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tv   Mario Macilau  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2018 6:32am-7:00am +03

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self against corruption claims after a secret recording of his son was leaked in the conversation recorded three years ago yet netanyahu says his father pushed through a natural gas deal which benefited an israeli business tycoon it comes at a difficult time for netanyahu is already under investigation for corruption he says the league is part of a media witch hunt aimed at ousting him you know you've got to have those who knew or didn't know about the gas deals he had no clue about that he didn't know anything and what he said in the recording he said under the influence of alcohol in a tasteless joke with a friend but he had no idea yes president donald trump is still insisting that any immigration reform must include funding for a border wall with mexico it comes a day after a federal judge blocked the government from ending protection for undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. and at least two people have been killed in pakistan during protests against the rape and murder of a seven year old girl the violence erupted hours before the funeral of zainab unsorry body was found in
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a bin on tuesday police say she was kidnapped sexually assaulted and then murdered . but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after artscape statement that's what i thought. al jazeera it's sweat every. twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of its gimmick but he's been a long shot at on that he has a goal for doug i feel was a colonial to god i don't write about i'm not afraid of the. camera camp but independent competent it in the post-colonial good for photographers like my legs would be
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a cop shot if you call for us. but elsewhere the narrative was of a close up on manageable content often with too fast just one. now a new generation to see fatah got to celebrate to question and represent a continent on the rise.
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again. as a photographer. face as a true frank as a human being yes when you aren't. there i care only for dollar fees not like organization like in any jew or that there's a goal is to develop the warded to change this to change is for me photography it's something very strong to communicate with someone. this is a polish on a different for the take in different countries in africa so some for those i take a muslim bigot but not necessarily in my border so therefore there's a turkey i was in gaza proteins.
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because i'm a photographer and i believe in for a job or to change people's minds. while it's wonderful. it's. who the bad. being for don't know for its being there for years. into the war.
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was on before me is lost to my country. it's not just. there's no system development there's no middle class more than meat. only your very soon or your very point. oh. my. goodness what this other is one of the little moments of the book and then the food is out of. the blue. so there's a little the doom of. marco
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. i don't know what homer. ok i was thinking. i wanted to sit down. and enjoy my c.r.m. and. since then you could tell anyone i am getting. my mom's credit was easy and i will not and do not. know well i'm going to quit again because it has to solve our national vision madison again today and then you can actually have an answer for the most golden leah of the most hour niggas someone you know a guy. where i was yeah i'm right i do not have a condition from my family like to go to school. but i sort of tall kid like selling feet seem a street for people and entire and it was difficult to go because so i ended up
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sleeping in the streets the abuse three after watergate. i started also to get use voice to do rides in our local as a child so it was very. very hard moment or a very hard time but for now in that time it was like something normal you know like you something you just before. and a grandma got more of the moon and then one can ask or put in the name tuna before talking on a marginal. value. in them on a hand i don't usually and she was no matter neither men nor women actually know what the moment sally guy i'm assuming at least when i'm in a mammal medical model by sam i can almost i'm a gay man and know that i haven't for last time so and then to now and what has been fundamentally again a fundamentally. there's
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one guy that's used to war go on portuguese for many do on camera and didn't target they come and they give to the guy and the guy didn't know how to use their karma and he didn't know where to sell the camera so he came to me and you want to sell the camera for me i told him see i give you my cell phone and do you need to come in. the. afternoon for to. my world. when i started to get my wrists prince soiled so i got laid a lot of cell a front. back to the senate and that was more than sure.
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the legs are. just a kind of they didn't let me know she'd do this. but dinner is just the beginning needs it is dark it's all braids it's all. serious to live without it but the military did them down late. let's go. to good reason jumping is a long term project just one day and i meet these young.
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people of the world and. what she did become a persevering job each digit maybe is not a garbage for under fifty. i decided to go more inside of rubbish down toward going to st paul to show the moments and should do with them toward man to change ideas also all day is not some for just a dumb shit and. the show but the. it was while ago. when. you were
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a result they were about. to. buy with the money oh who are the more i love for them drop. everything with the telephone companies and when i do look as a poor people i don't look on them i see people that are suffering because of what i see mysterious i look on them as human beings as soon human beings that delevingne on this or on that situation. rich people mozambique did they don't like to see this reality because they didn't know the power to change it so that's why this is why i didn't come to my house to take for the for me eating. if i took photos just person eating if you want to change anything so the problem is that this paper that they're living in poverty if i can see like that or the people
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that are living injustice is very important issue does relate to because this really has been hiding. that's why i spend my time and i spend my minority. you know you need to. come they know that they can see themselves in this image. that's good because that's what. the mass.
