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drawn by women drivers. features like a public bus and twenty. drivers you are making. whether on line the u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on say. in the morning i want to call the world. is a dialogue could be what leading to some of the confusion about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the conversation at this time on al-jazeera. european union remains committed for the full and affective limitation of. putting on a united front to e.u. and to rein in officials me to defend the twenty fifteen nuclear dealers us
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president donald trump considers we imposing sanctions. and this is. coming up. military admits for the first time that its soldiers killed muslim rangar whose remains were buried in a mass grave. protests continue into his ear against austerity more than two hundred people are arrested on the prime minister calls for calm. the e.u. releases a scathing report about kenya's presidential election but nairobi calls it little. european countries are meeting and irena and delegation ahead of a u.s. deadline to reaffirm the twenty fifteen nuclear deal foreign ministers from some of the countries that helped broker the deal are in talks with the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif in brussels russia confirmed it still supported the
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deal on wednesday. we are discussing with the american or american allies and friends that we should separate two things from each other first we want to preserve the nuclear deal with iran because it's in our all in our interest to develop to see that nuclear weapons are developed with iran on the other inside we see the difficult role that iran has in the region. on in syria and yemen and of course our american friends are right when they say that we have to address or concerns about the situation and we have to discuss also with the foreign minister of iran what to do to bring another i would say to bring iran in another more positive role in this region. foreign policy chief frederick i'm a greenie has just spoken after the meeting she reaffirmed support for the deal the european union remains committed to support the full and effective implementation
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of the agreements including to make sure that the lifting of nuclear related sanctions has a positive impact on trade and economic relations with iran including benefits for the iranian people. the agreements as allowed for deeper cooperation and continuous dialogue with iran on all issues while we have expressed concerns related to other issues such as development of us what is the size and increasing tensions in the region this issue is quite outside the scope of the nuclear agreement and are and will be addressed in relevant formats and for a let's bring in the dim barber who is in brussels for us it seems that there's a united front there is that just one of the objectives of this meeting. the objective really years to present
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a united message that washington will have to listen to as we were just hearing from people like sigma gabrial the german foreign minister are one hundred percent committed to keeping that nuclear deal with iran on track and they are extremely worried at any taking currying as they see it by president trump with the terms of the deal now on friday to president trump is expected to make a decision on reapplying oil sanctions. boris johnson the british foreign secretary just leaving the talks he didn't speak as he went into the building earlier on but sigma gabrial did and he told us that he needed to he wanted to separate the issues of what he said was the problematic role of iran as you heard in the region from the nuclear deal and earlier speaking in german he said that if the only deal of its kind on nuclear weapons were to be canceled this
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would be a bad signal to other countries given the dramatic situation in north korea similarly boris johnson put out a statement a written statement in the early hours of thursday calling the deal something that makes the world a safer place and their point is that you can't change the terms of the deal if congress were to try to do that then that would destroy the whole deal and it would be impossible to renegotiate it so they really are doing all they can to put pressure on the u.s. administration not to jeopardize that nuclear agreement is because donald trump doesn't like the deal he wants to scupper the deal tell us know about the european response to his stance on this. which i mean ever since a president trump said last october that he was not going to recertify the whole deal because of. things like iran's ballistic missile program and what he
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calls iran's belligerent attitude in the region ever since then european leaders have been lining up to say we need to keep this deal in place there was a joint statement by two reason may the british prime minister emmanuel mark home the french president and german chancellor angela merkel which was really quite strongly worded stressing that the deal was the result of thirteen years of diplomatic hard work and saying that it was the best way to ensure that iran did not move towards developing nuclear weapons which is the ultimate concern of course for the west some people in the u.s. don't agree even if president trump does waive those oil sanctions on iran he'll still keep pushing to try to change the deal but in a deal thank you. i'm just international is calling for an independent investigation into suspected atrocities but me and my eyes military this comes
