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over forty charges as i recall but primarily it was material support to terrorism the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the us i definitely showed that this was a political trial and that these were political prisoners because we were able to see the secret over them we were able to tell in a two part series al jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called war on terror the holy land at this time on al-jazeera world . south korea's president says he's open to meeting with north korean leader kim jong un but only under certain conditions. jane this is al jazeera life and. look over the trees are still.
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true. mudslides floods and a deadly rainstorm in southern california at least thirteen people are killed as dozens of homes are buried. more anger over stereotype protesters and to clash with police after the prime minister promises to crack down on rioters. protecting three quarters of a million young immigrants in the united states a judge issues an injunction to block donald trump's plan to deport them. south korea's president says he's open to meeting north korean leader kim jong un if certain conditions are met jane's comments follow choose days official talks between the two sides the first in more than two years from seoul kathy novak reports. the first official talks between north and south korea in more than two
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years ended with an agreement that could make president vision of a peace a limb pics a reality says domestic support for his policy of dialogue with north korea helped bring about the rare meeting and he had someone else to think as well. there will be accomplished mint of south korean dialogue was largely credited to president trump i'd like to express gratitude to him in a statement the white house welcome to the talks and said the u.s. and south korean presidents recently agreed to continue the campaign of maximum pressure on north korea toward the goal of complete and verifiable denuclearization moon says the other purpose of that pressure is to bring the north to the negotiating table adding that he would be willing to talk directly with north korea's leader kim jong un. i keep myself open to any meeting including a summit if it's helpful for an improvement of south and north korean relations or
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a settlement of the north korean nuclear issue president says even though south korea prefers a policy of engagement it also supports the u.s. approach of maximum pressure but he acknowledges that with more sanctions come more risks of escalating tensions that could lead to a possible armed conflict ultimately south korea wants to find a diplomatic solution to the problem of north korea's nuclear weapons but north korea has continued to indicate they are not up for negotiation. regarding the nuclear issues strategic weapons including atomic bomb hydrogen bomb and intercontinental ballistic missiles only aimed at the united states not our fellow koreans but moon says both south korea and the u.s. are threatened by the north's nuclear weapons and will continue to work together to address that threat kathy novak al jazeera seoul. beijing's ordered the closure of north korean businesses in china to comply with un sanctions it is one of
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pyongyang's main allies but the relationships been strained of late over north korea's nuclear program the deadline for the closure passed on choose day but as rob mcbride reports from beijing some businesses remain open. according to the directive yesterday the ninth was when all north korean restaurants were meant to have closed so that by today the tenth north korean lunch should be off the menu but we've just been inside this restaurant and were able to order a full meal with no sign of it being closed down we don't know exactly what the setup is here with this restaurant but it's suspected that some north korean restaurants may be changing their management structure to make it look as though they're now owned by chinese management when in fact money from them is still finding its way into north korea china has promised to implement fully old u.n. sanctions but coming off the claims that it's been allowing north korea to get around some other embargoes news that some north korean business is still seem to
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be operating will fuel suspicions of a disconnect between what china promises what china implements dozens of houses in southern california buried in a thick layer of mud and debris after a powerful storm the flooding and mudslides of killed at least thirteen people and forced thousands of others to abandon their homes rob reynolds reports from los angeles. torrential rains moving inland from the pacific ocean devastated the very same parts of california that were ravaged by wildfires last month the only words i can really think of to describe what it looked like was it looked like a world war one battlefield it was literally a carpet of mud and debris everywhere. deadly mudslides raced down canyons in montecito near santa barbara leveling homes and destroying everything the fires left on harm i heard the rumble of the rocks and looked over
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the river and the trees are just coming down true true true you heard of a little baby. came. down even the rescue. got it out of the bottle gets no. hope that's ok get to the right spot a car lay stranded the feet of its owner on known rivers of thick gray muck course through upscale neighborhoods and roads were overwhelmed including the major north south coastal highway one hundred one the recent fires stripped steep hillsides of brush and other vegetation that normally anchors the earth in place firefighters say the burnt landscape makes the soil more susceptible to giving way without warning in heavy rain what happens once the ground gets saturated the soil it starts giving it's kind of like building a sand castle at the beach says out sand get saturated with water it's going to
