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when i met daisy it was the best day of my life. and i wish that day could have gone on forever. but my past caught up with me. and made us all pay the price daisy and knox at this time on al-jazeera. and i did. some of it i like. syrian government forces ramp up the pressure on. two of the last rebel held areas . hello there i'm going with some of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the jump administration says more than two hundred sixty thousand immigrants
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from el salvador to eat the u.s. next year fears of an environmental disaster off china as a burning tanker carrying around a million barrels of oil threatens to explode at least two dead after the rising price of bread sparked protests in sudan on a. warm welcome to the program syrian government forces have stepped up the pressure on two of the last areas held by rebels both of which were declared deescalation zones last year syria and syrian and russian planes have been pounding targets in at the province killing at least twenty four civilians on monday is home to two point six million people almost half of whom have fled fighting elsewhere in the country well the syrian government is also intensifying attacks on the rebel held the mosque a suburb of eastern ghouta it managed to take back their only military base in the area for bread fight this new footage shows the aftermath of some of the latest air
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strikes over the madeira area in eastern according to the syrian observatory for human rights three people including one child were killed on monday duma an ar been are also reported to have been targeted eastern ghouta is home to around four hundred thousand people have been on the government's siege for more than one hears the tasha game reports now on the developments in holland's. sound all too familiar to many syrians as the war enters its eighth year the concern in the province is just how large the scale of the death and devastation could be. syrians here remember what happened in two thousand and sixteen when government forces regained control of aleppo once syria's biggest city. i don't know them the mold i was tempted you bashar we will look leave we will die in syria we are all civilians why do they do this then america then the arab league then the
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security council i don't think it is the largest remaining rebel stronghold in syria during peace negotiations it was designated a deescalation zone or safe haven for civilians. has been anything but since the government began its offensive in october to recapture the province civilians have been killed in increasing numbers one of the latest attacks was a car bomb explosion killing at least thirty people. in the last week alone the turkish human rights group i h h says more than one hundred thousand people have been forced from their homes and the problem in this is. the story of. no it's not. it's basically more regional agreement on the first one. the syrian observatory for human rights says in the last two weeks the government
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has regained control of sixty villages in libya including singe are. there but it's just becoming we have liberated singe or fully this is since our school and these are green silos sindar has been liberated from the gangs of job out on the road. the syrian government is keen to make gains in northern syria the kurds control all but a small area of territory in the north and dream of it becoming their homeland they're also hoping for a seat at the negotiating table during russian sponsored peace talks later this month the success of those talks is already in jeopardy more than forty rebel groups including previous attendees say they won't be going natasha going to al-jazeera the spokesman for the u.n. secretary general says civilians have been forced to flee into areas already overcrowded with this place family. the u.n. is deeply concerned for the safety and protection of tens of cells and of people in
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southern italy in rural hama in northern syria northeastern syria where ongoing hostilities have reportedly calls hundreds of deaths and injuries of civilians tens of thousands of civilians already in dire circumstances have been recorded as displaced since the first of december due to the fighting with the onset of winter save shelters among the biggest concerns as many families are fleeing into areas that are already at full capacity into communities with depleted resources well for displaced syrians themselves the dangers of war extend far beyond bombs and bullets an increasing number are falling victim to preventable illnesses in northern homes foments a lack of basic services and clean water is causing a rise in water borne disease as i'm a binge of it reports. this shop may look closed. but step in and you're in the makeshift home of the ali family. the plastic sheets are an attempt at protection from the cold weather and the blankets are supposed to
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divide the space into rooms for the many members of this extended family. i barley helps out in the kitchen which is outside the shop. his family was forced out of their home in the countryside of homs province in northern syria he lost one son and his brothers were arrested by prosser militias this is now home. every aspect of life is difficult and harsh there is no medicine if our child falls sick or cannot treat it we don't even have warm clothes. that story reverberates throughout syria six million displaced people in the countryside in homs has been besieged for years and desperate living conditions have been deteriorating. in the town of there's no running water. those who can afford it rely on water tankers. be it we bring the water from the wells in the city seventy five to eighty percent of the water is not clean. and drinking that brings water borne diseases.