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after the army admitted for the first time that its soldiers made a ten muslim get their remains were found in a mass grave and rakhine state last month scott had reports. for the first time yet most military has admitted wrongdoing in its crackdown on the hinge of community a statement posted on the facebook page of the military's commander in chief said troops and bodies villagers murdered ten russians and muslims in rakhine state calling the dead bengali terrorists. it said the army will take action against those involved the bodies were found in a mass grave in the village of in the one thing to note about the statements on the commander in chief's facebook page what it doesn't admit which is that this incident is not an isolated incident that in fact we have amnesty the un and media outlets around the world who have documented how there's a much wider pattern of killings of sexual violence and the burning of villages across rakhine state and so we need to see justice and accountability for this
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enormous range of crimes and not a pretense that there's really just you know one or few isolated incidents the announcement comes two months after the military issued the findings of an internal investigation into its security forces following attacks by revenge rebels in august the military concluded no atrocities had taken place the united nations has been prevented by the government from undertaking its own investigation into what happened inside rakhine state during august and september when an estimated six hundred fifty thousand people fled to neighboring bangladesh the un has called me on mars actions in rakhine textbook ethnic cleansing a charge the government denies. even with this reversal of its own findings the military will face increased international pressure to allow independent observers and investigators into rakhine state scotland al-jazeera. there's been more
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violence between police and protesters in five cities during a wave of anti austerity rallies more than two hundred thirty people have been arrested during four days of demonstrations protesters are angry at the government's planned price and tax hikes the opposition is calling for the twenty eighteen budget to be scrapped to news is prime minister has called for calm when it happened was that he said. we would like to send a message to the protesters no matter what the government undertakes its top priority is improving economic and social conditions and ensuring the trust in the country and its institutions the government wants open dialogue regarding the demands nicholas knows direct of the tunis exchange conference a research summit involving all sides of the political debate in tunis and he joins us from beirut always good to see you nicholas know these protests say don't seem to be going anywhere away soon from the streets how damaging do you think this is
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for the government it's very damaging for the government it's already damaging the tunisian economy for sure it's damaging also to european an external interests who are quite worried about the situation of another kind of seemingly unstable state on the mediterranean on their borders so all around this is great greatly concerning it's also concerning to our tunisian friends as well who are experiencing extreme economic hardship but who are also scared about unrest and violence and some reports of thuggery and vandalism except for us so i would say really you have all of the different actors that have a hand in tunisia future they're all quite concerned at this moment and do you think is benefiting from this disruption on the streets. i don't think anyone is really benefiting from this disruption in unless it resolves itself in these coming days and weeks into some fundamental reforms of the tunisian socio
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economic. let's say if this goes in the direction of real reforms that addresses the vast majority of tunisians complaints about inflation corruption and monopoly monopolist behavior in their economy then we can see the tunisian people and their fragile democracy actually benefiting if however we as we're already starting to see some reactions by some of the tunisian political class that this is merely an anarchist leftist thuggery then we're not going to get tunisia is not going to get anywhere and the external actors that are outside of to use or that have a real interest in the safety and stability and development of the country are going to get increasingly worried europe especially cannot afford to have another failed state on the mediterranean and i would say purely from a humanitarian standpoint these problems need to be addressed and they need to get out and now how do they address them i mean the government's planned price and tax hikes they don't like it so what should they will. well yeah that clearly doesn't
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work right i mean is it a good idea to reform tunisia's economy by increasing the price of coffee of hair gel of of the basic necessities of life for the average tunisian know pretty much everyone agrees the real rot in tunisia is that an elite level and it's an iron triangle between the security sector traditional mafias and economic elites the monopolist in the country that control the vast resources of the country ok includes by the way with a lot of european and american and international institutions tunisia was just recently named as a major tax haven by the europeans for europeans so if that core problem the iron triangle is address tunisia can move forward but unfortunately it seems the government chose to take the easy way out which is to do some reforms which actually hurt the pocketbooks of tunisians who cannot afford any more inflation they cannot afford any more of the corruption they've reached their limits and many of them are on the streets demonstrating and rightfully so thank you nicholas
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israel has approved more than one thousand one hundred new settlement homes in the occupied west bank the defense ministry committee signed off on the new homes on wednesday they will be built all across the west bank their approval could further strain relations between israel and the palestinians following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the settlements are illegal under international law forces joins us now from west jerusalem it's always a complex in lengthy series of approvals for these units what do these numbers actually mean heavy. that's right it is an extremely complex process for instance in this group of numbers these eleven hundred twenty two settlement units seven hundred seventy of them are being approved at one stage of the process of the remainder being approved at the next stage of the process and
