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tv   The Oligarchs  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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from the mean streets of mozambique has set out to reveal the unseen truth about his country to ensure the mozambique don't plan to proceed is very difficult did no good in politics change into a little bit of the new african photography mario must tell me at this time on al-jazeera. am. hello i'm daryn jordan doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera a south korean president lee j. and says he's willing to meet north korean leader kim jong whom moon proposed a summit to resolve differences between the two nations of opinions nuclear program that follows high level talks on tuesday. the hunt. i keep myself open to any media
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including the summer with north korea if it's helpful for an improvement of self north relations or a settlement of the north korean nuclear issue but to have the summit some conditions must be established i think a certain level of success it must be guaranteed israeli army is carried out raids on villages close to the occupied west bank town of nablus often israeli settler was shot dead is to clear the area to the south west of nablus a military zone probably force that has more from westerners and. the israeli military says that this thirty five year old man a rabbi from the illegal outpost of about the lard just south west of nablus in the occupied west bank that he was shot dead in his car on the main road route sixty from a passing vehicle they're not saying whether it was one gunman or more but there are reports that the twenty two bullets struck the vehicle and that this man was shot in the neck and the chest and he was taken to hospital and pronounced dead in hospital flooding and mudslides caused by
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a powerful storm in southern california have killed at least thirteen people thousands of residents have also been forced on their homes as rob reynolds reports from los angeles i tore into all remains moving inland from the pacific ocean devastated the very same parts of california that were ravaged by wildfires last month the only words i can really think of to describe what it looked like was it looked like a world war one battlefield it was literally a carpet of mud and debris everywhere. deadly mudslides raced down canyon. is in montecito near santa barbara leveling homes and destroying everything the fires left on harm i heard the rumble of the rocks and we looked over the river and the trees are just coming down true true true we heard of a little baby. cable. dug down out of the movie
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the rescue. and got it out of the boat out of its mouth. open it's ok to. a car lay stranded the fate of its owner on known rivers of thick gray muck course through upscale neighborhoods and roads were overwhelmed including the major north south coastal highway one hundred one the recent fires stripped steep hillsides of brush and other vegetation that normally anchors the earth in place firefighters say the burnt landscape makes the soil more susceptible to giving way without warning in heavy rain what happens once the ground gets saturated the soil it starts giving it's kind of like building a sand castle at the beach says out sand get saturated with water it's going to slough off and that's what we're seeing here behind me. as crews work to clear roads and move debris word came that several residents had died in the floods
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thousands of others were under mandatory evacuation orders the death toll is expected to rise rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. a judge has blocked the trumpet ministration from ending a program which prevents children brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents from being deported dropped wants to end the scheme in march but congress deadlocked over the issue. of fall charges against two reuters journalists accuse a breach in the official secrets act they were covering the crisis in rakhine state where hundreds of thousands of range of muslims have fled a military crackdown the charge carries a prison sentence of up to fourteen years. the iranian company has oil tanker collided with a freighter off the east coast of china says there's still hope of finding survivors bad weather and a fire on the iranian ship complicating the search for the thirty one sail is still missing since the collision on saturday but those are the headlines the news
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continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera investigations and so watching by foot. ah. the president on the run the absurdity of corruption was amazing. billions stolen al-jazeera is investigative unit has obtained a cache of secret files sounds like an agreement between a criminal boss is going to sign it with your blood and nation roll but with the help of western banks. to use london as a safe haven it's a kind of business and we reveal how ukraine is being robbed for a second time under the nose of fuel storage fees we simply didn't have
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confirmation and this looks like come from each of the proceeds go to an oligarch in hiding amount fueling a war forged by russian separatists in ukraine just shows the way these guys do business the genius of it read your first three or you don't have enough revenue in the media out of how much. information you present it is what i call the pipe through which dirty money from russia ukraine other countries all flow through. the police these kind of stuff i might down in his knowledge full of chance that says the scenes. during the uprising kiev's musicians headed to independence square alongside thousands of protestors among them was all for trade tatiana such
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upstart to come on the phone looking for the fulfillment there in the feeling you. get a whole lot that play out so much show yet be better left their actual national for me from the case channel here kids at the national mall my book. i. the president had refused to sign an agreement to bring ukraine closer to europe. the goal of revolution was not only striving towards the e.u. the goal was also to haue the set playing of the fair rules of the game and the evolution was against corruption. the three months kiev's independence square became a battlefield over a hundred people lost their lives. then one figure a night ukraine's president began to move house. them president viktor
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yushchenko vich fled his country with help from russian special forces he was flown by helicopter to moscow. oh. i. think it's a little complex but will show several behalf that a bad first half. in the film washed over for lunch i think for tatyana ukraine's leaders like villains in a comic opera. will cry in the risk of custodies the luck on them for there to flock to show with each other. the day should run away from the country and tie ukrainian treasury plates accounts had a few thousand dollars so the point is that entire treasury was dropped.