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slough off and that's what we're seeing here behind me. as crews work to clear roads and move debris word came that several residents had died in the floods thousands of others were under mandatory evacuation orders the death toll is expected to rise rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles these twenty nine people are dead after topical cycler and battered madagascar over the weekend emergency workers say the southeast region of matter is the worst affected further north many parts of the capital antenna riva remain flooded ava crossed into the island on friday bringing winds of up to one hundred ninety kilometers an hour several people are still missing and more than seventeen thousand have been displaced. temporary israeli checkpoints and roadblocks are cutting off the city of nablus and surrounding villages in the occupied west bank security forces are looking for the
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killer of an israeli rabbi the thirty five year old was killed in a drive by shooting near any legal israeli settlement the u.s. ambassador to israel has condemned hamas which applauded the killing. force that as more from west jerusalem. there is a major military operation underway in the occupied west bank as israeli soldiers who have been reinforced in the area are searching for the killers of this thirty five year old man a rabbi. who was a resident of the illegal outpost of hovered gilad and was shot in his vehicle on the main route outside that outpost from a passing vehicle israeli military isn't saying whether there was one shooter or more but they are searching for the perpetrator or perpetrators of this killing they have closed a number of roads in the area with checkpoints the main north south east one of the main ways linking the north and south of the occupied west bank has been cut off at
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the who are a checkpoint there also checkpoints which aren't allowing access into the city of nablus there are cameras along these routes and there have been reports over the last year of increasing use of cameras within palestinian villages as well so doubtless that will be part of the investigation the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has issued his condolences to the family of the dead man and also promising swift justice there are also a number of israeli politicians who are talking about retribution so there is obviously a major operation going on it may well be that the response to this spreads pretty widely police into nazir fired tear gas at demonstrators is stormed a supermarket in the capital tunis anti-government protests have been taken place since monday when people rallied in more than ten towns against planned price and tax rises test again and reports. it's the economy
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just as it was in tunisia during the revolution that spawned the arab spring in two thousand and eleven. tunisians are looking at their circumstances and saying enough . of them this time they're also saying not much has. changed since they succeeded in bringing democracy to their country. it's been seven years since twenty eleven and the government didn't do anything for us so it's natural to protest i think the demonstrations will be bigger than before because of these major price increases people are no longer accepting the high cost of living and that is contributing to the cost of the country poor people like me can no longer bad that bunch of these high prices imitate them i'm sorry. there have been protests across tunisia at least one man has been killed dozens of demonstrators arrested and petrol bombs have injured a number of police officers the government is urging people to protest peacefully
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we saw that. you have to think what happened yesterday is a violation of the law since the state of emergency has been declared in tunisia i mean these protests are the results of operations that aim to revive the unrest on social media protesters say they have only to look at their wallets to be reminded of how they're struggling to afford basic necessities anger has been bubbling since the government introduced austerity measures on january first after the government raised the price of fuel and taxes on many items in an attempt to reduce the annual deficit. by lim's the violence we witnessed yesterday the fans alyson of the stores and the private property we obviously don't accept it however it can be seen as a natural result of the starvation and the impoverishment of the tunisian people for years. while tunisia has been heralded as the one success story of the arab
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spring nine governments have been unable to ease the economic concerns that have driven protesters onto the streets people have vowed to continue demonstrating until the austerity measures are lifted natasha going to zero. in sudan. they've been more protests against high prices for bread and wheat products three people have been killed since sunday in scuffles with security forces the price increase is part of the government's measures to combat high inflation to opposition leaders have been arrested as police confiscate newspapers and crackdown on dissent to morgan has the latest from car too. right now in khartoum it's pretty quiet most of the properties have been happening here has been happening around one of sudan's mean averse to starting when you first there were students who were trying to go out on the streets to protest but they were met by riot police so they were prevented from coming out but we also know that protests happened around different parts of the country