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there are more stages there are to some extent that can serve the israeli government politically because it has to satisfy a right wing coalition members who are very pro settler it has to satisfy or try to satisfy often critical settler groups more generally you accuse the government of not doing enough in terms of settlement construction and facilitating life for settlers in the occupied west bank and so making these announcements several times a year as it does can be a politically expedient thing to do nonetheless we have these eleven hundred twenty two new units being announced the activist group peace now says that more than half of them are well away from the border line with with israel proper meaning that they wouldn't be couldn't be part of any future land swap deal with a two state solution it accuses the israeli government of further hampering deliberately the chances of a two state solution on top of that the defense minister is in charge of all this is talking about nearly two thousand five hundred further plans for promotion we've
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had six hundred fifty tenders the first tranche of those it's believed announced this morning so this really does tally with what we saw last year when there were nearly seven thousand new units announced that was several thousand more than the previous couple of years or twenty eighteen at this stage at least appears to be panning out the same way and harry some ministers are linking expanded settlement construction at this week's shooting of an israeli settler rabbi in the occupied west bank tell us that. that's right the thirty five year old rabbi who was a resident of an illegal outpost near nablus he was shot dead from a passing vehicle on tuesday night there is still a huge manhunt underway by the israeli military looking for the shooter or shooters involved in that and his funeral took place in the same illegal outposts this is an outpost built without any even israeli legality to it let alone of course the fact that all settlement construction is illegal under international law the education
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minister a major right wing in israel was there giving the eulogy hearing calls for revenge from some of the hundreds of mourners there he talked about the best revenge being more settlement construction and the defense minister avigdor lieberman who as i say is really in charge of the settlement operation in the west bank he was talking about post hoc legalizing this illegal outpost as a response to this killing so it shows you just how political the settlement process is both on the macro level in terms of relations with the palestinians and also in terms of satisfying internal political demands it does harry thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera. it's a national plan of action with international ambitions you can launch as a plan to clean up the environment but some already saying it's not ambitious enough. the u.s. steps up efforts to fight smuggling of a synthetic drug behind a nationwide abuse problem.
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it's been snowing in south korea it's been snowing in japan and it looks like a wintry seed and these are very obviously snow showers for anybody who's seen satellite pictures before and that's the picture judger that alarms the south of of the korean. peninsula and it was temporarily white out conditions of the heaviest snow is likely to be to the north of that and really more over japan than south korea but the breeze is still that you've got a bit more to come watch the temperatures will probably rise a little bit about tommy get to saturday because the strong winds die down to so should become just above freezing and the snow stops falling quite as heavily off to dropping quite a lot in northwest hampshire maybe but the whole card is what temps are still like minus ten in but it will start but it has been colder that coldest pervaded china
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so shanghai has marks on fire the east three well below average it will feel quite chilly in hong kong as well but again the breeze does a little bit by the time we get to saturday in shanghai and she's seven in hong kong there's no significant change that might feel a little bit different rain is still falling fairly heavily in malaysia it's concentrating this time west of borneo but of a circulation hint here so for the potential down toward singapore fairly heavy rain is falling and will fall. face of the.
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game. this time i'll just. take you through the top stories european representatives have met on the rainy and delegation in brussels. to reaffirm the twenty eight fifteen nuclear deal the agreement needs to be signed of every ninety days in the u.s. president has until friday to decide if you'll reimpose sanctions. honest international is calling for an independent investigation into alleged atrocities by the military follows the army's admission for the first time that its soldiers
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killed ten who were buried in a mass grave. violence has flared between police and protesters in five cities during a wave of anti austerity rallies protesters are angry at the government's planned price and tax hikes more than two hundred thirty people have been arrested. for the leaks of a merger of attempts by egyptian military intelligence to influence media coverage in the country in recordings broadcast by the mcmillian t.v. channel an officer can be heard instructing a presenter at another station to attack their mayor of cattle the officer also tells the presenter that pressure should be increased on kuwait to prevent it from supporting cats are in the gulf crisis egypt the u.a.e. saudi arabia and bahrain imposed an economic blockade on cattle in june kuwait has been attempting to mediate in the dispute kenya's government is criticizing european observers who monitored last year's election the e.u.