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soon after the revolution ukraine's people discovered how their president had been living. under. of socialism isn't that iraq is not that vision to the. extent the sort of absurdity of corruption was amazing to sixty. warry log cabin i think the biggest loan company in the world sets in and frankly amazing the state. so enormous that if you can award it you know going to get on a day. last . fall behind still. i have no question and you know. in the. only little bit of bush. previously the palace was he didn't from view even on satellite maps. but now a nationalist group runs guy did tools of this monument to corruption.
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lose the book was city of ninety one that's four dollars when these nollywood for a liver see you receive program this was sudden it was all the month of the month business was up what they lived. in the ninos to make new stuff from above them by just this wattles keep those store like you need to educate the balad north this is just sort seems so nobody. stanley. for draw. said do we got to put this. they then is out. when you start an equal and as a muslim have sex which you will sort of. course and then visit you do they but of course we're not a what. of the team or. no men there if we might. suit you yet but
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the amount of support you suppose is thought this is the body. the power is still god's a secrecy them with the name of its real owner. so within the v.a. q young which are in a coma she did not keep money on his name even if she's main house where she spent the last years of she's life in ukraine it was registered on the charity fund not only in goshen stuff behind the charity a dizzying web of companies based in tax havens around the world.
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i'm will jordan i've come to kiev ukrainian capital. al jazeera as investigative unit has obtained a drive filled with hundreds of documents about yana covert his network. bank statements contracts and e-mails from twenty eleven through the revolution until twenty fifteen. they place viktor yushchenko vage the ultimate eastern european all agog at the helm of a global corruption network. this investigation is about how that network still operates today and through one crooked contract we see how all the dogs do business often with the unwitting assistance of western banks we've called it the quick pace deal. unbelievable. it sounds like an agreement between criminal busts it kind of sided with your blood.
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by most estimates yet a code which stole billions ukrainian investigators traced and froze one point five billion a cyprus based company called quick pace limited told one hundred sixty million dollars of that in cash and forms but prosecutors froze this money because it's stolen it can't be legally bought nor sold and straight to his desk it's the point of this is attached to a country that. as a lawyer i read this document or that or said that it's not illegal i wouldn't expect any court to enforce chalk it. just shows the. the way these guys do business i mean the genius of it really. the quick pace deal involves to all agog sigrid to buy the company and its one hundred sixty million in frozen assets from a mysterious. the contract is unsigned but our evidence indicates the deal went
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ahead they treat quick pace like buying a bankrupt company and agree a knock down price of just thirty million dollars. they throw in a private jets as part of the payment this is really interesting discovery this is distressed debt basically you get these companies in the city of london who if someone refused to pay their debt they buy it for you know twenty pay on the pound and then do their utmost to get it back and make a profit on it. the oligarchs would make a clean up one hundred thirty million dollars profit they believe they can unfreeze the assets or as they call it remove the arrest and pocket the money. they just need to persuade a judge to lift the freeze. and . if you have influence over the course which you do in a corrupt jurisdiction like ukraine you can then use that influence to try and
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release the assets and make your money out of it. as a majority of judges in your claim they are themselves against corruption they asked those i pointed out to get a quick out of watch. we've gathered evidence that establishes which all of dogs are trying to make illicit profits from the quick pace deal. as we've shown this to investigators including john benton the former head of the international corruption unit at britain's national crime agency these are really really complex investigations you've got to go through thousands and thousands and thousands. options it's following the money and working out essentially the route the money takes. it appears the quick pace limited was part of a massive embezzle minton money laundering network under the yana covert regime. is