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the number of hepatitis patients has increased now it's four or five times higher last month nearly forty cases in kafr la were mostly children or teenagers. this little girl has been diagnosed with jaundice her father thinks it's due to what they have been consuming. she has liver disease because of the water and also vegetables being grown with sewage. in this cluster of villages that have been multiple deaths attributed to bad water mohammad finds it difficult just to sit up these days just like my whole body hurts after the tests the doctor told me i have liver disease the reason is unhealthy vegetables growing using sewage and tankers transporting contaminated water. nearly seven years of war in syria has decimated its once respectable health care system. and as other basic amenities like water
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and electricity become scarse the more people are dying of preventable diseases and some of the job aid zero. so the chump administration has a nice move the protected status that allows more than two hundred sixty thousand immigrants from el salvador to live and work in the u.s. salvadorans the migrants rights group stage a protest outside the white house after the announcement protection was granted in two thousand and one when el salvador was hit by two major earthquakes immigrants from el salvador have until twenty nine have tried to be or face will teach. this decision you know where he wasn't completely unexpected that is real and imagined that i have had members of the union call me. right because of this recession had we were we going to do well it's not just salvadoran sin the us who
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are upset by trump's announcement many living in el salvador itself are i heavily on money sent from relatives in the u.s. so the move could have a devastating effect on the country's economy ok the events are not on the national level it will have a focus because also over the over sustained barbara mitten sees former us which will be a lot of compliments but done together will it's shocking it leaves a bad taste in one's mouth because it will always affect all salvadorans those who receive money from relatives or not the situation is bad particle laden has more now from washington d.c. . the department of homeland security says in eighteen months two hundred sixty two thousand five hundred people are going to have to leave this country and go back to el salvador they can even say how many kids could be impacted it's likely many of them are parents to children born here in the united states so they're there for american citizens they are giving them eighteen months to basically figure out how
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to go home after that they lose their work permits likely their jobs and they risk deportation now previous presidents both democrats and republicans have continued the program even though it was initially because of the earthquake the terms of ministration saying that has been repaired well previous presidents allowed the permit program to continue because el salvador is such a eight economically depressed country with such a high crime rate troubling mr shinde says those aren't official factors so they're ending the program put it out there that of course congress could fix it if they don't well president trump says they have to go one hundred forty african migrants of investigate by the libyan coast guard off the coast coast of tripoli the sinking vessel was spotted on monday morning after distress calls were received and those questions were being taken to a naval base in tripoli for medical treatment on sunday libyan authorities recovered the bodies of two women who died trying to cross the mediterranean in similar circumstances. there are reports of going and to get them and protests in
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tunisia over rising prices and tax increases the state news agency has confirmed that one person has been killed in the town of to board west of the capital tunis it's believed several people will also injured when security forces used tear gas to disperse crowds reportedly spread to ten different towns. now the body of a crew member has been recovered aboard the iranian oil tanker that collided with a cargo ship in the china sea thirty one others though are still missing the tanker was carrying about a million barrels of oil there are fears it could explode among. concern is growing that the burning tanker could explode and cause an environmental disaster if the ship sinks around a million barrels of oil products could be dumped into the east china sea so far the spills been contained by emergency teams the iranian tanker was sailing from iran to south korea when it collided with
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a cargo ship off the coast of shanghai late on saturday the twenty one crew of the hong kong registered c. of crystal was soon rescued but most of the crew of the old tanker remain missing and according to iranian authorities only one body has been found china's foreign ministry says who's to blame for the collision remains unclear. we are currently still investigating the cause of the accident we're also very grateful to other countries who actively participated in the search and rescue work of this maritime accident. the tank i had one hundred thirty five thousand tons of light crude oil on board based on tonnage the accident has the potential to be the worst environmental disaster since nine hundred ninety one when two hundred sixty thousand tons of oil leaked off the coast of angola imran khan i was there coming up on this al-jazeera episode. new day is on the rise of.
