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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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every you. know it's made south into korean talks the first formal discussions in more than two years gets underway. hello i'm down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.
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salvadoran immigrants in the u.s. are given a deadline to leave all face deportation. at least one person is dead following protests across a band of a rising bread prices plus. in the birthplace of tonga a small city dances to a different you. know from south korea have begun their first high level talks in twenty fifteen the red meetings expected to focus on north participation in next month's winter olympics in pyongyang chung so always been projecting enthusiasm about the talks but some are questioning whether that lead to any real progress with joining us from seoul is our correspondent kathy no that's a kathy who exactly is in these delegations on what's been happening so far. well there are five members on either side led by the south korean unification minister
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on the southern side and his north korean counterpart on the other side so in effect the two men in charge of into korean relations they've also brought along their deputies as well as representatives in charge of sports and culture and the olympics and there was seems an upbeat mood going into this meeting the north korean leader of the delegation said that he said it said that he thought it would go well he also said he came to the meeting today all wanting to give their brother in high hopes of invaluable results as the first president of the year and the south korean unification minister cho said that he the excuse me the first step is half the trip when it comes to reopening communications between the two koreas and in fact it's not just the unification minister in the north korean counterpart who are leading up the delegation in fact the leaders of the country in effect will be able to remotely monitor proceedings because there is c.c.t.v.
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and audio recordings available so they both in the president of south korea and in fact the leader kim jong un will be able to listen in on what's being said and can see as you say the winter olympics the platform for these talks but is the hope that perhaps that these could be expanded to take in missile launches and even u.n. sanctions. well i think from the south korean perspective at least it would be a positive step to get the north koreans to participate in the olympics at all the president has long been trying to frame these as the peace olympics really wants the north korean side to participate not least perhaps because if the north koreans are actually here in south korea it's likely that country will be less willing to conduct any missile or nuclear weapons testing jury in the olympics and that would mean that visitors to the country both athletes and spectators might be more willing to come they might not be scared that something would happen here on the
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korean peninsula but yes indeed going forward to the south korea wants to move beyond talks that darren limited to the olympics the unification minister to show said that he wants to talk about into korean relations and perhaps the subject of family reunions for koreans who were separated by the korean war and of course ultimately the elephant in the room is north korea's nuclear weapons program the international community very much wants to talk about north korea stopping the testing scaling back the program but north korea has been unwilling to discuss that yet so the starting point for now at least is the sports or it's a casanova in the south korean capital seoul thank you well graham on weber's a research fellow at nanyang technological university's institute for dissidents and strategic studies he says the talks could result in small compromises between both koreas. i think we have to manage expectations about the talks that are going underway right now i mean certainly what needs to be discussed at some point in
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time i mean ideally at this very meeting they're looking at is what stands at the heart of tensions which is the ongoing nuclear weapons development program by north korea but i think having said that if both sides cannot get something as simple as the winter olympics right i don't think they can get anything else right going forward so therefore just focusing on on the more reachable outcomes the low hanging fruits which would be to have north korea participate in the winter olympics and then to leverage on that on that positive outcome i think would be the best way to go about dealing with the discussions on the way i think the talks will set the tone for twenty eighteen as to how the tensions are going to be managed and possibly resolved by all parties chiefly between the north korean and south korean governments. at least two people have
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been killed after protests across a band of a rising bread prices the government's warned demonstrators that acts of destruction would be met with force police have been arresting opposition leaders confiscating newspapers to control the situation some of the reports. there is anger in the sudanese capital her people in small numbers have been protesting against a sudden increase in prices of basic commodities it's not limited to southern. almost half of the citizens that have protesting now but the voters. because it's the. cd in a very hard and violent way. read is the most important staple for more sudanese and the prices have gone up after the government began a series of reforms to improve the economy the government stop importing greek since last month hoping that it would create competition between private companies
