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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 7  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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arbitrarily there needs to be a greater degree of responsibility recognized by europe but there are part of this for the two hundred thirty people have been arrested during anti a start to protest in tunisia rallies have been held in more than twenty cities including the capital tunis where demonstrators stormed a supermarket and fought with police just as angry about the government's price and tax hikes purchase of continued in sudan over high prices for bread and point products at least three people have been killed since sunday in fighting the security forces the price increase is part of the government's effort to fight inflation she donned interior minister is warning that violent protest is will be dealt with forcefully. at least twenty nine people are now known to have died after a cycle and swept through eastern madagascar over the weekend dozens are missing and move thirteen thousand have been displaced several schools have been closed because of flooding and the risk of landslides there's headlines to stay with us an
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al-jazeera stop it's the stream i'll see you after that by phone or. i mean ok your industry i really could be alive today a recent rise in attacks on migrants shining the front light on racism in great i'd also calling on the country to examine the growing popularity of a right wing political party. since december the twenty fifth more than thirty homes of migrant laborers have
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been the target of violence in the greek city of us those behind the attacks are believed to be members of the neo fascist political party golden dawn the group has grown in popularity over the years thanks to their rhetoric and their ability to use the national resentment over greece's financial crisis and two hundred sixteen the government established an official office for complaints of fascism and violence but activists say there's been a little help so here to help us talk about this. he's in athens city counselor and the national coordinator of her that's an anti-fascist organization dedicated to fighting racism you know who's the president of the greek forum on refugees tina's stuff in that she's a human rights lawyer and assistant coordinator at the racist violence recording network out in cyprus and told us al lead us he's an associate professor of political science at the university of cyprus is also coming to working on
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a book about the rise of golden dawn it's good to see you everybody wish it was under better circumstances i want to show you a picture audience i guess as well this is as fact of mahmoud he was one of two migrant laborers he was attacked and this was behind at the end of last year it was the end of last year we're going to little bit closer you can see. some of his wounds and another attack here you knew so when you see this when you see these attacks. can you relate this is resonate with is this part of what you're trying to prevent injuries. ok when i see these pictures and they are lydy have a file of. tens of pictures like this that i myself i have witnessed and i have shoot at them and they mean my still also i have been with things of. attacks in my office. so i want to explain more of the attacks itself it was not the big issue
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for as the big issue especially for me i was there witnessing recording and also. playing it and also taking it to the authorities the big issue was also the reactions of the authorities for example when i was attacked when the police came when i referred to the police stations when i started and when i said that i want to make a complaint the reaction of the police and the cities that was the shocking for me that the police went in front of the police station and say the so if you want to make a complaint i will put you in that the detention center for three nights it was the shocking point for me that i was the president of organization i knew the language i have documents so all for thousands and thousands of refugees and migrants that they didn't have documented they didn't know language and nothing nothing so you can imagine what does it mean. rushes and wildlings on that time and those an eleven ten eleven ten eleven. twelve and thirteen and fourteen like there's.
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so petros you know what eunice is talking about there detailing there is perhaps a wider perception an attitude towards attacks like these and we're seeing that online as well what that wider perception looks like al-jazeera english it's out this tweet it's been happening at least three times per week the anti migrant attack surging in paris and we got this response to that tweet nick says greeks don't have the basic needs to survive do you think that we care about them he goes on to say i'm a young nineteen year old greek unemployment is at fifty percent for the young people and i don't have a future i'm always anxious about how i'm going to survive when i hear refugees complaining about their basic needs i'm really sorry but i don't care about them i can't explain it any better than that petros can you talk to us about some of the attitudes that are still similar to nixon perhaps similar to the police officers that eunice is talking about. agreeably the actions are just mission records and
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a tiny minority county when the in two thousand and sixteen more than one million that if you just came in greece from from from the items eighty five percent of the population was supporting that if you just in fifty five percent of the population it just gave something what the open the house give support with clothes and. the movement here in greece bradley fought for opening the border and giving human conditions for. and for housing for all of this to people of course in greece because you we saw it in the faces of the refugees who are on top that situation sometimes it's much worse in greece we have madness but at the moment there's hope for august recess and musician shows up mcmunn and then he wanted. to do it by squads of the golden dawn in greece gracie's comes from about to come from the
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government but have also and you're going to pardon that have organized or these attacks a lot of attacks that were all. organized for us from the period before i would say from two thousand and ten to two thousand and fifteen that's the day that the. august recess wasn't mad and the police and the government moved to a crackdown against then you're not just hundreds and more than one thousand people they were spam they were caught after that or be subtypes they fell or goes to war sometimes and not two of the hundreds in the house and the. most of the tax increase they were really good with and you're not popular been known then no one trial yet. you've got to get in two thousand and thirteen the whole program into group and that in prison because of the method of problems faced us and now we are
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motor. yes there are. it's. not so recent members and for hundreds of attacks against them i guess and if you just so what is important in greece we can't be near ninety out the organizing for or against all of these attacks the police was commenting over these acts and that's part of the policeman they were members of god and gone into account in their actions so we're going to spend before the really going going public in august want to thank you. we were thinking that we have immunity actions saying no because. let me just let me just bring an antagonistic antonius you know we're working right now in a book about golden dawn so the court cases people being put into prison does that mean that golden door now is shrinking that the efforts to spread that