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a student was killed in darfur and several opposition members of been arrested the sudanese congress party which is one of the major opposition parties in sudan reported that at least half a dozen of its members around the country have been arrested and that nearly a dozen of its students around the country have been arrested as well and they've been calling on the government to release them now let's remember that the protest thought it not just because of the government lifting subsidies are subsidies of the wheat products in the country but also because of the the country's economic situation the dollar and the sudanese pounds the responsibility to the dollar has been devaluing sensor two thousand and five when it was one one dollar two to sit in these pounds then it went on to want to eat in two thousand and twelve and want to twenty eight up until early january just yesterday it had a record low where one dollar is equals to thirty sudanese pounds and the world bank said more than half of the country's population lives below the poverty line still ahead on al-jazeera donald trump's former adviser steps down from the right wing break bad news after public forty out of the us president. iran and
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still no government northern ireland's political troubles. hello sometimes the satellite can follow the heaviest rains it moves across an area this is a case important massive war as it left been to was fifty nine degrees of rain has been heading straight towards the other side of the peninsula and here in just six hours it's left. even more like sixty five millimeters so this skinny more to come into that if anywhere is the area where rain will likely be a feature in the next day or so it includes columba singapore and that circulation may turn into something of a proper circulation of tropical depression heavy rain is lucky from that it does
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string up through work sub out towards the southern philippines but you can see where the concentration is equally south of that and is the wet time the if a northern territory of australia we've had some pretty heavy rain like nineteen beaches in twenty four hours or around your territory but this kind of cloud he could in the next two or three days maybe set into a circulation again provides a lot of writing for this part of australia it's the right time of the year for it admittedly for the science that string gives you rain for adelaide brought on we get to friday sydney's temperature of twenty eight is a mish outer of what it was a few days ago we had a record breaking heat but it's still nice warm summer. in the fertility it's something very strong and you could meet someone and then basis taste from the mean streets of my zambia a city to reveal the unseen truth about his country. to mozambique he didn't like
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to see visit him because he did no good in politics changing. african photography. this time now to see. well there you watching al-jazeera the top stories south korea's president says he is open to meeting north korean leader kim jong un if certain conditions are met i mean jay in says he has no plans to ease sanctions against pyongyang and till it ends its nuclear program. dozens of houses in southern california are buried in a thick layer of mud and debris after
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a powerful storm the flooding and mudslides have killed at least thirteen people and forced thousands of others to abandon their homes. temporary israeli checkpoints and roadblocks are cutting off the city of nablus and surrounding villages in the occupied west bank security forces are looking for the killer of any israeli rabbi following that attack there are reports of israeli settlers throwing stones at palestinians driving through the area up to fifty migrants are feared drowned off the coast of libya after their rubber boat sank the coast guard found sixteen survivors of the city of a week or migrants from two other boats trying to make the journey across the mediterranean sea were rescued libya is the most common departure point for migrants trying to reach europe from africa by sea and u.s. judges blocked the trumpet ministration from ending and obama era program that protects immigrants who entered the country as children without documents the
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deferred action for childhood arrivals program provides legal status to around eight hundred thousand young adults the judge said they would suffer serious irreparable harm dacca ended abruptly decided to stop the policy in march but congress has remained deadlocked on the issue despite this blow to trump's immigration reforms one thing he's not backing down on is the border wall with mexico to get more from cuba to help kids in washington d.c. . well certainly there has been repeated speculation about the president's mental fitness when it comes to his presidency those accusations intensifying in the past week but that may have been countered by a spontaneous press conference by the president a bipartisan appearance of both democratic and republican lawmakers here at the white house that appeared to run in front of the press real time negotiations on a thorny issue that has been under resolvable in the united states for years and
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that is the issue of illegal immigration as well as border security the president showing that he not only despite accusations to the contrary was engaged in new the issues but he also seemed to signal that there was a willingness to work with his critics particularly when it comes to issues like border security and something known as doc our deferred action on childhood arrivals essentially what to do about thousands of illegal immigrants brought to the united states living here for years but brought here as children many now adults we don't have six months from the start but i think you're going to negotiate i mean well agreement we won't i mean you know it's possible we're not going to agree with you when it's possible but there should be no reason for us not to get this done that joke i will say when this group comes back hopefully with that agreement this group and others from the senate from the house comes back with an agreement i'm trying to get i mean i will be signing now the issue of immigration is key to a looming deadline and that is funding the u.s.
