drowned . at least twenty five people have been killed in an attack in the syrian city of idlib president assad's forces have been making steady gains in the northwestern province government forces have also increased as trying some other rebel held areas including the besieged area of eastern guta assam a binge of it are reports. the people of egypt city have become used to silence like this syrian civilians yet again caught up inside of war with seemingly
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no end in sight the. activists couldn't confirm if it was either a car bomb or a drone strike the target one of the many rebel factions who controlled parts of it although no one claimed responsibility some pointed the finger at the assad government. temple you'll bashar we will look leave we will die in syria. forces of the assad regime have been making gains in the northwestern parts of it live in hama provinces in the last forty eight hours if they can more areas in the countryside. syrian rebels have not been able to stand the government air superiority. but the relentless campaign doesn't only target fighters this is what happens when people hear warplanes in the sky. the population of adlib has more than doubled in the last few years over a million displaced people have been transferred to ad lib after the government start in siege tactics in other areas south forces have also stepped up attacks on
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eastern good these are two of the four deescalation zones agreed upon by syria iran russia and turkey. although there have been fewer attacks on london when a through which are the other areas and the deal with the bombings never stopped completely. more than four hundred thousand people are besieged in eastern brutal alone it was expected there's a big agreement now russia and and. iran recently to the. conflict zone in. may from the such a conference and basically the last. police. force . the un has declared that crap civilians face a complete catastrophe because the assad government has got a delivery in besieged areas. and after getting tours of the deescalation deal get
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ready to meet in the russian city of sochi later this month syrian civilians continue to suffer some of injuries. and then the major source for the behind the scenes book on donald trump's white house is trying to make amends with the u.s. president trumps former chief strategist issued a statement saying his support for the president is unwavering german chancellor angela merkel is optimistic that she'll form a coalition government almost four months after the country's general election talks have resumed in berlin between her christian democratic party and its former coalition partners the social democrats who had vowed to go into opposition. and israel has published a list of activist groups banned from entering the country twenty organizations have been blocked over their calls to boycott and sanction the jewish state for its policies towards palestinians european u.s. and south african groups are also blacklisted those were the headlines and back
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with more news in thirty minutes here on al-jazeera next it's al jazeera world do stay with us. says. the government after months of trial and years of preparation for his fate that prosecutors say he was a fund raiser for hamas convicted of funneling millions of dollars to the palestinian militant group. hamas.
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many. had to prove. beyond reasonable doubt to a jury. conspiracy that spanned a thirteen year period to support it curious organization among them in the loop hole while maher you'll probably know when. you're hunting down the murderers you support and we will use this case unjust and unfair to not only the individuals involved in the book entire community and for the richardson based charity has been under suspicion accused of funding only do that in two thousand and warren that this work was illegal. didn't we see this time with sentences ranging from fifteen to sixty five years in prison for five h.l.l. ferry if we said that this was a political trial and that these were political prisoners and that it was based on
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association. not based on fact cif willing to speak out and he said the government's case was full of mischief it's clearly a political trial and it was a shame it was a shame. on the americans and we should not have let it happen and we should not let it continue. another. woman was that and was that and then assume you know what i know. cystic fibrosis and cystic fibrosis a long disease and his daughter needed surgery just to live and sugaree was able to
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find a charity who funded his daughter surgery but should he said that changed his life he said i am a muslim and i love to give so he left his job he quit he scowled at the charity he put his heart and soul into a charity that grew to be the largest muslim charity in the united states. for samuel to start a mini in california. i see that what you see in the cattle truck are actually a worker. or sylar she would come from either by him say in a few. with sammy one hundred same. guy that was. assessed that other than to let the excess.