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philosophy frankly deafening. well i think what is really alarming is electorally it hasn't really gone down that much since the trial has started or since the arrests of two thousand and thirteen after the murders so it's now the third biggest party greece. you've got something like seven percent and it's falling slightly higher organizationally it has been in decline i would say since two thousand and thirteen so it's local branches. a number of them have shut down it's very difficult for the party to be out in the streets in part because of the anti fascist mobilization that has been taking place across a number of cities primarily large urban centers so i think this attacks recent attacks in three areas are very alarming and to some
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extent they are surprising because. these are gonna zation is largely in decline so . one would think that. this wouldn't be happening on the other hand we've seen this happen before we've seen it happen in two thousand and twelve in two thousand and thirteen very similar attacks by people who are associated with the golden dawn and they're now facing trial for crimes or nearly killing or killing people so on the one hand it's not surprising we've said it before on other hand this organization at least in terms of its infrastructure is seems to be in decline so it is a bit surprising that we see this imperious at this at this moment so i don't as i hear you there and of course you are writing a book on this so i will defer to you as the expert here on whether or not they're declining but there is a sentiment online that's afraid that they're not so it have
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a listen to this video comment this is from mary she's a researcher who is also researching golden dawn and this is what she told the stream support for bold on increase is very small and has declined since twenty twelve rather than grown they now hold sixteen seats out of three hundred however it is significant that a disproportionate number of greek police seem to support the us that could be provided as male protection for don inspired by and there's some evidence that this is the case and true the impact of gold on might be greater than what we think. so shipments and they are declining what she brings up a point that we heard petro spring and eunice bring up about the police that relates to something in this tweet this is from mariana who says what seems more dangerous to me is not a golden dawn societal influence as it's clear where they represent where they come from what concerns me the most is the way the refugee crisis is used by other parties in the so-called democratic spectrum she goes on to say take for example the fact that popular high ranking in p.s.
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of the main opposition party in greece share similar attitudes towards refugees with golden dawn their rhetoric will have a much more negative impact than golden dawns and the rhetoric will shape people's attitudes tina what do you make of that this is wider than just say golden dawn. if they're made out something to what has been said before yes i mean their acts have been clearly decreased since the persecution of going under the little members and that's why i tell you the outcome of this trial is so important for the development of a group of islands but we have also do do do do we say do you know that i mean that dollar i wasn't joining in previous years also you know not only the head you know this has. been great but also the they've got the group just like the media has with this violence so in a smaller us they're going to said before are we having no you know small cities we
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have this groups you know that we have not backed by groups on by. now because there have been we have a slight increase aid and those have indeed so they're all the the got that right that trial is ongoing and we see that they don't i let to be you know members of the and old but the violence is there and they want to or other has not been has not changed as you said it's very violent very violent that they're the victims suffered multiple injuries as who has you tolerate the boat and get their response that the authorities and their other viruses and guard and tina are you seeing a difference between attacks on migrant laborers perhaps our attacks on refugees is there any difference between these kind of attacks and not really because there are you know whenever we talk about the group via group by groups there are mostly you know what cycle are on food groups or you know losing very. rason idols
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you know very violent objects but i got one or two persons of the east they also you know it was very very violent the abuse very very violent the victims there and also was. many gays the big road so we have. gays is that why you reach just do so and. i have to say that you know since the well we managed to wear a lot and we managed to who want to fly the lotion and. we for. undocumented you know migrants living over to do good to have lives as does this although in practice it's more complicated. then. you see that only victims and it's very difficult for victims who do. go to do the least. of the support but. just as many other
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victims of violence. just take a pause for a moment i want to take out when it's back to june twenty twelve and that was when golden dawn had just won several seats in parliament and one of those members has adela's participated in a political chat show it was a great television i want to show you how he handled himself have a look. because there's a message in the grass you know the real the she. has not the only time that's happened. petrus it will be wrong to say that here's one golden door member this means that they're all violent because the way that he conducted himself but there is this seems to be this theme of violence that runs
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from this movement i want to make sure that i haven't run it all out of proportion do you see that because you are fighting it in greece. the passion that you showed that he is now elected in the in the parliament and also in athens municipality as councillor he was one of the educators of the start of more troops now in the process of the trial we see a lot of people he was also living in a big problem in the streets in the streets of athens with a group of four fascists that were taken in the daylight a lot of migrants and i mean the big problem in greece is that this party they entered the parliament and they're using the parliamentary dues in their or electoral success in order to build a classical stormtroopers as adult hitler was building in the in the period of the
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therapies but we should start also the other part of the picture in greece there is a huge and the fascist movement from the two thousand and thirteen when they met their publisher faces and the whole bit of the process of the trial started hundreds of thousands of greek people they got on the streets and they are. shouting loudly that this party should be stopped their offices they should be closed they shouldn't be given space in the media the greek parliament has already voted that the money that is there that they could get from the budget has been stopped because of the trial so. there is an effort by the units or god are going to say ok we are. one political party or the others this is not the truth. that in the middle of an economic crisis in a political crisis they try to exploit. this but hopefully that is because it's