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government that deadline a little more than a week away may have something to do with the fact that republicans democrats along with the president working together in a bipartisan fashion the president is still insisting that he wants funding for his border wall along with southern u.s. border with mexico but seems to be striking a more conciliatory tone with his political opponents that may have something to do with the fact that this is an election year congressional elections are set to be held in november. donald trump's former advisors steve bannan has resigned from his role as executive chairman of the right wing news website a break but this comes just days after bannon's remarks about charm and his son and new book bannon called a twenty sixteen meeting between donald trump jr and a group of russians treasonous bill schneider is a professor of public policy at george mason university he thinks chum's forty odd was steve bannon maybe temporary donald trump is very critical he calls him what do
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you call him sloppy steve and he denounced him he said that he thought he had lost his mind but trump has this history of attacking people and then eventually reconciling with them if trouble needs bannan particularly as we get closer to twenty twenty banning could be resurrected everything depends on how donald trump regards the ban and how we use him how he treats him most republican members of congress critically in the senate especially the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell they're doing a little happy dance tonight because they're very pleased with the downfall of the band and he was threatening to oppose them with insurgent candidates the insurgent candidates are still there look before there was the man and there was a tea party movement which ran insurgents against republican incumbents so the threat is still there but battle really a pit in my eyes than personalized that threat so for the moment the republican establishment is relieved casaus foreign ministry is considering more legal moves
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against the blockade inflicted by four arab nations on humanitarian grounds saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt cut ties with doha seven months ago cutting off their ass space and banning catteries from entry a un human rights council investigation found the blockade was having a great impact on qatar's population by separating families it also said the measures weren't only aimed at the government but also the people qatar says that's proof enough to move forward with international arbitration. malaysia's government has signed an agreement with the u.s. based private firm to resume the search for m h three seventy the malaysia airlines plane disappeared with two hundred thirty people on board in twenty fourteen the company ocean infiniti has dispatched a vessel to the southern indian ocean to look for debris from the plane under the deal payments will only be made if the wreckage is found i feel very happy and then
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it's in time also a bit pending you know whether it can be below you know it's just like back to you know four years ago when we have to every day. and the baby can be found a three month cease fire has expired in colombia but rebels have agreed with government leaders to negotiate another one the national liberation army or e l n ended its truce with no direct confrontations for one hundred one days that's unprecedented in fifty years of conflict in colombia but both sides accuse each other violations including the killing of a governor as well as seven coca farmers northern ireland is no closer to having a government twelve months after the power sharing of ministration collapsed politicians in belfast are warning that the peace process could be at risk and they're blaming government leaders in london for failing to guarantee security and economic stability lawrence lee reports. when the mainstay of an economy is farming
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you might expect it to be reassured that it's safe in a changing world but apparently not the border between northern ireland and the republic is fifteen kilometers down the road and cross border trade is crucial yet there has been no agriculture minister in northern ireland for nearly a year brics it is knocking on the door the farmers have come to look at politicians like these sheep leaderless and quite stupid it is hugely frustrating with that minister and players to make the final decision to be sitting round the table. getting the point across about the importance of northern ireland are great culture. it is frustrating to recap the former leader of the irish nationalists shin fein party collapse the government shared with the pro british unionists a year ago when their problems became too difficult to resolve since then the two sides have refused to compromise. it means in the government buildings in belfast
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the lights are on but nobody's home no major piece of local legislation or work in northern ireland can happen there is no sign of a resolution it's only fourteen months until this province is on the front line of a u.k. outside the european union everything here has gone wrong at once the people voted to stay in the european union but the u.k.'s leaving anyway the government fell apart and after a year shows no sign of be able to get back together the u.k. government has proved incapable of sorting it out let alone the much greater issue of what's going to happen to the border between northern and southern islands and all that volatility that sense a vacuum is very dangerous for a province that's not really at peace with itself predictably nationalists who wants a united ireland and hate the idea of borders here are looking to dublin to help them two hundred leading nationalist figures written a joint letter to the irish prime minister urging him to in-city by virtue of the
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fact that there is a constitutional vacuum. there only. considered conclusion from bob is there is a risk to the peace process. caused by bribes that but as with everything here the same argument cuts both ways union this argument a violent is helping the nationalists when they lead london to support them it is very unnerving for unionists and i think that there is an irony in this a very deep irony that the d.p. with the largest voice in northern ireland calling for breaks that they are not the party which faces deep uncertainty as a result of breaks it and what was once an absolutely and cast down guarantee it seemed for at least a generation in northern ireland would remain british is no longer quite as certain as it seemed the good friday agreement is twenty years old in april the treaty which officially ended the sectarian war here has guaranteed the peace since then but brecht's it as throw it into doubt london and dublin between them it's
