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tv   Mario Macilau  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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demonstrators stormed a supermarket in the capital tunis anti-government protests have been taking place since monday when people rallied in more than ten towns against planned price and tax rises more protests are happening in sudan over high prices for bread and wheat products three people have been killed since sunday in scuffles with security forces the price increase is one of the government's measures to combat high inflation donald trump's former adviser steve bannon has resigned from his role as executive chairman of the right wing news website break but this comes just days after bannon's remarks about trump and his son in a new book called the twenty sixteen meeting between donald trump jr and a group of russians treasonous a u.s. judge has blocked the trumpet ministration from ending and obama era program that protect immigrants who enter the country without documents as children the deferred action for childhood arrivals program provides legal status to around eight hundred
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thousand young adults those are the headlines artscape is coming up next. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of its image but it's been a long shot him on that he has that goal for dug up he was a colonial to god and had to write about a place on a. crime or a camp of independent copper printed in the post-colonial for photographers like my legs the big shot that you call for us. but elsewhere the narrative was of
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a color up on manageable continent often reduced to just one is. now a new generation you see in photography to celebrate to question and represent a continent on the run. through damn. car.
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as a photographer. face as a true frank as a human being yes when you aren't. there i care only for dollar fees not like organization like in any jew or that there's a goal is to develop the warded to change this to change is for me photography it's something very strong to communicate with someone. this is a polish on a different for the take in different countries in africa so some for those i take a muslim bigot but not necessarily in my border so therefore there's a turkey i was in gaza proceeds.
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because i'm a photographer and i believe in for a job or to change people's minds and say. wow it's wonderful. it's. through. the. being a photo the food it's being there for you see. into the world. was
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only for me to last it's my country but. next. there's no system development there's no middle class and women need. only your very soon or your very point. oh. my. goodness well that this other is one of the little moments in the book and then the food is out of. the blue. so do the one that did the most. will be. marco.
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our no one homer. thank you. i want to sit down. and enjoy my c.n.n. money i. sincerely complain i want to know i am getting. my mom's credit was easy and i will not and do not. know well i am going to quit going to cause it has to solve our national vision madness and i do every day and then you can actually get an answer for the most gold in the area of the most our negative on someone you know a guy. where i was young but i do not have a condition from my family like to go to school. but i sort of like selling feet seem a street for people and entire. it was difficult to go because so i ended up sleeping in the streets the abuse three afterward. i started also to good use was with
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rides in our local as a child so it was very. very hard moment or a very hard time but for now in that time it was like something normal you know that something just before our. standing on my leg on one of the move and then one can ask or put in a name to know before talking all now marginal. as in my least a hole in them and of that and i don't usually angela was a mother and i don't mend them and there she is now welcome home sound guy i'm assuming that she does when i'm in now my little medical model but i sound i can remember some of them on and i know that they have this one last time so i'm going to have no what hasn't been fundamentally again if you find one to give me. there's one guy that's used to work or an airport to give us for many who do on
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camera and didn't target to come and be give to the guy and the guy didn't know how to use dick armey and he didn't know where to sell the camera. so he came to me and you want to sell the camera for me i told him say i give you my santa fun and you give me to come in. the. afternoon for two of. my work. when i start to get late my fests points saw and so i go to lake another office and a frontal target i met in the senate and that was one ensures apple. village
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is. just the kind of the developed world no shared earth. but you know this is just the beginning of this dark job so. serious to live without it but the other time i did them then please. let some of. you come into. the long term project just one day and i need to stand in front of the world
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and. what she will be conclusive their garbage to do. maybe as not to go before one hundred people. i decide to go more inside of. these people to share their moments and should be with them they were about to change. as a sum for just attention. all. the. worse while. with. the results tomorrow they
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were about. to. abandon. over the more i love. of all. i am a person with catalan compass and i do look on as a poor people i don't look on them as the people that are suffering because i guess in the spirit i look on them as human beings as human beings that they're living on deeds or on that situation. rich people mozambique did they don't like to see this reality because they know that this power to change it so that's why this is why i didn't come to my house to take photos me eating. if i took photos just person eating if you want to change anything so the problem is that these people that they're living in poverty if i can see like that or are people that are living
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injustice is very important issue does relate to because this really has been hided . that's why i spend my time and i spend my minority. so you know if you could have. been noted it considered seriously. under. there it's. as good as that's what.
