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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 9  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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security forces a price increase is one of the government's measures to combat high inflation dod transformer adviser steve bannon has resigned from his role as executive chairman of the right wing news website break but this comes just days after bannon's remarks about trump and his son in a new book bannon called a twenty sixteen meeting between donald trump jr and a group of russians treasonous here is judges block the trump administration from ending of bombing era a program that protects immigrants who enter the country with their parents without documents the deferred action for childhood arrivals program provides legal status to around seven hundred thousand people the judge said they would suffer serious irreparable harm if it ended abruptly. iranian companies oil tanker collided with a freighter off the east coast of china says there is still hope of finding survivors bad weather the fire in the tank are hampering the search for thirty one crew members who've been missing since the collision on saturday so the headlines
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the news continues on al-jazeera of the inside story. news has never been more available but the message is simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. anger over the prising price of bread in sudan the government's warning protesters that they'll be confronted with force if they don't stop with sudan suffering from other problems how much of a threat is the public anger to president omar al bashir this is inside story. i welcome to the program i'm adrian so they've been calling them bread protests
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makes the demonstrations in sudan sound rather harmless but at least two people were killed in the outcry against rising prices this week the government's warns demonstrators that acts of destruction will be met with force security forces have already been firing tear gas at protesters and arresting opposition leaders and confiscating used papers that doesn't seem to stop the unrest though so what might come next we'll get to our guests in just a moment but first i'll just give us a solid and job at reports. there's anger in the sudanese capital khartoum people in small numbers have been protesting against a sudden increase in prices of basic commodities it's not limited to southern. almost half of this it is us that have protested now but the focus is not that big because it's the. sheet in a very hard and violent way. red is the most important staple for most of the knees
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and the prices have gone up after the government began a series of reforms to improve the economy the government stop importing greek since last month hoping that it would create competition between private companies and bring down prices but bakery say they have raised prices due to a shortage of flour will have glowing done if they don't become verman says flour is subsidized by ten percent and they are saying they will remove it next month. one hundred sixty and next month it will reach five hundred fifty pounds and that's an increase of three hundred to four hundred percent and when i see. the price might be ok for me but not for other people some families couldn't even afford it when it was one pound. in line with recommendations by the international monetary fund subsidies are being eliminated sudan recent be devalued its currency and now the dollar is worth eight hundred sudanese pounds instead of seven last year the us government east financial sanctions against sudan which led many to believe that there is an economic boom on the way. has
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a lot of this because the sanctions ended with please begin to rearrange our lives but we are certain prized that life is getting worse and some say there was too much expectation for change too soon because the sanctions were lifted just a few months ago many people are very likely to you that we are now the site has been lifted maybe you are going to have a magic question for which it was lifted yes then today you are conditions actually change which is not nestle the case but of course that is politics also this government continues to be rather repressive and. the interior minister has denied that the demonstrations are indisposed to the hike in prices he told the state news agency that protesters who cause destruction will be dealt with force in recent weeks and the security forces arrested three opposition leaders and broke the seal of six newspapers but the unrest hasn't ended. their.
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rising bread prices triggered the most recent process but they seem to be a symptom of growing disillusionment with the sudanese government and president bashir he came to power after leading a bloodless coup in one thousand eight hundred nine for army colonel has been in office then for nearly thirty years and all this during that entire time sudan has been at war with what became south sudan and. for al bashir is accused of committing war crimes in the western oil rich region the international criminal court issued a warrant for his arrest in two thousand and nine but he's remained free it sanctions were imposed for years and were only lifted last year they're partly to blame for the worsening economy as prices have risen the value of the currency the sudanese pound has fallen or we spoke to a number of sudanese government representatives about coming on to the program to put the sudanese government point of view but none would accept our invitation so let's join our guests for today from khartoum have fees mohammed is the director of
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justice africa that's an advocacy organization and research institute to campaign for human rights and social justice across africa also in cuts by skype is better again sala has a protester also a student at the university of khartoum gentlemen welcome to you both better or damon to start with you you're currently as i understand it we saw you in a report a few moments ago you're currently in hiding from the police tell us why what's happened to you and your friends. and. their forces are. told. by. two to stop this. uprising. so you have got us to lots.
