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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2018 8:32am-9:01am +03

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in the scheme in march but congress remains deadlocked over the issue. of the us president donald trump's former advisor steve benen has resigned from his role as executive chairman of the right wing news website breitbart comes just days after a public rout of the remarks bannan made about trump and his son in the recently published book fire and fury police in manama filed charges against two reuters journalists accuse of breaching the official secrets act the charge carries a prison term of up to fourteen years the pair were covering the crisis in rakhine state where hundreds of thousands of range of muslims have fled a military crackdown. the iranian company whose oil tanker collided with a freighter of the east coast of china says there's still no hope of finding survivors bad weather and a fire on the iranian ship complicating the search for the thirty one sailors still missing since the collision on saturday. police in today's u.s. capital have fired tear gas at demonstrators who stormed a supermarket join anti-government protest demonstrations against planned taksim
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price hikes began on monday with rallies in more than ten towns but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the listening post stage of that so much by phone. witness documentaries that amp in your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. after. the quantum. concrete ha crew. were forced. to think i.
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forget who had not as yet know what those who until they see me. in the scene in poor. your bar and then they like to. elaborate and then we'll know is into whether one. i knew me or you.
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yes it does are younger than i can from classroom. classes with ford and. i thought i'm going to get a comment and go into iran while galligan l m a u i knocked up out of all of them in the csa sometime we get every now we. got a cell on the team into our window there based on the. many of us of what. you say i like al you. buy imported others are love scenes you want to who are all are we are a city level be up to you allah. and. leave the others. in what if they are there not to show for you well i suppose i love scenes
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that compliments i'll throw around in this era guys who all he had to come into annually were in school here and i will see him go on. their own momentum with a b. st this also meant in momentum with addressing a known moment on the set on the ground that's roughly at this moment of the meaning to come to you. dollars and the look. of them and then move in with his very very programme item within them. even with one. of our the overall image of us on the phone booth. and you'll soon see that there's only a glass of. but is this really what happens if. i
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can go to that ocean. where symbolically flooded when the judge alito thought that he then that i take a lot out of what that is and assume. that allusion. there also don't assume. that it's a real a lot of happened without i've said nothing and i was not rational or even that was it i said we said ok fine now i'll put that through. well yeah so. this will that mean i'm not easier. to ghana obviously i don't know how to live my life the political you know the other. thanks how they say. they left the mother africa. but overpeck the whole.
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scene. from you know. how the scene. in simi must be c.e.o. people who are appropriate me. one look at me now i. know the problem of. the west is a lot easier. this era when the when m.p.'s are. not in america let me show you the one i gave them for the three spices the latino americans give a human centipede the revolutionary alice. glibness they are indeed evil why even see it this way he could well say look that they were principal ada later they had
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political will and i will play saturday evening sciatic. can get a letter for mass units or sell it or not and it. could be one of them was a reliable there are a lot of what i can paste them without action. you know i had a lot of not only for their father back and really down. to fidel castro explicable says you. respect all of solomon i'm warming to the government as you know don't they said they are one or. a lot of the one i'm one of them i said. what. if i hit on a movie for a funeral with one of my going to go. back any good. going to one hundred or.
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another theory out he said i'm sour. soup of the present while i'm here to mirror. the thing there. was an idea i mean what you. said. you know they get it i said and i mean. really sped up i don't want to see munich on yet really a low scale thing we got in with bill so it looks. like but i must like it already gotta go up so you're going to have somebody go she said he in the recession because the impulse big also small you can suck up a taste of the overdose used to be i'm just. human you can say. i was conscious come out of school so when i see got close to the stuff almost a quotable like mark in the soup this early going let me tell you i'm not being
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a doubt they'll gladly welcome good thing you know wakes ought to go. oh. go ahead be ample there's a call here i will take away a medic that's enough you know the man didn't move though that emotion go circus was a fellow who knew important to god and that there is that. in being now those of course when. i mean what you interested in your trouble is how they might listen to the one who took a liking to the pentacle because he sees things because they'd be studious and if not because god told you the secret they look at but it's incomplete but only he also has. a lot of people on the selfs. again motivated gotten ochre
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is a reality of n.c.l.b. out of it all out of all model there. that are on said form but don't really know and then they're not picky you know home bought the. case anywhere i want and up aren't there any and i'm in there for the money said to the other supreme dissident atheist so he would rather be in london let me tell you leave it in the meter. you're a little slow to see the bit of a solicitor if they stop. look out i'm going dollars and see em and they had a more doable role while and you know dying as i am by a different got. there by almost all the men my hangover when thing right there been filming it acting agony than the other fucked up if you got what it.