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amount of myself for me was the best. one cares or not. for me. was a lie discounted or not as it is true. the one. who in the world of india the asian version of the you know it was in the in the in the in the the it is the in the early in the the in. the.
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there's is in the only their own to the garden i surely me that the irish say a movie the illusions you with a. crime. on a to thank you for a few go over there would be that kind that it. was. worth it was over. you. know with some of this i can't. believe. it was coming down fast.
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cars that someone. has if you know that. is if you want to make. me want to get out. i've got i'm just going to put on the yacht and then the lessons of us and i just don't perform will. continue to.
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play. and the money and the victim and the money you just might just come out of. the. kids says you. guys with that. does that mean i know you. care is not believe that. i'm.
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to show. a new and prosperous different place to shoot i want you to photos of almost a week and you should well want to see what's happened after difference give us a sense of course the. freshman fifteen to put a. fish on the water for. yourself is the focus of. this together food for an item of them stood up. to. the. no one cherry to
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piss and see your top band by just a chance they're all you disappoint sequence and then also want to take some photos of their. soul and they're trying to show. leafleting town hall but. if you do miss a crude scene show. so i didn't leave the living room these days. since. the. cup. sometimes taking photos is boring you know. it's not so i can very easily have to
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think you have to see. and sometimes you feel like you're not connected so you know . this to be like you where four little pseudonyms ever fayemi away. but now. and sometimes you best you want to get one place and when you're right it's not what you're spending or thinking. oh. gosh. ok don't push profited off i'm going to feast my. life. so it's something that you need a little fresh air and jamie. hince you are so you know.
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there's nothing. i didn't or take it all for what i was suspecting in terms of my vision i did not find some strain that can complete my pretty. fast. feeling using the feeling tired legs sleepy trying to. continue to provide immediate change things to try to see. now you say you know you . knew
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a lot i. know nothing like that now. and now lemme come and see. if. any of my thoughts but this. is. with those guys but people get the facts and.
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then because of what i said is it. because of. the show. what i got on the floor over are anything but i run your paper funny. i like to splurge and so. we do you mind being sly. and the more so then most of the projects now live also to the environment. or saw the you in my you know you claim and i mean there are many. this is part of human beings.
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before me to take photos it's not a decision. i lead to the image is that there are very significant parts of human being smashed. a colony would need to. for in addition. we've done everything and.
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so has learned one i was one of the one to find. i was not even using photoshop users enough to finish it before before. and you. can market. your film but. if you buy normally i want to be careful their base is one of them is young photographer in the one i don't know what to do. i'm not looking for condition it. is often quite good but i'm looking for money to invest in my wallet to try is what they're what i wanted to do to travel to do my
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project in the country that i want i totally. missed your home with it and some. of these churches which. is the opposite of. the mission to open my studio. to make is to be shown and not to waiting for a sponsor. that's just my dream you know if i say that or i'm a major national. i don't tell you what i don't like to have a day like what i have. to. therms . her. sister therms.
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her her. to . zero explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how one of the recent influenced the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights the america of resistance to the evils over a variable who oppress. can continue to make roles that the defense that what you mean by. a martin luther king preached to fix at this time on al-jazeera
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history is so often told through the eyes of leaders but in amritsar india just thirty kilometers from the border with pakistan this old building is being transformed into a new museum malika. is the driving force behind sars partition museum it's really shocking because if you think about the fact that within a few years of nine eleven happening nine eleven museum was there and they are now numerous holocaust museum this is not beautiful a museum so countries around the world have walked to memorialize these events that have shaped them by dition is not about the political events that led up to partition it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome on this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history.
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this is me again. it's busy. week young river traders who say. they can neither read nor write but they know they're. dangerous. and gamble with their. will do anything just to earn. risking it all to destroy an al-jazeera. a rare admission made mosman a trick sets that its soldiers killed ten ringette whose bodies were found in a mass grave.


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