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and bring down prices but bakeries say they have raised prices due to a shortage of flour god ordered will have low in line if they don't pick up from and says flour is subsidized by ten percent and they are saying we will remove it next month is one hundred sixty and next month it will reach five hundred fifty pounds and that's an increase of three hundred to four hundred percent and when i see young man who came in his money and the price might be ok for me but not for other people some families couldn't even afford it when it was one pound. in line with recommendations by the international monetary fund subsidies are being eliminated sudan recent the devalued its currency and now the dollar is worth eight hundred sudanese pounds instead of seven last year the us government east financial sanctions against sudan which led many to believe that there is an economic boom on the way. as a lot of because the sanctions ended we were pleased he began to rearrange our lives but we are certain prized that life is getting worse some say there was too much expectation for. ainge too soon because the sanctions were lifted just
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a few months ago many people are very likely to you that will know the site has been lifted maybe you are going to have in mind your question for which it was lifted yes the entity you're conditions actually change which is not missile the case but of course that is politics also this government continues to be rather repressive. the interior minister has denied that the demonstrations are indisposed to the hike in prices he told the state news agency that protesters who cause destruction will be dealt with force in recent weeks and in the security forces arrested three opposition leaders and broke the seal of six newspapers but the unrest hasn't ended in job and is there one person has been killed during an anti-government protest in tunisia demonstrators clashed with security forces in the town of near the capital tunis protests spread to as many as ten towns as discontent grows against austerity measures that led to tax hikes and increased
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prices for basic beliefs the us government has decided to end the temporary protected status of more than two hundred sixty thousand immigrants from el salvador protesters running against the move outside the white house people from el salvador were allowed to live and work in the u.s. after two large earthquakes hit the country in two thousand and one is rentals. ricardo escobar makes his living improving the houses of people much wealthier than he now the migrant from el salvador may be expelled from the country where he's lived worked and raised a family for nearly two decades by then this is a country of immigrants. all the world has immigrated here he. was in washington demonstrators gathered in front of the white house monday protesting a decision by the trumpet ministration to take away temporary protected status or t.p.s. for more than two hundred thousand salvadorans they had been permitted to live in
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the u.s. following disastrous earthquakes that struck their homeland in two thousand and one this issue you know where he wasn't completely unexpected but he's real and he makes me sad i have had members of the union call me. crying because of this decision i mean what are we going to do the trumpet ministration says t.p.s. was never meant to be permanent and that social disruptions caused by the earthquakes no longer exists. last year the trumpet ministrations stripped temporary protective status from tens of thousands of people from eighty to nicaragua living in the u.s. . el salvador is one of the world's most dangerous places it had the highest murder rate of any country in two thousand and fifteen powerful gangs operate with near impunity and poverty and unemployment are dire escobar does not want to bring
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his family there but they you know i worry a lot about my children if my son goes there they'll force him to join a gang and if you refuses they'll kill him activists say political pressure is needed to reverse the decision and that many children of salvadoran parents were born in the u.s. and thus are american citizens boarded two hundred dollars for u.s. citizen children then you're been voting your age so today i'm asking are to be as rogue or families and both undergrads who stayed home are u.s. citizens and then a vote or not they're actually kind of voting twenty eight days ministration has given the salvadoran residents eighteen months to find a way to obtain legal status or leave the u.s. forever in el salvador the foreign minister urged salvadorans in the u.s.
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not to become agitated. we will continue to work tirelessly with the united states to reach a permanent solution for these compadre it's avows who would and leave in the united states but it's difficult for people to stay calm when their families futures are on the line wobbling it's al-jazeera while sentients time for a short break here and i was here when we come back. going but all like like you like a month month down but not out nigerian migrants head home from libya but many are still hoping to get to europe plus. and a new day here is on the rise of. arousing speech of the golden globe spark speculation that media mogul oprah winfrey could make a run for the u.s. presidency in that state.