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someone on my cell phone was the best. one cares a lot of. this country or not as it is. still doing. the world. a world where they feel you know the. way they're the early the feel.
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there's. the learn their own through the. she. was saying the ease. with which. to. go in the. post put. her in the air with us here on the bench i can. tell you. it was coming down fast. and the first.
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place not. on. someone. they know that. is a really good team wants to make a name for me here once we get out. i got i'm just going to put on the yard then the lessons of us and i just don't perform well. in your. brain. and among them am
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a. victim of the media to step out of his built a deal done. he says i'm the strangest died doing something that was i mean you bush i know yes you do get is not me that. was. i thought that the. front. of the.
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to to show up with. a new and possibly different place to shoot i want you to photos of almost a week and you should well want to see what's happened after difference give us a sense of course of. the freshman fifteen to put the. fish on the water what are the sources of. this again referred to when i came in the midst of it. is. the. no one cherry to
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piss and see your top band but just a chance they're all you disappoint sequence and then also want to take some photos there. so they're trying to show. is a leaflet you found fault but. if you do miss all the food scene shop and so do you hear the point these days. since. the. cup. sometimes taking photos is boring you know. it's not so i can very easily have to
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think you have to see. and sometimes you feel like you're not connected so you know . this to be like where four little c.n.n. center for yammer away. right now. and sometimes you best you want to put one place and when you're right it's not what you're spending or thinking my. question. but what i'm pushing a lot of i'm going to feast my. heart . so it's something that you need a little fresh air and jamie. so you know.
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there's nothing. i didn't or take it all for what i was suspecting in terms of my vision i did not find some strain that can complete my pretty. fast. i'm. feeling the sinking feeling tired legs sleepy trying to make up. the time to provide immediate change things to try to see. now you say you know your. name a lot i. never know you like that.
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now lemme comment. if it's true and i was but this. is. with those guys but people get the facts and.
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very little because of what i said is that. because of. the show. what under almost. anything but i've run your paper funny. yet. i like to supply or. we do you mind being sly. and the more so they're muslim to project their religion also to dish. or saw the you in my you know you by name and i mean the environment. this is part of human beings.
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before me to take photos it's not a decision. i lead to the image is that they're very significant parts of human being smashed. a colony would need to. for in addition. we've done everything and.
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so has learned one i was one of the one to find. i was not even using photoshop and there's enough to finish it before you take the fourth. and you. cannot get. it all but. you get to buy ne i want to be can do their best so one of them is young photo from the one i don't know what to do with. it. i'm not looking for condition it. is often quite good but i'm looking for money to invest in my wallet to try is what they're what i wanted to do to travel to do my project in the country that i when i totally.
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missed your own wouldn't answer. any of these churches which. is the opposite of. the mission to open my eyes to do. to make is to be shown and not to waiting for a sponsor. that's just my dream you know if i say that or i'm a major national. i don't tell you what i don't like to have but i like what i have. to. sometimes. six months or so.
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to. her. this is no game play it's business slate no movement trainers and resumes the law make. the they come their hosts the brain teasers modern gambling with their legs the anything the just earned the lead risking it all to destroy the one zero zero. business update scroll to you by qatar airways going
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places together. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together there were
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over forty charges as i recall but it was material support for terrorism the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the usa. and the fees were political prisoners because we were able to see the secret of it and we were able to tell it in a series al-jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called war on terror the holy land falling. on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes south korea's president says he's open to meeting is north korea.


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