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observer mission released its final report on wednesday saying it couldn't travel to kenya to release it because of a lack of government cooperation the head of that mission says the long and sometimes violent election process had weakened the country's democracy but kenya denies as president do who can yasser won the election rerun in october after the august poll was nullified by the supreme court the opposition boycotted that rerun kenya's ambassador to belgium has accused the e.u. mission of what he calls contentious political grandstanding saying the chief observers actions were disdainful and condescending the chief observer outlined the main issues her mission highlighted in its report. what we do is look in a great amount of detail to for example how the legal process was conducted in the case of kenya there were very very last minute legal changes to the electoral code which are not in line with good practices around elections we saw people being paid
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to attend election rallies we saw the police using violence including bullets and people killed we saw the abuse of state resources hate speech at times those are all points for great concern and then of course the kenyan election saw a lot of use of new technology which in fact came with a lot of hope that they would improve the integrity of the process but we concluded that technology cannot replace trust and we recommend that for the future there is more testing of capacity and security of technologies used in the elections these are just a few examples from our final report a mass burial is taking place in nigeria's been new state after seventy one people died in violence between filani herdsman and farmers is a conflict that's been happening for a long time with two communities fight over the use of land to graze the cattle at least one thousand five hundred people were killed in violence last year the killings have become a major issue for president mohammed due to hadi germany's chancellor and the
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opposition leaders say there are major hurdles to clear before they can form a coalition angela merkel is hoping for progress on a deal on the final day of talks in berlin it would break a political stalemate that's left germany without a government since an election in september merkel's christian democratic union party and the opposition social democrats are trying to find common ground before starting formal talks on forming an alliance. colombia's l.-n. rebel group is urging the government to resume talks the president suspended negotiations when rebels launched attacks after a cease fire expired and more from bogota a historic three months long ceasefire now over and in the worst way as the rebels resumed attacks in colombia many hoped for an extension of a truce which this five violations have been considered a success but on wednesday colombia's last active rebel group perpetrated four
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attacks wounding two colombian marines and affecting an important oil pipeline colombian president juan manuel santos spoke forcefully against them. laura the government deplored the airline's decision to restart its terrorist attacks on the general public the armed forces and on parts of the national infrastructure we were always i repeat always ready to extend the ceasefire with the airline and negotiate very quickly a new cycle of talks even it will she have. inexplicably not only rejected this process but chose to restart their terrorist attacks on the very day that they were obliged to initiate the new round of negotiations. from quito where peace talks had been expected to resume elaine leaders said they were hopeful the talks could restart but then explain the reasoning behind the attacks mazen the negotiating
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table was making progress during the cease fire so we maintain the decision to give continuity to what we achieved but we need a new ceasefire that overcomes the difficulties of the first one. president santos immediately recalled to the recently appointed negotiators for consultations experts say the failure to extend the ceasefire shows deep divisions among the leadership this more. we. will win. a much. sense is not only the probably what will happen with this cease fire is what will happen with the table and the general process between the government and . the talks have long been complicated by a lack of confidence between the parties and to tangible results and we can now expect the colombian military to start a bombing campaign in rebels areas a full blown return of the of steely peace that will make very difficult to resume
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the talks at least for now listen to. the u.s. is implementing new measures to prevent smuggling of the dangerous synthetic drug fintan though it's one of several opioids responsible for a nationwide epidemic of drug abuse pennsylvania is the latest state to declare an emergency using a protocol usually reserved for natural disasters kristen salumi has more. ok president donald trump has signed legislation aimed at preventing opioid drugs from entering the country the measures include allocating nine million dollars for chemical screening devices to be used by customs and border protection agents it comes amid an opioid abuse crisis that has affected swaths of the country in the state of pennsylvania governor tom wolfe declared a disaster emergency citing a skyrocketing number of deaths by drug overdose i don't take this action lightly.