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and lots of protesters last fall when can i get them is on the houses yesterday and on in a fall on top of this week they have arrested several but if you believe this so the parties are going to yes and you know as you don't act in the news activists the only message is to try to stop the call just that is what i'm going on tuesdays you use the word kidnapping there what happens to these people when security forces take them the way you've got personal experience of this because you've been arrested several times over the past twelve months haven't you yeah kidnapped i can call you kidnapping because the people whose are getting. their families. get the right of a fair trial. so they are hiding people economy got.
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these protests better out in the government says have nothing to do with with food prices it's basically dissent that's being cost here and the violent protests will be met with force they write what is it the are protesting about is it the rising price of the rising cost of living here or are you protesting against the rule of. most of them of course because this part of the surprise in the price is that this out a budget of doesn't it is irrelevant the beginning to tell policy since those others are looking at the eyes in this crisis and biases of not supporting the basic living status of the people has thought it long time ago and of course we're protesting that it gives these policies a good the units are all right so let's bring in have his mohammed then also in ca to have his why have the prices of staple goods in sudan risen so high so quickly and what's behind sudan's rampant
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rate of inflation. i think it's to do with you know the infrastructure was the nice economy is very weak is why i think the government only do so to increase in taxes and that of taxes and that is what really is up you know most of the prices of the central committees. commodities for people many sudanese who are you know with an average income it is because live become unbearable for them because they simply cannot afford you know even a meal a day and the reason why because there is we we agree there is economic problem in sudan but i think one of the prescription which is the government is using the right one i don't think it is because you know they actually triple the you know the customs. also the other taxes as the same and that actually put pressure on. many many. poor people who are you know they have
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a very limited income in terms of increasing the price of bread and other essential goods and everything is actually have increased and. that also at the other reason is actually the continued deterioration of the value of the sudanese currency the pound and you know it's good to look at the government have no they don't have the means to intervene here to actually stop the deterioration of the council because simply they don't have enough reserves to actually interview actually limit the duration of the value of the sudanese coffee and if that continues that is inflationary in the economy because if you increase the taxes especially in that attack is also as a team time the the value of your currency is pumping that that means anything which is imported from outside is going to double the price or triple the price the excise duty has been. durable adat is all all that will have
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a very serious impact on. the cost of living you know the lives of many many sudanese people whose very limited income i don't think it's a lie prescription address the problem which is food on the enemies of his that the government says that that these austerity measures that it's that it's implemented are in response to i.m.f. recommendations but as far as you're concerned it's not going the right way about fixing the sudanese economy. yeah i think we should a new government to start implementing the. structure i just mean program of the i mean i've seen it's nineteen seventy eight and what happened is the sudanese economy is just blunting down and down and going to days and that was a big it is not the right prescriptions what the government is doing is if the if the real want to stimulate the economy then it can cruise grow this is not the right way because they are not encouraging you know small businesses or farmers to
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quit because the cost of the inputs of all the. industries are actually going up as a same times you know the cost of living is going up and people cannot actually afford to buy the committee that and you cannot use all the taxes to improve the economy i think what you need to do we need to stimulate a commie. economics to do very low taxes are the better economic a condom is to grow but not the opposite and i don't think it's just the new easy way of getting imposing taxes in everyone and everything and believe that this is going to address the problem or the other thing is if you look at the current budget i think most and seventy percent of the budget is going for defense security and also paying for the government program i think it's not i'm not going to investment on occasion or helles or training for young students who are not cannot get jobs i don't think the but this is addressing the problem i think the budget
