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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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title senator. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of that you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on their. and that's the way al-jazeera is a fall into the true media network. a rare admission mean mars minute trick sets that if soldiers killed ten were hidden gems bodies were found in a mass grave. down
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in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a setback for peace colombia pulled out of talks with the country's second largest rebel group. it's sandal a get freight train coming down the hill survivors recall moments of horror as mudslides tale of a dozen people in california and unable to afford a home the poorest people in brazil's largest city take matters into their own hands. me a military has admitted its soldiers killed ten ranger muslims captured by buddhist villages their remains were found in a mass grave in rakhine state last month the army's commander in chief as valid to take action against the soldiers is thought to be the military's first public admission of wrongdoing since it launched a crackdown in rakhine in august the aid group doctors without borders says at least six thousand seven hundred have been killed since then but if to cause
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a senior fellow at georgetown university he says the international community needs to maintain the pressure on me and. obviously there is a unanimous international condemnation of what's going on in myanmar and i think that until me and my government you know allows for free access to reporters to human rights observers to come in to see what's going on in a kind province you know i think that you know we're going to continue to see this downplaying from the government there you know continuing pressure has to be placed on the de facto leader one thousand nine hundred one nobel peace prize winner aung sang suu kyi there have been over ten nobel peace prize laureates including archbishop desmond tutu mulatto uses i mean with some of us who've called on sons to cheat to condemn what's going on there and until she has the ethical and political backbone you know taken in these actions i think that we're not going to see a lot of movement from the military i think it's important for the political pressure to be placed on her office to ensure that human rights observers and media outlets
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are allowed unfettered access. now the media has been gagged from reporting on the crisis to reuters journalists have been formally charged for breaching a secrecy nor reports. the two journalists were arrested on december the twelfth they've been covering the crisis in rakhine state where hundreds of thousands of revenge of muslims have fled a crackdown on the myanmar military thirty one year old while alone and jules twenty seven are accused of being given classified documents by two policemen prosecutors have charged him under the country's official secrets act which carries a maximum sentence of fourteen years in jail now i'm going to let you know many out and this is unacceptable i want to tell you that they are charging us like this to stop us finding their actions are wrong and unfair. is facing heavy international criticism over its treatment of the ranger the latest crackdown was
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sparked after a really good rebel group attacked police posts killing a number of policemen in august rights groups saying the myanmar killed nearly seven thousand men women and children in the following few weeks and more than six hundred fifty cells and ranger have fled into neighboring bangladesh with the u.n. accusing me of ethnic cleansing the government has denied any wrongdoing but refused any independent investigation and banned journalists from going to rakhine state oh i don't need we are protesting today about the two journalists because we have permission to do this we are here because as you heard why loan shouted from the police car asking us to support him. the cases cast a spotlight on myanmar's difficult transition to democracy after nearly five decades of military rule analysts say it illustrates deteriorating press freedom and the number of cases against journalists have focused attention on the civilian
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government of nobel prize winner on song suchi her administration shares power with an army that still controls all security policy and other key leaders of government but she has not personally denounced the action of the army in rakhine japan's foreign minister is expected to raise the case when he visits myanmar on january the eleventh. the japanese government has conveyed his concern about this matter to the government of myanmar freedom of speech basic human rights and the rule of law are immutable common values shared by the international community and it is important for all nations to safeguard these values. the two reporters have been working for the reuters news agency there will terms of the court on january the twenty third for legal arguments when lawyers will decide whether to accept the case under a legal system described as having changed little since colonial times with his
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insistence of reporters innocence their families were suggested they were set up amnesty international the u.s. and the european union have called for their release charles stratford al-jazeera columbia rebel group is urging the government to resume talks the president suspended negotiations after rebel attacks fall in the expiry of the cease fire in leaders say the incident should not derail the peace process. has more from. a historic three months long ceasefire now over and in the worse way as the rebels resumed attacks in colombia many hoped for an extension of a truce which this five violations have been considered a success. but on wednesday colombia's last active rebel group perpetrated four attacks wounding two colombian marines and effecting an important oil pipeline colombian president juan manuel santos spoke forcefully against them. laura the