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being. addicted to. it the. noise. of the seattle eye a seal and. a nice. little ray of nothing. better i guess not the north about the drought the way many at this see not that i feel at least a couple of this year the cool yes you look at western though they think the. little the mom of the sierra but of with a mink at the angle i think shown that
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a poorly cooked by about it there was a guy one thought possibly a night on money going out when i die or go out of their mind or people in a included on any mushy only think only a little more than a man. be able to because the likelihood of the judge. larry. i don't. think anything. made will make the somebody. let me tell ya likely i shall have. him again. we don't mean. going a day waiting for the. starting of the city guy like me going to only part of.
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the noise or now we've got one of the old blokes yelling what. they were they we're out of so have thought i'm going to become of us you luck or so i am. the want to keep but maureen. hope also in the village on the. loop. somebody. must know how. loud. those are the things. that they need a more talk with but it's going to get nowhere monk this the. day that i wind up with all my. this rage.
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really. what i don't know ok then we don't know if he had one of course with me they really thought i could accept our sale and i said that i had made this what they were at that what and there i think if you don't. believe it i must. got up by your feet i was with the fifth all round do you have a. second machine throw sleep over the wall. it's been. said by six that if in the end the only. thought i. know figure why i don't see how early you got that one. though what if
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you want to go to they don't know who's out all we did was out of my home with you have one week. to see if we can look the american people you'll. meet up being the mean for them on the run if that means. i was going to be serious because maybe that he's out of the people he could do is implement this notice how many you've had with this young they might see you know in simple. minds a look in the if you see city they want to proceed with the most. or way what's going to think of one or two that are not of that. but it's. really i think actually getting anything. done while we are hanging in they
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still in. it within it that in their own lives here. look at what backed out of the zero in on as they. got to what but now to pick the order. there is only a fresh as of right of the rally majority a good few i do mean to do a challenge. to be modular really what.
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it is in the movie hero deal i will know when i'm going to kind out of the. euro zone view as i own my own city gully laddie delight. then i'm all bang up a sense of order all. seen as a little billy connolly ellenberger notified as a last minute money isn't gonna learn that they did or if the salary of. the full moon the completed july and i laid there in cumbria seem to be a international mingle because the sun will probably a guy either put up or plough better than others you know and they're going to be here and bring the along but down here they're all in moving the ball here an auxiliary i think what must be on it or learned of the way that i feel a howl in is a form of the air or
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a hand as an assassin i want to see me and i'm done as well as that of an experiment well ahead of it and as if the fear is one hell of it and a feeling. that. when it is the only. new thing. in any free will a. no you see it in with leo there are all these you. won't you going to have you know you know him. seen by any no he said in a would seem the only option there while the airing of the family money can. be a little envious of on various amanita forget anything that can be allowed them being there what are you when i want to see a morning that i sound going to this year. get a meet at a lockout at a persona. to a. paragon of what that mean i'm going to sing to sing it when i don't
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unfortunately not yet but i will do. what i said last year and there is zero in on this year in what they. did up any body and they have said. baby yellow have been sing refly have always seen meeting in the scene. as a saint they said they ain't that voice call me and son of god are open and bustle . and want to see on. a show for a.s.o. they see that your a much influence whether or not you see it or surely sell it that aren't are not to see a full on the commentary if we're. serious here they're not the seattle scenic one
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oh no monaco except coming you know me my hope she won't. be made human form of the watch thing one was. like political challenge but on to some local of the most appalling mc opinion. is that we making a scene that one will. really officially. there's a growing interest which you know bill in my book living simple but i believe which will surely. be a plan b. i want to note that you are giving it up so you don't been on the phone a look through one of those all of you don't really want to do it i mean they will be able to tell. us yes i thought i'm going thought of her young get out of my when they're gone be lent to believe me going to have brought it up with buddha but i'll also say that i you know this that i would do that if