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welcome to international weather forecast now we've been seeing some pretty unsettled weather around the western side of the mediterranean and indeed is still looking pretty changeable at the moment now we've got another area of low pressure pushing in across parts of the iberian peninsula if had significant snowfall it still remains pretty cold temperatures of five in madrid on choose day house where temperatures actually not too bad for this time of the year as we head through into wednesday temperatures recovering in madrid and the rain eventually dying away central areas lot of cloud but temperatures not too bad in eastern areas maine rather chilly temps there subzero in moscow throughout the day as we head into north africa there's a lot of cloud around and quite a strong southerly wind in fact the recent dust lifted up off the sahara and carried into parts of europe so some of that rain is going to contain quite a bit of dust but for north africa itself the most part dry and fine we have got some showers just threatening the coast of morocco at times and that continues it
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head on through into wednesday algeria too could see some rain this coastal region now as we head into central parts of africa it looks pretty fine some showers a good bond but otherwise across much of central and west africa is looking drawing fine sunshine and i cry in ghana from both days on them for southern parts of africa tropical cycle continues to move away from madagascar. witness documentaries that accompany your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera north and south korea have begun their first high level talks and twenty fifteen grand meetings are expected to focus on the north's participation and next month's winter olympics in plum china. at least two people have been killed after protests across the don of a rising bread prices police about arresting opposition leaders and confiscating newspapers to control the situation. and the u.s. government has decided to terminate the temporary protected status of more than two hundred sixty thousand immigrants from el salvador protesters rallied against the move outside the white house. now egypt's former prime minister ahmed shafik has
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ruled himself out of the upcoming presidential election she had said in the vendor he intended to run later this year he was widely seen as a serious challenger to president abdel fattah el-sisi a new york times report says if he could have been influenced by the government to withdraw from the race tomorrow child reports. despite being arguably the most powerful institution in the country egypt's military intelligence appears to have its weaknesses on sunday the new york times said it had received older recordings of phone calls made by a military intelligence officer the leaks suggest how the army tightly controls and directs media outlets in egypt. in the recordings an officer named a chauffeur who really makes a number of calls to talk show hosts and other famous president ologies instructing them on what they must say in the wake of president donald trump's controversial decision to recognize drusilla's the capital of israel by beloved dog and i'm
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letting you know the position of egypt's national security regarding the issue of declaring jerusalem the capital of israel there have to be compromises if you reach a point where jerusalem becomes the capital of israel and ramallah becomes the capital of palestine in order to end the war and avoid more death and we could probably do that aside from showing how egypt under president opted for the has sisi is apparently willing to accept and supports israel's illegal occupation of jerusalem the leaks also demonstrate just how little media freedom there is transcripts of a second set of audiotapes were published in the new york times on monday this time focusing on the upcoming presidential elections in egypt in these clips the same intelligence officers heard talking about former prime minister ahmed shafiq who had announced his intention to run for president suffix desire for the top job led him to be placed under house arrest and then deported from the united arab emirates where he'd been living in exile his lawyers say he was detained as soon as he
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landed in cairo. but that and we won't attack she feet if he gives up his candidacy any but if you insist on running for president we will attack him strongly and we will show his videos with the muslim brotherhood and you know there are some groups from general intelligence who supports if you will keep an eye on them coincidentally on sunday evening tweeted that he was withdrawing his candidacy just twenty four hours before egypt's electoral commission was due to publicize the timeline for the twenty eight thousand election this isn't the first time leaks of emerge from deep inside egypt's military intelligence in two thousand and fourteen polls involving sisi himself were made public including recordings of how the united arab emirates funded and orchestrated the protests which paved the way for the military coup in egypt five years ago. for some the recordings further prove how cc's egypt controls the media doesn't support the palestinian struggle for liberation for others it simply confirms what they've known all along either way
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it's a reminder that even the most feared security apparatus inside egypt has its weak spot. i'll just see it or turkey's to extend its state of emergency for a further three months it was due to expire on jan or the nineteenth this is the sixth time it's been extended the state of emergency was imposed after a failed coup attempt in july twenty sixth seen thousands of people suspected of involvement have since been arrested many from the government and the military. many nigerians returning home after being trapped in libya are still hoping of one day to reach europe migrants escaping economic hardship have often found themselves being exploited by people traffickers after arriving in libya well thousands are now returning home. after the address has been traveling with them and said this exclusive report. was these first time nigerian migrants heading home from this schooling facility in tripoli i worried that the plane will leave without them. the