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it legal to be trading frozen assets what's very planning for them moving it's a criminal offense. all ideas are frozen yes exist think it's the proceeds of crime it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place you know put in a cash in the getaway car and yet. all documents revealed by one in the quick pace deal is alexander i want to shrink who operates behind offshore company fastow trading limited will typical ukrainian oligarch. oligarchy is a term that most people didn't know twenty years ago that's kind of come out of the russian system that of the russian privatization program and these are extremely rich people. just with the old
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enough horses is a flamboyant oligarchy like spending money on expensive things like the old. he sponsored the miss ukraine contest and partied with the stars coming around us and paris hilton john claude van down. an issue coat unlike a lot of ukrainians made money in the gas business. and. i started to produce. in ukraine actually at the. biggest company that was sold. thirty years ago. on a shank i was seeking asylum in europe and agreed to be interviewed because he believed it would help clear his name but first we didn't say that we knew about the secret quick pace deal he was happy to talk about his famous friends.
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you know donald trump yeah she's doing of course competition in a niche also she was no one of this compassed miss universe can in one of these and most mentioned there was a relationship was. all documented revealed by a two in the quick pace deal pavel folks his company which is to international incorporated. is a real estate tycoon who featured in a russian business program. seem to combine you must see to see mean if she's not going to teach could get by sure things can last on the easy. folks promotes a hard man image you'll go boom boom boom the food in the world of. like by a one folks is friends with now u.s. president donald trump has negotiated with him several times since two thousand and
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four but never completed a deal to build a trump hotel in moscow. president putin has almost forks for his contribution to the russian economy focus on several prestigious properties in the russian capital. he built this complex in partnership with the powerful son in law of former russian president boris yeltsin. another parno was a cosmic businessman latest sentenced to jail over a multi billion dollar fraud. he's a tough boss in. the ocean you know that you would really want to salute you can go to them do it in one quarter to the. you know when did you hear the whistle go to include your good initial push from the good doc i never equated it with. the idea that you discuss it if i'm going to spoil a good. mr and mrs folks publish social media snaps with
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a high profile jeweler and his wife. jacob arab it was jailed for two years in two thousand and eight in a us money laundering case. folks socializes with influential politicians a russian m.p. from president putin's party now a senior banker the mayor of ukraine's second city kharkiv left in a wheelchair after a mafia style assassination attempt. was interesting about him is that the extent to which it shows that the separation between ukraine and russia can be a bit skin-deep the elites of both ukraine and russia for that is basically the same country the money flows backwards and forwards the business deals go backwards and forwards. a recent leak of offshore company documents the panama papers establishes folks at the helm of
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a huge global business empire. it begins with his offshore company dorchester international incorporated registered instead kitts and nevis. it has holdings in companies all over the globe in directly in golden eagle trust in new jersey. owned by billionaire v.j. maleo today facing extradition to india on fraud charges which he denies another link mining in tanzania and cameroon to palm oil billionaires in malaysia even state run pharmaceuticals in cuba where they all operate as a kind of transnational clan have their lawyers and sundress that have the money and. it's an international structure which they've created since the fall of the soviet union which is very very resilient and very hard to penetrate. since the collapse of the soviet union a quarter century ago ukraine's been caught between russia and the west. of the
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twenty fourteen revolution a pro western governments been in place. when you look at its launched a war on corruption fooled by a national anti corruption bureau built on american and european money. but it may have still mobile and open it. on this and it also dropped. it in the moment it got the funding to move it was the bureau's well known for arresting low level judges and civil servants and counting out the cash on camera. but it hasn't gotten any high level convictions to put it in a bush and bush system that. come to the dakotas it's just not going to so wasn't his bush and bush was doing it it wasn't a boarding it was given it was a militia shamus a petunia. it appears that the revolution that toppled yana cove it did not remove