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they were mainly giving humanitarian aid to palestinians in the west bank and gaza as well as the refugee populations in lebanon and jordan and they also gave to other native populations across the world. that. cut them a mistrust for us even though all of them but the but in the semi you are about to say in a certain sort of earth i live in bunia to the infrastructure to be limit. let them look a mccollum met a woman at the big. can of most is the only limb to couldn't put the method of jimmy at the period that is there mia with a tell me her brain and brain i made with sammy a few minutes seeing what. well you know well if you go to court the most is
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a holy land canna to cut the movie shit the middle was late damn. the power was a seven minute. dude mill your name or your so that we. work out a bit of a water was a lot. less about our fill me. off you must leave it as really. but manage. my rather than mill your name. but i was a little would email it what was actually shot. throughout the ninety nine. there were many claims by israeli lobby
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like. the anti-defamation league and politicians like eliot spitzer and. chuck sure a lot of these politicians went to clinton administration and bank clinton trying to pressure him to shut down the charity clinton refused to shut israel is against anybody who supports the palestinian people and it doesn't mean support in terms of money on arms or anything like that if you just say i don't like what israel is doing to the palestinian people you're an enemy to the state. ah. the us government after nine eleven was willing to give up every right. i'm ready to give up my civil rights i'm going to give up my freedom of speech and really
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give up my privacy do whatever you need if it's going to keep some of these crazy terrorist from coming over killing us and one of the things that led to was an adoption of a kind of aggressive prevent of law enforcement paradigm in which we used every tool available to go after not just terrorists but people who we thought are suspected might be engaged in supporting connected to associated with terrorists and often the basis for that might be you know associated with terrorist was their arab muslim male. the treasury department froze the assets in accounts of the holy land foundation richardson texas whose money is you support the hamas terror organization a lot of little knocked some marsh and. let the job of you know like i walked on
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the internet and it was all that's all you spoke. to her that if you see all so me at least. one little vomit. you know how about how about some of the dogs at least don't wish to feel one hundred mush. of them. should be able because what color libyan leader moammar do not mock has been no sales cobbett enough most of them will be on the show on. the my left camera and how do you know most of what all of them in the bush and you'll. feel that laughter was just. a philosophy. that. the rules to do about it are still held by the current president. all of us to
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be into fashion. and while. most addicts are. if you have us one hell of a time when a few will probably so your day that after houser it was general counsel to the treasury at the time said quote it was almost comical and quote unquote we just listed out as many of the usual suspects as we could and said let's go freeze some of their asses i have my suspicions that israel was involved in that but i don't know that but i do know because it's been written about and is public now that the treasury department literally created scapegoats and said we have these palestinians let's just go out and seize their assets and that's what they did there was no hearing there was no due process there were. nothing they went in and
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seized everything down to the plants. in two thousand and two the holy land foundation represented by me and my law partner filed a lawsuit in washington d.c. to challenge the designation. as a as a terrorist organization it was a huge record that the government had created an administrative record that we had to read and it was mostly basically garbage it was it was newspaper articles interviews that were translated from arabic to hebrew to english and we discovered when we did our own translations that the translations were completely wrong. that the government was relying on information that was completely completely false but it didn't matter the lawsuit was dismissed by the district court in washington d.c.
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after much briefing and argument we took an appeal to the united states court of appeals for the d.c. circuit it's the the court of appeals that sits in the district of columbia. and on appeal to the d.c. circuit we lost again. the based on secret evidence even though we had security clearances at the time so we should have been able to see this what the government said was secret evidence we never saw it because we weren't able to see the secret evidence we were unable to challenge it we were unable to point out ways that it was untrue or incomplete the district court the trial level court. said that it didn't rely on the secret evidence but in the appellate court when we challenge the ruling of the district court that court did rely on the secret evidence found it persuasive so that it was incontrovertibly and ruled against us.
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to click on the mouth of the sucker kind of click on the sound possible help governor nixon. on sunday against the wall. and the bomb goes off you see on my back under consolidating at. the sound of sunday for as it. would as yeah last asking them. to say i mean some of the history of. the. wolf is at.