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government deplored the airlines decision to restart its terrorist attacks on the general public the armed forces and on parts of the national infrastructure we were always i repeat always ready to extend the ceasefire with the airline and negotiate very quickly a new cycle of talks even it will she have. inexplicably not only rejected this process but chose to restart their terrorist attacks on the very day that they were obliged to initiate the new round of negotiations. from quito where peace talks had been expected to resume elaine leaders said they were hopeful the talks could restart but then explain the reasoning behind the attacks let me say that we're going to shooting table was making progress during the cease fire so we maintain the decision to give continuity to what we achieved what we need is a new ceasefire that overcomes the difficulties of the first one. president santos
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immediately recalled to the recently appointed negotiators for consultations experts say the failure to extend the ceasefire shows deep divisions among the leadership. within the lane. when. the much. sense is not only that probably what will happen with this cease fire is what will happen with the table and the general process between the government and . the talks have long been complicated by a lack of confidence between the parties in few tangible results and we can now expect the colombian military to start a bombing campaign in rebels' areas a full blown return of the of that will make very difficult to resume the talks at least for now listen to. well the illinois national liberation army is a marxist group founded in one thousand nine hundred forty five in equality last
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september the first cease fire after fifty three years of fighting was agreed in return for a degree of rebel immunity but the ceasefire expired overnight after logistical problems stop the two sides meeting on monday eleven has fifteen hundred members and its fast more than the fark which is now a political party following an historic deal just over a year ago for latin america analysts things both sides are being pressured by hard line elements. this is going to be really tough they're in a difficult situation from a strategic standpoint i kind of can understand why that yellen decided to take this right so the ceasefire was over technically and so they could have been attacked they could have very easily been attacked themselves and so i think they kind of sent the signal that we're serious we're not you know we're not a defeated force we're here we're going to fight we're willing to fight if you don't meet us seriously at the negotiating table and so i think the colombian government is going to have to save face and are most likely going to have to
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respond militarily but i hope and i you know i think over the long term for the for the short term it's going to be a significant escalation of violence but hopefully over the long term you know everyone kind of saves face comes back to the negotiating table and cooler heads can prevail forty five people have been killed and thousands left homeless and floods in the democratic republic of congo aid agencies say the conditions are worsening a cholera outbreak the country's been fighting since july on the hawks to has more . this was an unceremonious funeral at a local community center mourners gathered somebody to bury the latest victims of the flooding who bears balance easily the lightweights of the child's coffin as they lay its body to rest the latest casualty after five days of heavy rains poured through the capital kinshasa last week. we're really very sad today my sister
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lost five children because of the rain she's inconsolable we will bury them today we thank everyone who came to support us. away from the crowd these mothers sit together offering some comfort to each other as their children are buried their neighborhood stands in ruins as more fortunate dig through the debris seeking my sister my son dishes like this all i have left are those two chairs that you see over there everything is gone if i had not been at home i would have lost my children but because i was at home i was able to get out with my children. over five thousand people have been left homeless and anger is mounting against the government who they accuse of doing little to protect them from the devastation of . these the floods the pruett such misery the trench of showers coupled with the poor sewage system flushed makeshift shanty homes down the city's lights will start to say most of the deaths were caused by drownings and landslides. kinshasa is the third most densely populated city in the wild and it can only count twelve million
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residents aid agencies that warning these floods and mudslides and likely to antagonize the waterborne and cholera outbreak in the capital and in previous weeks we registered around twenty cases per week on average right now we're getting more than one hundred cases each week in contrast to nearly four hundred fifty have been registered the u.n. says the democratic republic of congo is experiencing its worse corner outbreak in twenty years the disease has killed over one thousand people over fifty five thousand cases reported across the country since july overcrowding unsanitary conditions and the lack of clean drinking water these cases look set to rise. there at least seventeen people are dead following mudslides triggered by heavy rain in southern california authorities are mounting a rescue operation the hundreds of people stranded in the disaster zone is rob reynolds the day after disaster struck monta seato mud and storm water
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covered highway one hundred one the main road connecting los angeles and santa barbara work crews and heavy trucks fire engines and police cars were the only vehicles plying the normally busy highway which could now remain closed for days. the force of tuesday's mudslide smashed metal barriers and swept cars downstream from the canyons above residents describe a terrifying night of poor in the rain and roaring flood the sound with boulders and huge boulders because after storms like this you can go down the creek and there's boat is the size of votes wagons left that you have behind eighty year old bernard sandler and his wife tried to walk to a pharmacy to get his heart medicine but they got stuck in thick unyielding mud two hours later was still standing up to our middle of our thighs and mud and my wife almost fell and i thought she would die and i have actually.