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the oligarchs who served him across the pond in my view both of the shows of the process the good wishes to post. at the casket i'm going to do this this. had so clean screening you said that but it is not suppose she did. at the far. one in the quick pace deal alexander i want to show is on the run in western europe with his riches. the ukraine government says he swindled them out of a one hundred million dollars on a gas deal on a show says the president told him to bribe m.p.'s and has now turned against him. yeah more to do in a hurry and that's what. europe. actually does with cases political motivation case. when you say you're against corruption
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there but you pay bribes you've been corrupt or i've been told corrupt i did just so actually what the president say and in the whole country. that is not the other way there is a law that we. want to shanker was the anti corruption bureau's most wanted fugitive. they're hunting him for the gas window. they raided his office in march twenty sixth dean even had his mother arrested in madrid during that raid we understand they picked up a copy of our document the quick pace deal. despite this they seem to be doing little to bring the oligarchs involved to justice. mr is it was is can businessmen a foursome we could get it to some they'd want over all of the corners of the. justice then you would do it. for you missing them due.
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to pavel fooks a man whose business empire spans the globe. we traced some of his property assets . this is folks is a social media stock regularly in london the photographer always takes pictures in the same place the market belgravia neighborhood near the spanish embassy. and at home sweet home. we located the building property records show it was purchased in twenty twelve for twenty five million pounds or around forty million dollars by another company based in the british virgin islands called latina associates limited. using a mortgage from barclays bank. the panama papers leak reveals that latina associates is owned by mrs folks and mr folks whose company to which is the international. london is
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a favorite destination for many oligarchs their money. fund is an international fund it you send. we don't just. the professional services that can be hijacked you used. we also have all the trimmings so you might want to spend good money. in london you buy anything to buy yourself a mansion it comes into you buy yourself a lot of fun outside the base you buy yourself a yacht a lot but shut. this building in central london houses a company called chesterfield group. it's what's called a company formation agent a crucial tool for any oligarchs such as pavel folks. for a small fee they'll set up a company for you and you can remain anonymous it can be off shore with an address that's not yours the name's direct it won't be you the name secretary won't be you you simply control it in the background or you will know many cutouts protect your identity.
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if anyone ever comes to ask the question they just are throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director and i was this just a field group. and i came to ask you some questions about how to folks as effectively you have these cut out characters then depersonalize and distance the money from any of the real perpetrators of the situation we mailed in cool to you but you didn't respond you can create a company in the next thirteen pounds and it takes you i've done it out in the in minutes alone. no one checks the information that you provide literally though and there are three hundred fifty thousand companies cray. to buy company formation agents in the u.k. actually here. this office and chesterfield group a closely linked to folks. just
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a field building is owned by a company based in the british virgin islands gober a group bought in twenty fifteen for around five million dollars with a barclays mortgage. gerbera group is owned by folks whose company told just an international just a field has branches in cyprus i love my island the bahamas and of course london in many cases dorchester international is the named director. if you could a company formation agent register that company formation h. it is fully companies see you there. media early suspicious huge huge alarm about. just the field appears to be a captive company formation agent in other words creating companies for its owner. expects perfect sense may not always know how to get on your own company as you want to sell them to your mates give them a. christmas present and get his
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a london company or the bank out. in part two we confront alexander on a shankar one of the buyers of quick pace. there is like kind of business that you can buy cheaper in the car tool to fix the program to make the money. and we reveal the man believed to be the seller of the frozen assets. the isn't balanced and an inch is a vengeful person a principled and ruthless. an ambitious young artist from the mean streets of mozambique. to reveal the truth about his country. to the muslim people in close to see if you did not follow.