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the winfrey to run for president after her ramstein speech at the golden globes best foot forward for the argentinean compares to other dams that goes back to the country's past all that more when we come. welcome back well the really hot weather across the strait here particularly sydney is just easing slightly is still pretty warm temperature thirty two degrees there same as for brits been elsewhere we're going to southwest these are temperatures significantly lower in melbourne and some heavy showers around northern parts of australia with the potential for tropical cyclone development in the coming days pushing towards the kimberley for perth should be a largely dry want to showers around but for much the time fine with temperatures of twenty four degrees as we head across into new zealand here we've got some
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showers on the western side of the south island the north island is looking dry and fine and then we're going to see temperatures taking a bit of a tumble for christchurch as the rain becomes more persistent during the course of the day on wednesday but still for oakland drive fine highs of twenty five putting up into northeastern parts of asia we've still got fairly cold air and evidence an air of low pressure pushing through on its northern side plenty of snow for tokyo though the south westerly wind is going to be quite mild though fifteen degrees as the high but colder air tucking in behind is ahead on through into thursday so temperatures will be falling away very cold air in across the korean peninsula those are my soul temperatures minus six for pyong yang and for beijing also looks like being quite a cold one temperatures here remaining below freezing. this is the architect of. the self appointed time asks to create sustainable housing for the rural poor. to bring beauty came to vietnam's in space.
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and to convince developments that is are retaining the changing minds can be as good as altering space. to continue with meaning the city at this time on how to see. the minds of our top stories here on al-jazeera the syrian government forces have ramped up their offensives into the last rebel held areas it strikes have killed civilians in the damascus suburb of eastern goods and province which were built to clear the escalation zones last year there are fears an oil tanker burning in the
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east china sea after colliding with a cargo ship could explode on bodies been recovered but thirty one crew members are still missing a migrants' rights groups have been protesting against the u.s. government decision to end the temporary protected status more than two hundred sixty thousand immigrants from el salvador. a u.s. billionaire has pledged thirty million dollars to help get democrats elected to the house of representatives in the midterms hedge fund manager tom styer wants the democrats to win a majority in the chamber to remove don trump as u.s. president he's already spent millions of dollars on national adverse calling for the impeachment of trump but says he will run for office itself twenty eighteen it's going to be a straightforward debate between two radically different visions of america. i'm going to spend rallying americans behind our vision of a just inclusive prosperous america my fight is not just in california
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my fight is in removal is in removing donald trump from office and from power and that starts with taking the house back in twenty eight people close to former talk show host oprah winfrey say she's considering running for the u.s. presidency in twenty twenty one hashtags oprah twenty two and to began trending on twitter on sunday night after she gave a speech at the golden globe awards in hollywood on fisher reports the new day is all her eyes of it was best known for a talk show which made her billions of dollars know the talk is of corporate running for president for too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men but their time is up. comments at the golden globe awards in hollywood and several standing ovations was described as inspiring by those in attendance and brought the hashtag oprah
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twenty twenty trending on twitter but while the idea has growing support the media giant has already said she doesn't want to run for office and wondering if you've narrowed down your shortlist of b.p. candidates. so she's lost her mind and. donald trump went from a hugely popular reality t.v. show to the presidency his star power in name recognition his brand helped significantly several democrats have been named as possible candidates for twenty twenty. cory booker joe biden elizabeth warm and kiersten jill a brand of just a few of the names being thrown around none are as well known as oprah but one political analyst strikes a note of caution i think that's a very huge and tremendous lead for someone who has operated as a media personality moving into the space of governing we are it we're already seeing how that hasn't worked out as successfully as many people had hoped it would oprah has done nothing to them don't speculation of a presidential run but there's still two years before the race for the white house
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starts to get really serious. alan fischer al-jazeera washington french president a man well my column has voted to move europe's partnership with china into the twenty first century and his first state visit to the world's most populous country michael met chinese president xi jinping in beijing at the start of his trip in the ancient capital of sudan he wants china and the e.u. to are together to share the benefits of increased trade and find ways to meet the challenge of global warming iran's warning that it will can reconsider whether to cooperate with the u.s. to feel watched all if the u.s. doesn't stick so a deal it signed with tehran and world powers back at twenty fifteen president donald trump has refused to certify the deal which saw a lifting of sanctions in return for iran scaling back its nuclear program same but has more now from tehran. leaders in iran are again gearing up to defend the nuclear deal finally signed in two thousand and fifteen after years of delays on