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been married fifty seven years this month. and i really felt that we were going to make. many of the roads in the narrow canyons around this area are so badly damaged the only way to rescue stranded residents is by helicopter a u.s. coast guard jayhawk helicopter rescued a maroon family of five including a newborn baby and two pet dogs on wednesday afternoon local authorities gave an update we realized that this is going to be a long and difficult journey for all of us and for our community and we ask for your patience we ask for your understanding. and i ask you for your prayers people here have lived through nature's one two punch first wildfires then floods
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california. they've seen it all that's an attitude that will no doubt be valuable in the days ahead as the cleanup continues robert oulds al-jazeera month to seeto california well it's also to come here and i'll just looting i political standoff on the immigration reform threatens to shut down the u.s. government. plus a deadline looms for the u.s. president which could decide the future of the iran nuclear deal or on the status. hello there we've been hearing about the mudslides in parts of california and it only takes around ten millimeters of rain in an hour in order to make a depth reflow in an area that has been hit by a wildfire now the showers that we've had with us that brought us our heavy rain
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it's gradually working its way towards the east in behind it it is a lot quieter so i think for most of us as we head through the day on thursday should be any problems with the weather here further north though we are going to have another weather system that's working its way and that's going to be giving us some rain in the northwestern parts of the states and the southwestern parts of canada and that will be turning to stowe as you'd expect over the mountains it makes its way eastwards we've also got this weather system with us on thursday this is a very intense area of snow that's gradually sweeping its way eastwards bringing us yet more wintery weather there during the day on friday and ahead of it it's still mild and it's still rather wet so for new york we're getting to around thirteen degrees and expect a fair amount of rain during the day to be further towards the south and we've been watching this weather system with us for the past week or so it's well to some very heavy rains and it's bringing us yet more at the moment mostly to parts of jamaica where we've seen flooding and through cuba up towards the bahamas more showers are expected here on thursday and are going to stick around as we head into friday with just a few residual showers to it south. it's
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something very strong and you could get someone an ambitious young artist from the mean streets of mozambique. to reveal the truth about his country. you should lose him because he didn't let you see because he didn't know how to change the. african photography. this time.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here this hour myanmar's military has admitted it soldiers killed ten range of muslims captured by but his villagers their remains were found in a mass grave in rakhine state last month is thought to be the military's first public admission of wrongdoing since the north the crackdown in rakhine last august . colombia's rebel group is urging the government to resume talks the president suspended negotiations following rebel attacks offer a cease fire lapsed elim leaders say the incidents should not derail the peace process and the number of people killed by landslides in southern california has now risen to at least seventeen hundreds of people last ill trapped in mud and daybreak falling more heavy rain. u.s. president donald trump is still insisting that any immigration reform must include funding for a border war with mexico it comes a day after a federal judge blocked the government from ending protection for undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children are white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports. donald trump
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was defiant when asked in a joint press conference with the norwegian prime minister whether he would sign an immigration deal that does not include funding for a border wall with mexico. for you know no it's got to include the war we need the wall for security we need the wall for safety we need the wall for stopping the drugs from pouring in truck the peers to be giving little ground on finding a compromise to immigration reform i think there needs to be a willingness on both sides it comes one day after signaling he may be willing to yield to demands by democrats to keep in place protections for illegal immigrants brought to the united states as children but a tuesday california court ruling blocking trucks from ending those protections outraged the president who took to twitter suggesting the decision that will likely be challenged is flawed the program commonly known as dhaka allows kids brought to
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the united states before their sixtieth birthday to remain in the country democrats want to keep it and have threatened to stop funding the government over the issue we cannot wait we cannot tolerate to. delay is a term to employed by those who do not wish to see a deal in addition to demands for funding a wall to block illegal immigration trump is also tying the current battle over immigration to funding for the u.s. military it's not a point of negotiation we can say oh we're going to give you money for your military but you have to give us money for something that frankly is much less important trump says he wants to work with democrats but time is running out funding for the government ends in a little more than a week and there is no sign of a resolution can really help get al-jazeera washington. and the u.s. president has until friday to pledge continued support for