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african photography mario myself. this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. and i'm joined on and with a quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera south korean president moon j.n. says he is willing to meet north korean leader kim jong un when proposed a summit to resolve differences between the two nations of a pyongyang's nuclear program it follows high level talks on tuesday. two hundred.
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i keep myself open to any maiden including the summer with north korea if it's helpful for an improvement of self north relations or a settlement of the north korean nuclear issue but to have the summit some conditions must be established i think a certain level of success must be guaranteed israeli army has carried out raids on villages close to the occupied west bank city of nablus after and israeli rabbi was shot dead its declared the area to the north west of nablus a military zone. flooding and mudslides caused by a powerful storm in southern california have killed at least thirteen people some homes in santa barbara county were completely leveled many more were damaged forcing thousands of people to leave a judge just blocked the trump administration from ending a program which prevents children brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents from being deported trump wants to end the scheme in march but congress remains deadlocked over the issue. and donald trump's former
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advisor steve benen has resigned from his role as executive chairman of the right wing news website great but it comes just days after over remarks bannon made about trump and his son in the recently published book and fury and he said miramar filed charges against two reuters journalists accused of breaching the official secrets act they were covering the crisis in rakhine state where hundreds of thousands of ring of muslims have fled a military crackdown. iranian companies oil tanker collided with a freighter off the east coast of china says there is still hope of finding survivors bad weather in a fire on the rain and shipping complicating the search for the thirty one missing sailors police intern is capital of fired tear gas at demonstrators who stormed a supermarket during an anti-government protest demonstrations against planned tax and price hikes began on monday those are the headlines it's back to al-jazeera
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investigations see you again at the top of the hour. i'm. in part one now former ukrainian president viktor yanukovych stole billions one point five billion dollars was frozen we have obtained documents that expose a plot in twenty fifteen to steal again one hundred sixty million dollars of that money is held in a company called quick pace limited. is involved to all agog pavel folks and alexander on a shank are planning to buy quick pacers frozen assets at a knockdown price. and. it sounds like an agreement between a criminal boss you can assign it with your blood. now we reveal where the stolen money is destined and the identity of the reclusive third all agog
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believed to be selling the frozen assets. is a vengeful person unprincipled and ruthless. the story of our documents takes us back to the heyday of the corruption of ukraine's former president. deep into one network of his offshore companies. it traces the path of hundreds of millions of dollars out of ukraine from twenty eleven to his a scape in twenty forty. three foreign bank accounts and into the pockets of young and covert and his cronies. since ukraine became independent in ninety nine to one. it has been essentially looted by its elites again and again and again and didn't tactics they use are essentially always identical. faceless lawyers accountants and bankers helped pass
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hundreds of millions of dollars around the network. some as loans referenced redistribution of means some as payments for building materials oh mellotron ics some for cars motorbikes even pocky flooring. the philosophy of money launderers is to create a situation where the money has moved to so many different companies in so many different countries and in so many different accounts thereby effectively laundering it because nobody has the resources to figure it out. while he was still in power the young curvature network used quick pace to launder money sometimes moving relatively small amounts fire complex parts with the help of western banks. one document showed
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a payment of four point four million dollars made by quick pace from its nominal home as a cyprus registered company. the money was held in a quick pace account in vienna with austria as mine all bank. it was wired to an account in frankfurt with commerce back. on to do each a bank in new york. it ended up at bolton international bank in latvia the account of a shell company foxtrot networks limited folks strong like quick pace is registered in cyprus. none of the banks appear to have raised a red flag what's called a suspicious activity report. it's very easy for a bank to throw out a suspicious activity is actually present but the trouble is who's digesting this this is sent to your courts and the answer is in many cases nobody. the documents linking quick pace to folks trying networks in turn link quick pace to one of the world's highest profile money laundering scandals it was discovered by russian
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accountants surrogate magnitsky he was working for an investment firm based in my. and run by bill browder. surrogate supposed that he was then arrested tortured and killed in prison. the russian government says magnitsky died of natural causes and accuses browder of the fraud browder claims russian officials stole two hundred thirty million dollars in state funds a huge quarter billion dollar russian government embezzlement synonymous with justice and corruption in russia frightening reminder of how quickly money can disappear. all documents reveal that folk strong networks had been wired money by quick pace in march twenty fourth. we then discovered that folks strong was owned by one of the companies at the heart of the magnitsky affair final limited.