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they're going to do something about africa because they love it and like that i could have enough of them will feel would have found on the. side of the hour better but i'm miserable as another man with every color you. know you want to buy the main bus so young but i had problems meaning if one when that isn't because of what you've. seen it could. be another so nancy i was sort of going to one another here's another man you wouldn't have an answer and i mean they've been in the main building people are going to buddha they've got it there might be all the cool money billet welcome to put them there to see him praying for a bone. not be seattle in meaning that they mean the equal numbers because i'm going to let it come home to the pick of audience you know cuomo saying they're not going to see in the overly without going to come and see and the free see naima you know when i was a young lad we were all over themselves to sing them and then all the zero impediment to what we see through you now by the people they want to order things
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you believe they will now and then you will be in process young being nice young either they or you to sing only because he look at it i mean him with no. you'll look ok yeah you know not at all change the people knowing the advice and that idea and all but you get to go that you have only to whistle at it with what it says but i myself will surely does this say to him the no to seattle and then i'm out that he had a going to go through going south. i said it. in reality in the dish he had
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all the house this i was going to suffer when you separate them until they're all disabled and i surmise. but then you can settle digitals on for my assets most likely nothing when be dumped back will be about at least to do with the bowl and actually run it was so michael rappel another reality i was like that as well when it's a boy there but it's what i would have brought over here and also but it would be. if we are meant to live for greater good dinner but in the morning a little while there is a racial no but i meant that it was a little unfair to. mark your particular brings up. by the lonely old what if the particularly saudi or the mall apparently leaving c.-a below the seattle but he made a better go at it about that or he could have you have on this me in the course on the madea our release was big deal quickly or with real pianist only able to grow well ahead unless a.d.m. was betting that he was going to see i don't think i'll do you but i'm saying that i may have won the thing in the end goal of sorting it out we're. done dog but i'm
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a bear we allowed us to have duality a little daughter when i said it's almost. always going to say just went on a walk out of the rambling ice and don't assume your son your brother hung up and hit the mother beyond a little more or less the shaking thing you do see. that out for. me what i like i do yeah they read the same idea yeah i thank if i knew that i was on the course is one of the six there has been the i don't want to go thing than my v.w. james bond look we ended the game i get when you're going to get. in your professional their daughter will show one of your sign you with and another what your professional is overwhelmed as a war zone are you there live on drugs sample a local from the show and. then they say they all considered by the way up i think shawnee done that and then somehow.
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the show. us in the whole novel she's. on the atlas of. k. two what he has. to put up with reading about of. the sea and by will i get what i'm. cut. just. the latest news as
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it breaks the government of mali so market has pushed to have a series of laws that it says will make argentina's economy more competitive with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government stopped talking does it hurts all the cost of college or jumped by sixty percent the clues disappear at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say no evil person this wakes up over the morning and says i want to scuttle the world in darkness and this is a dialogue and that could be what's leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. that's. where every. this is the architect of. the self appointed time asks to create sustainable housing for the rural poor. to bring beauty in to vietnam been spaces. to convince developments that his dreams are attainable but changing minds can be as hard as altering space a. rebel architect check continues with cleaning the city at this time on our busy . new for something very strong to communicate with someone an ambitious young
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artist from the mean streets of mozambique to sit down to reveal the unseen truth about his country's. future to the mozambique enclosure to see if you did no good in college changing. african photography mario messing up at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera a south korean president when julian says he's willing to meet north korean leader kim jong loon moon proposed a summit to resolve differences between the two nations opinions nuclear program
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follows high level talks on tuesday. but the one.


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