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something that in this country and i want to say to all the people that are watching that on seven march this year there's some kind of national day of fight against racism fascists because we see this voice and this political forces are rising in europe are rising in france a rise in nasiriya what are they are not getting. the government are rising in germany so for us it's not only to describe all of these but nasty picture but it does show that in greece various issues and the fastest movement that comes just so i hear what you're saying and hear someone who might agree with you this is romney on twitter he says one issue is the roots of attraction to far right groups among drinks many golden dawn supporters are just angry greeks who lost their jobs or can't enjoy life as they used to before the economic crisis policymakers and banks are the cause of that crisis but they're not seen on the streets while refugees are
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visible to an angry public on the streets which makes them vulnerable a lot of people eunice are seeing this as a reason for why there is anger there and they're saying the government isn't doing enough but in two thousand and sixteen the ministry of justice and acted a committee to fight racism and xenophobia you're on that committee do you see that as part of the efforts what what's happened so far. yeah of course there are going to have been some positive esteem since two thousand and fifteen of course many positivistic serious racially in judicial system and also university and even and and police stations as you mentioned a good first step there are some good escapes at the society also as it's mentioned of course we have very colorful and fascist. movements that they are supporting but for us as refugees but still be fair or they are that's the reality that we see
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that of course we don't have attacks of course the attacks are have been decreased . much more now we don't have the incidents that we had every day and i can remember that attacks we had in one day on refugees and migrants at the streets of athens just at the center of our so but the problem is that we know that it causes in the parliament a golden dawn is the first party which is which is concerning for us of course they are not attacking but but they can sure as that they are there they have power and they are powerful so i think that the government this is society and all the party should should concern about this issue that this party should not be even in the in the parliament that but it is now the third party of course it is it is not a big numbers of chairs in the parliament but it is a good opportunity fourteen for me in that they are. using this it is it is the most important and from the other point i want to say something else also as i said
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in judicial and also some changes some positive changes we have seen but one things that even the government and also i don't see and public debate it is the problem of raising awareness to the migrants and refugees themselves we know that most of them they are coming from afghanistan which with decades they have been victims of violence or rushton violence or any kind of other while. orks i gamble from you know it all for syria what could this people they have been a leader with his oppression to be a country so when they are coming in greet most of them they know they don't know the other writes about fascism violence they don't know if they should google to make a complaint so there is a big gap in and we are raising awareness to that. to migrants and refugees themselves because we know greece is also a country after country even know people that they are entering greece for the first time in a you can country in a place that they make a complaint on the police that there is
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a system that somehow they protect. but you see it is an issue of do anything in the compounds compounds the challenges let me show you something here and tell us if you don't your own use to block the account of greece's far right golden dawn party what impact could that possibly have on tennis so the golden dawn does not have. major resources at this point because it doesn't have state funding to communicate with voters through the mainstream media so it has been using social media quite a bit both its web site as well as social media so denying it the possibility to use twitter is important about it's also i think of a strong signal about what people in water than eyes asians both national and international can do to. push parties to become more
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democratic or to become democratic or to deny them. the possibility to be part of the national dialogue if they are not so i think it's a big dilemma that democracies face internationally what should they do with actors that are not democratic and what kind of tools can they use to combat extremism so i think twitter is sending a very strong signal about what can be done and from that point on of course we have to sit down and wait and see. what effect this have on the electoral support of this parties i wonder though if move this like twitter to ban the party on that platform will have a backlash without this tweet from marcos who says golden dawn of the third largest party in greece in both the greek parliament and the e.u. parliament was banned from twitter anyone it was against third world for a place that migration as he puts it is an extremist neo nazi to even suggest that
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greece is for the greeks is the big streamed by the corporate media and globalist shills this is actually on the internet not directly to the stream but this is a concept that's out there tina what do you make of what he's saying a person is also not quite i think one of them maybe this question is. directly related to the outcome of the golden dawn because i mean if it's as if it's found as criminals in addition to me. i think everything you know. i mean you know expression is only one of. us but anything in any case you know cleaning up i mean the. rape case these may not be excused especially when we do the size and. so we have paid us and we have. do you know.
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but i think that's why. you know the outcome of this trial very very designs. just to feel that the team is very briefly right the end of the do that with the end of golden dawn that's done then we're done with it depends on her friends. and their decision and really you know how it will be handled by media editor as well and we're not going to hear holder and we said that a core of what. petraeus we thank you very much for being part of this conversation the last word to mariane on twitter he says the main question though is whether this rhetoric will translate into votes in future elections thank you very much guests thank you community we continue our conversation always at the
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screen using hash tag eight a stream on lights the next time. coveted beyond wealth thank you very much taken without hesitation. fought and died for. our defines our wild.
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