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the founder of feel connected have records from the dead who have and. i can i will fall in will have dictated to critical view because a cord from a second meet. the study was deaf iraq is willing to let go or take your hands off of me into a she thought even head on that he can suck me so i ran up to my father and i. yelled is there bob all. right before he was going to be pushed into the car to stop and look back at me and say above all. keep your head apart because your father did nothing while. the football boy i want to quit i don't want to have to come. and to follow you there will come to some comfort to say i got in my car for
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a problem child. the end . models non. of us that i am not us about in africa none are hanging on who was sittin. up on us was on the long. run him to loan him that's us and them i'm i'm a bit down on my feet i. expect that id home and then how come it's always how come home about her from best couple is of a home on sale abreast with. the had. it come as a. total bill wish i were in kansas city of dallas i'll. so how
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much i know now that i would have gladly bilson on my fossil but all the little daughter are studying who are just some additional some of them can go to work. is that young you know she was how little doesn't fit the whole shift can and often wonder so many of us has any wish i could give you to learn that and those of you have to do it but when my mom i mean just know how than i can with that we serve. if i can. ask that and i will now do. for the next three years the f.b.i. the cia you know. government officials prosecutors they spent almost three or
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four years looking into the case the allegation was that there was essentially material support being provided by the holy land foundation to come up in we had to prove that and you have to essentially it's a form which we call the united states money laundering material support charges were alleged against all of the individuals. mr mr o'day mr el there's a mr a bocher mr. carter and mr washington and also against the organization itself there were over forty charges as i recall but primarily it was material support to terrorism and then tax charges all raw. please be seated a. couple of small my few living matthew live in town and can
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a most a shell oh i mean she was ultimately a family some of them to have it most of. matthew levitt you know who would you sell you any more trouble to been to missile unified with them or to have. a club made some of the slum a phobia when they don't need to stand. can you tell us again what is the overall purpose for hamas having a social wing. it builds greg. froot support for the organization it provides for the families of its operatives provides operatives with day jobs it provides a cover of legitimacy for their activities certainly no one is going to question the need for charity charities a good thing except that the operatives are sometimes charity by day and terrorist by not and it provides an ideal mechanism not only for raising under the cover of charity but then transferring laundering money not just for the social activities but for all the activities of the organization and does hamas also use it as a tool of recruitment as well absolutely as we mentioned earlier you know you get
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people in the front door you have an opportunity to interact with them to spot them to radicalize and recruit them levitt testified as an expert witness opining on essentially given bag ground to the jury on terrorist organizations and also. his view of the bacteria he was taking place in. palestine and israel is that recruitment for the military wing only no. what sort of services does the social wing provide for the palestinian population medical services food education a variety of social welfare type services women's groups soccer clubs certainly mosques you know study groups a place to go a wide range of activities. and it would you say they use a social welfare activity to win the hearts and minds of the palestinian people to actually work with. one of the laws that was passed is
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a law referred to as the material support statute and the material support statute says that it's against the law for any u.s. citizen or any resident who lives in the united states to provide material support to a designated terrorist for example if calio meek left dallas texas today after this interview and i got on a plane and i flew to somalia and tomorrow i feed over two hundred people from home that but after i feed them somebody comes up to me and says. did you know that three people who came today and ate your food there are associated with a group called al-shabaab well al-shabaab is designated as a terrorist organization so technically i just fed three terrorists is that material support that question was not answered in the statute is anything that's
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true but providing such material support in my estimation is just as important or more important in in in being able to advance the goals of their terrorist organizations. now you have also lectured for an organization called the jewish federation. correct that is right and that is a fund raising organization for a pac. correct that would be news to me the jewish federation is the organization the coordinates fund raising of the jewish community for everything from local services jewish and non jewish they do fund raising for israel also but i also let you for arab think tanks and others as well my question was have you spoken at apac. is the answer yes or no i think it's pretty clear the answer is yes. and you have spoken at several of their conferences happened i have
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and often said things they did like the united states put on evidence over and over again of buses being blown up in israel which had. violent acts by hamas which the holy land had nothing to do with but they would try to do and tried to develop an atmosphere for the jury a fear about how mouse there was a time where the jury left the room and the judge left the room and my father though this is an extension of the israeli occupation the zionist occupation of palestine and he was yelling in houston period and he was yelling because the judge refused continuously refused to enter evidence that would have shown the kind of work that the whole that they should do imagine if you had jurors in texas and
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your president from texas had already told you that this is a terrorist group and they're training kids to come kill you. what kind of impact with that hair you have to have an impact the judge was so much on the government side that at one point. in the first trial. i said to the judge and i can't remember mike that words but it was something to the effect of the prosecutor said you know over there your honor we don't need a second prosecutor and everyone thought that i was going to go to jail that day. june nineteenth sixty seven sixty days the redraw the map of the middle east america. victory of the army in that war war the greatest tragedy in the history of islam fifty years later al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its
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consequences which are still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations tried mediation contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was the north of the wall in june at this time conservation ease helping kids stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species and there it sounds like an agreement between criminal
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busts it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question is for throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a an investigation into. ukraine could you say bribes you've been corrupt i would be corrupt i did just what president say al-jazeera investigations the only go at this time. you're watching i was there i'm still raman these are all top news stories about five hundred nine children migrant stranded in libya have returned home but i jaring government ordered the immediate evacuation of about five and a half thousand of its citizens from libya after reports of abuse slavery and torture. addressed travelled with some of them for most of the migrants on this
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flight it's a mixed feeling of being free at last and that of disappointment there are dangers thousands more nigerians to attempt to judge in europe and beyond. meanwhile more than two hundred fifty refugees have been rescued off the coast of libya the coast guard said they were picked up from two boats and taken to the port in tripoli one of the vessels that sunk while the other was badly overcrowded now the coast guard also recovered the bodies of two women who drowned survivors say dozens more are missing a car bombers killed twenty five people in the city of one of the last syrian rebel strongholds there are reports that a rebel headquarters building was the target but it's still unclear who's behind the attack this comes as syrian government forces push further into the surrounding countryside. steve bannon the major source for the behind the scenes book on donald trump's white house is trying to make amends with the u.s. president former chief strategist issued a statement saying his support for the president is unwavering.