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final limited is one of the central. parts of the apparatus like the. spigot on the i. final is effectively a nominee company that is the director for a number of very crucial. points in this money laundering network. both quick pace and the company it would money to folks trying networks are registered in cyprus. which ukrainians funnel their money offshore to cyprus and then on boards beyond and then bring it back again so it looks like foreign investments you can't really tell it lends it. in the quick pace deal another side first company to service limited is named as the seller of the one hundred sixty million dollars in frozen assets. but prone to service is just to cut out a nominee shareholder it owns the assets on paper but the real owner is hiding
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behind it. christina cyrus is the name secretary of prone to service the cyprus by. lawyer and offshore expert. cyrus refused our request for an interview or to divulge the name of the person behind produce service but we tracked her down in a secretly recorded conversation she confirmed to that quick pace had been sold. but can't a company quit. that's because i remember because it was a hopeless person and it was an act that. the cyprus company registry shows quick pace was transferred to one of the couple boxes many companies and the more property holdings with the help of his company formation agent just to feel.
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the leaked documents also provide evidence that the quick pace deal was done or at least that is first phase began. folks apparently made a payment from a london bank transfer two million dollars from barclays canary wharf george a bank in new york was used to move the money they passed it to an offshore company with an account in latvia and a mystery owner the money went through no red flags. western banks have had a hard time making money over the last few years so when somebody shows up and says i like to set up an account with one hundred million dollars then you have to look for a pretty good reason not to set up that account. all the documents in the leak lead us to a british village north of london under british law this type of company that allows foreigners to avoid tax and scrutiny it's called a limited liability partnership. companies for it some people call them getaway
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cars for corrupt money i have heard them better described as on the plate. one of the companies is registered here this is the official office of a company worth hundreds of millions of dollars resources l.l.b. . according to bank statements leaked to us phone call made three hundred twenty eight million dollars in just six months of twenty thirteen. but in public accounts filed with u.k. authorities phone call claimed it made less than seven thousand it looks like fraud so we came to ask about it. the managers of the address of the registered office had refused our request for an interview. one is well jeweled my work without is there are. we doing a an investigation into. ukraine.
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this hard future office has registered over fifteen hundred companies so the people who work here just run a post book service. with the director secretary and address all being proxies finding out who really owns a company can be almost impossible. if you own something in your own name then you can just look on the company register on the property register and other you go to all of his house. and if i own that house in a company a british company and if my british company is owned by that's a separate company that my separate companies are owned by let's say panamanian company and if my plan you cup is owned by a nevus company. then if you want to find out who owns this house you have to go to every one of those jurisdictions and asked them. who owns that company. and oh.
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hello i wanted to ask about a couple of companies. simcoe resources. from coal resources features in the files. it's know many directors were also involved in the magnitsky scandal. a lot being citizen called you're a victim and signs the papers but fin cole is just a cutout for the person who really owns and controls the company. another director is stan goren again a cutout whose name is regularly used as a front man by money launderers these name directors may be paid for the nominee role but are likely ignorant of any fraud. information you've presented is what i call the pipe this is the pipe through which dirty money from russia ukraine and other countries in that part of the world all flow through is wrong effectively
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part of the same criminal operation. the pipeline leads to moscow. as well as the links with the magnitsky affair the documents feature hundreds of emails from lawyers based in. s. so concerned to conceal the name of that client they write in cryptic language. good evening. february twenty sixth twenty fifteen put the book on the top shelf. technical gus read the book and give a positive review of the. council decision of three flows to leave in force the decision of wanting to flows. sincerely is agreed in my supervisor. but who is the supervisor. we found the answer buried deep in a key document. a loan agreement shows quick pace was used to put up collateral by
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a company called vet act media invest in order to borrow huge funds in october twenty fifth. veteran belongs to surrogate to check on known as the baby faced gas king of ukraine by age twenty seven he was worth four hundred million dollars. from a presidency on a covert apparently treated him like a wall it. gave cash to the president whenever he needed it. he was given control of a chunk of the gas train he made a lot of money for himself and then he cut back most of it and to his political patrons which was you know in a coma for winter just sun. there's more evidence pointing to a chunk oh is the seller. a lawyer called or is gets off appears in the e-mails.