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monday president hassan rouhani had this reminder donald trump has failed every time the white house has tried to confront iran. and the foreign ministry warned washington not to do anything it might regret. only rule we have to wait for their decision as for ron stance we've made all the necessary predictions about any scenario and all options for different situations are on the table depending on what the united states decides to do. at a security conference in tehran attended by foreign dignitaries and regional allies iran's defense minister told them that the u.s. is orchestrating artificial conflicts in the middle east to create perpetual war. maybe. we understand well why do us especially the us are pursuing iran and hoping this is a total american story that says for the progress of america's economy staging wars is inevitable so from their perspective it's necessary to produce permanent war and
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tension to sell weapons. iran's foreign minister zarif is scheduled to meet his european union counterpart later this week in brussels the e.u. has been a vocal supporter of the nuclear deal and talks are expected to focus on how to save it from collapse in the face of u.s. threats there is broad international support for all sides to remain committed to keeping iran from restarting its nuclear enrichment program but the fact that it would only take a few days to do so will no doubt be on the minds of iran's enemies as well as its allies same bus route all just zero different these two people have been killed after protests broke out across sudan over the rising price of bread one of the dead was a high school student who was killed during protests in the city of jenin a now he said the rest of the prominent opposition either confiscate newspapers in an effort to clamp down on the on rest demonstrations began in the southeastern city of sanaa on saturday to bread prices there double the price hike followed the government cutting subsidies in an attempt to improve. what bedrail done salah is
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a student protests and an activist and he says people are angry because they were never consulted over those budget cuts the government will discuss the issue of the budget it is a political blog most and i want to discuss it in the people and it is in the prices have just come suddenly in the night no one was expecting this huge amount of grace in the price of fuel of we've got bread of everything. people are talking about certain demands will just. stop in this project stop being this treatment of the government to the people with this weight come to the military budget cutting the national security budget which is already taking more than seventy percent of the two thousand and eighteen budget. of all supporting the basics of the life of the people of all so if the government
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did. do what people are looking for people will look to over through their g.p. israel says it's restored full power supplies to the gaza strip after the palestinian authority agreed to rescind electricity payments palestinian president mahmoud abbas withdrew payment guarantees in april last year in an attempt to loosen the grip of the willing hamas party left gaza's two million residents with only three hours of electricity each day the move over spore an additional fifty megawatts of power to the strip and could raise power delivery to six hours a day on tuesday north and south korea will hold the first high level talks in more than two years where meeting is expected to focus on the north's participation in next month's winter olympics and come chang the talks are being greeted enthusiastically by seoul but some are questioning whether the lead to any will progress florence the reports. this was the last formal face to face meeting between north and south korean officials in december two thousand and fifteen the
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two sides discussed reunions of families separated by the korean war and economic cooperation. that is make a good start and open the great path to unification. despite the initial optimism the talks broke down and in the two years since north korea has fired more than fourteen missiles and conducted a nuclear test severely escalating tensions on the korean peninsula but at the start of this year north korean leader kim jong il unexpectedly proposed dialogue with the south and. the focus of the discussions due to take place on tuesday at the truce village of panmunjom will be on north korea's participation in the two thousand and eight winter olympics in south korea next month and on improving into korean ties the last time north korean athletes visited the south was for the asian games in two thousand and fourteen. sporting events have been useful in providing
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diplomatic openings between the two koreas but ultimately led nowhere and some analysts are skeptical of north korea's true intentions this time. because of the effectiveness of the economic sanctions in north korea fires the value of south korea as an alternative source of financial relief and using their pension. as punishment for its nuclear weapons testing north korea has been subjected to increasingly tighten sanctions including one that effectively slashes its petrol imports by ninety percent but kim has vowed to continue with his country's nuclear program calling for the mass production and deployment of nuclear warheads and miss else. alternately there is no guarantee that north korea's peace often sort of will continue those who are north korea can easily make a change of attitude after the end of the pentagon when told of became south korean
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officials are wary of that and preston wingy in his caution against expecting too much from the upcoming talks but engagement with north korea remains the best option to easing tensions on the korean peninsula lawrence living or so. a member of parliament of the irish national party sinn fein has been suspended after the victims of them sicker during the northern irish troubles mary mackell the host of the video of himself walking around a show shop with a loaf of king's mill bread on his head on the anniversary of the kingsville massacre the party leadership described the to it as indefensible residents of a small town in the u.s. state of washington are being urged to evacuate is a slow motion landslide heads their way to the hillside above union gap in washington state is slumping at a rate of about forty centimeters a week geologist warned almost a cubic kilometer of rock face could collapse by the end of february workers have set up shipping containers filled with tons of concrete to hold back the slip which