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a landmark international deal with iran over its nuclear program donald trump has described the agreement brokered under his predecessor barack obama as an embarrassment to the u.s. he threatened to pull out of the deal altogether unless changes are made need barca reports. as the deadline for re indorsing the iran nuclear deal approaches the world's once again second guessing donald trump's next move a red is taking over the middle east the us president's repeatedly threatened to tear up the agreement that was so far he's reluctantly kept it alive. it was a landmark moment in international diplomacy seven countries signed the agreement at a time of heightened tensions across the region some of iran's neighbors have been talking about a possible military strike against the country. iran's made no secret of its arsenal of russian made ballistic missiles israel and washington's middle eastern allies feared it also had an active nuclear weapons program. iran insisted it's
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nucular agenda was purely civilian but under the deal it agreed to end research in return for the partial lifting of sanctions allowing it to access global financial markets and crucially sell its oil. as part of america's commitment to the deal congress requires the u.s. president to confirm every ninety days that iran's up holding its part of the agreement trumps recertified the deal several times so far but things could be about to change last october he announced a new iran policy iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions it's a strategy many iranians believe is motivated simply by trump's growing support for israel i think on the tram u.s. and israeli interests are closely aligned and i think tom's main problem with iran
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is that a class of for that simple reason so for that reason i would also add that should iran and israel's relationship improve which is not on the horizon any time soon you would see major changes in the wrong with. trump's refusing to recertify the deal until congress amends it he's called for sanctions on iran's revolutionary guard which he described as a corrupt personal terror of course of iran's leader he also wants to extend time limits on the country's nuclear research and could tell its missile program but as congress didn't draw up the deal it's not down to them to change it any alterations it makes with the president would be in breach of the international agreement it leaves donald trump with two choices recertify the deal and keep it alive reject the deal violate the agreement and almost inevitably trigger an international crisis needs parker al-jazeera. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is
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defending himself against corruption allegations after a secret recording of his son was leaked in the conversation recorded three years ago yeah netanyahu says his father pushed through a natural gas deal which benefited and is ready business tycoon it comes at a difficult time for the prime minister who is already under investigation for corruption netanyahu says the old your league is part of a media witch hunt aimed at ousting him you've come to me or didn't know about the gas deals he had no clue about that he didn't know anything and what he said in the recording he said under the influence of alcohol in a tasteless joke with a friend but he had no idea what bill heffernan is the chief political correspondent for the jerusalem post he says the leak is an embarrassment for these ready prime minister it's absolutely disgraceful that the young man who went to strip clubs using a car and bodyguard in a driver provided by the state no prime minister before in israel had ever
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requested security guards for his children these were provided by for security reasons that we can't really understand but there's no reason anybody should be paying for it and people are very much upset about it it won't have any political impact on it and now he's in it to now than go to a strip club only his son did and i don't see anybody in his coalition government leaving the government over it but it definitely has a bad taste in our in the mouths of the people of israel who are already upset and it's an out for his own criminal probes. violence is flared again between police and protesters in five ten asean cities including the capital after a fourth day of demonstrations more than two hundred thirty people have been arrested in the wave of anti austerity rallies demonstrators are angry over the government's planned price and tax hikes the opposition's calling for the twenty eighteen budget to be scrapped and his prime minister search for calm saying the economy will improve this year when it happened was that he said. we would like to
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send a message to the protesters no matter what the government undertakes its top priority is improving economic and social conditions and ensuring their trust in the country and its institutions the government wants open dialogue regarding their demands the un's accusing syrian government forces and its allies of killing at least eighty five civilians in eastern guta in the last ten days the area which was agreed as a deescalation zone has come under heavy bombardment in recent weeks as government forces try to take back control from rebel fighters but u.n. says at least thirty children were among those killed in the recent attacks east and looters home to around four hundred thousand people have been on the government's seeds for more than four years. at least two people have been killed in pakistan during protests against the rape and murder of a seven year old girl dozens of people attacked a police station and a government building in eastern punjab province on wednesday the violence erupted hours before the funeral of zaineb and sari the body was found in