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a cut through the fog at the moment nobody has any idea how closely al jazeera belfast internet activists and opposition politicians in germany are outraged about a new law aimed at combating online hate speech facebook twitter and other social media sites are being forced to move offensive content or face fines of up to sixty million dollars david chaytor reports from berlin the first victim of the new law is no less than the deputy leader of the extreme right alternative for germany party beatrix one stalk responded to a new year's eve greeting by police in cologne posted in arabic on twitter the city was the scene two years ago of mass sexual assaults celebrations both of the suspects were described as being of north african origin. in a post on twitter and facebook she asks what the hell is happening in this country do you think it's to appease the barbaric gang raping hordes of muslim men stalks
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accounts were temporarily suspended on the ground should violated the new hate speech law party said legitimate political opinions have been censored not about censorship but of course this law does give politicians like mrs fun story the opportunity to claim that there is political censorship in germany and to portray herself as a martyr and i think this is one of the biggest political mistakes in passing the end i hate speech law because it helps parties like the if the to transport their narratives into the population and gain greater popularity the justice minister heiko marse who introduced the legislation said it will prevent calls to murder hate speech and holocaust denial which he described as attacks on other people's freedom of expression but opposition is mounting the green party is leading the charge for changes in the law. it's
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a very sensitive area and the question of where freedom of speech ends and the protection of personal rights begins has been determined to the very highest judicial levels in germany for decades the law now is too abrasive and gives too much power to the companies facebook says the legislation is fundamentally new it's unique in the world because of its complexity is a challenge for all involved even though german satirical magazine on the internet has become a victim of the new laws twitter suspended their account after the use of frayed barbaric hordes while poking fun at the controversy. i spoke to the editor in frankfurt over skype yes. we'll have to keep watching this because funny talk is ambivalent and we know that real people struggle with it how are a bunch of what's going to distinguish german courts struggle as well the magazine
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is now back online its latest issue has a cartoon of president donald trump asking his secretary of state how they can restore some safety rex tillerson replies stop all this tweeting you idiot david chaytor al jazeera belin. swedish clothing retailer h. and m. has apologized and removed an advertisement that some are calling racist the company posted a picture of a black child wearing a sweatshirt with the slogan coolest monkey in the jungle n.b.a. star le bron james responded by changing the words to king of the world a canadian singer who designed a clothing line for the company said he would be cutting ties. the top stories on al-jazeera south korea's president says he's open to meeting north korean leader kim jong un if certain conditions are met i mean jane says he has no plans to ease sanctions against pyongyang until it ends its nuclear program
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is comments followed tuesday's official talks between the two sides a first in more than two years. i keep myself open to any media including the summer with north korea if it's helpful for an improvement of north relations or a settlement of the north korean nuclear issue but to have the summit some conditions must be established i think a certain level of success must be guaranteed dozens of homes in southern california buried in a thick layer of mud and debris after a powerful storm the flooding and mudslides of killed at least thirteen people and forced thousands of others to abandon their homes recent fires have made the area vulnerable to flooding temporary israeli checkpoints and roadblocks are cutting off the city of nablus and surrounding villages in the occupied west bank security forces are looking for the killer of an israeli rabbi police internet fired tear gas and demonstrators are stormed a supermarket in the capital tunis anti-government protests have been taking place
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since monday when people rallied in more than ten towns against planned price and tax rises. well protests are happening in sudan over high prices for bread and wheat products three people have been killed since sunday in scuffles with security forces the price increase is one of the government's measures to combat high inflation donald trump's former adviser steve bannon has resigned from his role as executive chairman of the right wing news website break but this comes just days after bannon's remarks about trump and his son in a new book bannon called the twenty sixteen meeting between donald trump jr and a group of russians treasonous a u.s. judge has blocked the trumpet ministration from ending and a bomb era program that protects immigrants who enter the country without documents as children the deferred action for childhood arrivals program provides legal status to around eight hundred thousand young adults those are the headlines
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artscape is coming up next ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of it. but it's been a long but i wanted years ago photography was a call go deal to god and i don't want to break the. primer i'm for the independent competent. in the post-colonial good for photographers like my legs did you call for. what else.


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