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is also threatening a major highway facebook has agreed a deal with the huge music publishing company sony a.t.v. to let their music be used on social media in exchange for payment to song wait is it follows a deal facebook bade with universal last month and the deals mean facebook more have to take them pulls from users that use copyrighted music helping it compete better with you tube now it's summertime in argentina where dozens of cultural festivals are in fool swing and organize a say one of them is unique as to resemble reports the milan bull festival reflects the heart of argentina's traditions where men train for years with the dream of becoming dance champion. was this mall city of level of the in the central province of the court of the law is transformed every year by my lab or. danced exclusively by men who trained for years to be able to compete here. here my
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number is a way of life it is choosing a lifestyle it's not a job it's a passion. i'm with the with the. dancers from argentina's twenty three provinces travelled to the most important competition in the country it to acquire skill strength and a lot of street. the dancers are dressed like they got their traditional horse men but once roamed the land. to come along and praise the way they count to be mighty mighty fine with one another back in the seventeenth and eighteenth century to. prevent the fall and i can tell the these people as a way of preserving our defeat have traditionally called sand he said teacher from the southern province of nokia and this is his first time at the competition. it is
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very difficult for us to be here especially when you don't have a lot of financial support only your family sometimes you want to abandon it all. he explained the two different style that they need to excel at if they want to win the biggest price what's unique about the competition is that the winner cannot compete ever again in the same category. i was champion seven years ago he started to dance when he was ten years old one of the lol but what if there's a body when you win you also have some suddenness because you want to continue competing but at the same time being a winner means so much is like retiring and being champion all in the same night. it. is a symbol of masculinity and unlike other argentine dances like tangle women have yet to join in with a lot of women who want to dance and there are some categories where they can like
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a couple stones thing but they're not allowed in the main competition. character and style as crucial as the dance itself and even though it has changed over the decades it has not lost the spirit of the goal that helped forge arjan time culture and heritage. argentina. well you can find that much more about the stories we're following head to our web site for all the details the address is www dot al-jazeera the com. reminder farming stories on al-jazeera syrian government forces have ramped up their offensives into the last rebel held areas air strikes have killed civilians in the damascus. province which were both declared to the escalation last year the
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civilians the onslaught is causing misery and freezing winter conditions. the un is deeply concerned for the safety and protection of turned themselves into of people in southern it live in rural hama in northern syria northeastern syria where ongoing hostilities are reportedly calls hundreds of deaths and injuries of civilians tens of thousands of civilians already in dire circumstances have been recorded is displaced since the first of december due to the fighting with the onset of winter save shelters among the biggest concerns is many families are fleeing into areas that are already at full capacity into communities with depleted resources at least two people have been killed after protests broke out across it down over the rising price of bread one of the dead was a high school student who was killed during protests in the city of janina they said arrested a prominent opposition leader confiscated news papers in a bid to clamp down on the young grass demonstrations began in the psyche today in city of sana'a on saturday the bread prices there doubled there are reports of
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going anti-government protests in june is the local media say several people have been injured in the town of to borba where security forces have used tear gas to disperse crowds there are reports the process is spread to ten different towns with demonstrators angry about rising prices and tax increases. migrants rights groups have been protesting against the us government decision to end the temporary protected status of more than two hundred sixty thousand immigrants from el salvador have been allowed to live and work in the us since two thousand and one now sounded or was hit by two major earthquakes there were fears an oil tanker burning in the east china sea after colliding with a cargo ship could explode one body has been recovered but thirty one crew members are still missing the tanker was carrying about a million barrels of oil products you are up to date those are current
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headlines the stories we're following here on al-jazeera up next though it's rebel architecture from in the same here thanks big company. al-jazeera. swear every single. architect has always defined the human world from the simplest structures to the greatest monuments a and but a rebellion is underway. led by a new breed evocative that puts people before icons. aka texts using the tools of that trade to restructure their surroundings. and to read.


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