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russian business records show he's director of united media holdings. united media used to belong to a surrogate could change i. was just businessmen but i can say a very talented corrupt judge because he used. the word tricky schemes very unusual schemes to steal like. today he's in hiding in moscow wanted in ukraine sanctioned in the u.s. and europe. his office is in a skyscraper complex developed by pavel fox's companies. two of his former drivers told us more about him. to change who is always asking when we will arrive if you don't answer immediately you'll be fired. it was the worst job i ever had. he swears he screams at his employees he fires two to three people every month is
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very inadequate. the drivers are worried that they'll be in danger if their former boss finds out they've been talking to us. he isn't balanced on the edge he's a vengeful person unprincipled and ruthless. goes only given three interviews to journalists one was even going off. at the movie and yeah we shot him there you will only by your leave and i lived in this relief the diversity all results and nothing happened in the mean yeah i'm a. yes i assume you know the whole. condemned yeah. well i keep school kids as they have a pool with sheets. and you'll spoil just. yeah but the boston thing you are going to want to focus your affair almost i need you to wish for the news from you know. we tracked down checco using information from his film
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a chauffeur's. is guarded by alpha group former counterterrorism special forces. they are for two wars and have state medals they are armed with rubber bullets. just before seven am the guards receive information that he's coming they get in position. there are five cars eighteen people in the convoy. because of fitted in signal blockers with a two hundred meter range. the convoy includes a security travels in the second bullet proof. as a mobile ambulance with a medic. as a fourth vehicle blocking the entrance to the complex. and a fifth sweep. to change at an argument some chechen guys in a restaurant after that stepped up a security. pitching
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to rushes out glimpsed for a split second before he's inside the building. his stuff bring his things and the drivers park and white. we often drive into the ministry of economic development the ministry of natural resources the national space agency. also the russian presidential administration. state gas for gazprom. state oil for rosneft. state funded d.t.b. bank. i'm just going to. do a couple of these to take us to school parents. i'm going to do this should be don't think. it's there it's in your words stick you there was more than institutionally when you stress that i want to. ukraine spy
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agency reports that he's helping the russian side in the conflict in ukraine. he's running some of the biggest coal oil and gas companies in annexed crimea and areas controlled by russian separatists almost always was also. a stock sure and those are very new organs for billions corner of news. in most countries you have the government of criminals i have businessmen in russia all those distinctions practically disappear. it's their interest afresh to destroy ukraine from inside it's against the interest of gramlich. for ukraine to succeed and i'm to corruption.
9:51 am
through the quick pace deal we've uncovered approach to profit from the billions stolen by the clan surrounding former ukrainian president viktor yushchenko bitch. a baby faced billionaire used dozens of lawyers seemingly to turn frozen assets into clean money. or evidence was confirmed by one of the buyers of quick pace. was one of the businessman trumpeter or government. that was going to check. for on a shank or buying assets stolen in a grand corruption case is just another day at the office. because like kind of business that you can buy cheap rent a car to. prophesy. to fix the program to make the money it's about to come when i revealed that we had the quake based document on a ship code tonight that the deal went ahead. it was like normal business but this
9:52 am
one has not happened yet we didn't buy it didn't know they wanted to sell us assets which was already frozen they gave us a very good discount but then with chick closely on course a local on for the record. they may not yet have made money but all evidence directly contradicts on the shank his account that the deal did not go ahead official documents recorded a change of ownership of quick pace a lawyer in cyprus said the sale had happened. something that i remember was in prison not for closing. ukraine's anti corruption bureau also confirmed the sale. and he shouldn't. miss just says he's can businessman the folks who could do it to . so it never happened never had.