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itself is causing these problems and it is going to make the economic situation into the more actually difficult and more chronic and is difficult for anyone to address it on to the world and i think they have to change that is not right but it and it has to change is not going to address the problem and it's going to make it actually more complex complicated and i'm not going to attract foreign investment because they know that at the konami or with investor don't like it and we know that you know if you want the economy to grow you have to invest in people invest. draining but indication both in the infrastructure and that is not happening the investment is going to you know defense security and others and i don't think that is going to address the chronicle economic problem with a sudanese those who don't economy's getting up for it but. we talked earlier about perhaps these protests having a little more to do with with omar al bashir rather than just protests over of the high prices the fact that opposition leaders of been arrested newspapers have been
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taken off of the newsstands how strong is the opposition in sudan does it have the clout to bring people on to the streets in in greater numbers could this protest movement grow the. base and the opposition groups that is. trying to work. it is it by the violent dr eugene. two thousand and thirteen killed three hundred professors in sea days so if we want to speak about. the tunnel of the quarters. of the. opposition parties we should hear a space of freedom which is not billable hours that are so already may say lobster guys are weak but when people ask congress. would not be candid advice
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if. it was. lying again so do you think this protest movement could grow we could see further unrest in the future in sudan and if so how will the government respond what's going to happen. well back in the government could spawn very violent responses because it is threatening its existence else and its policies but we are ready for the violence of this week we got a band authorized to do this and we gonna continue protesting for the people. so that for the day all those people who have no chance of living in this economy coming past this now because the main encompass playing the the legal. minimum income of the people by the city is a low five hundred fifty which is eighteen dollars which is not enough for the second week is not enough for the people people are starving people cannot survive
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in this situation so people wanted to keep their life i face the interior minister says that the protesters who could cause destruction will be dealt with by force can the government contain these demonstrations if they grow. i think look the government the only have the force to use but i think if they will you want to address the underlying causes which is actually pushing many people to come out at the people are coming out because they feel the pain of this economic policies not because leaders of opposition are them to come out and they came in without. anyone organizing them the problem is if the government is able to at this the problem which is facing the country if they are not able to address this problem then the discontent was going to continue is not going to stop because just using security on power to try and suppress
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you know. the people who are complaining about the policies of the government which has driven them to poverty and division i don't think is that is going to address the problems it made not change the government now but the problem will stay and if the problem is still the country is not going to be stable because you know you need to address these issues and this is our political issues before they become economically if we don't actually restructure the whole country in a way which is can function properly and serve the people and address the underlying problems instead of investing in investing most of the source of the contrary in defense and in security i'm not addressing the underlying causes because if the underlying cause is becoming under the verge of continue then i don't thing we see any risk in so that i think the everest will continue because people are just not going to keep quiet because life is just becoming and i think the government have to look at that and i need to address it because it's president
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bashar listening to that argument he's sick. i think he knows the problems i don't pretend that he knows a problem because if this were done and he actually even or you talk to people he he knows exactly what's going on but the problem is the question is is he have a solution for this problem that is a question which you actually need to see an answer from. the government and from the prison what do they have to do the problem which is physically at the end of the day is the government have to address this problem is not the people the people are only the acting what the government policies do and the impact of the policy on the life lesson and i think they know that there is a conical problems but the problem is you have to engage others to try and find a solution and this is a political it is political before it becomes economical if you don't address the political crisis which is why it is a country then we're not going to see any bullet in the progress in the in the economic field just before i headed back to baradei in. the u.s.