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only thing on their mind now is to get to know that when you people leave here they're taking us back to that prison and i don't want to continue we should help us by only. but many others here have been through this routine before for that person or ceratin vincent says his destiny allies in europe and he will make another attempt to get there so almost everything i have to embark on a journey. all like like you are like a month month. this actually surprised even the experts who say as many as forty five percent of deported migrants from libya attempt to go back. as a human being you are assuming that. i would be my most important goal in life is to preserve my life and knowing that i come so close. to to to what i've seen i wouldn't go but you know survival is also important to to a person. if you are in a place you don't see
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a future then that pushes you government officials in west africa and me that there are vast porous borders makes it difficult to stop what they call irregular migration and most times border police feel powerless to make arrests because of an existing pact that government cheese freedom of movement of goods and people. it's that same agreement traffickers and illegal migrants exploit but the challenges go beyond that. it's frustrating that country when working together including europe it takes more than for toning it takes more than public city to do this we need to walk together boss sauce class in this nation going to do with the clean medical bills. for now african countries continue to evacuate citizens from libya preventing those citizens from attempting to reach europe again is proving difficult regardless of what happens to them in transit. how many drees al jazeera
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. now people close to the media personality and business woman oprah winfrey say she's considering a run for the u.s. presidency in twenty twenty. twenty twenty began trending on twitter on sunday after she gave a rousing speech at the golden globes awards in hollywood is on. the new day is on the rise it was best known for a talk show which made her billions of dollars know the talk is of oprah running for president for too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men but their time is up. comments at the golden globe awards in hollywood and several standing ovations was described as inspiring by those in attendance and brought the hashtag oprah twenty twenty trending on twitter but while the idea has growing support the media giant has already said she doesn't want to run for office and wondering if you've
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narrowed down your shortlist of b.p. candidates. and how she's lost her mind. donald trump went from a hugely popular reality t.v. show to the presidency his star power in name recognition his brand helped significantly several democrats have been named as possible candidates for twenty twenty. cory booker joe biden elizabeth warren and kiersten gillibrand are just a few of the names being thrown around none are as well known as oprah but one political analyst strikes a note of caution i think that's a very huge and tremendously for someone who has operated as a media personality moving into the space of governing we were already seeing how that hasn't worked out as excessively as many people had hoped it would oprah has done nothing to speculation of a presidential run for the still two years before the race for the white house starts to get really serious. alan fischer al-jazeera washington.
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victims have been dealt a blow with a drug make a fire deciding to end its research into the diseases john hendren reports the decision by drug maker finds or to end its expensive high risk research into all timers and parkinson's disease marks a devastating blow for tens of millions of people around the world in a statement pfizer says this was an exercise to reallocate spending across our portfolio to focus on those areas where our pipeline and our scientific expertise is strongest the alzheimers association says it's disappointed that pfizer is ending its investment in neuroscience research. pharmaceutical companies have long argued that the more money they have available for research the more patients would benefit it was a sales pitch pfizer c.e.o. made in washington last march our responsibility is to produce the best and greatest medicines we can they make them and biggest impact on human life this
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industry needs to have a return that allows it to continue to do its research although president trump answered that call in part with the largest corporate tax cut in u.s. history pfizer like many other companies is not plowing the benefits back into research it's just announced a plan to use the tax break to benefit its investors by buying back ten billion dollars of its own stock pfizer which makes the lucrative pill does say it plans to detail its plans to create a neuro science fund later this year but that's likely to come as cold comfort to the more than seven million people across the globe living with parkinson's in the forty four million living with alzheimer's john hendren zero one million filipino catholics are gathering from the annual procession of a seventy and statue of jesus christ follows seeking to touch the icon which they believe is miraculous to. every year these have become familiar
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scenes around the million filipinos camped out for the annual procession of the black as a read more than ninety percent of them come from the poorest communities with hopes and prayers they come here longing for a respite from the harshness of their daily lives and the reason i became a nazareth deaf with the ease i used to be unable to walk when i got healed i devoted myself to the nazareth my understanding leaves you with a light feeling makes the whole that's nothing if you're a dad would be you can bear it for those who do not believe. something they didn't grab very. beautiful not something that is in the interest by the irony of their role but now the surge in the massive. night indeed for them. the one we. are living with will be there but it will be.