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party. to go into. potential. to join. groups are on the. campaign and american.
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please be seated and. come in there was no evidence established that the holy land foundation itself was a terrorist organization that was not the allegation the allegation was that they were providing material support to a terrorist organization. does the name of the cow kill you as a cad committee appear on the treasury department list today. no. the. islamic charities society of her brought does not name appear on the list and didn't appear on the list as of june fourteenth two thousand and one no and it doesn't appear there today either correct or not. i will go through the rest of them collectively and let's see if the answers are to say. ok. he told carmen to cut committee the nablus akad committee there are
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a model as the cad committee the janine's acad committee and the islamic science and culture committee is it fair to say that the names of none of those organizations appeared on the treasury department list as of june fourteenth two thousand and one those names do not and today they don't appear on that list either correct correct the names of any board members of those account committees appear on the treasury department list as of june fourteenth two thousand and one not to my knowledge but as you said it is a very big list but i don't think so and today same not to your knowledge correct. in holy land the government had this anonymous witness who had the name of the fake name avi. in to my knowledge there's never been an expert witness in a case in a criminal case who was secret the way he was this was
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a new event there sometimes have been witnesses who have been secret but not experts. and have you reviewed records in the course of preparation for your testimony to suggest that the holy land foundation gave money to the same organizations that we've been talking about yes all of them the question is where is this charity going and how would support the hamas organization that is objective i can find several levels one level is that it support the population support all the population to win the hearts and minds we see how they do this many examples there is no secret to the to the trees who controls this committee is. the posters the settlement is there not hiding this the opposite they're trying to suppress the fact that they're part of hamas and the showing it. on the person who comes for support of the food those who supports him and his obligated to go to
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going to zation this is how. they win the hearts and minds the most simple way but the most sophisticated way and he testified that each of these a cut committees to which the holy land foundation gave money was associated in some fashion with hamas he also testified about terrorist attacks that hamas had conducted inside israel he presented photographs gory photographs of the aftermath of some of those bombings none of which the holy land foundation had anything to do with straight up do you have any questions for mr i mean. i do your thank you. what is your rank in the i.r.s. a israeli security agency by thanks monitor what is your specific title. i'm the legal advisor of the counterterrorism division. now when you work as someone who has researched in this area. every taken in courses concerning
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hamas in any learning centers universities or anywhere else not to the university though i wish that were so so have you taken the course outside money is a must see out of the i say you know what books have you run on monks i read books . i'm of hamas salami shot. from the way of a lot to the jihad and another book by a shopkeeper and another also read on the member. a few articles from the universities have you written any works on the subject outside the usa they may have been published. when i'm not allowed to do that i'm sure when. you look horror of any university. you don't hold positions of professor or anything like that. and integrate siller prosecution that started the unit two thousand
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investigation. that was the beginning of your involvement in this opium that's correct. so all the things we're talking about that included before two thousand. you've done by research. most of it most by search self research have you ever read a book about say cat committees. i didn't read the book issue maybe there is i would like to read the defenses on an open no unaware of the identity of the individual was. unable to do the kind of investigation that you would want to do to determine whether the witnesses has any buy you see is or has. other past experiences that might undermine his or her credibility and you're not able to do that work that's a that's a real cost to a fair defense that's