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a bin on tuesday police say she'd been kidnapped sexually assaulted and murdered. i'm sure start to protest as in greece a fault with police and reached the official residence of the prime minister demonstrating against a proposed bill that could make it easier for homeowners to lose their properties if they owe money the greek government is under pressure to push through unpopular reforms before the bailout by the e.u. and i.m.f. ends in august as has morphed from athens if the government has its way such protests will become a thing of the past the new bill submitted to parliament puts all options and foreclosures of property on line that means people who are in danger of losing their homes because they owe money to a bank all the taxman will no longer have anything to gain by protesting outside a court such forms of protest have been effective in the past forcing courts to cancel auctions and notaries public to go on strike which made auctions impossible
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but banks are on a schedule to liquidate thirteen billion dollars worth of property this year and next once this obstacle is removed. now millions of dollars worth of jewelry is believed have been stolen in an armed robbery in paris police say five people smashed a window of a jewelry store at the ritz hotel on wednesday evening three people have been arrested two other suspects escaped on scooters. in brazil a cry for help over the lack of affordable housing in south america's largest city is growing louder the people without fear camp in sao paolo was started by a land reform group five months ago it's now home to eight thousand families as it was john the home and some of the. on the first day there were five hundred families now there's a tent city on the outskirts of sound paolo it's a land occupation organized like many others to pressure the government in spring
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vibing of food to build housing. some here are homeless others live in overcrowded often irregular dwellings like how to deanna she says a two bedroom house with her three children parents and siblings the cmos i want to house for my kids where they can be raised in safety and quiet our own house city house prices is so high that those on minimum wage would have to say for a full two years to buy one would have the possibility to afford your own house. it's impossible she says. but until recently a pioneering government program was making the impossible possible mean you cause so many of either which means my house my life helped millions to get subsidized homes it's been drastically cut mean you're cus i mean you have either has accounted for three quarters of all homes built over the last decade it's been a tremendous lifeline to the working class but it's also helped leave the brazilian
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government broke now work has slowed down or stopped from developments like this one the housing deficit is growing again the problem may be resurfacing now but high open land prices have been a problem for decades was about to come down the housing expert says this is an opportunity for most sustainable solution to be found last year was that the government should use its power to buy tracts of land and then sell them to developers to build moderately priced housing that way it can make a bit of money provide housing and regulate the system to reduce the price of land . for now the only method that the rana and many others have is to dig in and put pressure on a struggling government to provide. don't homan. so power. but time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera mian mas military has admitted
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its soldiers killed ten range of muslims captured by buddhist villages their remains were found in a mass grave in rakhine state last month it's thought to be the military's first public admission of wrongdoing since it launched a crackdown in rakhine last august for a living monitor that mission to the killings came on the same day two reuters journalists who were reporting on the violence in rakhine state were formally charged with breaching a secrecy law journalists in myanmar have staged a sit in protest against a decision while alone and so are accused of acquiring information illegally to share with foreign media and could face up to fourteen years in jail colombia's alien rebel group is urging the government to resume talks the president suspended them following rebel attacks after a cease fire lapsed in and leaders say the incident should not derail the peace process the number of people killed by landslides in southern california has risen to seventeen hundreds of people are still trapped in modern day brief and more
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heavy rain israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is defending himself against corruption claims after a secret recording of his son was leaked in the conversation recorded three years ago yeah netanyahu says his father pushed through a natural gas deal which benefited an israeli business tycoon it comes at a difficult time for netanyahu is already under investigation for corruption he says the league is part of a media witch hunt aimed at ousting him you'd come to me or didn't know about the gas deals he had no clue about that he didn't know anything and what he said in the recording he said under the influence of alcohol in a tasteless joke with a friend but he had no idea. u.s. president donald trump is still insisting that any immigration reform must include funding for a border wall with mexico comes a day off for a federal judge blocked the government from ending protection for undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. and of these two people have been killed in pakistan during protests against the right and murder of a seven year old girl the violence erupted hours before the funeral of sand of i'm
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sorry a body was found in a bin on tuesday police say she was kidnapped sexually assaulted and then murdered . but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after such and that's what i thought. i would use iraq. swear every. twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of its image but it's been a long box a wonder that he has a goal for telegraphy was a colonial to. have to run out of. iraq from fourteen different companies. in the post-colonial euphoria photographer
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