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emergency crews in central argentina lost struggling to control wildfires with which have been raging now for a week dry weather has worsened conditions for firefighters at a national park in the center of the pump up province firefighters are using heavy machinery to open roads and cut off the fire. a hundred thousand hectares of land so far. it's summertime in argentina where dozens of cultural festivals on the with full swing organized organizers say one of them is unique as turing's about reports the mambo festival reflects the heart of argentina's traditions where men train for years with the dream of becoming dance champion. the small city of level of air in the central provinces of the law is transformed every year by my lot more. danced exclusively by men who train for years to be able to compete here. as a way of life it is choosing
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a lifestyle it's not a job it's a passion. for him with the with the. dancers from argentina's twenty three provinces travel to the most important competition in the country it took choir skill strength and a lot of street. the dancers are dressed like they got their traditional horsemen but once roamed the land. they continue. to be straight the way they count to ten feet by hand with one another back in the seventeenth and eighteenth century to. prevent the fall and i can tell you they are these people as a way of preserving argentina to patients. he said teacher from the southern province of know. this is his first time at the competition. it is very difficult
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for us to be here especially when you don't have a lot of financial support only your family sometimes you want to abandon it all. he explained the two different style that they need to excel at if they want to win the biggest price what's unique about the competition is that the winner cannot compete ever again in the same category. i was champion seven years ago he started to dance when he was ten years old one of the lol. when you win you also have some sadness because you want to continue competing but at the same time being a winner means so much is like retiring and being champion all in the same night. you know. it's a symbol of masculinity and there are dances like tangle and women have yet to join in with a lot of women who want to dance and some categories where they can like a couple stone saying that they're not allowed in the main competition. character
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and style as crucial as the dance itself and even though it has changed over the decades it has not lost the spirit. that helped forge in time. i didn't. catch up with more on our website there isn't a screen to address al-jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera dot com. all right time for a quick recap of the top stories here north and south korea have become the first title talks since twenty fifteen the red meetings are expected to focus on the north's. months winter olympics in china kathy novak has more from seoul on the delegations taking part while they're led by a minister on both sides of the south korean side the unification minister and his
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north korean counterpart on the other side they're bringing along their deputies and then representatives in charge of sports culture and the olympics rounding out a five person delegation on either side so much is being made of the fact that these talks that as you say haven't taken place in about two years they're going right to the top level because they are talking about the possibility of north korea potentially patisserie painting into the winter olympics that get underway in just a month. at least two people have been killed after protests across sedan over the rising price of bread. one of the dead was a high school student who was killed during protests in the city of geneva police have arrested a prominent opposition leader and confiscated newspapers in an effort to clamp down on the unrest. the us government has decided to end the temporary protected status of more than two hundred sixty thousand
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immigrants and salvador protesters rallied against the move outside the white house people from el salvador were allowed to live and work in the u.s. after two large earthquakes hit the country in two thousand and one. twenty four civilians have been killed near the syrian city of it labors government there strikes bombard the region government forces are advancing on the rebel held territory forcing thousands of civilians to flee to what the turkish border opposition forces have been reduced to a few strongholds that are currently under siege turkey is to extend its state of emergency for a further three months it's the sixth time it's been extended it was imposed after a failed to attempt in july twenty sixth mean thousands of people suspected of involvement have since been arrested and people close to the media personality and business woman oprah winfrey say she's considering a run for the u.s. presidency oprah twenty twenty began trending on twitter on sunday after she gave a rousing speech at the golden globes awards in hollywood she just missed rumors
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she would run for office those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness of that so much better. on counting the cost we'll look at the economic reasons behind the rest in the middle east's second largest economy plus new year new rules for european finance but that's not all we'll ask the chief global economist at u.b.s. what's his dangerous idea counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. ok let me. just a little bit out. you know. how do you know will be speaking.


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