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a very fair question and it's a it's a very difficult issue and we wrestled with that in the trial and but we felt like we could give them everything about this witness that they needed to be able to cross-examine the witness but for the name the second anonymous witness as well who went by the name of majorly or they were there as representatives of the israeli security apparatus to make the case against. people who were supporting needy palestinians those weren't the only witnesses in my estimation they provided more flavor than subs and have testimony in the case and i think but i think it was part of the evidence i think the evidence in total establish that these defendants knew that the money they were providing were actually material support providing material support to hamas so i i couldn't do believe and find out anything about
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your work for you right greg is that correct. i've been going to smarting. i found myself we don't know your name and said i think. you helped prepare the government witnesses in that case correct and you reviewed with the prosecutors which exhibits going to be put in which were not to be put. with not all the exhibits we had a lot. but as part of them yes concerning to the specific issue i'm dealing with now. and all of the. documents received either in operation defensive shield in the spring of two thousand and two or later is that correct. are you talking about the experts yes. yes if i am correct. you are the u.s. prosecutors given access to these military bases where the materials are can.
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withdraw. those materials that are the exhibits they will being stored at israeli military bases rather. correct in the u.s. prosecutors given access to those military bases. if u.s. prosecutors authonomy fairly at all and let them want to have the let me ask one and that with vehicle waheeda i'm very key here today in most of the holy land foundation layers that level going to the column on the level of fear and. shook like a lead huge adelie in one of eleven slightly wildly with up to mattel our beer but the u.s. obviously had made a deal with israel that if he came in testified it would were he would remain secret his lawyers came with him you are the legal advisor and yet you have your
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own legal advisor. to be on the safe side. are you looking at your lawyer. is that what you're doing are you looking at your lawyer do you need to consult. is it a crime. do you need to consult with him i don't want to get you in trouble. ladies and gentlemen of the jury i was asked with respect to mr abney to allow him to. and so with his legal advisor if you felt that answering a question on cross-examination might require the disclosure of classified information i did grant this request so because he has a legal adviser seated near the radio in the court if mr ravi feels he needs to consult with his legal adviser i have granted his permission the government made
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a big effort to link our clients to anyone in their families who were hamas supporters like michele to mars zouk who was a hamas supporter in the us when hamas. a son that i saw and spent time or was i wanted to look. over. the whole men of all of them sought in the communist era in the united states we made it a crime to be a member of the communist party we were afraid of communism and we targeted people not for their acts but for their associations their membership with the communist party ultimately the supreme court said that's unconstitutional you can't punish somebody just because he's associated with the communist party you have to show that he intended to further the illegal ends of the group not just that he's
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associated with the group well i think this material support statute under which the holy land foundation board was prosecuted is a guilt by association statute in modern garb principal evidence for the defense in the case consisted of testimony from edward abington who had been the u.s. consul in jerusalem. my name is edward abington i'm a former. diplomat i third spent thirty years dealing mainly with the middle east specifically arab israeli issues my last overseas assignment was as the american consul general in jerusalem from one nine hundred ninety three to one nine hundred ninety seven. we never received any warnings or.
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caution about dealing with the holy land foundation they were considered to be a legitimate american charity and i was familiar with the work with their work they had a good reputation for honesty and can providing assistance to the people who really needed it. the united states has never labeled zakat committees as controlled by hamas or as being. a terrorist organizations and in fact up until two thousand and seven two thousand and eight. a idea was channeling assistance. through american n.g.o.s working with sakata committees so the allegation that he israelis made that these organizations were basically controlled with hamas was certainly not the view of the united states government at the time i was serving in jerusalem or for that matter afterwards and i was very contradictory i mean it was like the left hand doesn't know what the
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right hand was doing. right or. what. i want to. listen to the. so on the hellion the hosts of the greenland the moon a day on the c.s.t. kemah and. jimmy lee journeys to care for the fellow to be a t.v. day at the. woman.