9:53 am
to. pull you know it was with this look on all the zero over it was that it at the offices of ukraine's anticorruption bureau a powerful politician with his own to russia has arrived to complain. google needs a warm up but was this was what is about to wondering when you're going want it on the go will show up in the new slow boat there goes under while you are walking but . the question comes up is a millionaire politician had just learned that he was under investigation. yet when you go visit you often greasy don't call no one which is when you don't. really need that one guy you know the argument all streamed live on national television. this is ukraine's corruption to try to wealthy politicians versus now as a whole at netscape the young new anti corruption prosecutor is going to doesn't it
9:54 am
to put almost all show. to but also boyish go to south american diplomat you either live. or bush to the national guard in the what was. sort of. the cube was. brought what you know the great. stuff younger walmart you know review friday we are witnessing all traditional corrupt system was withdrawn from the tried to do everything possible to destroy this new agency only with young muslims. that are sick you bought up this cork. you would know who don't kill automata it is not. in the buttery that. the anti corruption bureau is drowning in paperwork and its case against ana shango is falling apart what chances do you think there are of seeing the strongish. to have gotten a go we will she may but also don't signal more of session. with. some one
9:55 am
chance to think there is that you will ever go to prison. i don't know as. we say in ukraine that nobody is sure. ukraine's under corruption chiefs console themselves by saying they've seized on a shrinkers private jet. but i. think what's up with this but i wasn't sure because . of the look at the us but it has a but a high school. but even that appears to be an illusion. we tracked down the jets sitting at luton airport in the u.k. . it was sold in march last year for twenty five million dollars today it's for charter to the super rich costing around thirty thousand dollars an hour. today sees one of your private jets known as a book there is no this is not incremental.
9:56 am
for its people now the poorest in europe the ukrainian tragedy plays on. as one chip out i've become i done i have built upon a you'll. get my share we'll get man up but in a kind of war if there was an apple on the sole of what the panel brought and off they wore. it was a new show see what you and i had to delete. new clues tonight in a new push to lead to a clean water but. alexander on a shango has now been granted asylum in spain. stepping up his investments in ukraine buying gas companies and possibly
9:57 am
a bank. surrogate house london lawyers working to overturn his sanctions and unfreeze his money they will get somewhere because if you look at the amount of money that is stolen in developing countries globally three years is estimated as a trillion dollars with a t. how much for comfort out of every thousand dollars that stolen twenty five cents. on. him it cuts into less they get a little cash and i should be focused on unusual upcoming edibles. not the book called the passion my bond issues that katie wants is more cost plus hottest jonathan bash a live update. welcome
9:58 am
9:59 am
back we've seen some colder air pushing its way down through the caucasus and through into western parts of asia for the last couple of days so back to struggling with temperatures of six tehran's not particularly warm either biked out there faring better nineteen degrees as a high and around the eastern side of the mediterranean the weather conditions remaining fine to twenty degrees in beirut as we start to pick up more of a southerly breeze here in the arabian peninsula still seeing the risk of showers a sudden end of the red sea and also we've seen showers working their way down through the gulf and the threat of showers still there slightly during the course of wednesday for katan through towards the rest of the gulf states and then as a head on into thursday we should find it brightening up a little bit temperatures generally not too bad riyad just getting up to twenty one degrees celsius across into southern portions of africa we've lost the remnants really of tropical cyclone aver across madagascar but still plenty of showers across the island with a southerly flow beginning showers for parts of mozambique coastal areas anyways
10:00 am
some b. and zimbabwe picking up a fair few showers but through much of southern angola through namibia botswana into much of south africa weather conditions are drawing fine with temperatures expected to be in the mid twenty's for cape town the risk of a shower for durban in johannesburg johannesburg seeing highs of twenty two degrees . south korea's president says he's open to meeting with north korean leader kim jong un but only under certain conditions. and this is al jazeera live from.


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