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lifted frank full financial sanctions against sudan last year why hasn't that improved a lot of the sudanese people yeah i think that is the problem is not the solution the problem is the management of the country you know that visited many countries in this where they have sanction iran and other and they managed to cope because they know how to manage their economy to many in this country the problem is many but it is not even the sanction is being removed and i don't think that will have a serious impact because you have to change the way we actually run things the way we manage things and how the country has been run that is a problem that you know not the american or the rupee and are not going to come and run the country for us and then the people who run the country they have to change course and they have to actually come out with the right policies with the right way of running the country that is a problem blaming the sanctions and now we expose because assumption is we remove actually the situation is deteriorating even more before the sanctions the problem
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is the country infrastructure has been destroyed the management of the of the country need to be addressed and need to be reforms more inclusive missed within the government needs to happen and happen quickly for the sudan sudan to get out of this problem but otherwise we will going to be in this situation continuously day by day this is the comic is going. if the government is only developing this type of calm policies increasing taxes and putting more burden on the many million who are disadvantaged who don't use who cannot even afford a meal a day that's not cannot continue but what do you make of what you just heard that i mean let's face it omar bashir has been in power for almost thirty years now and he's not going to go just because people are out on the on the on the streets protesting against the mess that the economy is in and if somehow the government got its act together and had improved the lives of ordinary working people in sudan
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do you think people would put up with omar al bashir going forward of the people will. beyond a reasonable. even if he tried to give some cover my list of them call him alive but let's agree he can get this compromise he can call the situation that he's talking to to search years of governing this country so he will be trying to keep it power under the blood of this latest political will still fight back to gain their freedom and again that i believe a government that close people who are this. time of the day is not capable of providing any place for political argument or any pain all the democrats did so this case he said i will be welcomed in
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a very violent way but this is how the weight goes because the government is not giving a space for freedom of thought given a space for any. way also. discussion or argument with this post is like when you're going to be coming out to see the discussion. there are human and accomplishing and the call to have thought since the day they depend on the south i went for a lot more than seventy five percent of people think i'm. the government depending mainly on right when the prices. on the customs again i think come to support the. military powers with more than seventy five or seventy percent of the budget now it's taken so that to a very critical place where there including the army and the country it's all me in
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a very harsh place of trying to create an external enemy of the issue of if you via the. egypt and front took a stroll in the regional. with an it was the regional countries to display and trying to impose their power on the sudanese people by intending of having an external entity. external. force that will us. have got to get your thoughts or i've asked you a lot of questions about sudan's economy here and the reasons for these protests what do you think about the politics here where these protests will go whether they have the potential to grow any further and whether we're likely to see.
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any further violence in sudan i think. because this most of these protests are not where organized it's not been actually the opposition were actually calling people to come out and organizing them it is just some students and some people who actually feel the pain of the policies and they they came to diminish the adult will organize i think and now we start seeing some statement from well more parties or communist parties who done can get a spark to asking people to come to see it but until now there is no an organized. we're. asking people to come out and we want to give the statement arkell asking people to come out and actually you know remove the government or the government but as it is just talking there is nothing actually on the ground to actually make me believe that it isn't organize from the opposition which is going to actually force the government to change course or to turn the government until now it's
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immune to be seen it is not something that can actually say we will we will see today or tomorrow but the crucially still remain the comic problem will be and it is going to be even more hard that is more difficult for perfectly that is the issue this is people protesting against this type of policy is not going to go away if this policy is state that well as i said right at the beginning we invited representatives from sudan's government who were to come on the program to put the government's point of view none would accept our invitation gentlemen there we have to end our discussion many thanks indeed both of you have just been handed a better. sala and thank you for watching don't forget you can see the program again at any time just by going to the website at al-jazeera dot com to further discussion join us on our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle at a.j. inside story for me adrian figure the whole team here it go thanks for watching we'll see you again bye for now.
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only for doing something very strong to do you could get someone an ambitious young artist from the mean streets of mozambique to sit down to reveal the unseen truth about his country's. future to mozambique he didn't live to see this year he did because he did know that the college changes. the new african photography mario must sound at this time on al-jazeera. we here in the jerusalem bureau cover israeli palestinian affairs we cover this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible
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this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. facing realities the president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here their store. on talk to how does iraq at this time. unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question is for throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominated rector we're doing an investigation into. ukraine could you have a bribes you've been corrupt are corrupt i did just what president say al jazeera investigations the only goal at this time. in two
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thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. propose. some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time on al-jazeera i am. i am. south korea's president says he is open to meeting with north korean leader kim jong un but only under certain conditions. i am. i'm jadedness is algis their life and it was a coming up.


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