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we know that this crisis has taken far too many lives has broken for too many families it has decimated far too many communities and it has gone on for too long on the newly released a to stick show a thirty seven percent increase in fatal overdoses in two thousand and sixteen four thousand six hundred forty two in total and initial reports show that number continued to climb in two thousand and seventeen when overdose related emergency room visits rose eighty two percent through the third quarter this despite state and local efforts to address the problem and clean up areas where drug use is rampant declaring a disaster emergency will allow the state to temporarily reduce regulatory burdens making anti overdose drugs more available and expanding access to treatment the governor is also establishing an opioid operation command center to better coordinate between agencies in south carolina where they've also declared a disaster emergency the governor announced
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a new public education campaign this is a different kind of spirit it's a sound that. seems through things that are not oh. every citizen to take a poll. they used to say that to this is a society is not a spectator sport you got to get out of the stands and get down in the game while president trump has resisted calls to officially declare the opiate epidemic a national emergency pennsylvania is now the eighth state to declare a disaster a disaster designation last ninety days but governor wolf left open the possibility of signing another one when this one runs out kristen salumi al-jazeera. the u.k. prime minister has announced plans to extend a tax on plastic bags in an effort to reduce environmentally damaging waste it's part of the measures proposed in a major speech on environmental policy the move follows the introduction in twenty fifteen of
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a mandatory levy on plastic bags in major supermarkets in england which cut the number of bags used by ninety percent to be phillips's more from a recycling center in bristol. the british prime minister says she wants to end what's called a throw away culture. which goes forward over the next twenty five years ending the use of non-recyclable constantly expanding the levy that british people have to pay each time they use a plastic bag in a shop in a supermarket but if you want to see the consequences of this culture what better place than a recycling center like this near the town of bristol in the west of england it processes hundreds of tonnes of our waste plastic. metal every single day people here in the industry welcomed the prime minister's proposal but they say the need to be more joined thinking with british industry british
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industry needs to be more recycled material. a lot of what passes out of this has been exploited aboard in the past to china the chinese say they've taken off a lot of it will go to countries like india and vietnam what about environmental groups will they welcome the job of. speech of course they like to see powerful politicians green for the result so a little bit of cynicism they don't want proposals only they want legislation they want to see. but british people and people are brought the world to change their daily hobby.
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is there are these other top stories european representatives are met an iranian delegation in brussels ahead of a u.s. deadline to reaffirm the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with agreement needs to be signed of every ninety days and the u.s. president hasn't or friday to decide if he'll reimpose sanctions the foreign policy chief editor rick i'm a greenie reaffirmed support for the deal. the european union remains committed to support the full unaffected limitations of the agreements including to make sure that the lifting of nuclear related sanctions has a positive impact on trade and economic relations with iran including benefits for the iranian people. the agreement has allowed for deeper cooperation and continuous dialogue with iran on all issues. since a national is calling for an independent investigation into alleged atrocities by me in mars' military follows the army's admission for the first time that its
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soldiers killed ten muslim rangar who were buried in a mass grave the un accuses me in mars' military of ethnic cleansing which it denies israel has approved more than one thousand one hundred new settlement homes in the occupied west bank the defense ministry committee signed off on the new homes on wednesday the approval could further strain relations between israel and the palestinians following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the settlements are illegal under international law violence has flared between police and protesters in five tunis in cities during a wave of anti austerity rallies protesters are angry at the government's planned price and tax hikes. colombia's rebel group is urging the government to resume talks the president suspended negotiations following rebel attacks after a cease fire expired the german chancellor and the opposition leaders say there are major hurdles to clear before a new coalition government can be formed angle americal is hoping for progress on
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the final day of talks in. the headlines the news continues but first today's inside story. investigating apple prosecutors in france want to know why the company slows down its older i phone it's claimed it could be a ploy to get users to upgrade lawsuits are also under way in the u.s. so how will this impact on consumers trust in apple products this is inside story.


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