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was out of. the salt tony of the media for. a c.s. . enough scene for a lead to canonic the look of him in muscles at the hunan tom they. couldn't. kill us. internationally. to put a germanium in morris it is a deal of money. and fuel we did lawfully that initially i don't and i mean most do indeed for him a sharia could be a lot of a bit of a heavy machine i let you put timothy lane in. the city of millionaire. the defense was trying to say look the justice department is alleging that the holy land foundation is supporting terrorism because they're working with aka
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committees but we have a long list of projects funded by the us government working with american n.g.o.s who worked with zakat committees and we have the documentation to show this. the the court kept a lot of that documentation out of the trial these defendants pick a particular finance we're giving money to caught committees knowing it was going to hamas whether it's a legitimate or not really isn't it issue it's whether they knew that the money that was being funneled to the committees were actually going to hamas and i think we established that at trial. but the united states government was also given money to cut committee. and you know i don't remember that. as being that. you know it's been a long time and at a minimum you should be prosecuted for providing child electively to
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a group that has not even been put on a list so that you have notice that you're not supposed to be aiding it i mean they checked the list there they were the board of h l f could check the list and they would say ok here's the groups that are on the list we're not going to support any of those here's groups that are not on the list we can support both. in order to fight these allegations we had to read all of the discovery from the government that we could read and that raised a big problem because there were ten years of wire taps. that were all almost all in arabic and we couldn't read here we couldn't understand them our clients for and allowed to read them or listen to them because they were classified we also presented evidence from john bryant. who was a former congressman who represented the holy land foundation after he left
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congress but nine hundred ninety seven the whole foundation me as an attorney to help them with the problem i personally contacted the federal bureau of investigation and we met with leaders of the dallas office of the federal bureau of investigation on two occasions to say we had seen these articles in the newspaper and wanted to know. are you are are is holding a foundation of interest. and if so why we had those meetings in both cases we were given no guidance no advice no confirmation that they were under arrest i met with a number two man in the israeli embassy. here said look i don't know what your concerns are but if you will convey to me with the concerns or the holding of foundation will operate in such a way that you're no longer going to. he agreed to that perhaps this was a good suggestion and he would get back to me. but weeks passed and he
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did not get back to me so i contacted him and he informed me that his government had told him not to communicate any further with over there and. couldn't know me and that is from someone who has not seen one of them with us and with the name on my desk. now combine once a month on time i might come in on one side. of the thing that seemed good and then when we met them at the end of it was something. funny and the whole thing might come out of the south. and i would do them both enough still. exists today for the cover of sports here as the balustrades fail to reach
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a verdict against five accused of sending money to. the senate supporters call which i want to get consulates are fighting terrorists. should feel took one single picture. not been able to agree some of them voted for guilty for some charges and some voted not guilty but it had to be unanimous and there was not a single charge that the where the jury was unanimous so the case was over one.
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this was a very joyous time for us we were just gone. this was like a few moments of happiness that we had and that we could really hold on to. you know you'll. leave. i. think i still believe oh my. oh you did. a good thing oh please. please. please please. i think they are really.
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going. to. kill me. but soon after that the judge asked the prosecutor will move retry the case and he says yes your honor i believe that we will. how i would have signed says some slightly moller ad making its way towards that
4:56 am
east inside north america to go on through the next comes i say is that every a cloud that's bringing some snow in but with it being the cloud the winds coming in from the west direction temperatures edging up towards freezing no christ sakes but we are going to see slight improvements as such there will be some snow on the system having said that to the south generally seeing some rather wetter weather making its way across mississippi alabama easing towards georgia further west some of the wet weather there welcome right now i suspect coming into a good part of california go on into a choose day that will rain makes its way all the way down to l.a. cool one around sixteen celsius but nothing like as cold as it will still be across the eastern seaboard but just notice temperature in new york at last getting up above freezing down to the southeast in conus in bits and pieces of rain there into florida space in places that right also stretched across the caribbean then through us on the prosecution through jamaica still looking very disturbed just around panama whether will stay in place more showers coming in across panama nicaragua
4:57 am
costa rica west or whether that's just over towards his i'm not just way into jamaica's you go on through tuesday kingston with a high of thirty degrees. you know what i. was saying and i believe. you put it. i don't know if you. have. one yes we have a separate he and me right yes there's definitely a computer but we want to do a good buy.


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